PAS will drive a hard bargain

More than a month ago on July 8, I blogged an article titled ‘Selangor solution: Khalid can become MB Umno-PAS‘.

I will need to amend that slightly to now read, Khalid can become MB PAS-Umno.

What is Khalid-Umno offering PAS? Alternatively, what can PKR-DAP counter offer PAS?

Selangor solution1

They seem to forget that S’gor has a Sultan

Yesterday, Khalid told the media that the Sultan believes he (Khalid) has the majority in the Dewan. Khalid can only have the majority if he has PAS’s 15 votes of confidence and Sultan Sharafuddin appears to believe that he has.

DAP, Kit Siang and Hannah Yeoh’s BFF Ambiga (see her tweet below) refuse to take Khalid’s word for it. Indirectly these people are questioning HRH’s judgment as if our ruler does not know what is going on in his own state.

Twitter - Ambiga_Khalid

Why doesn’t Ambiga ask her BFFs to name those who don’t support Khalid?

Ambiga is demanding that Khalid reveal the names of the Aduns who support him.

The point is that the Sultan has consented for Khalid to remain as MB which means HRH is satisfied that Khalid has the numbers.

Rather than Ambiga and the DAP indirectly challenging the Sultan, why don’t they put their own house in order first?

BELOW: Someone tweeted that Ambiga is a “pure opportunist” who had used the Bar Council “to promote herself”. Hannah Yeoh’s way of defending Ambiga is to smear the person making the remark with the label of “BN” connections.

Pot calling the kettle black: Hannah sendiri pun bukannya seorang ‘practising’ loyar.

Ambiga critic must be BN says Hannah

Ask PAS lah, why beat around the bush

If Ambiga is so keen on getting answers “in the interest of the people of Selangor”, she can just ask PAS directly if they support Khalid or if they support the Ketum (Ketua Umum). After all, PAS is a member of Pakatan.

Furthermore, it is so easy for Ambiga and the DAP to prove their insinuation that Khalid is bluffing. All they have to do is call a press conference and produce all the Aduns whom are against Khalid. If 29 anti-Khalid Aduns can be lined up, then the case is proven that Khalid does not command the majority.

PKR’s 13 vs Umno’s 12

see saw

PAS in driver’s seat

After sacking Khalid, PKR is left with 13 Aduns. This figure is only one higher than Umno’s 12. Hence what makes PKR think that their party deserves the Menteri Besar post?

On the other hand, PAS might conceivably be able to trot out 16 Aduns should there be any truth to the speculation that Khalid is joining the Islamist party.

We’re all waiting with bated breath for PAS to come out into the open as to which side they pick. They can opt for Muslim unity or for Fitnah & Benci which are the twin pillars of the DAP-PKR entity.

BELOW: Khalid is suing The Malaysian Insider for defamation

Khalid sues The Malaysian Insider

Mother of Libel Suits against TMI

HannahSpeakerNot only is TMI being sued by Khalid but Malaysia’s foremost pro-Christian portal has also been sued by Datasonic Group Bhd and Fuelsubs House Sdn Bhd for RM100 million.

This scummy slandering by TMI is one of a piece with the core characteristic of the favoured group that receives the most ardent support from its editors and readers.

So thick skinned

In the midst of all that is happening, the self-righteously voluble Madame Speaker has nothing to tweet with regard to the latest political developments.

Granted she is supposed to be ‘neutral’ but still, no status report or statement on the situation is forthcoming from her. Which only goes to show that Hannah Yeoh sitting in the Speaker’s chair has no leadership qualities other than as an Ah Soh mannequin for show.

HypocriteHannahSi muka tembok Hannah Hypocrite should just resign.

When she was appointed Speaker, her Christian cheerleaders in The J-Star tweeted the glad tidings a grand total of 10 times in the span of 24 hours – see screenshots compilation below.

I wonder if the evangeliSTAR twits will double or triple their Twitter output should she be sacked?


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13 thoughts on “PAS will drive a hard bargain

  1. Apa tak cerdik nya PKR adalah. Sultan Selangor terpaksa terus TSKI sabagai MB.. kerana Pakatan Rakyat sampai waktu ini pun belum kemukakan Nama Calun MB baru.

  2. Hi Helen
    Madam speaker is thinking 1001 times bout her fat pay.
    Many nights she is teary eyed bout for or against TSK.


    1. Ya, methinks the tears are for her fat paycheck and her Prada purchases, not the “injured & dead children” dunno who, dunno where.

  3. “Ah So mannequin” — hahaha! The type we used to see in Globe Silk Store and Mun Loong, for those KLites who can remember.

    If she and other excos are sacked, are they still entitled to a pension? Anyone knows?

    Btw, did you notice Gunting had 3 Liow stories yesterday? Thought it was a change in policy. But today, nude pesta story first before Liow. So no change lah.

    Also, Gunting again carrying fullpage ads on their “moderate” (yawn, we’ve seen them before so what’s new? ) columnists. Wonder how come it can devote so many pages. Drop in ad revenue?

    1. Do scrutinize the “moderate” Malays on their slate. The majority would be ill at ease in a kampung.

  4. dear Helen, in order to retain the mb, pas needs support from umno. does umno ‘care’ about pas in other states?. at present pas is still with pakatan. adakah ug hanya di selangor? trust you understand what i mean.

    1. It will only affect Penang as the other states are ruled by BN and Kelantan does not have DAP reps.

  5. Fatso Madame Prada may be denied of pension as she has only served the Dewan for a term (if she continues under the present MB).

    She will get her pension as an ADUN. Please correct me if I am wrong. An elected rep will only be entitled to his/her pension if he/she serves 2 full terms.

    That is why she is soooooo veryyyy quiet and dare not squeak at all lest she would be replaced.

    One look at her face you know Madame Prada is not Mother Theresa, so please do away with the so called lurvvvvvv

  6. If DAP and PKR’s EXCO and members as well as Madame Speaker resign, MB should be able to appoint all Malay/Muslim line up. Not to mention the resignation of all the representatives from DAP and PKR in Selangor city councils and Majlis Daerah as well as in the boards of Selangor GLCs.

    The Chinese lose big time here.

    And Nik Nazmi as Deputy Speaker. Is his vote be counted as ADUN?

  7. To prove their insinuation call the press make this 29 ADUNS for identification parade I doubt they are camera shy one and why this ambivalence Armbig & LKS are in the lurch to know and Helen what you think before and said RH Sultan has conscience and does his homework remember forgive me can’t recall when

  8. Helen – Are all the Selangor ADUNS in good health now? Any ADUN seen going to IJN or dialysis centre or diabetes specialists? If there’s one ADUN who drops dead now, the balance will tip either way.

    Is Khalid in good health also?

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