Tun saw this coming from a mile away

Fifteen-and-a-half months ago, way before the likelihood of an all-Malay, ruling legislature in Selangor socks us between the eyes, Dr Mahathir Mohamad already warned that it will happen.

SelangorDUNcina1“The indisputable fact is that the DAP has succeeded in destroying the collaboration or sharing between the different races as exemplified by the BN coalition,” he wrote in June 2013 (see Che Det article reproduced below). 

Tun observed that if today the schism between the races is deeper, it is because the DAP rejects the concept of ‘kongsi’.

“The DAP wants the Chinese who already dominate the economy, to dominate Malaysia’s politics as well,” noted Dr Mahathir in his article more than a year ago.

“Racial polarization has become more pronounced as a result. It will become more so in the future,” he added.

Now isn’t the Tun most prescient?


Peace shattered, hatred prevades

For the last 40 years, our country has enjoyed a fair bit of prosperity because the MCA promoted peace. Unlike the Christian DAP, the MCA never counted FITNAH as its primary political weapon.

mca hampasHowever, after a series of a dozen general elections since 1959, the BN Chinese party’s arch rival managed to finally seize the upper hand in 2008 with its brand of virulent hate politics. This breakthrough coincided with the rise and rise of the evangelistas in the opposition.

Before the advent of the feral evangelistas, our political environment was never this toxic.

“Hatred of the Malays was whipped up through the slogan ‘Malaysian Malaysia’,” writes Dr Mahathir describing the DAP’s call to ‘Ubah’ and the party’s promise that “ini kali lah” Umno will be kicked out of Putrajaya.


Not long after GE13, Dr M wrote:

“I may not always be right but after 60 years involvement in Malaysian politics I felt strongly that the race factor will continue to dominate the politics of the country. The quality of the candidates or parties, the ideologies and the desire for change will always be secondary to race. The election results showed that I was right.”

Yes Tun, you are.

And it is precisely for this reason of race that the MCA is sitting in Death Row.


Dr Mahathir: “PAS benefited the least”

MCA the Malaysian CHINESE Association is hooked on the life support of Malay votes. The Malay electorate nonetheless can no longer be persuaded to vote MCA anymore. The Chinese vote swing reaching up to 90 percent pro-opposition support has irrevocably sealed this fait accompli.

And because the race factor continues to dominate Malaysian politics, the BN setiakawan formula – where Umno supporters have been traditionally willing to extend talian hayat to Chinese BN candidates – is busted because the disloyal MCA has betrayed the trust given it by the other races in the ruling coalition.

For example, the MCA media connivingly campaigned for the DAP Christian candidates but did little to help the MIC’s Indian candidates nor much for Umno’s either.

“This pact (between the parties opposed to the BN) clearly benefited the chauvinist Chinese in DAP most, while PAS the most Malay of the Pakatan parties benefited the least”, concluded Dr M in his diagnosis of the GE13 results.

BELOW: Umno is racist party – the message that DAP daily pounds into their Dapsters


DAP’s ascendance a victory for racism

Why did PAS get the short end of the stick?

Because “Kit Siang is more wily than any of PAS’s leaders”, is the Tun’s answer.

Dr M is able to read the DAP Mursyidul Am’s playbook like the back of his hand, after half a century of the two now elderly men going toe to toe in the political arena.

“A win for Kit Siang will be victory for racism”, wrote Dr M at that time (May 2013) when Lim Sr was making his bid for the Gelang Patah Parliament seat in order to penetrate the Umno fortress of Johor – which the DAP ultimately succeeded in doing.

Mama dan Grandpapa Dapster
Mama and Grandpapa Dapster

Dr Mahathir: “Attacks against the Malays became blatant”

Dr M’s description that the DAP “must antagonize the Chinese against the Malays” is a clinical and correct reading of the main method employed by the Father & Son party.

“This campaign was quite subdued when the Barisan National Government won strong support from people of all races in Malaysia. But as soon as the Government appeared to be weak the DAP extremists were let loose and the attacks against the Malays became blatant …”

Click to enlarge

Undi popular

Please look carefully at the bar chart above of our general election results from 1959 to 2013.

You can see that when the Government was weak, i.e. BN blue bar is short (1969, 2008, 2013), “the DAP extremists were let loose” and the attacks on Malays and Islam relentless and unremitting.

In GE13, the opposition (red bar) for the first time since 1969 overtook the BN in the popular vote and popular imagination. We are now breathing a climate where the DAP evangelistas reign supreme.

MCA is dead and cannot be resuscitated because DAP has mastered the art of Hate Politics and MCA is no match. Fitnah and Benci is the order of the day. It is what we’re witnessing at the very moment with Khalid Ibrahim being a victim and the oppo harnessing hate against him.

BELOW: 70.6 percent of Anil Netto’s poll respondents want Khalid to step down

Poll- Should Khalid Ibrahim step down as Selangor MB- - 2014-08-10 13-30-53




2 May 2013

By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. Malaysia has enjoyed more than half a century of peace and stability and high growths under BN coalition Governments. The seizure of power by the Malay majority upon independence as predicted by foreign observers and some locals did not happen.

2. Instead under the Tunku they promoted a sharing of power and wealth between the three major races through a coalition, the Alliance. The Alliance won 51 out of 52 of the 98 Federal Legislative Council seats contested in 1955. The Tunku as Chief Minister agreed with Sir Cheng Lock Tan’s request and gave one million citizenship to unqualified Chinese and Indians, diluting the Malay majority from 80% to 60%.

3. In 1963 Singapore joined the new state of Malaysia. The PAP did not believe in sharing power. It promoted meritocracy, rule by the elites, by suggesting that Malaysia was not ruled by the cleverest and the most qualified but by Malays. This was intended to stop Chinese support for the MCA and antagonise them against the Malays and UMNO.

4. In 1964 elections the PAP contested with the Malaysian Malaysia slogan to reflect its meritocratic creed. It won only one seat. The Chinese in the Peninsular, under the MCA rejected the PAP.

5. The people of the Peninsular, in rejecting the PAP demonstrated their belief in the concept of “kongsi” or sharing espoused by the Alliance. Singapore and its chauvinistic meritocrats had to leave Malaysia.

6. But a Trojan horse was left behind in the form of a political party named DAP. The similarity of name is not accidental for the DAP was to continue the fight for a meritocratic Malaysian Malaysia. The fight against “kongsi” between the races was to continue.

7. Despite a claim that the DAP is multiracial, its leadership and the overwhelming majority of its members belied the claim to this day. The strategy was to antagonise the Chinese against the Malays by suggesting that the Chinese were second-class citizens.

8. This campaign was quite subdued when the Barisan National Government won strong support from people of all races in Malaysia. But as soon as the Government appeared to be weak the DAP extremists were let loose and the attacks against the Malays became blatant to the point of claiming that the Malays are as much newcomers to Malaysia as the Chinese and Indians. There should therefore be no special treatment for them. The DAP conveniently forgets the special treatment accorded to the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia.

9. The growth and prosperity of this multiracial country depend largely on Sino-Malay cooperation or kongsi. The Barisan National exemplifies this kongsi spirit. To break this kongsi the DAP must antagonise the Chinese against the Malays.

10. Through all the elections in Malaysia the people of Johore have personified the kongsi principle. In every election the Malays would support the MCA Chinese and the Chinese would support the UMNO Malay candidates resulting in Johore delivering 100% BN victories.

11. Now Kit Siang has decided it is time to break up the kongsi. True the Chinese majority in Gelang Patah is smaller than the other constituencies Kit Siang had contested. But Kit Siang hopes with the support of PAS he can split Malay votes, so as to defeat BN. Now UMNO is contesting Gelang Patah with little hope of getting Chinese support.

12. Kita Siang does not agree with the Islamic state and Islamic laws proposed by PAS but that party’s ability to break Malay unity in Johore would benefit DAP. Kit Siang knows that PAS would never be strong enough to impose its version of the Islamic laws in Malaysia if Pakatan wins.

13. Kit Siang is more wily than any of PAS’s leaders. He also knows that PAS needs the support of the Chinese in order to defeat UMNO. He holds the trump card in any “pakatan” of the opposition.

14. Johore is a Barisan National bastion. If it is broken then he could put an end to the MCA’s cooperation with UMNO under the old “kongsi” or sharing concept. Instead there would be meritocracy in everything where the winner takes all and the devil takes the hindmost.

15. A win for Kit Siang will be victory for racism and rule by the elites as is found in a nearby country. It will spell the end of good relations in Johore between the races.

16. Victory for Ghani Othman will mean a sharing of power and wealth of this country between all races and tribes in multi-racial Malaysia.

The 505 Blackout demos were largely attended by Chinese, especially the young

Racial Polarization

6 June 2013

By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. After Parliament was dissolved on the 13th April 2013, I was interviewed by a BBC journalist. He appeared quite convinced that race-based parties such as those in the National Front would be rejected by a more liberal electorate which believes in democracy, freedom and non-racial politics. Also the idealistic young would reject the BN.

2. I had to disagree with him as I believed that racial polarization in Malaysia had become more pronounced now than ever before. I may not always be right but after 60 years involvement in Malaysian politics I felt strongly that the race factor will continue to dominate the politics of the country. The quality of the candidates or parties, the ideologies and the desire for change will always be secondary to race.

3. The election results showed that I was right. The DAP playing on racial sentiments drew the Chinese away from BN by depicting the MCA as lackeys of UMNO. The DAP won 38 seats, reducing the MCA’s seats from 15 to 7. The Gerakan won one seat out of two. All the DAP Chinese contested in Chinese majority constituencies. A few of the MCA, Gerakan and MIC candidates contested in Malay majority constituencies.

4. Although the DAP claims to be multiracial, it is in fact a Chinese party with mainly Chinese members and leadership. When it held elections to its Central Committee recently other than Karpal Singh all the members elected were Chinese.

5. Hatred of the Malays was whipped up through the slogan “Malaysian Malaysia”, implying that Malaysia is for the Malays only while other races were discriminated against and alleged to be second class citizens.

Advocating meritocracy, the extremists Chinese in the DAP charged the BN Government  of discriminating in favour of the Malays even though they were inferior and less qualified for places in the universities, awards of scholarships, contracts, licences and positions in the Government. The Malay leaders were not as able as the non-Malay leaders who possess greater merit.

6. Whenever Government policies such as the NEP were defended, the defenders whether in the Government or NGO’s are labelled racist.  The Malay parties in the election pact in Pakatan were tolerated because they were useful for election purposes.

7. If more proof is needed of the role of Chinese racism in the 13th GE, the demonstrations accusing the BN of fraud and cheating in the elections, despite being organised by Anwar and the PKR, are largely attended by Chinese, especially the young. Within the Country and abroad, Chinese youths wearing black shirts and masks made up most of the demonstrators. Usually Malays make up the majority of the demonstrators.

The lack of respect for the national flag was shown by Chinese young people in Taiwan holding it upside down. Although DAP and PKR participated in these demos, PAS members were noticeably absent. In fact PAS leaders dissociated themselves from the agitation to overthrow the Government through street demos ala Arab Spring. The protests seem to be mainly a Chinese affair.

8. The indisputable fact is that the DAP has succeeded in destroying the collaboration or sharing between the different races as exemplified by the BN coalition. The Pakatan is not a true coalition. It is simply an election pact between the parties opposed to the BN. This pact clearly benefited the chauvinist Chinese in DAP most, while PAS the most Malay of the Pakatan parties benefited the least, winning only 21 seats against DAP’s 38 and PKR’s 30. Actually although PAS contested in more constituencies than DAP, it lost two seats more than in 2008.

9. If today the schism between the races is deeper it is because the DAP reject the Malay/Chinese/Indian “kongsi”. The DAP wants the Chinese who already dominate the economy, to dominate Malaysia’s politics as well. It is clearly racist and reject inter-racial sharing of power and wealth as advocated by the BN. Racial polarization has become more pronounced as a result. It will become more so in the future.


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24 thoughts on “Tun saw this coming from a mile away

  1. Ms H. The veteran leader of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is only an aide to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew [deleted]. He lives in the shadow of the latter. Vide. Chinese news media.

    To compare him with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is just like comparing chalk with cheese.

    Tun is one of Asia’s and the World’s finest Statesman. The other guy is just an ordinary aide who has done very well in Malaysian Opposition politics as you yourself have underlined especially in terms of above board and legal wealth paid by the BN Governement for Opposition members.

    Tun created the 3 million strong Malay middle income group which up-lifted the 3 million strong non-Malay middle income group during his 22 year Administration. Lee Kuan Yew screwed down his own supporters from 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2013. 300,000 Singaporeans migrated. Vide. Singapore Government’s White Paper on Population. 2013. He has to import Chinamen and Indians now to fill the void.

  2. during the heat of anwar’s demonstrations in
    98,i hated dr m extremely.most were taken in by anwar’s,
    most would
    realise that dr m is
    a true patriot.he
    does not mince
    his words and
    meant whatever
    he says.he is always sharp, precise n sarcastically funny unlike
    anwar.i have been reading his articles again and
    realised how
    correct dr m’s analysis and writings i
    have the highest
    respect for tun m
    and tun hasmah
    but very
    dissapointed with
    marina,who once
    singled out ambiga as her
    “idol”…may Allah berkati dan sejahterakan tun
    m n tun hasmah.

  3. When the stomach goes hungry, no jobs and struggling for survival the current play of racial and religious theme by the ruling UMNO and the Mamak king of politics will see it’s demise.

    Even if all the Chinese vote for DAP, the most seats in Parliament they can win is about 1/4 of the overall seats in Parliament.

    So, where’s the logic?

    No wonder this Mamak King will not even be considered nomination for any Nobel Peace Prize. His logic and reasoning just defies any sound logic and he still think he is King. Perhaps yes among the ignorant citizens and his loyal cronies and servants whom he has craft fully build and embedded over his 22 years as King Mugabe or King Ghadafi or King Sadam.

    Hid day of reckoning is coming soon for all the injustice he did to his political rivals. No one ever forgets when an injustice is done to him or her. It’s called an eye for an eye. That’s why the eye in PKR party emblem?

    Better not waste your life listening to his twisted logic. Go get a better life.

    1. re: “When the stomach goes hungry, no jobs and struggling for survival” …

      … May 13 happened in 1969. Were you born yet, Dandy? (Somehow I don’t think so.)

    2. I can’t remember any Israeli in the US congress, yet time and time again USA back Israel no matter how shitty Israel behave.

      one example:

      Those who are pro Israel or Zionist fund those Congressmen and Congresswomen, pressure them to ‘remember’ their contribution.

      Now, what did ChedeTDM said about Malaysian Chinese that even the Malaysian Chinese are proud of? Malaysian Chinese dominates Malaysian economy.

      See the relation?

      PR haven’t been in Putrajaya yet, yet they already have to ball to back a company for certain project in which they slammed not too long ago.

    3. Umno considers ‘mamaks’ as its own without prejudice whereas you and your cohorts view mamaks with disdain. Yet you call Umno racists. Ironic.

    4. Dandy, Judgement Day will come soon enough for all the slander you spill in this blog. Your schooling was inept and your breeding is wanting. Stop wasting your life force …. time is running out for unrepentant haughty backbiters.

    5. Your “mamak king” has Malay blood running in his veins.. So what’s your problem here Dandy?. Darah Melayu mengalir.. you ada faham?

      TDM is a known Muslim leader WORLDWIDE, okay la I tune it down a bit, OIC you ada faham? (57 member states with a population of 1.6b).

      LKS as I always commented is merely “A race/community leader” in Malaysia, ada faham? 30m@25%@90% hehehe berapa tu? Perasan aje lebih…. including his son. Belajar le rendahkan diri kamu tu sikit ya..

      TDM now almost 90 and still so vibrant and fresh..

      SELAMAT HARI RAYA to Tun and wife, mudah2an sentiasa sihat sejahtera hendaknya.

      1. re: ” 30m @25% @90% hehehe ”


        re: “TDM now almost 90 and still so vibrant and fresh”

        Can’t think of other 90 year olds anywhere else in the world looking so fresh. In another 10 years when Hannah Banana is 45, she will look like a Por Por (presently she looks Ah Soh already).

  4. Hannah tu bila bergambar dgn DAP or group foto, dalam foto selalu nampak semua muka2 Cina saja dalam gambar..

    Nak tunjuk dia konon bukan racist, kena kutip foto2 bulan Ramadan dan syawal atau bila masuk keluaq semejid. Bila ramai2 bergambar smua lain Melayu dia sekok aje Cina pulak dah. Heeheh tapi so as not to be too obvious, menyamar berpakaian tradisi oghang Melayu, siap katop kepala (bukan tutup aurat).

    Yang jantan pun bila bergambar ikut idea macam LKY.

    Tapi lega sikit sekarang, dah boleh kepit sorang dua awek cun Melayu bila ambik group foto. Awek cun sure sengeh macam kerang busuk pasai tak payah bawa dompet bilamasa berdamping dengan mereka.

    BTW mayban sekarang dah ada cardless withdrawal, just carry your fon around to get the ID nombor. Malangnya max only RM300 ya, takpa le cukup untuk lunch or dinner.. Pi mana takyah bawa dompet.

  5. May I make a suggestion to future amendments to MB appointments?

    Lahir dan menetap untuk tempoh sekarang-kurangnya …. Tahun di Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    This will definitely stop future disturbances to Malay States from the Straits settlement.

  6. Hang Tuah’s spirit is disturbed when the Malays indulge in the schemes of the evil Temenggong in contradiction to the sagacious actions of the honourable Bendahara.

  7. Yes. I agree with the former PM. We are definitely heading towards single race rule.

    It is natural for dominant race to influence decision-making process.

    When the national school is dominated by Malays, the school would take a Malay centric approach to education, like introducing more of their values.

    Over time, it drives away other ethnic. But we cannot solely blame the Malays for this since we don’t see this issue in East Malaysia. Our Indian and Chinese forefathers chose a different path.

    The school children eating in washroom case rings to mind. The school administration may not have any ill intention towards the kids, but it is, at least to me, a result of years of insensitivity towards the need of other races.

    The same is happening to our society. If we allow the already ethnically polarized voters to have it their way, in the future we will have different ethnic going against each other.

    Remember, we are not like America or UK. Although there are many ethnic, but they are religiously and to a certain extent, culturally homogeneous.

    1. re: “the former PM. We are definitely heading towards single race rule”

      Tun wanted to save the BN formula.

      Methinks he’s sentimental and has a fondness of his former MCA colleagues like Dr Ling, Lim Ah Lek and that cohort. And for the sake of what both parties (Umno & MCA) have gone through together all those years.

      Hence Tun being ahead of the curve was trying to avert what we saw in Perak and Johor, and will soon see in Selangor. He was trying to sustain a multiracial rule, and he talks about kongsi / power-sharing. (‘Sharing’ was the title of his article.)

      The GREED and recklessness of the DAP evangelistas has torpedo-ed the wisdom of the balancing act by the founding fathers and landed use with mono-ethnic governance.

      1. With government (read authority) inaction or lack there of, we are letting the hate mongers run loose. We allow them to take center stage.

        Not everyone can think rationally. Majority have herd mentality.

        1. re: “letting the hate mongers run loose”

          “You’re a racist!”

          “You’re an extremist!”

          “You’re a bigot!”

          “You’re a hater!” – the DAP evangelistas scream at other people ,)

          1. In the aftermath of Emperor Constantine’s council of the clergy to establish the Roman Catholic Church in the 4th century AD. anyone or any other school of Jesus’ followers, who did not abide and testify to the imperial Nicene Creed of the Trinity of Godhead was deemed as “ANATHEMA” (ie. a formal curse by a pope or a council of the Church, excommunicating a person(s) or denouncing a doctrine) Unitarian monotheists were thus driven away from the holy lands of the Levant and driven towards the eastern lands.

            With their incessant tirades against Muslims for the legalization of “their right” to introduce ALLAH as their Trinitarian Godhead, the ancient belligerent attitude of the clergy seems to have somehow survived and actually thriving in the souls of our present-day Catholic and Protestant evangelists in this country! But your psychotic “hate culture” could never certify us as ANATHEMA in this age of democratic values and open social forums. Hence it is an idiotic anachronism to pursue this line of attack on the truly faithful!

        2. ‘Government’s inaction or lack there of’ – is a double edged sword as can be seen on numerous occasions. The authorities are in a ‘damn you do – damn you don’t’ situation.

          The opp’s loudest voice is being led by the dapsters and predominantly Chinese and they have their subtle ways of revenge which is worse than if the government were to take action against these who have blatant disrespect and disregard of other race and religion.

          The case with teresa kok and her video – all quiet!!! There are many other incidents that have just died natural deaths. The kiki episode – the authorities had to take some form of action in order to suppress the wrath if nothing was done.

          Malaysia needs another Tun Mahathir to keep all in check.

  8. re, A win for Kit Siang is a win for racism

    It’s good for the Chinese anyway as the Chinese are never known to be otherwise. Sooner or latter they will eat’s up their raciest in born.

    The good thing is that’s make the Malay raciest too.

  9. re :when stomach goes hungry no jobs and struggling for survival

    Lupa daratan let resolute and asked how event took place when YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman agreed and gave one million citizenship to unqualified Chinese and Indians, where they came from are they refugees illegal immigrants or political asylum. They are runways from China India Ceylon because life was difficult in those countries were cowards who could not endure the hard life in their own country. Many died of starvation so they runway from their own country to settle in British Malaya that was booming because of tin and rubber. So was it a better life.

    About Dr. M you are mere dog shit on the sole of his shoe.

    1. My grandfather made extra money before and after merdeka as all the non Malay professionals wants to demonstrate strong BM ability to qualify for Malayan citizenship, they were either afraid of being kicked out when Britai, US and australia immigration says no to non whites.

  10. what the selangor voters failed to see now that this is only the first round of Anwar Ibrahim’s Family & crony faction in grabbing the power in Selangor from Khalid Ibrahim and his supporter

    They failed to see that there are going to be a second round of power struggling…. between Anwar’s faction against Azmin Ali team in PKR selangor as what’s is happening with the current Pemilihan PKR

    And the game will go on until Anwar’s faction dictate PKR as what they dream of as what the Lims and Karpals did to DAP.

    In politic, everything is about holding the power…

  11. hi helen,

    if you look at the timeline, DAP was also able to peddle its toxic brand of politics when paklah released the ‘beast with a bent for boys’ behinds’!

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