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When Dr Zuhdi Marzuki is berated as “racist” and “extremist”

The two-teardrop emoticon below is copypasted from @hannahyeoh’s tweet. They are Hypocrite Hannah’s crocodile tears for Gaza.

Well, Hannah has now tweeted her “heartache” again. This time she mentions Gaza by name. She puts Gaza as one prong of a trinity with Ebola and MH17. And she “prays” for the coalition of the grieving.


Note that in her Gaza tweet above, Hannah still fails to mention the words “Palestinians” and “Israel”.

Diletakkan Gaza sebaris dengan Ebola dan MH17

Ebola kills but the virus does not have any niat – sama ada baik atau jahat – in selecting who, by race, will die from its attack. Ebola does not deliberately pick its target.

MH17 killed some 300 passengers in a plane clash. The majority 193 Dutch victims were not specially selected to die in the aircrash on account of their nationality.

Gaza is different. Israel memang ada niat khusus dalam membuat serangan ke atas Gaza. And the victims – those “injured & dead children” who Hannah Yeoh tweeted that she was suffering a “heartache” for – were killed because they were, specifically, Palestinians.

What kind of hypocrite puts Gaza side by side with Ebola and MH17? The more Hannah fakes it (“The killing has to stop!”), lagi luaslah pekung kemunafikannya dibuka.

BELOW: Hannah emoting crocodile tears

Twitter - hannahyeoh- When will men and nations learn


Why is PAS research centre operations director Dr Zuhdi Marzuki (WhatsApp above) complaining about the DAP and the Church?

Could it be because of their hypocrisy?

This is the face of evangelista Hannah who ate dry Bak Kut Teh on the morning of the first Syawal but tweeted a picture of rendang and ketupat to hoodwink her 95,000 twits.

Since bkt – whether dry, chicken or organic vegetarian – has become a rather sensitive dish due to Alvivi’s “wangi, enak dan menyelerakan” invite, I shall use instead a gambar ganti that is not Bak Kut Teh.

Nonetheless, the point remains that these DAP evangelista politicians make a big show of berbuka puasa in the various suraus and mosques, and some of them even becoming jaguh hashtag #sahur but still, their regular diet (pictured below) throughout bulan puasa is far from halal.

Why pretend to puasa, which is an ibadah and tuntutan Rukun Islam, when your Christian household continues to eat pork? There is a name for Nasrani like them who pandai bermuka-muka — M.U.N.A.F.I.K

dongpo meat

This is the face of evangelista Hannah whose buddy – fellow “DAP SuperCyber Bully @imokman(see screenshot below, old tweet by the Beliawanis MCA treasurer) – did a photo op shows himself stirring bubur lambuk.

The only snag is that the pot looks empty and they, i.e. the evangelista YB Serdang-Ong Kian Ming-poseur and his Malay dupes, were obviously posing for the camera.



Mengingkari titah Sultan

The DAP Christian politicians descend on the suraus and mosques with no respect for the religious observance of the Muslims but just to gain political mileage.

DYMM Sultan Selangor sudah bertitah supaya “jangan jadikan agama Islam sebagai modal politik”.

“Janganlah dijadikan masjid sebagai gelanggang untuk berpolitik,” titah baginda tuanku.

DAP evangelistas use the masjid as an arena for getting cheap publicity, like Hannah Tudung Yeoh.

They pay no heed to the Sultan’s reminder that “masjid dan surau adalah tempat umat Islam dan orang Melayu beribadat dan bertemu bagi mengeratkan silaturrahim antara sesama orang Melayu umat Islam“.


What kind of people are they?

The photo montage above shows the DAP Adun for Johor Jaya, Liow Cai Tung, distributing buah kurma at the various pasar-pasar Ramadan. She has kurma in one hand and her party propaganda organ Roketkini draped over her other arm.

With one hand YB Liow gives kurma to the Muslims, with the other hand she gives Roketkini to the Malays.

Most recently, DAP evangelista Tony Pua flayed PAS’s Dr Zuhdi for saying, “Kalau DAP, gereja dan non-Muslim melalak isu serbuan, kalimah Allah, kita boleh jentik saja mereka”.

Tony calls Dr Zuhdi views “racist” and “extremist”. His boss Guan Eng earlier called former Chief Justice Tun Hamid a “a liar, racist and extremist“.


What kind of people are these Christian extremists who keep screaming that other people are “racists” and “extremists”?

Hypocrites of the highest order whose poor command of our national language is tahap “soalan mulut”.

Twitterhannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

‘Jentik’, tau maksudnya tak?

“Jentik”, the word used by Dr Zuhdi, means a flick using the back tip of the finger.

Yet the way the DAP evangelistas are reacting, it is as if the Muslims in Malaysia are preparing to – jentik – err, commit genocide (?) on the Christian minority.


Munafik behind the mask

The reaction of the DAP evangelistas to the violence in Gaza has been to trivialize it as a means to score political brownie points by faking crocodile tears.

Deliberate killings in Gaza by “ISRAEL” of “PALESTINIANS” is placed side by side with Ebola and MH17 when the three are so different. That Hannah Yeoh can line up Gaza, Ebola and MH17 all in a row only goes to show that her Event Managerial training always trumps any thinking by using her head or feeling in her (phony) heart.

Sob, sob, sob. This is the heartached, tearful face of Hannah Hypocrite Yeoh. The Gaza issue is just another item to be managed for her self-promotion and publicity seeking.

Gaza has been bombed to rubble over the past three weeks. Ponder on how the DAP have reacted (or not reacted) to Gaza. Compare with the DAP’s explosive reaction to Dr Zuhri’s threat to jentik the Church for trying to kebas lafaz ‘Allah’.

In the world of DAP evangelistas, Gaza, Ebola, MH17, Jentik are all equivalently depressing news. “Pray it doesn’t get worse than jentik.


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22 thoughts on “When Dr Zuhdi Marzuki is berated as “racist” and “extremist”

  1. DAP yang consisten menyerang Islam dan Melayu. Diselarnya siapa saja yang mahu pertahankan Melayu dan siapa saja yang mahu menjulang Islam.

    Asal bercakap pasal Melayu dan hak Melayu, terus dilabel racist. Asal bercakap pasal Islam, terus dilabel extremist. 

    Sampai orang Melayu pun malu nak mengaku Melayu. Sampai orang Islam nak bercakap pasal agama sendiri pun berlapik-lapik.

    Alangkah bodohnya umat Melayu Islam yang masih mengagungkan2 DAP pengkhianat negara yang zalim ini.

  2. Pandai betul Tony Pua.

    “Pua made his own calculations to show that although both PKR and DAP would also see a fall in voter support, it was PAS who would lose the most seats as non-Malay voters would likely punish the party for its recent controversies.”

    Or will it be the other way. Malay voter will punish DAP and PKR.
    Jentik sahajalah Evangelista.

    1. Reti ke t.pua tu guna MS Excell ?

      I like this :
      “Kalau DAP, gereja dan non-Muslim melalak isu serbuan, kalimah Allah, kita boleh jentik saja mereka”.

  3. Kalau benar2 ikhlas hantar saja volunteers ikut grp Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim yg sedang duk organize nak brtolak keGaza.

    Kalau taknak pasai tak suka UMNO boleh join Flotilla, Turkey also going there soon. Takde siapa from Pakatan volunteering ke? Kalau HY sibuk, hantar aje Mr Hannah. Ada berani?

    Walk the tweet la jgn sekadar asyik tweet tweet aje.

    1. re: “jgn sekadar asyik tweet tweet aje”

      Tweet Hipokrit Hannah yang berbunyi “the killing has to stop!” itu sebenarnya tiada nilai jika dia enggan berbuat apa-apa untuk memberi kesan yang konkrit kepada ungkapannya yang mengada-ngada itu.

      Matthias Chang (bekas s/u sulit Dr M) telah belayar ke Gaza ikut flotilla pada tahun 2010. Itu orang Cina yang “walk the talk”.

      Munafik evangelista hanya cekap mentweet-tweet-tweet, ber’selfie’ and posing untuk tatapan kelompok twits mereka.

      1. By lumping together The Gaza tragedy with a biological disease and an isolated act of terrorist miscalculation Mdm. Yeoh has absolved herself from any value judgements on the causes of human deaths.

        It appears that for her, “justice” is not a problematic philosophical issue where motives and excuses must be questioned in every instance of social transgression. Would a swine be different from a horse in her elementary conceptual schema?

  4. If you take away all the political semantics, it comes down to a simple fact. PAS can say and think what they want. It’s a free country. By the same token, I can choose not to vote for them in the future.

    I think that is the general consensus amongst my friends. IMHO, no need to shout and argue. See you at the next GE.

    In the meantime, we will jentik back anytime an opportunity presents itself. It’s not like we are entirely powerless.

  5. Ms H. Let all the croc tears donate one month’s salary to the GAZA cause instead of talk, talk, talk,

    1. Tak boleh bergambar posing sambil dia menghulur Bankers cheque dia tak akan mau tu? Tak best la no publicity.

  6. dear helen,

    the hypocrisy of the pakatoons. they vow to stick together like gum UHU yet behind each other’s back, they stab each other. padan muka dap for being kurang ajar n lupa daratan.

    wonderful that at least someone in pas had the guts nak sergah n jentik dap whilst at the same asking anwar to retire. bravo to dr zuhdi. anwar must be losing sleep these days! good for him as all of us bid him sayonara!

    1. Pkr hippo-hypocrites? No, tak mungkin.

      Anyway. speaking of hypocrites erm Dap here’s a good example

      See how Malaysians the delegation is.

      To dr zuhdi, you’re in good company, TDM, RM, Zam, Zahid Hamidi and ISMA chief to name a few. I personally believe seorang ahli politik telah melakukan sesuatu yang bermakna jika apa yang dilakukannya telah membuatkan pimpinan Dap tersentak.

      1. Sori, pujian sdr kpd dr zuhdi premature. Today he issued a statement saying that he wrote what he had written in jest, sarcastically. That was not his view at all. He’s so apologetic to the dap. Pemimpin2 pas memang bangsat. There’s no reason to be with pas anymore, he shd realize. Dr zuhdi sounds so scared of disciplinary actions to be taken against him & he’s so full of commitment to the tahaluf SIALsi.

  7. Ms H. The terrible weakness of the DAP leadership is their Achilles Heel of collecting monies LEGALLY FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND THEIR PARTY WITHOUT DELIVERING WHAT THEY PROMISED FOR OVER 48 YEARS. What a wonderful way of making money LEGALLY WITH NO SWEAT AND TOIL. All they need do is to strum the heart striings of their supporters primeval emotions ! SMART, CUNNING AND SELFISH !

  8. Pas being bullied again repeat again and again tapi yang sering dan lawak bodohnya nanti komen biasa sombrono ini pergaduhan antara suami isteri sah sama macam rebutan pemilihan pkr gaduh kerana girlfriend

    ini lah gara-gara PR DAP ala Cina suprima PAS kembang dada PKR dg. DNA/ UMNO nya

  9. Good read. The naked truth (as nude as Adam and Eve) for DAP from Unspinners

    It is only that PAS was quite silent with all the attacks from non Muslim Pakatan fanboys on Islam and the Malay race. It is true.

    Jentik sahaja jentik-jentik Evagenlist. (Jentik-jentik = larvae.) Yes there are such a menace like dengue.

    Well many in PAS have woken up.

    Hmm. Quite lonely not hearing musings from Ambiga, OKM, Mat Sabu.


    – Kekuatan Pakatan Rakyat terletak pada PAS. Tanpa ahli dan penyokong PAS, Pakatan Rakyat tidak akan berfungsi. Akar umbi PR adalah PAS

    FAKTA – Sejarah penubuhan Pakatan Rakyat tidak akan berjaya jika PAS tidak terlibat. Ahli dan penyokong PAS buatkan PR nampak ramai dan kuat

    FAKTA – DAP merupakan sekutu paling kurang ahli dan penyokong diawal penubuhan Pakatan Rakyat. Tanpa PAS parti Lim anak beranak tak bernyawa.

    FAKTA – Hasil bantuan PAS, pemimpin DAP dapat sokongan Melayu bagi menumbangkan UMNO. Tanpa PAS sudah pasti DAP tumbang kepada MCA & GERAKAN

    FAKTA – PAS merupakan tunjang kekuatan Pakatan Rakyat kerana ahli dan penyokongnya adalah Hardcore dalam memastikan PR terus relevan

    FAKTA – PKR merupakan sekutu paling tidak berguna didalam Pakatan Rakyat kerana mempunyai ahli yg sedikit, pemalas, samseng & korup.

    FAKTA – Jika diletak pertandingan 1 lawan 1 antara PAS vs PKR kemenangan akan memihak kepada PAS di semua kerusi majoriti Melayu.

    FAKTA – Ahli & penyokong PKR terdiri daripada mereka yang dibuang dari UMNO, MIC, MCA, GERAKAN kerana masaalah Korupsi & Disiplin (SAMPAH)

    FAKTA – PKR mengetuai setiap Demonstrasi yang diadakan Pakatan Rakyat namun tanpa penyertaan ahli PAS Demo PKR tidak akan mendapat sambutan

    FAKTA – Lim Kit Siang & Lim Guang Eng KAFIR tak layak. Anwar Ibrahim masaalah Moral (LIWAT) tak layak. Hadi Awang paling layak ketuai Pakatan Rakyat. Suara PAS lebih ramai dalam PR.

    FAKTA – Sedarlah wahai ahli & penyokong PAS, tanpa kamu Pakatan Rakyat tidak punya apa apa. Apatah lagi nak harapkan PKR yang ahlinya terdiri daripada SAMPAH & PENAGIH

    FAKTA – PKR sudah lama mempergunakan PAS. Sudah sampai masanya ahli dan penyokong PAS terajui Pakatan Rakyat kerana suara anda lebih kuat dan berpengaruh.

    FAKTA – Ahli & penyokong serta kepimpinan PAS, dengarlah suara hati anda dan fikirlah dengan bijak. Mahu jadi keldai tunggangan DAP & PKR atau ketuai PR

  10. Hi Helen, Saya bukan penyokong kuat Hanna Yeoh pun. Tapi kenapa ya you begitu benci Hanna Yeoh? Ceritalah sikit.

    1. Adakah orang Haiti jijik dengan Baby Doc Duvalier?

      Kalau seseorang pemimpin itu menjijikkan beserta membawa aliran dan halatuju politik yang memudaratkan awam, kenapa pula si pemerhati politik tidak boleh membuat komentar?

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