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Elizabeth Wong spotted / buckets of ducats!

Elizabeth Wong was seen at Khalid Ibrahim’s press conference yesterday, fuelling intense speculation that she is in Team MB.

The hot blog below has the photo scoop,

Did YB Wong’s presence indicate her moral support merely for her mentor or her political allegiance as well?

It could be that – should the Eli horse really bolt – PKR will have only 12 Aduns left in its stable. With even just one PKR runaway horse, the balance shifts decidedly to Khalid’s favour.




Hannah Yeoh!

Calvin Sankaran commented @ 2014/08/12 at 2:14 pm

“Wow, got time for Twitter and sending birthday wishes but no time to defuse the worst constitutional crisis in Selangor history. Didn’t she say that she wants the Speaker to be so powerful and an independent branch of the state? All the massive salary hike is for nothing for she’s FB-ing and Twittering while Selangor burns.

“I just wish that Khalid just sack the whole traitorous lot including the massively overpaid Speaker.”

Yes, the EXIT is that way, Madame …


Meanwhile, reader Setem commented @ 2014/08/11 at 3:34 pm,

“Elizabeth will be the new speaker, so she can go to downtown Bkt Bintang to buy LV bags, and tayang the bag to soon-to-be ex Madame Speaker.”

After the crododile tears, real tears from Madame Speaker

Other reader comments (excerpts)

Mulan commented @ 2014/08/12 at 11:40 am ,

“She was voted one of the most powerful women in Malaysia below the PM’s wife.”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

MCA.8481 @ 2014/08/11 at 8:43 pm,

“History will record that HY is the dumbest speaker Selangor ever had !”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

Rina @ 2014/08/12 at 9:44 am,

“Cik Helen, the new list of Selangor exco members with only one fm PKR confirm ke tu? Speaker pun semua dari PAS?”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

Ahmad Ali Karim @ 2014/08/11 at 5:27 pm,

“So, if she does not resign, that shows she is happy with her boss. If she is happy, then it shows that she does not agree with what DAP thinks of Khalid.”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

jentayu @ 2014/08/11 at 1:00 pm,

“[Hannah Yeoh] doesn’t have much choice since her fat paycheck is under jeopardy. Who doesn’t want a job that pays you more than 20k a month for a job where you have to work for only 2 months? The DUN does not sit every month.

“I would call her a bloody backstabber not even thankful to the MB who try so hard to justify the pay rise including her post.”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

anti kj @ 2014/08/11 at 2:14 pm,

“Hannah’s main duty seems to be tweeting, incl [tweeting about] her craving for food, her weight n acne problem. What kind of crap is Jerusubang’s beloved Speaker and Adun? n make noise abt racism and daughters not allowed to be registered as Bangsa Malaysia.

“So easy her job, yet get paid tens of thousands ringgit per month….”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

grkumar @ 2014/08/12 at 1:08 pm,

“The little rounded evangelista and towkay is now history. … Good Riddance to bad rubbish!!!”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

azid @ 2014/08/11 at 10:18 am,

“To those ADUNs who want Khalid removed as MB, pls step down now! Have some integrity. U have to choose either party or the now party-less MB.

“If I am Khalid, I’ll sack all DAP & PKR excos and appoint BN Aduns as new excos.”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

irma @ 2014/08/12 at 1:40 pm,

“If she and other excos are sacked, are they still entitled to a pension? Anyone knows?”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

Melayu Malaysia @ 2014/08/12 at 2:31 pm,

“Fatso Madame Prada may be denied of pension as she has only served the Dewan for a term (if she continues under the present MB).”

“She will get her pension as an ADUN. Please correct me if I am wrong. An elected rep will only be entitled to his/her pension if he/she serves 2 full terms.

“That is why she is soooooo veryyyy quiet and dare not squeak at all lest she would be replaced.

“One look at her face you know Madame Prada is not Mother Theresa, so please do away with the so called lurvvvvvv.”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

The International Jew @ 2014/08/12 at 11:57 am,

“As for the Speaker, she can’t let go of her Prada lifestyle. Just think of the 5-figure salary. How many get paid nowadays doing little work ? She’s in an exclusive company of the up and coming newly rich. Her elegance silence is as good as admitting that she’s a hypocrite.”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

wawa @ on 2014/08/12 at 1:30 pm,

“Madam speaker is thinking 1001 times ’bout her fat pay. Many nights she is teary eyed ’bout for or against TSK.”

HypocriteHannahOh my ducats!

islam1st @ 2014/08/12 at 2:44 am

“Evangelistas, say it after me, what will Hannah do?”

HypocriteHannah        HypocriteHannah         HypocriteHannah

Boo hoo hoo

Heartachefor all the dunno who “injured & dead children”

“Dunno what to do, much more heartbreaking … Oh my ducats!”


Below, song by Helen’s favourite group. Enjoy


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56 thoughts on “Elizabeth Wong spotted / buckets of ducats!

  1. My Tokong giving PAS ultimatum in English and Mandarin.

    “PAS Has To State Whether They Support UMNO’s Position In Giving Unconditional Support To Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim To Continue As Selangor Menteri Besar. ”

    “伊斯兰党必须阐明,他们是否支持巫统的立场,无条件支持丹斯里卡立依布拉欣继续担任雪州大臣 ”

    I thought PAS is so kampung that they cannot speak English and they don’t go to SRJC so tak tau Cina. Perhaps the former MB whatchaname of Perak would translate the message.

    1. Tokong is really piling the pressure on pas; See this. Note how the language is couched.

      DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said today PAS can no longer delay its decision and must declare whether it stands with Umno in supporting embattled Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. — from Mkini.

      If you just want to find out Pas’ stand, you ask point blank: do you support TSKI? Nope, no oomphh. Lump Pas together with Umno to get a reaction from the section in Pas that froth at the mouth when Umno is mentioned.

      Jahat kan? Mischievous kan?

      1. dey tokong, Pas is willing to work with satan to realize its islamic state dream. So if umno n tski say yes, who are u to bark, tokong ? Shitting brick is it?

      2. Note the language he used is akin to George Bush – either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.

        PAS already made it clear their stance and WTF Dear Leader is making such demands? I think this is a case of Lims melatah… they have just lost it and spewing nonsense.

        He thinks PAS are a bunch of kampung folks he can browbeat… well he gonna find out – just like Khalid – that PAS is made of sterner stuff and much more cunning than he ever thought.

      3. ‘Tokong is really piling the pressure on pas’ AGAIN

        Asking PAS exco to shun the meeting this morning…

        ‘ DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the sacking of the six PKR and DAP excos in the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government by the embattled Selangor Menteri Besar was unethical and against democratic principles.

        “I’ve contacted my PAS counterpart Datuk Mustafa Ali and requested him to send a message to the top PAS leadership that four of their excos should refrain from attending the exco meeting tomorrow in solidarity with those who were sacked,” he told a press conference in Petaling Jaya tonight.’

        ‘In expressing shock at the sudden turn of events, Lim denounced the sackings as unacceptable, unfair and a betrayal of the trust given by the electorate towards Pakatan.’

        Apa yang kau mengarut ni Tokong, ini semua the making of korang maa! Itu Khalid sacking pun unacceptable, unfair and a betrayal to the trust given by the rakyat maa! Suka hati panggil Kajang election, silap haribulan another RM50 JUTA state election?! Sapa nak jawab? CAT/SELCAT my ASS!

        PKR and DAP leaders can take it to twitter all they like, but the four PAS exco had made up their mind. Alhamdullilah!

        Tapi apa yang aku tak faham ialah, geng gila talak macam kat bawah ni!

  2. Pulak this Malaysiakini.

    Can House speaker vote against S’gor MB?

    “As party-less Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim engages in a tug-of-war with PKR and DAP over whether he really has majority support in the state assembly, a vote of confidence on him in the House appears increasingly likely.

    The scenario has put a spotlight on state assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh, specifically on whether she can vote or not when a motion of no confidence against Khalid comes up.”

    She got power meh? Oh my Ducats.

    1. I think Khalid is smart…he’s just waiting for them to say something out of line and then WHACK – he sacks them enmasse.

      In meantime, our Madame Speaker @ Millionaire Speaker is maintaining her elegent silence…because her very unChristian love for the millions in salary and pension and not to mention LV and Prada bags.

      she being one of the most senior DAP leaders in Selangor said absolutely nothing on the issue…I am sure LGE and LKS are pissed with her.

      Sometimes your silence speaks far louder than your words (or tweets). I think now the Dapsters and the Lims have seen the true colors of Hannah the Banana.

      Now we know that all the bullshit about shopping in Little india and love, she above all craves for power and money.

  3. Re: “Elizabeth will be the new speaker, so she can go to downtown Bkt Bintang to buy LV bags, and tayang the bag to soon-to-be ex Madame Speaker.”

    Downtown Bukit Bintang low class…must go to KLCC mah…then can oso dlink cappucino @ Dome

  4. Kak helen, you ‘smash’ Hannah kaw-kaw even i started to shed crocodile tears. Have some mercy on her soul will you. Btw, since khalid exit from pkr, heavy rain start pouring down for 2 days straight in shah alam..hmm.. Good omen perhaps? ” oh my prada..” Kah kah kah..

    1. So the Kajang Adun who resigned to make way for Wan Azizah does not qualify.

      He must have been adequately compensated by his party for agreeing to the Kajang Move, you think?

      1. hush Helen, how come you talk like this about PR politicians – they’re all bersih, full of credibility and accountability, no hypocricy whatsoever. I’m sure Ambiga can vouch for them.

        BTW, I’ve always wanted to ask madame speaker something.
        I’d really like to be a politician so I’ve chosen a liberal, christian tolerant image to show to my non-muslim supporters. Could she recommend any church so that I can have a photo op? i dont mind wearing a pastor robe, just not the cross. As quid pro quo, I can take her to my local surau.

  5. There are two ways of deliberating vote casting one by way to raise their hands up or by secret balloting if there is a tie the chairperson is the decider

    The second factor is mistrust amongst both faction if defection occurs there will be no winners and looser

  6. If Elly Wong supports Khalid, I say good for her. She shows she has that rare commodity lacking among Pakatan politicians — loyalty.

    Now that rumours have surfaced about Azmin being offered as a replacement for Wan Azizah, it’s got me thinking maybe this whole debacle is actually a ruse by that slick Anwar to finally get his beloved yes-man into the post.

    He had to pacify Wan Azizah by pushing her for the post, all the while knowing she’ll get rejected. Then he can say, no choice but to propose someone else ie Azmin and some other person ( just for show).

    Everyone will then just jump for Azmin to end the turmoil. So Azmin gets the MB’s post at last, Azizah is told “what to do, I tried but Sultan don’t let,” and Anwar gets what he wanted all along.

    What thinks you?

    1. MB post also gaduh like hell. Imagine if Pakatan really reach Putrajaya one day, the bickering would be even worst than now! They would gaduh among themselves for those ministry portfolios like there’s no tomorrow.

      1. re: “Imagine if Pakatan really reach Putrajaya one day…”

        … jahanam lah negara kita.

        1. ‘… jahanam lah negara kita.’

          Another RM50 JUTA state election looming?

          ‘Sacked Selangor DAP executive councillor V. Ganabatirau lashed out at Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and dared the embattled Selangor Menteri Besar to face his voters in fresh polls, instead of taking the route of sacking the exco members.

          Ganabatirau said that while he was ready to face his voters in a snap election, he questioned if Khalid was willing to do the same.’

          I just hope the Selangorians can see to this arrogance display by the Pakatoons!

          Helen does that, the call made by V.Ganabatirau, tantamount to menderhaka kepada HRH Sultan Selangor yang telah memperkenankan Khalid Ibrahim being remained the MB and the six state exco expelled?

    2. When Eli was caught in a sex scandal it was Khalid who stood up for her and made sure she got her ADUN spot in the 13GE too despite the pressure from some PKR leaders.

      Some might not know the inside story – actually Eli was exposed not by UMNO but PKR’s own leaders in concert with some developers angry with her anti-development/pro-environment policies as exco. Her BF was also involved in this (after breaking up with her). That’s why the case was never solved and he ended up in exile in Batam (thanks to yet another businessman’s financial help).

      Azmin actually PKR’s first choice as MB but DAP is totally against him. They prefer Wan Azizah as she’s weak and easily bullied. But Azmin would be tough and he doesn’t like DAP either.

      1. Small correction:
        She was indeed not framed by UMNO, but by DAP-linked contractors pissed off because she had issued stop-work orders on lucrative hillside premium projects. They wanted her out so that they could install a “development-friendly” Exco to be in charge of the environment portfolio.

        Gee. Doesn’t that sound eerily similar to what is happening now. DAP is smart: let Anwar and his PKR idiots take the fall if it fails, but if it succeeds DAP stands to gain their millions of project commissions which Khalid had blocked.

        1. Thanks and itrue. what I heard was the PKR folks were in it too (including Azmin). They had a different agenda – to sully Khalid so Azmin can be the next MB.

          BTW people tend to forget what a mess PKR is. There was another ADUN in Kedah was also asked to leave for his scandal [deleted]. This guy too was shipped off to India while his own brother in law was nominated as the new ADUN.

      2. re: Azmin actually PKR’s first choice as MB but DAP is totally against him. They prefer Wan Azizah as she’s weak and easily bullied.

        This can also be seen in how pro-developer Tokong prefers women to head both MPPP and MPSP.

        It’s an open secret that he dominates them and arm-twists them into submitting to his developer friendly policies.

        1. Totally agree. Tokong is using the classic tactics of the dictator by installing weak people under him so they will meekly carry out all his instructions. We can easily see in Penang how MPSP and MPPP basically behaves as an extention of the Dear leader’s wishes even though legally they are independent.

  7. So, HY is stuck as Speaker as if she resigns Eli may assume the role and will result in status quo. Pakatan is hoping that HY resigns and allow either UMNO or PAS assume the role to upset the status quo..

    This is a blessing indeed as the pasty HY then can hoard as much of her tax payer salary into her ‘migrate to Australia’ piggy bank.

    I still see snap election coming..thanks to the pakatan for wasting the rakyats time and tax payers money.

    1. I believe the Speaker could be someone outside of the elected reps. TSKI may just go for this move, a non elected member but pro Khalid….

      PR/PKR/DAP and those hostile folks, you have been check-mated…..

      Nowww…. whos is the clever little boy???

  8. I would not trust Elizabeth Wong as far as I can throw her. She is as if not more mercenary than Ambiga. Trust me.

    I worked with the Australian teams from the University of New South Wales and Monash to cultivate these dogs and watched them media train, taught to shed tears and say “sorry ……sorry” before a camera while they “struggle to regain their composure”. I was there. Having spent over 30 years in the media as a fly on the wall I am well acquainted with this woman and her mates including Patricia Yeoh.

    This is an effort by the mercenary Wong to reinvent herself and do as much damage as a Trojan as she can.

    1. dear helen,
      dap has gone berserk with guan eng issuing a warning to pas that their marriage is over if pas supports tskhalid.dap is having fits with
      the thought of pas
      n umno
      khalid.their grand
      plan of having a
      weak, meek
      puppet in wan
      azizah to gain
      unlimited power
      and selangor’s
      rm3 billion
      reserves will be
      totally dashed.

      good riddance to
      tweeter queen
      hannah and lets
      hope she migrates to australia for
      good!we malay
      muslims will no
      longer ve to
      tolerate their
      hypocrasy with
      their tudungs,baju kurung,
      fake puasa and
      our places of
      worship would be
      free of these
      greedy intruding

      thank you helen
      for your ‘expose’! our eyes are now wide open!!!

  9. Ms H. I like to remind all Bloggers that it is an established fact the DAP leadership is prepared to sit out another 48 years out of power like what happened since 1966. It is OK for lky and his aide. Their descendants are well-looked after. What about the followers?


  10. Khalid is probably having fun in this PKR self-made crisis- “You guys sacked me huh? Now who’s sacking who, hahaha!”

    All in all, Pakatan is a costly “experiment.”

      1. Worms? More like maggots- a lot creepier and puke inducing. What about BN/UMNO? Are they caterpillars or dragons?

  11. Win the battle, lost the war.

    How stupid is that? Guess who I am pointing at?

    Anwar is much much smarter than what anyone thinks. Even better than the King of Mamaks. He was deceived once before, kan?

    Be prepared for more bombshells. Tuanku may have to come back from holidays.


    1. AI is the worst crook. He is not a smart crook. He’s like that robber who wrote his threat on his personal ID and then left his ID at the bank counter for the police to catch him. That’s why all his supporters who started PKR with him have left.

      Most of his supporters now are the young ‘uns who are too taken in by his rhetorical long-winded berbunga-bunga penuh kiasan speeches, and because they don’t understand what he’s saying they follow him blindly. Macam terlebih kena ketum.

      You said he was deceived once. Well, open your eyes because he was not the deceived. He was and still is the deceiver.

  12. Helen

    saya tak ragu dengan 15 pas tu… yang 12 ekor tu boleh harap ke?

    deme ni yang demanding kut?

    nanti pak sheikh kawtim, kapal khalid sinking… nangis ko

  13. Ms H. All Bloggers please realise that these seasoned Opposition leaders could not even hold each others hands after WINNING ALL THE SEATS AT THE 13TH GENERAL ELECTIONS. It is good to throw out the whole lot of them at the earliest opportunity.

    A bunch of fakes who misled OVER 90% OF THE IGNORANT CHINESE. All Chinese wake-up and see how your ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES FIGHT OVER POWER AND MONEY AT YOUR EXPENSE. Vote BN ! Vote for stability, harmony, prosperity !

  14. Dear Aunty Helen,

    The Sultan does not want to meet Anwar’s wife and now TSKI has sacked all the DAP and PKR excos.

    Will TSKI sack the Speaker? I do not think that the Sultan is happy with a person who says bad things about JAIS and MAIS. Anwar must be very angry.

    Aunty Helen, please take a break and read my latest comics:

  15. This is better than Downton Abbey. This is like the Selangor version of Game of Thrones. I’m just glued to this nail-biting, unfolding drama, a new episode everyday and each one better than the day before.

    Please, please, please, an announcement about the Speaker post tomorrow.

    And with the Sultan off on his holiday, it will be Khalid vs PKR/DAP for the next week or two.

    1. I think Anwar badly miscalculated and now getting screwed badly by Khalid who holds all the cards. Anwar can do nothing but watch and suffer slow and painful agony.

      DAP too proved to be equally idotic. They demanded their exco to resign and when they refused and got sacked by Khalid, DAP got outraged and scream injustice. Papa and little Lims sounding like some 10 year-old kids and taking their anger to PAS.

      Some of our so called political analysts too proving to be asinine when they keep comparing this with Perak. How can this be a coup when the whole episode was written, produced, directed and acted out by Pakatan clowns?

      1. re: “they keep comparing this with Perak”

        Anwar initiated his Langkah Behrang in Perak.

        re: “Pakatan clowns”

        It was probably from the Perak fiasco that that they got the nickname “Pakatoons”.

        1. That’s the only similarity with Perak – that they are their authors of their own misfortune (especially the AT – anugerah tuhan).

          Pakatoons – how apt….

  16. Helen, apasal PKR dan DAP mati-mati nak salahkan PAS? Sedangkan semua ni dimulakan kerana Bang Non suruh jambu dia Rafizi catur Kajang Moves, bukannya Hadi Awang, jauh sekali Ah Jib Gor, PM paling tidak apa Malaysia? Kenapa pula geng-geng PKR dan DAP masih nak babitkan nama UMNO dalam taik yang depa sendiri bikin?

    Helen bodohkan sangatkah average Selangorians, sampai masih nak percaya yang semua ini merupakan salah Khalid Ibrahim, salah Istana-macam kata Ambiga’s BERSIH, salah UMNO, sedangkan semuanya berpunca dengan kebijaksanaan Bang Non Amerika?

    ‘In Selangor impasse, is PAS spoiling to be kicked out of Pakatan?’

    What? Selangor impasse created by who again? Certainly not PAS!

    ‘Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang needs a big favour from PKR and DAP. One last favour. He needs their leaders to conclude that they have reached a point of no return with him and his hardliners and cut all remaining ties with PAS.’

    And what with this Hadi Awang bashing, simply because he chooses not to be PKR/DAP lap dog?

    ‘It almost seemed as if Hadi had forgotten that his party had shared the trenches with DAP and PKR in two wars – GE12 and GE13 – and had won significant battles along the way.’

    Halo, as far as I can remember, DAP and PKR, rides on PAS well funded, well manned election machinery, forgot already meh?

    ‘So far, PKR and DAP leaders have not lashed out, waiting instead to see the outcome of the PAS central working committee meeting this Sunday where the Hadi camp is expected to come up against the professionals and moderates over the Selangor crisis.’

    Really? I thought you guys had already given them ultimatum maa? Well at least both, Tokong and his father, Bapa May 13 already did! I thought PAS stand equally with PKR and DAP in PR just like what Husam had contented.

    Well apperantly NOT! Husam please sayang parti PAS more than you sayang Bang Non, okay [deleted]

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