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7 signals that Malay-Muslim unity government is likely in S’gor

The idea of an Umno-PAS unity government is nothing new. It was seriously negotiated last time when Hassan Ali was the Selangor PAS commissioner. And in Perak too in 2008.

Below are seven signals why this time, the negotiation is far more serious and likely to succeed.

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(1) Selangor Sultan exerts his influence

The most recent titah by baginda Sultan Selangor:

“JAIS harus memberikan tumpuan terhadap kes-kes yang lebih berat seperti kes-kes yang melibatkan ajaran agama sesat, isu murtad, isu berkaitan ceramah politik di masjid dan surau yang boleh mencemarkan kesucian agama Islam dan boleh merosakkan akidah serta menyebabkan perpecahan di kalangan umat Islam”.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah is concerned with murtad and wants JAIS to focus on preventing apostasy.

As we know, the Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs do not mendakwah to the Muslims. It is only the Christians who proselytize.

The Malay-Muslims are wary of the Christians and on the defensive.

BELOW: Adun Jerusubang Hannah Yeoh continues to invade the surau despite the Sultan’s earlier caution


In the same titah, the Selangor Sultan again repeated his warning against holding “ceramah politik di masjid dan surau yang boleh mencemarkan kesucian agama Islam”.

This indicates that the politicians who have been invading the masjid and surau are on MAIS’s radar.

Malays are not enticed to convert to Buddhism, Hinduism or Sikhism. They only convert to Christianity.

The hackles of the Muslim groups have been raised due to the behaviour of the Christians who are hell-bent on Occupying the Mosques.

Solat hajat Khalid
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(2) Selangor Mufti, many ustaz and 1,000 umat solat hajat for Khalid

A majlis solat perdana (above) was held in Khalid’s residence in Shah Alam on Thursday night.

Among the luminaries present at the function were the Mufti Selangor, orang besar istana Tengku Ramli, orang besar daerah Dato’ Imran, Selangor PAS commissioner Iskandar Samad, Selangor PAS religious exco Sallehen Mukhyi, Selangor PAS Youth chief Syarhan Humaizi, Raja Idris, ustaz Norazli Musa, ustaz Ahmad Dasuki and Dr Zuhdi Marzuki, according to super blog Sangkakalajari9.

The ustaz-ustaz are lining up firmly behind Khalid. This augurs well for a Muslim unity government in Selangor.

(3) Nik Aziz brings up munafik

The PAS Mursyidul Am gives a piece of advice, “Sabar tangani munafik politik” to Khalid Ibrahim.

Nik Aziz acknowledges that in politics there are “hypocrites” and these hypocritical politicians ought to be “corrected” in order that syiar Islam boleh ditegakkan dan ditingkatkan.

Munafik is usually the code word for Yahudi dan Kristian. Since the Jews are not visibly relevant in Selangor politics, then it’s obvious that in the current context, Christians are the ones considered as the enemy of Islam.

Furthermore, the Christians in Malaysia are pro-Israel in the Gaza conflict.


(4) PAS is on the side of Islam

In the “Us versus Them” matter of choosing one’s side, things have progressed at a trot on the Islamic front. Umno’s Minister of Religious Affairs has formed a technical committee together with PAS to look into the implementation of hudud. This development puts Umno on the same side as PAS.

Next, Anwar is unacceptable to PAS for Islamic reasons and it is now revealed that the Islamist party had preferred Tengku Razaleigh to be appointed Prime Minister in the event of Pakatan capturing Putrajaya. Similarly Mrs Anwar is unacceptable to PAS for reasons best known to the ulama and the party prefers Khalid to remain Menteri Besar.

On the side of Anwar-PKR is DAP the Christian party. On the other side is Umno.

Khalid, Nik Aziz meet up some days ago

The longstanding hurdle to an Umno-PAS rapprochement, as everyone knows, has been Nik Aziz. Nonetheless the Tuan Guru appears to have somewhat thawed of late. Umno’s Bapa Perpaduan has been putting in tremendous efforts to ambil hati the PAS spiritual leader. Najib visited Nik Aziz when he was sick (the DAP Christian leaders didn’t).

Najib’s efforts appeared to have paid off – see photo below.

The present situation allows Khalid to be the catalyst – or to provide the “excuse” – for Umno and PAS to be working together. The affable Selangor MB’s role is as the man in the middle (intermediary) who has a good working relationship with both Umno and PAS.


(5) PAS is losing patience with the Church

PAS research centre operations director Dr Zuhdi Marzuki in his leaked WhatsApp message (below) mentioned the word “gereja” twice in a single paragraph when he talked about his party’s backing for Khalid.

Talking about the future consolidation of Malay-Muslim power, Zudhi pinpointed the Church as the party that needs to be di”jentik” dan di”sergah”. He does not mention tokong or kuil. He specifies “gereja” only.

It is obvious that the PAS Muslim unity faction views the Church as posing a threat. It’s this faction that has the support of the PAS grassroots. The PAS church-lover MPs have only the backing of the pro-Christian spindoctor, The Malaysian Insider.

Majlis Syura, which is the party’s highest decision-making body, has come out to say “in no uncertain terms” that they’re firmly behind Khalid.

Dr Zuhdi’s tone is quite clear on how a lot of those in the PAS top echelon view the Church and non-Muslims.


(6) Khalid himself has pulled out the Religion card

Among the reasons the DAP is unhappy with Khalid is that he did not side with them on the ‘Allah’ Bible issue.

Mem Besar Hannah Yeoh appears to be bossying Khalid to “suspend the JAIS officer who ordered the raid” on the Bible Society of Malaysia – see her tweets below. Khalid has not done so.

The DAP wants JAIS to be under the state exco’s control as well as expects non-interference from JAIS on Christian affairs. If the Islamic enforcement agency knuckles under to the DAP, then the missionaries will have a free hand.

Suara TV‘s article titled ‘DAP Menentang ‘Kerajaan Islam’ di Selangor – Khalid Ibrahim‘ reported yesterday that Khalid has accused DAP of opposing a “kerajaan Islam adil dan amanah”.

Suara TV said, “Ini kali pertama Khalid ‘menyerang’ DAP secara terbuka dan menggunakan sentimen anti-Islam terhadap parti itu sejak kemelut mengenai kedudukannya sebagai menteri besar tercetus”.

BELOW: Hannah interfering with JAIS

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Selangor MB @Khalid_Ibrahim

Hannah and her Christian agenda

TwitterhannahyeohJAIS acted without knowledge

Hannah and her konco-konco want to “neuter” the Islamic agencies

Twitter - hannahyeoh- JAIS should only be handling

@hannahyeoh, the DAP SuperCyber Bully

Madame Speaker, who has a Twitter following of 95,400 twits, misuses and abuses her political influence to bully and mock writers who are critical of her – see her “Soalan Mulut” celupar tweet below.

Hannah Yeoh is similarly brandishing her political platform on young Malays in such an aggressive way as to set the antennas of worried Muslim NGOs waving about her undue influence over them.


(7) Khalid has the support of the Malay public

Racial polarization is evident. Malays support Khalid while Chinese don’t.

The overt hostility of the DAP supporters is likely to push Khalid into aligning himself with Umno.

Out of the 1,051 respondents who participated in my online poll which has run for 36 hours (it was uploaded on noon Thursday), a total of 95.8 percent – see below – believe that it is better for Khalid to be Selangor Menteri Besar.

This poll reflects a strong Malay support for Khalid.

With DAP and PKR all out to topple him, the only way for Khalid to keep his job is to form a unity government. He can rely on the certainty that Malay Muslims will back him up.

Tinjauan pendapat- Pilih Khalid atau Jijah- - Helen Ang 2014-08-09 00-08-21

 You can still register your voter by clicking the button below


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71 thoughts on “7 signals that Malay-Muslim unity government is likely in S’gor

  1. Lim Guan Eng said Penang is a harmonious state and he suppose to be the happiest CM in the the world tetapi sekali bah sekali pantai berubah now dia nak saman YB Nasarudin Tantawi (PAS) cause of Penang undersea tunnel dan terbaru TSKI tuduh DAP anti islam kerajaan adil dan amanah the question is where we’re DAP propagation lying towards now

  2. If there is a defining moment in the survival of the Malays in the MALAY Peninsular right now, it must be this.

    And with the absence of strong leadership, even in UMNO, Khalid might emerge as the man of the moment, as unlikely as it may seem to many now, and much like the the reluctant Tunku who was pushed to the forefront of Malay politics to be the rallying point on which the foundation of independent Tanah Melayu was laid. Who knows!

  3. They under estimate Pas and its clergy class big time. If nik aziz says Khalid can walk on the water, Pas members and supporters would believe him.

    So the writing is on the wall. Which Pas member will be the new speaker ?

    1. re: “Which Pas member will be the new speaker?”

      Whichever one will be fine.

      The PAS Aduns are not the Devil wear Prada.

      1. If you ask the 90% Chinese or the Cina totok what Pas is, they will say Khalid Samad, Mujahid Rawa and so on. If you ask them about the Majlis Syura, they will stare at you.

        If you tell them that the Majlis Syura is the highest decision making body in Pas, they will told you off, as if they know more about Pas than you do. That’s how they have been conditioned by the DAP.

        A few of these Cina totok I know even label the ulama in Pas as hawkish. They are very good at labeling people. Zaid Ibrahim was correct on one thing regarding Pas. Most Chinese/Cina totok do not know what the real Pas is. They think Pas is about people like Khalid Samad and Mujahid Rawa. The WhatsApp episode proved his point.

        1. What the Cina totok have destroyed in 2 years will affects their kin for the next 20 years or more? Do you think the Malay will sit still and play dead to what the Chinese will want ? Support the Chinese schools? Remember Dr M changed Science into English and the Dong Zong, PAS and Anwar want the policy reversed. The policy was reversed then the urban Chinese want it back to English.

          Well no more! No more silly games. Then all the insults. 50 years of goodwill gone. I am sure the Chinese ancestors are very angry. Better they become Evagenlistas because the dead ancestors surely disown them.

          1. The Cina totok are essentially in a situation akin to Groundhog Day. The things they have done, they absolutely believe that there’s no ramifications whatsoever. They believe today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are all essentially the same day. Like the protagonist in the film Groundhog Day, since there’s no ramifications anyway, they keep on doing the same things. Whereas the protagonist in the film Groundhog Day eventually realizes that doing the same things over and over again is a misery and he has to change his behavior to escape Groundhog Day, the Cina totok show no inclination of such a change in behavior.

            The upper society Cina are not into Chinese schools. They send their kids to private schools. Only those looking for affordable education in a language that they are familiar with choose Chinese schools. PPSMI was a mistake as most teachers were simply not equipped to teach in English. Dong Zong is bad comedy. Look at the spat they are having with Huazong over the Chinese High School in Kuantan. If they are serious about advancing Chinese education, they should stop this spat and allow the students of that school to take the UEC test. Instead they continue with the bickering.

            If the urban Chinese want PPSMI, go to a private school or international school. PPSMI at SK is toast and this new education blueprint from 2013 to 2025 is looking suspiciously like all previous education blueprints and it too will not produce the desired outcome.

          2. ……I am sure the Chinese ancestors are very angry…..

            The hungry ghost festival started last 27Jul till this 24th Aug. The deads must be feeling very upset, giving sleepless nights and nightmares to those alive – sampai melenting mengelabah some coming out with threats to sue PAS?

            What more learning some of their new generation is trying to wipe out their roots? Itu Hannah tara kasi big makan ke to pacify them?

            Well another two weeks, let us see what is going to happen next?

            1. re: “Itu Hannah tara kasi big makan ke to pacify them?”

              Born again Christians do not make prayer offerings to Chinese spirits. She is eating all the bak kut teh herself.

              1. Re She is eating all the bak kut teh herself.

                Soon a place in the Malaysia Book of Records. As for the category I shall leave it to your readers to decide.

  4. So are the Christians in East Malaysia going to form their own Christian unity party and take over from their Moslems Chief Minister? It will be good for them since they are the majority religion there.

    Maybe all Christians should join DAP and Buddhists, Taiosts, Hindus, Confucianism, atheists and those so called munafiks, kafirs, komunis, Yahudi, Illuminattis, neocons etc should form another party called PLAK (Parti Lain-lain Agama dan Kepercayaan)..

    It would be something like the more religious and holy Moslems join PAS while the nama Moslems sahaja join UMNO?

    1. The Christians in East Malaysia are not evangelicals. They are the majority. Nobody disputes that and they are well looked after by the 2 state governments. I agree that they must unite, form a unity party for one reason. That is to protect East Malaysia from the threat posed by Evangelicals from the Peninsula.

      1. Your taunting behaviour has fully lived up to my expectations. Your character is so predictable. I had expected you to react exactly like this should I answer Chris’s question about my Nyonya heritage.

        It’s the same jeering as to say all Chinese converts want to become Melayu.

        1. He is showing his desperation. He is by no means the only Cina totok to show such inclinations. there are others. Like the La Salle and SK educated Cina who call out other Chinese as Chink or Chinkie, he is the SJK version. Both share the same worldview.

          I wonder how you could still tolerate such name calling in your blog. The man is incapable of any sane intellectual discourse. He has had to resort to name calling and other slurs just to stake his position.

        2. i know u r a aku cina until u mentioned this week u do have peranakan heritage, fact is i had been mockin the u know who for a long time, u know i often respond n reply likewise. if u choose to carry the baba nyonya slag over your shoulder, its too bad.

          1. re: “i had been mockin the u know who for a long time”

            I’m aware. However since Chris asked nicely and he is a regular commenter, I replied.

            re: “if u choose to carry the baba nyonya slag over your shoulder”

            I’m not sure what you mean by “slag” but in my opinion, the insults by people who choose to slag the mamaks, for example, reflect more on the taunter than on the target.

            The Baba Nyonyas are so invisible on the political landscape that it’s not worth the while for anyone to hate on them as a group unless it’s a choice to hate on me personally.

            As far as I’m aware, Prof. Khoo Kay Kim is a Baba, and some well-known writers (Shirley Lim) and among the politicians, none that I know of (I’m sure there are but they don’t make it commonly known) except for Tan Siew Sin.

              1. The Penangites and Malaccans were subjects of the Queen of England. They didn’t have to apply for Malayan citizenship in 1957. They were absorbed like the Malay subjects of the Raja-Raja Melayu in the Federated/Unfederated Malay States.

              2. Mulan. Tan Siew Sin did nothing to further the cause of the Malaysian Chinese. In fact, he withdrew the MCA at 2.30 pm 13 May 1969 in a pique and returned by 10 pm. He was in the political doghouse until he resigned in April 1974. His father was the one who did whatever was possible within his limited ability.

            1. i dun hate any group / personal, my comment is mostly sarcasm / tit for tat.

              lky, tan cheng lock father and son, lim chong eu play the most significant role that shape the entire msia chinese political framework, until pkr that provide another option. invisible maybe, influence n impact is a definitely yes.

              my sis in law a peranakan from melaka, one of my uncle is adopted by baba nyonya family, they (sis in law dad n uncle) still wear sarong, i took pongteh every week when i stay with my uncle. their kid become more n more chinese, do they have a choice? islam in msia n our consti is inclusive or exclusive, i think u n me know the answer well.

              1. re: “their kid become more n more chinese”

                What you say above is the reality of it.

                That’s why I do not see any reason why the Peranakan should be victimized in the way that the mamaks are being targeted (this is not to imply that I don’t find the targetting of mamaks equally objectionable) because the mamaks have a political role.

                The Babas and Nyonyas will naturally die out very soon.

                1. The culture of the Peranakan should be preserved. When the Ming Chinese first came to Malacca in the 13th century, they came in peace. The Ming Chinese provided protection to the Malacca sultanate for close to a century prior to the arrival of the Portuguese. This is something most Malaysians, especially Malays tend to forget. The Peranakan, they represent the peaceful coexistence of the Malays and Chinese. Let’s keep it going. Preserve the Peranakan and their culture.

                  1. ‘protection prior to the arrival of Portuguese’

                    What happened then? Chicken out is it? Stop la the BS, Mallaca was the Venice of the East, not Ming Dynasty. Anyway boleh bagi link?

                1. me too n thanks for the video. the melodi remind me the 70′ when we wait kat tv for dj dave n sharifah aini appear in rtm.


                  I wish it was Yesterday…
                  I wish I was Homeward Bound…

                  1. HY…. “when we wait kat tv for dj dave n sharifah aini appear in rtm” and Andre Goh too… Dan sempena bulan syawal ini, jika bahasa aku terkasar atau tidak menyenangkan di hati, aku hulurkan tangan, aku jangkaukan kasih dan sayang, aku menyusun sepuluh jari, biarlah berarak mendung kelabu, kita tetap ‘me and you and a dog named boo’….. Mekasih for the video too…

        3. i rarely read yr intelligence comments bec its not worth my time. i accidently read yrs bec u wanna show off yr intelligence to insult in the same thread. sorry to say that yr feeble attempt is laughable n yr so called intellectual discourse still not worth my time, so if i choose not to respond to u after this, dun get too upset.

          1. so if i choose not to respond to u after this, dun get too upset.

            Praise The Lord. Our prayers have been answered.

    2. Instead of worrying about Sarawak and Sabah, Dandy dear why don’t you go and help your Pakatan leaders solve the mess they are creating in Selangor?

      Your immediate task/priority is to try and convince 29 Aduns to vote for Azizah, can or not? Expenses ask Hannah, she is at risk of loosing her cushy chair, surely she will pay wan.

      Meanwhile please go and check on Teresa kok. Panic attack or what, over one week her blog so stagnant? She like to instantly criticise or make fun of bad polititions all the time.. Why no articles on this MB tussle?

    3. Ideally begitulah apa yg dihajati pihak tertentu yg tak suka dgn konsep berkongsi kuasa yg diamalkan BN.

      Tetapi mimpi begitu bak jauh panggang dari api. See what is hapenning in Sarawak politics lately? Bickering among the once-upon-a-time good buddies? Now they’re in different camps!

      For about forming a new party or if u insist I wish u good luck. Sarawakians have more than enough.

  5. 7 signals that Malay-Muslim unity government is likely in S’gor

    Then unite if there is a snap election and send Anwar and his kin back to Penang. Let him fight with LGE there. I am sure a power mad person like would want to a someone.

    PR will finally be dead.

    1. Guan Benz will offer ANUwar to be PM of Pulau Jerjak. He can org. all sort of nude activities wt The Star’s chief as his info. minister. Jijah pepet, daughters and son can take up other portfolios. They live happily ever after. The end.

  6. UMNO Selangor has been eerily silent over this MB Selangor issues.

    Either they are still too busy killing off each other, or they are working behind the scenes to ambush Pakatan Selangor at the right time.

  7. Dear Aunty Helen,

    It is amazing to see how the opposition leaders are bashing other opposition leaders who do not agree with them. Even UMNO leaders do not use those words towards them.

    It is very funny that LGE is very angry towards PAS’s Nasrudin Tantawi. Hannah Yeoh may not like it because she said that, “we believe in loving even those who hate us”.

    re: “Mem Besar Hannah Yeoh appears to be bossying Khalid to “suspend the JAIS officer who ordered the raid” on the Bible Society of Malaysia”.

    Aunty Helen, please have a look at my comic…

    1. Tough choice for TS Khalid. The MB (Mem Besar) is mistress of the house and she is very big. Kalau enggan dengar cakap, hah, terima lah padahnya.

      1. Kalau kdrama, he is the royal concubine la tu.. Dah out of favour tak kenan lagi, kasi bikin fitnah sama dia dan paksa minum racun sampai mati..

  8. No suprise UMNO-PAS cooperation. Many ex UMNO are PAS members now ie UMNO Strongman Muhammad Taib is one of them and many ex Pas are now UMNO members.

    Also many professional and talented Malays are now PAS member holding key position since its hard for them to be recognised in UMNO. What does all this means? One day it will Happen UMNO-PAS or PAS-UMNO unity for MALAYS and Muslim will be the key future to the whole Islamic World and examplary to the Arab countries where Sunni and Syiah can work together for the Ummah.


    1. UMNO-PAS unity? I am not totally opposed to such a notion. However, I would think that UMNO abominates PAS vision of Islam and PAS rejects UMNO vision of Islam. Likewise is Sunni and Syiah. But the unity of the Malays/Muslims is important even if that leaves me lonely between the two worlds.

  9. I think it is highly improbable now that PAS will join BN, not until Nik Aziz and Hadi are no longer around.

    Nik Aziz long term dislike of UMNO (and vice versa) is so deeply entrenched in his psyche that he still finds it super duper difficult to seek peace with UMNO.

    It’s just like asking me to join DAP. Nauzubillah!

    1. I don’t think its vice versa.. one sided aje tau Setem!

      Bila mereka tak sihat, Abdullah Badawi, Najib tetap pi ziarah depa.

      Dandy o dandy,
      Cepat tolong.. apahal they are sueing each other? Apa dah jadi Dandy? Why like this wan? What is happening to your beloved leaders?

    1. Mulan tengok tak video give monkey a gun? Habis bertempiaran lari monyet tu tembak mereka semua.. Muahahaha

      REBAH ni, bukan UBAH..

    2. U heard of Zhang, the self-proclaimed future world richest man and his dubious MLM, right? Now u substitute this Zhang face with Guan Benz, HY and other PR honchos and the future richest men titles with those cushy Putrajaya posts. It seems their dubious MLM evilgelist grand plan is set to go bonker. Did those 90% voters ever realized this?

  10. Okay it’s announced that TSKI dipecat dari PKR after their meeting but he can appeal subject to the approval of the lembaga. But he remains the MB until dipecat oleh DUN or the Sultan. But he does not have the support of DAP or PKR.

    This is turning into a real farce and making a mockery of the whole democratic process. Come on rakyat Selangor, stand up and have your voices heard.

    BTW, where is Najib?

    1. “Come on rakyat Selangor, stand up and have your voices heard.”

      What can Average Joes do other than grabbing a less-sweet popcorn bucket and diet-coke.

      1. Options:
        1. Selangorians should do a AI-style behemoth reformasi to protest this decision
        2. What about a referendum to protest the PR decision to field Wan Azizah as the new MB?
        3. Get the people in your area to sign a petition to your wakil rakyat to protest and ask them to step down for failing in their duties and giving themselves a payrise for doing nothing

        That’s all I can come up with now.

        My new tagline – Where is Najib?

        1. Cool. You can be our think tank.

          You’ve been there and done that as a Perakian!

          Strategize and help us get our state back :)

          1. Najib will find it very tough to decide the MB candidate if Sgor “returns” to BN.

            For sure, not Mohd Noh!

            1. Najib would have to stick with Khalid. He’s actually quite a decent guy. Give him enough support and take the politicking out of the job, I think he’ll do quite well for the state.

              Frankly, can’t see any Umno candidates for MB in the bunch that they have now.

          2. Nanti kalau Jijah dipilih sbgai calun Menteri Besar popular, dia mesti berdepan dgn Sultan Selangor sblum Tuanku membuat keputusan kan?

            Agaknya Jijah boleh ke jawab soalan2 khusus mengenai hal ehwal sejarah Negeri Selangor.

            Tau tak ada some Apek yang ngaku mereka Malaysian Malaysia, bila tanya Jelebu kat mana depa jawab Kalimantan, Indonesia!

            Minta2 Jijah jangan buat kesilapan macam ni ya bela berhadapan dengan Tuanku nanti.

  11. How come Baba Nyonyas are not Bumiputeras or Melayus? That’s puzzling. The Mamaks are also from other races but are termed Bumiputers and Melayu.

    Baba Nyonyas also dress, behave, speak, eat, cook, sleep, think and converse like Mamaks but the only difference is that their religion is not ISLAM. I think that is discrimination by the Govt. cos the Portugese and Malaysian Siamese are also not all Moslems.

    Maybe it’s because the Baba Nyonyas look like Chingkies and Komunis or Jews and that’s why they are not qualified?

    East Malaysia don’t seem to practise this discrimination cos all the Bumiputeras consists of Melayu, Iban, Melanau, Chinese, Kadazzan, Murut, Kelabit, Orang Laut, etc.

    How come?

    1. “East Malaysia don’t seem to practise this discrimination cos all the Bumiputeras consists of Melayu, Iban, Melanau, Chinese, Kadazzan, Murut, Kelabit, Orang Laut, etc.”

      Ah sudah mamat ni, dah failed nak claim ‘no malay no india zero chinese’ skrg nak claim kat borneo kaum cina pun bumiputera jugak pulak dah.

      Pssst nak tanya sikit kat dandy the randy, aborigines taiwan dapat status sons of the soil (bumi putera) tak?

    2. Isnt it good that the Peranakans are not Bumi? If not the Chinks are so few that Chink services like Sekolah Cina have to close.

      Tan Cheng Lock is Baba so is Betty Chew a Nyonya. Without Baba, the Chinks will run around like sheep. The Babas ring thr bell Chink Chink and you come under control.

      Babas may not know Chinese but they sure know how to control the Chinks.

    3. correction: the Chinese in Sarawak aren’t considered as bumiputera.

      And that u (if u’re a Sarawak bumi) would be mad at them if only u know what they called u.

  12. Ambiga where are you? You are needed for another Bersih rally to bersih your beloved Party PR and to bersihkan Anwar Ibrahim baju kotor with Clorox buy one free one, and buy 2 get 2.

    1. Khalid sudah dipecat. Dia bukan lagi ahli PKR maka dengan ini tidak perlu ada Bersih rally. Mereka tak guna Clorox. Mereka guna jenama Fitnah untuk membersihkan parti mereka.

      1. Desperate Housewives

        1. “Behind every great man there’s a woman”

          Then “behind every great woman there’s a man”. This may sound sexually explicit but there is some truth in it. If Azizah is not a ‘great woman’, why would PKR nominate her for the post of MB ? l o l So who’s that man ‘behind’ this great woman ?

    1. Granted. But be cautious, as and when we articulate that statement, we remain in danger of being a victim of our own preconceptions and prejudices.

  13. Bro Redza, Munafiquns are worse than Kafiruns & their final resting place is at the bottom of hell. They are Muslims but hypocrites, and the’re definitely not Jews or Christians as suggested by HA. What we’re witnessing is as what’s been prophesized as some of the major signs before Qiamat. Only a few more left, which includes the coming of Dajjal ( oh dear, the Illuminaties oredy exist ), Imam Mahdi ( the middle-east wars is raging now ) & Nabi Isa ‘alaihisalaam ( yup, that’s Jesus to the Christians ). Which side will we be on when our beloved earth is in its final death throes? Verily the inevitable signs will be revealed. Hope I’ll not be around by then.

    1. I am in agreement with RAM and HA on this. A munafiqun can be
      a Muslim or non Muslim, Jew or Christian.

      There are two types of munafiq; (i) ‘Munafiq Keimanan’ which is applicable to Muslims only, and (ii) ‘Munafiq Perbuatan’ which is applicable to all. ‘Munafiq Keimanan’ is ‘mendustai or mengkhianati Allah dan Rasullullah’ secretly, quietly but surely. Yes this group of munafiqun is worst than the kafirun and their final resting place is the bottom of hell.

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