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Which is longer: PKR election or sheep pregnancy?

Today is 26 July 2014. The PKR election started on 26 Apr 2014.

The party election process has passed its third month.

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PKR election chief Johari Abdul expects his party election to end by the third week of August. This would mean that the PKR election is scheduled to consume a period of some four months, barring any further delays.

Actually, the PKR election nomination day was March 29. Counting the duration from nomination till the party election’s anticipated conclusion in the third week of August, the process of electing either Azmin or Khalid as deputy PKR president etc, etc would have taken 150 days … or more.

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India’s election started on April 7 and finished on May 12, altogether taking 35 days or a little over a month. The results of India’s election were announced on May 16 after 551 million votes were counted.

Let me put that in numerals: 551,300,000 votes were counted by India’s election commission.

Erm, how many members voted in PKR’s election? 50,000?


Note: In the race for PKR deputy president, Azmin has so far garnered 21,000 votes, Khalid about 17,600 and Saifuddin Nasution some 9,900. The trio between them collected a total of 48,500 votes.

The Sheeple

In the time it takes to conclude the PKR election, Papa Sheep and Mama Sheep can make a Baby Sheep and bring the little lamb into the world.



Opposition supporters who are sheeple – although not meek and mild as they’re in reality most aggressive and highly abusive – have this firm belief that a takeover of Putrajaya by Pakatan will set Malaysia on the right track.

It’s an article of faith with them that if Pakatan is put in charge of the federal gomen, assuredly Corruption, Incompetence, Bad Breath, Body Odour and Hannah Yeoh’s Age Spots will be eradicated overnight.

Hannah Yeoh on stage to Bersihkan Malaysia

DAP promises to “Bersihkan Malaysia”

The sheeple will chew you up alive if you fail to enthusiastically support their Bersih project for a “Free and Fair” election.

It does not occur to them that Freedom and Fairness, like Charity, begins at home.

The PKR election, for example, has been dogged by allegations of cheating and phantom voters and at the same time seen blackouts, flying chairs and bleeding heads.

If only the Pakatan parties can first clean up their own backyard, then maybe, just maybe, they can gain some little credibility.

For the moment, the only impressive thing about the Pakatoons is the Holy Water that they bottle, distribute and sell. This Jerusubang juice is a miracle product they should market globally — the best snake oil the world has ever seen. Yes really.

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22 thoughts on “Which is longer: PKR election or sheep pregnancy?

  1. It is good that pkr election becomes the longest election in Malaysia as we can see its transparency as Anwar claimed that pru13 election was rigged.

    We could see how they used chairs to vote, used real blood instead of non permanent ink to avoid cheating, electricity black out, used money to fish votes, filling voting slips in the hotel room and other tactics which were forbidden in any fully democratic election. These are the tactics that pkr can use in the next pru14 that we can see transparently.

    Pkr must be commended for its transparency. Congratulation PKR.

    1. re: “PKR must be commended for its transparency.”

      Err, competency too?

      India is such a sprawling country — from her big, crowded cities to her small, remote villages.

      Even India’s robust democracy has completed the nationwide elections, and Prime Minister sworn into office in May. (Both India’s and PKR’s elections had started in April.)

    2. Don’t forget to use helmet, bring bring along a torchlight, plasters and extra bandages to the next PKR election.

    3. Errr… any vote from 40000 Bangladeshi? Because they dont appear in last PRU 13 so maybe pkr using them now for their election.

  2. Now what Ambiga has to say abt this? Dont be selective dey. PKR, as it claims, is a govt in waiting hence it has big implication on the nation. Wake up sheeples n smell the stinky crappola !

  3. It is a strange accident of human evolution that the deceptive few are able to mislead the willing masses.

    1. re: “the deceptive few are able to mislead the willing masses”

      The deceptive few are biawak lidah bergulung-gulung. The chameleons will soon meet their karma.

  4. Woman, have ye gone mad??!!

    Corruption? Easy peasy
    Incompetence? Piece of cake
    Body odour? Everyone can be given deodorant rolls in PR’s first budget
    Bad breath? Give halitosis a breath of fresh air with some mouth wash.
    Hannah’s age spot? Nothing short of a miracle can eradicate that. Certainly no amount of SK-II Miracle Water can. Holy water boleh kot?

  5. i go to the stage and make an announcement to all:
    Helen Ang.. YOU ROCK!! I am ur big fan!

    When they did it, everythinggggg is OKAY.
    When BN did it, everythinggg is WRONG.

    Sheep is more clever if we give them to count those votes.haha

    1. Why don’t you take a break and a KitKat rather then venting hate in my blog on the eve of Raya and spoiling the other readers’ holiday mood?

        1. He’s a trooper who had pretended that he was a Sabah/Sarawak native, wakakakaka.

    2. You must be the Anon fella who commented in Annie’s blog with last words ‘go get a life’. Troll rupanya kamu ni.

  6. Hahaha….. this is PKR PERLI post is of the highest order. This blog made my day! One rendang Tok for you, Helen!

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