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Sticking a knife in Khalid’s back

Si Gunting today reported (see screenshot below) that Khalid “is angry and does not want to attend PKR’s disciplinary meeting today to answer allegations levelled against him”.

This is a malicious misrepresentation by the Sneaky Star.

Khalid did not say he was angry.

He said he was “amat terkilan” (greatly aggrieved), viz. “Saya amat terkilan apabila notis pendengaran YB Dato’ kini meminta saya untuk menjelaskan lima perkara tambahan …”. His letter of reply can be read HERE.

He also said, “I berasa amat risau berkenaan bagaimana tergesa-gesanya perkara tindakan disiplin ini sedang dilaksanakan”.

How in the world did “amat terkilan” come to be translated as “angry” by The J-Star?


Given less than 24 hours notice – that’s “keadilan” for you

It is also deliberately misleading of The J-Star to report that Khalid “DOES NOT WANT TO” attend PKR’s disciplinary meeting. Khalid was summoned to attend the meeting fixed for today at 3pm on less than 24 hours notice.

Furthermore, Khalid did not indicate he “REFUSES” to attend, which is what the J-Star headline blared. He had instead asked for a postponement.

He said, “Saya dengan rendah diri memohon agar pendengaran ditangguhkan dan mencadangkan diadakan pada …”

Khalid says that PKR is not being fair to him.

It is a kangaroo court to try Khalid when his offences were not clearly spelled out so that he can mount a proper defence. Furthermore, Khalid argues that the PKR disciplinary committee does not have any jurisdiction to convene a hearing at party level with regard to his handling of Selangor state matters.

The Sneaky Star in its sly and obviously misleading report purposely did the dirty on Khalid.

What kind of people are they?

gunting star dalam lipatan

Kajang move

MCA’s Chew Mei Fun had contested the Kajang by-election against Wan Azizah.

Previously in 2010, she had resigned as MCA Wanita chief after Chua Soi Lek was elected MCA president election in order to keep her word that she would quit if the latter won. At that time, she was Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister.

As the Deputy Minister for women affairs, she could not in good conscience sanction Dr Chua’s sex scandal which signalled the wrong family values.

BELOW: The doctored bikini photos circulated in the Chinese social media to degrade Chew

Chew Mei Fun bikini

Gave up ministerial and senator salaries

Aside from voluntarily relinquishing her Wanita MCA chief post which she had rightfully won, Chew furthermore resigned as both Deputy Minister and senator.

She reasoned that her senatorship and ministerial post were given her by virtue of her position as Wanita MCA chief. And since she was no longer leading the Wanita wing, then she felt that she should not be holding the Senator or Deputy Ministership anymore.

What she did was highly principled, don’t you think?


Read ‘Chew Mei Fun: Pakatan concocts lies on maid abuse to defame me’ (March 22, 2014, in the MCA website


Evangelistas claim other people have “no integrity”

are “low class”

“wicked” and “evil”

Chew Mei Fun was a victim of such blood-curdling libel during the Kajang by-election campaign that she was compelled to lodge a police report. She said Pakatan had concocted lies on maid abuse to defame her.

See the poster above that Chew is holding up. It says:

“Calon BN pernah meletakkan jawatan Timbalan Menteri kerana takut didakwa mendera amah Indonesia pada tahun 201o”

Accusing Chew of having to resign because she abused an Indonesian maid is the vilest slander.

It is however exactly what her political opponents had done. What kind of people can think up such a vicious fitnah to fabricate? Especially against someone with the highest integrity.


Only the munafik

Chew Mei Fun is not the only victim of the munafiks’ vile and vicious smear campaign. Nobody with a shred of decency can conceivably concoct the kind of slander that those people have constantly invented. What is unimaginable to you and me – for example what they did to Chew – is par for the course with them.

They didn’t blink an eye when they printed and distributed everywhere in Kajang those posters that said Chew resigned because she abused a maid (Chew is a single woman who has never even employed a maid before).

It is particularly nasty when it exploits the existing suspicions of the Malays – the poster is in Bahasa Melayu – due to the general track record of maid abuse being perpetrated by Chinese employers. This fact makes the fitnah against Chew even more calculated, i.e. calibrated to elicit the worse kind of Malay voter reprisals against her.

They – the munafik capable of doing this thing – have no conscience whatsoever when they do their utmost to ruin somebody’s reputation through their fitnah. And they do that to anyone who crosses and thwarts their Putrajaya plan.

Recall what they did to Tunku Aziz. Look up what they’re doing presently to blogger Nathaniel Tan who has been actively defending Khalid.

Now imagine what they can do to you. And how they are daily destroying our country.


Take Selangor back from the DAP evangelistas!

When I ask what kind of people are they, the truth is that even the strongest words are not adequate to describe which hole these munafiks crawled out from.

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34 thoughts on “Sticking a knife in Khalid’s back

  1. Serves the selangorian esp the kajang people right who gave back to back victory to pkr in one of the useless by election ever held. You reap what you sow.

    Even if you’re reluctant to give chew a win at least have the dignity to boycott the election. Now you’ll get a puppet MB that suits your brain that is equivalent to a zombie. Errr… wait, a zombie eat brains. They dont have one. That makes you even more pathetic of neglecting your god given brain to good use when casting that vote.

    1. My poll indicates that Khalid has the full backing of the readers of this blog. I believe the survey result represents a wider sentiment of other Selangorians.

      It will be a repeat of the Perak chaos if PKR and DAP persist in pushing ahead. Tolerance for the evangelistas is close to snapping, especially among the Muslim groups.

      1. On a lighter note, I’d like to see the heavyweight Madame Speaker forcibly carried out of the Dewan in her chair, should the Perak scenario repeat itself. It will require a few burly officers for the task though.

        1. No need la Kak Helen. Just ask someone to dangle dozens of ‘holy’ water, colourful tudungs and dry bah kut teh, in a big Prada bag outside the DUN Building to draw out this ‘soalan mulut’ big mama. If that doesn’t work, then a heavy duty crane is needed to move her big arse.

  2. Khalid menunggu masa saja , nak berlayar bersama – sama apa yang dia lakukan . TSKI lambat atau cepat akhirnya akan dipecat dari PKR . Maka jadi lah macam asan anli . Lepas adakan PRU . Kita tetap pilih PR dan lantik MB Kak Wan . Semua sucess …..

    1. ya la sebab semuanya bangang tahap dunggus. sebab tu pilih yang sentiasa bawa masalah , sekarang masa untuk kerja dan bantu rakyat tapi puakx2 musibat ni asyik berpolitik dan puas nafsu sarakah mereka saja.

    2. Final decision still lies with Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. Wait!

      Azizah was born in Singapore, so bukan le anak jati Selangor. Wait!

      Official residence in Segambut, so bukan le resident of Selangor. Wait!

      Last GE13 Azizah arrive casted her vote at Penanti, Seberang Perai

      Voted kat Kajang tu lain cerita. Itu dipanggil bidan terjun. Ada bakat pon dia jadi bidan..

      Whatever, any indication she is ANAK JATI Selangor? Guan Eng tak tegur ke.. Macam ari tu chenghei gheloi tak sedar diri nasihat oghang luaq jangan mai menyibuk kacau ketenteraman rakyat Penang.. Hehehehe

      Sultan Selangor baru ni dah sound2 kat Khalid Samad, hangpa nak cari rezeki by all means, tapi kenalah benar2 faham dan hormat undang2 dan segala lain yang berkaitan dengan penubuhan Negeri Selangor.

      Anyway as of 2010 the population of Selangor is 5,411,324. Masakan takde sorang pun dari jumlah ini yang betoi2 tulin anak Jati Selangor yang dapat ambil alih kerusi TSKI?

      Dasyat, dasyat!

  3. Good day to all,

    I totally agree with jentayu. Selangor people who allowed this to happened in the first place. I have a tingling feeling (spider-sense?) that that mem jijah is definitely up to something. What is her contribution that people blindly accept her in kajang?

    and for mr khalid ibrahim. i guess you pay back for all your lies (water report that water will last till 2019). Funny when he signed that water agreement, people julang him like a hero, whereas the water problem shouldnt exist in the first place! Dont forget guys!

    For me either khalid or jijah, it will definitelty a merry-go-round situation as long as pkr is in charge. well. selangor people definitely hate barisan they dont care their state in such a crisis…

  4. Seeing helen mentioned the “other” mem, wonder what does she think now that her party wanted to ousted the Ketua Menteri whereas she as the speaker needs him to pay her big fat paycheck..i think i know the answer

    “pray, pray, and pray”


  5. Helen should have supported Kak Wan as MB. She’ll be the first woman MB in Malaysia- girl power! Khalid should have go long time ago- he’s too much a stutterer and kedekut to be an MB. As Anwar’s proxy, Kak Wan can rule Selangor with impunity.

    1. Ok- that was a joke comment in reply to Kamree Hisbul ; but what happened to Nathaniel Tan?

      quote:“Look up what they’re doing presently to blogger Nathaniel Tan who has been actively defending Khalid.”unquote

      1. Given the Tunku Aziz treatment by the Dapsters. When you’re in their camp, e.g. TA as vice DAP chairman, you’re a hero. The minute you deviate from their party line, you’re a zero.

        I’ll leave out the all too predictable insults, slurs, slander and what not that they’ve hurled at him. Just look at the comments reproduced below, hahaha.

        Lynn Cheang: “Much worse than Jocelyn Tan, probably closer to Helen Ang. I have since unfollowed this writer.”

        hello: “Nataniel you sound more and more like Helen!”

        SusahKes: “All you have done though, is to drink from the same table as Joceline Teh of the Star. Nobody’s buyin, pal.”

        1. No longer subscribe M’siakini. He should also post the article in his dormant blog “jelas”.

          He posted the same article in his Facebook; see the interesting chatters among the familiar faces…

          1. You do not need to be a Malaysiakini subscriber to read the readers comments to each article.

            1. I’m aware that I can read those jokers’ comments without having to subscribe but I’m also interested to read what Nat wrote. Looks like he’s totally disillusioned with Pakatan! Here are his damning words:-
              “The way things are clearly going, there will be no doubt any more that a vote for Pakatan will come to mean a vote for instability.”

        2. Hahaha. From the comments (from previous posting combined) shall I sum it up as this – according to the evangelista sheeple the “traitors” among the Cinas are ranked from fallen angel Jocelyn Tan, followed by Nathaniel Tan, then Helen Ang and the absolute devil Ridhuan Tee.

  6. Can’t help to compare Khalid’s fate in this PKR kangaroo court to a certain cartoon character Alice when she was framed by Red Queen.

    I hope PAS is strong enough to stand on it’s own principle.

    1. Whatever, my sources at the Palace say Khalid is likely to be retained as MB and Anwar will go berserk with madness. He mingt end up in Tampoi or Tanjung Rambutan.

  7. If that is the case why she accepted being apppointed a deputy now after losing in Kajang by election. Is this not being munafik ( hypocrite )

    1. Can you explain to us why it is “munafik” for a losing candidate to be appointed a Deputy Minister?

      Zaid Ibrahim was appointed Law Minister and he did not win any seat in the election.

  8. Selangor will create history in the world. First time a politician who is soon not going to be a party member, don;t have majority support of his own party, don’t have majority support of the state assemblymen and insists he can still hold on to his job as the Chief Minister beacuse his King say so. He should make a good Govt servant or a General in the Armed Forces.


    And unfortunately, PAS an ally in PR is more interested in religious principles than political correctness or political unity.

    Suddenly all his blog’s stories of failures of water rationing, garbage not collected, mushrooming of pubs and massage parlours, no low costs houses etc all disappered and he is now considered a good Mentri Besar to the BN. Can he apply to be an UMNO member back again? At least he’s way much much better than whatever there is in UMNO Selangor.


    Go get a life , lah.

    1. Dandy, I urge you to check into a nearby rehab center. You urgently need medical attention. Look at your comments. Full of absurdity. The failures you pointed out are all made by your own party. Please get some treatment.

      1. yes he really need serious medication. in the other article, he says that BN will get disappointed when Khalid is retained as an MB. here, he questioned Khalid’s integrity of holding on his office whereas he lack support of his own party member.

        me think he suffers from split personality. the only similarity between the two personality is the ability to blame and mock BN/Umno. a crazy man will never admit he’s crazy. my advice to this fella if he still has an ounce of sanity is : go see your shrink, dandy!

  9. Helen…in the run up to the Kajang by-election, I remember urging you [and ISMA, tru its website] to carry out cyber campaign for MCA, or at least for Chew Mei Fun, because, I argued, MCA was a smaller devil and it’s too dangerous to allow PKR to win. Now PKR is staging a coup d’etat in Selangor. Ermm, I can make a quite good tok nujum, haha!

  10. Ms H. The Opposition has only themeselves to blame for having such poor generalship like their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew [deleted]. The Pakatan has broken up because what PAS wanted the DAP did not give. And now what DAP wants the PAS will not give either. AND THE PAS IS NOT STUPID TO BE MANIPULATED BY THE BRILLIANT LEE’S AIDE.

    If we do not know how to shoot ourselves in the foot, the OPPOSITION HAS TAUGHT US HOW TO DO IT !

    1. That dandy guy just want people to read his comment to show that he has some points, and make people believe. We on the other side also same, want people to believe what we want to believe. So lets swarm the internet and spread. The more they do, we do better than them. Hope God save this state with the right people.

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    This comes on the back of a revenue that was 9.23% higher at RM274.53mil compared with the corresponding period last year.

    The company announced its first interim dividend of six sen per share as well as a special tax-exempt dividend of three sen for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2014 (FY14).

    Helen can go fuck herself. Ho ho ho.

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