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Tun might want to reclaim his “Bangsa Malaysia” from Haris & the horse thieves

Yesterday there was the brouhaha of Negaraku, supposedly a “people’s movement” launched to reclaim the nation … FOR … Ambiga and her following … FROMIsma and its cohort.

Reported in the Rakyat Times – a news portal linked to Haris Ibrahim – Negaraku is described as a movement “focused on the formation of Bangsa Malaysia – a move away from the current ethnocentric and race-based politics of of the day”.

To put it simply, “Bangsa Malaysia” has been hijacked by Haris Ibrahim and his buddies to follow the story line that they are scripting.

Haris Ibrahim pictured here with Hannah Yeoh and Mariam Mokhtar
Haris and his angels

Bangsa Malaysia, first key challenge of Vision 2020

Haris’ interpretation, however, may not be what the originator of the concept had in mind.

It’s really time we returned to the source. Dr Mahathir Mohamad had coined – or if not, then it was he who popularized – the phrase “Bangsa Malaysia” in his working paper ‘The Way Forward – Vision’ which he delivered to the Malaysian Business Council some two decades ago.

[You can read the full text of his famous ‘Vision 2020’ speech in the PMO website.]

Dr Mahathir said on 28 Feb 1991 that Malaysia needed to meet nine central strategic challenges in order to become a fully developed country by the year 2020.

“The first of these is the challenge of establishing a united Malaysian nation with a sense of common and shared destiny. This must be a nation at peace with itself, territorially and ethnically integrated, living in harmony and full and fair partnership, made up of one ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ with political loyalty and dedication to the nation.” — Tun’s own words as the architect of Vision 2020


Allow me to dissect

According to the Tun, we should be aiming to become:

  • a united Malaysian nation” … okay lah, nobody’s going to object to this noble aspiration
  • with “a sense of common destiny” … shrug, we don’t even have a common language
  • and “shared destiny” … urm, I don’t think so that we’re all sharing the same idea. Isma is steering us to an Islamic state. But the Tun is saying hudud may be impractical to implement. Meanwhile Haris is convinced that we’re a secular state and always have been.
  • a nation at peace with itself, territorially” … today the Tun fears parts of Johor are slipping into Singapore hands. Then there are the secession noises being raised in Sabah and Sarawak. And how about Kedah taking back Penang, eh?
  • ethnically integrated” … the Vision School concept has been soundly rejected because the SRJK(C) people don’t even want to occupy an overlapping space with the Sek. Keb. people. And they talk about “unity”?
  • living in harmony” … hmmm, what do you all think?
  • in “full and fair partnership” … MCA president Liow Tiong Lai declares that his party is a full and equal partner in the BN. The question is, does anybody believe him?
  • made up of one ‘Bangsa Malaysia’
  • with political loyalty and dedication to the nation” … it would be a start if Malaysians were willing to cheer our badminton champ Lee Chong Wei when he plays China ace Lin Dan, but errr, no.


How does Tun himself evaluate our progress?

From the horse’s mouth: “Speaking at Perdana Leadership Foundation’s CEO Forum 2010 on the 29th of September, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia very frankly expressed his doubts about Malaysia’s ability to hit the targets of Vision 2020, due to the economic crises that have hit the nation (1997/98 and 2008) in the two decades since the Vision was unveiled”.

“On Bangsa Malaysia, the octogenarian was more pessimistic. He explained that he had envisioned in 1991 that economic progress and general prosperity would be able to overcome race-based mindsets and concerns. However, talks of racial rights, privileges and opportunities abound in the country today, attributed partly, in Tun’s opinion, to Malaysia’s more modest economic progress, and partly also to the fact that the government is not as ‘strong’ as it used to be, and as such, can be easily taken advantage of and pressured by racial-interest groups.” (Source: Perdana Leadership Foundation website)


Taking the national identity back

Yeah, yeah, I know that Dr M is not a young man anymore – he turned 89 yesterday.

But these people, not content with appropriating lafaz ‘Allah’ and now the name of our national anthem, also wanna grab our national identity and cookie cutter it into the form that they choose and they desire.

For example, what is the shape of Anak Bangsa Malaysia as prototyped by Hannah Yeoh’s daughter?

This land was once under the yoke of the Christian Portuguese, then the Christian Dutch followed by the Christian British. Do we want to be under another rule of neo-colonialism again?

A nonagenarian is a person who is between 90 and 99 years old. Dr Mahathir Mohamad is almost there.

Nonetheless, I can’t think of anyone else capable of spearheading the fight to reclaim ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ from the band of brazen horse thieves. Can you?

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Negaraku majority Chinese



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39 thoughts on “Tun might want to reclaim his “Bangsa Malaysia” from Haris & the horse thieves

  1. re: “Nonetheless, I can’t think of anyone else capable of spearheading the fight to reclaim ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ from the band of brazen horse thieves. Can you?”

    Correct me if i’m wrong but Dr. Mahathir probably has in mind a harmonious songket weave of cultures that is wholistically distinguishable as truly Malaysian, . . . rather than a melting pot of opinionated views on bangsa and beliefs cooked up by some bewitching sophistry – with a mixed bag of good, and less-than-good, and hardly good intentions.

    The Queen of Fabrics [YouTube]

  2. Didn’t he said he retired long ago? Guess what is his next aim?

    Moving his son up to continue his dynasty and protect his cronies?

    Who wants to listen to an old man blabbering about. If only he did what he said instead of being a hypocrite, today, Malaysia would not need soup kitchens, Bersih, ISMA, Pekida, JMM, BR1M, and all those handouts.

    So long as he is still around, Malaysians would always be reminded about it’s lost 22 years of autocratic rule comparable to Mugabe, Pol Pot, Mao, Suharto, Marcos etc.

    Only lame ducks still believe in hypocrites. What a sad life for some.

    1. For those of us who read Malaysian history and lived thru the Mahathir years, you sound almost psychotic ….. u certainly got an axe to grind over something who knows what.

    2. beruk ni tak habis-habis buat fitnah , mungkin baru lahir tahun lalu dah nak cakap banyak .

    3. ‘autocratic rule’

      to be an effective leader, rightly or wrongly, one needs to a certain extent possess the attributes of dictatorship, lest nothing moves. unlike that someone who was fond of saying ‘saya belum diberi taklimat’, ‘oh, ini saya kena bermesyuarat dengan menteri2 kabinet’, ‘saya belum dapat ilham lagi’ & bla bla bla, boleh belah!

    4. The Prophet’s counsel for imperious anger:

      “Anger is a red-hot coal in the heart of Adam’s children. Have you not beheld his bloodshot eyes, and his swollen jowls? Whoever detects any part of that should lie down on the ground.”

      “Anger is from Satan, and Satan was created of fire. Since fire is only put out by water, let each of you carry out the water ablution if and when he is angry, or take a bath”

      “The solution to our current emotional crisis is a return to a full Qur’anic commitment in which we try to see the reality of God’s agency in all things. Nothing else is likely to calm our spirits. We do not know whether ours are the end-times, but classical wisdom does seem more urgently required today than ever before. Under conditions of “extreme entropy” and collapse the Qur’anic model of faith, which stresses patience in the shadow of the direct omnipotence of God more than any other scripture, and the
      Prophetic teaching of self-restraint and harmony, seem to provide the perfect armour against the incipient desperation, aimlessness and panic of the modern world.” (Dr. Abdul Hakim Murad)

      Thinking Clearly in the Face of Anger [YouTube]

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I am proud to be a Malay but I never hate the Chinese because my grandmother is a Chinese and she is very proud of it. My grandfather also has lots of Chinese relatives. We are proud of our races and we can live in harmony because we respect each other. It is people with agendas like Dapsters who started to create stories and find reasons why people must fight with each other. And then they came with Negaraku, COMANGO, IFC and others.

    By the way, have you read It is funny because, “beliau akan membuat laporan polis berhubung dakwaan tidak berasas”, Police report over this matter? I thought she loves the surau and masjid and loves to give ‘tazkirah’.

      1. Hahahaha.

        I think the Malays should keep asking her for clarification to clear the air. Let her go make countless police reports.

        1. Tular punya nak bagi oghang lain kompius, keluar masuk surau mesjid tak ikut suka hati aja. Pasti ramai Muslim yang pi semejid yang tak kenal dia ingat dia Islam.

          Kat semejid bukan sekadar oghang Pakatan aje. Oghang dari Party lain dan dari luaq negara pun ramai.

          Pasti Pak Arab, Bangla, Pakistanis dn lain2 yang tak kenal dia heran dan terbeliak mata lihat seorang wanita duk gedik2 loklaq kat kawasan semejid, makan bersama2, bergambar dihimpit jantan2.. satu pekerti dan adab begitu rendah sekali bagi seorang Muslimah bila berada dalam kawasan semejid/surau.

          Mujuq takde bangsa Taliban atau dari Sudan, sure kena rotan wan.

  4. MCA’s new KPI should be to convert chinese schools into national ones.

    Ada berani ka DDWKS?

  5. No more Haris and his debu, He could not get his results with Umno, now create a new hype and get the chinaman on the bandwagon,

    Here we go again folks! New show in town .

    “‘ band of brazen horse thieves”‘

    And we all know what they did with horse thieves during those cowboy times.

  6. we srjkc people reject the vision school because the concept require to merge the current school, not new one. by looking at mca that ‘merge’ under bn, we can imagine what happen next. our concept of unity is diff with mca people/supporter and sk people.

    1. HY

      What, may I ask, is or are the problems if the schools (SRJKC, SRJKT) are merged with SK schools?

      You mean you do not want SRJKC (chinese) students to mix with SK (mostly malay) students with SRJKT (Indian) students?

      WHY so apartheid one?

      OR are you so scarred – that vision schools would allow all students to grow up knowing and tolerating each other, so much so that YOUR racial and chauvinistic knives would be so TUMPUL — it would be useless?

      Sad and pathetic you are!!!! I feel so sorry for you one.

      1. ‘OR are you so scarred – that vision schools would allow all students to grow up knowing and tolerating each other, so much so that YOUR racial and chauvinistic knives would be so TUMPUL — it would be useless?’

        This is it. Dong Zong, Hua Zong, Jia Zong etc can’t cari makan anymore. theStar can’t sell their paper anymore. MCA and DAP can’t cari makan oso. This is what they are scared of. Such is the power of Melayu!

      2. The poor rural SJKC remove students in SMK are called Cina Kopek (Temerloh teacher complained to me; these peralihan students cannot understand a single sentence of BM or BI).

        Ingatkn nak find solution jumpa ibubapa mak oi lagi terkejut, makayah lagi KOPEK. Cikgu2 SMK yg nasib tak baik kena jaga kelas2 pemulihan tension tau tak Zong Zong? Bila anak mereka tak pandai depa kata cikgu2 yang bodoh taktau ajar. Isshh

        Baca suratkabar Cina, TV channels Cina HKong, Taiwan 24/7. Nak tengok TV malaysia tak berminat pasai sebenda pun mereka tak faham.

      3. oh, the invisible hand that try to be a mind reader, and want govt intervention eh?

        i never say i do want the students from various background to mix togather, in fact there r many non chinese that enrol to srjkc, lu mana datang? scotland kah?

        basically the vision school is under one management to ‘manage’ the properties n facilities, by looking at how the ‘bn spirit’ work, who do u think have the final say? n do u even undetstand how the current chinese school function, let say in term of land n property?

        the govt shd build more vision school, there r so many new housing area kan? y u need the current one when it serve the local community well and already crowded as pasar hari ahad?

        show the parents how great the vision school r, u think the parents mabuk dan bodoh ka?

        hmm btw, u shd consider to change your nick to karl marx, it reflect u better i think.

      4. Adam Smith. I support you against that [HY] with the inferiority complex which should belong to China.

        1. Ms H. I got answers on how to resolve the dilemmas of these vernacular Chinese school products with the big inferiority complex whose only knowledge is to insult the innocents. It is a question of timing !

          1. i suspect yr answer will make me laugh la, uncle. u 3 amigos whenever talk anything abt chinese often make me laugh, is funnier n comical than the john landis 3 amigos.

    2. I knew a confident young man who was a graduate of an integrated SK school somewhere in Cheras, he was effectively trilingual: competent in Malay, Mandarin, and English. He mentioned that they followed the common SK curriculum plus 2 additional subjects taught in Chinese language.
      Are the Dong Zong people afraid that the management of such schools will fall out of their hands? Why should it?

      1. Chris, there’s more to it than that. If they lose control of management, they also lose their influence over the parents of these students. Think of all the money donated to the schools by the parents for instance. Under the management of a single authority, they’ll lose all their “perks” so to speak. These people were never honest about their intention. You may think these people are committed to education, but you look closely at the way they carry themselves, and there’s more to it than what you think.

        1. I see, bro. I thought everyone should be concerned foremost about quality education.

        2. u r mostly right, but it is up to the parents right? with full govt support that go against yr no money no talk concept (ptptn), chinese school still survive well if compare to sk, n it seem the only pride sk school have is to produce student that speak better malay for instance, lim guan eng, hannah yeoh, ong kian ming n tony pua.

          1. I’ve never supported PTPTN, something which I made clear in one of my comments because it accelerates the decline of our higher education system. Whether they are applying for public or private universities, if they cannot come up with the money, then they shouldn’t apply.

            As for SRJKC, not all of them have wealthy donors. Only those in urban areas can count on wealthy donors to keep going. If you go to rural or semi urban areas, they barely get by. The only channel for them to generate income is through tuition fees.

            As for SK, the good ones are found in urban areas as well. By all account, only 5% at most are of reputable standing, like the Victoria Institution.

            If your goal for your children is good education, you have 2 choices bar going overseas. Private local schools like the Chempaka Schools and International schools.

          2. i still dun understand yr logic how ptptn “accelerates the decline of our higher education system”. what is yr solution for a relatively brilliant but poor student? i often thot merit base is the solution, of course merit not necessary mean the best in our current examination system.

            i believe the better uni would kick one out because he cant make it, not bec one have no money.

            1. If any Tom, Dick or Harry can get a PTPTN loan, meaning anyone with below average results, and you put them with good students, then you look at the student to teacher ratio, you drag down the whole system. Too many students, too few teachers, less space for learning. The teachers can’t focus on everyone.

              You need good students. It is not that difficult to spot one. While many people may dispute this but overall, a good student is reflected by the effort he puts in in securing his grades. If you are committed in your learning, you put in the efforts. This is the basic requisite.

              Since we cannot escape from the fact that racial polemic is part and parcel of this country, the good students should be awarded scholarships or loans and bond them to the country for a period regardless of race or creed. We cannot fix what has already happened, we should focus on the present. As foreign universities are already operating in Malaysia, for examples NuMed and Southampton in Iskandar, the best and brightest regardless of race should be sent to these unis. Better to send them to the local campuses of foreign universities as this will make sure they stay in Malaysia upon graduation.

              Examinations reflect the efforts put in by students. But of course many people will also dispute this. So the solution is to change the way exams are conducted or by changing the subject matter tested. There have been rumors going on for many years, even decades of students buying exam questions. This is not that difficult to overcome. The relevant authority should just disqualified any candidate caught with leaked exam papers. This should deter most people. As to whether how we can identified those guilty, there should be a channel for people to report wrongdoing.

              Kicking out the bad students after they had studied for one or two semesters simple cannot work. By then the damage is already done. Prevention is better. Prevent them from coming to unis in the first place is what the authority should do.

            2. The part regarding kicking out, you misunderstood my point. You can only kick someone out if he’s already in. If the person cannot get in, then it is not kicking one out. How do you kick someone who is not in a uni ?

              The part one money, many people have a hard time figuring out the correlation between good grades and financial standing.

              If you have more resources you have more means to improve your position, your grades. If you have less resources, or no resources, then your means to elevate yourself is limited, zero. That’s why the rich, the well off, they have better grades because they have the means, the resources to elevate themselves.

              What I m about to say next, and this will most certainly irked a lot of people. You look at those who study less, get less marks. You see the way they carry themselves. These kids spend their time riding their bikes, fooling around town, playing at cybercafes. Not looking down on them but the way they live their lives says a lot about them.

              The rich kids, the well off kids, they mess around too but they also know they have to produce the results so that they can mess around. The rule for rich kids is, you want to mess around, fine but you must have the grades. Without the grades, how are you going to sustain yourself, thus allowing you to mess around ? By messing around, I m not saying these rich kids, well off kids do bad things but if you want to party, play around, you must have the means to do so. That’s why they have to produce the goods.

            3. interesting writes.

              i believe in socialism, i understand yr view but i cant agree with u. kick out or reject is no diff, still no money no talk, sort of elitism. i look forward a balance, but i dun have the answer. my generation deem masuk mu as one of the greatest achievement in life, not sure what the current generation think, in fact i dun know anyone that is interested in doing form 6 if there is a choice.

              it seem everyone know the answer n reason y our uni is in such bad shape, but for the sake of something everyone known, many stay silence n let it rot, as long as one could grasp the chance to further his study in a foreign land, no?

              i still think ptptn is not the cause, yr reasoning is to me a bit odd, but to each his own. thanks.

            4. btw i am from rural srjkc, i go thru peralihan, most srjkc remain top in f1 to f3, at least in academic, but less than 30 from the 150 pass srp (lce or pt3 or pmr) n go to f4, my point is not srjkc better, i am saying all rural school, irregardless srjkc/i or srk, r equally low quality.

  7. Negara-ku is a clear violation of a national symbol ie the national anthem. They should be hauled and charged in court!

  8. It’s definitely nice to stay under an autocratic regime, if you are a part of it. All the handouts and goodies will definitely flow down among the regime members. However, as history has shown, those who gloat over it, enjoy it while you can, cos every regime finally falls as more and more of it’s victims become more and more educated and smarter and finally will just rise and throw them down the gutter.

    For the rest, you just pray and follow rules everyday created by the regime and watch the country’s wealth being siphoned off and misused.

    Under an autocratic regime, all attempts at reasoning will be considered a threat to the life of the regime and all manner of threats and laws will be used to stifle those few daring ones who voiced out their opinions and thoughts.

    Worst, the main stream media and all apparatus under the control of the regime will be used to psychologically numbed the thinking of the general public into believing imaginary threats and creating enmity so as to divide and rule the populace.

    Can you not see around all the countries in the world who allows such autocratic regimes to take hold over the centuries and their people are numbed into coercion by means of rule of force, religion, threats, division etc esp in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asian countries?

    Is that the life awaiting the general populace who allows such blatant abuse of governance?

    Malaysia would have reached the status like Switzerland and some other Scandinavian countries if not for those abuses going around for the past generation under the rule of MM. Malaysia, with so much wealth and resources and after his iron rule, the only thing to show for and gloated over by dumbos are a national car, twin towers, more factories and an overglossed Putrajaya.

    So who can provide such good governance in Malaysia to continue for the next generation?

    1. “So who can provide such good governance to continue for the next generation?”

      My answer is definitely not PR. Like the highly respected Tun Dr Mahathir’s saying “It’s better the devil we know than the angel we don’t!” We have already known for sure that DAP/PKR/PAS are no angels but the devils in disguise who are more dangerous than BN/UMNO who are the devils we know. The majority Malays will continue to support UMNO because it is the most relevant party for us in the current political scenario.

      If you are not happy with Malaysia, why don’t you just migrate elsewhere? Countries of your dream like Switzerland or any Scandinavian countries won’t accept you?

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