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DAP’s national unity = forget your race, religion, culture, language

Kit Siang, Guan Eng, DAP and their Dapsters are pointing a gun to your head.

They do that in order to extract your compliance to their “Malaysian Malaysia”.

Lim Kit Siang in his website yesterday extolled Malaysian Malaysia, the DAP’s idea of a united country.

BELOW: ‘What is Impian Malaysia?‘ article in LKS website

Impian Malaysia

“Unity in diversity”

DAP’s “Malaysian Malaysia” concept is a plural society.

Plurality here means that we’re all different races, belong to different religions, practice different cultures and speak different languages.

Different races


Different religions



Different cultures

bah kut teh


Different languages



So very different.

Yet DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia markets itself as uniting the races to become One People.

“One people”, says Kit Siang’s Malaysian Dream, “rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic differences”.

Rising above …

“Rising above language”: DAP does not practise the national language (BM) as our one common tongue. The party’s awek cun will have to learn Mandarin.

“Rising above culture”: Kit Siang is consistent in his objection to the songkok as the official headgear for the state assembly sittings.

“Rising above religion”: DAP must clarify whether they support the church’s bid for unfettered religious freedom (read: equality).

“Rising above ethnicity”: DAP decrees that Muhyiddin’s ‘Malay First’ is racism.


ABOVE: The DAP even UBAH the Muslimin and Muslimah … into their mascot birds

Malaysian First

Kit Siang: One citizenship to bind us all

The DAP’s unity platform is our one citizenship that is supposedly able to exceed all the significant differences which divide us.

And we’re so divided that the DAP supporters even refuse to cheer for Lee Chong Wei, our No.1 badminton player.

Do we share a common ground in language? No.

In culture? No.

In national aspirations? No.

In a mutual respect for national symbols? No.


So what is the DAP’s unity based on?

Our common love for nasi lemak and teh tarik.

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23 thoughts on “DAP’s national unity = forget your race, religion, culture, language

  1. Spot-on Helen. I always laugh at DAP’s definition of national unity. Same old story again and again and I am getting tired of them.

    1. Unity? Tell Lim Kit Siang to persuade DAP supporters to send their children to Sekolah Kebangsaan first, no need to have SRJKC and UEC, every “Anak Malaysia” should go to the same school from their first day of Standard 1. Boleh Ubah itu dulu tak?

      1. Surely all Malaysian parents will send their children to national schools if they do not inculcate the young with islamic teachings!

        1. Theam…what do you mean with ‘inculcate the young with islamic teachings?

          I were a born chinese.

          my parents were of chinese origin. my dad were local chinese but my mom’s parents came from china and resided in singapore.

          i started my primary in sjk jenis kebangsaan (inggeris) and later on when my family shifted to KL, i were enrolled in sjk (sekolah kebangsaan, starting from standard 4.

          in my experience in sjk, a non-muslim student were arranged by the ‘cikgu/ustaz’ to be in the school library during pengajian agama islam classes.

          never in my knowledge any young non-muslim children being forced to stay in pengajian agama islam classes in any sjk.

          therefore, when u said national schools inculcate the young with islamic teachings, i’m very sure what you say is not from your own experience in sjk. what you mentioned surely from a mere hearsay.


  2. Unity is something u cant shove down someone’s throat even with a gun ponting at their head. What i see now is the chinese (almost always equals to DAP) are not ready to unite.. yeah.. they are crying “unite” everytime they speak but you and me know how hollow that sounds… how to unite when we cant even talk to each other?

    Its a norm in my hospital that chinese patients will tell our nurses “mau tengok dr cina”… “tatau cakap melayu” .. kind of things.. no one bat an eye lid coz thats how things were and are for last 20 years i have been in service. As for me “lagi bagus” coz that cuts down my patient list!…

    Go on Helen and expose their damn hypocrisy… And i do speak some Hokein n to hear what they (man of the street) say are very very hurtful.. i dont forsee any unity for the next 100 years.. stand together maybe but definitely Not Unity!

  3. This national unity they are promoting…. one that tells people to abandon their language, culture, religion, is essentially the imposition of liberalism, white liberalism that is, where people are to be shaped by man made ideologies, ideas and anything that is man made. This is not how a people come into existence.

    A people come into existence through a shared historical experiences over a relatively long period of time, like for instance the Chinese, the Indians, the Japanese, shaped over the course of thousands of years.

    Sorry. This ain’t gonna work on most people. Only a people with an inferiority complex, a defeated people, would adopt such liberalism. In our case, such people are found in the DAP, with their people constantly yelling at others with slogans such as “No Malay, No Chinese, No Indian, Only Malaysian”.

    1. The problem with such radical liberals, not only here but especially in the west, is that they are very illiberal about people who disagree with their liberal views.

      The DAPs vision of a Malaysian Malaysia is great in principal, as long as it ensures that no citizen in Malaysia is left behind, and that will require affirmative action programmes to help poorer and disadvantaged sections of society, most of whom will be ethnic Malays and Tamils, but at the same time, affirmative action is anathema to the Neo-Liberal concept of meritocracy, so proclaimed by DAP members and supporters.

      What has the largely DAP state government of Penang done to ease the problem of high housing costs in Penang? After all, land and housing comes under state jurisdiction.

      Whilst the DAP speaks about a Malaysian Malaysia, judging by the results of its Central ExCo elections where the bias against Malays amongst its rank and file membership is pretty obvious. So where’s the Malaysian Malaysia spirit in its members?

      At a public gathering at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in support of Lim Guan Eng who was out on bail pending appeal against his jail sentence over an issue related to an underaged Malay girl in Malacca, some speakers on stage spoke in Chinese, even though there were non-Chinese speaking supporters like myself and a long time Malay member or supporter present. Where’s their Malaysian Malaysia spirit?

      The DAP’s liberal concept of a Malaysian Malaysia is not very different from Najib’s concept of 1Malaysia, which can’t happen when some segments of society feel discriminated against or are left behind economically.

      In such national circumstances, slogans like Malaysian Malaysia and 1Malaysia are just wallpaper over a cracking wall due to a shifting foundation.

      Joseph Stalin better understood questions of nationhood, than the liberals in the DAP.

      In Marxism and the National Question, Stalin wrote:-

      Thus, a common economic life, economic cohesion, is one of the characteristic features of a nation.

      But even this is not all. Apart from the foregoing, one must take into consideration the specific spiritual complexion of the people constituting a nation. Nations differ not only in their conditions of life, but also in spiritual complexion, which manifests itself in peculiarities of national culture. If England, America and Ireland, which speak one language, nevertheless constitute three distinct nations, it is in no small measure due to the peculiar psychological make-up which they developed from generation to generation as a result of dissimilar conditions of existence.

      Of course, by itself, psychological make-up or, as it is otherwise called, “national character,” is something intangible for the observer, but in so far as it manifests itself in a distinctive culture common to the nation it is something tangible and cannot be ignored.

      Needless to say, “national character” is not a thing that is fixed once and for all, but is modified by changes in the conditions of life; but since it exists at every given moment, it leaves its impress on the physiognomy of the nation.

      Thus, a common psychological make-up, which manifests itself in a common culture, is one of the characteristic feature’s of a nation.

      We have now exhausted the characteristic features of a nation.

      A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.

      It goes without saying that a nation, like every historical phenomenon, is subject to the law of change, has its history, its beginning and end.

      It must be emphasised that none of the above characteristics taken separately is sufficient to define a nation. More than that, it is sufficient for a single one of these characteristics to be lacking and the nation ceases to be a nation.

      It is possible to conceive of people possessing a common “national character” who, nevertheless, cannot be said to constitute a single nation if they are economically disunited, inhabit different territories, speak different languages, and so forth. Such, for instance, are the Russian, Galician, American, Georgian and Caucasian Highland Jews, who, in our opinion, do not constitute a single nation.

      It is possible to conceive of people with a common territory and economic life who nevertheless would not constitute a single nation because they have no common language and no common “national character.” Such, for instance, are the Germans and Letts in the Baltic region.

      Finally, the Norwegians and the Danes speak one language, but they do not constitute a single nation owing to the absence of the other characteristics.

      It is only when all these characteristics are present together that we have a nation.


      This paragraph below could very well apply to Malaysia today.

      “It is possible to conceive of people with a common territory and economic life who nevertheless would not constitute a single nation because they have no common language and no common “national character.” Such, for instance, are the Germans and Letts in the Baltic region.”

      I don’t expect that neither the leaders nor the one-liner slogan chanters of the DAP have the brains to understand such prodound matters of nationhood, as well as the concept of proletarian internationalism, as Joseph Stalin did.

      According to History Learning Site:-

      “He (Stalin) came from a poor background; his father was a cobbler and his mother was a peasant”.

      “He did well at school and won a scholarship to go to a seminary where priests were trained”.

      “Stalin was seen as dull by the intellectual elite of the Bolshevik Party. They all made a fatal mistake in assuming that he was stupid”.

      “When Stalin became the undisputed leader of Russia in 1929, he realised that Russia was far behind the west and that she would have to modernise her economy very quickly if she was to survive. Also a strong economy would lead to a strong military if Russia was going to survive threats from external forces. A modernised Russia would also provide the farmers with the machinery they needed if they were going to modernise their farms – such as tractors.”

      Now that last one sounds like Putin, Mahathir and some other visionary leaders today.

      How many in the DAP today come from a poor artisan & peasant background. or are they arty farty, yuppie, white collar, intellectual, urban middle-class types?

      No wonder DAP and its latte-sipping PKR partners can’t cut it in the rural constituencies where Barisan Nasional is strong, whilst amongst Pakatan, only PAS can, and when they lose, these latte-sipping urgan, middle-class liberals denounce the rural voters as “stupid”, when the rural folk are in fact smarter and more worldly-wise than them.

  4. All people under the sun belong to the human race. After that can only come affiliations among men, for the sake of survival, and for the common good; and so there will be contesting between individuals and groups, as to what constitutes right and wrong.

    Man has to be sincere in his intelligence and in his heart in the control of his natural instincts and the nurture of his understanding. Know that the prophets and sages have always appeared to steer deviant, stupid and cruel mankind back to the straight way of justice, compassion and wisdom.

    1. How can ah ? This is racism !!! Racist Malays !!!

      Truth of matter is, this will not happen in the near term. But in the longer term, as the Chinese demographics deteriorates, the implementation of such a system becomes more plausible.

      My advice to those wanting such a system to be implemented is this. Bait your time. Wait for the Chinese demographics to deteriorate to the extent where they constitute only 10% or so of the population. Alternatively, become more aggressive in proselytizing to the Chinese. Can Malays do this ? Can Muslims do this ?

  5. I have only one comment to DAP and LKS and the lot… you people are like the JEWS… and the communist. Go and fly kite… You lot are the cause of all problems in Malaysia…

  6. I’ll see youngsters imposing comments is that so than

    Tahniah Helen

    Ini orang kalau orang muda-muda sudah tolak apa yang dia dah lakukan in the past akan disumpah seumur hidup nya walau pun dia ingin hidup seribu tahun lagi

  7. “rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic differences”

    well said lks.

    1. ‘well said lks.’

      Talk cock ony maa. LKS will go LKY way if he can. Mandarin as ‘bahasa penyatuan’ at the expense of the country’s Bahasa Kebangsaan coupled with China nationals in droves for status quo.

      But when he can’t, he gives us Malaysian Malaysia repackaged! LKS can ony tipu so hai macam u!!

  8. Different races
    Did you realise that the left panel is heavier or fatter than the right?

  9. Malaysian dream is LKS’s dream. What he really meant is that Chinese will take control. Malaysia will be greater China adopting Mandarin as official language and Christian as official religion. Once Dap under the guise of PR control Putrajaya, they will place Chinese as heads of federal government departments under the pretext of they are better than the Malays.

    Sure LKS dream on! But Malays be warned that history tell us that Malays were colonised because of disunity and gunting dalam lipatan within the Malay society. We Malay must get rid off disunity and the gunting.

  10. Di dalam sebuah akhbar bertarikh 25 November 1999, Lim Guan Eng yang pada ketika itu merupakan Timbalan Setiausaha Agung DAP berjanji akan menghapuskan hak orang Melayu.

    Beliau telah mengeluarkan kenyataan berbunyi “Kami masih berpegang dengan pendirian, menolak kerajaan Islam kerana gagasan Malaysian Malaysia tidak akan memberi sebarang keistimewaan kepada mana-mana kaum, sebaliknya semua pihak akan mendapat taraf sama rata yang lebih adil”.

    Siapakah yang boleh memberi jaminan pada hari ini DAP sudah memansuhkan perjuangan Malaysian Malaysia yang menjadi teras perjuangan mereka sehingga kini? Jadi siapa sebenarnya yang ekstremis dan rasis?

    suatu pengajaran yang perlu diambil iktibar buat kita sebagai umat Islam di Malaysia iaitu apa yang telah berlaku di dalam sejarah pembentukan negara Amerika. Sikap toleransi dan apologetik bangsa asal Red Indian telah memberikan satu malapetaka buat mereka.

    Kini, meskipun telah dilaungkan hak sama rata antara semua kaum, namun secara hakikatnya bangsa kulit merah di Amerika masih dianggap sebagai bangsa kelas kedua berbanding bangsa kulit putih sedangkan mereka adalah pemilik asal tanah tersebut.

    Asas negara Malaysia yang paling utama adalah Melayu sebagai tuan tanah dan Islam sebagai agama bagi negara ini. Ramai pihak tidak berpuas hati dengan asas-asas negara Malaysia ini seperti DAP yang mahu menghapuskan hak keistimewaan Melayu dan Islam melalui perjuangan Malaysian Malaysia mereka, serta secara konsisten tidak pernah berganjak prinsip perjuang ini sehingga ke hari ini.

  11. HA ! HA ! HA !

    Umpama tikus baiki labu – cerita pasal perpaduan? Impian peri-peri LKS yang ngeri….

    Sebaik nya :-

    “Seru lah kaum cina itu dulu, menjadi warga Malaysia yang tahu dan ingat asal usul sejarah nya. Bukan menjadi warga yang tiada budi dan tiada pekerti terhadap Kerajaan dan Bangsa yang telah memberi ruang sebanyak-banyak nya. Sesungguhnya majoriti kaum cina sekarang suka bersikap Dajjal dan terlampau Kurang Ajar yang telah dididik oleh pihak cauvinis dengan cara melampaui batas ” – tidak terjadi di tempat-tempat lain kerana sikap yang boleh pula diserap -sesuai keadaan tempatan dalam negara tersebut.

    Di Malaysia tiada apa yang kurang. Cuma bila ingin menghapuskan Melayu dan Hak-Hak nya termasuk Agama Islam, ingin mengubah Perlembagaan termaktub maka ini SATU KESALAHAN yang cuba dikaburi dengan cara yang tidak berhemah (rujuk artikel Tun Hamid yang diperlekehkan LGE tanpa segan silu.)

  12. One people”, says Kit Siang’s Malaysian Dream?? Its KIT SIANG DREAM. uweeekkk.

    Conman award of the year for the 100th time goes to ‘LIM KIT SIANG’,,,, Di persilakan anak Beliu Lim Guan Eng untuk menyampaikannya…

  13. Saperti mana bersatu nya Melayu menentang Malayan Union dan dini hari apabila LKS dah rasa Chinese bersatu di bawah Dap dan dengan rasa bangga nya mengajak Melayu yang berpecah ketika ini bersatu pula di bawah pempinanan nya yang belum pun tahu dapat menduduki taktha pemerintahan ….real hipsters exactly mcm. Tabernacle nonconformist creed yang gambar teratas tu kah..

  14. Tapi masih ada Melayu yang bengong bahalol biol dan baqghal yang percaya dan sayang akan Dap dan LKS. Sanggup diperintah dihina dan dipijak oleh Dap

    Pemimpn pemimpin Pas rela jual agama dan bangsa untuk keuntongan persendirin mereka dan ahli ahli pula taksub sangat dengan pemimpin pemimpin mereka hingga kalau disuroh terjun laut pun mereka akan buat.

    PKR pula party haru biru. With all these negativity I still can say that LKS can dream on with his bullshit version of solidarity. We the majority MALAYS can see through u. Tak usah mali kelentong sama kita olang oooo.

  15. Do Chinese really in the position to give up their race, religion, Language and culture? Can Chinese live without ASTRO WLT, Chinese newspaper, Chinese Radio and etc.. Bangsa Malaysia here we go uncle Lim.

    Ooppps before that, please sharpen your BM la uncle Lim so u can be a good Bangsa Malaysia.

  16. Bestlah.. DAP ni mcm Israel yg cuba menjajah Palestin. DAP serang Melayu dgn mcm2 agenda, bila Melayu balas balik dia kata Melayu Rasis, Melayu Jahat, Melayu bla bla bla.. Sama mcm Israel yg mengata Palestin Pengganas dan dlm masa yg sama palestin di bom keliling.

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