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DAP Lalaland

Lala is trained as a nurse

Syefura Othman, DAP’s new “awek cun” recruit, goes by the nickname Rara.

However Rara, who has signed up as a life member in the Chinese Christian party, may find that a good number of her DAP comrades are unable to pronounce the double “R”s in her name. The greater likelihood is that she will just end up being called Lala.

In an exclusive interview yesterday with TMI headlined ‘DAP bukan parti Cina, peluang lebih cerah, kata Rara‘, Lala said that she never saw the DAP as a Chinese party. Instead, according to her, the party adopts an open policy to all races.

Well pretty she may be but still, Lala appears to be pretty much shortsighted as well. The young woman needs glasses.

Urm, DAP not a Chinese party, she says?

Take a look at their 2014 National Leadership.


For a closer look, I’ve broken up the group photo of the DAP retreat into five segments to magnify.

DAP1Segment One looks all Chinese to me.

DAP2Okay, Segment Two has one Indian woman.

Segment Three the middle portion is dominated by The Father & The Son whose halo is so bright that we’re blinded to the rest of the people surrounding them

DAP4Finally, in segment Four, there’s Gobind and a few Indian faces dotting the back rows plus Hannah Yeoh whose older daughter is not Indian


Segment Five features Sivakumar (the darker Indian) sitting beside Ramasamy (the fairer Indian) but where did all the Malays go? Can anyone spot Dyana Sofya anywhere?

DAP is not a Chinese party!

DAP is not a Chinese party!


a Chinese party I tell ya

Lala revealed that even though her mother is PAS, the Islamist party is nonetheless too conservative and Malay-centric for her liking.

The 25-year-old Perakian, who has a diploma in nursing, said that in order to enhance her political training, she will be enrolling in the DAP School of Democracy next month. It is to prepare her to contest as an Adun, at the very least, in the next general election.

Although Lala has insisted that DAP is not a Chinese set-up, regardless, she is considering to take Mandarin classes to bring herself closer to the party.

Okay, DAP is not Chinese but the Malay newbie needs to learn to speak Mandarin. What a cloud cuckoo land Lala has flown herself to.

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48 thoughts on “DAP Lalaland

  1. Rara is rare in this breed of Chinese cantau wanted to take mandrin classes compared to his mother pas member not allied to take Arabic which most Malays fond of because if she did so she will pull out all pas members to join DAP alas what she willingfuly be a Ketua Muslimah for Dap

  2. Lala is colour blind and brainless. Or probably she wants to be a wakil rakyat just like Anwar’s daughter and be a celebrity.

    But Dap is only using her Malayness just like PAP to gain power. What a stupid Malay she is. There is a Malay saying HABIS MANIS SEPAH DIBUANG.

  3. HA
    “Lala appears to be pretty much shortsighted as well. The young woman needs glasses.”

    Lala sedap dibuat sambal atau dikukus dengan rencah rencah terpilih. Jadi kita faham lah….kena makan jer budak Lala tu…truly short-sighted.. :)

  4. DAP should change to Chinese Aksi Party – CAP and since they are some indians should put And The Indians. So now lets called the best party – CAPATI. which means Janji Di Capati. even the Guan Eng’s Office building is full of shit.

    CAPATI satu!

  5. ……enrolling in the DAP School of Democracy next month,

    Baru nak masuk belajar dah berangan jadi Adun?


    1. Or even MP. But “at the very least”, an Adun.

      Click the TMI “exclusive interview” link to read, Rina. It appears that DAP dangled the Adun/MP carrot in front of Lala who seems convinced it’s a sure thing.

      Aspan Alias is politically astute and certainly more mature than Lala but DAP didn’t offer him any seat to contest in GE13.

      DAP has no room for independent-thinking Malays. They only want photogenic but pliant, nubile women who are good for selfies with the fanatical, brainwashed Chinese masses.

      1. ‘DAP has no room for independent-thinking Malays.’

        Perhaps they have learnt their lesson from their biggest catch ever!

        ‘Bekas Naib Pengerusi DAP, Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim mendakwa akan terus mendedahkan semua rancangan DAP yang didakwanya bertujuan untuk merosakkan negara kepada umum.

        Sebagai seorang anak Melayu tegasnya, beliau tidak pernah menjual ‘rohnya’ kepada DAP dan menjadi tugasnya untuk mempertahankan keamanan negara dari pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

      2. I was afraid that what I said before about Young Malaysian Muslim joining DAP as a opportunity to make big money, not many other profession could offer is wrong.

        Now one of potential candidate has spoken. I am sad that in this case I was right. Let see if other Young Malaysian Muslim can make this case exception rather than a norm.

        1. Not just young Malaysian Muslims or Malays.

          Ever since 2008 when DAP tasted power, it has attracted the very worst opportunist and unscrupulous carpetbaggers of all races.

          1. While the Cina totok and the Indian estet are being told to carry the buckets for them.

            1. Free country. They do it out of their own free will malah dengan penuh taksub sekali.

      3. …and single.

        Seemingly the young, single and pretty Malays are offered “jobs” by DAP. They can’t find jobs in UMNO. UMNO is for the older Malays.

        Can’t blame them.

    2. What? DAP has its own ‘School of Democracy’? Wahhhhhhhh, so gempak want to pengsan lor! How many DAP members are alumni of this ‘School of Democracy’? Judging by the stellar competency of DAP leaders, I hope Rara will take some important courses at that ‘school’.

      Taking Bahasa Melayu is a must, otherwise if (IF not WHEN) she becomes an Adun, she won’t say something like ‘soalan mulut’ in DUN sittings. Then don’t forget to take Microsoft Excel for Dappies, otherwise there’ll be wrong calculations during ‘democratic’ CEC elections.

      p.s. this Rara physically resembles that Kiki the Warrior lah! Look what you did to my non-chinese party!!! You pay me now, pay me 2 billion!! Hahahahahahah!!

    1. it’s hard to find a job as a nurse nowadays. Luckily DAP offer her to become salesgirl. No need your brain, because it is very dangerous for DAP to accept someone like Tunku Aziz. DAP really learn from their mistake.

      DAP only need her look to attract Malays to vote for them. DAP really think Malay’s are that stupid.

      Well at least, she can be ADUN or MP, even only as a puppet..

  6. Kalau aku DAP pun.. memang inilah strategi aku.. guna golongan muda lelaki dan wanita.. beri peluang kepada mereka.. golongan ni adalah pengundi terbesar.. tang si rara tu sebenarnya rara ni taklah lawa mana pun.. byk lagi lawa dlm puteri UMNO tu.. bukan setakat lawa.. malah bijak dan berpendidikan tinggi.

    tapi sayang walau tak semua tapi majoriti orang lelaki dlm UMNO tu pulak byk yg tak nak bagi peluang kat ahli puteri.. msih kental dgn mentaliti lapok.. yg kononnya lelaki adalah ahli politik yg lebih baik.. asyik2x muke lelaki pertengahan usia atau lelaki perasan remaja mcm KJ tu… buat keje tak lah bagus sgt.. pentingkan poket sendiri.. mcm manalah UMNO nak pikat golongan muda mcm ni? muda nak kan peluang.. tpi tulah asyik muke2x tua tu jugak.. tulah org ckp UMNO nanti parti org tua..

    UMNO harus lebih seimbang dlm demografik keahliannya.. skrg ni komposisi barisan kepimpinan lebih dominan lelaki golongan veteren dan pertengahan usia berbanding org muda.. memang tak seimbang.. ape guna ahli puteri dan pemuda yg betul2x muda(psl dlm pemuda ade jugak yg dah xboleh dipanggil pemuda masih nak megaku muda).

    Biar golongan veteren yg benar2x berpotensi je ada dlm parti.. tak payahlah byk sgt veteren mcm shahidan kasim tu.. muaklah.. tu dlm KOAM dulu pun ape je sumbangan dia.. sukan olahraga mcm tu jugak.. biar org veteren yg boleh membentuk mentaliti setia parti kepada golongn muda mcm Dr M.. memang nampak aura dia.. komposisi parti harus diisi dgn lebih byk calon muda..

    1. “Lelaki perasan remaja mcm KJ tu” pun tak nak bagi peluang kat ahli Puteri tapi lebih suka pilih Regina ‘Scissorati’ Lee.

      1. Regina is in a different league Helen. I m sure you are well aware of the fact that Malay hot shots like KJ have a preference for women like Regina.

  7. ‘DAP School of Democracy’

    Wtf is that?

    Tersilap eja tu…should be School of Hypocrisy.

    Btw, those two apu-neh-neh look sooo out of place lah.

    Dei tambis…go bleach your skin or something la… you look like goat droppings on a Bersih banner.

    As for that Lala… is it just me or does she look a bit Mamakish?

    Good lah…Mamak + Chainis = Machai.

    1. No, she’s definitely not mamak. Don’t you know Dap highly allergic to mamak, which sometimes even surpass their allergy to Malays.

  8. aunty hel
    i want to join umno what are the criteria and how do i go about it?
    you should give it some thoughts too because you seem like you are begging
    is it true they are ethnocentric?
    well, no harm in trying, no?

  9. Hmm…..

    she must have seen an opening for her. The quota system…oops. I don’t blame her for joining the developers’ party though. She’s a smart gal, some might say opportunistic but hey, there’s an opening for Malays of her generation. In Chinese speak, she’s a flower vase. Just being there to impress the naive and the gullible. And there are many.

    I doubt she can go far. Put her in a Chinese dominant constituency and see how she fares. More than anything, like the previous big catch, a certain Dyana, she’s going to end up working the circus, just like Dyana is doing now. Once she’s worthless to the developers party, she is going to…… know what I mean.

    Don’t free guys. She’s not the first, and for certain she won’t be the last either. After all, most people crave fame, and in the context of the current political scene, what better way to have a taste of 15 minutes of fame than to join THAT party.

  10. Kesian Dyana, so fast dimadukan, just because kalah.

    Now tada guna suami DAP choose pompuan pakai tudung. If she, too, proves to be useless, what’s next?

    Someone in niqab? And if that too failure, burqa? Then cannot promote as awek cun lah!

    These two silly girls so easily swayed by the serpent’s sweet talk of promises. Wonder if there’s going to be jealous fallout between the two a la Drama Minggu Ini?

    1. Re Someone in niqab? And if that too failure, burqa? Then cannot promote as awek cun lah!

      You never know. These people are biawaks. They will do anything.

  11. ChedeTDM … what he said back then still relevant even today.

    However, those back then have evolved to absorbed religion as well (DAP3.0 as Helen coined it).

    I think RPK advice for PR to play 3R game with BN has backfired. I don’t think he expect certain quarters to be as aggressive as what we seesaw (and who knows what kind of aggressiveness lies in their heart) today.

    1. re: “I don’t think he expect certain quarters to be as aggressive as what we see … today”

      He might have been under the misassumption that they are a peace-loving lot, meek and mild who love their neighbours and even their enemies and are ever willing to turn the other cheek.

  12. “….a good number of her DAP comrades are unable to pronounce the double “R”s in her name. The greater likelihood is that she will just end up being called Lala.”

    Good one! Had me chuckling to myself!

  13. Inilah untungnya Dap bila buat tahaluf siyasi dgn Pas. Mengapa melayu tak mahu join Pas atau Pkr sebaliknya pilih Dap?

    1. Pas too kolot. PKR too dynastic. Mana ada chance nak climb the career ladder kalau join Pas dan PKR?

      DAP lain cerita. Mereka perlu Melayu macam cik lala sebab kena fulfill quota. Takut tak cukup adun dan MP Melayu bila menang PRU nak bentuk kerajaan so sekarang ni cari calon calon Melayu.

      Saya rasa tak susah nak cari calon calon Melayu sebab sekarang ni memang ada banyak opportunists.

  14. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Some Dapsters think like being a politician is like being an actor or actress; and their voters seems to like the idea.

    So it is like in a movie where these people only can read the script given and act. It will be sad if we have these kinds of politicians. How can they lead and solve problems? Blaming UMNO only satisfy their voters but could not solve any problem.

    Is this the quality that we want from our leaders?

    1. re: “Some Dapsters think like being a politician is like being an actor or actress”

      Yup. Dyana Sofya is a good actress – yes, no, maybe, aiyah dunno lah whether my mom in Perkasa or not – while Lala is pretty, as most actresses are.

      re: “So it is like in a movie where these people only can read the script given and act.”

      Dyana can flutter her eyelashes. See video, 0:12-0:24

      Uncle Kit can bankroll the production and Tony Pua direct. Oh wait! They did, in Teluk Intan.

      re: “It will be sad if we have these kinds of politicians.”

      You’re only 11 years old. You can’t vote yet. As long as the DAP voters are happy…

      re: “How can they lead and solve problems? Blaming UMNO only satisfy their voters but could not solve any problem.”

      Blaming Umno is Rule No.1 in DAP politics. Rule No.2 is pretend the problem does not exist. Rule No.3 is that if a critic points out the problem that you can’t solve, shoot him.

      re: “Is this the quality that we want from our leaders?”

      It is the quality that Dapsters want from their leaders. Do you recall the commenter here called ‘Dandy’ who insisted that a politician’s job – he was referring to Hannah Yeoh – is to “gain publicity and get the glamour”?

      The Dapsters get the evangelista leaders they deserve. Willing buyer, willing seller.

      1. Dear Aunty Helen,

        They pick people like Dyana and Lala because DAP can easily use these kind of people. It is sad that 11 years old kids can’t vote yet because who knows if kids can see understand things better than grown up DAPster.

        Maybe Dapsters watch too much dramas and movies :)

        1. Sabar separuh daripada iman. Wait 10 years, then you can vote.

          The grown-up Dapster is blinded by hate. That’s why he cannot see what you can.

  15. adalah 2 , 3 ekor lalat masuk DAP biasalah… DAP tentulah buat gempaq buat gambaran dah berjaya tarik melayu… awek tak bertudung masuk DAP, awek bertudung masuk DAP ..wah hebat.. tapi mat-mat yang jantan tak nampak pulak masuk DAP.

    nanti dia usunglah awek ni ke sana ke mari…… ha ha JAIS tolong tenguk sikit ye dengan siapa awek bertudung ni balik rumah tengah malam selepas menyalak di pentas DAP….

  16. Whatever you think of them, you got to agree that DAP is the most savvy political party in Malaysia when it comes to marketing. They know that putting some pretty twenty-something bird brain Malay girls would attract plenty of attention.

    While other parties look at candidates track records, length of being party members, contributions to party and country, oratorial and language skills, IQ, etc, all DAP is concerned is that the candidate must be awek cun.

    You can bet that if DAP fields an awek cun and BN nominates Rafidah Aziz, your typical Ah Beng next door will vote for awek cun 10 out of 10 times.

    1. Right you are! And because they are savvy, they know just how shallow (and naive) the average Malaysian voters are…..*sigh*

  17. Well just like the ‘beer’ promoters, or in Chinese big restaurants. Even captains are usually thigh-slit mini skirt ladies who tend to their customers’ needs.

    Karaoke lounges, rumah urut or prostitution dens, they use women to bring in money. Playboy magazine, imagine having bunny boys wriggling their tails.. Or men performing belly dances?

    Proven over centuries a lot of business/acts succeeded by using ‘women’ so now why not apply same tactics for politics?

    Just hope next GE they don’t come up with more explosive ideas like offering ‘free beers’ and ‘free girls’ if you vote for them? Perhaps use pyramid system, recruit more members the more benefit you get. Today, anything is possible.

  18. No matter what is opinion, it is a gain to DAP and Malaysia.

    DAP a Chinese party?? Why there are also many non Chinese members and leaders in DAP? It is actually a multiracial party with majority of Chinese.

    Unlike MCA, MIC, PAS and UMNO, they are either Chinese, Indian or Malay party!

  19. saya yakin beliau mempunyai idea besar untuk memajukan negara ini bersama pemimpin muda yang lain. beri beliau 5 tahun, lihat prestasi dan keberhasilannya. Allah swt tidak memandang rupa paras seseorang itu tetapi hatinya, taqwa letaknya di sini.. Janganlah kerana paras rupanya dihalang untuk beliau menyumbang terhadap agama, negara dan umat sejagat. wassalam.

    1. Iman?? Takwa?? Takkan le bengap sangat minah ni sampai tak nampak DAP ada lah evangelis yg giat mendakwah kepada org melayu..?? Nak menyumbang apa pada agama islam kalau dah masuk sarang evangelis??

      Maaf cakap.. sangat menimbulkan kekeliruan dan memikir pelbagai kemungkinan.. at the very least.. ask her to mengucap kalau masih boleh…. dikhuatiri akidah dah menyeleweng sampai tak nampak DAP perjuangkan agama kristian..

  20. di singapore jika semua melayu masuk PAP, PAP kekal chinese party.

    di malaysia jika 10% penduduk melayu masuk DAP, DAP boleh bertukar jadi parti melayu.

    yang pasti keadaan ini tak mungkin peminpin DAP benarkan ia berlaku.

    Dap hanya memerlukan Melayu yang boleh dijadikan perhiasan dan boleh tunduk mendengar kata mereka sahaja.

    yang pasti keadaan ini menjadikan melayu yang masuk DAP pasti tidak akan berpuashati akhirnya.kehendak-kehendak DAP sebenarnya berbeza dengan kehendak orang-orang melayu.

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