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Ke mana perginya bai’ah dua orang Adun PAS itu?

Bukankah sumpah baiah wakil PAS diikat dengan lafaz cerai isteri?

Saari Sungib (PAS-Hulu Kelang) dan Hasnul Baharuddin (PAS-Morib) tu sememangnya dah asal bujang / duda ke?

Apapun, Mrs Anwar kata dia ada sokongan 30 orang Adun – gambar bawah.


Nampaknya Adun ke-29 berdiri bersebelahan (di belakang) Adun yang memakai songkok dan berbaju Melayu biru itu.

+ Speaker = 30


But it ain’t over till the fat lady sings

Kita menantikan lagu apa yang bakal didendang Hannah Yeoh kerana Puan Speaker lah yang mempunyai kuasa untuk meluluskan usul untuk dibahas di Dewan kelak.

Seperti kata orang, satu minggu merupakan tempoh yang terlalu lama dalam politik.

Namun dalam krisis ini masih ada kekuncinya …


Ini Khalid lah




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61 thoughts on “Ke mana perginya bai’ah dua orang Adun PAS itu?

  1. 23 haribulan baru Sultan Selangor balik. Jadi sekarang macam mana? Semua kena perkenan Sultan. Khalid jadi MB lagi sampai Sultan balik.

    1. Kalau Adun-Adun Nizar bersidang di bawah pokok, Adun-Adun Mrs Anwar boleh bersidang di tepi telaga holy water di Jerusubang.

      1. Hannah boleh makan mooncake Ubah. BKT tak halal jadi tak boleh masa meeting.

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          1. Shortly after the May 2013 general elections, a colleague (presumably a DAP supporter) proposed to write a series on the role of information & communications technology and of social media on the UBAH.

            I said fine, provided that it did not appear to take a stand for or against any political party, then added that quite frankly, with the sharp ethnic polarisation, especially between those who voted for UMNO and those who voted for DAP, I saw the said “UBAH” (change) being an UBAH for the worse, rather than an UBAH for the better.

            Well, over a year later, I can safely say that my hunch was right, and it was no more than an intuitive gut feeling at the time – not the result of deep intellectual analysis but just a gut feeling.

        1. rasanya anwar dan kak jijah kipas bersama2 adun PKR, DAP dan PAS yang biasa tikam belakang akan bersolidariti untuk menendang Khalid dari kerusi MB. sebagai balasan, mungkin PAS akan dijanjikan jawatan MB tu dengan syarat diremote control oleh DAP dan dimacaikan oleh PKR mcm di Perak dulu.

          madam speaker pula tertunggu2 bilalah agaknya boleh sidang DUN sebab semakin lama Khalid di kerusi MB, makin banyak keje2 jahat mereka akan terbongkar. usul undi tak percaya adalah agenda pakatan rakyat sekarang. tak percaya tengoklah 17 ogos nanti saya yakin 90% PAS kekal dengan pakatan untuk sama2 sokong usul tu nnt.

    2. Lepas tu ada pulak yang komen celupar kata kenapa sultan pi keluar negara pada masa krisis politik Selangor ni…haihh tuanku sultan tu mgkn dah buat appointment medical check up ke, ada perbincangan untuk bisnes demi negeri Selangor ke, tetiba hangpa dok buat aksi bongok macam ni pasepa!

  2. Can an MB administer or State be adminstered without the support of it’s majority ADUNs?

    So what about the other States in Malaysia when an MB decided to turn rogue?

    Is that call By the people, For the people and Of the people? So why have elections? Might as well scrap elections.

    What democratic system is that which the world hasn’t being taught yet?

    1. Can …

      ‘589 days with no elected government: What happened in Belgium’ – Washington Post story here.

      1. Poor choice of an example in relation to the current MB crisis. In Selangor case, with the recent Signed affidavits by the 30Aduns, the majority voice has been seen and the State Govt. Is clearly belongs to the PR.

        Who the MB is from PR is another matter to be deliberated.

        1. How interesting that u should invoke “why have election” argument.

          That’s exactly what I thought of Kajang move then, and now the sacking of TSKI from his party cause he stood his ground. All the old “evidences” they had on TSKI did not matter then – they still placed him as candidate and re-instate him as MB. But now?

          What’s the use of election if the candidate i’m voting for will quit in a few months time or will be sacked based on unproven allegations? All to satisfy a person’s quest for power. What about the time and money wasted? To add salt, the replacement candidate doesn’t mind being a puppet – when she’s supposed to leader? (the fact that they supported her name 1st, tells us their true intention)

          Honestly, tell me, in what world is this called democracy?

    2. Democracy practiced in different countries have their different nuances and so does Malaysia’s.

      I understand from a source high up within PKR that its startegy, especially in the rural areas, is not so much to win mass support but is to identify leaders within the rival camp and try an split the leader away, and in turn bring along his or her followers or loyalists.

      Just as it may seem impossible to open a durian with one’s bare hands, those in the know will identify the seams between the sections of its tough and prickly skin, and use a sharp blade to split the seam, then easily tear the durian apart with one’s bare hands, thus making possible the seemingly impossible.

      This strategy appears to based upon an understanding of Malaysian realpolitic, which is still very much feudal in mindset, despite its facade of Westminster-style parliamentary democracy, which is also true of our neighbouring countries in South-East Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and across most of Asia.

      Despite the Philippines formally being a democratic republic based upon the will of the people, with all the democratic accessories of free speech and a free press, in practice Philippines politics is very much feudal in essence, with different powerful, land-owining families vying for political power through their political parties and the the electoral process, with the aid of their own or supporters’ media organisations.

      The battle to oust President Marcos from power by the Aquinos was just one of those contests for power between two powerful families, with a whole host of useful idiots, not only in the Philippines and worldwide, supporting the seeming “underdog” and “voice of the people” against the presiding tyrant, whilst spouting all those platitudes of “democracy”, “human rights”, “free speech”, “free press”, “social justice”, “national sovereignty”, and so forth.

      It’s been 26 years since the Marcoses were toppled from power but what has changed in the Philippines, where the gap between rich and poor is so wide, and thousands, if not millions of its citizens must go abroad in search of work and a better life for themselves and their families.

      I was in Lucky Plaza, Singapore last Sunday and my mind was blown by the huge number for Philippina maids who were there to remit money home and to just meet their fellow country women and men.

      My cousin’s son who has a Philippina wife and a Philippina nanny for his baby daughter, told me about the huge gap between the rich and poor in that unfortunate country, so well noted for its democratic processes, free press, free speech and social freedoms, yet most of its citizens are mired in abject poverty, that they need to come to an authoritarian Republic of Singapore, which is noted for its not too free speech, its not too free press and its tight regulations on public conduct with hefty fines for misdemenour or defiance and basically a highly social-engineered society.

      That my friend, is Asian-style realpolitic, not empty rhetoric citing western democratic political ideals.

      Most Asians still place greater priority upon matters of economic survival and well-being over ideals if democracy, free speech, human rights, free press and so forth and this is a cruel hard fact of life in Asia and in many other countries and regions of the world.

      It’s politicians who understand this, who win the populist game.

      I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I have come to accept it as a reality to be taken into political consideration, and mind you, if the economies of Europe and North America worsen, their people too will give a higher priority to matters of their economic survival above principles if democracy, free speech, free press, human rights and so forth, just as the Germans and Italians did in their support for Hitler’s National Socialists (Nazis) and and Mussolini’ Facists between the end of World War I till the end of World War II.

      I’m sure most Philippinos and Philippinas would welcome a benevolent dicator who gives them an economy and standard of living like Singapore, so they don’t need to suffer the indignity of having to perform menial work and suffer indignities in other countries, but instead, can live in honour and dignity in their own homeland.

      1. re: “they (Filipinos) need to come to an authoritarian Republic of Singapore”

        Absolutely! The Philippines have freedom of this and that but it is the passport and currency of the authoritarian Singapore which is the most respected from among Asian countries.

        Pakatan’s peddling of democratic ideals is pure bullshit and a con job. The bloody hypocrites.

        1. Helen: “Pakatan’s peddling of democratic ideals is pure bullshit and a con job. The bloody hypocrites.”

          yes. but more fools their supporters. and other “idealistic” malaysians harping the same, even if they aren’t drinking PR koolaid. :)

          this inability [myopia, if you will] to “ukur baju di badan sendiri” is why western-style democracy doesn’t really feel comfortable for us, regardless how much some want to insist otherwise. in fact, it doesn’t even look comfortable on us. if anything, we sometimes look ridiculous sporting it, macam orang pakai baju pinjam yg tak muat.

      2. ‘Philippines politics is very much feudal’

        Not surprising since we are the remnants of the Sri Vijaya empire-read about the Visayas of the Philipines and just before the Spanish came and conquered, the people of the Sea of Malayu, were governed the local Datus.

    3. Please TSKI please maintain good governance and serve the people. Election can wait. The 30 ADUNS might represent the people just AFTER the election, but for now who KNOWS? The people might turn against them now.

  3. 2 ADUN ni mungkin dah terkena simptom “bi” dari DAP. Bifacial, biawak dan mungkin juga biseksual aka 2 alam (ikut parti sendiri boleh, ikut parti orang lain pun boleh).

  4. Must wait first la.. Sabar, sabar.

    Maybe some background search needs to be done on all these Aduns first? Their origins, their mykad, their past and their performances while in office? Hai, pasti banyak cerita akan keluar.

    I am sure TSKI dah siapkan file lengkap masing2 yang diperkukuhkan dengan dokumen2 berkaitan? Afterall TSKI was their MB FOR HOW MANY YEARS?

    Mungkin dalam sehari dua ni banyak pendedahan akan dibuat yang boleh menjejas kedudukan beberapa Adun?

    Haiyaaa why like this wan Dandy?

      1. Actually this is what I heard too, that Khalid will spend his remaining time digging up details of these ADUNs and PR leaders dirty deeds. That’s one reason why the ADUNs offices were sealed.

        Also I heard that some of the DAP ADUNs were dropped as exco / ADUN because of their involvement in corruption and even criminal activities. Go Khalid go, expose the whole bloody lot including the Anugerah Tuhan.

      2. I read somewhere about misuse of funds by someone, funds allocated for warga tua, betoi ke?


        Will TBH case resufface again, what say you Dandy?

        1. TBH is not dead. I mean, he is dead but he will not be put to rest. What am I saying…pagi-pagi buta ni keyboard meraban plak!

      1. I heard Azmin is very upset with the situation where he was by passed in favour of Geisha Zizah. He doesn’t love Khalid but then just like Khalid, he feels he has been backstabbed by Anwar. And he’s not gonna ride off to sunset without a fight.

        Recall the attempt by a few ADUNs to nominate Azmin in a press conference ? I wouldn’t be surprised if these ADUNs refused to support the Geisha Zizah during the motion of no confidence or just absent themselves from voting. That will throw a spanner in the works.

    1. wow, is there such a possibility? azmin has to be totally out-of-lurve with anwar and whatever has held them together has to finally lose its grip for that to happen.

      but i’d pay for a front row seat to see a khalid-azmin tag vs anwar-azizah [& dirty DAP playing a sneaky game]! :)

  5. Better Azmin Ali to be an MB than Wan Azizah. But well what can I do.

    PAS will make a u-turn come this Sunday, trust me lah. They will stab Khalid and leave him alone. Undi Cina dan non-Muslims are more important ma.

    1. Khalid will hold the last stab…. prolong his position for as long as he could and finally will bubar the Assembly.

      Meanwhile, Khalid will continue stabbing all those from DAP PKR and the 2 Pas “kataks” by spilling files, making reports to SPRM and sending legal letters. So possibly some PKR aduns could “lompat” to save them from these files, Azmin included.

  6. Kenapa 2 Adun tu tak tunggu keputusan tertinggi parti yang bakal bersidang Ahad ni? Majlis Syura dan pengurusan tertinggi Pas tahu tak pasal perkara ni? Kenapa tak tunggu arahan bos dulu sebelum buat keputusan?

    PKR dah consult belum Pas pasal 2 Adun tu? Kenapa tak ikut saluran yang betul? Nak kahwin dengan anak orang, kena jumpa mak ayah dulu. Tak boleh lah hentam keromo. Ambil anak kita dan terus kahwin.

    1. Because they have consulted la yg jadi macam nie. That’s why aljubs flew to KT the other day. And the answer was not what aljubs had wanted. So he enticed these two to betray the party….

      Now they have 30…..

  7. The Pukimak signing motorist gets jail time.

    “Seorang tukang batu nisan dijatuhi hukuman penjara seminggu dan denda RM5,000 atau penjara tujuh bulan oleh Mahkamah Majistret di sini, hari ini selepas mengaku bersalah menandatangani buku saman trafik dengan perkataan lucah dua bulan lalu.”

    In fact the police who got the signature was Indian.

    “Lim, 41, didakwa menulis kata-kata lucah pada buku saman yang diberikan kepadanya untuk ditandatangani dengan maksud mengaibkan kehormatan anggota polis trafik S.Thanesan di hadapan Kafe I Love U, di Jalan Batu Ferringhi, dekat sini, pada jam 9.50 pagi, 2 Julai lalu.”

    1. Way to go S.Thanesan for keeping cool with the Pukimak! Hopes the Pukimak gets to be kembiri to stop him from breeding more and more Pukimaks!

  8. Helen,

    kan sudah jelas dalam PAS ada 2 kem. Satu kem Ulama, 1 lagi kem anwarinas.

    Jadi yang dua adun PAS berkenaan sudah tentu kem anwarinas… sebab tulah ketaatan mereka pada pucuk pimpinan sama aje dengan dengan cara KETUM, sampaikan dipecat dari parti pun takpe…!
    apapun, seluruh rakyat Selangor dan negara khususnya yang beragama Islam tetaplah kena sabar menunggu apa kata putus pucuk pimpinan PAS nanti……

    sama-sama kita lihat siapa yang menang….

    1. PAS dah lama kena infiltrated by the Anwarinas, sebab tu Anwar tak perlu masuk PAS, walaupun dah dijemput berkali-kali.

      Sekarang dah terbukti, masanya sudah tiba dan perhitungan Anwar dengan meletakkan moles sebanyak mungkin dalam PAS sudah berhasil apabila PAS kini terkenal dengan Khalid Gereja dan St Mujahid Asisi!


      1. @FirdausAzil,

        Many thanks. Jinggo has uploaded his photo gallery which shows the PC clearly and it is as you say, i.e. “the other one who’s not in the pic is Nik Nazmi”.

    1. No.29 is the guy standing in the back row between the Adun wearing songkok and the Chinese Adun (YB Sekinchan).

      No.30 outside of frame is O my Prada!


  9. surat bai’ah tu nuaq pegang. sama je dengan bekas adun kajang yg nuaq suruh letak jawatan.

  10. it is actually a check mate situation for Anwar or what has been precipitated by Khalid’s team. Khalid rather push it for a dissolution and force a snap election rather than allowing PR to replace him with Wan Azizah. Read Selangor Const Article 53(6) & 55(2)(b) in conjunction with Article 70(4). The Sultan’s move will be interesting and let us all second guess it.

    1. I believe that the Sultan would not want to dissolve the DUN. I also believe he would not agree to WA being the next MB. If aljubs still insists on WA, THEN only will the Sultan agree with TSKI’s suggestion to dissolve the DUN to let the Rakyat decide.

      TSKI will still have the last laugh…..

      1. Nikah Siam,

        Election costs money, and plenty of it. Election to desperate politicians is a life line to them. For reasons that only they understand, they will suffocate to death if they do not become the “talk of the town”.

        Election will not solve the problem. The root cause is Anwar and those worshipping him (or using him) like . Why not letting Khalid to stay as MB. Why the indecent haste in sacking khalid when Khalifd agreed to attend internal inquiry, only asking one week deferment? I may not be a Khalid’s supporter but a head of government deserves some respect. He retained the state for PR. He delivered Selangor to PR. As such, he needs to be treated with some respect.

        Why the haste?

        Typical of Anwar, in his quest to put his wife as MB, he chose to insult the Sultan. Instead of securing royal consent, he announced to the whole world that Azizah will be the new MB? Why sideline the Sultan?

        Royal consent is not a formality. it is the requirement. Where is the “adat and adab”?

        PR is hoping for state assembly to be dissolved. Once it is dissolved, Selangor and whole country again will be in election mode. Politicians again will spend time, money to whack their opponents. Works will be “tergendala”.

        It is time we teach these useless politicians. It is time where we put them into their proper place : DUSTBIN.

        And let us start with ANWAR and all his “suku sakat”.

  11. Helen,
    remember i told you Anwar will get them signed the SD and parade them in a PC…. it took place today. So basically it is all over right?

    Nope, time is still on TSKI side. Coming this Sunday, PAS will declare its stand, either with TSKI or Wan Azizah.

    If PAS stick with PR choice, Wan Azizah, it is Game Over for TSKI. PR will be back in power.

    However if PAS, decide to be with TSKI, i strongly believe the war to control the State Government will intensify. Chances are, history of Perak 2009, will repeat itself. In Perak, one ADUN from UMNO jump to PKR, a few days later 4 PR Adun jump the ship. The rest is history…. It might just repeat itself in Selangor.

    One thing for sure, PR underestimated TSKI and PAS, and now they seems to ignore the existence of UMNO and its capability in political maneuvering. Time will tell and it is getting nearer to the end.

  12. saaro sungip has always been with pkr just like khalid samad. saari sungip and khalid were responsible for dr hassan ali’s termination. pas shud let khalid gereja n saari ‘return’ to their monster master.

    mamasan zizah has learnt the ropes from anwar. she’s becoming ruthless and hunger for power day by day. can’t imagine if selangorians still idolise this crazy outrageous couple. hope khalid will get the inspiration to outdo org giler bkt segambut tu.

    maybe faekah can help khalid…

  13. So isn’t it time to follow the Perak scenario instead of another statewide elections? All the precedences and rulings in Perak should be a good example to follow?

    At least that would show that the former Sultan of Perak and former Lord President was right in his decisions and rulings. That would include the State Secretary, EC, Courts, Police etc in carrying out the decisions. Maybe the only difference to be seen here is that there are no frogs jumping here and there.


    1. The difference here is that the person nominated by BN was Perak born n bred while in Selangor, she is not a local. So I think if PR really really insists on WA as MB, the Sultan will say, “Ok, let the rakyatlah decide.”…..

    2. The only right thing is that PR is a failure when it comes to holding power. First Perak, 2nd Selangor. Always get involved in state constitutional crisis. None of this BS would have happened if the PR doesnt mess around with the system.

    3. Yes of course but let the ruler makes the decision, and then whatever result it may be lets accept it. We marhaens still have to go to work return late might everyday in order to keep the dapur running.

  14. I suggest a simple solution. Speed up the Federal Court process and send Anwar to at least 10 years in Sungai Buloh Resort for a long rest and vacation.

    If he remains free, he, by hook or crook, will try to putar every thing legally or illegally to achieve his aims. We have witnessed a lot including the defection of 2 PAS traitors. He has no regard for a sincere friendship as shown by Hj Hadi. He just does not care as long as he can achieve his aims.

    1. I would suggest send the whole clowns gang – LKS, LGE, Suren, Rafizi, Tony Pua, Hannah Banana, etc to join Anwar for a long R & R at Sg Buloh retirement home for the mentally and criminally insane.

      1. Calvin,

        I have another suggestion. Put them on firing line.

        “yang keluar dari mulut Rafizi, Anwar, Hannah kalau bukan fitnah tak sah”.

  15. pity tskhalid. i bet there must be a very concrete reason why he is holding firmly on to power. anwar n rafizi plus dap must have something terribly scandalous,
    misdeed up their sleeve that tskhalid is trying to prevent.

    the very desperate rush by anwar is getting very very suspicious. 16 years of anwar’s ‘kegilaan luar tabiee’ politically and personally has created unrest, havoc and
    disaster for our
    nation. hopes he will perish soon with all the sumpah, maki hamun n curses
    by the rakyat to him…

  16. Totally insensitive(!) to Yg Bhg Tuan Guru Haji
    after our Pakatan friends/ cybertroopers vilified and pilloried Yg Bhg Tuan Guru just for objecting to nepotism
    ( stupid/ kampung/ fisherman? .. loser, even? )
    and lack of CAT over the Kajang folly.

    Pakatan yes, but of unequals
    You chose to live with it ..

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

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