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Tinjauan pendapat: Pilih Khalid atau Jijah?



Malays want Khalid to stay, Chinese want him to go

Sticking a knife in Khalid’s back

7 signals that Malay-Muslim unity government is likely in S’gor

Selangor saga: Trusting PAS to do the right thing

Tun saw this coming from a mile away

Will the Speaker convene an emergency sitting?

BREAKING NEWS: Khalid says Sultan says he stays

Exco who can’t work with me should quit, says Khalid


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51 thoughts on “Tinjauan pendapat: Pilih Khalid atau Jijah?

  1. That’s like a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. Tak ada pilihan lain ke? But then again kalau tengok line up DUN Selangor I’d go with Khalid.

    1. Khalid is a good strategist. Not many especially the new gen Y knew of his dawn raid. He should be able to lead S’gor to better future. What can jijah do? Anak & cucu dah tunggang langgang?

  2. khalid lah … no choice … takkan jijah kot? ridiculous betul anuwar, tu pun penyokong masih tak nampak …. tsk tsk

  3. I bet my money on Nathaniel Tan’s article on this. He was more believable than Rafizi Ramli and the anti Khalid gangs, put together!

  4. Khalid should strike first. Have an audience with His Highness The Sultan, ask for permission to dissolve the state assembly so that a poll can take place. There is no point is seeking help from Pas. By the looks of it, Pas will cave in to the demands of their allies.

    1. what’s the point of having an audience with the sultan? he’s in the driver seat and is not looking to vacate that seat to his successor.

      anwar and co are the one’s that need help. maybe a session or two in power management can cure or at least curb his obsession on the prize.

    1. hahahaha, tambah satu lagi ‘G’ dalam senarai


      3G yang ori:


              1. you mean “Mem besar” as in “Cik Puan Besar”
                “Membesar” as in makin naik badannya?

                Both are correct, I supposed. :)

      1. Oh, is that why she has been preparing the ground by donning tudung and visiting masjid?

        1. Apa lah you ni. Bukan macam tu. I mean, dia terima Islam, Ubah jadi Hasnah Yeop macam tu lah.

            1. Okay I will get a lawyer’s legal advice before I say something about her. Thanks :)

  5. kalau boleh dua-dua tak mau , tapi tak ada pilihan terpaksa khalid daripada barisan pemimpin kaki rasuah daripada dalam PKR , kalau kasi PAS pun belum tentu bagus , lebih baik khalid ,

    macam dalam PRU tak ada pilihan terpaksa BN kerana yang lain (PR) pun sama kaki buat duit dan rasuah juga dan banyak kelemahan kerana tak boleh kerja dan merancang, cuma pandai cakap rektorik.

    Tapi kalau ada yang lebih baik dari BN, memang dah lama BN bungkus tapi disebabkan PR pun taik jadi tiada pilihan.

  6. I am a Selangorian residing in Selangor, so my vote carries more weight. I am not a member nor a supporter of any political party.

    Both do not appeal to me.

    If TS Khalid stays on, he will be a spent force and he will not command the cooperation and support of the rest of the ADUNs and his own party.

    I do not believe Wan Azizah is capable of running her home let alone a state. I would not like a proxy for a megalomaniac and a traitor to be the MB.

    But given the 2 I will take my chances with TS Khalid. Lesser of 2 evils.

  7. Khalid la … jijah hantar soalan dalam DUN pun tak reti … macamana la nak memerintah …Adoi …tetiba jadi pening kepala jadi rakyat selangor

  8. actually aku pun menyampah dgn Khalid; jadi MP at my place BTRazak, batang hidung pun tak pernah Nampak.

    1. BN should replace the MCA candidate with an Umno man in Bandar Tun Razak.

      Can get the seat back because BTR is a Malay-majority area (52.6% Malay voters, 37.4% Chinese). The Malays just refused to vote the Cinapek, that’s all.

  9. Why Merdeka centre or any of pro-Oppo pollsters haven’t done similar poll?

    Afraid of the truth, ke?

  10. Anwar ckp la apa pun. Khalid is the MB and no one can topple him unless the DUN cast the no confidence votes on him. Checkmate and shame on you Anwar

  11. The Unholy Pact is finally rearing its ugly head. if PAS and Khalid persists, 1 of the only few ways without breaking PR up is for reelections. interesting days ahead not only for leaderless Selangor, but also everyone else

    1. re: “interesting days ahead”

      Yes, last time it was Perak that got all the excitement. This time us Selangorians will get front row seats.

    1. And the Dapsters mightily defended the hike, saying “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.

      The Speaker’s salary was raised from RM6,110 to RM22,500 and the Dapster chorus sang that she and the rest of her colleagues (that includes the MB) deserve every sen of it because they are clean and efficient and trustworthy.

      Now barely a few months down the road, they suddenly turn around and say Khalid is dirty, incompetent and has no integrity. What kind of people are they?

      1. So if they defended the hike earlier, why has it become one of the grounds for his termination now? If you give him a show cause for that particular offense, then shouldn’t Madam Speaker and the other exco members get a similar letter?

        1. It’s the Alvivi Organic Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh syndrome where they square the circle.

          Recently seen in how @hannahyeoh’s dry bak kut teh craving could be tweeted as chicken rendang and ketupat.

    2. To me the allowance increments for the adun, excos and MB are justified because they have no reasons to ask for projects or do silly things to get money. Remember Bung Mokhtar was grumbling in the Parliament because he could not any projects as he could not survive on the allowance.

      It is not easy to be wakil rakyat as the responsibility is heavy. Unless you disappear after election and reappear before election. The war between Pas and Pkr will tell you that some of wakil rakyats do not do their work at all.

      1. I’ve no objection to the pay increase for the Aduns or excos.

        In any case, Selangor is a rich state and the Aduns are given an annual allocation of RM1 million each, if not more, for their constituency and constituents. (S’gor can’t be compared to a poor state like Sabah or a small state like Perlis.)

        This is separate from the fixed allowance given to the Aduns to run their service centres and pay the staff. Furthermore, the Selangorku grant was worth RM300 million and that was in 2012. It would have increased by now.

        Nonetheless for the Selangor Speakers to be giving themselves a 300 percent pay hike, and for Madame to be collecting the same salary as our Prime Minister is really too much.

        Especially when her daily work consists of tweeting pictures of chicken rendang and ketupat, posturing (shedding crocodile tears for dunno which dead children killed dunno where by dunno whom), insulting others as “low class” and the DAP staple of inciting hatred.

  12. Helen, you should have included “Non of the above – reelection” as one of the option in your survey. I fear many more would have selected that, me included.

  13. INILAH PADAH EXCO Selangor melahap duit rakyat Selangor. As a rakyat, I have been praying for this doomsday for the Selangor goverment since their trolling ways, doing things their ways without considering the well-being and feelings of the Selangorian.

    Allah the Almighty is there. no matter how the scoundrels plan their way to rob our reserves and treasures bestowed by God on us, no minial power could challenge God’s wrath and destiny. Insaflah pkr dan the power that be, coz there is always The Mightiest up there. Alhamdulillah, my prayer might hv been answered for things to be restored in Selangor soon.

  14. I am not a Selangorian and sometimes miss the information flung across the net. My personal experience visiting its capital, doing my raya shopping while visiting a family member (and made some preparation to visit U.K. a.k.a. raya shopping in london..huhu; ehh? like buying raya cookies and exchange the rm to GBP) made me wonder wether I was in fact at a spot in one of the third world countries. (not that I had been to any, rather google-based)

    There was no ample parking space, so cars were parked anywhere, like its nobody’s business, i was shocked (could be I came from an ulu place, thus my ignorance about a ‘well-built and progressive state’, the state supposed to be). Even the parking space provided was not tarred. The roads were dirty and congested, the users reckless. The on-going road construction is forever on-going since the 1st time I set my foot there last year. What quality of life is that, a Perakian could enjoy better quality of life.

    Roads are congested all the way S.A. to S.J.

    I don’t think S.J. is a clean or fine place, as I had imagined before my 1st time going there, in spite of its imagery image portrayed somewhere, on the net, may be. (Of course, its incomparable to london, ehmm! but at least… may be coz I only went to its maidin mall, thus the ugly sight! but all along the trip, the sight was as similarly familiar/typical). Am I glad that I only need to make my monthly visit, not having to stay put there. I wonder if their excos worth the ‘hike’.

    Ahhh, when I went to their ampang area, one thing I noticed, a family member has learnt to accept their destiny about the WATER woes.. what courage and perseverance, I learnt from my sist there. I would have ‘burst’ in that prolonged misery situation without any consistent water supply.

    AHHH, having to put up at a luxury condo there (S.A.), I noticed the residents had to go to war with the mosquitoes, day and night. Talk about the well-being of the netizens, in spite of having a swimming pool, right at the doorstep… wonder wether the swimming pool was in fact a breeding ground. What’s the point of having a swimming pool if you have to wad along the mosquis.

    Ahhh, the food-court there that I went to was in a bad shape, yeahh, it was at one (two or a few) of the shopping complexes… and the food price.. mak aii! I thought the complex was recently built but the condition looks like it has not been properly maintained (a.k.a dirty). Even, A.P. doesn’t look as if it is well-maintained. So much, about SelangorKu.

    No ill-intention towards the residents, just my on-the-ground observation. May be their DUNs should make more rounds, just the way I make my monthly visit there to keep me updated on my family members, instead of bickering with each other and with every other people.

    My conclusion, its a free -for-all state, SelangorKu bull-eh! The way, I think, any 3rd world country is… if not for the high-rise buildings and the development left by the earlier administration ..ehm! Just my sincere observation.

  15. I’d like to share a comment posted in Life of Annie :

    Anonymous7 August 2014 02:19

    So why is Khalid Ibrahim about to be humiliated and publicly slaughtered? You have to wonder given the following achievements:

    a.GDP growth (Aggregated cumulative from 2010-2013) : Selangor = 23.6% vs Penang= 18.9%

    Selangor accounted for 23.5% of all national GDP vs 7% of all GDP for Penang

    b. Reserves (as of November 2013) Selangor = 2.7billion vs Penang = 825 million

    Sources: Dept of Statistics, Malaysia and Star + Malay Mail news portals

    Who will be green with envy or red in anger? Why the [DAP] of course, read on folks……….

    If it is ever about corruption, Khalid’s goose would have been roasted a long time ago over these fires:

    a)The TALAM Corp debt settlement issue.
    b)The Selangor sand dredging fiasco

    And just for the road, why no furore over *** Lim’s infamous tunnel, or the Pisa Setia Spice underground convention centre or for that matter IJM’s foreshore reclamation or even E & O’s Straits Quay sheninigans.

    If it was about Islam, Khalid would have been arse raped over the Shah Alam temple thingy as early as Merdeka 2009. Or even after Teo [Nie Ching]’s infamous defilement of a surau.

    If it had been about water, he would have been slam dunked over his reluctance to approve the Langat project, a decision instigated and fully backed by [Pakatan] which then led to the recent water rationing for which poor Khalid had to carry the can. And the same [Pakatan] bastard dared not raise a whisper when *** Guan Eng raised surcharges on water in Penang to supplement falling revenues of a mismanaged PBA and has since proposed a 100% tariff increase. Is it because the pseudo-malay liberal pondans are afraid of a pig, you know have to samak and all that stuff…….hahahaha

    If it is over mere corporate friends helping him settle a debt with Bank Islam, any kid will know that being an ex-corporate man such backslapping is a common feature of corporate friendship. Ask anwar, rahim Ghouse, Md Nor Yakcop et al…

    If it is over the EcoWorld land discount, then how come the *** Lim Guan Eng is doing business with same Ecoworld with its billboards plastered all over Penang.

    So what is the actual reason for arseraping of a onetime loyalist like Khalid as per the norm in [Pakatan’s] perverted culture. Here they are… think about it:

    1.That RM3 billion or so saved means that less that worth of projects for the PR corrupt hangers on. You know the same kind who go on and on about UMNO thieves when they (PR) themselves are doing the same hiding behind pussy sounding acronyms like CAT. PR is much a creature of Malaysia’s gutter democracy disease as anyone else. And pray what is that disease? Pork barrel politics which is very much as appetizing as pork Bah Kut Teh is to these immoral swine. In short, PR knows that a money greased palm is as well equipped to deal with friction of a moral nature as much as KYJel makes arsefucking effortlessly frictionless.

    To put it simply; the cronies and hangers-on have been crying out for their share which Khalid has long denied. After all how are greedy bastards to recoup their personal “investments” without raiding the public till. No one, I repeat no one, works for free nowadays unless you wanna be a bohemian hermit like me. And which modern day politikus can survive if he doesn’t fill his/her followers’ pot bellies with illicit moolah. Khalid didn’t want to and out he goes….simple.

    2.More pertinently, Khalid’s removal comes on the heels of the MAIS Bible raid. A raid that convinced the Christian clergy that only through Khalid’s substitution with a pliant puppet like Wan Azizah can the Christianization of Selangor’s Muslims gather pace. You see, once Wan Azizah ascends the seat of power which she so lecherously and bitchily covets, her first act would be appointing a PKR liberal pseudo-Malay Muslim to replace the PAS Exco for Religious Affairs with strict orders to rein in and neuter MAIS once and for all. Once that is done watch large scale conversion drives amongst the hapless Muslims through free distribution of Al Kitab and open use of Kalimah Allah. You see despite his shortcomings Khalid understood very well the procedures and protocols surrounding MAIS and by extension, HRH the Sultan of Selangor’s role in Islamic affairs.

    This had blindsided the Christian evangelist fanatics and their liberal pseudo-Malay nut-carriers ***, you know like those PAS engineering and medical students from Bradford. Birmingham, and London (we know all about your lifestyles there, guys and gals so quit hiding behind the purdah, beard, skullcaps and forehead sujud stamps before we undress you in public! Bloody hypocrites!))

    So who is behind all the kerfuffle? Well it is always someone who is of the baling batu sembunyi tangan variety. Yeah the same type that stokes enmity and quietly enjoys the flare up while pretending that it knows zilch about what is going on lest it gets tarred for fomenting strife amongst Malay-Muslims?

    So who fits the bill well then and stands to gain the most? Why the *** DAP of course, for they stand to gain most from that RM4Billion war chest plus all that Christian evangelizing.

    Moreover, it will cast the incompetent *** LGE in good light once an able Melayu technocrat who has been stealing his (Lim’s) thunder regarding economic management disappears from the scene. Far fetched hallucination? Nope, it cuts very close to the truth if you talk to people in the know.

    PAS- well lets just say the village idiots and turban lollipops are too engrossed with their navels to know what is going on especially when Rafizi the sissy virtually humiliated them in public and bragging about PR being prepared to lose Selangor, Obviously a veiled jibe at PAS which slowcoaches like Hadi and co find difficult to fathom. Me thinks too that PR are ready to gamble on a snap polls without PAS as they have digested the imputations of the latest Merdeka polls regarding hudud and are gambling that those 15 PAS seats peopled by urban Malays will fall into their hands….hahaha

    This has been Jack Killian, the Nighthawk, on KJCM, 98.3 FM; good night Malaysia… wherever you are

    1. Dear LY,

      Wrt your copypasted Anon comment quoted from Annie’s blog reader, I’ve deleted the asterisked bits (replaced with ***) and moderated the bits replaced with square brackets [ ].

      Then there are some words in the copy which leave me at a loss as to what to do with them, so I’ve just let them be :-/


  16. Any misfortune that befalls Selangor should be shouldered by the state government, not the MB alone. it’s a collective effort and decision, after all. Isn’t it?

  17. Helen,

    Pleas go to your blog’s Settings (in your dashboard) -> Writing and check the box next to Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display so that emoticons will be enabled.

  18. Helen,

    Ini pertama kali saya berikan pendapat dalam blog ini dan saya pohon kebenaran dan laluan dari empunya blog.

    Seterusnya nilaikan pendapat tentang feng shui ini dan berikan komen ikhlas anda.

    Buruk atau baik feng shui itu ada kaitan dengan susunan objek dalam sesebuah rumah. Elok susunan eloklah feng sbui: salah susun buruklah feng shuinya.

    Catatab menunjukkan “bencana” yg menimpa ‘rumah Ogos selangor’/ROS tidak pernah berlaku sebelum ini. Makanya apa yang tidak kena?

    Tidak mungkinkah susunan dan komposisi kerusi dalam ROS sebagai punca kepada bencana yang melanda? Dalam kata lain apa yang melanda ada kaitan dengan feng shui buruk.

    Susunan dan komposisi kerusi dalam ROS di tentukan oleh pengundi. Namun pengundi telah mengabil tindakan luar biasa pada PRU 13.

    Tindakan luarbiasa itu adalah ketiadaan kerusi MCA/Gerakan di barisan pembangkang dalam ROS wal hal sebelum itu barisan pembangkang tidak pernah ketandusan kerusi Cina.

    Niat awal untuk meletakkan semua kerusi Cina di barisan PR adalah betul tetapi dari sudut feng shui seimbangkah susunan berkenaan apabila tiada kerusi Cina di barisan pembangkang…BN

    Soalnya, kalaupun kerusi MB bertukar penghuni tetapi susunan kerusi Cina dalam ROS masih sama yakni tidak seimbang…apakah muka baru akan dapat mengubah feng shui?

    Justeru, saya cadangkan satu lagi undian maya dibuat di blog ini atas tajuk: Mana lebih penting…MUKA BARU ATAU UBAH FENG SHUI?

    Sekian pendapat saya, mana yang silap anggaplah ia datangnya dari pihak yang baru belajar, mana salah harap maaf dan tolong betulkan.

    Terima kasih

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