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Rise up and take back S’gor for the ummah

Heh-heh, look what’s cookin’.

malaysiakini_ Leaked PAS message

“Team with Umno to take S’gor”

All songkok and tudung – below – is what the ruling coalition in Selangor could look like if PKR remains dead set on removing Khalid Ibrahim from his Menteri Besar chair.

It appears that incumbent MB Khalid has the Islamist party’s support given the recent statements by PAS president Hadi Awang, PAS living legend Nik Aziz, Menteri Besar colleague Ahmad Yakob (Kelantan MB), PAS Selangor commissioner Iskandar Samad, PAS Dewan Ulama, PAS Pemuda Selangor and the PAS Selangor Aduns.

BELOW: Khalid Ibrahim + Selangor Aduns (Umno + PAS)


Khalid’s 28 votes to Wan Azizah’s 27

Suppose the ‘Kajang move’ kicks into the next gear. One option then would be for Khalid to declare himself an independent. Either that or he could even be peremptorily sacked by his party, in the event of which Umno will, and PAS conceivably might, step up to offer their backing.

Khalid together with the Umno and PAS Aduns will command 28 seats whereas DAP and PKR will have 28 seats too but only 27 votes because the Speaker (Adun DAP Subang Jaya) cannot cast her vote to move a motion of No Confidence against the sitting MB.

A realignment in the Selangor legislature will make the Khalid-Umno-PAS side all Malay while the PKR-DAP side remains a multiracial line-up.

There are no Chinese or Indian Wakil Rakyat representing BN in the Selangor state assembly. Every single one of the MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan DUN candidates were totally wiped out by the DAP during the last general election.

Najib Tun Razak Khalid Ibrahim Anwar Ibrahim

Precedent for ethnically imbalanced govt in multiracial state

There is a current example for this sort of potentially lopsided state government which is skewed in its racial balance — Perak.

At present, BN rules Perak with 31 state seats to Pakatan’s 28. Umno holds 30 out of the 31 BN seats while MCA has one seat and the MIC, PPP and Gerakan none.

BN has been ruling Perak since 2009 through a state government comprising all Malay Aduns with the sole exception of MCA’s Yang Berhormat Chenderiang. Despite the exclusion of Chinese and Indian BN reps in the Perak DUN, life goes on.

Below are the Perak excos who were sworn in after GE13 (May 2013).



DAP’s Raya present for S’gor Chinese

Now why do I say that the Raya present for Chinese in Selangor is thanks to the DAP?

Well, because relentless attacks on the Malay self-identity by the Christian-dominated party has served to demonize our country’s sense and nature of Malayness. DAP and their Dapsters are constantly on a rampage to portray any kind of Malay consciousness as something inherently wicked.

In the DAP universe, “Malay” is racist is extremist is bigot. The DAP killer question – “Are you Malaysian First or Malay First?” – is at lobbed at every turn.

Heaven forbid if you dare to answer “Malay First”. Do that and the DAP will mercilessly blast you to hell for all eternity because in their colour blind eyes … if you’re Malay, you’re racist!


Kit Siang, why don’t you ask: “Anwar, are you ‘Muslim 1st, M’sian 2nd?”

To avert the DAP pox upon the hapless Malay First individual and the plague of locusts swarming him, even the most liberal, secular-minded, Western-oriented Malay has learned to respond that he is Muslim First.

The DAP cannot possibly fault the Malay fella who replies that he is Muslim First.

After all, their own ruling clique – Khalifah ‘Umar’ Lim Abdul Aziz, Hannah ‘Tudung’ Yeoh, Ong Kian Ming si tukang masak bubur lambuk aka Jaguh #Sahur, Cik Kurma Liow (see poster), Puan Tazkirah Teo (photos below) and the rest of the Evangelista Gang – are portraying themselves too as Muslim First in solidarity.

YB Cik Kurma Liow, DAP Adun for Johor Jaya


DAP: Malay unity is wicked

“Hidup Melayu” is racist – ini adalah hukum alam DAP.

Therefore calling for Malay unity, according to the DAP Christian creed, is something racist and wicked. Calling for Muslim unity, on the other hand, is alright.

The DAP will not dare to label the ummah who unite under the banner of Islam as racist, extremist, bigoted, evil and wicked.

Hence Malay unity is haram ikut hukum DAP but Muslim unity is perfectly fine.

YB Puan Tazkirah Teo, Ahli Parlimen Kulai


Daulah Islamiyah or evangelista hub? You choose

The thrust of the DAP’s political maneuverings has in fact prepared the ground and beaten the path for Umno and PAS to again reunite in the name of Islam. (In the mid-1970s, both were briefly in the BN coalition ruling the East Coast.)

Cosmopolitan Selangor can be the pilot study for carrying out the concept of Daulah Islamiyah.

In March 2008 immediately after the GE12 results were known, Umno approached PAS to form a unity government in Perak but the latter chose to stick with Pakatan on being promised the MB post which went to Nizar Jamaluddin.

So we know that discussions for an Umno-PAS unity government have happened before in Perak 6½ years ago. And they are being held once more.


“Take Subang for Jesus”


Evangelistas are piping the Christian tune in the DAP.

Above is a screenshot from the Facebook of the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) with the message, “How do we win our city for Jesus?

Another rallying cry by the Christian Fellowship is “Rise up it’s time to take Subang for Jesus!” — see screenshot of the Subang Rally website below.


BELOW: The Christian call to “Change” … for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction


Subang — Malaysia’s evangelista capital

If the Christians can be so hellbent on taking Subang and KL for Jesus, what makes them think that the besieged Muslims won’t feel equally adamant about stopping them?

The Islamic authorities of Selangor have been asserting themselves of late, can’t you see? JAIS refuses to return the ‘Allah’ Bibles they seized. MAIS is staunchly backing JAIS on this matter. The Sultan in his titah has firmly backed MAIS for the council to carry out its duties and at the same time chastizing Khalid ‘Gereja’.

The Court of Appeal has backed the Islamic agencies in the ‘Allah’ issue. The Federal Court has backed the judgment of the appellate court by denying The Herald and the Church leave to appeal the ‘Allah’ case.

Muslims are uniting. Isma and her fellow Islamic NGOs are rising.

“Subang for Christ”

Sultan is defender of the faith

In light of what is happening, what makes the Chinese think that the potential hook-up between PAS and Umno will not be welcomed by many Malays who feel themselves under siege by the DAP evangelistas?

Some Chinese are fiercely vocal but not necessarily registered to vote in our state and at the end of the day, they don’t have any say, their loud political opinions notwithstanding.

Those noisy Dapsters are not loyal subjects of HRH. A lot of them are KL-ites or Penangites and many more not Selangor-born even if they might be residing here. Meanwhile, the sultan as state sovereign will do what he believes is best in his wisdom and for anak jati Selangor.

The Sultan has a lot if not the final say.

“Subang for Jesus”

Chinese granted DAP Christians “rights of leadership”

Should PAS and Umno successfully unite to take back Selangor, the Chinese Buddhists, Taoists and atheists must remember to thank the Chinese Christians for their pivotal role in making it happen.

After all, the Christians are famously “ONLY NINE PERCENT” of the population in Malaysia and even a lesser percentage in the peninsula. They alone could not have freaked out the Malays through their own 9% weighted effort.

Close to 90 percent of the Chinese are DAP supporters, and a sizable number fanatical followers. It has been a collective ‘crusading’ effort under the banner of the DAP.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia had in the run-up to GE13 circulated to the church congregations a letter signed by the then CFM president Bishop Ng Moon Hing which said, “Christians have not only been granted rights of leadership but also the responsibility of stewardship (of the Earth)”.

Chinese voters almost unanimously elected the DAP Christians as their political leaders. The Chinese community will reap what they have sown.

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The Selangor series

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42 thoughts on “Rise up and take back S’gor for the ummah

  1. Habislah NASI LEMAK JERUSUBANG hilang satu customer… Hari2 DRY BKT lah jadinya…

  2. Damn you hannah! My school is becoming a platform for christian proselytization ground. Kudos to the liberal malays there on a job well done! Hope you feel happy now.

    1. re: “My school is becoming a platform for christian proselytization ground.”

      You mean SMK Subang Utama that hosted the Subang Rally?

      Have a look at Madame Speaker inspecting Sekolah Rendah Agama Subang Mewah. Doesn’t she look like a female Tai Kor Tai (samseng boss)?


          1. Baru abis bagi taskirah dan janji akan baat sumbangan RM500 kat sklah ni kut?

            Murid sekolah tu mesti heran pasai apa Makcik ni tak pakai tudung tutup aurat selamba duk merayau dengan jantan2! Tengok yg brsongkok, syiok tersengeh2 macam kerang busuk.

  3. Chinese community will reap what they have sworn
    Sounds fanatical back to treacherous of JWW Birch the British resident

    1. Kit Siang will be amazed that a pig with a “menggerutu” face can speak and ask him “Are you Chinese first or babi first because your face is so menggerutu?”


  4. If Pas team up with Umno to rule Selangor, that will be a smart move. The deal will also fuck up the stupid Malays who support the self-serving PKR.

  5. The title should read as Rise up and take back Selangor for Allah. This would carry more weight.

    By the way, did you notice that LKS never ask the question “Are you Malaysian first or Muslim First ?”. I bet you did and I also know why he never ask that question. I bet you know too :)

    Re Should PAS and Umno successfully unite to take back Selangor, the Chinese Buddhists, Taoists and atheists must remember to thank the Chinese Christians for their pivotal role in making it happen.

    In their ‘universe’, these Chinese will continue to blame Umno for enticing Pas into an ‘unholy’ alliance. They will not ‘thank’ the DAP for this. It will continue as it is, as always. It’s Umno’s fault !

    1. “Re Should PAS and Umno successfully unite to take back Selangor, the Chinese Buddhists, Taoists and atheists must remember to thank the Chinese Christians for their pivotal role in making it happen”

      You forgot. And the homosexuals too.

  6. Hari Raya ala Kristian… Hmmm. Harap2 tak ada lagi tahun depan… Once we get rid of Pakatan di Selangor.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to my boss @imokman after fasting for a month!
    9:59am –

    @wenkaifong thanks, don’t have to wake up before 6am!
    10:13am – 28 Jul 14

    1. re: “fasting for a month!”

      How much Bak Kut Teh did the fasting, and suka tayang berbuka puasa di masjid dan surau, DAP evangelistas eat during Ramadan?

      For the month that they kononnya fasted, did they give up their pork dishes and beer? Did they only eat food cooked the halal way?

      Ong Kian Ming revealed how his wife temankan dia untuk berpuasa: “She does not observe the rules as strictly as I do. She will drink water, and eat if she can’t stand anymore”.

      Even rukun ibadah also the DAP will UBAH to suit their convenience.

      OKM’s Malaysiakini interview on Mrs OKM’s puasa methods here.

      1. You should read the comments by their people on MalaysiaKini. They are really scared now, The name calling has already started.

        Then there are the dunggu Dapsters who says that they don’t need Pas to capture Putrajaya. They must be kidding themselves. Without Pas, who is going to bring in the Malay votes, the rural votes. Oh wait. The kampung folks are all dunggu according to the Dapsters. So the kampung votes, ada ke takde tak penting pun. Yang penting orang bandar undi Pakatan. That’s what they think.

  7. Dalam sejarah Tanah Melayu dan lepas itu Malaysia, tidak pernah ada “penganiayaan” terhadap kaum atau agama lain walaupun dahulu Tanah Melayu dan lepas itu Malaysia diperintah oleh majoriti apa yang disebut dalam artikel ini sebagai “All Songkok and Tudung”

    1. Sepanjang satu setengah alaf orang Islam and orang Kristian saling bermusuhan dengan Perang Salib dan Perang Jihad masing-masing. Mereka juga merebut-rebut mahu menduduki kota suci Jerusalem yang pasca Perang Dunia Kedua telah diserahkan kepada puak Yahudi oleh kuasa Barat.

      Tidak berapa lama dahulu, negara tamadun Kristian (Christendom) Amerika Syarikat dengan sekutu-sekutunya Great Britain dan Australia, telah menyerang serta mengebom Iraq dan Afghanistan “balik ke Zaman Batu”.

      Masyarakat Cina Malaysia pada masa kini diterajui pemimpin Kristian Cina. MCA yang mungkin lebih condong kepada keahlian berciri Cina Buddhist sudah rebah.

      DAP sekarang jadi raja. DAP Baru ialah sebuah parti sudah di’UBAH’ yang mana para pemimpin utama mereka terdiri evangelista. Perjuangan politik mereka bercongak agenda Kristian.

      1. With this rampant proselytizing by the evangelists, it is only a matter of time before Chinese culture ride into the sunset. But do the Chinese even care a bit about their culture ?

        1. The Chinese diaspora are creative innovators. Look at how the packaging of Mooncake has evolved to be ever more funky each year. Don’t you love the commercial Mooncake boxes and colourful containers? I do.

          Evangelistas offer the Gospel of Prosperity. Their cult version of nouveau Christianity is Gold, self-Glory and Greed. The 3Gs are selling very well among new takers. Even the South Korean billionaire owner of the ferry that capsized was an evangelical Christian.

          Among Malaysian billionaires, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and Tan Sri khoo Kay Peng are evangelical Christians.

          Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Singapore and China, see

          The Asia-Pacific new millennium could also bring along with it a resurgence of Christian triumphalism, Chinese style.

      2. Cina DAP adalah ZIONIS Malaysia. Sikap mereka sama shj mcm Zionis di Timur Tengah

        1. You will also realize that there is no such thing as a Israeli Jewish race. Israeli Jews are all “pendatang” from everywhere across Europe after the events of WWII. How much DNA does a Somali (Black) Jew have common to a Kai Feng Jews? While Palestinian is a real race of people from that area. “Jews” came from the story in the Old Testament on how human where spread round the world after being “too clever” by building the Tower of Babel to be near to God. These humans fell from the Tower and landed all around the world.

          An “Arab” however is via DNA. It does not matter whether an Arab is Muslim, Christian, Jew or whatever it is a DNA connection.

          The DAP is actually using the “Jew” concept to run the “Bangsa Malaysia” concept. Bangsa in the Bibilical sense has nothing to do with DNA. (There is NO such concept as DNA in the Bible anyway). That is why in science Hannah’s husband has no DNA linkages to her but to them there are related as they are Brothers/Sisters in Christ.

          1. re: “These humans fell from the Tower and landed all around the world.”

            The Tower of Babel was very tall and reached into the sky.

            Those humans who fell from that ancient-day skyscraper did not injure themselves meh when they landed?

            1. For Hannah’s case, one fell in Fujian, the other fell in Tamil Nadu. They never knew each other until CUPID brought them together under the lush greens of Tasmania to LOVE LOVE LOVE and given a Holy purpose to procreate a new race called Bangsa Malaysia.

              Good story isn’t it.

              Yuki pula pun sama. Two fell plop in Fujian and CUPID brought them together under the awning of the Tau Sar Pneah shop then they had a dream. To procreate a Bangsa Malaysia.

              P/S The ancient-day skyscraper is zillion times higher that the Burj Khalifa. However the soil is unpolluted and soft so when you fell you will not get injuries. Back then there was not cement.

  8. Tapi dalam masa yang singkat memerintah Selangor dan Pulau Pinang oleh PR….. dah banyak tindakan mereka “menganatirikan” kaum Melayu.

    1. re: “banyak tindakan mereka ‘menganatirikan’ kaum Melayu”

      Ini elemen Jerusubang DAP.

      Dulu pun Pulau Pinang diperintah Cina. Bekas Ketua-Ketua Menteri negeri tersebut:

      – Wong Pow Nee (MCA)

      – Lim Chong Eu (Gerakan)

      – Koh Tsu Koon (Gerakan)

      Per’UBAH’an yang dibawa DAP ialah elemen baru Kristianisasi. MCA dan Gerakan tidak menonjolkan percaturan politik Kristian mahupun taktik-taktik evangelista.

  9. Pada hari ini kita telah menyaksikan negeri Sarawak adalah satu-satunya negeri di Malaysia, agama Kristian sebagai agama majoriti.

    Jika kita melihat kepada demografi penduduk Sarawak, menurut bancian Jabatan Perangkaan Negara 2010, penduduk Sarawak adalah seramai 2,471,140 orang. 32.2% adalah Islam , 42.6% adalah Kristian, 13.5% adalah Buddha, 0.2% adalah Hindu, dan 11.5% lain-lain agama[1].

    Jika kita melihat kembali kepada sejarah, 50 tahun yang lepas agama Islam merupakan agama majoriti di negeri Sarawak. 

    Peningkatan penganut agama Kristian di Sarawak bukanlah satu kebetulan tetapi ianya adalah usaha terancang pihak Kristian dalam menyebarkan agama mereka tanpa menafikan aspek kelemahan faktor sosio-keagamaan masyarakat islam di Sarawak.

    1. re: “50 tahun yang lepas agama Islam merupakan agama majoriti di negeri Sarawak”

      Are you sure that at the formation of Malaysia (1963), there were more Muslims? Don’t forget that prior to WWII, Sarawak was under the Raja-Raja Brooke. Christian missionary activities took place there among the Dayaks in the way that they could not have taken place among the Malays in Semenanjung.

      The Sarawak religious breakdown in visuals:


    2. XynalHamzah,

      Correction. Islam never becomes a state with Muslim majority. Before the Rajah Brooke period, Sarawak was ruled Sultans of Brunei. Meaning it was ruled by Malay Muslims. But natives Dayaks were not Muslims.

      Transfer of administration to Raja Brooke opened Sarawak to christian preachers. It happened worldwide. Once before European colonisation, the percentage of Christians to overall population of Africa is less than 1%. But now approximately 40% of African population is Christians.

      And Christianity spreads rapidly in Vietnam, China, india, Sri lanka, indonesia, Singapore and not to forget countries with “tans” like Uzbekistans, Tajikistan.

      The reason being Christian preachers are more active. While PAS concentrates on UMNO bashing as its principal if not as only activity, christian preachers go into deep forest in Kelantan to converts Orang asli.

      1. Xynal,

        The funny part is that Islam is gaining converts in Christian ruled countries like Spain, USA, Australia, UK, Italy. And those who converts are sometimes those who work as pastors.

  10. “the leaked message” was one of the scenarios brought up by Pas’s Strategy committee. The specific message was leaked allegedly because that person was fiercely critical to DSAI.

    The framed person said that if the whole message are followed, such understanding might not surface.

    There are others who allege that it was Anwaristas who leaked the message.

    Source: fb

  11. Had to laugh at the comment where it says ‘classification as a Malay is an insult’. OK, I proudly announce that I am a Malay who loves the spicy Goan dish, Chicken Vindaloo, and hence I chose this pseudonym.

    It seems that this Bangsa Malaysia are forever embarrassed of their race, for whatever reason. Forever in denial. There are zero Malays. There are zero Chinese. There are zero Indians. Just Malaysians. Muahahahaha!

  12. re politik elemen jerusubang Dap

    menular ke arah penajaan penubuhan semasa rundingan MACC bersama Lord Reid yang pada ketika itu kumpulan Kristian Cina tidak begitu menebal saperti hari ini tetapi pihak penganjur evenglista ketika ini amat terkehadapan dalam erti kata lain giat mempromosi kegiatan harian masyarakat dengan membuat helah bukan setakat budaya tempatan termasuk juga keagamaan ie telunjuk jarum tertelulus benang nya dan setiap tindak balas akan adalah tuduhan liar kekadang tidak tercapai akan akal untuk menepis nya seolah-olah semangat muhibbah telah hilang dan ternampak gagal selama-lama nya bagi Malaysia ku yang permai

  13. Being Chinese is an insult, to some. you-know-who? That’s why they want to ubah.. they didn’t really stick to their nenek moyang tradition? They are adopting the western’s religion and way of life (but not the values) coz they think with that religion comes the worldly gains, glory which they have deprived off themselves by running away from their motherland …to be cast as orang pelarian, or in their OWN words, 2nd class netizens. One of them introduced that phrase to me, a decade ago.

    I thought such intention existed among another minority group, who felt very proud to use the English language, then. Now, it is adopting another religion which hails from the west.

    The term racist is a creation of some of them, just to conceal their inferiority complex for being such kind of people. If they hadn’t invented or re-invented the word here for some people’s political gain, nobody would have bothered about such term. Now, I am again re-junenated upon hearing the word.

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