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Kiki bakal diusung sebagai awek cun DAP?

Lim Kit Siang made an offer yesterday:

“DAP is prepared to provide free legal service to Kiki if she wants to appeal against the RM5,000 fine and the DAP MP for Puchong, Gobind Singh Deo has confirmed that the DAP Legal Bureau headed by him is prepared to render such a service.”



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

38 thoughts on “Kiki bakal diusung sebagai awek cun DAP?

  1. So serious. Here is so khung bu news from China.


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    Published: Friday July 25, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
    Updated: Friday July 25, 2014 MYT 7:40:20 AM
    Boy leaves a stink on board flight

    by christine cheah, allison lai, AND a. raman

    A FAMILY from China has been condemned for letting a boy under their care defecate on his seat on board a Delta Air Lines flight from Beijing to Detroit, reported China Press.

    The boy, who was accompanied by his parents and grandparents, defecated on newspapers laid out on his seat.

    Despite other passengers urging the family to take the boy to the toilet, the grandfather insisted that the boy be allowed to pass motion on the seat. A stewardess even spoke to the family but to no avail.

    The incident sparked a furore among passengers and Chinese netizens, who took to the micro-blogging site Weibo to condemn the family.

    They accused the family of being an embarrassment to the Chinese community

    Remember don’t pang sai on the plane seat. Mat salleh’s don’t like it. I wonder whether you can pang sai on SQ?

  2. Look at the amount of love Malaysiakini reader have for Yuki when UMNO asks Yuki to be punished.

    Penang Umno chief Zainal Abidin Osman has called on DAP to prove that it is patriotic and loves this nation.

    In order to do so, he said the party must take action against Yuki Tan, the wife of DAP MP for Tanjung Ng Wei Aik

    “I challenge DAP to show its patriotism. This is not about politics but the country we love.

    “While we have different political ideologies, there are times when politics must be set aside and I hope DAP doesn’t remain silent,” he added.

    If no action is taken against Yuki, the Umno leader said it would only prove that DAP is a self-centred party, which puts its interests above that of the people’s.

    Tengok the comments:
    JooGuan I am a Chinese. I don’t feel I am patriotic enough to Malaysia. However, I have no patriotism to any nation except Malaysia. Besides those well known leaders like Pak Samad, Ambiga, LKS, Kapal Singh, Marina, Tian Chua, Nik Aziz, Mat Sabu, Art Harun, Haris Ibrahim etc, let’s face the fact that majority of Malaysian are not patriotic enough to Malaysia that we stand up against the injustice in this country, right the wrongs that happen daily and think Malaysia first rather Malay/Chinese/Indian/Iban/Dayak/etc first.
    1 hour ago | Report

    Idon’tlikekangkung OK, let me echo it then: Malaysia is a scary nation, what kind of useless country is this? But I would add that it has become scary and useless because of the powers that be
    2 hours ago | Report

    2 Tim 1:7 Most of those who are classified as Malay are either keturunan mamak or relatively newly arrived immigrants from Indonesia who never had a part in our struggle for Merdeka. It is a cruel and intolerable injustice that these Pendatang Indon should take precedence over ethnic Chinese and Indian citizens whose domicile in the country stretches back to many decades before their arrival on our shores. As patriotic citizens it devolves upon us to raise this anomaly with the UN High Commissioner for human rights and at other international forums. The pettiness of Mohd Razlan Muhammad shows that he like many other economic parasites in this country suffers from the ketuanan inferiority complex. It was mainly the entrepreneurial spirit and the hard work of ethnic Chinese and Indian citizens which has made Malaysia what it is today. All the GLC’s. are managed wholly by Malays. Characteristically none is without organizational and financial problems… CONTD ON 2.
    3 hours ago | Report

    AZIZ BIN KADER Yuki apologized for her wrong doing. If she against the country law let relevent department take action. Same as Kiki UMNO cannot take action because she is UMNO member. Zainal please go to school.
    15 hours ago | Report

    snake-in-the-grass Ya useless country run by useless crooks ,, Yuki telling the truth. But once you let the smart and sane people rule, like DAP in Penang, then Malaysia will become best country ….. Understand ?
    11 hours ago | Report

    1. Hmmm.
      Kiki and Yuki.
      Can start an awek cun JPop group to entice all the Malay men and remainder BN Chinese to DAP.

      DAP nampaknya suka pergi masjid pakai baju kebaya. Jikalau Pakatan bubar, DAP pun boleh tak over kerja PAS. In fact orang DAP lebih rajin pergi mesjid (macam Hanana dan Insya Ong) daripada orang UMNO atau PAS. Oleh kerana DAP penuh dengan tokoh2 Islam, PAS pun boleh merger sama DAP

  3. The Chinese uncle………who was the victim,

    and now the ultimate insult, LKS saying DAP will provide support to Kiki. L o L !!!

    1. The things the DAP will do to curry favour in fishing Malay votes.

      Like Ong Kian Ming stirring the empty pot just for a photo ops. What kind of people are they?


    2. Evangelists consider Catholics as papist deviants doncherknow?

      60% Muslim voters beats 5% Catholic any time.

      1. The Born Agains say they are the [true] Christians and at the same time, they refuse to acknowledge the Catholics as “Christians”.

        It has something to do with the allegation of idolatry because Catholic churches have icons, Catholics send their prayers to Mary (the Trinitarians don’t do this) and Catholics have a roster of dead saints.

        For the Chinese Born Agains, their ‘saints’ walk the Earth even now — such as the pastor of City Harvest Church.

        1. And Catholics are known to secretly consider other Christian denominations as ‘heretics’. Maybe because they refused to use the word “Allah’ unlike the Herald.

          1. not only born again Christian like hanana that is dangerous. even born again muslim like ustazah wardina or abby the same.

            the similarity that these born again loves to dictate what we should do or not disregarding the fact that they have zilch idea of the teaching of Islam or Christianity respectively. and the most dangerous part is many believe in them and does what is told unto them by these so called ustazah/preacher.

            1. That’s why I suggested that the Umno bloggers launch a DIVESTMENT campaign to get Malay twits to unsubscribe / unfollow Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter timeline.

              Can include Ostazah Abby dan Wardina in the list of Twitter personalities to boycott as well.

  4. Melayu makin rugi… kurang satu undi dah kira kalah. Bukan undi popular ye !

    Dap maakiiiiin untung… maybe next to my kiki.. uncle or atok or abe (bunyi kelate) near you… come..come.. no need wishing puasa, wishing raya, money first, u know duit raya… afterall bashing malay first is so much easier (read che det – jews)

    Menangguk di air keruh. Smart LKS! Perkasa pun ada offer tapi tak boleh lebih-lebih, nanti kena CAJ pulak..

    Helen, orang melayu sudah lupa dengan pepatah-pepitih yang mengingatkan dan mengajar. Mereka hanya ingat pePITIH-PITIH…mano pitih ?

    1. Ingatkan hanya saf pelapis DAP (si evangelista muda) yang suka buat benda-benda cam ni untuk nak tarik undi Melayu. Di luar sangkaan bahawa LKS pun boleh terikut-ikut.

  5. Both DAP and Perkasa are milking this incident for cheap publicity and political points.

    Both will suffer the consequences in due time.

    I just hope I’m around to watch the fall.

    1. There’s a difference though.

      It is in keeping with the rara-Melayu nature of Perkasa to defend Kiki. No contradictions there.

      Whereas DAP is really playing Two Face. With their Chinese audience they stoke hatred (how the Chinese truly feel can be seen in their backing of Yuki Tan).

      But in pitching to a potential Malay audience, the DAP is willing to go to the extent of stirring an empty pot, pretending that they are helping to cook bubur lambuk. How long can they keep up their Jekyll and Hyde pretense?

      The problem with the DAP hypocritical approach is that ALL Chinese will get tarred with the same brush kelak and we (including us the 10 percent) will equally suffer the backlash.

      1. Rara is understandable but to help raise funds for her fine is beyond the pale.

        Optimistically (or naively), I do sense a growing move to the centre among some Chinese who were previous hard core PR supporters; they are not happy with the Kajang move and other shenanigans.

        Perhaps it is still not too late.

        1. Perkasa’s move memang tak masuk akal but are you really surprised?

          That’s why Perkasa is unable to gain ideological traction on the Malay professional and educated class – except for those with Umno interests to protect – that Isma is fast acquiring.

          Perkasa was “purpose-built”, i.e. created for a set political agenda and unable to disassociate itself from its Umno links.

          Isma is an organic outgrowth and hence more credible.

        2. Re Optimistically (or naively), I do sense a growing move to the centre among some Chinese who were previous hard core PR supporters; they are not happy with the Kajang move and other shenanigans.

          Younger Chinese will continue to support PR though I m afraid. Just look at social media and how younger Chinese react to news disseminated by PR. This is going to get worse in future.

      2. You can see from this incident that if the DAP is successful in hoodwinking the Malays and they get their votes, they will throw the Chinese to the wolves.

        1. re: “they will throw the Chinese to the wolves”

          That’s because the DAP evangelistas are not Chinese. Their race is Anak Malaysia. They call MCA members “racists” for belonging to a parti perkauman.

          1. And yet Khalifah Lim Guan Eng said non-locals in Penang cannot cook local dishes as it might damage the authenticity.

  6. Not surprised DAP courting Kiki as she obviously shares the same samseng mentality. Birds of a feather, etc.

    Also, I’m really puzzled why the DAPsters hate Indian Muslims so much? I suppose because they are both Muslim ( ie Malay) and Indian. Double strength hatred.

    1. re: “why the DAPsters hate Indian Muslims so much”

      Because conversion to Islam is not acceptable to them.

      They don’t bully Indians who convert to Christianity.

      1. They also hate mualaf Cina. Look at one comment on Felixia Yeap’s Biarlah Palestine Menang poem.

        Murphy Chow July 11, 2014 at 11:01 AM

        does it ever cross your mind that israel has casualties too? or are you just…choosing sides now that you’re one of them…

        “that you’re one of them”… masuk Islam bermakna surat letak jawatan daripada bangsa Cina. You will also notice the Malay commenters all wish her well and show sympathy to Palestine.

        It seems like it is very jijik for a Chinese to be a Muslim and Palestinians means not good. Same logic as all the hate towards Indian Muslims.

        Two Malays scolded Murphy Chow

        “Shiela Jaafar July 11, 2014 at 8:30 PM

        Sure, if a murderer breaks into your house to kill your family, just sit back and chill. Do nothing ok. Because that’s exactly what you’re expecting these Palestinians to do. Read up bro, and use some common sense if you have any.

        Adam Osman July 11, 2014 at 8:51 PM

        Bro Murphy chow, I am actually appalled by your lack on knowledge with the rhetorical qtn u gave. May I suggest that u to get all e fact before u accuse pple just because of religion. Cause if u do then u r just being bias n being an ignorant. We Muslims condemn anything which is wrong even if e other person is a Muslims themselves. Whilst we Muslims do have extremists even other religion have them as well. Unknown to most of us that the ones which are attacking the Palestians now are the Jews Zionist. Every religion have them. Go google on it. I really hope it was just an error from u but if its not then u r just being a sour grape. Aa to date only 10-15 Israelist have been injured and only ONE seriously injured while but near to 500 or maybe even more Palestians have been killed. This is not defending themselves aa they keep saying, this is massacre. A baby was burnt alive, an elderly lady waa killed by e missiles attack and kids below the age of 12 r being hunted n killed n even jailed just because they r Palestians living in Gaza. Its against UN law but well nobody ia stopping them. Pls bro, do check out the real media instead of what we see on propaganda media. I end of here with wishing u enlightenment n peace bro. I meant no harm n shud u feel hurt with what I said, my sincere apology”

        P/S I typo my name.

        1. Adam…no apology due to that lower than animal Murphy Chow, to whom Muslims are fair games. To him and people of his ilk, massacring Muslims, when in the tens, or hundreds or thousands or much more, is no crime at all.

      2. Pwincess | July 25, 2014 at 2:07 pm “And yet Khalifah Lim Guan Eng said non-locals in Penang cannot cook local dishes as it might damage the authenticity.”

        Apart from the Indian Muslims and my highlight just now Mualaf Cina (in the form of Rania, Alfah etc), there is also a general dislike for Banglas and Muslim based foreign workers.
        Remember the Banglasia. I wonder whether we have located the missing Bangla voters. Did you notice these DAP lovers do not target Nepalese, Filipino, Vietnamese but anything just blame the Banglas or the ever common balik Indonesia.

        Non-locals serving foods. We know most of them (esp at the Nasi Kandar stores) are Bangla – MUSLIM. There is a true fear among PR lovers of more Muslims. I don’t see Khalifah targeting eateries with Mat salleh, Japanese or Taiwanese nationals. The hotels have many Mat Salleh chefs and they also take care of the local kitchen… so ask them to BALIK lor. (You know that would not happen)

        Now look at these scenarios.
        Hannah conversion- “I lepot polis” vs.
        Rania conversion – “one of them”

        Zairil – It is OK (DAP in the Malay community) vs.
        Alfah/Ridzuan – hate, hate, hate… Cina mahu jadi Melayu (Chinese in the Malay community) etc.

        You would notice it is a norm for DAP politicians – Christian or not to masuk mesjid, puasa etc. Do you see MCA or Gerakan doing that? DAP politicians now are as “Islamic” as their PAS counterparts.

  7. Bukan isu besar sekali pun, DAP suka menangok di air keroh kes by kes boleh disemak seawal i.e kes gadis bawah umur yang melibatkan Dato’ Rahim Thamby Chik terbaru Kiki Pegot year in year out

    hilang gelap timbul terang putrajaya masih terbayang LKS tidak akan duduk diam dulu digunakan anak sendiri la ni anak kawan sejati

    1. Must the Muslims in Chechnya call themselves Chechen second? Bosnian second? Uighur second? Palestinian second?

      Why fall into the DAP-Kit Siang trap of nailing one’s self to a fixed hierarchy? Our various identities are multi-layered, depending on what the situation is.

  8. I am first Malay and second Malaysian. LKS is first Chinese and second Malaysian. You can see Dap is full of Chinese and top brass mainly consists of Chinese. Even Zairil is Chinese.

    If LKS was not involved in 13 May, why don’t he take legal action against those who fitnah him? Personally I feel he was involved in provoking, inciting the riot. He knew that there would a riot so he went away as he would have an alibi.

    My question to LKS, why other political parties do not provoke hatred as much and as effective as Dap which always use race as a hatred word?

    If we do not have communist Dap, we will not be in the current situation where time bomb may explode. No thank to LKS AND HIS SON.

    1. Helang, I concur that no other political parties “provoke hatred as much and as effectively as DAP which always use ‘Race’ as a hatred word”.

      But see (below) how astoundingly the Dapsters can putar-belit Malaysiakini article headlined ‘Look who’s stirring the racial pot’ @

      About Cik Steering Lock Kiki


      1. Only the dapster will defend the indefensible. For me as a malay, wrong is wrong doesn’t matter who u are. ..malaysiakini commentator are full with racists against malay

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