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Is Wong Chun Wai attacking Isma again?

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai wrote in his column yesterday that “right-wingers, who are self-declared champions of their races, conti­nue to seek opportunities to promote their narrow-minded views”.

Just like the heartached and heartbroken Hannah Yeoh who fails to mention Gaza, Palestinians and Israel when tweeting about “dead children” (see screencap below), Chun Wai belongs to the same ilk of hypocrites who shy away from naming directly.

So although Chun Wai’s entire column disses the Muslim “right wingers”, he sneakily skirts from saying who they are. Nonetheless, the targets are obvious.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- When will men and nations learn

Voice of moderate Malaysia, konon

In his weekly Sunday column headlined ‘Silly political charade‘ (3 Aug 2014), Chun Wai highlighted how a few “have gone to ridiculous lengths, the latest being an attempt to raise funds for a road bully”. This would be Perkasa although Chun Wai does not name the “right wing” group that he means who have got a “racial agenda”.

Chun Wai wrote:

“Seriously, how low can this go? But, encouraged by generous coverage in some news portals, these ‘champions’ will continue with their silly political charade and bask in their own glory.

“That they can get away with seditious remarks has no doubt raised the question as to whether they have powerful backers.

“But moderate Malaysia cannot allow such personalities to set the political tone, or agenda, in this country.”

The group receiving “generous coverage in some news portals” is Isma.

In contrast, Chun Wai represents himself the spokesman for moderate Malaysia because Najib Razak had appointed him to sit on the board of trustees for the PM’s pet project Global Movement of Moderates.

According to Chun Wai, “Malaysia, to many moderate Malaysians, has become increasingly religiously ­stifling”.

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hannahyeoh_ Overheard my 3yr old daughter

Some non-Christians only speak “gibberish”

Chun Wai continues his tirade against the groups he labels “right wing”, saying: “Another suddenly feared word is secularism. There seems to be some misguided notion that secularism means embracing Christianity”.

It looks like he is referring to Isma although like his paper’s favourite politician who exploits her own children (Hannah Yeoh turned her daughter’s mixed descent into political capital when her baby was barely a week old via her ‘Anak Malaysia’ birth cert demand), Chun Wai does not mention which the right wing group is peddling “gibberish” over the concept of secularism.

Chun Wai wrote in his J-Star column:

“”The reality is that many Malaysians are not terribly interested in reading up on philosophical terms [secularism], let alone read, and the result is that they accept the gibberish that has been pushed down their throats.”

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Chun Wai disses the “bigots”

Chun Wai’s next complaint in his yesterday’s article is against extremist (non-moderate) Malaysians who fear pluralism and pitting them against “moderate Malaysians”:

“Another term that seems to take on negative connotations is pluralism. Moderate Malaysians must wonder whether our leaders actually scrutinise the content of their speeches, especially when pluralism is denounced in the context of religion.” […]

“We must not let our guard down and our leaders must do more to stop bigots who promote mono-ethnicity and mono-religion from intruding into every level of our institutions.”

He does not name here the “bigots” who are promoting “mono-ethnicity and mono-religion”.

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Hannah Yeoh’s most recent tweets

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2014-08-04 10-52-44

NGOs with membership of 5, including wives and kids

In a previous column ‘Our right to speak up‘ on 11 May 2014, however, Chun Wai had written “Ignorant fools and bigots like him should not be allowed to get away with their remarks”.

By “bigot”, Chun Wai did for once refer to Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman by name. When Chun Wai has strength in numbers, i.e. the whole Chinese community was in an uproar over Abdullah Zaik’s “preceroboh” remark, then on the Sneaky Star CEO has the courage to name.

In Chun Wai’s column ‘Slipping into our racial cocoons‘ the following week (18 May 2014), he wrote that he found it “disturbing that the voices of mono-ethnicity and mono-religion are becoming louder in Malaysia”.

In the same May 18 column, Chun Wai wrote about “instant NGOs, with a membership of five persons, including the wives and children of the presidents [that] claim that they represent a particular race or religion”, and how “pluralism, moderation and secularism are politically incorrect words, regarded as threats to the fabric of nation building”.

A few paragraphs down the line in his May 18 article about “racial cocoons”, Chun Wai brought up Isma and Abdullah Zaik.

Angry Chinese Merdeka Center

Tyranny of the majority

In his column yesterday, Chun Wai alluded to “the tyranny of the majority” and the “Muslim communitarians here in Malaysia” who attack secularism.

He bemoans how the country “shouldn’t be allowed to come to a point where Malaysians get intimidated just because they declare themselves ­liberals, secularists or pluralists”.

When Chun Wai implies that the majority are tyrannous, it jives with the oft-repeated mantra that the meek and mild Christians who love their enemies and always turn the other cheek are “only 9 percent” of the Malaysian population.

Who is intimidating who, and who is bullying who? Think about this.

Perhaps it’s largely due to their minority status that the preferred mode of attack by the conniving evangelistas is the Baling Batu Sorok Tangan method of spreading fitnah and fabricating the most insidious and damaging lies to destroy good reputations.

No wonder they cannot get away from the “kemunafikan” that they are historically associated with.

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Side notes

1. Wong Chun Wai’s baling batu sorok tangan method includes his attacks on Zainuddin Maidin referring to the Tokoh Wartawan namelessly only as “a blogger” and “a twisted racial mind“.

2. Din Merican blogs: “What is disturbing is that this debate [Israel-Palestinian conflict] is along Muslim-Malay versus the other non-Muslim Malaysian lines. The impression I feel that this is a kind of a proxy fight between Muslims (Umno) and Non-Muslims in our country”.

Din Merican says that a lot of comments by Malaysians on Facebook are aligned to two opposing camps, the non-Muslims being pro-Israel and the Muslims being pro-Palestinians.

3. Marina Mahathir observes that “in Malaysia, we like to say this is only for the Muslims, or that for the non-Muslims”. She was talking about how “people must be concerned about the acts of oppression taking place in Palestine, Syria, Sri Lanka and elsewhere based on fundamental rights and humanity and not based on religion or race”.

Reading between the lines, she is saying that some non-Muslims for reasons of religion or race are not siding with the Palestinians although “most world communities, regardless whether they are Muslims, Christians or Jews are supporting Palestine”.

4. “How do we explain the fact that their [non-Malays and non-Muslims] view on Palestine is as distorted as the views of their bigoted domestic enemies?”, see ‘Heartless on Gaza‘ by Abdar Rahman Koya (TMI, 2 Aug 2014).

5. My reminder: And yet these evangelistas are always calling others “racists”, “extremists” and “bigots”.

Anon calls Helen Ang a ‘Chink’

One ‘Anon’ commented in Annie’s blog calling me a “Chink”. I consider the term to be a racist slur.

I suspect the commenter to be a Chinese himself. So this is likely a case of a Chinese degrading a fellow Chinese on her ethnicity. Why?

This ‘Anon’ in Annie’s blog is saying that I cannot possibly feel any empathy for the Palestinians because I’m Chinese and as a Chinese, I “can’t be bothered” about their plight.

It is Anon who is projecting his own personality into the picture.

He forgets that unlike 90 percent of the Chinese, I do not support the DAP. Unlike the oppo Chinese, I do not see Malaysia as a secular state (because an objective evaluation cannot assess Malaysia to be one). Unlike most of the Chinese, I do not agree that Christians should be allowed to use the lafaz ‘Allah’.

Yet this Anon is assuring Annie’s readers that as a typical Chink, Helen Ang “can’t be bothered” about the Palestinians. Rather that questioning me, any rational thinker should instead question what motivates the anonymous stalker who is conducting his Baling Batu Sorok Tangan smear campaign against me everywhere in blogosphere 24/7.


Who do they hate?

They say they only hate “Umnoputras” but that’s already 3.5 million members of the party.

They also hate family members of Umno leaders who use their connections to reap crony benefits.

They hate Rosmah.

They really, really hate the Tun.

They hate mamaks.

They hate mualaf Cina.

They hate BN and call its supporters “prostitutes” and “running dogs”. They say “woof, woof, good doggy sit, here’s a bone for you” to BN supporters but they preach love all the time.


Malays can rule on their own without sharing power with Chinese

Do they hate the Palestinians too?

They look down on Indonesians who are here doing menial work (maids) or hard labour (construction).

They look down on dark-skinned people and are willing to beat up Bangladeshis (or dark-skinned Malaysian who have Bangladeshi features) whom they suspect to be phantom voters.

What they really feel about the Palestinians can be discerned from their Facebook and social media activity.

Funny how they scold others as “haters” and accuse others of not “building bridges”.

They claim their hate for the Umno regime is justified. Will they righteously hate PAS next if the Islamist party pulls out of Pakatan? Logistically speaking, if they hate both Umno and PAS, that’s hating on the majority of Malaysia’s Malays.

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45 thoughts on “Is Wong Chun Wai attacking Isma again?

  1. After the Umno Malays, the Malays in general, they’ll hate just about anyone who is against them. We’re heading into uncharted, dangerous territory here.

  2. Helen,

    I think it would be better for WCW to advice his Cinaman and evangelistas not to ridicules Malays and Islam if he don’t want we Malays and Muslims to be racist and extremes.

    It is better for him to be quiet and silent if he can’t advice his fellow Cinaman.

    1. ‘we Malays and Muslims to be racist and extremes.’

      I think it’s just way too late for that. The tidak apa very quiet Malays are being condition to be the aboves.

    2. A certain CEO of a local English daily which is owned by one political party and yet fervently serves as an unofficial tongue of another, is claiming to be a shining beacon of moderate Malaysia? Yeah sure! If that’s the case, I’m Queen Latifah!!

      Keep on menggunting dalam lipatan ok, you might cut off your fingers within that lipatan one day.

  3. The fruit of same tree betul anggapan ini jika kes-kes hasutan agama dan kaum termasuk menerusi laman sosial yang nampak sangat ialah the same fruit tree yang cepat di ambil tindakan dan amat lambat kepada pihak selected individu pulak dan amat cuak of public opinion daripada puak yang sering u Helen ulangtayang kat sini.

    Jika di negara jiran orang ini belum tentu dipecat atau di tahan dan apakah tindakan seterusnya

  4. Look how a day makes to PAS.

    Courtesy of Friends of BN

    When some members of PAS are comtemplating exiting PR, a posting of Nik Aziz and pig is circulated. These Pakatoons are really sore losers.

    Better for PAS to leave. Join BN or be a third independent party is better that being a stooge of Pakatan.

    Well. Who is defending Karpal’s driver? No one in the DAP, sorry.

  5. Chinese here need a new leadership paradigm. .. sigh. .. on one hand the toufu towkay party and on the other a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Something in the middle would be nice! Maybe if Gerakan grew a spine. … hmm

      1. Ms H. For the very first time the Star has someone who likes to see his own smiling face in the Star everyday. The Board of Directors must be sleeping. He likes to do business with the PAP owned Singapore media too. cf. The Star Annual Reports. An escape route in troubled times ?

      2. ‘What do you think of Wee Choo Keong? I think he’s got spine. At least he’s aware that the J-Star is “api dalam sekam”.’

        Helen, you’d probably should ask him more on MH17, considering his continuous expose on the local ‘airline industry’, and why it was specifically targeted by those who did!

        ‘Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew told parliament that SIA flight SQ351, which was headed to Singapore from Copenhagen, was just 90 kilometres from the Malaysian plane, a distance covered within minutes by passenger jets.

        All 298 people onboard MAS flight MH17 were killed when it was shot down in rebel-held territory on July 17.

        “At the time of the downing of MH17, flight SQ351 from Copenhagen was estimated to be approximately 90 kilometres away,” Lui said, responding to questions from lawmakers.

        “As there were no restrictions for flights above 32,000 feet (9,800 metres) or any information suggesting threats to aircraft at those heights, SIA, like many other airlines plying between Europe and Asia, had continued to use that airspace,” he said.’

  6. ‘By “bigot”, Chun Wai did for once refer to Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman by name.’

    I strongly believes the AG thinks so too. Thus the AZAR is being prosecuted as we speaks.

    On the other hand, many believe the AG is not being fair, yes???

    ‘Rakyat sedang mentafsirkan Pejabat Peguam Negara sedang melaksanakan pendakwaan selektif bila berhadapan dengan isu penghinaan ke atas agama Islam. Tolong buktikan sentiment ini tidak benar dengan mula mendakwa sehingga dihukum Namewee, Patrick Teoh, Alvavi, Pengetua yang mengugut bunuh seorang mualaf di Johor, David Orok, Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok, P Ramasamy, RSN Rayer, KUMAN, penghina-penghina Islam di atas dan sebagainya.’

    1. (1) LKS and Teresa have been questioned by police.

      (2) Pengetua yang mengugut bunuh seorang mualaf di Johor – that would be under criminal intimidation (one person threatening another person), no connection with sedition.

      (3) David Orok – who’s that?

      (4) P. Ramasamy – any updates on his case?

      (5) RSN Rayer – it’s not seditious to insult Umno lah. You all also insult DAP all the time, what. And now Nazri Aziz is insulting MCA.

      (6) What is KUMAN?

      Why blow up everything out of proportion? Why lump different cases together?

  7. Malaysians and Palestinians were cheering when the WTC got hit by Al Quaeda and those dead were mostly Americans who had no part in any war.

    So now, hoping for American help in the Palestinian issue is gone case cos as George Bush says “You are either with them or with us.”

    Pasal the terroris are Moslems, Malaysians support them because of saudara etc. What blind favoritism is this?

    So stop squealing for American help in the Palestinian case cos the right people to go help them are the terrorists, Arabs, Palestinians, Syrians, Ghadafi, Sadam, Mamakutty etc.

    It’s called Quid pro Quo. More arms and more weapons will be given so as to wipe off all those American haters.

    Why do the world hate Americans so much was once the favorite question by the Americans. It has grown too deep in their psyche.

    Likewise why do the Moslems hate the Jews so much? Is it because of religion or is it because of envy that they are supposed to be the chosen people to lead the world?

    Not all Moslems are terrorists, likewise not all Jews are Zionists, Israelis. Being anti-Semitic automatically makes one a racists in case if anyone wants to be like Mamakutty who always feels inferior to Jews and open his big mouth blaming everything on Jews. It only goes to show how racists he is in the eyes of the world.

    1. Wokay la Dandy dear, nanti copy paste banyak sangat article Cik Helen marah I pulak?

      Before falling asleep tonight Dandy, just let your minds wonder a bit.

      Why US labelled all these Moslem countries as ‘TERRORIST’.

      Why Allah gave all these bountiful natural reserves to these many Moslem countries, walau sikit2 pun including Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia? Haiyaaa why la like this wan, not fair owh? Who is jealous of who now?

      Why the Apeks in DAP including you and this Star fella, are so intent to follow US footsteps and start labelling any Moslem, esp ISMA, Perkasa, including our beloved TDM as extremist (dah sikit2 bunyi macam terrorist la tu)?

      Why despite claiming to be abused, discriminated sampai ke tahap being treated as 2nd class citizen for over 60yrs in this country, these people still melopong dan terhegeh2 hang on to their citizenship, unlike their ancestors who waged the stormy seas ready to abandon their ‘tanah air ibunda’ so as to come here?

      Sweet dreams dearest Dandy.

    2. ‘Malaysians and Palestinians were cheering when the WTC got hit by Al Quaeda and those dead were mostly Americans who had no part in any war.’

      911 was an inside job la, semua orang dah tahu, kau bila nak pandai? Dandy, baca! Baca! Baca!

      ‘Back in 2010, the extremely popular television host, Judge Napolitano, on the Murdoch-owned Fox network, exposed 9/11 as a false flag conspiracy. Not only is Napolitano highly respected but was, at the time, employed by the most pro-Israeli news organization in America, a nation where news organizations fall over themselves to “kiss Israel’s behind.”

      Soon after shows exposing 9/11, Napolitano was taken off the air and put on “consultant” status. Since that time, there has been no reporting of 9/11 allowed in the United States other than smears against any that speak out, including family members of the victims who have, for years, petitioned every court and bought billboards along America’s highways demanding a real investigation. ‘

    3. I didn’t remember cheering when wtc was struck by an airplane. didn’t even remember any Malaysians (I know you mean the muslims) cheered when it happened.

      man, you got to redefine your terrorist definition. am I a murderer if I kill you because you come and rob my house? clearly I have locus standi to defend myself am I? its called self defence, stupid (to quote Clinton).

      and no, we don’t want US to help. in fact, we want US to stay out of the way cause we know once Uncle Sam comes knocking the door, trouble is always around. so that answers your question why the world hate US so much : they like to busybody and police around. even their citizens have realized that when this policing around has eventually taken its toll on their economy. it will come a time when the US will be a failed state if it continues on this course.

      i’m quite surprised to see your lembabness since you seems to be an ardent supporter of the US hegemony. might I suggest you apply for a green card and move there so you can understand their psyche better, which you are clearly clueless.

  8. Biasanya kes2 gini, the pro opposition lawyers will snap like hot goreng pisang. Some will offer voluntary services for cheap political publicity.

    Hai, business for many of them now in very bad shape wan. So why create unnecessary business opportunity for them?

    Buang masa dan peghabih duit aje dok layan depa ni semua. Kasi sakit otak saja. Kita tahu these people are up to no good, most of them are descendants of immigrants.

    We have seen cases, bila depa tersepit aja, malam2 bawa lari anak bini balik sembunyi kat ‘kampung ibunda’ mereka. Takde duit ada yg sponsor.

    Elok juga ambil tindakan keatas oghang Melayu Islam sahaja supaya mengajar jadi insan2 baik dan berdisiplin. See, even Kiki mohon ampun, itu budaya kita.

    1. re: “See, even Kiki mohon ampun, itu budaya kita.”

      Yuki, isteri Ng Wei Aik (Ahli Parlimen DAP Tanjong) mohon ampun juga. Patrick Teoh dan Alvivi pun mohon ampun. Tak ingat saya sama ada Namewee ada pohon maaf atau tidak.

      1. Namewee tu seorang artist. Tapi macam biasa la suka ciplak idea oghang.

        Probably he wanted to become another Justin Beiber, instant publicity for being the ‘most disliked’ person in the net and from there becomes instant celebrity?

        Dalam masa yang sama ade juga yang tumpang glamour dia kan? Muahahaha

          1. Apparently, he was alleged by his parents to be remorseful and very regretted it. He was still in Taiwan, I reckon when CSL spoke on behalf of his parents apologising for his (namewee) deeds.

            ‘Do you remember if he apologized for Negarakuku?’

            So, if my memory serves me right, no he did not and I don’t think that, he even cared. Well he kept tokok ever since didn’t he?

  9. Ms H. Not to worry when anyone calls you or me a Chink or a Chinaman. This only reflects their inferiority complex like those from certain vernacular schools. I have been scolded for no reason 13 times by those who were ennobled. I just ignore them because I know their detail personal histories better than they do themselves. And then my list of 53 names who thought I died first. The youngest my son-in-law who died at 39 ! Man or Woman proposes. God disposes ! (even down in Singapura)

        1. I don’t think HY knows what he really is. He knows that the DAP is not a party that fights for Chinese interests yet he supports that party. If a Chinese supports a party like that, what is he ? You know what I mean ? :)

    1. Well, Malaysia has all along been ruled by a government that applies itself in principle to the objectives of the sacred law (maqasid al-shariah). A rejoinder for Wong Chun Wai in the ISMA controversy as to the parameters of secularism and the moderation of democratic systems through the administration of sound religious principles:

      Only the radical PAS Islamist-Wahhabi ideology has proven itself to be a nuclear failure in theory as well as in application worldwide. Some of their boys are fighting with the Takfiri ISIS terrorists and killing ulama and civilians indiscriminately.

      1. I thought that it is important in the light of the present discussion, to quote from Dr. Crane’s excellent treatise above:-

        The normative architectonics of “Justice” in classical Islam advances the following eight irreducible principles – though the greatest scholars taught that the “maqasid” (higher objectives of sacred law) as a product of human reason may be understood as requiring either less or more elements. Both the higher architectonics and the lower o­nes are flexible.Their only limits are the extent to which they reflect the principles of Human Responsibilities and the corresponding Human Rights.

        1) Respect for Divine Revelation

        The first principle, known as “haqq al din,” is the duty to respect divine revelation. Classical Islamic scholars interpret this to require freedom of religion which means that each human has the right freely to seek truth. This primary belief in divine revelation provides the framework for the following additional principles of human rights in Islam.

        2) Respect for the Human Person and Life

        The second principle, necessary to sustain existence, is the duty to respect the human person and the duty to respect his life. This principle provides guidelines for what in modern parlance is called the doctrine of just war.

        3) Respect for Family and Community

        The next principle is the duty to respect the nuclear family and the community at every level all the way to the community of humankind as an important expression of the person. This principle teaches that the sovereignty of the person, subject to the ultimate sovereignty of God, comes prior to and is superior to any alleged ultimate sovereignty of the secular invention known as the State.This is the opposite of the Western international law created by past empires, which is based o­n the simple principle of “might makes right.”

        4) Respect for the Environment

        This principle of the Sunnat Allah is known as “haqq al mahid” (from wahada) or respect for the physical environment. The issue of balance in the “maqsad” of “haqq al mahid” concerns the relative priorities in protecting the environment versus protecting the other essential purposes of human life. This is part of the broader problem of relating the spiritual and the social as foci in a single paradigm of tawhid.

        5) Respect for Economic Justice

        This requires respect for the rights of private property in the means of production, which is a universal human right of every human being

        6) Respect for Political Justice

        This principle requires respect for self-determination of both persons and communities through political freedom, including the concept that economic democracy is a precondition for the political democracy of representative government.

        7) Respect for Human Dignity

        This principle states that the most important requirement for individual human dignity is gender equity. Moreover, in traditional Islamic thought, freedom and equality are not ultimate ends but essential means to pursue the higher purposes inherent in the divine design of the Creator for every individual.

        8) Respect for Knowledge

        The last universal or essential purpose at the root of Islamic jurisprudence is respect for knowledge.This can be sustained only by observance of the first seven principles and thus is essential to each of them.The second-order principles of this “maqsad” are freedom of thought and the press, and freedom of assembly so that all persons can fulfill their purpose to seek knowledge wherever they can find it.

        This framework of Islamic principles for human rights is at the very core of Islam as a religion.Fortunately, this paradigm of law in its broadest sense of moral theology is now being revived by courageous Muslims determined to fill the intellectual gap that has weakened the Muslim ummah for more than six hundred years. This renewed effort for a spiritual renaissance in all faiths can transform the world for the good of all humankind.

        ________________________[end of quote]_______________

        Harvard Law School, one of the most prestigious institutions of its kind in the world, has posted a verse of the Holy Quran at the entrance of its faculty library, describing this verse as one of the greatest expressions of justice in history.

        Verse 135 of Surah Al Nisa (The Women) has been posted at a wall facing the faculty’s main entrance, dedicated to the best phrases articulating justice:

        “O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well- acquainted with all that ye do.”

  10. Sorry off topic. Petang tadi berborak dengan seorang kawan saya seorang pemuda MCA kawasan x yang baru balik dari satu perjumpaan bersama MCA. Katanya, MCA nak tubuhkan unit media ala RBA untuk melawan balik serangan bertali arus RBA di ruang siber. Saya senyum saja. Dalam hati berkata..dah tahun 2014 baru mula nak merangkak. Ye lah..lebih baik mula bergerak dari terus koma..tak begitu?.

    1. re: “MCA nak tubuhkan unit media ala RBA”

      Unit media ada berapa orang?

      Suratkhabar milik MCA yang mempunyai beribu-ribu orang kakitangan wartawan pula biar diguna bagi memanfaatkan DAP.

      1. Yes..dari riak muka teman saya dengan keluh kesahnya menyatakan beribu riban RBA dan jutaan akaun palsu RBA.. saya bagi kata-kata positif pada dia “buat sajalah.. at least you dapat duit! :)”

        1. Nak ikut style DAP adopt “Melayu” into this unit? Muda ade tua pun ada. Semua loghat Bahasa Cina termasuk Bahasa lama Cina?

          Five in my family at your services..

  11. Well here is something from ISMA that surely will make Theresa Kok mengamok!!!

    ‘ Semua jabatan kerajaan dan pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) di Melaka akan diarah menggunakan tulisan rumi dan jawi pada setiap papan tanda di bangunan masing-masing menjelang akhir tahun ini.

    Anggota Exco Perumahan, Kerajaan Tempatan dan Alam Sekitar negeri Datuk Ismail Othman berkata usaha itu bertujuan memartabatkan penggunaan kedua-dua tulisan tersebut selain sebagai tatapan berguna untuk generasi muda.’

    Ayoyo, while LGE busy tukar tulisan jawi dengan tulisan ‘cina’ dan ‘india’ di Penang, Melaka is going full gear on jawi!

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