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S’gor re-election: Strategies to help BN win

Continues: Going for broke in S’gor, comparison with Perak’s Malay power

DAP is the most rock solid party in Selangor. They recorded a perfect 100 percent success in the last general election, contesting 15 state assembly seats and winning all 15.

The DAP’s strength lies with the urban Chinese; not that I need to tell anyone this but you might like the visual (below) rendered by Ahmed Kamal for Politweet.

BELOW: Pakatan national support base

Urban Divide Pakatan

DAP’s urban Chinese vs Umno’s rural Malays

PAS and PKR both contested 21 DUN seats each in Selangor, with PAS victorious in 15 (success rate: 71 percent) and PKR securing 14 seats (success rate: two-thirds).

Umno managed to land one-thirds of the seats they contested, achieving a score of 12 out of 35.

Now have a look at the extent of Umno’s rural support. Staggering. Without doubt, Umno has cornered the market on rural voters nationally. Malangnya Umno Selangor agak lembab dan tiada wawasan.

BELOW: BN national support base

Rural Divide BN

More of Ahmed’s infographics can be viewed @

MCA: Parti Dinosaur Pupus
MCA: Parti Dinosaur Pupus

MCA cooperated to create Chinese tsunami

In the last election, MCA put up 14 candidates and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. was rejected by the Selangor voters.

It is impossible for MCA to ever win in Chinese-majority areas again. But even in areas where the Chinese make up around one-third of the electorate, these pengundi Cina will make sure to send MCA packing.

MCA’s utter failure in Selangor where they lost in all 14 out of 14 DUNs they contested is so shameful I dunno what to say … urm, padan muka kerana sanggup membiar Si Gunting tikam belakang BN.

BELOW: Parliament seats won by BN in GE13

Politweet_BN power

Graphics credit: Politweet

Race matters most

If a re-election were to be held in Selangor, it is an absolute certainty that the DAP will maintain their status quo.

Their super majorities are giler. In fact, the Top Three biggest margins of victory belong to DAP.

  • Damansara Utama: Yeo Bee Yin – majority 30,689 votes
  • Subang Jaya: Hannah Yeoh – majority 28,069 votes
  • Seri Kembangan: Ean Yong Hian Wah – majority 22,078 votes

The trio are evangelistas. Their electorates voted on the basis of race (all three are Chinese), religion (Christianity) and anti-establishment sentiments.

DAP’s position is unassailable. Most of their candidates sailed through with whopping majorities. Even Hannah Yeoh’s former Personal Assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran who stood, for the first time, in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya Selatan obtained an astounding majority of 15,842.

As comparison, senior exco Elizabeth Wong who is a second-term PKR Adun got a majority of 17,200.

Selangor in GE13

Table of results – Rural, Semi-rural, Semi-urban, Urban areas


DAP has hit the glass ceiling

What we can surmise from the data is that a snowflake has a far better chance in hell than the MCA at being able to wrest any urban seats away from the DAP.

However, at the same time, the DAP have also maxed out in Selangor. There are no more seats left for them to win unless they decide to encroach into those contested by PAS.

It is however a different story with Umno whose direct opponents are the Islamist party and PKR.

There is merit in the Chinese boast that they, i.e. Chinese voters, helped PAS to win a number of marginal seats the last round (5 May 2013) and propelling PAS to its best showing in mixed areas. In the past, PAS was only able to win in Melayu pekat areas and lacked popularity among a multiracial populace.

In a reelection, and if the Chinese pull back their support, then the PAS Selangor Aduns become the most vulnerable with having the slimmest majorities — see list below.

Aduns with shaky majorities are:

  • Sabak: Sallehen Mukhyi (PAS) – majority 399
  • Tanjung Sepat: Mohd Haslin Hassan (PAS) – majority 682
  • Ijok: Idris Ahmad (PKR) – majority 739
  • Morib: Hasnul Baharuddin (PAS) – majority 766
  • Bukit Melawati: Jakiran Jacomah (Umno) – majority 806

al-Kitab Malay Bible

Sallehen Mukhyi is the state exco in charge of Islam. His ward has one-fifth non-Malay voters (13% Chinese and 6% Indians). Previously, Sallehen’s seat in Sabak was held by Umno in 2008 and 2004.

Sabak is one example of a seat that Umno can snatch back from PAS given that the non-Malay voters are unhappy with JAIS while the Malay voters are unhappy over the Allah and Bible issues. Both sides (non-Malays and Malays) are unhappy with PAS’s handling of the religious controversies and this will cost Sellehen his support.

BELOW: Demographic profile of GE13 voters at federal level – 222 Parliament seats

the-rural-urban-divide Circles

Delineation weightage favours rural areas

From the Politweet diagrams above, you can see that rural Parliament seats number 125 whereas urban seats are only 43 while semi-urban ones are 54.

Although the figures refer to federal constituencies, the trend is nonetheless similar at state level, especially for the big states such as Sabah, Sarawak and Selangor included.

BN can resign themselves to the DAP monopolizing the urban areas and Pakatan should likewise resign themselves to Umno monopolizing the rural areas. Thus the battleground for Selangor redux will be the semi-rural / semi-urban DUNs.

Let’s look at some specifically.


(1) Kota Damansara & Semenyih

Umno was lucky to have won Kota Damansara against PSM president Dr Nasir Hashim who stood on a PKR ticket. Kota Damansara became a three-cornered fight when PAS entered the fray and caused split votes. PKR-PSM’s 14,860 votes plus PAS’s 7,312 votes tallied together was greater than the 16,387 votes for Umno.

With the benefit of hindsight, opposition supporters will not stumble another time. PAS cannot play the spoiler for a repeat performance in the event of a re-election.

TACTIC: BN must get PSM on their side

Twitter partisosialis

PSM has complained that they were sabotaged by those whom they considered a friend (see tweet screenshot above).

Dr Nasir in his speech at the PSM annual congress in June 2013 had complained that Pakatan backstabbed his party. He said: “We were bullied, promises to us were broken, and tackling our problems took a back seat [where Pakatan was concerned] …”

Given the bad blood and PSM’s sense of betrayal, BN should seriously make PSM an offer.

In Semenyih, PSM sec-gen S. Arutchelvan – contesting under his own party’s clenched fist symbol – had polled a respectable 5,568 votes. Semenyih was won by Umno with 17,616 votes while PKR garnered 13,471 votes. If there had been a straight fight, the votes for PSM+PKR added together are more than the votes collected by Umno.

Since a re-election in Selangor is very high stakes affair, BN should pull out all the stops to recover the crown jewel state so that oppressed Selangorians will no longer have to put up with Air Lombong being piped to our homes.

Sinar Harian - Gangguan bekalan air

(2) Ijok & Kuala Kubu Baru

Ijok is one of the seats that MIC can win back from PKR.

This seat is so vulnerable that Khalid Ibrahim who was Adun from 2008 to 2013 did not care nor dare to defend it. Catching a glimpse of Khalid in Ijok is as rare as encountering a tenggiling in Bangsar or Nurul Izzah in Pantai Dalam.

Ijok has got 34 percent Indian voters. PKR managed to retain the seat in the last election only on a 739-vote majority. This thin edge can easily be reversed if there is a very small swing by Indian voters.

TACTIC: BN must get Hindraf to campaign for them

Sigh. Shrug.

There are no permanent friends or foes in politics, correct?


ABOVE: Lee Kee Hiong and Hannah Yeoh are always hanging out together

Kuala Kubu Baru is another constituency with a significant number of Indian voters – 21 percent. Together with the 33 percent Malay voters, its non-Chinese electorate is more than half (54%).

During the last election, three independent candidates in Kuala Kubu Baru together polled a total of 475 votes. The number of spoilt votes was 390. Independent + spoilt votes = 865. The DAP’s majority in Kuala Kubu Baru was 1,702. Should there be no multi-cornered fights and if the number of protest votes can be reduced, then BN can be said to be merely lagging behind by some 800-plus votes. 

There has been a recent report made to the MACC against the DAP Kuala Kubu Baru Adun Lee Kee Hiong photo above, pictured with Hannah Yeoh – on allegations of corruption. See, ‘Dokumen Penyelewengan Adun Kuala Kubu Baharu Diserah Kepada SPRM‘ (mStar, 1 July 2014).

There is a question mark hanging over YB Lee. BN can shift the emotional climate and ground by putting up an Indian.

TACTIC: Give Kuala Kubu Baru to MIC or a Gerakan Indian to contest instead of MCA as at present

MCA, Parti Dinosaur Pupus

(3) Sg Pelek & Teluk Datuk

In the previous GE12 term (2008-2013), it was the undi ehsan from non-Chinese voters in the semi-rural areas that narrowly gave MCA their only two Selangor state seats in Kuala Kubu Baru and Sungai Pelek. But still, MCA lost these two last holdout seats subsequently in GE13.

Sungai Pelek currently has two-thirds (66%) non-Chinese voters (45% Malay + 21% Indian). Umno should contest this seat, not MCA.

Likewise in Teluk Datuk, non-Chinese voters make up almost half (49%) of the electorate. Teluk Datuk has 29 percent Malay and 20 percent Indian voters.

TACTIC: Do not let MCA ‘burn’ (read: waste) any more BN seats

MCA are non-winnable candidates. Furthermore, the MCA – as evidenced by the behaviour of its backstabbing media – are actually campaigning for the DAP Christians.

Kalau MCA tanding, gerenti kalah. Kalau mana-mana parti lain BN tanding, there is at least a fighting chance if not pun harapan cerah.


Do a swap. BN will take PAS. Pakatan can have the MCA!

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The Selangor series

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The above is Part II

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68 thoughts on “S’gor re-election: Strategies to help BN win

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,

    re: “Do a swap. BN will take PAS. Pakatan can have the MCA!”

    A great idea. MCA should be happier with DAP. And I hope Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad, Mujahid and the gang will join DAP :)

    I wonder what will KJ l say about this.

    1. re: “And I hope Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad, Mujahid and the gang will join DAP”

      Don’t forget Dr Dzul.

      re: “I wonder what will KJ l say about this.”

      He will need to consult Regina first.

    2. Won’t work. MCA are crooks who are good at making money as proxy to UMNO. PAS are bunch of religious crooks who know nothing about financial. UMNO won’t ditch MCA for PAS, you can dream on.

      1. re: “MCA are crooks who are good at making money as proxy to UMNO”

        Umno have got their own Malay corporate whizzes now, and relying less and less on Ali Baba.

        Recently, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh revealed that most of YTL’s business is now being done overseas.

        re: “UMNO won’t ditch MCA for PAS”

        MCA will be dead by GE14 because they cannot win any seats. Sekarang ni dok mendukung biawak hidup aje.

    1. re: “nak copy dan bagitahu orang UMNO !!!”

      Pls go ahead.

      Watch this space. I’ll address my next write-up specifically to Umno Selangor.

    2. Helen you sepatutnya jadi strategist for BN. Diorang patutnya buka mata dan hati masing2 tapi I seriously doubt they would.

      Macam Rafizi for PKR lah, even though I think that comparison is an insult hehe. Tapi nanti mesti you jadi lain, tak buat blog dah dan kalau blogging pun jadi tak best macam sekarang. Macam sesetengah yang jadi pemalas (nak blog) sebab sebok mengumpul kekayaan. Kalau blog pun ala kadar saja. Jangan tidak. Sebab dah millionaire club lah katakan….

  2. Forget about it Helan, BN especially UMNO especially UMNO SELANGOR still ASOUNDING ASLEEP!. They need more time. More time to SLEEP. Till today with Khalid PKR fiasco, what’s UMNO strategy? Have you heard of anything from UMNO?.Still ZZzzziinnnngggg I guess.

    During Muhammad Taib and Khir Toyo (even though his PENYAPU brought down UMNO Selangor) UMNO is so alive and lively with many activities but the now Noh Omar he just sitting on a throne zzzzzinggg around and his helpers are just helpless as he is. Ye, all blame goes to Najib because there’s no other scapegoats around.

    Even with a surprise state election in Selangor it may still be PR government since the evangelist are getting smarter and aggressive utilizing what ever medium they have and the people’s party ‘PIKIR ARRRRRR” is strongly behind them. Orang MUDA sudah bosan dengan Parti ‘BEE ANT’! dipelopori oleh parti ‘ARM -NO’.

    Sorry Helen, Malaysia Politics is getting like ‘Nasi Basi’ Smell strong but still whitish.

    1. re: “Even with a surprise state election in Selangor it may still be PR government since the evangelist are getting smarter and aggressive utilizing what ever medium they have”


      re: “Have you heard of anything from UMNO?. Still ZZzzziinnnngggg I guess.”

      Saya ada satu syor bagi Umno. Nanti esok saya kemukakan.

    2. UMNO Selangor under Noh Omar is bleeding……no good leadership, even wanna replace Noh, other warlords no use too.

  3. Helen,

    What if the 12 BN Selangor State Assemblymen either vote with DAP and PKR on a motion of no confidence against Khalid, or abstain, in the hope that Khalid will go to the Sultan and announce his resignation and ask his Royal Highness to dissolve the State Assembly and call fresh state elections?

    After all, BN has nothing to lose, since it’s already in minority and if there is a fresh state elections, could win some extra seats, given Selangor vother unhappiness with Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor.even though BN may still not win Selangor State.

    1. A constitutional question: Can Umno & PAS + Khalid rule without a simple majority (deadlock 28:28) in the House if, let’s say, they have the confidence of the Sultan to form the takeover gomen?

      Agree that very likely BN will be able to increase their number of seats several up from the current 12 in the event of a fresh election. Will the BN haul be enough to take them across the 29-seat finish line?

      PAS has to hop on board the BN wagon in order for the gomen to change but BN will at the same time face the prospect of losing a few seats that were won in GE13 by PAS on the back of Chinese-Indian votes.

      I believe a BN that is an Umno-PAS combo will be able to do better in the semi-rural DUNs. This leaves the semi-urban DUNs as the game changer.

      1. To clarify

        “BN” will at the same time face the prospect of losing a few seats

        By “BN” here, I mean the future entity to emerge after PAS has teamed up with Umno.

        1. I didn’t mean UMNO and PAS form an alliance, just that BN adopt a micheivous tactic by eiither voting to remove Khalid or abstain and let the others in DAP & PKR vote against him and win. I.E. To throw a spanner into the works of Pakatan.

          Nothing much to be gained here, except maybe to reduce Pakan’s two-thirds majority in the Selangor State Assembly.

          I don’t see PAS forming an alliance with UMNO in the Selangor State Assembly, just that it won’t vote against Khalid, which is a disagreement between PAS and the rest of Pakatan parties on Khalid.

          1. re: “I don’t see PAS forming an alliance with UMNO in the Selangor State Assembly, just that it won’t vote against Khalid”

            Okay, you’ve made a realistic assessment.

            However, this business of Khalid’s ouster is a big crack … retak menanti belah.

            So what should the 12 Umno Aduns do if PKR and DAP move a motion of ‘No Confidence’? Hmm

            Depends on what they (Umno) can get Khalid to agree to.

            The Menteri Besar selects the state exco and that was what Khalid did in May 2013. It is the MB’s power to pick who he wants to sit in his exco. Khalid should revamp his exco and replace the current PKR and DAP fellas with Umno fellas and throw in a few more senior seats for PAS.

            Then the PKR reformasi chaps will go and guling-guling on the jalanraya. And Madame Speaker will be carried out of the Dewan screaming in her chair like what happened in Perak before.

            Oh-uh. Puan Speaker amat berat lah. They will definitely need more men to carry her chair.

            1. “The Menteri Besar selects the state exco and that was what Khalid did in May 2013. It is the MB’s power to pick who he wants to sit in his exco. Khalid should revamp his exco and replace the current PKR and DAP fellas with Umno fellas and throw in a few more senior seats for PAS.”

              OK. You’ve been harder on the ball than me. That ignorance on my part comes from writing about IT (information technology) for years.

              Yes, if the MB picks the State Exco, then the ouster of Khalid would not be in the interest of UMNO.

              I however, agree that this is a crack in the rock which is ready to be split open or since it’s the durian season, a split in the skin ready to be split open.

              Anyway, at the end of the day, what does all this mean for the water situation in Selangor, KiDEX, the PJ North Sewer, the Iban Bibles issue, potholed roads, traffic jams, continued building craze in Petaling Jaya, etc., etc. etc. which impact ordinary Selangorians like me?

              Quite frankly, right now I couldn’t care less who rules Selangor as long as our concerns and interests are adequately addressed.

              1. re: “Quite frankly, right now I couldn’t care less who rules Selangor as long as our concerns and interests are adequately addressed.”

                When I complain that I want clear piped water that’s not laden with heavy metals,
                rubbish to be collected regularly and according to schedule,
                drains, roads and children’s playground swept, and
                the neighbourhood maintained decently so that there will not be semak-samun and water pooling that will breed aedes mosquitoes,

                I’m told by oppo supporters that I’m being small-minded to worry about such petty local concerns (incl. alleged envy over Hannah Yeoh’s Prada handbag) and unable to see the big picture of Liberté – Égalité – Fraternité, Competency-Accountability-Transparency, national unity and all the other “tees” that Pakatan khususnya DAP will deliver to the rakyat.

                re: “this is a crack in the rock which is ready to be split open”



        2. You think it will happen Helen?

          I like this line, golek2 I gelak sorang tengah malam: Catching a glimpse of Khalid in Ijok is as rare as encountering a tenggiling in Bangsar or Nurul Izzah in Pantai Dalam.

          1. re: “You think it will happen Helen?”

            A good chance, yes, kalau tiada aral melintang. It is mainly Nik Aziz who stands in the way.

            The party grassroots are more the same mind as Dewan Ulama and Pemuda PAS. The Erdogans may be hyped up by the English media but I doubt that the PAS ground is with them in embracing the Church, the Christians and the DAP.

      2. Only by one seat advantage since the Yeopie Hanna cannot vote.

        If PAS join UMNO, collapse la PR, will Nik Aziz dendam kesumat towards UMNO allow that? Unless he is nyanyuk and the Ulama ignore him completely.

        Having made some gauging among my PAS diehard cousins, they still have that kafir hating contempt towards UMNO. Cant wonder what they think if UMNO and PAS join hands, they have been conditioned to hate Najib and UMNO to the core.

        1. re: “Only by one seat advantage since the Yeopie Hanna cannot vote.”

          Madame Speaker does not vote unless there is a tie, in which she then casts the deciding ballot. Since Aduns are an odd number (55) minus her good self, there will be no tie. It will be 28:27 unless seorang atau tiga orang ponteng.

          re: “PAS diehard cousins, they still have that kafir hating contempt towards Umno”

          Bagi diorang, evangelista DAP tu bukan kafir lah.

      3. If I were Umno/BN. I would focus on getting Pas to form an alliance rather than trying to take over the Selangor state government. An alliance would be more durable in the longer term in countering the threat posed by the DAP and its evangelista supporters.

  4. PSM & Hindraf now hates UMNO more than anyone else. Their rank-and-file members and leaders is ABU. So options (1) & (2) is out…

    Option (3) depends on UMNO chopping off MCA. UMNO-MCA history goes way longer than brief previous UMNO-PAS alliance in 1970-78. That didn’t end well for both sides.

    ~ Anak Pasir Gudang

    1. re: “PSM & Hindraf now hates UMNO more than anyone else.”

      You’re so right on this. PSM are still kaw-kaw anti-establishment despite their eyes being opened wide to the behaviour of Pakatan. As for Hindraf, it’s now an article of faith with them that Umno cannot be trusted to keep nambikei.

      re: “Their rank-and-file members and leaders is ABU.”

      Correct again. Big sigh.

      re: “So options (1) & (2) is out…”

      Najib pulled off a remarkable feat in getting Hindraf to sign the MoU on the promise of carrying out their 5-year Blueprint. The move took most people by surprise.

      It’s not that Hindraf (and perhaps PSM too) are unreasonable and cannot be persuaded to come to the negotiation table if the gomen truly wants to help their (Hindraf and PSM’s) constituencies of poor Indians and marginalized working class.

      It is here that I believe the Najib administration has its priorities screwed up, such as investing hundreds of millions so that the Talentcorp anak emas can take their world tour holiday in posh hotels.

      Selangor has a lot of Indians! 13.5 percent statewide and much higher in the rural areas that used to have plantations, e.g. Ijok (34% Indians), Kuala Kubu Baru (21%), Sungai Pelek (21%) and Teluk Datuk (20%).

      If only the BN (read Umno) will roll up their sleeves and tackle the Indian socio-economic problems, the political support will naturally follow. (Remember the Merdeka Center survey line graph that showed Indian support for Najib spiking up and down, compared to the Chinese who consistently gave him bottom marks?)

      Instead of addressing the issues affecting the poorest and weakest people, the BN prefers to pour money into Talentcorp to bring back Dapsters so that they (the opinionated, always complaining, so called “talented” returnees) can vote for DAP “ini kali lah”.

      re: “Option (3) depends on UMNO chopping off MCA. UMNO-MCA history goes way longer than brief previous UMNO-PAS alliance in 1970-78. That didn’t end well for both sides.”

      MCA is Dead Man Walking. A political party cannot survive on Najib Razak’s goodwill alone if nobody wants to vote for them.

      Come GE14, even the diehard Umno Malays will refuse to vote for MCA. Umno leaders – like the Tun – are still sentimental about their shared history with the MCA that goes back a long way. Their sentimentality clouds them to the back that without MCA’s tacit cooperation, the Chinese tsunami could not have happened. The J-Star out and out campaigned for the opposition.

      The BN formula – Umno for Malays, MCA for Chinese, MIC for Indians – has passed its shelf life since the Chinese now thoroughly despise the MCA.

      Without being able to get Chinese votes or win any constituency where the Chinese make up more than 1/3 of the voters, MCA cannot claim to represent the Chinese anymore. Takkan lah dalam PRU akan datang terpaksa pula calon MCA diletakkan di kerusi yang 80 peratus pengundi Melayu?

      1. BN kena turun padang. Pergi kat kawasan orang India. Tanya kat orang India apa yang BN boleh bantu. Langkah pertama amat penting. Ini turun padang pun takde.

        Lepas dah turun padang, lepas dah dapat maklum balas orang India, start kerja. Beri lebih peruntukan kepada sekolah Tamil. Ini amat diperlukan oleh masyarakat India,

        Tingkatkan pemgambilan orang India oleh ATM dan PDRM. Ramai orang India yang kuat susuk badan, boleh kerja dalam tentera dan polis. Mereka cuma perlu diberi peluang. Tambah lagi, kita memang perlu lebih ramai anggota polis.

        Do the basic things properly. BN can or not ? Kalau boleh, tak mustahil boleh dapat sokongan ramai orang India.

  5. The fiasco is not within UMNO but PKR itself

    Let’s take Kelantan debacle during the 70’s it’s involve the MB from PAS and Kelantan DUN was deinstitutionalize and put under emergencies rule. A new party was formed Berjasa and a fresh election was held later and Datuk Mohd Nasir become a new MB then, the question is will Selangor become the same if TS Khalid has the guts cause rakyat Selangor dah tolak UMNO it’s also an avenge of PKR

    1. re: “if TS Khalid has the guts”

      I believe Tuanku Sultan will act in a manner that he believes will safeguard the best interests of his state and anak jati Selangor.

      1. the way i look at the ‘kemelut mb selangor’ is simple and straight forward. just go back to the decision making process. sekiranya pas, pkr & dap bersetuju melantik tski walaupun beliau dari pkr, pas ada hak membangkang. tapi, sekiranya pas & dap bersetuju calon mb dari pkr, tski kena letak jawatan & anwar ibrahim must go as well.

  6. Dear H,

    An excellent and well researched article.

    Unfortunately , UMNO Selangor is weak and clueless. No amount of strategising will work when these politicians dont bother to turun padang !


  7. Helen,
    dah raikan kawan2 muslim Raya tahun ni?

    cikgu amat tertarik dgn artikel ini. Well researched. Orang Sgor sokong PAS bukan sebab PAS bagus, tetapi UMNO bonggok dan sombong. Winnable candidate BN dan UMNO kelmarin adalah golongan yg dah expire dan ditolak oleh org melayu. Itu salah najib letak org yg korup dlm senarai GE lalu. PaS pula mengharapkan melayu pekat dan kuno yg hanya hidup dlm alam mereka, iaitu suka cari salah semua org termasuk dikalangan ulama mereka sendiri. Apa yg salihin mukhyi buat utk org islam di sgor? Kalau sekadar gunakan masjid utk kutuk kerajaan, memecah belahkan islam serta dlm mesyuarat2 rasmi kerajaan negeri menghentam pegawai2 kerajaan, maka org sebegini tiada kredibiliti dan low integriti. Lebih baik Senator Dato Paul bekas presiden transparency international msia yg bukan islam tapi tahu menghormati islam dan budaya melayu.

    Samada DUN dibubar atau tidak, cikgu tak nampak penyatuan semangat Malaysia dan bersama PM bagi membangunkan negara. Cikgu percaya DYMM Sultan sangat perihatin urusan penyatuan kaum, sifat menghormati sesama kaum dan agama serta perbendaharaan negeri digunakan utk rakyat bukan utk azmin, noh omar atau kak jijah.

    UmNO, PAS kena fikir hasrat DYMM Sultan bagi kedamaian dan kemakmuran negeri dan rakyatnya. Cikgu tak harapkan DAP, PKR, MCA atau MIC utk champion keamanan kerana mereka lebih menyulitkan perkara yg tidak sulit dan meyusahkan perkara mudah spt urusan air dan sampah di sgor.

    Pendek cerita, TSKI tidak perlu ditukar. TSKI memberi kerjasama penuh bg mengujudkan integriti dan komitmen menghapuskan rasuah di sgor. CUMA KAKI RASUAH, politikus korup dan kontaktor tamak aje yg mahu tukar MB….

  8. How about another strategy. Get rid of the fanatics. Base your election premise on simple policies which will actually make people’s life’s better. Sort out transportation, water and security. I will vote for a party along those lines rather than race and religion
    And for starters, deal with hate mongering scum like this blog.

    1. re: “Get rid of the fanatics.”

      Like the PAS people in the Kelantan stadium who doakan Allah agar Umno “pecah perut”? Or the DAP evangelistas who call upon God to “have mercy on the racists” and the “wicked BN politicians”?

      re: “Base your election premise on simple policies which will actually make people’s life’s better.”

      So what happened to the Pakatan election promises contained in their manifesto and Buku Jingga? Where is the free college education (Pakatan wanted to abolish the PTPTN loan) they promised? Why don’t they start in Selangor where the state owns and runs colleges like KUIS and Unisel?

      re: “Sort out transportation, water and security.”

      Right. Look at the state of public transportation in Penang. You can check out Anil Netto’s blog for the details. He’s Aliran treasurer so you cannot accuse him of being a BN-paid hack out to smear the good reputation of Penang.

      re: “I will vote for a party along those lines rather than race and religion.”

      Good to hear that you’re not persuaded by all those political sermons delivered in the churches. And I suppose that you also believe “there are no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese in Malaysia, all are Malaysians”. What is the root word in ‘Malay-sia’, pray tell?

      re: “And for starters, deal with hate mongering scum like this blog.”

      What, you’re refraining from calling me “Helen Fucking Ang” like you do in Annie’s blog?

  9. Ms H. For over 48 years, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP carried huge majorities in the urban areas, did this do them any good or what are they going to do about this?

    Carry on like this for another 48 years. By this time your favourite topic will be a great grand mother!

    However, the leadership has done very well legally by way of Government allowances etc.

    1. re: “the leadership has done very well …”

      … for themselves. The party sec-gen rides in a Mercedes S300L and the Devil Wears Prada. It is the Gospel of Prosperity in the flesh.

      The Malay rural voters they call “stupid” and the Chinese Ah Pek and Ah Soh urban voters they call “low class”.

      The GREEDY evangelista leaderships get the Gold and the Glory, and the followers get the Gospel.

      1. Re Chinese Ah Pek and Ah Soh urban voters they call “low class”.

        These Chinese are very consistent in one thing though even after the greedy crooks insulted them. They continue to vote for them. The more these crooks insult them, the more committed they become. It is like the more the husband abuses the wife, the more devoted the wife becomes. l o l

    2. Ms H. We do not need a rocket scientist from Singapore to work this one out.

      A Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP leader in a Parliamentary seat only, sometimes, they have a State seat too, collects just RM 5,000 tax free per month from 1969-2014 = 45 years. Total tax-free sum from BN Government = 45 years x RM 5,000 per month = RM 2,700,000 Millions tax free. This sum of RM 5,000 per month is just a guide. I do not know the true figure and other perks, cars, allowances, travel, constituency allowances, pensions etc.
      This huge sum is over and above the DAP Party’s legal allowances and perks. AND IT IS ONLY FOR ONE PERSON.

      For a long-standing pol, it is like an insurance policy with a Government Guarantee – gilt-edge. No need to toil and work.

      The 99.999% supporters of the DAP are stupid being manipulated through their raw emotions.

  10. “PETALING JAYA: The tense relationship between PAS and PKR turns worse with several PAS central committee members urging the party leadership to discuss the possibility of pulling out from Pakatan Rakyat at its Aug 10 meeting.”

    At this juncture I would like to dedicate a song from LGE’s son’s favourite movie to Helen and all my kawan2. [YouTube]

    I am sure all of us are.

    1. Mulan. You are right. I believe in Karma. I have a list of 53 persons who harmed me and thought I die first. They did. The youngest my son-in-law age 39 !

  11. Ms H. It’s money, money, money. In just 3 years, your favourite potential great grandmother will be a millionaire. No need to use brains, no need to toil etc. Just wear fancy dress, a silver tongue and a quick turn of the mind and you will be there. Because in our country, just RM 300,000 will control assets of RM 1 Million.

    1. re: “In just 3 years … will be a millionaire”

      How do you know that she is not one already?

      1. Ms H. You know me. What I do not know, I do not know. I base my comments on facts only. Sometimes, even sleeping partners do not know and have different dreams sleeping in the same bed !

        1. Okay, some things we do not know.

          But other things we can see. My favourite potential great grandmother is indeed ageing very rapidly and looks far older beyond her actual years.

          Eating too much dry Bak Kut Teh is obviously bad for one’s complexion.

          1. Ms H. As your good doctor will tell you, too much of a good thing will surely spoil your good looks. Hence, we are taught by our parents not to be GREEDY.

  12. Artikel yang bagus. Cuma berlegar-legar di kepala saya adakah isu MB di Selangor hanya satu sandiwara di pihak pakatan khususnya dipihak PAS yang kini menjadi kingmaker di dalam kabinet kerajaan negeri Selangor untuk membalas dendam apa yang berlaku di Terengganu ketika Ahmad Said memperdayakan PAS dengan kuasa tawar-menawar.

    Bagaimana sekiranya PAS membuat pusingan U dengan bersetuju menerima DS Wan Azizah dalam sekelip mata dengan menolak ke tepi isu perkenan istana hingga tercetus krisis perlembagaan dengan menggunakan khidmat penyokong mereka ataupun komponen pakatan rakyat sebulat suara akan mengekalkan TS Khalid sebagai MB. Bukankah ini satu peluang untuk memalukan UMNO sekiranya komponen pakatan masih mahu mengekalkan pemerintahan mereka di Selangor.

    Strategi yang dikemukakan Helen di atas agak logik. Cuma masalah disini UMNO biasanya buat-buat pekak tak mahu mendengar dan masih mempertahankan biawak-biawak belaan mereka atas dasar semangat setiakawan kononnya. Yang mana setia yang mana kawan pun masih tak dapat dipastikan. Kemelut di Selangor hanyalah pertembungan taikun-taikun di setiap pihak berbanding menyelesaikan permasalahan rakyat.

  13. The Chinese and Indian Pakatan fanboys don’t want what is coming onto them once PAS splits from Pakatan. The backlash on the Chinese and Christian community especially the business side will be great.

    Before 2008, the communities were “muhibbah” and discussed matters if they disagreed. People agree to disagree. Today it is all about inciting and screaming. Never in the history of the country (except in the 1960s) where insults were hurled to the government and the civil service –including the police openly though media.

    With PAS in Pakatan, PAS can “shield” the insolent behavior of certain members of society hurling insults towards the monarchy, government or police. The most common replies are “it is the injustice by UMNO” or “it must be misunderstood issues instigated by UMNO” etc. Well no more. The hudud issue started from PAS is given the buyoff by certain members of the Chinese community as an answer to “cure corruption” and again blame UMNO. MH370 is an UMNO “misfortune” etc.

    How did “Boikot Barangan Cina DAP” campaign come about? Remember the Maximo – Gardenia tussle.

    Then came the various insults during the Psy performance, the dirty sign towards Her Majesty by Leong Pei Koe, the stepping of PM’s portrait, the upside-down flag – all with the buyoff by Pakatan supporters. The evagenlistas came in with the Allah issue. This year, the Celaka remark, the Pukimak signature, Terasa’s video and Yuki’s horror tweet – and all along all these incidents were shielded.

    The best reason – all these outbursts are protests towards UMNO. This year Christian businessmen like Tan Sri Francis Yeoh became public scrutiny. Nobody scrutinized them in the past.

    The movement to boycott DAP Chinese traders has started and will take shape. When PAS is in no position to shield insults from Pakatan fanboys, insults from Pakatan fanboys will be deemed as an attack on all that is Malay.

    Thanks to the over excited Chinese voters – I believe the karma will come soon. Civiised people vote and then accept the results. Not these people, they simply cannot accept the will of the masses. No Pakatan government at Federal is unacceptable for the fanboys. PAS shields these people by endorsing Bersih, Perhimpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat etc.

    There are still 3/4 more years before the next general election. What will the future hold? Where is Bersih without PAS? Say PAS stays out of BN as another opposition block, will Bersih, himpunan Hijau get anymore endorsements?

    1. Thanks. Will read later.

      The evangelistas are greedy but Puan Speaker is additionally gelojoh. Asyik-asyik pikir benda apa yang nak makan next.

    2. Ahmadalikarim,

      The problem with Anwar is that he always overstate his importance. He forgets that the other side can also response to his provocation.

      And UMNO responded swiftly. UMNO showed that it too can lure PR assemblymen to cross over. And PR government collapsed. The message is very clear. We (BN) too can play the game that Anwar publicly announced for the whole world to see.

      As for Sept 16, 2008, I knew it too well that it would not materialise. Why on earth UMNO MPs who won legitimately want to cross over to PR. The whole world recognised the result of the election in 2008. Why on earth they have to cross to PR?

      And many overlooked the fact that then Sultan of Johor already warned Johor MP and ADUNs that His HIghness would chase them out if they change loyalty. No politicians especially from malay community would want to be at war with the monarch.

      THE MALAY COMMUNITY is divided. Many lean towards BN (UMNO) after seeing the antics of Anwar and useless politicians like Rafizi, Mahfuz. And Malays are unhappy with water rationing. Those reading Utusan will remember that UMNO has been warning (in 2008) that Fed Govt predicted had not Langat 2 project commenced immediately, Selangor would likely to face acute water shortage problem by 2014. How prophetic.

      And Malays are upset with Najib too. And off course are upset with Khairi too. Many UMNO members are angry that Razlan, Ketua UMNO youth of WP is charged but Rayer, DAP ADUN from Penang is not charged.

      And Malays too are upset that Najib still have “soft spot” towards Chinese even after massive Chinese rejection of his government. And for best reason known to Najib, he loves to get advices from the very group who wants him dead, literally speaking.

  14. BN should just relax and let Selangor voters really feel the pain under Pakatan rule. Tak rasa maka tak tahu.

    As is now many tengah mabuk ketagih kuasa. Shld Jijah become the MB, sure lingkop wan with all the potential tikam belakang among themselves.

    Bila dh semput dan nyawa2 ikan, only then move in.

  15. Helen – there is one more strategy that you did not point out (I feel that you purposely left it out for reasons only you knew) for BN to win back Selangor; i.e. to get rid of Mohd Noh.

      1. Frankly speaking, I also find it hard to find someone who is capable to helm UMNO Selangor.

        Raja Nong Chik? Possible, but Najib has to first “kill-off” any potential sabotage from Mohd Noh and the other guy before he could promote Nong Chik to the UMNO Selangor. UMNO Selangor is already in a self-destruct mode with the continuous in-fightings. The Kajang election clearly showed how disorganized UMNO Selangor was.

        How to win Selangor back, then?

        1. If Umno does not up its game, other forces will step in.

          The Dapsters like to accuse Isma of being an Umno paid lackey. I don’t believe that.

          I’ve maintained that rather than being “hired guns” (the label a pro forma accusation favoured by the Dapsters) who do Umno’s bidding, Isma has instead the capability to be Umno’s rival should Islam decide to venture into politics themselves.

          The anti-Malayan Union 2.0 is happening. In 1946, the Malay NGOs banded together. This time it is the Muslim NGOs banding together. Their thinking is more aligned with the PAS political leadership in the matters of Islam and the direction of the faith, e.g. hudud.

          1. The Dapsters are still in denial. They say it will never happen. The signs are already there. It will take them by surprise. Then the narrative will shift from ABU to a full blown clash between Muslims and non Muslims. I bet this is what Dapsters want all along. Then they will call foreign forces for help. You can see where we’re heading.

            1. re: “The signs are already there.”

              What do you reckon are the chances of PAS hooking up with Umno in Selangor?

              1. 50 – 50 at the moment. If what the guy said on Whatsapp is indicative of the position of the ulama and/or grassroots’ position then the chances go up a bit, above 50.

                1. Everyone waiting with bated breath for the PAS special meeting.

                  The Anwar family mafia can’t even let the Malays celebrate in peace without pushing their Machiavellian politics smack in the middle of Raya.

                  They want Wan Azizah’s appointment to “stabilize the party” konon but they don’t care that pushing PKR’s self-interest will porak-perandakan Selangor.

                  1. In which case, we will have a repeat of Kedah 2008-2013 this time in Selangor. They want to porak perandakan Selangor that’s their business.

                    I actually think if they manage to porak perandakan Selangor the same way Pas administered Kedah after PRU12 maybe, just maybe, people, especially Malays who voted them in, will see them for what they are, a motley crew of opportunists/crooks. But the Chinese, come what may, will still be solidly behind them.

  16. Pakatan can resolve the MB Selangor crisis easily if they can tell Anwar to retire and take up a teaching post at the Croissant University in Le Bleu France.

    Then Khalid could continue to lord over Selangor until the next GE, and some Selangor people would be able to live happily ever after.

    1. Pakatan can resolve the MB Selangor crisis easily if they can tell Anwar to retire and take up a teaching post at the Croissant University in Le Bleu Franc

      Knowing Anwar, he would be happy if Najib gave him the PM position or some other MB/CM resigns for him or perhaps he becomes Governor. Like LKS power hungry creatures will move from place to place to get what they want. They can replace Ban Ki Moon if there is a position vacant.

        1. “What’s for ‘lunch’? Decisions, decisions. So many choices, so little time.”

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