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Khalid Ibrahim’s ace up his sleeve

Article 55 (1) of the Selangor constitution appears to give the Menteri Besar – who heads the state exco – some room to maneuver as to whom he may appoint to provide counsel to the ruler.

It looks like Khalid even can set up a special advisory committee (“body of persons”) in the interim to act under his authority to presently advise the Sultan.

Oh well, I’m sure #Ini Khalid lah has a phalanx of legal eagles who are able to strategize on his behalf.

Selangor State Constitution Article 55

Hickory dickory dock

The mouse ran up the clock

The clock struck one

The mouse ran down

Hickory, dickory, dock

Us Selangorians will be split down the middle. We will each choose our side of which anak Ibrahim (Khalid or Anwar) we’re going to support.


Time is on Khalid’s side

And tide too.

A little bird told me the Indian votes will swing back to BN in the event of snap polls.


August, September, October, November …

That’s a lifetime in politics.

Meanwhile, we all patiently wait lah until the scheduled November sitting of the state assembly.


Time favours the BN.

On the other hand, the fatal flaw of Anwar Ibrahim is that he is a man in a hurry and has little patience. Ketum’s lack of patience will be his undoing in the cat-and-mouse game which is going to be played.

Hickory dickory dock, tick-tock tick-tock.

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41 thoughts on “Khalid Ibrahim’s ace up his sleeve

  1. I’m sorry Helen but PR has just scored a massive psychological victory. When it came to show time they proved K halid Ibrahim to be a liar. Pas now can creep in bed with BN! their reputation in tatters? Kudos to the 2 Pas mp, people’s sympathy back with wan azizah. Do not look down on the Will,of the people.

    As to the Pakatan bashes out there, perhaps ya’ll should hang your heads in shame.

    1. re: the 2 Pas Aduns

      It still depends on what the outcome is of the PAS Aug 17 meeting.

      If the party chooses to side with TS Khalid, the two Aduns may be considered renegades and be sacked.

      But whichever side PAS eventually picks, the option of snap election is available. Pakatan can’t do any better than the four-fifths majority they had in May 2013. They can only do worse, much worse.

      And the Selangor election will still shape up as a proxy battle between DAP and Umno.

      Of the three Pakatan parties, DAP will be the least dented by this current controversy. Umno will most definitely gain in strength and even goodwill (return of trust). So it’s DAP vs Umno.

      And nope, the show of numbers today does not necessarily imply that TS Khalid is a “liar” as you claim. He may have counted on the PAS 15. That unexpectedly two of them ‘jumped’ today makes them guilty of langgar tata dan disiplin parti.

      Langkah Kajang ini tak semena-menanya bagi pula BN untung.

      1. Kalau berlaku snap election, Khalid patut bertanding di Kajang menentang Wan Azizah. Kalau PAS nak letak calon mereka sekali pun boleh.

      2. Pas is irrelevant. Hadi wanted to taichi this and get in bed with UMNO. Well, right now nobody cares what he or fellas like tantawi do. They came from the same mould as Zulu Nordin, they will return to kelang an.

        Khalid Ibrahim said he had the support. Now it’s proven to be a lie. Either he is clueless or a liar. Sultan in a position for trusting him too much. Where’s Perkasa when you need them? Usually when you make up stories and a re proven wrong, you quit in shame.

        Btw, Najib has missed all the fun.

        1. re: “Sultan in a position for trusting him too much.”

          Khalid trusted PAS to hold the fort.

          Hulu Kelang & Morib sprung a surprise. One can’t blame Khalid for the actions of the duo who appear quite prepared to be sacked by their own party, which must have been caught by surprise too.

          1. You may be right but it’s ironic. The people trusted Khalid to govern as a Pakatan MB, instead he kept on giving excuses and allowed zealots to run the state. he also played Kidex with the people. Khalid trusted Pas Aduns to betray the people,of selangor but in the end, 2 of them voted with their conscience and showed that ethics and integrity is not dead .

            1. re: “2 of them voted with their conscience”

              It is widely reported that their party has given them the ultimatum to withdraw their support for Wan Azizah within 24 hours.

            2. So what you’re saying, the people of Selangor actually gave PKR the mandate to remove Khalid and replace him with AI’s wife? So what PKR did in asking for Khalid’s resignation is what the people of Selangor wants and not just AI being his usual capricious jerk?

              Since the people of Selangor wants a change, maybe a new election is called for.

            3. allowed zealots to run the state? you mean those sacked PKR and DAP excos? stop using the word ‘people’ to justify your claim of having wan azizah as the new MB. i’m a selangorian and would be ashamed to have such a puppet as an MB for my state.

              who are you to talk about ethics and integrity when the integrity of the PR and state government is at stake here? go look up the dictionary and find the real meaning of integrity. a leader would never jeopardise the well being of his party and state just to indulge in power tussle within his ring, like what Ketum did.

        2. ‘Sultan in a position for trusting him too much.’

          Are you saying HRH Sultan Selangor made the perkenan while being lied too by Khalid Ibrahim? Do you seriously thinks the HRH Sultan Selangor that dumb?

          Stop parroting both the Tokong and his father, Bapa 13 Mei, will you? Stop being a penderhaka like those two, slinging their petaling street culture upon the Istana Selangor!

        3. Haiyaa.. Khalid, 56 Aduns, Anwar and jijah, LKS and son, TGNA and Hadi, so many people involved still cannot solve your internal squables ke?

          Mau drag Perkasa and DSN in for what?

          Go tidy your own backyard first.. Lagu Elvis ya..

    2. The will of the people is to have clean water for daily use and regular garbage pick-up and not have dengue fever outbreak in our vicinity due to lack of competence in the state government delivering their obligations.

      The will of the people is to not have this ridiculous shenanigans by the ‘Anwars’ shoved down Selangorians who have better things to do than to being forced to witness all this unnecessary drama.

      Hang our heads in shame you said?

      Go fly kite.

    3. ‘We have the numbers’, we went thru similar drama once.

      ‘Statutory declarations’ mendiang Bala already showed us what it was all about.

      ‘2 frogs Adun’ similar happened in Perak.

      As for his supporters just don’t worry.. imagine a roaring tiger coming out with “you have created enough trouble for this country” then suddenly became toothless and represented him instead?

      Remember TSKI was once inside their camp and I am sure he will by now know exactly what Anwar’s next move will be.

    4. Is this really the WILL of the people? It seems it is the WILL of people afraid to lose their job and salary.

  2. Or Article 55(4) where Sultan can also act on his own through his own Counsels without any SEC’s member including Khalid.

    1. Thanks, noted.

      His Highness may “act on the advice or with the concurrence of any body or persons other than the State Executive Council”.

  3. The 2 Adun PAS has made a big mistake by declaring support to PKR President. What happen if the DYMM Sultan decide to have another election. Will PAS nominate them again as candidates?

    1. If you put it that way, then the implication is that a snap election is not what Pakatan wants.

      1. Helen,

        How do you consider this deal:

        1. UMNO and PAS formed as a pillar of BN.
        2. Everything status quo except Selangor belong to PAS. Actually better for UMNO as they do not have a strong leadership there.
        3. Khalid will joint PAS and will be the MB.
        4. Everyone else will check mated.

        1. My gut feeling is that your scenario will be the likely outcome.

          But it might be a close call on Aug 17 at the PAS meeting. It will is the kaum Melayu’s date with destiny yang bakal menentukan nasib Melayu di tanahair.

          Di mana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung tetapi sayangnya puak Dapster belum tahu langit tinggi rendah.

  4. Cannot like that one.

    So isn’t it time to follow the Perak scenario instead of another statewide elections? All the precedences and rulings in Perak should be a good example to follow?

    At least that would show that the former Sultan of Perak and former Lord President was right in his decisions and rulings. That would include the State Secretary, EC, Courts, Police etc in carrying out the decisions. Maybe the only difference to be seen here is that there are no frogs jumping here and there.


    1. In Perak, the person nominated by BN as MB is a local. In Selangor, no. So I think the Sultan will let the rakyat decide if PR insists on having WA as their MB.

    2. Are you implying that AlMarhum Sultan Azlan, the learned judge, was wrong in his decision? Who the hell do you think you are to criticise his ruling and judgement without any arguments, facts or even recitation of any laws to back you up?

      1. re: “Who the hell do you think you are”?

        Dandy is the apostle of the Lamb of God. Dandy judges from a higher (semi-divine) plane.

    3. ‘So isn’t it time to follow the Perak scenario instead of another statewide elections?’

      Dandy, that is never for you to decide, nor for Wan Azizah, her husband, Tokong, his father nor even Tommy Thomas.

      Let us respect the HRH Sultan Selangor for once, and let him carry out his royal duty as inherited to him by his father and the forefathers before him.

      You and me, the mere rakyat, shall tunggu dan lihat, shall we?

  5. Masa depan Pas dan PKR di Selanggor sudah berakhir, orang Cina sudah 50:50 terhadap Pas dan ulamaknya, orang Melayu pula sudah meluat dgn PKR dan Anwarnya.

    Jadi mana-mana ahli PAS dan PKR yg masih berhasrat utk melaksanakan agenda PR-ABU, eloklah join DAP saja. DAP pun sedang berusaha untuk menarik Melayu utk jadi Alibabanya.

    1. re:….orang Cina sudah 50:50 terhadap Pas dan ulamaknya,

      saya fikir orang cina 100:00 terhadap Pas dan ulamaknya. pada mereka Pas cuma alat untuk mereka meraih undi.

      1. ‘ Tantawi is the real betrayer, gets the votes from the Nons and then turns around and stabs in the face.’

        The same can be said of those two kataks, langgar baiah dengan parti sendiri kerana lebih sayangkan Anwar Ibrahim, terserlah ‘warna’ mereka sekarang, siapa katak lani, hampa kata sangat dekat IA, lani sapa yang katak? fitnah dah makan diri, lain kali jangan takabur, Allah SWT nak tunjuk, sat saja!

        BTW both of those two kataks, get the votes mostly not from PAS supporters and then turn around and stabs PAS in the face!

        PAS kalau tak sedar diri lagi taktaulah, Anwar Ibrahim langsung tak bagi muka kat kepimpinan hampa. Presiden pun dia tak pandang, Mursyidul Am pun dia tolak tepi, apatah lagi Majlis Syura, kalau hampa dalam PAS tak sedaq2 lagi, siapa kawan, siapa lawan, lebih baik hampa bungkus jadi hamPAS!!!

      2. hehe. 2 frogs jump to PR is considered hero but zul nordin jump from PR to independent friendly BN is name called ‘zulu’ by you. such is the mentality of a pirate.

  6. Ms H. It is a given that all MBs of the States should be born and bred in their native States and not some foreigner foisted onto the chair by some manipulators in a hurry.

  7. In a way it actually good that these 2 has been converted by anuar and Lim Kit Siang. It must surely reflect on PAS as to where they stand in this triple allegiance, for sure nowhere.

    Pas guys taking instructions from Anwar now, then it should better for Pas big guns to gulung tikar and angkat kaki cause they have become irrevelant in Selangor.

  8. The frogs are of course heroes, heroes to the cinabengs . BUT they are traitors to the Malays. But what can you expect from Pas thats what they are. Harap harap sedarlah dan berubah. Tunggu 17 hb ni

  9. Hai Helen,

    Saya berfahaman bahawa Wan Azizah tidak layak menjadi menteri Besar kerana dia seorang perempuan.

    Membaca undang undang Tubuh Kerajaan Negeri Selangor, Perkara 51 Appointment of Menteri Besar, ada menyatakan ‘NO PERSON SHALL BE APPOINTED AS MENTERI BESAR UNLESS HE IS OF THE MALAY RACE AND PROFESSES THE MUSLIM RELIGION’.

    Jadinya Menteri Besar itu mestilah Lelaki (HE) berbangsa Melayu yang beragama islam..

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri buat pengunjung blog Helen ini.

    1. ‘He’ boleh bermaksud wanita juga (neutral, “includes the female gender”)

      rujukan akademik,

      “The linguistics faculty at Harvard in 1971, for example, argued that “the fact that the masculine is the unmarked gender in English … is simply a feature of grammar.”


      “the ‘male generic’, masculine nouns and the singular masculine pronoun ‘he’ should be considered to have more than one meaning; they would be used not only to refer to men, but also to refer to both men and women together”

      Click to access elliechestnutthesis.pdf

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