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Was MAS plane flying over warzone to cut fuel cost?

A shorter route uses less fuel and thus saving Malaysia Airlines money. But MH17 was flying over a restricted zone.

Since April, the commercial aircraft of British, European and American operators were already warned that the Ukrainian airspace over the Crimea region is dangerous.

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Liow Tiong Lai’s plane crash to handle

There have been only two major commercial airliner crashes in the world this year, i.e. MH370 where 239 people are presumed dead and MH17 with its 295 passengers and crew. Both involve Malaysia Airlines.

Newly minted Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai is now even-Steven with his cabinet colleague Hisham Hussein who was the previous acting Transport Minister. Both are our government spokesman on airplane disappearance/downing that have each cost between 200 and 300 lives.

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