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CIMB syorkan agar MAS diisytihar muflis

Lokasi nahas: Tempat MH17 terhempas


Sumber gambar: Suratkhabar Sydney Morning Herald


“We believe that the best way forward for MAS is bankruptcy and court protection for a deep reorganisation of the business” — Raymond Yap, CIMB analyst

Suratkhabar Australian Financial Review, dalam laporannya ‘Malaysia Airlines flight MH17: Tragedy strikes twice‘ hari ini, telah memetik penganalis CIMB Raymond Yap sebagai berkata langkah sebaiknya ialah supaya syarikat penerbangan MAS yang sedang mengalami kerugian itu diisytiharkan muflis lalu ia akan dirombak semula.

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17 thoughts on “CIMB syorkan agar MAS diisytihar muflis

  1. Why should we believe this CIMB analyst ? Why must MAS be declared bankcruptcy ? Its not private property.

    Who is MAS ‘next of kin’ ? Is it ‘percaturan’ ? When Raymond Yap said that, someone is smiling…. eagerly…

  2. Can someone pls grab the remote ctrl n switch the propeller on? Yeah the one beside Yap

  3. This is indeed the best option. Like Japan airline it should be bankrupted restructured and come back as new stronger entity.

  4. Ya. We must keep MAS going. We ISMA want a board seat on MAS. We know how to run an airlines better than anyone in the world. Ketuanan Melayu Boleh. AYAH U LAMPAH.

  5. CIMB looking at profiting from this recommended exercise. Sama macam MAS-AirAsia share swap dulu lah.

  6. Haiya Raymond CIMB your analysis is a textbook 101 academic punya theory lah. What do you know about running an airline especially with the likes of MAS where gomen is theshareholder? While under reorganising habis semua lucrative routes taken by you know who….

    1. re: “While under reorganising habis semua lucrative routes taken by you know who….”

      I think so too.

    2. What organising is he talking about if MAS filed for bankruptcy? Hello, dia orang ni belajar undang-undang negara mana? Malaysia mana ada Chapter 11, where you go into voluntary bankruptcy so you can reorganise, restructure and strengthen you capital base so you can come back stronger and better. So what> They expect MAS to file for Chapter 11 in US courts?

    3. Tell him to shut up and jaga kerja dia. When the merger falls through, some people will be canned.

  7. Typical of Bankers. I have a strange feeling that in colleges and universities the banking curriculum strongly advocate bankruptcy as opposed to sitting down and discuss other options and possible solutions to a problem. It seems they are breeding Shylock here..

    Or is it the one solution fits all or maybe CIMB is in cahoots with the big foul-mouthed TF to finally nail MAS having failed in their so called share swap plan not too long ago.

    No wonder, again, our country is going south, with weak leaders and shallow headed bankers ( or is it wankers??? ooops sorry HA, I didn’t mean to be rude in your blog }

  8. During yesterday’s Iftar, I had the opportunity to talk to a schoolmate who is now a pilot with MAS and he stated that over the years, particularly since the Tajudin Ramli era and including the Idris Jala era, there have been too many baggages being attached to MAS and the only way to unwind these burdensome contracts, commitments, obligations etc is for MAS to start afresh by closing down the present entity and creating a new entity – a new company with a new name using “similar” airline name …

    A number of airlines around the world had chosen this path and amongst the succesful ones is the example of Swiss Air … Why not give it a try so that the MAS are no longer tied to Brahim Catering and the financial handcuffs created by Idris Jala …

    BTW, merely going down the bankruptcy road to get temporary protection from creditors et al isn’t gonna do it as all these bagages are legally binding and will still be there post-bankruptcy if same entity still used as the vehicle …

    1. re: “tied to Brahim Catering and the financial handcuffs created by Idris Jala”


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