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MB Khalid not pro-Christian enough for DAP’s liking

Like vultures circling for the kill, Hannah blames Khalid.

Failure to deal with Bible issue one reason for drop in Pakatan support, says Yeoh‘ (MSN, 22 July 2014)


Meek and mild and peace-loving

The Christians whinge that they’re “only 9 percent” of the population and furthermore, they’re so “meek and mild” that it is impossible for them to be considered anything but a weak and helpless minority.

These “peace loving” Christians tell the world that the Muslim authorities in Malaysia are bullying them.

Do small numbers necessarily correlate with non-aggression?

Below is a map of north Africa, the Middle East and several “stan” countries.

All the countries marked in green are either Islamic states or Muslim majority. The only exception is Israel which is too small for its borders to be shown clearly in the map.


Gilad Shalit
Gilad Shalit

Israel is a very small country in a sea of Arabs and Muslims.

Recently during Israel’s assault on Gaza, Israeli soldier Shaul Aaron fell into the hands of the Qassam Brigades. You have to wonder what he will be ransomed for.

Previously, captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was traded for the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. His government considered Gilad’s freedom from captivity to be worth all the Arab names listed below:

Click 2x to enlarge



One Israeli soldier swapped for 1,027 Palestinians.

How’s that as food for thought on minority vs majority numbers? So who says the “only 9 percent” Christians in Malaysia are small and weak?

The world knows the name of Gilad Shalit. The world does not know the names of the 1,027 Palestinian prisoners he was exchanged for.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- When will men and nations learn

No mention of Israel or Palestinians in Hannah’s bleat

Two days ago, Hannah Yeoh tweeted the above comment as a sop to her Malay-Muslim fan base. Thus far since the attacks on Gaza started, Hannah has not mentioned anything about it at all in her Twitter timeline.

Who do you think Hannah was referring to when she tweeted: “When will men and nations learn from history? The killing has to stop! Heartache reading and seeing pictures of injured & dead children”.

The “injured & dead children” her heart purportedly aches for are nameless too, like the 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.

Could Hannah Yeoh have tweeted “The killing  [by the Zionists]  has to stop! Heartache reading and seeing pictures of injured & dead  [Palestinian]  children  [in Gaza]“?

No, she can’t. Because she’s a hypocrite.

Hypocrite Hannah

She is a hypocrite through and through just like her fellow DAP “Insya Allah” evangelistas who all yet endeavour to play the populist.

If she had tweeted negatively about Israel, it would have upset her Christian fundamentalist backing. If she had appeared sympathetic to a Muslim cause, it would have raised the ire of the Dapster horde.

So Hannah bleated a bleeding heart message about “pictures of injured & dead children” without saying who the children were and where they were killed and who killed them. If that’s not sneaky, what is?

Tomorrow the Jerusubang Adun is holding a candlelight vigil for MH17.

The bombing of Gaza has gone on for a fortnight. Hannah Yeoh is not holding a candlelight vigil for Palestinians despite her Muslimah muhibbah posturing in the mosques and suraus, and all those buka puasas where she got the opportunity to gayakan her tudung.


Twitter - hannahyeoh- Subang Jaya residents

(527 words)

Umno bloggers must lead a campaign to encourage Hannah Yeoh’s Malay Twitter followers to unfollow her timeline

See, Cadangan untuk blogger Umno buat boikot dan ‘divestment’


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

49 thoughts on “MB Khalid not pro-Christian enough for DAP’s liking

  1. Your photo of Hannah is so ugly. Hannah has so many pimples. She needs to wash her face more often with Clinique products.
    (oh sorry – I am so inconsiderate. Air lombong will damage your skin.)

    1. Those are not pimples. They are age spots.

      She is ageing very rapidly. Keeping up the bermuka-muka is obviously taking its toll on her.

        1. Ya lah H. Lain kali bagi warningla. This is almost, almost as bad as the dog killing pic yang dulu tu.

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            Mesti berkesan untuk menurunkan badan (seorang) wanita (di Selangor) selepas ibadah Berbuka Puasa.

            1. re: “Mesti berkesan untuk menurunkan badan (seorang) wanita (di Selangor) selepas ibadah Berbuka Puasa.”

              That’s the crux of the problem.

              Muslims puasa, then at sundown mereka berbuka.

              Puan Speaker ni tak puasa tapi asyik aje nak menyertai iftar di sana sini.

              Kalau dah lah tak puasa tapi melantak juga – one commenter asked if Hannah believes that Ramadan is bulan untuk makan-makan – then of course she’ll get fat.

              1. ADD:

                Plus some more there is the evangelista punya sifat tamak haloba.

                GREEDY + 3G: Gold, Glory, Gospel

                Rakus tambah-tamah lagi GELOJOH. Berapa ‘G’ dah dikutip dia?

              2. Nanti, kalau madam Speaker dengar nasihat saya, pasti lepas Raya Puasa- bila jamuan Hari Raya Haji tiba, Madam Speaker jadi hot chick dan boleh lawan awek cun macam Lala dan Diana.

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              Her bad skin is definitely diet habits like eating too much free food.

              See Mulan also love her enemies too.

  2. i can’t believe she is getting away with her so many blatant hypocrisy. blaming khalid for the declining pr support.

    she never has anything bad to say of anwar. what kind of a christian is she supporting a convicted homo, 99.9pc proven video of an adulterer, a proven power crazy sick man electing own wife as mb. yet khalid is blamed for the dwindling support.

    what kind of a devout born again christian is this despicable women?@@@$$##i am totally disgusted!

    1. re: “i can’t believe she is getting away with her so many blatant hypocrisy”

      She can because the media machinery backing her, like The J-Star that tweeted 10 times in a single day her appointment, is very good at covering up for her and blacking out negative stories and demonizing her critics.

      Umno is so lembab, and particularly so in S’gor where the BN holds only 1/5 of the DUN seats.

      Umno allows the MCA to get away with the J-Star‘s scissorsing and backstabbing.

  3. despicable woman, i mean, which of course refers to dapster evagelista hypocrite hannah yeoh. she is definitely using religion for political gains, just like the forever naive yet power crazy ‘holier than thou’ pas where their followers are guaranteed syurga by the mursyidul am….

  4. You cannot be more true than this Helen. She is So bloody hypocrite. Someone need to give her plastic face a tight slap!

  5. dont see other dun speaker in malaysia who had so many ‘data plan’.. congrate selangorian

    1. Yup, once Pakatan take over, they UBAH everything. I don’t recall the previous Selangor Speakers sitting beside Khir Toyo, Muhammad x2 Taib or Abu Hassan Omar when the MBs gave their press conferences.

      DAP has carved out a big public role for the Speaker which its previous job holders did not have before. Like Ngeh and Nga who were the power behind the throne when Nizar was MB Perak.

      If Pakatan ever grabs federal power, the DAP will carry on this same sneaky strategy of usurping role and prominence, and the Malays wouldn’t realise what they’ve lost until it is out of their hands.

      Ambil iktibar from sneaky politicians who wear songkok (Lee Kuan Yew and Ong Kian Ming) and tudung (the DAP selendang squad) to hoodwink the Malays.

  6. Mdm. Yeoh we know you are affected by pictures of injured and dead children, but does your heart have no precedence over your politically correct brain?

    You know something? You could have at least mentioned that they were Anak Bangsa Palestine – Muslims and Christians all of them!

  7. Yuki’s husband got advice for Najib so that the country will not be so scary.

    “Until today, Malaysia is reluctant to sign the Rome Statute of the ICC ostensibly to protect the sovereignty of the monarchy. However, the critics said there are other reasons which our government is embarrassed to admit, in which we believe the country’s current laxness in human rights might be the real reason behind it.”

    Wow, we did not know justice to MH17 is prevented by sovereignty of the monarch. And Malaisia has very lax human rights. Wow.

    “We, all Malaysians should register our strongest protest to Ukraine as well as Russia, as we believe the weapon used to shoot down the plane was manufactured and supplied by Russia.”

    Yuki’s husband is very clever. How are we to protest dear YB Mr Yuki? Tell Ambiga’s army stripper admirers to shake their booty in front of the Russian Embassy or Aeroflot office is it? Or maybe Yuki can shake her booty in front of Aeroflot pilots at KLIA.

      1. Itulah pandai bermuka-muka.
        Mesti tanya dia sama ada dia love Malaysia or his wife more.

        Kalau he love Malaysia more, then talakkan betina itu.
        Kalau he loves Yuki more, then he should resign and perhaps buy an SQ ticket and both pergi Jepang.

  8. At least Selena Gomez knows which to support ! I’m not fan of her but read it in foreign news.

    HY (The hypocrite) is ulam raja for blog helenang, didnt even mention the sufferings in Palestin, Gaza – shy to openly support zionist jews ! To HY – Just say so, no body will harm you here !

    Satu jenis yang sejenis…

  9. She’s not only hypocrite but greedy as well. Malay muslim equals to vote bank. Evangelist christian equals money. She want both definitely. So no wonder the wordplay.

      1. She better stop eating her nuts. Not all stilettos can hold women over a certain tonnage.

  10. I do like the Christians tag line.. love the sinners..etc. etc. must be from the bible teachings..

    “39But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.40And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. ”

    Just show me one DAP Christian that really believe and practise this.

  11. Helen, just wanted to share:
    After the Israel-Palestine prisoner trade-off agreement, many were re-captured by Israel (forsaking the agreement). Apparently, arresting Palestinians is easy given their military might.

    So those sneaky Jews gained massive political and tactical points – the showed their people and the world the “worth” of one Jew life, but without actually making any sacrifice. The key word here is “showed”, not proved.

    Palestinians, well, they lose both ways.

    1. More of the released Palestinians were rearrested recently following the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers.

  12. Kak Helen and kawan-kawan

    Need your eyes to reconfirm. (I am old maybe my eyes are failing)

    Either DAP Pg HQ is biadap that they did not fly Malaysian flag half mast or that I am nyanyuk because I forgot that Penang has separated from Malaysia.

    Courtesy of

    Yh Liew

    about an hour ago · Edited

    where is the Jalur Gemilang?
    location: Headquater DAP Penang
    为何槟州DAP 党总部只卦州旗 & 党旗 没卦国旗 ???( 州旗与党旗也卦錯位了,正確是州旗卦在左边 ,国旗卦中间 ,党旗卦右边 ) — with 李文凤 and 36 others.

    If Penang sudah merdeka, I am staying as an illegal immigrant here. I have to move back to Malaysia.

  13. Caya lah selepas ni HY akan nafikan apa dia katakan pentadbiran YB KI gagal berbuat sesuatu kepada rampasan bible bm dan jika ada sidang akhbar dia lah orang yang terkinja-kinja duduk bersebelah MB menidakan apa-apaan maklumlah orang suka glamer bergaji besar kaki mengampu

  14. While to claim that it is the reason that caused the drop in the support for Pakatan is debatable, most definitely it is the reason why Chriatian Talebans of DAP dropped their support for Khalid.

    It is just a matter of time Khalid is removed, one way or another and this drama gonna be ugly and bruising. So let’s us kick back and get some popcorns and watch the show.

    BTW, DAP doesn’t know what it is getting into by supporting Anwar in his idiotic Kajang Move. Wan Azizah is a weak leader and even weaker administrator. She will effectively leave the state to Azmin and his gang to plunder. In meantime Khalid will wage his guerilla war with Azmin’s army.

    And while Selangor burns, Anwar will merrily fiddle away in some foreign countries lecturing and giving media statements.

    I expect Selangor to plunge into a sort-of Civil war. Azmin and gang plundering the state financially. This will leave the Christian Taleban a free field to flex their muscles and spread their faith. I predict our Lady of Subang Jaya will be the de-facto President of Selangor.

  15. Helen, apa you buat ni tak betul. Bila I click kat tajuk ni I terkejut lihat gambar Hannah. You sepatutnya beri warning awal awal lagi. PG rated. Entah berapa ramai pembaca you terkejut macam I bila gambar Hannah tu terpapar kat depan skrin kami.

    1. Survivor, kan tajuk dah sebut terang-terang “pro-Christian” dan “DAP’s liking” yang seharusnya menjadi petanda.

      Mengenai gambar tembam terkini Hannah Banana, si Puan Speaker telahpun memberitahu kepada para peminatnya – lihat screenshot tweet di bawah – bahawa dia sedang kuat berusaha untuk menurunkan berat badan dengan memakan rumusan kacang dan minuman tin bertujuan “diet”.

      Maklumlah pada suatu ketika tidak berapa lama dahulu, tubuh Hannah Yeoh kelihatan begitu berisi sehinggakan orang tersilap sangka bahawa dia mengandung sekali lagi.


  16. I wonder if any of Evangelist in Malaysia held this belief:


    “For America to have blessing of God, the American people must support Israel, because God has blessed them, and those what will be with them, God will be with them, and this is the only sure way for America to survive”

    Substitute “America” with “Malaysia”. I wonder if they “sell” this ideas in their sermons.

    It might explain the hysteria …

    1. Yesterday the commenter ‘MCA.8481’recommended the following article

      by Kurdish intellectual Edip Yuksel which touched on a similar theme.

      Excerpts, quote:

      “You want to appear to help Jews for two reasons:


      “Second, you want to fulfill your doomsday prophecy in the Middle East. You believe that there must be a big trouble and rivers of blood in that area in order your fictional Superman to reemerge and save the world. To make your fiction, which was originally concocted by St. Paul, the Pharisee son of Pharisee, to come true, at least partially, you pray for more trouble in that region. Since you know deep in your heart that your prayers are useless, to maintain trouble in ‘the holy lands’, you chose to support evil forces financially and politically. Yes, you help Zionists not because of your love of Jews, but because you want to add some life and flame to your centuries-old doomsday fiction! You hope that your holy fiction will come true when more Palestinians and Jews suffer in an ocean of blood!”

      1. ADD

        The “you” referred to by Edip Yuksel are the evangelistas, whom he calls “Evilgelist”.

        He also wrote:

        “We know that even the name of your religion is a fabrication, since according to history and confession of your own scripture, none of the disciples of Jesus called themselves Christian; the name Christian was coined years after Jesus (Acts 24:5).”

        1. To explain why Edip Yuksel called them “evilgelist”,

          More excerpts from his article:

          “… I will expose the historical pattern of your political choices and practices. When we look at your record, we find you usually side by side with the powerful, the oppressors, and the warmongers! How far can you be from Jesus Christ who courageously advocated the cause of the weak, the poor, the oppressed? (Mat 19:21-24; Mark 10:21-25; Luke 6:19-38; Luke 14:13; Luke16:19-25;Luke 18:19-25).

          “You transform the tragedy of your historical record to a tragicomedy by the oft-repeated refrain of your songs, which loudly echoes in your churches and TV screens: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Yes, indeed you love. You love money, you love power, and you love deception!

          “You sang LOVE when you persecuted scientists and thinkers in your Inquisition courts; you sang LOVE when you hunted and burned “witches”; you sang LOVE when you invented ingenious tools and methods to torture heathens; you sang LOVE when you mobilized Crusaders to massacre Muslims living thousands of miles away”

        2. Unfortunately for them, their centuries old fiction is still that, a centuries old fiction.

          But you know what, some people have made a lot of money out of fiction.

  17. Pulak.
    “PKR’s decision to replace Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim does not seem to be eliciting the kind of support expected from its allies, especially PAS.”

    Kak Helen

    Suggestion. You could come up with a poll and we vote who we want to be MB.
    Like Khalid, Wan, Rafizi, Azmin, some muslim-like DAP person etc.

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