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The sudden pain in TMI’s heart

The ‘MH’ code of Malaysia Airlines also stands for Malaysian Hospitality — or so an unlikely “moralist” (more about him later) reminds us although some China citizens, i.e. the kinfolk of the MH370 victims, may not be inclined to agree.

But the heated public debates are not about the “exemplary work” done by the MAS cabin crew or how undeserved MAS is of the twin tragedies. Or even about apportioning blame as if MAS were a rape victim unfairly faulted for being skimpily clad — the misplaced “rape” analogy provided by Jahabar Sadiq, The Malaysian Insider editor.

My objection to the objectors (Jahabar the Moral Censor refers here) of open debate is based on respecting the spirit of inquiry.

There is no way that MAS can insulate itself from hard questions, especially not when MH17 is the second major disaster to befall its fleet this year.

And no matter how vocally and forcefully a few local defenders try to stifle the raising of probing questions – either due to their defensive sense of patriotism or rallying behind national unity or shielding the affected families – the Malaysian public and the international media nonetheless will still clamour for answers.


You can expect the various international media to continue grilling Malaysia.

Negative reports are not precluded regardless of how much Malaysia dislikes these. We, or rather Hisham, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman (DCA boss) and Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (MAS chief), have already had a taste of their determined hostility not too long ago during the first round.

It is a katak dalam tempurung attitude to beg the international media to spare us, or hoping for them to desist from publishing hard-hitting write-ups just because these articles make Malaysians uncomfortable. Putrajaya may be able to control the local press but it will not be able to curb the news wires and foreign agencies.

TIME, the internationally renowned magazine for instance, labels MAS “the World’s Unluckiest Airline” (see page scan below) and wonders aloud if the company can manage to survive for much longer.

World’s Unluckiest Airline

Golly, such a dire financial outlook on our national flag carrier.

Yet only recently on July 19, Jahabar editorialized in his portal how it “speaks so much for Malaysia Airlines that MH17 was packed and some had to take another flight to Malaysia and thus saved from the tragedy”.

If MAS was doing so well and its seats packed as Jahabar declares, then would he care to explain why the airline was in “the red for three years in a row, leading to a loss of about RM4.2 billion over that period” (CNN Money, 21 July 2014).

It seems that Jahabar – for reasons best known to his infamous spindoctoring news outlet or their parent company The Edge – is promoting the cultism of Verboten, i.e. nobody permitted to say anything sensitive or negative about MAS at this juncture.

Time Elephant

Malaysia must emulate Singapore

Shhhh … there’s an elephant in the room but you’re not allowed to admit that you see it.

Speaking of elephants, Malaysians have now confirmed the long-held suspicions of their herd mentality. They justify that MAS was flying that particular Ukrainian Level 330 corridor because “SIA did the same what”.

If kiasu Singapore can fly the Donetsk route 75 times last week, what’s wrong with Malaysia flying it 48 times, they counter?

Well, in future we shall all employ the same justification, okay: Singapore does it – this and that – and thus it’s perfectly fine if Malaysia (under Pakatan rule next time) copycats our tiny neighbour, say for example, in banning the hijab from government offices.

Our new motto: SIA fly through Ukraine, MAS can too. Singapore do whatever kiasu thing, Malaysia ought follow.


Bang, bang the banks which are bearers of bad news

A few days ago, CIMB analyst Raymond Yap was quoted by the Australian Financial Review as saying that “the best way forward for MAS is bankruptcy”.

He is echoed by Maybank analyst Mohshin Aziz who said MAS is losing RM5 million ringgit a day and could run out of cash in about a year, reported in Voice of America.

There is already such “pain in our hearts” (phrase in quote marks borrowed from the aforementioned TMI editorial) and to paraphrase Jahabar, we should not add more negativity to further deepen that pain in our hearts by bringing up MAS’s imminent bankruptcy and other unhappy elements.

Hence Mohshin the Maybank analyst should not have said that MAS would probably end up bankrupt if no urgent action was taken.

Maybank is the bearer of bad tidings about MAS. We Malaysians do not like nor want to hear bad news … we will shoot the messenger.


What, me worry? Flying safe in Syrian skies

With the Ukraine-Donetsk airway becoming deadly last week, MAS decided to switch its flight plan on Sunday to overflying Syria instead.

I heard they are having a civil war in that country too. But unlike the Russians/Ukrainians, those Syrians fighting each other down below at ground level probably don’t have sophisticated weapons that can reach up to 33,000 feet. So not to fret, I’m sure it’s perfectly safe onboard.

And there’s no need to be a scaremonger either by calling Syria a warzone. After all, at high altitudes air travellers are out of reach of missiles as we’ve been informed earlier.

BELOW: Graphics  by Flight Radar


In flying over Syria, surely MAS “the World’s Unluckiest Airline” would not be so unfortunate as to encounter some unforeseen engine problem or whatnot that might necessitate the aircraft to cruise lower or make an emergency landing.

Now what are the chances of a MAS plane getting into trouble and suddenly needing to land? In Syria. Where they’re bombing each other to bits.

Why, the chances are as miniscule as lightning striking twice or an airline losing two Boeings in a matter of four months — a one-in-a-million chance. The scenario is highly improbable unless you subscribe to the saying “bad things happen in threes”, that is.


Don’t be afraid, not passengers’ fault if missiles fired

Someone said MAS was just having plain bad luck: “They were the wrong airline in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Commented TMI reader ‘801008’ to the contrary: “A hundred people taking the same risk does not make it any lesser of a risk and does not automatically mean that one of those hundred people (in this case, MAS) is not taking any risk”.

Okay, if someone were to sponsor a free plane ticket for air travel over the identical route taken by MAS that fateful day, would you care for the offer?

What’s there to be afraid of? After all, as Jahabar assures us, passengers have “nothing to do with the conflict raging 10,000m below them” and furthermore, nobody has any business aiming a missile at any plane in the sky, according to him.


Browbeating and bludgeoning people who ask questions

TMI‘s Jahabar took it upon himself to censure the “several journalists in international magazines and business websites [who] are asking that question”, to wit, “Would any airline try to save fuel and fly over a conflict area?”

A TMI reader contributed the following rejoinder:

“They are asking questions because answers are needed. These are more useful to the families than all the hopes and prayers on Facebook and Twitter combined” [emphasis mine].

The same commenter added: “When an accident happens, there must be an investigation, an inquiry. And you can’t have an inquiry without asking questions. Yes, even uncomfortable questions that cause ‘pain in your heart’.”

It is very rich for TMI – the notorious portal that once had to apologize four times (including to Tun M) within the span of a single week for its deliberate misrepresentation and malicious reporting – to be whacking everyone left, right and centre for what Jahabar terms “this sick divisiveness in Malaysia”.

TMI is the pro-Christian portal that has been stirring a lot of shit, for example its false report on a [non-existent] fatwa against saying RIP for Karpal Singh.

TMI’s Jahabar is the last person to talk about trying to “heal this divisiveness” when his insidious portal has been the very one causing and aggravating our religious cleavages in the first place.

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40 thoughts on “The sudden pain in TMI’s heart

  1. Its like the jews bombing Palestin. All the shits have to be cleaned by others. US already allocated $43 millions. The rest of the muslims’ world too. Not a damn to the non muslims countries, the long sufferings of palestinians, the killing of women, children and their young, the bombing of hospitals, schools and worst to the mosques.

    After all, to end this bloody massacre, only at their finger tips if they really want to do it.

    In Malaysia its the same except that there’s no physical killing and bloodshed. The ‘pens and the words’ some sorts of sharp swords and poisons that kill the heart and souls. In the intention to kill the nation.

    They are the satans of all kind.

    1. re: “The ‘pens and the words’ some sorts of sharp swords and poisons that kill the heart and souls.”

      I agree with you, Maae. That’s what they’ve done to our country.

  2. Great article, Helen.

    You should send the article to TMI under ‘An open letter to TMI’. I wonder whether TMI has the gut to publish your article in its news portal.

  3. Is MH indeed an unlucky airline? When I watched a video of a briefing by the Russian Generals on MH17, I was wondering did the Ukraine government misinform the world that the rebels shot down the plane as no concrete evidence was put forward?

    The Russian on the hand did produce evidence. I was wondering why a jet fighter plane was following MH17 on the same flight path. This was confirmed by one Carlos, the Ukraine ATC. It seems to be that there is a party that wanted MH17 to crash in the rebel territory.

    The question that needs an answer is why MH17? Is it plain unlucky or some other reasons that someone has the answer?

    1. Playback of the crash of flight MH17 (MAS17) on a real-time map of civil aircraft in airspace –

      It doesn’t answer the whys, in fact it raises more question on why MH17. Looking at the playback, it just seemed to coincidental that out of the numerous planes flying in the air space, MH17 got hit. I’m no fan of conspiracy theory but I’m probably gonna make an exception in this case.

      1. The Tun expressed some thoughts on MH370.

        Perhaps the reporters should ask his opinion on MH17.

        The loss of two Boeings 777 might be like that might be quite unprecedented in aviation history.

        1. The last (or was it first) time a carrier lost two planes in one year was on 9/11. Both United Airlines and American Airlines lost a Boeing 757 and 767 each.

          1. Both MH17 and MH370 were lost to MAS whereas the 9/11 ones were lost to UA and American Airlines separately.

            1. Sorry, don’t get that. UA and AA lost two planes each on a single day while MAS’ losses were spread over 4 months. But they all suffered the loss of two wide-body planes in a single year.

              Praying we’re not in a competition on this.

              1. My bad. Forgot that in addition to the Twin Towers, there was that plane diverted to the Pentagon and one that crashed in the field or something.

                You’re right, two each.

  4. MAS management needs a total overhaul, start from the top that is where the root of the problem lies.

    Employ aviation profesionals to manage MAS people who know what is going on, unlike now where down line managers seem to be employing follow the leader programs, this does not cut it when lives are at stake.

    Rather then using their own management knowledge, they employ a herd mentality – It would be safe to say that with the notifications given 2 months ago, and the more recent limitations on height no one from MAS ever questioned the logic in the matter. If its is true flying over Syria 2 days ago should lay to rest the quality of the decision made.

    Easier said should be “War Zone No Go”

  5. Ms H. Why are the MAS people so naive, gullible and lack initiative ? Follow SIA ? OMG. From lst place, the SIA is now behind Emirates and Cathay Pacific !

    Those who look after our icons must be aware of our Sovereignty, National Interest, Self-Esteem ! And all should behave NORMALLY ! Once, we try to be funny when operating financial or high-tech systems without understanding how they operate in the geo-political 21st Century, we pay and pay in spades !

  6. What do people feel is the best option for MAS?

    If MAS goes bankrupt, presumably all obligations are wiped out as will all shareholders. Whatever arises from bankruptcy will be able to write new contracts without too much historical baggage.

    The other route is Khazanah privatization. This method requires an initial MYR 1.0b at least to buy shares from minorities, and thats assuming nobody says no and asks for more premium. As a wholly governement owned airline under rich Khazanah, the counterparties to the existing contracts and obligations will drive a hard bargain.

    IMO, it’ll be tragic if all the profits from other Khazanah businesses goes into a never ending black hole.

    1. Phobia. The MAS is a monopoly which has never made a success as much as it should. It was never managed NORMALLY as befits any business since the beginning in a business which is subjected to keen competition and world business trends. No need to bankrupt MAS. All it needs is for it to have a proper re-vamp and return to NORMAL business norms.

      1. u rarely write something make sense, but i have to say u did in this comment. however, u know what u suggested would never happen under the current regime. so bankrupcy is perhaps a good option.

        1. HY. You are not qualified to make any comment because you are only an employee of a little firm.

          1. hehehe, typical hoity-toity anglo that often make self-aggrandizing statements to hide his profound insecurity.

            revamp mana ada, vampire that suck our blood even under bright sun got one la, satu lagi projek ……

            1. HY. Your personal attacks on me shows clearly why the Chinese vernacular schools which produce inferiority complex specimens like you should be abolished like what your hero did to Singapore.

  7. Allow me to explain a few things. Pilot cannot just fly wherever they want and airlines cannot just decide which route to take as well. Before flying, the flight path have to be approved by governing bodies. In the case of MH17, it was eurocontrol and ICAO.

    Eurocontrol did approve the flightpath as it is deemed safe. MH17 was approved to fly at 35000ft above Ukraine airspace. However, Ukraine ATC asked MH17 to fly at 33000ft. Despite the change in altitude, MH17 is above the no fly zone and deemed safe by ICAO and IATA.

    Imagine if flights have to avoid all the conflict zones, that means planes have to fly above oceans for extended periods and this violates IATA safety regulation. Some blame can be put to MAS for MH370 pending further investigations but when it comes to MH17, MAS is plain unlucky.

  8. MAS (Mana Ada Salah). All the generals starting from Khazanah must be lined up for execution by ‘firing squad’.

  9. Watching the special parliament sitting on MH17. Man, surreal. AI and LGE standing up declaring their support for the government and MAS. LGE actually saying that they support MAS and will continue to support MAS by using their carriers.

    1. Itu dia cakap. Ada serupa bikin?

      Someone who is rajin – kalau ada access to Pg state filings – should dig up what carriers LGE used in the past.

      e.g. The official car of Najib’s cabinet ministers is Proton. LGE’s official car was briefly a Camry and now a Mercedes.

        1. Yup, remember that stunt he pulled flying Economy Class on a domestic flight that was viralled in the social media?

          After that when flying international, quietly upgraded lor.

          The biawaks are good at Event Management. That’s why the DAP supporters tend to believe that a politician’s job is to “gain publicity”.

      1. And now he’s actually touching on Palestine and rebuke America. Wow, LGE hitting all the right notes with the Malay voters. Thank you Nga for testing the waters earlier.

        1. Yup, to different audiences they say different things.

          To the Chinese audience, DAP says things in Chinese. To Malay audiences, out comes Khalifah Umar ‘Lim’ Abdul Aziz, the tudungs, the songkok & kain sampin, “Insya Allah”, kita sama-sama “sahur”.

          Obviously Papa Dapster is playing to the gallery like how Mama Dapster does so adroitly. And when they ar addressing a mixed audience, we get cop-outs like Hannah’s bleeding heart bleat on warring nations and dead children without any reference to “who”, “what”, “where”.

          Watch if LGE twists the knife in by also bringing up that Israel was Malaysia’s 15th biggest trade partner in 2010, see

            1. Pakatan supporters who can be taken in by Anwar, LGE and Hannah are clutching at straws.

          1. Didn’t hear the business partner with Israel part but he did touch on Sukhoi from Russia.

            But at least Wee kah Siong did a good job rebutting Mahfuz and calling out Rafizi on his tweet. Which of course, Rafizi said was not his and he’ll be making a police report. Typical PR stunt. When call out, they will say account kena hack. So what, they open their account using a public computer or free wifi and then just leave it on so the next person can use their account, is it?

  10. Top 3 largest world media empires are Walt Disney, Viacom and Time Warner all owned and controlled by ‘we know who’ lah. CNN? Time? Why did our dear TDM use the word ‘proxy’?

    See their style of reporting.. sikit2 mcam J-Star la.. So expect more negative headings on MAS in days and months to come selagi MAS tak lingkup. Same taktik licik owh?

    And their coverage on Gaza? Yesterday Al Jazeera reported their operation centre is Gaza was being targeted at by Israel.. BTW did J-Star mention this in their papers?

    1. BTW we have one Amoy nonstop poking her nose on affairs of Sarawak and Sabah. Tak henti blogs on Sarawak and Sabah. Special task given to go all out to paint negative pictures on all the BN leaders there.. So consumed sampai terhegeh2 keluaqkan video la. Mcam le dia tu hebat sangat, tak malu!

      Suppose the Awek cuns will individually be given special tasks and training in their school on what specific targets to handle on Bumiputra issues. Dyana dh diberi tugas UiTM and hudud, yg baru entah ape lagi?

      Let us monitor them closely, very very closely.

    2. re: “BTW did J-Star mention this in their papers?”

      You could do a media monitoring of The J-Star if you like to see if their coverage is pro-Israel or neutral.

  11. Perhaps, just perhaps all this things is a sign from God or Allah or Tuhan or Tua Pek Kong or Kuan Yin or whatever diety to punish Malaysia for playing around with God’s name?

    It’s called balasan Tuhan for people who are led astray just like in the old days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Coincidence? Don’t play play with other peoples religions. Somewhere, someplace somebody must be praying for calamity to befall Malaysians who play God, full of hypocrites, racists to God’s creations and so forth. Maybe it’s Karma also.

    What’s next, if you still play God!

  12. My non Tamil Indian friend ask me to highlight this malapetaka in China.

    The bubonic plague is back in China.

    The malapetaka of biblical portions. A disease from rats in a country where people take pride in eating dogs and cats.

    “A Chinese city has been sealed off and 151 people have been placed in quarantine since last week after a man died of bubonic plague, state media said.

    The 30,000 residents of Yumen, in the north-western province of Gansu, are not being allowed to leave, and police at roadblocks on the perimeter of the city are telling motorists to find alternative routes, China Central Television (CCTV) said.”

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