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Sticking a knife in Khalid’s back

Si Gunting today reported (see screenshot below) that Khalid “is angry and does not want to attend PKR’s disciplinary meeting today to answer allegations levelled against him”.

This is a malicious misrepresentation by the Sneaky Star.

Khalid did not say he was angry.

He said he was “amat terkilan” (greatly aggrieved) Continue reading “Sticking a knife in Khalid’s back”

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Malays want Khalid to stay, Chinese want him to go

Pro-Pakatan blogger Anil Netto, who is also Aliran treasurer, is running a poll on his blog with the question: “Should Khalid Ibrahim step down as Selangor MB?”

Thus far, 75 percent of the 100 respondents to Anil’s poll believe that the Selangor MB should step down whereas 16 percent feel he should not do so Continue reading “Malays want Khalid to stay, Chinese want him to go”