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  1. SQ was using the same route as MH. The distance between one aircraft with another is determined by the air traffic controller (ATC) of the country in which the aircraft was flying. In this case it was determined by the Ukraine ATC. It was reported that MH17 pilot wanted to fly at a height of 35,000 feet but permission was not given.

    This statement by SQ is uncalled for and insensitive to all particularly to the victims, families and MH.

    1. re: “SQ was using the same route as MH.”

      Uh-huh. So is the route safe or unsafe?

      Just because there has been a road accident, we don’t stop using a particular highway, right?

      So why are planes now avoiding the route?

      1. The route is “safe” if combatants on war footing adhere to the rules of war i.e. don’t shoot down civilian aircraft which can be identified by radar.

        The problem is that the separatists have access to surface to air missiles and they are not considered to be officially “at war”.

        So the route is no longer safe now that everyone knows that they will shoot at anyone without checking if it is civilian or military.

        SQ flew the same route 75 times in the past week.

        Agree – it was a damn insensitive remark but then again, that’s Singapore style. I wouldn’t have expected anything other.

              1. On one shot you see the double or triple horizontal bars of an Orthodox Christian Cross (Ukrainians and Russians use these crosses) as opposed to the single horizontal bar of other Christian crosses, beside the road where MH 17 came down. Definitely a Christian terrorist operation.

                But wait………the Ukrainian “radio intercept” points the finger at the Cossacks (also anti Kiev separatists in Ukraine) as the ones who supposedly fired the missile.

                The last part about the Cossacks has a nice Islamic ring to it. The COssacks are a fierce warrior group who were also used to defeat the Chechens. They are …………………..wait for it…………Muslims!!!

                The Ukrainians had it all planned. Division between the Muslim Cossacks and the Christian Russian ethnic people fighting Kiev.

      2. I really do not understand that in that air space zone of 30,000 feet and below is unsafe for civil aviation but at 33,000 feet it is safe.

        Probably, the missile had not been programmed to target moving objects below 30,000 feet? When the rebels saw a plane that they thought it was Ukraine transport plane, they shot at it.

        As I said before in your other article, by right MH should have not used that route as it was dangerous and there was a probability even a very small one that it might got hit. But any how as I am a Muslim, it was fated but at least we should have tried to avoid. In the air travel industry, the tolerance to error must be zero.

        In other industries, the risk that you take is the risk that you can bear. The higher the risk, the higher the reward. But in the aviation industry we cannot afford to play with human lives.

        1. re: “at 33,000 feet it is safe”

          But at 32,000 feet, it is unsafe.

          The distance separating the two levels, as I’ve mentioned before, is shorter than the height of Menara Telekom.

          1. In the sky now the air traffic is I can say very heavy. You need to obey ATC’s instructions. When I was travelling from Almaty to Bangkok, seated near the window somewhere in Afghanistan I could see clearly the marking Air Astana on the plane travelling in the opposite direction at a speed of 800 km plus at the same altitude. You can imagine how dangerous it was. It was definitely a near miss.

            I really could not appreciate commentators who made irresponsible comments blaming MH17 pilot. They thought that navigating a plane is just like driving a car on the road. .

        2. MH had filed a flight plan for 35,000 ft but Ukraine Air Traffic Control directed MH17 to fly at 33,000 ft

          This is moot cos the Buk SAM has an effective range of 70,000 ft so 30, 35, or even 50,000 ft would not have made any difference.

          All these question on the route and altitude are nothing more than to divert our attention from the failure of the authorities to declare a flight ban over Ukraine.

          So don’t fall for it.

        3. It has something to do with the capabilities of air surface-to-air missile(SAM). It was declared safe at below 30,000 based on the “normal” SAM ‘s reach of about 29000 feet, but apparently now SAM can reach even higher than 40,000

          (Source: forget it – been watching too many experts on all the news channels and picking up a lot of info. Hmm, does that make me an almost expert?)

          1. re: “It was declared safe at below 30,000 based on the “normal” SAM’s reach of about 29000 feet”

            How reassuring.

          2. The minimum height is restricted to 30,000 ft based on the range of shoulder-fired surface to air missiles. But the Buk has an effective killing range of 70,000 ft.

            1. The successful Stinger shoulder fired SAM has an effective range of only 12,000 ft.

              1. But Russians are involved in the conflict.

                And Russia / previously Soviet is a military superpower.

                If we’re going on assumptions, then maybe one can assume that the Moro guerrillas do not possess weapons that are sophisticated enough to take down a big plane.

                But isn’t it winging on a prayer to assume that Russian rebels don’t have big guns? Of all the people in the world, the ones with the biggest guns are the Americans and the Russians.

                    1. I don’t know. But this is interesting, what do you think?

                      Official languages Ukrainian
                      Recognised regional languages
                      18 languages[1][hide]

                      Crimean Tatar

                      Ethnic groups (2001[2])

                      77.8% Ukrainians
                      17.3% Russians
                      4.9% others/unspecified


                    2. Fair enough. But how about the balance 61.8%? Still a big number to be ignored altogether.

                      Anyway the correct way of saying it would be perhaps pro Russia rebels instead of Russian rebels. don’t you think?

                  1. Still, it does not deny the fact that these are Ukrainians.

                    ‘Russia blasts US for blaming Malaysian plane crash on pro-Russians in Ukraine’


                    1. So, are the products of SRJK(C) Chinese [=Russians in Donetsk] or are they Malaysians [=Ukrainians]?

                      Malaysian Chinese = Ukrainian Russian?

                      Chinese Malaysian = Russian Ukrainian?

                    2. Even if LKS decided to side with Singapore should both neighbours go to war with one another, he is still a pro Singapore Malaysian rebel and not Singaporean.

      3. Before shooting off your mouth, go read the reports in the Singapore papers on MH17.

        They are more substantive than the “instant aviation experts” that pop up like toadstools after a rain storm.

  2. When driving under an overpass once my children as little school girls said to me “daddy do you realize that driving under a bridge like this is good luck?”. I replied “No I did not know that?” then asked “Why is it so?” and they responded in unison “because if the bridge falls on you it is considered bad luck.”

    Same logic.

    1. grkumar. My father did not tell me not to drive without a drivinig licence. However, we do drive with commonsense, abillity to think out of the Box and with compassion. We cannot expect our parents to be at our side always and follow RULES strictly to the latter. This is the difference between men, women and mice leaders of HUMANKIND. There is no such thing as a free lunch in the wider, wilder World of crooks and robbers !

  3. The intent of the statement and some other statements that I have seen seems to make the public perceive that SQ did not use that route before the incident. What a bunch of liars. SQ351 was only 25km away from MH17.

    In fact SQ uses the route MORE frequently than MH or to be precise, SQ is the carrier who makes most use of that route.

    1. The height which the 777 can fly (or service ceiling) is 36,000 feet as is the case with most commercial aircraft. Beyond that they would need oxygen masks and the pressure is not something the aircraft airframes are able to tolerate. An exception are fighter jets and the Concorde because of their construction.

      The fact here is that the aircraft crashed.

      In earlier media footage of the crash site there was a shot of the wreckage on the ground with a hole in its side showing what appeared to be the entry point of a projectile (because the perforated metal skin at the edges was bent inwards (evidence the projectile entered the aircraft as opposed to a bomb or or other explosive device detonating inside the aircraft which would show the same perforation of the metal skin of the fuselage pointing outwards).

      If it were a BUK as they refer to the radar guided surface to air missile they say brought MH17 down the warhead on that missile would not have actually hit the plane directly.

      The warheads of these missiles are designed to blast outside very close to the target aircraft (sending shrapnel into the aircraft at various points).

      Their main method of damage is through the intense shock waves which would cause a fuel explosion, rupture of the skin and the fuel tanks and disable the electronic and hydraulic components of the aircraft causing a fuel tank explosion sending it into a fireball in the air disintegrating and falling in bits and pieces to the ground.

      Of course with many Soviet era fighter jets they break in two or three pieces (the engine consisting of about half the aircraft’s mass, then the rest of the fuselage and the pilots capsule or in other bits and pieces).

      Whats interesting is that the footage from the Rebels and from the western media show a huge fireball when the plane hits the field. It may have been hit by a missile but what type of missile no one wants to admit to.

      If the plane was hit by an air to air missile it would have disable the engine and entered the aircraft (hence the rupture showing evidence of an inward bound projectile which in my view supports the Spanish Traffic Controller who worked at Kiev who says he observed two Ukrainian jets shadowing the MH 17 aircraft before the crash.

  4. 35k feet is declared safe. i believe the authorities must have signed some kind of agreement with the separatists/terrorists. so, the agreement had been violated….saman them?

  5. The story about the Spanish Air traffic controllers account by Geoff Weinstein appears in page 3 of the Australian Financial Review 19 July 2014.

    We attempted at our blog to make contact with the Tower in Kiev. We tried through the Ukrainian embassy in Canberra which is being monitored by ASIO and we received a request for all sorts of personal information and were then told we could not interview anyone who works in the Kiev Air traffic control tower.

    We asked “the Day” and Kiev Post” by telephone and were given an extensive amount of propaganda with no insights or offers of assistance to interview any of the Air traffic controllers.

    With the Russians at least thee was no pretence. “We do not give interviews by telephone”. “All of our air traffic is in the hands of air traffic controllers and at this time we do not see the need. Perhaps you must come to Russia and get permission from the ministry of aviation and security and we do not talk about this event it is Ukraine responsibility you must ask them”…….or it was in any event along those lines.

    It is indeed sad that the PM having lost his grandmother (even though not biologically related) maintains his dignity in the face of the bellicose rhetoric coming from the Australians especially as if they are about to invade Russia.

    God help us all whilst they massacre civilians in the Gaza.

    1. ‘God help us all whilst they massacre civilians in the Gaza.’

      Indeed. As of today, the Palestinian death toll tops 350 since July 8. Mostly children.


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