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Munafik … seven years of waiting

The other “Chinese girl in hijab” has called upon the public to

# prayforPalestin

# prayforGaza

# prayforIslam

# prayforhumanity

# prayforpeace

(Source:Biarlah Palestin menang!‘ Raisyyah Rania Yeap’s blog)



Twitter - hannahyeoh- O Germany

Hannah Yeoh prays for Germany

Yup, the DAP uber poseur in hijab prayed for the German footballers’ victory – see @hannahyeoh tweet above.

Contrast the two Chinese hijab wearers, one who has embraced Islam and the other who is still faking the Muslimah appearance after 7 years.

Like all the other Muslimah, the thoughts of Raisyyah (“the Chinese girl in hijab“) are with the Palestinians.

She shares her desire in rhyming sajak:

“Ingin saja ku ke situ

membantu memberi apa yang perlu

diriku ini yang tidak punya

anak, suami dan keluarga

“Boleh saja!”, teriak hati ku

bujang yang hanya ada seorang ibu”

Meanwhile Hannah on the other hand, has so far nothing to say about the Palestinians in her voluminous Twitter timeline.

A strange kind of silence indeed.

Pray, pray, pray

As one of the commenters in this blog orangkampung has observed, “show her [Hannah] the news on Israel and she turns mute”.

Yet one usually finds the Madame Speaker to be very liberal with her copious prayer for total strangers.

Among Hannah’s standard lines are:

  • May God’s comfort be with the passengers’ loved ones” (MH370), “Praying God’s comfort over you as you receive this closure
  • Praying for comfort for their families” (Lahad Datu)
  • “Praying for the safety of the little boy who was kidnapped”, “Praying for your family”
  • Praying for his safety and for God’s comfort & peace for his parents” (a missing boy)
  • “Prayers & thoughts are with little William’s family” (another missing boy)
  • May God comfort you & family with His peace” (someone’s grandmother passed away)
  • Praying for your safety and some peace at home” (for Ambiga)
  • “Praying for the safety of ur entire household” (for Nurul Izzah)

But no prayer for Palestinians.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Cannot sleep. Praying for Malaysia

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

The Dapsters mocked Muhyiddin Yassin for revealing that before he sleeps, our DPM worries about the possibility of a May 13 repeat.

But the same Dapsters think Hannah Yeoh is the country’s saviour — YB Jerusubang when unable to sleep will pray for Malaysia (see screenshot of her tweet above).

The DAP evangelistas like Hannah Yeoh makes their praying a public spectacle. Nothing is safe from their politicking. Not even sacred prayer.

pray Sarawak

No prayer for Palestine?

So now when Hypocrite Hannah surprisingly fails to make a show of what tugs at every Muslimah’s heartstrings, what does that reveal?

Does it expose that she is exactly like the rest of her fellow Christian fundamentalists with regard to their stand on the Palestine issue?

You would not fault the fundamentalists Christian for siding with Israel as after all, the rival three Abrahamic faiths mutually consider Jerusalem their Holy Land.

You would not really be surprised either at a fundamentalist Christian’s lack of empathy for what is happening in Gaza.

Except in this case, the said fundamentalist Christian keeps masquerading in Muslimah garb.



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Apa yang Hannah Yeoh buat di masjid?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

20 thoughts on “Munafik … seven years of waiting

  1. Bila baca ‘Hannah’s standard lines’ kat atas, terlintas jugak dalam kepala, ada pernah tak Hannah guna ‘Allah’ sebagai ganti ‘God’?

  2. Another jew, helen. Your article before. HY attended all surau and masjid, yet no ‘hikmah’. Was it the heart full of ‘love’ ?

    Helen already answered – hypocrite !

  3. The beloved disciple of Jesus, Dr. Ang Swee Chai of Singapore:-From Beirut to Jerusalem

    Dr Ang Swee Chai grew up supporting Israel. Arabs, she was told, were terrorists. But in 1982, on the television she saw the relentless bombing of Beirut by Israeli planes. Shocked, her view of Israel began to change. It was then that she heard of an international appeal for an orthopaedic surgeon to treat war victims in Beirut. The petit woman – she was just under 1.5 meters – resigned her job in London, bade her husband farewell and set out on a journey to civil war Beirut, there she was to eye-witness the Sabra-Shatila massacres*.

    With her husband Francis Khoo, and some friends, Dr Ang Swee Chai helped to form the British charity, “Medical Aid for Palestinians” (MAP), following the 1982 Sabra-Shatila massacres. In 1987, PLO chairman Yasser Arafat awarded Dr Ang Swee Chai the “Star of Palestine” the highest award for service to the Palestinian people.

    In her talk, given at a West London Mosque on 10th December 2004, she shares with us some of her experiences of Lebanon and Palestine. Many of the slides she uses in her talk are reproduced below with relevant captions and a time code so that you may follow the slides with the audio.

    The Sabra-Shatila Massacre: In September 1982, just a few weeks after the Palestinian men had surrendered their weapons under an internationally brokered peace deal, and were deported from Beirut where they had left their families under the protection of an international peace keeping force, the Israeli army violated the peace treaty and invaded Beirut. Some 3000 defenceless Palestinian women and children were rounded up in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and systematically murdered in cold blood. (For a repeat of this tragedy see Srebrenica in 1995 – only that time it was 8000 Muslim men who were slaughtered after they had handed their weapons to the UN forces who had guaranteed them a “safe haven”).

    1. Sabra and Shatila:

      The perpetrators were “the militia, linked to the Maronite CHRISTIAN Phalange Party”, see

      “The Phalangist forces which entered the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps on 16 September slaughtered hundreds of the inhabitants, including women, children and old people.”

  4. ‘Meanwhile Hannah on the other hand, has so far nothing to say about the Palestinians in her voluminous Twitter timeline. A strange kind of silence indeed.’

    HY must be in solidarity with Israel. And she is not alone.


    HY please watch


  5. Gambaq dia dok huluq paket duit ke tu? Kesian budak2 tu, buka dalamnya ade RM5 aje… What a cheap publicity stunt..

    Kalau nak bersedekah buat dalam diam, tak elok ambik gambar nak heboh sana sini tau tak?

    Kalau kat semejid dia tersilap ambik gambar dengan anak saya, jaga la… I will demand for USD7m. Mahal tau, pasai nak masuk blog, surat kabar tanpa izin saya.

    1. ‘Kalau kat semejid dia tersilap ambik gambar dengan anak saya, jaga la… I will demand for USD7m.’

      Tengku Aziz kata Melayu kena jadi kiasu untuk berjaya.

  6. Ms H. It mystifies me how Asian looking types fall for this Western religion screaming and stomping when Western mores and culture are completely alien to their inner make-up.

    History reveals that Christianity was used as opium in China and Africa. We can only come to the hard conclusion that these folks are a bunch of fakes with a theatrical bent.

  7. You would not fault the fundamentalists Christian for siding with Israel as after all, the rival three Abrahamic faiths mutually consider Jerusalem their Holy Land.

    It is the normal stand for Penang evangelista to be anti Palestine. I know of many who are very happy for Israel.

    If HY tweets love for Gaza, her sheep with turn against her and eat her like Cujo.

  8. re: You would not fault the fundamentalists Christian for siding with Israel as after all, the rival three Abrahamic faiths mutually consider Jerusalem their Holy Land.”

    I think i need to verify that there is no three rival Abrahimic faiths. Actually all the prophets from Adam as to Muhammad saw brings the message of Islam, so does Abrahim as. So when we refer to Abrahimic faith, it is faith Islam and nothing else.

    I think a lot of misunderstanding occurs when many people thinks that Islam is a new religion brought by Muhammad saw.

  9. Christians support Israel because they believe jews are the Chosen People and that the creation of Israel was one of the signs in the Bible of the end of the world. When I was a Christian, I, too, supported Israel, seeing it as a tiny David against the huge mass of “nasty” Goliath Arabs. It didn’t help that as young girls, we read The Diary of Anne Frank and felt sorry about the Holocaust.

    It was only when I began to work and read more that I began to see the “other side.” Meeting Palestinians also changed my views. This was way before I converted to Islam, so my support for the Palestinians has nothing to do with religion. It has all to do with justice for this poor unlucky group of people who happen to live in a land wanted by the Zionists.

    Also, while most Palestinians are Muslim, there also a sizable number of Christians, like Hanan Ashrawi.

    And who are these Palestinian Christians but the very descendants of the first Christians, the followers of Jesus. They’ve been there for two millenia.

    So Malaysian Christians should well remember that, instead of thinking the plight of the Palestinians is just another Muslim problem.

    As for the Arabs, they don’t give a shit about the Palestinians. A Malaysian diplomat, involved in bringing a group of Palestinian children from refugee camps in Lebanon to Malaysia for a visit two decades ago, told me how shocked he was when Lebanese officials cynically said to take them and don’t bother to send them back.

    And Sabra and Shatilla were caused by Lebanese Christian Falangists, who slaughtered while the Israelis stood watch.

    1. Ariel Sharon, the then Israeli Minister of Defence in 1982, who was complicit in this tragic and dastardly event fell into a coma in 2006 for 8 long years and died recently in January this year. But there is a prophetic twist to Sharon’s passing for Israel: Rabbi Yitzak Kaduri, the revered Jewish mystic revealed that Israel’s long awaited Messiah is “Yahshua” (Jesus) will return after the death of Ariel Sharon.


      1. In Rabbi Kaduri’s secret death note, the initial Hebrew letters of the phrase: “The masses will by themselves arise and verify that his words and his teachings can stand,” spell out the name Yehoshua (Hebrew spelling for the Aramaic “Yahshua” or the Latin “Jesus”). The rabbi was a Sephardic Jew and an uncompromising servant of the One True God, Yahweh.

        It is exactly what Muslims have contended for ages: that the New Testament is mostly the innovated letters of Paul of Tarsus which does not represent the true teachings of Yahshua or Jesus the Messiah. Now with the recovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi texts during the mid-20th century, there leaves no doubt that the ancient teachings of the Messiah were only upheld by his direct disciples as centered in the Church of Jerusalem, headed by Jesus’ own brother, “James the Just”, and Peter, John, Thomas, Matthew and the other apostles. They were known as the “Evyonim” or Ebionites (lit. “the poor ones”) followers of the Sacred Law according to Moses.

        Rabbi Kaduri has returned Judaism to its proper course – for those Jews who will hearken to his disclosure – which is to accept the gnostic teachings of Yahshua for the true salvation of the soul. This acceptance implicitly overrides the Zionist progrom of terrestrial conquests and worldly ambitions in the name of their awaited messianic saviour – they must now contend with Prophet Yahshua whom they had once rejected as the Jewish messiah. Jesus, like Muhammad taught the eternal Oneness of God on High, our Creator and Sustainer; never did he proclaim himself as a partner to God on High as professed by Trinitarian Roman Catholicism and modern Christianity – an unsubstantiated belief in the vicarious blood atonement of Christ for the wicked sinfulness of humanity.

        “Say: Allah is One, Unique and Absolute. He does not beget nor was He begotten. And there are no associates for Him whatsoever.” (Quran chapter 114)

        James teachings as opposed to Paul of Tarsus: [YouTube]

        Islam, as taught and personified by Prophet Muhammad is the Religious Way of the End Times. The Prophet’s cousin-in-law, Waraqah bin Naufal, was the Ebionite chief rabbi of Mecca, and it was this old saint who confirmed that Muhammad had received the Quranic revelation from Archangel Jibril (Gabriel) while in retreat in the Cave of Hira, when he was 40 years of age.

        The Dead Sea Scrolls as the evidence for the truth of Islam: [YouTube]

        1. Why ALLAH is the God of Israel . . .


          “Let’s say two people have the same boss. Just because they disagree as to the plans of the boss doesn’t mean that they have two different bosses. And just because perhaps they disagree as to the boss’s will doesn’t mean that they each work for different bosses. Disagreements as to the plans, desires, or doings of the boss doesn’t equate to disagreement as to the essence of [the mahut of] who the boss is.”

          Muslims, Jews, and the “Original followers” of Jesus (who said that the greatest commandment is ‘Hear O’ Israel the L-RD is our G-d, the L-RD Alone / the L-RD is One.’) …for all three of these, the Creator is One absolute existence. He is not subject to change, neither shares His essence or divinity with another, nor does He have origin in something else, nor does He multiply His divinity, and His Singularity is Incorporeal and Incomparable to any other.”

          Deuteronomy 32:29 “…there is no [other] god with Me.”
          “…leth alah bar mini” (“…there is no Alah other than Me.”)

          1. Surah 112 is “An-Nas” or “Mankind”:

            “Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind,
            The King (or Ruler) of Mankind,
            The god (or judge) of Mankind,
            From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper),
            Who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,
            Among Jinns and among men.”

            Worship the King, the One True Lord of all creation, not the prince among the prophets, Jesus.


    2. “And who are these Palestinian Christians but the very descendants of the first Christians, the followers of Jesus. They’ve been there for two millenia.

      So Malaysian Christians should well remember that, instead of thinking the plight of the Palestinians is just another Muslim problem.”

      Are you sure the Malaysian Christians are so smart? I am sure MANY do not know that Jesus was a Palestinian. They do not KNOW where Jerusalem is on the map. I know for a fact the Hockien service folks can’t even read the Bible, let alone mark on the map where Jerusalem is and in which country it is.

      They only know
      Palestine = Muslim = Malay problem = Chinese don’t care
      Christian = White man = Good.

  10. Today, Hannah Yeoh loves Melayu.

    Hannah buka puasa [tweet]

    So many Melayu friends.

    Wah. Hannah berbuka puasa

    Wah. Hannah perihatin terhadap orang yang berulang alik ke masjid. [tweet]

    Helen, you are so lucky you got such a Caring Speakbox. Hannah memang lebih popular dari Wanita UMNO sebab Melayu sangat suka dia.

  11. My Tokong is scolding a crony BN Christian company.

    “Another BN crony is YTL Power which was listed in 1997 after securing the concession agreement as the first IPP in Malaysia. Since then, YTL Power has paid out 36.3 per cent of earnings to shareholders as dividends with a Compounded Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 5.4 per cent since being listed. This compared favourably to CAGR of only 4% for the Malaysian economy in terms of GDP during that period.

    YTL’s success in sustainable earnings and above average dividend yield is due to YTL Power’s ability to secure the highest internal rate of return (IRR) for an IPP of 15-19% and also an incredible provision that compelled Tenaga Nasional Bhd to enter into a compulsory power purchase agreement where Tenaga must take at least 90 % of the capacity of its plants. ”

    His fan says
    Cindy Oo 林首长万岁1!1

    Like · Reply · 9 hrs

    Wah. Now Cindy Oo says Tokong Banzai. So Maharaja Lim. Emperor Lim.
    Penang got new Emperor. As respect I will now call him HRH Emperor Lim Guan Eng of Penang like all Penang people. You all too must use the new title.

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