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BREAKING NEWS: Khalid says Sultan says he stays

UPDATE (5.52pm): Khalid can keep his job according to Selangor constitution

Khalid Ibrahim is holding a press conference now after his audience with the Sultan Selangor this morning.

The palace wants him to remain as MB.

HRH accepts that Khalid commands the majority in the state assembly.

More updates to come …

See, Exco who can’t work with me should quit, says Khalid


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12 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Khalid says Sultan says he stays

  1. be as it may, what is Khalid’s next step given that DAP and PKR decide to oust him. if Khalid doesn’t want to align with BN reps, then he needs to woo the existing PKR and DAP reps who feel disillusioned with the situation.

    he gain only 3 pkr adun also an exco on his side for the time being.

    plus 15 PAS reps (assuming they follow the Ulama Council decision) now a total of 18 reps on his side.

    he needs another 11 more to make a simple majority government of 29 seats out of 56. maybe, just maybe they will form a new party to compete with the existing BN and PR. the situation looks interesting….

    1. re: “he needs another 11 more to make a simple majority government of 29 seats”

      Umno got 12 fellas.

      re: “the situation looks interesting….”

      Yes. Take back Selangor from PKR-DAP :)

    2. Now Khalid will have the simple majority to continue as MB Sgor.

      1 Khalid + 15 PAS + 12 BN + 3 Independent = 31 !

      BN will definitely support Khalid to spite PKR and DAP.

      PAS will leave Pakatan (for now) and support Khalid.

      Elizabeth will be the new speaker, so she can go to downtown Bkt Bintang to buy LV bags, and tayang the bag to soon-to-be ex Madame Speaker.

      1. Give the Speaker chair to Indian guy (to help the racial balance) who’s not an Adun.

        Kalau Eli Wong dilantik – andaikata desas-desus yang hangat dipercakapkan boleh dipercayai – Team Khalid akan rugi satu undi nanti b’cos Speaker doesn’t vote.

        1. After the incident in Perak state assembly when the Indian speaker was ‘escorted’ out of the dewan after he refused to leave voluntarily, I am not keen to see another Indian speaker in any dewan laa…

          1. In Selangor however, we will need more Dewan security officers to forcibly carry / lift the Mem BESAR.

  2. Unconditionally says DPM TS Mahyuhdin supports cause the rakyat is most deserving, so the water criss should forgo and thins air disappeared in Selangor bravo Helen and comrades worries no more drinking air lombong daa

  3. The DAP Selangor exco members apa macam sekarang? Nak ikut arahan KM Bebas dari Selangor or KM dari Penang?

    Satni bawah meja asyik main tweet tak renti hantaq report kat Tanjung macam mana?

    Dulu dah jadi.. ada sorang tu tak sabar2, dpt aje cheque for SJKC terus tweet kat LKS.

  4. Hai Helen. I read your other article saying that DAP is Christian & against Islam. I don’t think its quite true.

    The war between Islam & Christian has ended a long time ago. Eventhough some extremist still exist today, the number doesn’t really make it a threat. Same goes to Orthodox Jews.

    For DAP & PKR, they are merely a tool for Israel & CIA to install puppet regime across Asia. They gain control of the most powerful economies, creating financial crisis every 11 years, so that capitalism flourish, so that and we don’t forget who is the boss. These people living under the shade of fake NGO’s, under their weapon of democracy, socialism, freedom of speech and human rights.

    These people are what Al-Qur’an call as Yahudi & Nasrani pact. In fact, they are not Yahudi (Jews), nor they are Nasrani (Christian). They are Zionist.

    We, Muslim has no problem living with Jews, Christians, Hindu or Buddha. But, we can’t stand the hypocrites

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