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Who is the J-Star calling “thugs”?

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai is pouring scorn on certain “groups” for their caution against a repeat of May 13. But he doesn’t name these groups.

Earlier Chun Wai was insolent enough to refer to Zainuddin Maidin, our Tokoh Wartawan Negara 2006, as “a blogger” without the courtesy of naming the Tan Sri.

When Chun Wai wrote about “a pro-Barisan blogger who has dedicated herself to bashing The Star on a daily basis”, he omitted to mention her name as well but you all know who he meant, right?

On 5 May 2013 (polling day for GE13), Chun Wai wrote:

“It is ironic that while The Star has been accused of being pro-Barisan by DAP, there is a pro-Barisan blogger who has dedicated herself to bashing The Star on a daily basis as she counts the number of DAP news items and pictures that appear in this newspaper!”

See paragraph highlighted in yellow


J-Star jeers tapi baling batu sembunyi tangan

In his column today, Chun Wai derides “some recent groups whose handful of members, if there are any” for what he claims is their overplay of the May 13 old and obsolete tune.

He abstains however from naming this group that he alleges to have merely a handful of members but likes to use May 13 as “a threat”.

But we know he is most likely alluding to Isma.

BELOW: You can hardly see Malay faces in the J-Star photo illustrating Chun Wai’s column today

Overplay of a haunting tune

ABOVE: Note that Chun Wai’s article highlighted the phrase “used as a THREAT

Why Isma is the prime suspect

Even though Chun Wai is sly – or cowardly – enough to not finger a name to the “recent group” he’s unhappy with (that issued the “Beware May 13” warning), we can nonetheless put two and two together.

Previously, Chun Wai had dissed Isma as resorting to THREATS due to an inability to articulate.

“So we have the likes of people like the Muslim activist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) chief Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman taking this line of argument further. In his inability to articulate his views convincingly and fairly, he has resorted to threats.” – ‘Our right to speak up‘ (The J-Star, 11 May 2014)

Chun Wai further wrote:

“Ignorant fools and bigots like him [Abdullah Zaik] should not be allowed to get away with their remarks. If the authorities choose to look the other way, it is as good as telling many of us that such people are tolerated or, worse, even endorsed by them.

“Wrong is wrong, and we are glad that former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has the courage to tell Abdullah Zaik off.”

Tun told off Isma because he is one who’s ever willing to call a spade a spade. Perkasa, the movement patronized by him, is a straight-talking outfit, as is Isma.

It is the evangelical Christians such as Chun Wai who operate in a sly and sneaky manner.


Chun Wai’s running vendetta against Isma

In his column piece titled ‘Slipping into our racial cocoons‘, the object of Chun Wai’s ire was again Isma president Abdullah Zaik for the latter’s “Cina penceroboh” remark.

In the same 18 May 2014 article, Chun Wai took to task the “extremists” which to him are the NGOs dictating religious correctness. He wrote:

“These instant NGOs, with a membership of five persons, including the wives and children of the presidents, will claim that they represent a particular race or religion.”

In saying that the NGO membership of five persons includes the wives and children of the president, Chun Wai is mocking Abdullah Zaik who has nine children and whose wife Nor Saleha Mohd Salleh is chief of the Isma women’s wing.

Further down the page, Chun Wai adds, “And Abdullah Zaik’s Isma is supposed to represent Muslims”. The dots are connected after the interval of a few sentences.

This theme of instant NGOs – Muslim of course – with only a handful of family members is a leitmotif that runs through Chun Wai’s writings like how “ultra kiasu” permeates Ridhuan Tee’s.

Si Gunting tikam belakang


The Sneaky Star way of sniding

Last week, Chun Wai had whinged that the Christians who number “among the smallest of the minority religious groups” are being victimized because they are “easy targets”.

He wrote: “Christian-bashing has become fashionable in Malaysia, especially among some politicians, retired politicians, writers and some one-man-show non-governmental organisations”.

Once more is Chun Wai sinking his teeth into the Muslim NGOs.

Although Chun Wai took a snide shot at the “one-man-show” NGOs, he cowardly refrained from naming the organisations.

gunting star dalam lipatan

Umno, Parti Paling Tidak Apa

A fortnight ago in his 29 June 2014 article on the Herald-‘Allah’ Federal Court judgment, Chun Wai similarly griped that “[s]ome groups seem to get away with just about anything while action is promptly taken against other groups or individuals”.

The following passage is excerpted from Chun Wai’s 25 May 2014 column.

“part of democracy … if we want different opinions to be heard, including outlandish ones by the most colourful of characters, we cannot shut them down. But moderate Malaysians must also stand up and speak their minds. Many of us cherish the moderate, liberal, secular and plural ways …”

The J-Star writers constantly make a variety of snide remarks against Muslim NGOs but they have nothing negative to say about the Bersih 4.0/Negaraku NGOs – some of which only have a “handful of members” too.

Chun Wai counts himself among those who “cherish the moderate, liberal, secular and plural ways”. His paper is demonizing those they see as not liberal and not secular.

MCA is complicit in all that its media is doing. Umno, as usual, is PPTA.

Thugs allowed to set agenda‘ (The J-Star, 25 June 2014)

Azmi Shahrom Thugs 

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23 thoughts on “Who is the J-Star calling “thugs”?

  1. He is board of trustee of GMM, but the way he writes doesnt show he is a moderate after all. Just look what type of people is surrounding Najib. Wonder how Najib pick up this kind of people to work with him?

    1. Wardina is an appointed member of NUCC, yet she talks like shit. Don’t know why a tin kosong like her got appointed into NUCC. Pakai tudung and talk like shit (but there are also others who pakai tudung, turun-naik masjid and always talk shit too – the ‘soalan mulut’ one).

      GMM was also said to have influence in the NUCC especially on drafting those disaster-in-the-making Bills, the CEO of GMM is Saifuddin Abdullah (an idiot) who theatrically resigned as a Senior Research Fellow from UM’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, in solidarity la konon sbb someone yg dah nk pencen tak dapat jadi dekan. Yet, until today dlm GMM punya official website, belum update yg dia tu dah jd former senior research fellow. Masa resigned kepoh, website sendiri pun belum update (as of today la).

      So, why must we be surprised that someone from the gunting paper is inside the GMM? In fact, why must we be surprised at the type of people surrounding the PM? Look at the Cabinet members, all sorts of shitheads are in there, it’s already a pseudo-unity gomen with ‘DAP’ already inside lah.

      1. re: “why must we be surprised at the type of people surrounding the PM?”

        Umpamanya Regina Lee yang lekat macam belangkas pada Dapster Khairy yang berlagak Menteri Pelbagai Tugas yang senantiasa membayangi setiap jejak langkah PM.

  2. Helen Ang: My blog, my like.

    WCW: My column/paper, my like.

    RT: My column, my like.

    Sukalah, korang nak tulis pro-mana. Malaysiakan negara bebas?

    1. re: “WCW: My column/paper, my like.”

      No issues with Malaysiakini being blatantly pro-opposition. Or even The Sun Daily / The Edge / The Heat for that matter.

      The J-Star, however, is a paper under the full control of the MCA, a senior party in the BN and it is backstabbing … twisting its venomous scissors blades in the BN’s back.


      “The Star is owned by the MCA and run by the MIC for the benefit of the DAP.”

      Quip made by former J-Star managing editor P. Gunasegaram. Ref. ‘Why Ho Kay Tat left The Star‘ (Malaysiakini, 13 Dis 2012)

      If the MCA paper is run “the benefit of the DAP” as the media industry has been well aware for a long time now, then the BN should really have a problem with that.

      If the BN chairman still has no problem with a situation where the MCA paper is siding with, and campaigning for, the DAP then his Umno people should start knocking some sense and responsibility into him.

      1. chill it auntie hel, getting your knickers in a knot ain’t a pretty sight,
        unbiased and balanced reporting should be the way forward,
        are you implying that all papers should be pliant like ut..ut..utusan?
        you are getting to be abit boring posting your pet peeve day in day out

        1. Nobody’s holding a gun to your head to make you come to my boring aunty blog and get your suspenders in a knot. Why don’t you visit a website more suitable to your age, boy?

      2. It’s all about advertising revenue and circulation.

        Try being an urban centric English daily that is pro government and watch your income dry up. .. or in other words, the New Straits Times.

        Sometimes I wonder if the MCA is actually having a laugh at our expense.

      3. pernah menonton filem ‘anak bapak’? anak kesayangan diberi ‘ganjaran’ sebagai hukuman for being mischievous. (di dalam cerita2 allahyarham, ending selalu dia untung…. ketua penyamun pun mati dalam iman daa!. nevertheless, he was unquestionably the best ever. highly unlikely akan ada pengganti).

        so, in the case of the j-star ceo, i bet he will be severely punished by mca by making him a tan sri. he’s now a dato’ seri right?. mca is now no longer the little brother of umno, sudah naik pangkat, equal partner katakan. kenapa benda2 ini berlaku? itu kena tanya ah jib gor, dia ada strategi terbaik, konon2.

      4. Helen, perhaps this helps to explain the universal exasperation you have so abundantly laid bare about The Star’s double treachery,

        1. UMNO: Parti Paling Tidak Apa

        2. Najib and his cabinet: Apa Pun Tak Apa


      5. instability is the business of government to stay in power.

        dulu time early years postmerdeka tak sama, semua patriotik dan bangga nak bangunkan negara.

        1. re: “instability is the business of government to stay in power.”

          That’s a most tiresome Dapster prejudice and argument. It’s attributing ill intent to their opponent.

  3. Malaysia is a big circus. If WCW said ISMA is a NGO with 5 members, I can say that PKR is a party with 3 members. DAP is a party with 2 members. You guys know who am I referring to.

  4. The more dapsters menyalak, the more the Malays and Malays are awakened from their deep slumber. This race survives on intimidation and provocation. That is why the word ‘amok’ is unique to this race and cannot be translated into other languages. Trivial matters won’t make them budge, that’s ‘tidak apa’.

    They have not seen the melayu tsunami, yet. It’s broiling underneath. Come next GE, every household will supply 3 to 5 new voters. imagine the explosion. thanx to dapsters for instigating us, Malays.

    I personally have not being using the word ‘racial’ for decades. Now, I am having 2nd thoughts. Since, others keep accusing us of something not even in our thoughts, might as well embrace it, just to prove the validity of their accusation.

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