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Wong Chun Wai appears to be attacking Zam, again

DAP’s rank hypocrisy is plain for all to see.

The party info chief Tony Pua wrote in his Facebook, “Now the bully who also racially abused the 68-year old Chinese victim is being glorified as a hero by the fascist Malay-rights group, Perkasa — just because she is Malay” (screenshot below).

Their Jerusubang evangelista icon @hannahyeoh retweeted, “Perkasa is a bully. Of course they’d support Kiki”.

Yet at the same time, the DAP offered Kiki free legal aid to appeal her stiff court sentence — see tweet by mursyidul am Lim Kit Siang. Well who’s supporting Kiki now if not the DAP for the sake of fishing Malay votes?

TonyPua Kiki

Hannah Kiki

Gunting Dalam Lipatan

The BN-backstabbing media owned by the MCA is 2×5 with DAP in their bermuka-muka hypocrisy.

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai’s column today in his newspaper is headlined ‘Drown out the bigots‘ and the topic of Wong’s discussion is similarly Kiki.

Chun Wai applied his own personal perspective on communalism to the incident, writing:

“Kiki must have acted in such a harsh manner believing that the mainly Malay onlookers were on her side, purely on racial grounds. But she was wrong.”

gunting star dalam lipatan

Talk is cheap: EvangeliSTAR tanam tebu di bibir

An evangelista tegar, Wong Chun Wai can only be expected to portray himself as one of the “rational and fair-minded Malaysians”, and among the “voices of moderation, rationality and tolerance”.

Predictably, his article pitched the standard Firster Christian-Love rhetoric throughout:

“people of all races came together”, “Malaysians were in one voice”, “a sense of oneness among Malaysians”, “MH17 has seen Malaysians coming together”, “Malaysians of all races”, “Malaysians continue to speak as one”.

Chun Wai is overly smug in his contrived “one people“-orientation but I’m sure many readers of this blog can see through his hypocrisy.

If Kiki were Chinese … ingat Dapster, ingat GengSTAR!


J-Star quacks like the DAP

The paper walks like a duck and talks like a duck and there can be little doubt about the allegiance harboured by the nest of evangeliSTARs.

Its itik-berbulu-ayam waddling boss then proceeds to grandstand, quacking: “To all fair-minded Malaysians, wrong is wrong”.

Chun Wai’s posturing above segues from his oblique attack on Zainuddin Maidin, who had earlier blogged, ‘Kes Kiki: Bagaimana jika yang terhukum seorang Cina?

Zam had wondered what would have been the reaction of the Chinese newspapers, Chinese social media and Chinese NGOs as well as MCA/DAP and the rest of the geng Cina had the same penalty been meted out to a Chinese road bully instead.

We know that some kiasu Chinese are willing to defend the indefensible, to the extent of proclaiming that the Alvivi Bak Kut Teh recipe could be either halal chicken or perhaps vegetarian.

Although Wong Chun Wai is once again too sly to mention Zam explicitly by name, he nonetheless took the following dig:

“It was sickening that a few individuals decided to inject race and religion into the equation, with one asking what the outcome would be if Kiki had been the victim and Uncle Sim the aggressor. Seriously, it takes a twisted racial mind to look at this incident from that angle”.

There are insults aplenty in Chun Wai’s article and not only against those whom he labelled “a twisted racial mind”.

His serkap jarang also included the “racial and religious bigots”, “self-declared champions of their races”, the “dumb and dumber”, those [Malays] with “warped thinking”, social media practitioners who “articulate bigoted and zealous views”, “the extremist voices”.

Doesn’t Chun Wai sound like he is mirroring the Father & Son?

BN’s most dangerous enemy is within. If Umno does not take corrective action, the BN anchor party can expect to eventually bleed to death from poisonous stab wounds in the back.



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28 thoughts on “Wong Chun Wai appears to be attacking Zam, again

  1. Re. “MH17 has seen Malaysians coming together”, “Malaysians of all races”, “Malaysians continue to speak as one”.

    – my foot. How about Yuki ..??? Come on la dapster n chung wai… hypocrite of the highest order.

  2. I don’t know why they don’t kutuk that awful nasty man in the video ( looks Chinese but could be of any race) who was kicking that young Malay thief. I understand if angry people would wallop these snatch thieves but not that deliberate sadistic way that guy was doing. You could see how he took his time circling the thief, then viciously kicking him. If I were there, I’d have yelled at him to let the police arrest him. He looked like these 90 pound weaklings who, when for the first time in their lives have a bit of power, will revel in it. The police should arrest him.

    Same smug behaviour of certain opposition politicians and a certain segment of a certain community.

    Like some years back, when I was waiting at a traffic light on a slope. A car in front suddenly rolled back and gently thudded against the car behind. Waah, this Chinaman rushed out furious and shouted at the driver, then suddenly HIS car rolled back and hit the car behind! Should have seen the immediate change in his behaviour, grinning sheepishly at the car behind. What a laugh! I suppose he must hsve said “sorry” and expected all to be forgiven. Standard response.

    1. ‘when for the first time in their lives have a bit of power, will revel in it.’

      The things I learned about the DAP, especially from Ng Wei Aik stunts with the Mamaks in Penang. LGE had taught him well!

      ‘Dalam insiden tersebut Ng Wei Aik,Adun Komtar memerangkap setiausaha DAP telah datang dan terus menuduh restoran tersebut menjadi punca kemalangan,rasis chauvanist ini terus menyerang pemilik kedai dengan kata kata kesat “Tutup Balik India”, “Pembunuh Kalau Org Mati, Kamu Boleh Bertanggungjawab Ke”.

      Video ini membuktikan betapa kurang ajar,biadap & angkuhnya seorang chauvanist ultra kiasu Ng Wei Aik. Rasis chauvanist ini adalah Adun Komtar,yang menjadi persoalan lokasi kejadian adalah di kawasan DUN Pengkalan Kota yang diwakili oleh YB Lau Keng Ee.

      Mengapa Ng Wei Aik lebih sudu dari kuah,sedangkan lokasi kedai tersebut bukan kawasan DUN KOMTAR.

      Tindakan beliau ternyata menyalahi undang undang, si bangsat ini tidak ada kuasa mengarahkan penguatkuasa MPPP untuk menyita barang barang milik peniaga tersebut. Mengapa rokok dan wang didalam premis kedai turut di samun oleh penyangak DAP ini?’

  3. If Wong Chun Wai says anything, it is agreed by Najib. Remember Najib is trying to increase the support from chinese voters from 21% currently which is too low. So to show the chinese that Najib is not a pure Malay, he is showing that he is liberal and thinks like a chinese.


  4. To Wong Chun Wai, bigotry is the sole preserve of Malays and Muslims. That is why he talked only about Malays and Muslims in his column today.

    One-eyed dajjal!

  5. Do you reckon LTL knows all this? Since you’ve said he’s a micro manager, maybe he’s engineering a re-org of the editorial board behind the scenes?

    Well, one can only hope…

    1. Remember what the J-Star flashed on the front page about him?

      Heard WKS is the bigger brains between the two of them.


  6. Sorry to divert a little here Helen.

    I am delighted to report that the Our Lady of Subang has finally taken the next logical step to cement her legecy as one of the legendary figures of the national and international history by releasing a book called “Becoming Hannah – A personal journey”.

    For a mere Rm25 you get to know all about our legendary Christian Taleban leader and get an eyeful of her pictures in full colour.

    1. The title of the book “Becoming Hannah – A personal journey”…..

      sounds just like a MLM slogan. Man you gotta give it to her. She’ll use every opportunity to proselytize to the masses. One piece of advice for her. Prepare a Mandarin version. It’ll sell like hot cakes among the holy water addicted Chinese.

      I m curious on one thing though. Who is the publisher ?

      1. You are correct . In fact DAP itself a massive MLM organization that rivals Madoff. The publisher is some DAP connected publishing house (I can’t recall the name). There are a few such publishers around and how they are funded is shrouded in secrecy.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the book is made as a compulsory reading or text book for all Selangorians.

  7. Zam mulut longkang go poke the sarang tebuan for what all of sudden this suey surely raise their anger la DS Najib apa lagi China mau to them sound humid and praiseworthy …every warganegara has their right to choose gomen want so the sinners are aplaudable of their kind only kalau lah muka tak tahu malu nak buat macam mana terjun laut lah jawabnya

  8. I saw the cat fight between Latheefah and Arta. It seems like Selangor is funding Latheefah’s NGO – Lawyers for Liberty. This raises the question on what other NGOs that public money being used to bankroll.

    In Penang, the Dear Leader selling the state land left right and center to rich developers and in Selangor the public money is being freely used to fund shady NGOs and provide cushy jobs to political allies.

    1. Selangor is just aping Penang. They are now calling for Khalid’s blood simply because with Khalid around, they can’t get their hands on the state’s RM3 billion surplus. With that amount of money, you can imagine the sort of propaganda they will shove on to the people of Selangor.

    2. Dear leader in Japan now to get Japanese to invest in Penang. Perhaps buy apartment and marry Penang girls.
      So good. And he want to LRT which will finish in 2030.

      LGE want to Penang’s longest CM.

      1. re: LGE wants to be Penang’s longest serving CM

        WCW wants to be longest serving newspaper boss. His colleague the patently anti-BN Ms June Wong’s is the shortest stint as group editor in The J-Star. A record for the briefest time ever at the top.

        I’m sure June is aware who in the Nest of Evangelistas backstabbed her. As for the fella who backstabbed June Wong, you live by the sword (more like poison pen), you will die by the sword. The knives are out for you ‘cos you’ve knived too many people in the back already.

        The filming of Chua Soi Lek’s sex tape was not done by outsiders but his own enemies within. MCA is crashing. Let’s get the popcorn and watch the vipers in the nest spit venom and strike at each other.

        1. It’ll backfire on all of them eventually. The Star is a money making machine and they’re all in it to make as much money as possible. They are all laying the groundwork to migrate.

          For a certain WCW, it’s London. Some will go to Ostalia. Funny how none of them ever said anything about going to Singapore. Must be the police state. In Singapore, there’s much less freedom to do backstabbing here and there.

          1. re: “Funny how none of them ever said anything about going to Singapore.”

            Umno Youth’s KL chief got it wrong. The loudest Chinese who annoy him don’t want to “balik Tongsan”. China is not their first choice destination.

  9. I am hoping Pakatan will split into pieces with the MB ruckus. Khalid and the Pakatan splinters should start a new party.
    Let us harp on this.

  10. Hadiah terbaik.

    DAP hari ini menyatakan kebimbangan terhadap kemungkinan berlaku perpecahan Pakatan Rakyat ekoran kegagalan sebuah komponennya menghormati janji dan keputusan bersama.

    “Dalam perutusan hari rayanya juga, Lim mengingatkan, tanpa Pakatan, Malaysia akan kembali balik kepada “era monopoli kuasa yang rakus menindas rakyat dan hanya memihak kepada kroni”.

    “Semoga semangat 1 Syawal yang bermula dengan saling bermaaf-maafan akan membuka hati kita untuk sama-sama berjuang ke arah Malaysia yang berjiwa rakyat,” katanya.”

    Panggil orang rakus tanda bermaafan? Bagus kalaulah Pakatan berkecai.

    Di sini Mulan nak ucapkan Eid Mubarak kepada kawan-kawan seperjuangan di blog Helen.

  11. “‘The title of the book “Becoming Hannah – A personal journey”…..

    I forget whats her chinese name again?

    I guess we will find these words in there.

    1 Anak Malaysia
    2 Evil people
    3 Christiany
    4 Ciity Harvest
    5 The one who almost got away
    6 Dap
    7 Lim Kit Sial
    8 Surau/masjid
    9 My husband does not speak tamil
    10 JPN registered my child as chinese

    Words you wont find

    1 My favourite place to shop is Little India Klang
    2 My new handbag
    3 I earn 40k a month
    4 Israeil/Jew
    5 My children , 1 is chinese 1 is Indian (wonder what the next
    going to be,)
    6 Why i got kicked out of Australia
    7 My husband is indian/tamil

    To all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya and drive safely

    1. I heard from my paper vendor that Star sales have dropped 30% since the elections and many are pissed with the Ah Wong writing.

      1. re: “many are pissed with the Ah Wong writing”

        He is a lalang who sways this way and that in order to jaga his very, very big periuk nasi.

        Since he bends for the sake of expediency, then obviously one side or did other will be pissed off when Ah Wong has his cake and eats it too.

  12. Have anybody realise that in this case Digi is the one that gained? Are the two acted for the benifit of Digi? Digi is willing to pay for repair for both cars.

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