Selangor saga: Trusting PAS to do the right thing

The PKR kangaroo court has just sentenced Khalid Ibrahim in absentia.

Our Menteri Besar is sacked by his party. (By “our”, I’m speaking as an anak jati Selangor – born here, residing here and voted here in past elections.) This move is the prelude to ousting TS Khalid from his MB post.

In order to push their ouster of him, PKR, DAP and their supporters have unforgivably fitnah the man. It is despicable but not unsurprising the kind of lies that they can concoct.

For a backgrounder, READ THIS Malaysia Today article on how the PKR-DAP plotters are trying to set him up.

BELOW: Solat hajat perdana ‘Mempertahankan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor

Khalid solat hajat
Photo credit: The Unspinners

PAS’s conscience and soul

I’m confident that the PAS people – when they perform their sembahyang istikharah in the following turbulent days and weeks – will be guided to do what is right.

PAS is far better than PKR and the DAP. I’m quite sure.

PKR and the DAP, particularly, represent the politics of Fitnah dan Benci. You want to know what the party is, you look at their founders and leading lights.

PKR is the Anwar family.

DAP is the Lim family.

BELOW: Umno has been led by 6 different presidents but DAP is still being led by the Father & Son


They are the faces of PKR and DAP. And the parties’ soul.

Umno’s founder is Dato’ Onn Jaafar and its leading lights his son Hussein Onn, Tun Razak, Tun Dr Ismail and the Tun of Tuns, Dr M.


Unity government will be Malay-Muslim

The 56 Selangor Aduns represent us two million Selangor voters (see pie chart above).

PKR is multiracial but Malay dominated.

DAP is mostly Chinese with a sprinkling of Indian macai-macai.


Umno is mono ethnic.

PAS is mono religious.

Malays are 1,007,612 voters and making up 50.21 percent of the Selangor electorate.

Chinese are 683,597 or 30.04 percent and Indians 288,709 (14.39%). The Lain-Lain make up 26,950 (1.34%).

Click to enlarge

Undi popular

Selangor in the crosswinds, again

GE13 which awarded Pakatan four-fifths of the Selangor DUN was also the most successful ever general election for the opposition (see bar chart above).

In 2013, the opposition collected 50.9 percent of the popular vote. It was the second time that the opposition had trumped the ruling party. The oppo is presently at its strongest ever in history. The BN blue bar has never been as low as it was in 2013.

The only other time the ruling party faltered was the 10 May 1969 general election where the oppo garnered 50.7 percent of the popular vote compared to 49.3 percent for the Alliance.


Selangor 14-14

In 1969, the Selangor DUN had 28 seats. In the May 10th election, the Alliance won 14 seats and the opposition also won 14. It was a deadlock.

  • Opposition: DAP 9, Gerakan 4 & independent candidate one
  • Alliance: Umno 12, MCA one & MIC one

Perak 21-19

Perak in 1969 was a foreshadowing of Perak 2008. In the 10 May 1969 election, out the 40 Perak DUN seats, the opposition won 21 while the Alliance had 19.

  • Opposition: PPP 12, DAP 6, Gerakan 2 & PMIP (PAS) one
  • Alliance: Umno 18, MCA one
2013: DAP Red Belt
Poster displayed at the recent MCA assembly
Poster displayed at the MCA assembly 2012

Gerakan which was an opposition party in 1969 won 16 seats in the 24-seat Penang state assembly. The only four seats retained by the Alliance in Penang were all Umno’s. In Kelantan, PMIP (PAS) won 19 seats in the 30-seat DUN and holding on to its rule of the state.

As you can see from the 1969 election results, the MCA was wiped out and managing to defend only one seat in Selangor, one in Perak and none in Penang.

Now compare the current situation (see donut charts).


ABOVE: There is only Chinese Adun in the BN which rules Perak

Path that our country took

We’re all aware that 1969 was a watershed year in Malaysian history.

Similarly, 2014 will be another watershed due to the Selangor shake-up, or if you prefer shakedown (shakedown means “a process or period of adjustment”).

It is the end of the road for MCA.

There is no point to keep MCA in the BN because it does not represent the Chinese.

Christian party DAP has become the sole voice of the Chinese.

BELOW: There are 3 Chinese Aduns (MCA 2, Gerakan one) in the BN which rules Johor


DAP incites hatred

Perak, Johor and Selangor are ethnically mixed states which all have between 57-59 percent Malay population. The other states in the peninsula are overwhelmingly Malay.

Penang is the only state with a Chinese majority of 45.6 percent compared to Malay 43.6 percent.

Remember that aside from Penang, only Johor, Perak and Selangor are significantly multiracial. In Johor and Perak however, their state governments today are almost mono-racial, Perak more so than Johor (but the DAP is anticipated to complete its annihilation of Johor MCA by GE14).

Selangor will soon see the culmination of the DAP’s handiwork in fomenting hate – an all Malay-Muslim state government.


Purple chameleon

The DAP is a party whose deceitful politicking has debased noble concepts such as “good governance”, “competency”, “accountability”, “transparency” and other words which the chameleons get their claws on.

See Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below:

“Spent the last few hours listening to @cmlimguaneng share bout good governance in Penang & his Competency Accountability Transparency policy”

 Twitter - hannahyeoh- Spent the last few hours listening

Night of the long knives

@cmlimguaneng has purged his party of good men.

Johor DAP deputy chairman Norman Fernandez recently resigned from the party because he cannot tahan the DAP 3.0’s hypocrisy anymore.

Read, ‘Politikus jangan meraih publisiti murahan pada bulan puasa, tegur bekas timbalan pengerusi DAP Johor

See also, ‘Kurma di tangan kanan, Roket di tangan kiri

BELOW: One of DAP’s Selendang Squad ‘raiding’ the mosques


DAP is Guan Eng’s show

Meanwhile the former Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau has been successfully removed by Guan Eng – to be replaced by a Lim right hand man, Liew Chin Tong.

Guan Eng has also installed his blue-eyed boy Zairil Khir Johari as the Kedah DAP chairman. The previous guy was thrown out on his ear.

The DAP old guard elsewhere have been mostly put to pasture, and replacing them, Guan Eng’s young evangelista horde.

YB Evangelista Serdang dok kacau-kacau periuk kosong di surau nak tipu siapa nih

They are young and dangerous.

These evangelista carpetbaggers are a menace because they are immature, gung ho, intoxicated by holy water, buta sejarah dan teramat bodoh sombong.

PAS must ponder on who they’re partying with in Pakatan.


Iguana Eng personality cultism

Ever since the Selangor MB seat tussle came to a boil, PAS has been at the receiving end of the Dapster-GengSTAR treatment. PAS is relentlessly insulted and mocked for choosing to support Khalid Ibrahim.

The Penang chief minister is beginning to treat PAS like an Umno enemy, for example in Guan Eng’s verbal fisticuffs with ustaz Nasrudin Hassan at Tantawi.


Finally, this is the DAP showing their real face.

DAP and their Dapsters say they only want to ABU and that they only hate the “Umnoputras”. So why are they now behaving in this way towards PAS?

The other thing PAS must ponder deeply on is this:

What kind of people are they – the DAP evangelistas – who do not know the name of their own God, and are hellbent on appropriating the one belonging to the God of a rival religion to give to their own?


Mama Dapster

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56 thoughts on “Selangor saga: Trusting PAS to do the right thing

  1. what happens if PAS decides to leave Pakatan but remain and independent opposition party?

    that’s my best guess on what PAS will most likely to do next.

    1. PAS leaving Pakatan may not be able to prevent Khalid’s ouster unless there are two blocs of votes (PAS + Umno) backing him to stay on.

      At 28-28, it is possible that the Sultan may apply his prerogative. After all, the ruler chooses the Adun whom he believes to command the confidence of the House.

      The rakyat, I believe, are behind TSKI. From my 1,231 poll respondents to date, 96.3 percent are in support of the Tan Sri.

      1. I think it’s already gone case for Khalid; he will lose his MB post.

        My guess is that he will ensure that Anwar will not be able to install his wife to replace him as the Sgor MB.

        Khalid will fire Anwar as he Sgor Economic Advisor, just to avenge his expulsion from PKR.

        1. re: “he will lose his MB post”

          Why should he lose his MB post? PKR + DAP have only got 27 votes in the House and 28 Aduns. They can’t muster a simple majority (29) if PAS can’t be persuaded to go along.

          Don’t forget BN won the Perak round.

          1. Helen, perchance u forgot about Khalid G & Hanipa? Thus PAS will short 2 votes while DAP+PKR will gain 2 votes

            1. Khalid G & Hanipa are both MPs, not Aduns. They sit in Parliament and not the Selangor DUN.

          2. PKR + DAP won’t get the majority to oust Khalid.

            But at the same time Khalid can’t claim that he has the support of the majority, if PAS and UMNO abstain from voting.

            There will be a deadlock.

            So Sultan will be obliged to call for a snap election to break the deadlock.

            Khalid loses his MB post.

            A new MB will be elected by the party which wins the snap election.

  2. Let us hope that PAS does the right thing. But I am very afraid that might however succumb to the promise of wealth and power.

    Just one question though, can the Sultan of Selangor say, “Give me some time to think about this.” before deciding to dissolve the DUN or terminate TSKI from his position or making whatever decision he wishes? Because I read somewhere that the Sultan is scheduled to go on a trip overseas from the 12 – 24 of this month and that seems to be the main reason the sacking of TSKI is fast forwarded.

    1. re: “dissolve the DUN”

      There’s no hurry to dissolve the DUN. It’s just PKR-DAP propaganda.

      1. Re: “dissolve the DUN”.

        Agreed as I have been saying that in the comments of other so-po blogs. It is just a propaganda because as long as TSKI does not lose a no confidence vote, he does not need to dissolve anything except maybe some Panadol Soluble.

        But the question is can the Sultan say that? Can he postpone his decision until he come back and say to TSKI, “You run the state until I come back from my holiday. I’ll tell you my advise/decision when I come back.” What will the scenario be if the Sultan said that?

        1. re: “he does not need to dissolve anything except maybe some Panadol Soluble”


          re: “say to TSKI, “You run the state until I come back from my holiday. I’ll tell you my advise/decision when I come back.” What will the scenario be if the Sultan said that?”


    1. Wah orang Banting tumbuh gigi emas berkat minum holy water , kelakar apa ni.

      Its no surprise though, majority christians believed that the foundation and the gathering of jews in once place i.e Israel as one of the prerequisites of the second coming of Jesus. Including end war at el-Megiddo (Armageddon).

  3. dear helen,
    for so many many years pas has conducted several solat hajat in stadiums with tens of thousands of followers esp
    for anwar.yet
    many times when
    Allah showed
    the signs of
    misdeeds,they say
    its fitnah.with
    proofs like the
    99.9% chinadoll
    videos of anwar
    secularisme, pro
    liberalisme,pro gay rights,allowing n even
    giving away
    Allah”s name to
    be misused by the evil greedy evangelistad,yet
    time n time again,pas refuses to acknowledge the signs,they still supported n
    believed in
    anwar the munafik..Allah
    has granted their
    solat hajat several
    times yet they
    rejected the signs.
    really sad and unbelievable of pas.

    so when you say
    pas will do the
    ‘right’ thing based
    on their religious
    conscience,i tend
    to be

    come on
    la pas! buat2 tak nampak ke

  4. Since die disavowed of a young Malay girl that landed him in jail he sees no mercy towards his fossil hue and cry likewise of both farther and son alas let’s pray hard that our next generation won’t encounter this kindle anymore in future but what about this sort young horde often foll or over how to tongsampahkan dia orang ni

  5. Anwar must be the most anxious of them all;

    Diri sendiri duk nunggu masuk ke tidak SgBuluh

    Isteri dia duk nunggu bole ke tidak jadi Ketua Menteri

    Dan anak depa pula duk nunggu selesai ke tidak urusan penceraian dgn suami.

    Tu pasai dulu Wan jijah buang undi kat PENANTI.. Nasib keluarga kena duk nanti aje!

    Anyway Cik Helen, napa takde ke sorang pun anak jati Selangor yg berkebolihan untuk mentadbir Neger sendiri? Ni dah jadi Soccer team, kena bayar berjuta2 beli pemain IMPOT!

    1. Just wondering, out of the 35Aduns so claimed to hv voted for Azizah to be the Next Menteri Besar of Selangor, how many of them are anak jati Selangor? Cannot imagine kalau oghang Selangor pilih mereka dari luaq jadi Ketua mereka?

      Macam keluaga juga, makayah beranak kita tapi yang kamu lantik jadi ketua kepala keluarga adalah jiran sebelah rumah? Eh.. Rasa tak kena nih!

    1. re: “What would madame speaker do to save her seat?”

      Sit on it.

      She such a heavyweight that it would need a forklift to dislodge her.

    2. By right, all the exco members need to resign since they were appointed by Khalid with Sultan consent. Khalid is no longer with Pakatan but an independent Adun. He has to appoint new exco members from UMNO. Will Pakatan allow that?

      Adoi! It’s become more complicated this Sgor MB mess.

      1. Pakatan is not a registered entity, Khalid in the meanwhile should create Pakatan2 and try to get at least 29Aduns to go with this new Pakatan2 and carry on as KM till GE14.. Muahahaha

        1. If Pakatan is not a registered entity, it’s perhaps a paranormal entity and someone should contact that Uncle Seekers to catch every hantu & syaiton that has created a nuisance to the people in Selangor. If it does not work then you can call Ustaz Harun Din for help.

          Pakatan 2 will be more attractive if get joined by Muhammad Taib and Khir Toyo as the shadow cabinet/exco of Selangor for next GE14 :D

  6. At the end of the day all of the real power in regards the appointment of the Mentri Besar lies in the hands of the Sultan of Selangor and not the party in truth.

    What happens in such a situation is that they will have to nominate someone who is acceptable to the Sultan of Selangor. If not he will remain caretaker MB till the next elections.

    Whoever it is who is that is advising the PKR government has rocks in their head. The PKR’s opportunities have all been squandered in a firefights that have had no prospect of success but instead have served to bleed them of any goodwill, trust and dependability since the big Anwar threat to take government.

    1. True, the Sultan decides. They say TSKI doesn’t have the vote of confidence. But if the Sultan does what AlMarhum Sultan Azlan did and polled the DUN members one by one and find that Khalid has the vote of BN/Pas aduns, that might be enough to convince him that the state doesn’t need a new MB. But it’s gonna be tough for Khalid to get anything approved in the dewan.

      Btw, the word trust is incongruous with AI or PKR.

      1. re: “But it’s gonna be tough for Khalid to get anything approved in the dewan.”

        We Selangorians are willing to live with the impasse. Then GE14, we take our state back for the sake of everyone’s sanity. The Dapsters are delusional.

      2. Re But it’s gonna be tough for Khalid to get anything approved in the dewan.

        As long as the administrative machinery is functioning properly, we’re willing to go with it. But for the delusional dapsters it will be whole different world though. I expect them to get more delusional.

        1. re: “I expect them to get more delusional”

          Like Ahmad Ibrahim says, their hysteria is already perpetual. What will happen is that the perpetual hysteria will reach denggi fever pitch.

      3. The Sultan may by now know/see/realise who his genuine subjects are to help manage Selangor? He may need more time to review the personal files of these Aduns, merisik latar belakang, asal usul keluarga, taat setia kat mana, fasih dan faham tak dgn siluk biluk keperluan Negeri Selangor etc.

        Just hope Selangor tak jadi macam Singapore, last last orang asing become majority if its population..

    2. Don’t you know that in this age, if Sultan goes against the will of some, The Sultan will also be smeared in order to pressure him to “toe the line”.

      clue: “Hard Rock Cafe”.

      1. re: “The Sultan will also be smeared in order to pressure him to toe the line”

        Also the slander that putera Sultan Selangor sudah murtad.

        Fitnah is the main weapon of the Dapster-evangelistas. That is the only way they know how to operate.

        Nobody is spared from their smear campaign, not Najib and Rosmah, not the royal family and not even ketauhidan Allah yang maha esa.

        1. Fitnah is also used to get rid of dissenters within their party. The Fitnah Brand is very popular with their followers and supporters. Clorox is outdated.

  7. madamme speaker n the evangelista dap will go berserk with the pas-umno more dapclad adun bertudung,puasa
    fake n most
    important no more
    dap ‘tazkirah’ or brainwash at
    suraus n
    mosques. cant
    wait to see their
    fits n fury n of
    course saman
    menyaman n mud
    slinging which has begun with guan e g n mp
    nasruddin tantawi! i too look forwatd n positively for this cooperation of pas-umno.pkr and dap really deserves it for their kiasu arrogant,greedy n manipulative dirty politics.!

  8. Forgive the deviation but having returned from a trip I picked up a copy of the Star & I saw on the front page a banner going;

    Be part of the conversation.
    #moderateMY #thestarMY

    Can’t help but wonder if the PM will eventually say “et tu MCA?” post GE14

    1. Post GE14 ? I prefer to look at prior to GE14.

      The conversation would go like this.

      It is OUR view that MCA should only contest in Chinese constituencies. It is OUR view as you are a Chinese party and as our coalition BN is based on the premise that each component party should leverage on its ‘strength’ to serve the collective interest of our cause.

      I curious as to how the MCA president is going to respond to such a statement ?

      1. Tak mau sekadar being a passenger aja kan? Dah jadi passenger tapi insist nak 1st and business class seats aje owh!

  9. Now UMNO down on it’s knees trusting PAS to do the right thing to form a unity Malay-Moslem Govt.? UMNO better have more sembahyang hajat cos it sure needs God, Allah’s help.


    PAS still thinking how UMNO stab it’s back in Kelantan, Trengganu, Perak, Kedah and now Selangor.

    PAS Melayu tak Mudah lupa unlike UMNO’s Melayu? Wanna bet?

    1. Re Now UMNO down on it’s knees trusting PAS to do the right thing to form a unity Malay-Moslem Govt.? UMNO better have more sembahyang hajat cos it sure needs God, Allah’s help.

      Umno has not called for a unity government. Where did you get your news from ? La La Channel ? As for sembahyang hajat, today is Sunday. The Church of Jerusubang must be packed like sardines calling out for help.

      Re PAS still thinking how UMNO stab it’s back in Kelantan, Trengganu, Perak, Kedah and now Selangor.

      Pas must be be thinking how they were stabbed during GE13, they did all the heavy lifting and ended up with the least seats among the 3 Pakatan parties. Now this latest episode in Selangor and the WhatsApp revelations. Oh wow !

      Re PAS Melayu tak Mudah lupa unlike UMNO’s Melayu? Wanna bet?

      Remember Barisan Alternatif ? l o l

      1. macam sorang commenter bagitau anggap saja dandy sbg badut dlm blog ni. sekurang2nya terhibur jugak kita dgn statement2 bangang dia.

        kalau umno rileks sambil tgk drama MB Selangor ni, maka kita pun kena rileks sambil tgk spin doctor dandy berkongsi kebangangan dia di sini.

  10. On the young carpet baggers, there is method in the madness.

    By 2018, there will be close to 3 million new voters. In the 20 to 35 age group, there will about 9 million voters.

    It’s not that hard to win them over and on the flip side, it’s also very easy to get them pissed off. And we have one of our beloved ministers talking about banning Facebook.

    On one hand, you have DAP actively recruiting muppets, sorry interns, and on the other, BN wanting to control social media and MCA’s biggest idea to date is a sing along music video. By the way, Psy Gangnam Style was already declining in popularity when they got him in to perform. An apt analogy if I ever I saw one. Clueless, absolutely clueless.

    Sometimes I think we’re better off with a committee of technocrats to run this country than the bunch of jokers* we have on both sides.

    *both the stupid clown and the Batman evil Joker versions

    1. re: “there is method in the madness. By 2018, there will be close to 3 million new voters”

      Am aware. The Baby Boom demography is advantageous to the Dapster headcount but dangerous for our political climate.

      These Dapster youngsters who are the DAP’s current crop of YBs do not have the maturity nor the wisdom to deal with our political climate which is beyond their frame of reference, for example as exemplified in the topmost photo above of the Pak Kopiahs.

      re: “technocrats to run this country”

      1. Re The Baby Boom demography is advantageous to the Dapster headcount but dangerous for our political climate.

        They will bring disaster to our country. This cohort is delusional and is known for self aggrandizement.

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