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It’s confirmed — PKR wants Azizah as Selangor MB

Not everyone has his mind on MH17 despite the standard lines such as “praying God’s comfort over the families” which are trotted out for the consumption of the politically correct.

The head honchos of PKR, obviously, have had their mind focused on other more pressing matters pertinent to the party’s survival.

Anwar Ibrahim called a post-midnight press conference in the early hours of this morning to announce his wife as the Kajang Move stand-in. See, ‘PKR nominates Dr Wan Azizah to replace Khalid as MB‘ (Yahoo! News).


Punters bet like crazy on MH17 numbers

What this goes to show is that politics never stops.

Not that I’m saying I want BN to be like PKR or DAP with their round-the-clock political feeding frenzy but the pro-establishment crowd, even while striving to be more decent than the opposition, must be aware (“know your enemy” – Art of War) regardless of electing not to tread the same path of politicking 24/7.

Equally, you must realise that other people have different sets of behaviour and plunging into mourning when a plane crashes was not necessarily the first thing on everybody’s mind.

Some Malaysians who like gambling reacted to news of MH17 by rushing to the 4-Ekor, Toto and Magnum shops to place their bets on the ‘lucky’ numbers which they believe could bring them cash winnings. See headline below.

Flight MH17- Betting shops sell out

More than three-quarters of Chinese angry at gomen

Don’t you think it’s a waste of breath calling for the naysayers to stand behind the PM and his administration in a show of unity for the MAS aeroplane?

It certainly appears that the appeal has fallen on deaf ears. This is because the people called upon to unite really, really hate the government.

And that’s why instead of showing statesmanship, Lim Guan Eng baited the Deputy Prime Minister to go to Moscow while his DAP subordinates have also been issuing challenging statements with regard to MH17 that are in reality backhanded slaps against the BN.

A total of 77 percent Chinese are “dissatisfied/angry” with the government, according to the Merdeka Center public opinion survey conducted in mid-March 2014 — see bar chart below.’

Seriously, can anyone suggest any single event that can make the Chinese stop hating the government just for a day?

march 2014 poll report.pdf Govt
Perception towards the government

DAP today being led by Christian evangelists

Not only are the Chinese dissatisfied and angry with the government people tasked with handling the plane crash issue, they think people from their own race can do a better job.

For example, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng believes that if his DAP colleagues were given control of the air force and the navy, they would be able to locate the missing MH370 in a jiffy.

The suggestion by YB Lim – a Christian evangelista – is not logical because there are so very few Chinese officers in the air force and navy (see pie chart below).


So if the Chinese are not even in the middle ranks of the military to begin with, how can they ever hope to produce those brilliant Chinese navy admirals and Chinese air force generals able to take charge of the search and rescue?

There’s no logic at all to Lim Lip Eng’s chest thumping (see news report below) but the oppo supporters who are drunk on holy water will swallow anything. Sheeple are convinced that a DAP government will be able to handle the MH17 diplomatic crisis better than an Umno-led government.

How to make Chinese less angry at the gomen?

If the DAP is enthroned in Putrajaya, then the 77 percent Chinese won’t be so angry anymore at the gomen.

One cannot reason with religious fanatics. DAP is the other side of the coin to PAS (Kedah Youth) which has said that MH17 was shot down because Allah was angry that the airline served liquor and its stewardesses wear such body-hugging uniforms.

In the Pakatan unholy matrimony, you get a double dose of religiosity. Strange bedfellows PAS and DAP are sleeping together because both are religious zealots.

Among the oppositionists, there are those who say the twin tragedies occurred because God is angry with Umno for seizing the Bibles (sic) as well as not allowing Christians to use the ‘Allah’ word.

These Chinese Christians claim Malaysia is cursed because Umno is wicked and evil. That is why Mrs Ng Wei Aik’s outburst about Malaysia being a “rotten country” should surprise no one.

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79 thoughts on “It’s confirmed — PKR wants Azizah as Selangor MB

  1. so much cries of cronyisme, nepotisme and all those corrupt vocabulary thrown by PR towards the government of the day. yet, there are the one who practiced it wholeheartedly.

    I see this appointment as part of gimmick only to capture female votes. the PR will trumpet that they make history of appointing a woman as the first ever MB. they’ve did it with tembam as the speaker, they will repeat it again for makcik kipas. not to mention dyana and rara for female youth segment.

    don’t we see the trend here? pkr and dap knows that bn votes especially umno mainly comes from female, judging from the workrate of wanita umno compared to the lethargic pemuda umno led by syok sendiri ketua pemuda.

    1. BN reps are mostly old men. The most recent BN MP, i.e. Teluk Intan’s Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong ain’t a spring chicken either.

      Only two women ministers, Rohani Karim and Nancy Shukri, dan Nancy tu pun bukanorang semenanjung atau Wanita Umno.

      DAP got cili Lala and the rest of the awek-awek cun.

      re: “The lethargic pemuda umno led by syok sendiri ketua pemuda”

      KJ is so pink.


      1. true dat. luckily, DAP opt to recruit bimbos as a result of tunku Aziz fiasco quite a time before so to continue the legacy of the iguana family.

        bn should take heed this opportunity by promoting beauty with brains. but alas, the machineries are to slow to cope by. as I said before, what do you expect from a syok sendiri ketua pemuda umno/bn?

        1. re: “what do you expect from a syok sendiri ketua pemuda umno/bn?”

          Dia dok rekrut Dapster.

          KJ ada pergi Kiev?

          1. tu yang pelik tu. bukan ke dia bertanggungjawab atas semua kementerian kat Malaysia ni?

          2. He will be in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. If our badminton players win a gold or 2 he can bragged about his “contribution” whatever that means. As you know, he’s a glory hunter. Remember the 2014 Thomas Cup final ?

            1. re: “Remember the 2014 Thomas Cup final?”

              Yes. I observed that he was jumping like a monkey on the ringside, and his macai came here to my blog and made nasty personal comments about me in retaliation.

            2. Not will be, but already in Glasgow.

              Tengoklah, dalam sedih dan marah dia, dia tetap menjalankan tanggungjawab. Pergi awal lagi sebab nak pulihkan semangat atlet M’sia yang kesedihan di atas kemalangan MH17. Menteri yang patut dicontohi.

              Helen awat jauh sangat ke Thomas Cup? Contoh terbaru ada, di Dataran Merdeka World Cup finals.

              1. Dia tu kan saya dah kata, glory hunter. Tak nak tunggu lama sangat. Dah kat Glasgow pun. World Cup tu dia setakat syok sendiri. Yang menang pun bukan pasukan Malaysia. Tapi seperti biasa, dia dapat berseronok dengan geng dia tu.

                1. re: “Tapi seperti biasa, dia dapat berseronok dengan geng dia tu.”

                  @reginalah ikut sama ke?

                  1. Re @reginalah ikut sama ke?

                    Kena pantau akaun twitter Regina. Dia tu sama aje dengan KJ. Syok sendiri.

      2. Sedihnya bila I tengok dari foto KJ kesatkan air mata… kerana ditolak daripada menjadi Menteri Besar Selangor.

      3. I earlier commented Wanita UMNO bhgn kalo ade perjumpaan kena dok kat dapoq, hidang2 makanan. PUTERI mai awal sikit sapu sampah, lap meja. Kalau boss2 atasan lawat, kena tiup2 belon to ceriakan occasion.

        Klo Jijah jadi MB rasanya gitu juga fungsi dia, earfon takleh lepas.. Mcam Dyana kena apit kanan kiri, gagap sikit nak jawab kena sambar mikrofon.

        Alaa Patsy May, kan tengah trending sekarang?

  2. crazy,,,,,why this lady selected to be selangor mb?? I NERVER LIKE HER AND ALL HER FAMILY MEMBERS …….HUSBAND,,, WORST THE BOTTOM WORD TO DESCRIBE,,,,, TURN TO BE A REALLY ”GILA”

    1. Cheng are you trying to shout “What the f**k Anwar?” Of course he’s a raging mad narcissist behind bars by now.

  3. For example, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng believes that if his DAP colleagues were given control of the air force and the navy, they would be able to locate the missing MH370 in a jiffy.

    Pandai cakap Genral Lim Lip Eng. Boleh hantar Christian army macam yang dalam Bible Jericho ke Rusia.

    Berapa ramai Cina Kristian dalam askar? Dan berani mati demi Jesus dalam pertempuran?

    Anak Lim Lip Eng tak mau pi Moscow dan take Moscow for Jesus.

    1. Re Pandai cakap Genral Lim Lip Eng. Boleh hantar Christian army macam yang dalam Bible Jericho ke Rusia.

      Dia tak berani buat macam tu. Kan semalam saya dah kata, Putin akan hantar mereka ke gulag Siberia kalau mereka buat macam tu.

      Re Berapa ramai Cina Kristian dalam askar? Dan berani mati demi Jesus dalam pertempuran?

      Ramai sekali. Pergi kat gereja evangelis, lihat saja keahlian mereka. teramat ramai.

      1. re: “Pergi kat gereja evangelis, lihat saja keahlian mereka. teramat ramai.”

        God’s Army

      2. Ramai sekali. Pergi kat gereja evangelis, lihat saja keahlian mereka. teramat ramai.

        Berapa anak ahli God’s Army yang poteng Program Khidmat Negara?
        Soalan: Berapa ramai budak2 yang delay Khidmat Negara dan apakah komposisi kaum yang delay Khidmat Negara?

        Itu kita kena tanya Hisham.

        1. Kalau macam ni, mereka akan kata kerajaan rasis.

          Alahai. Hentam kerajaan 24/7 kata komposisi kaum berpihak kepada kaum Melayu & Bumiputera tapi bila dipelawa masuk ATM, PDRM dsb mereka tolak kata gaji tak cukup.

  4. A quote from Annie’s blog, “I guess Khalid is to be replaced by the wife of the party’s boss because he is too clean and efficient. PKR people probably can’t make money because of that.”


  5. What a joker. I vote oposition selangor because i like what kalid ibrahim did. I want him to continue. He have good ideas for people.

    If wan aziza is new mb, i will not vote pakatan anymore because she has no ideas to be mb because is just a puppet. This is not fair to public. How can pakatan say they caring gomen when only care about themselfs. Siow.

  6. Seriously F**katan Rakyat!!!!! If she was 1% like Rafidah Azizi, yes, I can give her BOD….

    Aaaahhh she can then be called the cotton-fan waving MB….and Selangor will surely go to the dogs. But the again, its Selangorians who wanted assholes running the state.

    On the flip side, there will be many “kaki kipas” After all the would-be MB likes to kipas or be “kipassed”

    Wishes granted, says the genie….

  7. The sparks are sure to soon fly if Khalid makes a stand to remain or the Sultan of Selangor exercises his royal prerogative and says NO! to Dr. Wan Azizah becoming Chief Minister.

    Whatever happens, I will watch the FUN unfold.

    However, I wonder whether Khalid of Wan Azizah:-
    Will we still have KIDEX?
    Will we have water cuts again?
    Will JAIS return the Malay language Bibles?
    Will we still have crazy building spree?
    Will we still have houses cracking up due to construction of the Petaling Jaya North Sewer?
    Will parking in the Petaling Jaya Shitty Shentre still be a nightmare? Will the horrendous traffic jams end?
    Will we still have potholed roads?
    Will we still etc, etc, etc?

      1. The chances are sky high if she becomes the MB. But as always, the common man will end up as the victim and Istana Segambut will not give 2 hoots about it.

        1. Let’s see how the oppo supporters will tegakkan benang basah over this Kajang Move, Part 2. I wanna see them tie themselves in knots.

          1. the oppos are at loggerhead now. the only thing that bind them together is anything but umno (abu). in general, their cause or perjuangan is motivated by hatred. as history teach us, causes championed through a hatred perspective will eventually collapse easily. trust me, once this objective is accomplished, we’ll see chaos definitely.

            anwar is a crybaby. he is akin to a toddler who will turn tantrum once you snatch his candy. that’s why his followers tend to inherit the same trait as him. in summary, a crybaby can never be a leader. because a leader will always bring the best out of his followers. tun was right to expel anwar who again and again proven not fit to lead. I guess it was one of his gravest mistake to appoint him in the first place, though.

            1. Together with the Islamist leaders, this zionist delivery boy have overturned the humble wisdom of Malay culture with their political aspersions and plotting …. and laughing all the way to the bank.

        1. I will get to vote again, then.

          But seriously, I’m not sure if Anwar has the numbers to pass a vote of no confidence.

          1. If he can’t then it will be a slap in has face and even more FUN, cos the no convidence will boomerang onto him.

            Remember the 16th September, 2008 fiasco? Anwar is good at fiascos but never learns.

            Oh ya! His Ma young NGO ma chai will be protesting I suppose and shouting “REFOMASI!” and his ma chai in the media will be overtly or slyly promoting him.

          2. He has the DAP on board. PKR minus Khalid will vote with Anwar. If he can get Pas to toe the line, then he has the numbers to pass a vote of no confidence and Khalid is toast. Pas holds the key to Khalid’s fate.

              1. Azmin is no donkey. He will agree as long as he can milk PKNS and those other state owned commercial interests. This is about money. The contracts. If things go wrong, he can pin the blame on Wan Azizah.

        2. I hope Khalid will do that; i.e. advise Sultan to dissolve the Sgor assembly and have another round of state election.

          Anwar will be check-mated?

          1. If we have a state election now, I still bet my money that Pakatan will win because they are so good at manipulating the people’s emotion that Khalid will be painted as some Umno stooge and the silly voters will vote for Pakatan.

            1. re: “Khalid will be painted as some Umno stooge”

              Khalid has already been painted as an Umno stooge and the silly oppo voters believe this.

              The behaviour of these sheeple is like lambs led to the slaughter.

              1. really? it thought kalid was like their god gifted MB. very efficient and trustworthy albeit the longest water rationing ever and lots of potholes in the states. no wonder he is prudent in spending. cause he doesn’t like to spend even for necessity item. but never fear, like you said, a lamb cant think by itself.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. It’s been a terrible few days ad it’s pretty sad that this news made me smile gleefully in anticipation of a few days of “fun”.

      And Helen, get use to it. I think air lombong will soon be a norm in Selangor. lols

        1. With the dry spell we could see another round of water rationing exercises after Hari Raya. Air lombong pun tak cukup.

        1. You – tak baik. Air lombong pun Helen dah tak senag duduk. Nanti kerajaan Selangor pick up your suggestion, kesian Helen kena pindah ke negeri lain.

              1. Oh sebab itulah OKM sibuk berpuasa dan Hannah sibuk ke mesjid.
                Don’t play2. Hannah prayer so kuat sampai banjir.

          1. Bukan saya punya suggestion. Ini orang Mangkubumi bagi tahu saya. Mangkubumi ialah kontraktor membena PJ North Sewer.

            Teknologi yang akan di guna boleh konvert berak saya jadi air yang bersih, orang Mangkubumi kata.

            Itu blog juga saya punya.

            1. Ini sama dengan Singapore’s NeWater ke?

              Anyways, thanks but no, I’ll pass on this sampai forever. I’d rather gali perigi sampai ke hawaii rather than drink that.

  8. Baguih juga dia jadi MB. Biar hanchus Selangor baru padan muka orang Selangor nak sangat PR. Depa ni semua dah dok berangan angan jadi menteri dan jadi pembesar besar negara, depa tahu dah tak ada chance dah lepas ni. Dia nak jadi MB pun tak boleh bagi bini jadi MB pun jadilah

  9. Selangor dewan undangan negeri have to spare a lot of nappies and handkerchief cause air mata yang banyak akan keluar when qs/ ans. session time oleh ahli dun yang mau tau facts and figures yang pasti terkentot dan terketar lah MB yang Baru ni

    1. harap2 nanti ada soalan mulut : ‘YB ____ minta MB menyatakan di manakah jam omega suaminya?’

  10. Chinese psyche since the last global financial crisis of 07 has been one of anger and dissatisfaction with everything.

    The government, being pervasive in the economy, becomes a wide and easy target.

    The alarming thing is that despite running a deficit book, our growth is only marginally above inflation and the structure of economy is not efficient enough for this growth to benefit the lower income group.

    So is Chinese dissatisfaction justified or not? As with everything, it is partly yes and no.

    Yes on the part of economic management and not making the tough decisions to restructure.

    No on the part regarding social matters vis a vis Malay and Islam issues – or rather; the reaction and language used is over the top and uncalled for when commenting on such matters.

    1. Nampaknya OKM sangat arif mengenai Islam sampai Sekolah Islam pun menjemputnya.

      Beliau adalah calon Menteri Besar Selangor yang terbaik. Arif dengan Islam, kuat berpuasa, pandai berkhutbah macam uztaz, dan tak ada period (Wan ada period ke?)

      1. He’s S’gor MP, not S’gor Adun. Therefore not in the running despite his Islamic credentials.

        1. Therefore not in the running despite his Islamic credentials.

          Then we must pray harder so that OKM will be sent to save Selangor from malapetaka.

    1. what buka puasa! the only malay i can see is a tudung clad woman with apron, sure its the caterer’s helper only. so many chinese puasa ke mcm ong kian ming.

      crazy hannah! she thinks ramadan is enjoy makan2 kah!@$#

    2. Itu sebelah dia Mr Hannah Yeoh ke?

      Anyway, matahari masih tinggi lagi, dah duduk tunggu makan? Oooi berbuka bila matahari nak terbenam lah!

  11. Dear Aunty Helen,

    If they can’t solve their problems in Selangor, how are they going to govern the country?
    I have posted a few comics about this issue.

    PKR is all about nepotisme….

    What Anwar wants is power, power and power.

  12. Kajang move was intended to instigate a constitutional crisis with the Selangor monarchy. But Anwar was thwarted by the courts because of his sentence. Now he is using his wife as a pawn.

    If the Sultan refuses to sign the appointment, he will ask his zombies to start guling2 on the street. The majority of Malays are still royalists. One dare not imagine the strife.

    This will get ugly for Selangor now, Malaysia later. Anwar has never had the interests of the people in his heart, except for his evil master’s biddings.

    Republic of Selangor, anyone?

  13. i used to pity wan azizah as i thought she was a good pious muslim wife loyal to the husband. but now i seriously think
    that she is an
    embarassment to
    muslim women. in
    islam, there are
    limitations to
    being taat. its an
    insult when wan
    kipas insists on
    staying loyal to a
    homo, confirmed
    99.9 pc
    adulterer, confirmed
    munafik n a
    confirmed power
    crazy sick

    hope she wakes
    up to the fact that
    islam totally prohibits
    homo n nabi pun
    tak mengaku
    umat utk
    golongan ini.

    so, is our future
    mb actually a
    1. faithful muslim
    wife and
    muslimah? or
    2. just a stupid
    woman who blindly
    worships the
    husband? or
    3.without us
    realizing it, she
    herself has turned
    into a power
    crazy individual….

    i hope the sultan of selangor will use his wise judgement for the sake of us selangorians.

  14. Ms H. Nepotism, cronyism and favouritism are rife in the DAP and the PKR. Only 0.1% of the supporters will benefit from this holistic (I copy) practice. The way to the top of Power is how KISSABLE you are.

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