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Dashyat sungguh spin TMI tu, PAS tak usah lah layan

PAS will be No.2 in BN after Umno

Consider this. In Pakatan, PAS is the most junior partner whereby its 21 Parliament seats trail behind PKR’s 29 and taikor DAP’s 37.

In BN on the other hand, PAS will be the second most influential partner after big brother Umno.

The BN hierarchy will be as follows: Umno 88 Parliament seats, PAS 21, PBB 14, MCA 7, PRS 6, MIC 4, PBS 4, SPDP 4, Upko 3, PBRS 1, SUPP 1 and Gerakan 1.


TMI desperately trying to derail unity talks

“[A] snap poll will definitely bring a huge loss to the opposition, especially PAS”, predicts The Malaysian Insider in their doomsday scenario headlined ‘Selangor crisis and its implication for PAS’.

Although TMI labelled their 1,776-word editorial as an “analysis”, the intent of the portal’s massive spin job to deter a potential PAS-Umno cooperation is clear as day.

“If PAS insist on forming a unity government in Selangor, it would probably only last for one term. This is because non-Muslim voters and Malay opposition supporters would reject the party,” says TMI‘s opinion piece published a couple of days ago on 30 July 2014.

Will Malays reject PAS for teaming up with Umno as TMI claims? The portal is quite insistent that with such a move, “the PAS leadership will face the risk of losing its legitimacy among grassroot members and leaders”.

Oh really?



Its very long-winded editorial was utilized by TMI, most obviously as a sledgehammer, for the primary purpose of hammering home the portal’s psywar agenda to demoralize PAS.

TMI went to the extent of issuing a veiled threat that the Islamist party’s “grassroots might even remove any leader that tries to form a unity government with Umno and BN”.

Now, now, TMI‘s slip is showing. “PAS will go back to being a small party with influence only in the east coast” and “could most probably lose the support of … a chunk of Malay supporters”, the portal’s editor intones repeatedly. His slant is not surprising and TMI is merely parrotting the DAP line (it’s the Christian favouritism, you see).

Additionally, TMI avers that “PAS will go back to being a ‘mosquito party’.” How insulting of the TMI editor to jentik PAS like this.

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New playbook, Malay manual

TMI and its media owners’ real fear is that – in their own words – “failure to resolve the crisis will give BN, especially Umno, a chance to wrestle back the state”. Thus their desperately seeking to down play the unity government thrust.

The truth of the matter is that the BN’s only chance to wrest back Selangor is through an Umno-PAS working pact. Without Umno taking PAS on board the bandwagon, the switchover of the Selangor state government can’t and won’t happen.

It is not a BN show at all. The unity government vehicle has to be powered by the twin engines of PAS and Umno.

But let us appraise the TMI spin intelligently and critically.

I’m convinced that with the exception of a few tiresome trolls, the readership of my blog is generally a discerning crowd. I will place TMI‘s and my own analysis side by side, below, and you can evaluate for yourself.

Leng chai in a row: MCA protest against hudud



TMI says: … only “several PAS leaders and their advisers” prefer the option of working with Umno.

Helen says: According to Dr Zuhdi Marzuki, the PAS research centre operations director, “at least 10 of the PAS central committee members” in the leaked WhatsApp conversation had supported a proposal for the party to quit Pakatan.


TMI says: “the PAS seats in Selangor would diminish from 15 to about six or less”

Helen says: TMI is talking like Tony Pua and Anthony Loke in overrating the significance of the Chinese support. While it is doubtless that PAS will lose the non-Malay votes in the event of a re-election, at the same time nonetheless, the party will gain more Malay votes to compensate.

You can see a table of the 15 PAS Selangor state seats and their demography HERE.


TMI says: “It also has the potential to lose parliamentary seats at areas which are cosmopolitan such as Pokok Sena, Parit Buntar, Bukit Gantang, Kota Raja, Shah Alam, Sepang, Hulu Langat and Temerloh (in other words, it is possible that PAS would lose all other parliamentary seats except in Kelantan and Terengganu).”

Helen says: While PAS may lose the non-Malay vote, this does not necessarily mean that such a loss will cost PAS the seat altogether. See example of Temerloh below.

Who runs Selangor is dependent on the results of the DUN election, not Parliament.

BN has 134 MPs and a comfortable lead of 46 Parliament seats over the opposition which has a total of 88 MPs in the current Dewan Rakyat, including PSM’s one in Sungai Siput.

The eight Parliament seats that TMI implies PAS will lose – a debatable proposition – are as follows:

  • Pokok Sena (Kedah)
  • Parit Buntar & Bukit Gantang (Perak)
  • Kota Raja, Shah Alam, Sepang & Hulu Langat (Selangor)
  • Temerloh (Pahang)

These constituencies are spread over four states and will have little impact on each of the states individually because who gets to form the state government is determined by the number of Aduns, not the number of MPs.


Ubah: Exchange MCA for PAS

I’ve previously suggested that ruling party should swap the MCA for PAS. Since the MCA media are campaigning so vigorously for the DAP Christians, the media owner should similarly go away to the Pakatan side and stop stabbing BN in the back.

The majority of the voters in six out of MCA’s current seven seats is Malay. In other words, MCA is squatting in Malay constituencies. PAS can win these seats hands down should they be allowed to contest them on the BN ticket.

And it’s not necessarily true that PAS will lose those seats listed above by TMI. The portal is simply exaggerating the role of the Chinese as kingmaker. In truth, the Chinese had already fired all their ammo during the “ini kali lah” general election and have no more surprises to spring.

What pivots can the Chinese make when already 90 percent are staunchly pro-opposition?

Chinese voters GE13

The table above shows the spectrum according to racial composition, collated using the percentages of Chinese voters. From the table we can also see that the MCA is a useless asset.

  • Every single one of the 15 Parliament seats with more than 70% Chinese voters went to DAP.
  • All six Parliament seats having between 60-69% Chinese voters also went entirely to the DAP.
  • Of the nine seats with 50-59% Chinese voters, eight were won by DAP too and one by PKR.

In short, the MCA was a complete washout.

mca hampas


We’ll take Temerloh as one example of how TMI has deliberately misrepresented the PAS pullout scenario.

The parliament constituency of Temerloh in Pahang has 64.3% Malay voters, 24.2% Chinese and 8.7% Indians.

In GE13, PAS’s ustaz Nasrudin Hassan at Tantawi obtained 28,267 votes to beat Umno’s Saifuddin Abdullah who had 27,197 votes. PAS won the seat with a majority of 1,070 votes.

So we see that Umno has 27,197-voter support. PAS has 28,267 albeit a good number of them Chinese swing votes.

Let’s say in GE14, the opposition candidate is a PKR Malay.What chance do you think the man has against the combined forces of PAS-Umno?

Don’t forget,Temerloh has a 64.3% Malay electorate and both PAS and Umno have the Malay ground nicely covered between them whereas PKR remains the weakest party in terms of groundwork.

PAS DAP flag

Lain kali Pakcik kibar bendera biru, ya

The game will change once the emergent and ascendent factor of Malay unity is introduced into the equation.

TMI puts forward a hypothetical situation of zero sum game, i.e. PAS’s loss will be Umno’s gain.

On the contrary, it will be a win-win situation and PAS will emerge stronger.

You must remember that under the rules of the new changed game, Umno and PAS will no longer be rivals but working hand in glove.


PAS only stepping stone for DAP to fish Malay votes

TMI’s editorial says: “So, why would PAS want to be an alliance partner, which disobeys and practices double standards in the context of the Selangor MB post.”

Helen says: “Disobeys”? PAS is expected to “obey” and salute.


TMI says: “If Hadi and PAS insist on putting their personal interests first, it will not be able to go back to Pakatan. And if this continued until the next election, BN and Umno will definitely have an advantage.”

Helen says: Quite correct that the Pakatan door will close on PAS but the BN window of opportunity will open. The benefit is mutual to Umno and to PAS.


Anwar will be in Sungai Buloh, lah

TMI says: “For Barisan, this scenario [status quo] is their worst nightmare. For sure, BN will see the influence of their enemy become wider and steadier with the economic strength in Selangor. In two to three years’ time, Anwar and his compatriots in Pakatan Rakyat will be able to carve strategies and policies even better than BN.”

Helen says: In two to three years’ time, Anwar will be in the middle of serving his jail sentence in Sungai Buloh.

Pause and reflect: If Pakatan have been unable to carve better strategies and policies in the last six years since they gained power in the most developed states, why should anyone believe the TMI‘s prognosis that DAP-PKR will perform in the next two to three years?

What has PAS gained from Pakatan in the last half a dozen years? Nampak macam hanya PKR dan DAP aje yang untung.

Azmin Ali heads PKNS. Other plum quangos have been distributed among the PKR and DAP carpetbaggers. PAS has been left out in the cold. Even the local council seats are not offered PAS that are commensurate with the contribution of the party as Pakatan’s foremost hewers of wood and drawers of water.


TMI dubs it the ‘Hadi move’ pula

PKR, DAP and the unscrupulous English media that avidly support the oppo parties have been grossly insulting PAS and painting a false picture of the unfolding drama.

TMI says: “The focus here is not the criticisms directed at Khalid and his ouster… [b]ut at the implication of ‘Hadi’s move’ on the Islamist party he heads.”

Helen says: Hullo! It’s the ‘Kajang move’ lah. Jangan buat bodoh sepat and shift the blame. TMI is being so sneaky. Just like the Sneaky Star.


TMI says: “The stubbornness of Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who has refused to follow his party’s consensus and give way to a more suitable MB candidate…”

Helen says: It’s the stubbornness of Anwar Ibrahim, duh. And by what criteria can Kak Wan be measured as “a more suitable MB candidate”, pray tell?


TMI says: “If Hadi allows his personal judgement to overtake the consensus in Pakatan …” / “…Hadi Awang’s open support for Khalid, which was done without his party’s approval and at the same time, he has turned his back on the spirit of mutual agreement in Pakatan Rakyat.”

Helen says: It is Anwar who is trying to make the Selangor MB seat his personal fiefdom.

For TMI to claim that Hadi “turned his back on the spirit of mutual agreement” is the most blatantly outrageous act of mispointing finger and misplacing blame.

In the GE13 election campaign, Khalid spearheaded the Pakatan challenge in Selangor with everybody’s consent. Then suddenly Anwar springs this surprise. PAS was not consulted when PKR decided to remove Khalid. So who has actually breached “the spirit of mutual agreement”?

I hope PAS realise by now how obnoxious these Christian cheerleaders – TMI is Malaysia’s most preeminent pro-Christian media organization – can be.

Logo PKR menggambarkan mata Anwar yang ditumbuk ketua polis negara

PAS is the oldest party

TMI says: “PAS has to remember and realise that it could become a strong opposition party by cooperating with PKR and DAP.”

Helen says: PAS was established on 24 Nov 1951. DAP was registered 18 Mac 1966. PKR the One Eye Party was only founded on 4 April 1999.

Urm, TMI wants PAS to realise that it could become a strong opposition party only by cooperating with PKR and DAP?

How hilarious, hahaha.

Lemme say again … PAS 1951, DAP 1966 and PKR 1999.

What cheek!


Plateau from GE12 to GE13

TMI says: “The momentum of change that happened in 2008 and 2013 is expected to continue in the next general election, if Pakatan can strengthen their alliance and fulfil its promises of change.”

Helen says: What happened was the Chinese Tsunami. Operative word, “Chinese”. The electoral landscape was changed and devastated due to the flood of Chinese deserting the BN.

From a high of 198 Parliament seats in Ge11, the BN’s standing plunged to 140 seats in GE12. The year 2008 was annus horribilis where BN suffered a loss of 48 seats under Sleepy Dollah’s watch.

The momentum of the BN’s seat depletion was however somewhat successfully arrested in 2013. From GE12 to GE13, BN suffered a loss of only a further seven seats, decreasing to 133 from 140. As you can see from the line graph above, the BN losses as well as the Pakatan gains have more or less plateaued.


Umno actually improved its performance in GE13

Umno had 79 seats in 2008 and 88 seats in 2013. So in fact, Umno’s seats increased by nine from GE12 to GE13. The Malay BN anchor party has recovered, comparatively speaking, under Najib.

The BN losses in 2013 were due solely to the wipe-out of all the coalition’s Chinese parties, decimated by the DAP (see bar chart above).

Umno did not fare badly.

Sneaky, sneaky TMI is misrepresenting the situation

TMI says: “Based on this, PAS central leaders will push Hadi to pull back his support for Khalid…” / “…Hadi will be able to see the bigger picture with Pakatan (taking over Putrajaya) compared to his personal support for Khalid in Selangor.”

Helen says: TMI is lobbing an auto suggestion as to what it hopes the PAS leaders will do. Nice try.

And please observe that TMI is still attempting to spin the blame on Hadi for his purported “personal support for Khalid”. Geez. Such sneakiness.

Thankfully, while TMI may be de rigueur reading for the evangelistas, Khalid Gereja and Mujahid, I doubt that the portal has much traction with Hadi, Nik Aziz, the Majlis Syura or the Dewan Ulama.

BELOW: The BN states


Synergy in the Malay heartland

TMI says: “PAS will go back to being a small party with influence only in the east coast. Its future will be darker when Umno takes advantage of Pakatan splitting and PAS’s weakness to keep Kelantan.”

Helen says: Wrong.

Collaboration between Umno and PAS means that PAS will rule Kelantan with a little help from Umno. However in tandem, Umno will rule Kedah and Terengganu with a little help from PAS.

The Kedah MB Mukhriz Mahathir is an inclusive chap while the Terengganu MB (in TMI‘s own words) is an “active personality and one who is well-received by most party members”.

What will happen is that PAS will acquire a greater role in the governance of the Melayu pekat states. Moreover, as the conduct of the series of by-elections in Sg Limau, Galas, Manek Urai and Kuala Terengganu have shown, the relationship between PAS and Umno in the Malay heartland is cordial and warming up.

BELOW: The 3 Pakatan states currently


Penang, last oppo standing

When the PAS-Umno unity takes effect, the only opposition state left will be Penang.

Penang is Chinese-majority where the DAP have their stronghold and the Chinese Penangites have attitude. So let’s just see what they’ll eventually do in a Malay-ruled Malay-sia where the state governments of the rest of the country behave differently, think differently and dream in bahasa Melayu.

To quote the TMI editorial – some PAS leaders see their party’s cooperation with Pakatan as “diluting their struggles in upholding an Islamic government” whereas “several high-ranking [PAS] leaders are already involved in discussions with Umno to strengthen the Malay and Islam’s domination”.

The 90 percent Chinese voters who gleefully killed MCA and destroyed the BN “racist” (DAP’s label) formula should take note.

Penang flag

PAS is the DAP’s evangelistas’ Iron Dome

The TMI editorial plays the time-worn card of dangling the Putrajaya carrot in front of PAS upon the promise of forming the next federal government. That is a big ‘if’.

A surer thing is that the PAS leaders will be made cabinet ministers and very likely the de facto Minister for Religious Affairs, appointed senators and provided other plum positions if they supplant the MCA.

Most importantly, a united Malay-Muslim polity can save lafaz ‘Allah’ from the snatch thieves. Presently the Christians feel emboldened because they believe they are shielded in their actions by the PAS people.

Do PAS care to be unwittingly complicit in the aggressive evangelista movement that is undermining Islam? Imagine, if the lafaz ‘Allah’ were allowed to be used freely what will ensue … like “Rumah Allah” (House of God).

Dapsters are delusional

Who is TMI kidding?

TMI expresses its wishful thinking that “the grassroots of the Islamist party will reject any attempt to cooperate with Umno” and that “other than the DAP, the PAS and PKR election machinery is not only unprepared, but could also be bickering among themselves to bring any focus to the campaign”.

The portal is clutching at straws. It is the not PAS’s but the PKR machinery that is kaput. Anwar’s party can’t even conclude its election after 3½ months. The DAP party machinery is plagued with pirated software, if one recalls their Excel fiasco.

TMI concludes with a fortune cookie slip saying that Pakatan “has the potential to reach Putrajaya. Just ask the majority of voters who crossed PAS, PKR and DAP at the last general election”.

Dunno about the PAS folks but the majority of the voters who pangkah Roket in the last election are quite delusional.

(2,945 words)

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73 thoughts on “Dashyat sungguh spin TMI tu, PAS tak usah lah layan

  1. They think Pas’ grassroots are going to stage some sort of a rebellion. They must be some travelers from Planet Fantasy.

    The grassroots are conservative folks. They have stuck by Pas since the party’s formation. They know why they are in it. They’re not going to jump ship or cause a split. Mind you, they are not opportunists or carpetbaggers, unlike the members of the other 2 parties.

    The biggest losers, if Pas were to abandon PR, are most definitely PKR. Without Pas’ grassroots machinery, who’s going to do the ground work ? Who’s going to go out and canvass for votes ? Who’s going to form the workhorses ? You and I know the answers and so does the veteran commenters of your blog.

    DAP too will not escape unscathed from a Pas exit. The Malay votes are as good as kaput. Don’t even think of the rural voters. Fat chance.

    All this talk by Tony Pua, Anthony Loke and their propaganda bullhorns are signs of desperation. If they truly believe that Pas will end up as the biggest losers and DAP+PKR can go on without Pas, they have no need to fear a Pas exit from PR. The more they speak of how Pas will lose this and that, the more it demonstrates their fear of an exit by Pas.

    1. The more they speak of how Pas will lose this and that, the more it demonstrates their fear of an exit by Pas.

      Ah Soh have to personally suffer the heat during Bersih 4.0. No more Mak Tudung to stand in the heat for them.
      Perhaps all the Ah Soh have to send their maids.

      1. Exactly. If PAS is a small mosquito party that would end-up being confined to the East Coast, why must TMI and DAP shout so much about it? In fact, they should be happy if PAS is confined to the rural areas, as one DAP MP recently labelled PAS as ‘parti tok alim kampungan’, because then they can convert the whole of Selangor without any problem.

        I think DAP needs PAS more than it needs PKR, until DAP can muster more ‘awek cun’ to cucuk hidung melayu-melayu bodoh di Malaysia. Everybody knows that PKR is nothing without Al-Juburi, the moment the Ketua Umum (whatever that is) is no longer in the picture, all the kerusi-meja within PKR will fly uncontrollably. PKR cannot rely on Kak Wan and Nurul Izzah to lead the party, as both nak jaga laki pun tak pandai. Azmin Ali has always been viewed as pseudo-UMNO (Don’t trust me? Ask Hishamuddin Riot-Rais), so knives are ready for him whereas Elizabeth Wong, Tian Chua Gigi Besi, Sivarasa and the others will immediately jump ship to DAP, the moment the kerusi-meja starts flying. Rafizi ‘Kajang-Fraud’ Ramli to lead PKR? Hahahahahah, ok that is Maharaja Lawak material ok.

        So DAP needs more time to incubate its ‘Ubah’ plan and in doing so, it requires the participation of PAS. PAS organisational machinery at the grassroots and its command of devoted supporters are needed by DAP for the time being. Furthermore, that “Islamic” image is very useful in controlling all the pakcik-pakcik lebai kampungan and makcik-makcik tudung labuh to continue campaigning for DAP like soul-less zombies. Until one day, PKR is no longer strong enough to challenge DAP, whereas PAS has lost sufficient clout among the Malays due to systematic deterioration of its “Islamic” image semata-mata ingin mahu bersama rakan Pakatan, not to mention the Anwarinas within PAS like Khalid Gereja and Mat Sabun, the party will soon become a useless carcass. Then DAP will rule all with the mindless aweks cun (takle cun mana pun!). MCA pun sibuk main-main wayang je, baru movie ni nampak best.

        The Pakatan partnership is just like the Allies during WW2, it’ll be a matter of time before they turn their guns at each other. Otherwise, we would not see a Penang PKR leader calling Lim Guan Eng as Tokong right? No doubt DAP will be better prepared and more than likely to come up with better guns, but it needs extra time at least for now. Then, they can forget about the liberals and lebais.

        Btw Mulan, Ah Soh cannot send their maids la, nanti semua orang nampak kaki kecil tak cukup makan and the air panas/seterika badges on the maids’ body. Apalah you ni.

        1. ‘PKR cannot rely on Kak Wan and Nurul Izzah to lead the party, as both nak jaga laki pun tak pandai.’

          Haha. That says a lot! Thank you for pointing that out.

          1. Betul la kan? Dua-dua tak pandai jaga laki, kalau tak, takkan jadi sampai macam tu sekali? These oppos like to target and ridicule Aunty Rosmah, yet when it comes to Kak Wan and Nurul Izzah, all of them shouted about ‘privacy’ and ‘family matters’. Such a dysfunctional family [Anwar] has, tapi masih ada hati nak reform the country.

            1. re: “yet when it comes to Kak Wan and Nurul Izzah, all of them shouted about ‘privacy’ and ‘family matters’.”

              It’s their double standards. They’re hypocrites through and through.

  2. Spin what u like but nik aziz n hadi awg have the final say. They r backing khalid ibrahim. The writing is on the wall. Blood is thicker than water. Hannah sup babi big fan can kiss her speaker post good buy hahahahaha

    1. Terror you ni. Hannah will lose her fat paycheck and other perks due to her position as Selangor Speaker.

      1. re: “Hannah will lose her fat paycheck”

        With a slimmer paycheck, maybe she can start losing some weight?

        1. Re With a slimmer paycheck, maybe she can start losing some weight?

          Too late la. How can she lose weight without her fat paycheck ? How to pay for the treatment at London weight management or Marie France without money ? How ? L O L !!!

          1. Can, lah.

            Just stop eating so much dry Bak Kut Teh and stop hankering for ayam rendang.

  3. Malays have learned from GE13 that the chinese DAPs are extremely greedy, ungrateful and back stabbers.

    PAS boleh ker nak deal di ukraine atau lead meeting international kalau di bwh PKR dan DAP.
    apa DAP bg kat pas di Penang?

    DAP dan PKR rasa diorg lebih brilliant dan pas macam pakcik2 kampung lulusan darjah 6 saja.
    jangan biar dihina sgtlah.

    bangkit sendirian is better drp tgk puak2 sampah yang masuk PKR tu memerintah.

    1. Zain,
      My inlaws three of them are foreign educated Phd holders, sorang Ass Prof kat local IPTA. Duk UK/US kerja brtahun2.. Balik sini hardcore PAS supporters.

      I believe majority of the urban and semi-urban areas won by PAS are made up of these groups of followers, take Bangi for instance.. My classmates two fm Oxford, dok Bangi lor, grp WA kami silap sikit sebut hal Agama depa lecture kami kaw kaw wan!

      One of them a Syiah fanatic follower converted masa dok London for 18yrs. Their tok gurus are not TGNA or Hadi owh.. They confer/refer on Islamic isuues direct dgn pakar2 Islam fm London or the Arab countries la.

      I believe majority of the urban and semi-urban areas won by PAS are made up of these ‘groups’ of followers, Bangi for instance is under PAS?

      Anyway when the WA leak on “nyamok jentik2” surfaced, I was not surprised. As per mentioned in the WA yes, they will jentik the nons, itu sure wan.

      But UMNO and PKR followers they will use ROTAN like the Talibans le.. Itu asas perjuangan PAS kan?

  4. Helen.

    If Pas decide to leave PR, it will be the end for PKR. PKR will just be like Semangat 46.

    PKR was formed for the sake of Anwar and nothing more, to give him the vehicle for his ambitions to be PM. And this Dap saw the oppotunity for them to grab Putrajaya and put for the first time a Cina PM in the Malay land.

    I pray and hope Pas will abandon PR for the sake of Islam and Malay rule and put an end to Anwar’s dreams and Dap’s ambitions.

    1. Sabbas48,

      The **-suffix edited.

      re: “Dap’s ambitions”

      DAP is similarly the vehicle for the evangelistas. The Christian missionaries have a great ambition to Christianize China.

      Our present millennium is the age where China will rise to become the world’s greatest superpower. USSR has broken up and USA has lame duck presidents like Obama.

      Malaysia’s population is only 30 million. China’s population is 1.35 billion and China is grabbing islands that don’t belong to them in the South China Sea.

      1. Re The Christian missionaries have a great ambition to Christianize China.

        Not going to happen Helen. China’s rising nationalism will put a stop to this nonsense.

        1. China’s blue ocean billion population is like a jackpot to them. For such a big prize, the evangelistas will do anything. Remember the McDonald’s slaying in Shandong province not too long ago where the crazy Christians beat a young woman to death with a mopstick?

          If over here they’re willing wear tudung to visit the mosques, go to the surau to stir empty pots (bubr lambuk), distribute buah kurma at the pasar ramadan and tweet #sahur and ucap “Insya Allah”, I’m sure the evangelistas over there will have their own ways and means.

          1. Sure but like I said, China’s rising nationalism accompanied by her authoritarian tendencies as demonstrated throughout her history will put a stop to this nonsense by these evangelical Christians. They will employ whatever measures they deem fit unlike our government who is too worried about ‘public opinion’.

            By the way, you may want to look at this. Ah Wong’s latest ‘charade’


            1. Did. Read it about half an hour ago.

              In his column today WCW wrote:

              “The reality is that many Malaysians are not terribly interested in reading up on philosophical terms, let alone read, and the result is that they accept the GIBBERISH that has been pushed down their throats.

              A Facebooker by the name ‘Wong CW’ wrote the following comment yesterday in Malaysia Today:

              “Helen Ang in her continuous tirade against her favourite target forgot one thing, Malay dominance is a given. No one is silly enough to deny that. So, here entire article is just GIBBERISH and syiok sendiri.”

              Like I said, one particular Anon is stalking me 24/7 everywhere in the alpha blogs (English) and leaving disparaging comments and slanderous innuendos.

              What kind of people are they? Scissorati scum.

      2. Helen,

        “Ref – and China is grabbing islands that don’t belong to them in South China Sea”

        At present most Chinese like to identify themselves with white people. Anything from the west, they look as great just like christian evangelistas where christianity is progress and advance, whereas Budhism, Taoism and Conficiunism is backward.

        Wait when Cina becomes super-super power, these evangelistas will change their skin. They then will identify themselves as “Chinese totok”. Maybe at that time when their political strength is stronger and the ambition to put Cina PM at Putrajaya looks good, they will ask China to shift their nation capital to Putrajaya, thus put the end to Malay rule as what they have been craving for all this while.

        1. re: “these evangelistas will change their skin. They then will identify themselves as Chinese totok

          So when will the evangelistas ever identify themselves as Malaysia First, which they threaten everyone else at gunpoint with?

    2. Suppose Guan Benz became cina PM n there is a MH17 repeat, do u think the hawkish street fighter brat wld be able to negotiate wt ukraine separatist rebels to secure the site n black box ? That apek is a jaguh kampong only hahahah

      1. He will ask Yuki to pray for a dinosaur to attack Moscow and eat Putin.

        City Harvest can pray for a flood to wash away Russia.

        Maybe after the flood have subsided there will be an island for all the DAPsters to migrate too.

        1. re: “Maybe after the flood have subsided there will be an island for all the DAPsters to migrate too.”

          The evangelistas can all sail away in the Calvary Church (Bukit Jalil) ark.


          1. Now I know why it is an ark. When Melayu mengamuk, 2 by 2 evangelista can masuk the ark and sail away with Russell Crowe to Australia.

          2. Sail away? Itu nampak cam spaceship, ultraman pun takut. The spaceship will fly la.

  5. Malay dominance is a given. No one is silly enough to deny that.

    With 90% of Malays feeling agitated and angry, even with many seek cun, Pakatan will fall into history like Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah and Barisan Aletrnatif

  6. Nobody needs UMNO anymore.

    PR with Pas, Dap, PKR, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Hindraf and the political parties in East Malaysia will have more than enough seats in Parliament to take over Putrajaya.

    A new multiracial party similar to BN where everyone is given a voice to rule the country is better than a so called multiracial BN where only UMNO is the taikor and everyone else jadi lembus and get the scraps is definitely better, don’t you think so?

    Furthermore, the East Malaysians will have a TPM post and more oil royalty monies to develop their underdeveloped states after more than 51 years of rule under the current BN which have not only suck them dry but also import foreigners to become citizens of their states. What happen to the 13 and 20 points agreement when forming Malaysia have all been diluted and they have lost their autonomy.

    If BN (UMNO) does not know how to rule and govern a multicultural, multi religious, multi ethnic nation, then it’s time to say bye-bye to those who lack the ability.

    Other develop countries also change their parties governing their country and do you see any problems? What’s so special about BN under UMNO after been given 57 years to govern and today no one seems to be even better off?

    Unless you belong to those called cronies or elites.

    1. another theory without facts. Doesn’t make sense at all.

      Even with only three partners in Selangor PR govt is going bust. Imagine PR having more than 3 partners. Chaotic lah.

      1. Boleh if they have more than 3 partners. As long as Anwar Al-Juburi remain the supreme PR leader, having many partners won’t be a problem. Al-Juburi’s tried and tested experience in handling many partners is a crucial asset to PR, plus there should be enough kerusi-meja for everyone to throw if they are not happy. If things going out of control, Al-Juburi’s 40,000 strong Special Bangla Corps will maintain order. Can lah.

  7. Tst tst tst.. Looking at yr charts on BN performance, phuiw teruk sekali bencana tsunami Cina, no wonder DAP naik tocang dan jadi chenghei semacam.

    MCA kept halving downwards 31, 15, 7 and even so those winning seats having Malay majorities?.. Dasyatnya

    And the other two, terlingkup face flat with only one seat each? Tst tst tst

    And they still have the guts to squeek, threaten n tunjuk garang sama UMNO? Tst tst tst.

    Dapat solid Ministry of Transport pulak tu? Ish ish ish. Ni macam dapat ‘F’ for SPM tapi direct dapat masuk ambik Medic kat UM aje ni?

    Apa lagi previleges/ keistemewaan yang Cina nak tuntut lagi ni?.. mana Negara yang sanggup bagi macam ni kat depa, cuba cakap sikit?

  8. Tm remarks considerably term as hijacked tremendous inspiring fearful overpowering can be cannot be etc.

    The two personality that will jump wagon that’s matter of course who are they

    In ayat Al-‘Asr 103 three verses
    I Allah swear by the time
    Most surely man is in loss
    Except those who believe and
    do good and enjoin on oher
    Truth, and enjoin on each other patience

    Helen u ought to consciousness and feelings and implied and a no joke one would you care

  9. Re Dandy

    “A new multiracial party…where everyone is given a voice to rule…”

    Well, that rules out the DAP which sacks or forces out any member not parroting the party line.

    “East Malaysians will get a TPM post…”

    Why not the PM’s post if everything’s all fair and equal? Why only TPM? What happened to voice for all?

    1. Since BN (UMNO) needs the East Malaysian Parliament seats to be the current Govt., why no TPM post?

      Answer that first.

      1. I think to answer your question is to look at the number of the seats obtained by the component parties after the GE. Going by logic, it’s the biggest contributor who gets to choose the most important positions. A DPM is also the acting PM while PM is away. The dominant party would rightfully choose from its own member. A chosen PM or DPM then looks after everyone regardless of their ethnicity.

        Plus, the East Malaysia states operate almost like a proto-state in case you didn’t know. For whatever reason best known to them, they choose not to meddle in Peninsular affairs and refuse Peninsular interference in theirs (save for Sabah when Anwar Ibrahim engineered UMNO entry into the state after buying out local leaders). They got their own special budget from federal government to be spent in whichever way they feel right. They have their own administrative and immigration laws, own federal courts, own security commissioners, pretty much everything led by their own ethnics. They have their own ministries.

        I think majority of them may not feel comfortable with Peninsular party gaining dominance. Some even pointed out that DAP Sarawak isn’t led by local ethnic. They even chose Melanau over Melayu as CM.

        So, should they trust their old partner who have given them almost everything they want or a new untested partner?

      2. Since DAP wants to be a Malaysian Malaysia party, how come not even a single Malay in the CEC? Please discount Zairil, he’s an Excel anomaly.

  10. Re Dandy on TPM post for East Malaysia.

    Far be it for me to be a defender of UMNO/BN.

    You’ve clearly written off UMNO/BN and outlined your Utopian idea of a future better Malaysia. Okay…

    But I was wondering why, in that idealistic world you’ve envisaged, East Malaysia only gets a TPM post? Why not a shot at the top post too? So how different is that from your accusations against UMNO/BN of prejudice and curbs against minorities?

  11. Helen- This is an excellent point by point rebuttal of TMI’s mega spin. That Pakatan is going to implode is just a matter of time.

    Let’s look at what each of these 3 highly diverse animals want out of PR. For PKR it is to make Anwar the PM (and allow their cronies to enhance themselves financially). For DAP it is to establish the dominance and supremacy of the Christian Chinese. While for PAS, it is to turn the country into a Wahabi-influenced Islamic nation.

    Obviously they cannot achieve all these objectives by taking over Putrajaya since all these aims are in conflict with each other. These parties know this but they put these issues into backburner to be resolved after the GE – presumably depending upon the parties’ electoral showing.

    After the GE13, PAS realised their folly and wised up to the fact that as long as they are in Pakatan, it will be impossible to achieve their aims. They have been hammered by their own supporters for failing to stand up for Islam for various issues and allowing UMNO to take up the mantle as the protector of Islam in the country. Worse still they have been insulted and humiliated by DAP and PKR for their stance on some key issues and had to make embarrassing backtrack.

    Now coming to TMI’s mega-spin, your counter points are spot on. I don’t think there is anything more to add to rebut them. However I would like to add one observation – the reason why TMI is bent on scaring PAS is to keep PR together at all cost. The PR strategists know that their core votes are from the Chinese (and to a certain extent urban/Christian Indians).

    But without the Malay support, all these would mean nothing. UMNO/BN has around 2/3 of the Malay votes with PAS/PKR the balance 1/3. But this 1/3 is crucial as this can make or break PR. They also know that PAS commands 70 to 80% of the support from this 1/3 voting bloc. So without PAS, PR will implode and lose a significant number of seats (mostly in the mixed areas), and not to mention 2 states.

    I believe the statements by Hadi and Nik Aziz are calculated political move – not so much to support Khalid but to get back at Pakatan. I think they realise that they will never be able to achieve their objectives within the Pakatan coalition.

    So they probably decided to be true to their principles and stay weak but independent. It is significant that the rebuff came from Nik Aziz who has been the strongest supporter for PR within PAS’ top leadership. This is a major policy decision and not a mere disagreement among the Pakatan leadership on MB post.

    BTW, you might be interested to know that among the 3 parties, the one most committed to PR is DAP because they know that if Pakatan breaks up, then it is the beginning of the end for them too. That’s is one of the reasons for the new “Awek Cun” project.

  12. I saw that article by TMI. Couldn’t see any logic in it. PAS-UMNO dominance in the government could prove to be a game changer. It’s the PKR and DAP who stand to lose since the non-Muslims emptied their barrels already. PAS brought bulk of the Malay votes to the table and still ended up with less positions. I heard (or read somewhere) that they are only accorded the masjid committee roles as opposed to administrative ones.

    But looking at the bigger picture, how can a single ethnic rule lead a multi-racial Malaysia? What would be the fate of vernacular school? Are we shifting to Sharia law? How is the constitution going to be affected? How is the rights of minorities going to be affected?

    I may be jumping the gun since non of the UMNO and PAS leaders say anything about forming unity government.

    1. re: “But looking at the bigger picture, how can a single ethnic rule lead a multi-racial Malaysia?”

      Can. First Perak. Then Johor. Next Selangor.

      The other states like Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah are already under Malay rule given that their population is overwhelmingly Malay.

      Dapsters should start their emigration to Penang.

    2. Re how can a single ethnic rule lead a multi-racial Malaysia?

      If that ethnic group constitute a significant majority, then they can rule the country. According to the 2010 census, the Bumiputera = Malay + Sarawak and Sabah Pribumi constituted 67% of our population. By the year 2020, which is also the year we’ll be conducting our next population census, the figure will reach 69%. more than 2/3 of the population. Well, we’re already past the 2/3 anyway, only that by 2020, the 2/3 will become more visible in figurative aspect.

      Re What would be the fate of vernacular school?

      Those located in urban areas, the big urban areas, they will continue to exist as the demand is still there. Most Chinese are urban dwellers so the urban SRJK and SMJK will continue to exist. Those in semi urban and rural areas, they are a big question mark as they are already facing the problem of dwindling student intakes. In the worst case scenario, they may have to merge with or seek integration with the bigger and better funded SRJK and SMJK located in urban areas. I believe in general the same applies to Indian vernacular schools.

      Re Are we shifting to Sharia law?

      I would say we’re in a transition. No one knows when we’re going to become a Sharia state but the discerning folks, whether Muslim or non Muslim, they know we’ll eventually become a Sharia state. Only the finer details remain to be resolved.

      Re How is the constitution going to be affected?

      The constitution will at a certain stage be amended to reflect our demographic reality. How will it be amended, what amendments, they will only be answered in the not too distant future. But I m going to make a prediction here. Just my own personal prediction. The moment the percentage of Chinese = Indian population tumbles below 30%, we’ll hear calls for a constitutional amendment.

      Re How is the rights of minorities going to be affected?

      This depends largely on what our constitution will look like in future. We’ll just have to wait and see what the amended constitution will look like.

      1. re: “According to the 2010 census, the Bumiputera = Malay + Sarawak and Sabah Pribumi constituted 67% of our population.”

        The natives of Sabah and Sarawak although pribumi are not all Muslim. On the contrary, many are Christians. DAP is in Borneo to split the vote.

        Likewise, the reason DAP wants PAS in Pakatan is to split the Malay vote. Like Dr M always writes, if the [55 percent] Malay population is divided three ways into Umno, PAS and PKR, then the Malay strength is diluted.

        Compare the Chinese who have only one political allegiance – to the DAP.

        1. Our conversation is, for most part, premised on the assumption that the Malays, Muslims whoever will remain divided with a dim prospect of the divided coming together and unite under one banner. I think it is about time we question this assumption and start looking at the possibility that indeed, those divided indeed will unite.

          The natives of Sabah and Sarawak have no credible reason to throw their lot with the DAP. The 2 states already enjoy significant autonomy. If the natives of the 2 states really want recognition of the contribution they made to this country, they should demand ever greater autonomy on broader, domestic issues while remaining under the aegis of Putrajaya on certain matters. This is better than throwing whatever they already possess just to partner with the DAP and end up being looted in the process. The leaders of the Sabah and Sarawak natives know this and that is the reason why they are still in the BN.

          As for Chinese allegiance to the DAP, we’re past the point of no return now, we crossed the Rubicon on 5/5 2013. But they are not going to have the last laugh. As I mentioned, demography is not in their favor in the longer term. The ones who’re going to have the last laugh, ominously, are the Islamists.

  13. I friend of mine who seems to be bale to get some inside information from UMNO leaders told me shortly after the 2013 elections that UMNO would make a deal with PAS in which it will be given Kelantan, Kedah and Terangganu to contest and win and leave the rest to UMNO, and that would pull the rug from under the feet of Pakatan.

    We’ll soon know whether he is right or wrong.

    Anyway, I don’t know how the pact can hold together with such strong differences between DAP and PAS over Hudud and how PAS can work together with a party in which a leading member is convicted of sodomy, which would be punishable by stoning under Hudud law.

    However, I don’t see PAS joining the BN but it could form an electoral pact with it.

    1. re: “I don’t know how the pact can hold together with such strong differences between DAP and PAS over Hudud”

      Ong Kian Ming once said to me in a very confrontational tone, “Tell me, do you have a problem with hudud” … which came across more like, “What’s your problem with hudud, really?”

      I countered: “Do you support hudud?” to which he did not respond.

      This little belligerent exchange above took place during the National Integrity Congress held in USCI in Sept 2010.

      My impression is that the DAP evangelista politicians are the kind of people who are willing to do anything – drop the “Insya Allah” greeting like confetti, monopolize the #sahur hashtag, wear songkok/tudung on their stumps, go to the surau to stir an empty pot for a bubur lambuk photo ops.

      They have so far papered over the deep-seated differences between their party supporters and followers.

      Hannah Yeoh’s tweets on “dead children” without mentioning Gaza, Palestinians and Israel is one example of the hypocrisy when the DAP crowd are really pro-Israel.

      1. Re countered: “Do you support hudud?” to which he did not respond.

        The silence on his part just goes to show that if Pas really insist on implementing the said Islamic Code, there is nothing much the evangelists can do about it. It may even result in theses crooks spinning the entire issue and they may even resort to telling the people who voted for them, whether Chinese, Indians or Christians that the Islamic Code is good for them.

        Re They have so far papered over the deep-seated differences between their party supporters and followers.

        I doubt their party supporters and followers care much about the differences. For them, the priority is to win the GE and form the government. Other issues, just leave them aside. Now the focus is to eliminate Big Evil. I m sure you know who I m referring to when I say Big Evil l o l

        1. re: “they may even resort to telling the people who voted for them, whether Chinese, Indians or Christians that the Islamic Code is good for them”

          My impression from my exchange with OKM is that is exactly what the DAP evangelistas would do.

          DAP organizing secretary Anthony Loke said to the non-Malays, if you’re not a criminal and do not commit any crimes, then there is no need for you to be afraid of hudud.

          Their politics of expediency, esp. the evangelista faction in the DAP, is all so that they themselves enjoy the position and the power and the perks so that they can buy Prada.

          1. To understand DAP we need to understand their evolution over the last few years.

            The principled and humble DAP 1.0 of Karpal has evolved into a rock-and-roll Christian evangelist DAP 3.0. DAP 1.0’s ambitions were pure – to be a credible, clean and principled party as an alternative to BN. This is the party that I had voted many times before.

            However DAP 3.0 is a beast of a different kind. It is hugely ambitious – it needs publicity, power and position (3Ps). It wants to rule the nation. Unlike DAP 1.0 which was driven by the strength provided by its principles, this DAP 3.0 is driven by the sense of righteousness that is provided by Christian evangelism.

            I don’t think DAP supports hudud or even respect Islam or the Malays. However this slick iguana of a political party knows that the Road to Putra Jaya is via the back of hudud-supporting PAS and the liberal Malay crowd. They will justify anything – hudud, Kiki, Osama, Saddam, Anwar, etc – as long as it puts them closer and closer to Putra Jaya.

            1. ‘I don’t think DAP supports hudud or even respect Islam or the Malays.’

              I believe so too. Tun Hamid believes this was due to sikap berlembut dan liberal kerajaan. Tun Hamid strongly believes that the minorities are treated well and just in Malaysia.

              ‘Semenjak Merdeka hinggalah sekarang, Kerajaan Persekutuan dipimpin oleh sekumpulan parti berbagai-bagai bangsa dengan seorang Melayu sebagai Perdana Menterinya. Biar apa pun kelemahan mereka, negara berada dalam keadaan aman, tenteram membolehkannya maju dalam semua bidang dan dinikmati oleh semua orang dan semua kaum. Mana sebuah kaum yang boleh berkata bahawa mereka tidak menikmati kemakmuran Malaysia walau sedikit pun? Negara kita adalah di antara beberapa buah negara sahaja dalam dunia ini yang Perlembagaan asalnya masih berkuat kuasa. Malah Malaysia disifatkan sebagai model negara membangun dan negara Islam moden.

              Jika kaum minoriti hendak ‘complain’ mengenai kebebasan mereka, tunjukkan kepada saya sebuah negara yang memberi lebih banyak hak kepada kaum minoriti. Apa jadi kepada orang Islam Rohingya di Myanmar? Di negeri-negeri jiran, nama mereka pun perlu diubah. Tunjukkan kepada saya sebuah negara yang bukan sahaja membenarkan sekolah-sekolah vernakular diadakan, malah membiayainya. Dari segi kebebasan beragama, pernahkah Kerajaan menghalang mereka daripada mengamalkan agama mereka. Pernahkah terfikir oleh mereka bagaimana mudahnya mereka membina rumah-rumah ibadat mereka di Malaysia, termasuk di atas tanah Kerajaan tanpa sebarang tindakan, diberi bantuan kewangan dan tanah gantian apabila dikehendaki pindah? Bandingkan dengan halangan yang di hadapi oleh orang Islam untuk membuat sebuah masjid di Eropah atau Amerika Syarikat.’


          1. This empty pot is not empty by the way l o l ! It is filled with holy water, hypocrisy and you name it.

    2. Re Anyway, I don’t know how the pact can hold together with such strong differences between DAP and PAS over Hudud and how PAS can work together with a party in which a leading member is convicted of sodomy, which would be punishable by stoning under Hudud law.

      The prospect of gaining power is a very seductive remedy but it is only temporary. So those who seek instant gratification are willing to take the risk knowing that once the effects dissipate, the consequences are deadly not only for themselves but also to people close to them.

      Take for instance a drunk. You wouldn’t want to be near him knowing that a drunk is very much unpredictable and you’re putting yourself at risk by being near him. Yet the drunk has no idea how much of a hazard he is to people nearby. So even if you take the necessary precaution, the possibility of the drunk doing something to you is still there. This is the sort of situation we’re in with regards to PR.

      The 3 component parties have not just differing but opposite ideologies that their supporters and followers choose to ignore for the sake of instant gratification have no idea that they not just putting themselves in grave danger but also the entire country.

  14. How many among the supporters of Hudud law here actually support it?

    Can you imagine stoning someone to death in this 21st century and calling it following God’s/Tuhan’s law.

    Can you imagine oneself actually picking up a stone or brick and throwing it at a person until it cracks their head or bleed to death at Dataran Merdeka or stadium. All because they have illicit sex. And after that go shopping, makan-makan, pray and go back home and pretend to be a holy person and decent human being.

    At least the Japanese are more humane and they just chopped of the heads in one swift stroke of the sword and not like the religious extremists slowly cutting off their victims head like sawing bit by bit and shouting “God/Allah is Great”.

    Don’t all those animal instinct exists only in the past? What world are religious people living in?

    Me think, all these barbaric interpretations of God/Tuhan laws etc are just created by religious people to create fear in the general population so as to humble them to become meek and become like lambs. The real intention is nothing more than to have power and with it come the wealth and privileges.

    Go get a life which is more civilised and decent.

    1. re: “The real intention is nothing more than to have power and with it come the wealth and privileges.”

      Sounds like the GREEDY evangelistas who use the Gospel to get for themselves Gold and self-Glory.

      The most power-hungry politicians who will do anything and stop at nothing to acquire and retain their positions are those in the DAP.

    2. Re Go get a life which is more civilised and decent.

      That is exactly what you yourself should do. Yet you consistently stalk our landlady 24/7 under who knows how many names you have.

  15. So when is UMNO going to gabung with DAP?

    Sapu habis all the kerusi, urban ke, rural ke, semi-urban ke, Melayu majority ke, Cina majority ke, India majority ke etc, will become irrelevant.

    Even East Malaysians cannot threaten West Malaysians with intentions to join PR and get more goodies?

    Impossible? Ha Ha!

    Politics is of the art of impossible when survival is at stake to be the ruling Govt and with it comes the loot and privileges.

    Maybe called UMDAP and rule for another 50 over years.

    The Rakyat can continue to be lembus to the elites and cronies of power.

    1. re: “So when is UMNO going to gabung with DAP?”

      After the Dapsterism disease is cured. Can this ever happen? ‘)

          1. Kita ada raja Helen, Singaporeans nak beraja dimata dan bertakhta dihati! Singapura kan republik!

            Hindu Sangam ingat depa kat Singapore kut???

            ‘Pihak bukan Islam di dalam negara ini tidak mempunyai apa jua bentuk hak untuk mengajar, mengarah serta memberi ultimatum kepada mana-mana pihak berkuasa, jabatan serta majlis-majlis Agama Islam di dalam negara. Apakah RS Mohan dan Malaysian Hindu Sangam mahu merampas kuasa Majlis Raja-Raja dengan memberikan arahan kepada pihak JAKIM?’


            1. I thought you said “sirih pulang ke gagang”.

              You should clarify who/what returning to who/what. I might have misunderstood you.

              1. ‘re: “So when is UMNO going to gabung with DAP?”

                After the Dapsterism disease is cured. Can this ever happen? ‘)’

                DAP will being truly embracing semangat Malaysiana if they can uphold the ‘social contract’ and stop questioning it, perhaps joins BN, if that even possible…then I reckon, barulah macam ‘sirih pulang ke gagang’, DAP pulang ke pangkal jalan, which will put a stop to all the bickering, I hope.

                Anyway glad to see that Betty Botak suka tengok Nazri dengan Guan Eng!


                1. Okay.

                  What do you put the chances (in percentage) of the Dapsterism disease being cured or going into remission?

                  Just wonderin’.

                  1. Seriously, I don’t know. Perhaps its far fetched to even suggest so. My bad. For once I don’t think they can, not to question the ‘social contract’. It is something that has been agreed and understood, between the party and their voters!

                    Cina will always be Cina.

                    Judge-Awak orang Malaysia?

                    Melody-Saya orang Cina Malaysia… [YouTube]

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