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MP’s wife: Malaysia “what kind of rotten country” … oops “Sorry! Let’s pray for MH17!”

Continues to ‘Will they be praying to Allah for MH17 in Jerusubang on Wed.?

Yuki Tan is wife to DAP Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik who is former political secretary to Lim Guan Eng.

Responding to the MH17 crash, Yuki wrote in her Facebook, “What kind of rotten country is this place!” (see screenshot below).


Reported in PisauNet

Three things:

(1) What Yuki griped is par for the course among Malaysian Chinese. Her remark is nothing at all out of the ordinary except that in her case, it got highlighted due to her status as Mrs Ng Wei Aik.

(2) Her apology following the pressure of a public outcry is again nothing extraordinary.

(3) What’s noteworthy about this storm in the teacup (legally a minor affair because it’s not that she can be slapped with any criminal charges, okay) is her call to “Let’s pray for MH17!” as the icing atop her apology.

Begging for forgiveness {{my sarcasm}}, Yuki pleaded for the sake of salvaging the DAP’s political posturing:

“It is not my intention to hurt the feeling of a lot of Malaysians… Sorry! Let’s pray for MH17!” (see screenshot below)

As I’ve mentioned before, the DAP evangelistas have made praying their cheap political ploy and a public spectacle.

Yuki Tan apologize

Do you believe in Kit Siang’s sincerity?

Kepala gunting Wong Chun Wai wrote in his J-Star column today headlined ‘Let’ stand together, Malaysia‘ that “[i]t has been very decent for DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang to urge Malaysians to rally behind Najib as we grapple with this sadness”.

Kit Siang is the 1969 ISA relic who has repeatedly called ministers in Najib Razak and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s cabinets “half-past-six“. His son called Umno “racist”, “extremist” and “violent”.

Guan Eng also consistently badmouths Malaysia whenever he is overseas.

If the grandpapa and papa (DAP’s Lim dynasty) crab walk like that, do you expect the baby crabs (DAP supporters) to walk straight?

Of course not. Last week there was the reporter Mark Tan who called Malaysia a “tiga suku nation” led by a PM with a “half-baked notion” of unity — see screenshot below.

The Ant Daily - Half Baked

So much contempt, so much hatred

Think! Carefully and deeply, ya.

When Yuki Tan vented, “[Malaysia is a] rotten country”, she’s merely exposing the surface level of Chinese discontent and resentment. Benda ni semua orang pun tahu dah lama dah.

What’s beneath the surface, you reckon? We’re talking gunting dalam lipatan territory here.

Please look at the front page (scan above) of the pro-DAP paper. The banner headline screams: “3 reasons why Liow must go, too”.

The three reasons are:

(1) He is weak
(2) He is indecisive
(3) He is not a fighter

As fate would have it, Liow Tiong Lai was successful in his bid for the MCA presidency and the J-Star acting group editor at the time (when the cover below saw print) has been – quite understandably – put in cold storage.

But still, the dripping contempt shown by the evangelista editor for Liow who was then the outgoing MCA deputy president is truly acidic.

BELOW: Disdain showered by The J-Star on Liow Tiong Lai


Double faced fakers

How long can the DAP evangelista playacting, their lovey-dovey ‘Unity’ pretense, be kept up? Our “What kind of people are they?” question is the litmus test.

What kind of people can be so cavalier about pawning the name of their god for political gain? Are they even sure what the name of their God really is?

These greedy people want to grab everything. They want ‘Allah’; they want ‘Bangsa Malaysia’, they want ‘Negaraku’, they want #PrayforMH17, and what else?

The following joke was created by Akramshah Sanusi during the Utusan flap: “Apa lagi Cina mahu?”

Reply: “Apa lagi lu ada?”

And now on the one hand, they are slagging Malaysia in the social media over MH17, and on the other hand, their Christian leadership is gushing condolences and unity prayers.

MH17 was shot down in Ukrainian airspace but Yuki Tan aka Mrs Ng Wei Aik-DAP fulminated that Malaysia is scary [in the sense of Sabah kidnapping scary]. And when she is rebuked for griping about our country’s rottenness, she switches tack and invites all to “Let’s pray for MH17!”


Their capacity for hypocrisy is astounding 

Do you really think they (evangelistas who are quick to label BN supporters as “haters”) want to say something nice from their heart?

Anas Zubedy is a member of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC). He runs the #SaySomethingNice social media campaign. He’s the fella who advertises the full pages unity messages on National Day in The J-Star as well as conceived the ‘Let’s recolour May 13’ reconciliation theme.

On Thursday (17 July 2014), Anas blogged ‘Join us to #AdvertSomethingNice‘. It’s been more than three days since he uploaded his unity message and thus far, not a single netizen in blogosphere has anything nice to convey to each other via his blog platform.

BELOW: “No comments yet” — screenshot of Anas’ feedback box taken an hour ago

Opportunist and profit-oriented, is it?

Kiki Kamaruddin – the steering lock road rager – recently gained instant notoriety for bullying 68-year-old Uncle Sim.

Since Anas is talking about “nice” and all, it doesn’t seem as if Kiki is a N-I-C-E person, does it? Anyhow, Kiki was roundly abused by all the Chinese commenters in the social media for the viral video clip that caught on film her fiery chilli temper.

But get this. The radio stations – four of them – had Kiki appearing on their programmes where she was treated like an instant celebrity ala Alvivi.

So what made the Mandarin radio station embrace a road bully who had waved a potentially lethal weapon at a Chinese senior citizen? Is their behaviour similar to the DAP that sells sex (“awek cun”) and The J-Star that sells anything animate or inanimate, including Pork Ribs mis-identified as a Ramadan Delight?


“Let’s pray for MH17!”

To return to our main topic, MH17. Some patriots are upset with their fellow Malaysians who fail to show proper mourning for the 298 dead passengers and refuse to stand behind Najib/the government at this dark hour.

Perhaps there is an opening to berate the un’patriots’ if they let slip their mask like Yuki Tan did and reveal their true colours.

Ng Wei Aik, DAP Member of Parliament

Nonetheless, the masked feelings of hate will not simply go away just because there is the Patriot Police patrolling cyberspace. It remains there simmering. If it’s not MH17, then it’s MH370. And if it’s not MH370, then it’s the Thomas Cup. Or any other national event/catastrophe where one’s loyalty to king and country is supposed to be displayed.

The negative comments about MH17 are almost unanimous among the opposition camp followers, regardless of what gloss the DAP evangelista slick politicians and their sneaky media can apply over cracks.

Personally speaking, I’d rather put up with an honest bluntness than saccharine disingenuity. Do you figure that Ng Wei Aik actually heeded his wife’s plea for a prayer for MH17?


Cadangan untuk blogger Umno buat boikot dan ‘divestment’


BELOW: Chinese radio deejays selfie with Kiki

Kiki turns from road bully to radio star

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24 thoughts on “MP’s wife: Malaysia “what kind of rotten country” … oops “Sorry! Let’s pray for MH17!”

  1. Which is it? She let slip her true feeling and is sorry or someone else did it? Can’t be both.

  2. Helen,

    Listen everybody, if you feel this country is rotten, please migrate to some where you feel comfortable.

    This country don’t need people who don’t appreciate what had been given to you.

    1. Did you know that Yuki Tan and Ng Wei Aik had tried to register their child as “Anak Malaysia”?


  3. Kesian orang Melayu yg telah menyerahkan hampir 70% harta nenek moyang kepada Cina, lepas tu menerima tamparan sebagai “rotten country”. Melayu tidak selfish tetapi Melayu sangat tak suka perangai Cina2 yg telah diberi peluang hidup bersama di Tanah Melayu (Malaysia ini) tetapi buat negara ini huru hara.

    MCA dan Gerakan juga tidak banyak membantu perpaduan kaum dan integrasi nasional. Sikap buruk Cina2 ini menambahkan lagi kebencian Melayu dan akan melebarkan lagi perpecahan kaum dan teras negara Malaysia.

    Negara tercinta ini akan terus dihancurkan oleh Cina2 kiasu begini dengan dokongan Melayu liberal yg menolak kewujudan ALLAH.

    Cina macammana lagi yg Melayu boleh percaya?

    1. re: “Cina macammana lagi yg Melayu boleh percaya?”

      Tu lah saya kata. Sokongan Cina totok bagi kepimpinan DAP akan membawa musibah di penghujung jalan gara-gara kerakusan puak evangelista yang tiada batas.

    2. ‘MCA dan Gerakan juga tidak banyak membantu perpaduan kaum dan integrasi nasional.’

      Malah memburukkan lagi keadaan. Apa lagi Cina mahu?

    3. “Cina macammana lagi yg Melayu boleh percaya?”

      Cina Muslim macam Ridhuan Tee, Ustaz Hussen Yee, Felixia Yeap, dan ramai lagi yang baik-baik seperti Lee Lam Thye, Khoo Kay Kim, Teo Kok Seong. Masih ada harapan (walaupun tinggal seciput sahaja lagi).

  4. Did you realise all the bad arses all got the “I” vowel at the end of their names?
    Kiki, Yuki, Namewee (I sound), Alvivi.
    It is all about I!

    1. Yuki’s 5 minutes of ‘fame’ is a matter of timing, isn’t it? If she’d said the same thing last week before the MH17 crash, it wouldn’t have raised so many eyebrows.

      Imagine what Hannah Yeoh said about Malaysia when she was trying to apply for Australian PR.

  5. rotten country eh? why are you and your gangster-mp-hubby still in malaysia? (di malaysia saja la depa boleh hidup tapi tak mahu mengaku). the so-called ‘rotten country’ is due to this kind of people around. i have only two words for them – GILA KUASA. antara sifat2 buruk cina ialah bila sendiri bikin, bukan saja tak mengaku bahkan tuduh orang lain punya angkara.

    Helen, sila cerita sikit mengapa & bagaimana tahun pertama kalendar cina dimulai dengan tikus bukannya lembu? i don’t mean to hurt anybody’s feeling whatsoever. cheers!

    1. If they succeed in migrating to Tasmania, say, it is on their own terms and their own volition. Hence they will acquire bragging rights to trumpet that they have been accepted by a First World country which values their “talent”.

      Akan tetapi jika mereka dihalau konon, pastilah jiwa memberontak kerana telah diugut dan terpaksa menanggung malu pula.


      1. Apa mau heran, itu komen dari golongan yang rasa mereka tertindas. Semua tak kena bila nak komen pasal Malaysia seolah2 bukan negara sendiri.

  6. Depa ni actually sakit, sakit otak. Depa betui betui kecewa, depa ingat negeri ni dah depa punya, aleh aleh kalah. Tu yang buat depa sakit hati sanggat tu. Mau dok suruh depa pi terjun lautlah, baru cantek. Depa ingat orang Melayu bodoh, sungguh pun ada yang benggong.

      1. Meluat nampak sikap pakcik makcik ni.. kebodohan level 200.. takkan le tak tau HY tu lidah bercabang berbelit? [deleted]

  7. Yuki is not stupid. She is a graduate of Universiti Malaya
    She is a “Professinal Real Estate & property Negotiator”

    A real professinal.

    Her English is so good. Queen’s English. Perhaps we all misunderstood her. I think it is the horrible state of Malaysian English language in which she was commenting.
    See her posting on 9 June.
    急聘高楼管理书记, 全职或兼职, 至少高中毕业。工作勤恳, 诚实, 负责任, 守时最佳。有兴趣者, 敬请联络0194447811或电邮履历至。
    Vacancy for Building Supervisor / Clerk:
    Male / Female
    Part time / Fulltime
    At least SPM Qualification
    Working on Time
    Fullfill the above criteria, will be given priority.
    House Wife or Retired Men welcome to apply.
    For who interested to join us, pls send your CV to —

    When we work with Yuki, we must work on time. The wives of a house is encouraged to apply. However women who have retired are not welcomed.
    Remember if you “Fullfill the above criteria”, you will certainly get special treatment by Yuki.

    Anyway, please forgive her as she has apologized to the people who are the same race as her daughter.

    I would like to apologize over my personal statement describing Malaysia following the unfortunate incident of MH17. It is not my intention to hurt the feeling of a lot of Malaysians… Sorry! Let’s pray for MH17! (18 July)

    Islam 1st, you must call Yuki and find out who her English teacher was. We should all learn Queen’s English.

  8. who is this bastard yuki tan???………..ooopsss……sorry, let’s eat roti canai together yeh….

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