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Will the Speaker convene an emergency sitting?

Heard through the grapevine that the Pakatan Ketua Umum wants the Selangor Dewan to meet at once.

The Speaker is empowered under Standing Order 10(3) to call the state assembly to an emergency meeting. However it requires the Sultan’s consent.

Ketua Umum is a man in a hurry. The Sultan of Selangor is reported to be going abroad on Aug 12 (Tues) .

Mungkin tak sempat kot untuk dapat perkenan Sultan. So how?

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HannahDoubleChinGaji NikAzizHypocrites


Look at those deep frown lines on Madame’s forehead

Where’s the lurrrve?





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Hannah, the Lamb of God





Khalid can keep his job according to Selangor constitution

BELOW: Selangor state assembly Standing Order 10(3)


Updated: 17 Aug 2014


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33 thoughts on “Will the Speaker convene an emergency sitting?

      1. indirectly the speaker can allow a no vote confidence motion to be table in dun. if majority say yay to this motion, then the result will be presented to the sultan. and the sultan must take heed the result of the motion.

  1. No man is in an island instead Madam speaker said like this : is not because I love khalid less but I love guan eng more
    In chinese long tong sui yea ada betul ka

  2. Pakatan Ketua Umum sound like indonesia saja. AI Ketua UMUM hmmm sebiji Indonesia.. ada apa apa ke niii

    1. nooo-lahhh! Ketua Umum di Indonesia memang di kenali dengan nama tu… AI kat M’sia ni sebenarnya diringkaskan ‘ketua umum’ tu kepada ‘KETUM’….. sebab tu mcm mabuk jer….

  3. Send all the Pakatan Aduns to follow where Sultan will be vacationing! Kekekekekekekeke………

  4. I doubt she is in the mood to do anything right now. Looking at how this has all transpired, she is probably, most likely, more concerned about protecting her rice bowl, the 5 figure salary that has allowed her to live the Prada lifestyle.

    Now uncertainty is the name of the game. Tasmania on her mind perhaps ? Who knows ?

      1. she doesn’t have much choice since his fat paycheck is under jeopardy. who doesn’t want a job that pays you more than 20k a month for a job where you have to work for only 2 months? the dun does not sit every month.

        I would call her a bloody backstabber not even thankful to the MB who try so hard to justify the pay rise including her post.

        1. Hannah Yeoh dibayar upah RM12,857 setiap kali menghadiri satu mesyuarat dewan

          Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor telah bersidang sebanyak 21 kali sepanjang tahun 2012 — Sesi Pertama (7 kali: 19-23 Mac, 26-27 Mac), Sesi Kedua (4 kali: 9-12 Julai), Sesi Ketiga (10 kali: 19-23 Nov, 26-30 Nov).

          Itupun kalau dia tak ponteng. Baca,

          Gaji Puan Speaker ialah RM22,500 sebulan x 12 = RM270,000 setahun.

          Maka RM270,000 ÷ 21 mesyuarat DUN = RM12,857.14 SETIAP KALI MESYUARAT.

          1. kita bagi benefit of a doubtlah. 21 kali/hari tu kalau ikut standard bolehlah disamakan dgn kerja sebulan.

            kena juga tambah masa kerja2 pengurusan terima soalan mulut dr adun2 biasanya 1 – 2 minggu sblm sidang dewan dan diteliti. biasanya speaker akan vet thru 1 – 2 hari mesyuarat soalan2 tu. masuk lg mesyuarat SELCAT, JK disiplin, dan j/k itu ini. sign surat suruh adun hadir sidang.

            jadi bolehlah dikatakan beliau keje 1 – 2 bulan dlm setahun.

            1. Okay, perhitungan Jentayu boleh diterimapakai.

              So gaji Speaker yang lebih suku juta (RM270,000) itu adalah imbuhan bagi kerja satu dua bulan beserta meluluskan soalan mulut.

                1. hahaha.. pinjam bahasa budak muda sekarang,”mau berdarah telinga Hannah Yeoh baca comment ni”. :)

  5. To those ADUNs who wants Khalid removed as MB, pls step down now!. Have some integrity. U have to choose either party or the now party-less MB.

    If I am Khalid, I’ll sack all DAP & PKR excos and appoint BN Aduns as new excos.

    1. Not so fast.

      Even if Khalid really do want to appoint BN Aduns as Excos, he also have to take into account his support base sentiments. His supporters are PKR people who might have strong resentment (rightly or wrongly) against BN.

  6. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I do not think that Hannah supports Khalid, especially after the Bible issue; but has she said so in public or in her tweeter message?

    Her party hates Khalid, so she has to make her decision – supports Khalid or supports DAP. If Khalid stays as the MB, it will be weird for DAP leaders to work under Khalid after what they have said about him. Politicians must learn to be honest.

    By the way, I like politicians like Tun M who is smart, brave and do not do things to be popular. He is a strong man.

    Aunty Helen, what do you think about PKR’s Rafizi?

    1. re: “but has she said so in public or in her tweeter message?”

      The modus operandi of Hypocrite Hannah is to misuse Twitter by not saying anything substantive. Do you still remember her “heartache” tweet about “injured & dead children”? She omitted to mention WHO the children were, WHERE they got injured and WHAT happened to cause them to be killed.

      So she didn’t actually say anything but only shed her crocodile tears.


      re: “Politicians must learn to be honest.”

      Particularly the evangelistas in the DAP.

      re: “Aunty Helen, what do you think about PKR’s Rafizi?”


    2. Re If Khalid stays as the MB, it will be weird for DAP leaders to work under Khalid after what they have said about him

      Not at all. They are crooks and as long as the money is there, they’ll work with him.

      Re Politicians must learn to be honest.

      Honesty is a 4 letter word in politics. The main prerequisite in politics is hypocrisy.

      1. re: “The main prerequisite in politics is hypocrisy.”

        That settles it – the reason the Hypocrite Hannah can ascend to her post.

  7. Maybe the Tuanku will forgo his holidays for the sake of the Rakyat and settle all these?

    Wouldn’t it be the right thing to do?

    1. re: “Maybe the Tuanku will forgo his holidays”

      I’ve not read in the news reports the reason(s) for HRH’s overseas trip.

      But like I’ve said earlier, what’s the rush? Only Ketua Umum is in such a hurry.

    2. maybe. for the sake of the rakyat that have been ruined by too much politicking in the expense of an unstable state government by pakatan rakyat.

  8. Besides the vote of no confidence on the MB, don’t forget to put the vote of confidence on her position as Speaker too.

  9. hannah’s main duty seems to tweeting incl how her craving for food, her weight n acne problem what kind of a crap is jerusubang’s beloved speaker and adun. n make noise abt racism and daughters not allowed to be registered as bangsa malaysia.

    so easy her job, yet get paid tens of thousands ringgit per month….

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