Satu Sekolah on track in Selangor

Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie released a press statement yesterday on the sacked Selangor excos.

Heng said the sacked DAP and PKR excos showed that “their main concern is for power and position” when they refused to step down after having been discharged.

EXCO Cina @dapmalaysia Gila Duit

Half Selangor non-Malay but exco all Malay

Heng blamed Lim Guan Eng’s “political shortsightedness” for the exco deficit which she described as coming “at the expense of the non-Malay community of Selangor”.

“It is because of him that the excos representing the Chinese and non-Malay community have lost their positions,” she said.

The Wanita MCA chief noted that what is left of the decimated exco line-up is not inclusive nor multiracial, and does not reflect the fact that “almost half of the population of Selangor consists of non-Malays”.

BELOW: Sultan of Selangor’s acknowledgment – “Beta tiada halangan jika YAB Tan Sri, sebagai Menteri Besar menamatkan khidmat mereka”.

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To sum up, Wanita MCA feels that:

(a) the non-Malay community of Selangor are now in a predicament

(b) the Chinese and non-Malays have lost their exco represention

(c) the Chinese and non-Malay who are close to half of the Selangor population are not included in the mono-racial Exco 2.0

The sacked non-Malay excos are Teng Chang Khim, Ean Yong Hian Wah, Elizabeth Wong and V. Ganabatirau.

BELOW: Wanita MCA president Heng Seai Kie 


Dapster Firster responses

As we know, the Firsters are colour blind.

Therefore their responses to MCA’s Datuk Heng are according to script as you’d well expect.

As Firsters, their first instinct is to hurl abuse and Heng is called “farting bitch” (see below) and other such insults.


Comments by Malaysiakini subscribers in response to Heng’s remarks:

Devils in the details: “Racist MCA people. Always think along the racial line only. No better idea at all ! Ptui !”

Onyourtoes: “Hey bitch, there are things like fundamentals and principles which you will never understand. To hell with you. It is precisely we have bitches like you that is taking the country to oblivion.”

MCA and their “farting bitches”

Heng is called a “farting bitch” (and other more vicious names) by the Anak Malaysia evangelistas for voicing her concern that the non-Malays who form almost half of the population in Selangor are not being ethnically represented in the state exco anymore.

“Race” is a four-letter word among the Firsters as members of the colour blind Bangsa Malaysia.

DAP blamed1

MCA is Racist! Racist! Racist!

Thus these Anak Malaysia feel they are perfectly justified in calling the Wanita MCA chief insulting names such as “bitch”, “stupid running dog”, “bloody woman”, “asshole”, “cretin”, “shit stirrer”, “idiot”, “dumb…fool” for the sin of her most ‘wicked’ and ‘racist’ press statement above.

DAP blamed5

Balik kampung tanam jagung

Ms Heng is reminded by the DAP Firsters that she has “ended up with Shit all over her Stupid Face!” (Malaysiakini reader comment above), asked to “just shut up”, “balik tanam ubi” and told to “jump off the cliff” and go to hell.

All for mentioning the words “Chinese” and “non-Malays”.

DAP blamed2

DAP blamed3

DAP blamed4

There is apparently no place for you in this country if you do not subscribe to the patriotic Malaysian First ideology.

Firster idology

“a Malaysian can represent Malaysians” in Parliament and DUN


To recap the reasons for which Heng was roundly abused by the DAP Firsters:

(1) She was playing “the race card” (something the DAP never does)

(2) She does not understand “principles” (something which the DAP is full of)

(3) She is a “bitch” who is “taking the country to oblivion” (compared to DAP’s Lamb of God who is leading Malaysia to Utopia)


(4) She is wrong to think that “a Chinese need another Chinese to represent him” (while the DAP, on the other hand, is right to offer up “honest, selfless and fair Malaysian leaders”)

(5) She is narrow minded to believe that “only a Malay can represent Malays, only a Chinese can represent Chinese” (whereas the DAP evangelista YBs are leaders for “all Malaysians”)

(6) She is altogether too “hung up about race and religion” (unlike the DAP which promotes good governance, democratic values, love and world peace)

Proud to be Malaysian First

MCA’s Heng Seai Kie is rebuked by a Chinese individual for “still talking about race!” (see Malaysiakini reader comment above)

The said Chinese individual who had declared him/herself as “Malaysian first” also called for a ban on “race-based political parties” in order for Malaysia “to move ahead”.

Anonymous #95676433:Still talking about race! WTF! I am Chinese, but I am Malaysian first! Time to ban race-based political parties in Malaysia if we want to move ahead.”


Malaysian Firsters echoing Umno ministers

The Malaysian First moving forward movement demands for race-based political parties (such as the United MALAY National Organization, the Malaysian CHINESE Association, the Malaysian INDIAN Congress, etc) to be banned.

Any reference to race in the organization name is racist!

Similarly, the KL Selangor CHINESE Assembly Hall must be banned too. And the Federation of CHINESE Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong). Likewise the Associated CHINESE Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM).

And don’t forget the United CHINESE Schools Committee Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) and the United CHINESE School Teachers Association (Jiao Zong) too.

BELOW: Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’s “Racism is so yesterday” T-Shirt


The “principle” of the matter

The principle of Bangsa Malaysia, according to the Firsters, is that a Chinese does not need another Chinese to represent him.

A Chinese does not need another Chinese to teach his kids in school either.

Anyone advocating a “Chinese” school to cater for the “Chinese” community is simply too “hung up about race”.

“Everything comes back to ‘race’ or ‘religion’ because they [the MCA, Umno, MIC and other BN components] have no other ideas!” — this is the DAP’s colour blind logic.

“Oh MCA, shut up!”, the Chinese ‘racist’ party is told.

The MCA’s Chinese orientation, which is too colour conscious and colour centric, is “taking the country to oblivion” and apartheid.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Don't confuse language with race


DAP’s Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara

Umno Deputy Minister Razali Ibrahim see Utusan Malaysia (5 Aug 2014) news clipping above – advocates that no more Chinese schools be built.

Razali is supported in this by his colleague Umno Minister Ismail Sabri who advocates Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.

One Malaysian First language, one Bangsa Malaysia, one country, one school – see article ‘Sekolah tunggal nasional‘ yesterday by Utusan deputy group editor Zaini Hassan.


No Chinese, no Chinese school lah – very logic what

The Malay nationalists are advocating one education stream under the roof of one national school. The Malaysian Firsters who insist there are “No Malays, no Indians too, zero Chinese, all Malaysians) fully support this idea.

If there are no Indians, what is the need for Tamil schools?

If there are no Chinese, what is the need for Chinese schools?

If all are Malaysians, then the “Sekolah Kebangsaan for all” is the correct national policy. This policy is exactly what the DAP’s Malaysian First clarion call dictates.


Now for the good news!

The Chinese-obsessed MCA and the party’s “farting bitches” (and their male counterparts) have been almost completely kicked out of government. The colour blind Firsters must thank the DAP for this success.

Like the Malaysiakini commenters said (see screenshot top of page), “MCA got no seat … so does not represent anyone”, “do not pretend to represent the Chinese”.

Now with the MCA and its everything Chinese and Chinese-school obsession out of the way, racism can finally be eliminated and national unity achieved. Starting in Selangor.

The Malaysian Firsters will get their wish of fostering national unity by having their children mix with children of other races from a tender age. This is what the Malaysian Firsters want and what they are always talking about.

The Malaysian Firsters are always browbeating the bigots, extremists and racists to “build bridges”.

Their DAP evangelista leaders are always bludgeoning everyone to embrace and love our neighbours, and visit each other’s places of worship, cook each other’s dishes like bubur lambuk as well as wear each other’s traditional costumes and headdress (tudung & songkok).

See above banner greeting by DAP Kampung Tunku PJ Utara Adun Lau Weng San. This is leadership by example!

Best news for last

Since Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is no racist (see news report above), I believe that the [“racist” – this is according to the DAP Firster ideology] racist Chinese schools will soon be phased out and the Malaysian First One School policy soon implemented with gusto.

MCA is scolded that “You have not dignity, self-respect and integrity to do what DAP is doing now” – see Malaysiakini subscriber comment top of page.

Kudos once again to the DAP for successfully eliminating “racism” from our country.

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76 thoughts on “Satu Sekolah on track in Selangor

  1. RE: No Malay in CEC only Malaysians.

    Mama Dapster is right only Malaysians were elected to CEC, Let us look at Zairil Khir Johari details. His full name is Zairil Khir Johari Bin Abdullah.

    Name sebenar: Christopher Ross Lim
    Tarikh daftar : 21 April 1997
    Tarikh pinda : 23 Jun 1997
    Nama baru : Zairil Khir Johari
    Nama ibu sebenar : Christine Lim @ Rose Christine Abdullah @ Rose Christine Khir Johari
    Nama ayah sebenar : Howard Lim (Singapore)
    Tempat lahir : Hawaii, USA


    Dap CEC is only from one race that is Chinese. Zairil is 100% Chinese. If he refuses to acknowledge then ask him to do a DNA test. There is no place for Malay, Indian and other races (Correct me if I a wrong). Why? Because they are not good enough.

    We hope that this kind of hypocrisy will end soon in Selangor.

    1. re: “We hope that this kind of hypocrisy will end soon in Selangor.”

      You will know in another three days (D-Day, Aug 17).

    2. Another interesting mulut kepoh, mulut murai that needs to be listed here is Zuraida fm Ampang.. memandai nak ajar anak jati Selangor how to manage Selangor.

      Read that she was born in Indonesia to Indon parents, left for greener pastures to Singapore, brought up studied and I think even worked there (I think).. Tapi amboi mak ai, perangai lebih lebih dari anak jati Selangor?

      Wonder how many more in PKR and DAP yg tak sedar diri. BTW jijah mycard code is 007 like james bond. How come wiki posted her being born in Kedah? Kedah 02 la, betul ke Dandy?

    3. If he was born in Hawaii is he still a US citizen? Wouldn’t he be disaqualified if he holds dual nationality?

  2. Good one Helen. btw who shall be the new Speaker for the House? ….after so much money spent on a Prada

    1. So true. Instead of buying such an expensive handbag to show off, it would have been more genuine (rather than tweeting her crocodile tears) if Madame O-my-Prada! had donated some of the money to the Palestinian relief funds for the “injured & dead children”.

  3. I’ve got a story for you Helen. The other day I came across a CNN site covering ‘top 10 Malaysian food you must try’. At the end of the article the writer said ‘I know, I know, we barely scratched the surface here, but this is just a sample of what’s to come! etc etc find out, take a trip to Malaysia to try out these delicacies etc’.

    And in the comments? There’s a particular couple of people who were so vehement that the food list consists of only ‘Malay’ food and barely include any Chinese food. And can somehow sangkutpautkan the racist mentality of ‘UMNO’ along with it too (in a FOOD COLUMN MIND YOU!!). My Red Bean army alert went off.

    So I replied one of them just to chide him for all those ‘holier than thou Bangsa Malaysia rhetoric they kept churning out: “So much for being Malaysians first. You guys can’t even take race out of food. Who cares if it’s Malay or Chinese food? It’s all still Malaysian food.”

    The reply to me?: ‘Hey are you so stupid to say that a Malay Muslim will eat Bakuteh when it’s called Malaysian food?!! Simpletion! (yes, he spelled simpleton like this)”

    I was just i can’t even. I mean, what the heck is that? it appears, to me (after many aghast minutes at what must be in this guy’s brain), is that apparently to THIS guy if you categorize all food in Malaysia as simply Malaysian food, Malays wouldn’t know how to tell the difference between halal and non-halal food? Can u imagine the level of idiocy in which they would defend their stance?

    So I said “So according to you, If a vegan Buddhist/Hindu can’t eat beef rendang or beef curry puff – those food can no longer be regarded as Malaysian? ”

    Then the guy said something like ‘Stop your stupid self-conflicting comments. You must be a product of UMNO racist policy if you think only Malay food can be regarded as Malaysian food’.

    I told him probably needs to look up what self-conflicting comments and tell him he doesn’t know what my political standing is and yet can still make a sweeping generalization like a brainwashed zombie, and that above all – he’s STILL UNABLE to view food BEYOND racial angle. And pointed out that the article itself mentioned there much more to Malaysian food not covered, and yet he jumped the gun at how the list seem to consist ‘only of Malay food’.

    Then he said something about how people in Malaysia below 52 are all tainted by UMNO racist education no matter what is their political standing. I notice that he always writes ‘UMNO’ and ‘racist’ together, in just about every sentence he typed, including replies to others, except for the one where he called me a ‘simpletion’…

    In some other reply thread he was well getting on how Malay Archipelago is just a western concept created 200 years ago and how it wasn’t valid, therefore doesn’t exist. I told him to give me the source material for his argument – and if that source comes from ‘John Doe’ writings, covered in Lim Kit Siang’s blog – I’m gonna laugh my ass off. He did not reply anymore after that.

    These are the kind of minds we are dealing with. Repeating propaganda from DAP like a mindless puppet, twisting history to suit their purposes. It’s just.. I’m just mind-boggled really. Mind boggled would be an understatement. Seriously, God/ any higher form of power you believe in/ Deities save Malaysia if these are the kind of people led by DAP in this country.

    1. re: “Hey are you so stupid to say that a Malay Muslim will eat Bakuteh when it’s called Malaysian food?!!”

      They call it organic vegetarian Bak Kut Teh and the Alvivi defenders swear that it is halal.

  4. he..he..its like reading Bambino and Dandy comics ( if anyone could remember ). Then the Reader’s Digest that sought-after…

    To make it perfect, not everybody seem to care to do the work. Only a few readers have the consciousness. Malaysian first, its alright. On contrary being Malaysian Malaysia its a symbol of chinese demonian… only chinese and damn to others ! You know, like ” sembunyi belakang lalang sehelai “. The true color of acting despicable me ! Yet they have all the luxuries. Tidak pernah bersyukur.

    To build Malaysia, we need unity. Unity that needs real sacrifices. No pointing fingers laa…

    Kesedaran solidariti anak-anak muda Cina amat perlu di UBAH ! Satu Sekolah, Satu Bahasa Kebangsaan dalam rumah berbagai ugama dan budaya. This is Our Malaysia !

  5. Thanks to the Malaysian First Mob, the single school project is marching closer to fruition.

    The Malay nationalists should thank the Mob really. Without the Mob’s active participation, this would not have been possible. But alas, they should also thank the English media dominated by the said Mob, outlets like The Star come to mind when we speak of the Mob.

  6. all excos are malays

    So what?

    When the chinese questioned why all malays, obviously its a racist statement, but as expected immediately twist the question, why there is no non-malays representative in the exco.

    Whenever a malay question thing like this, the chinese shouted malays are racist.

  7. Apalagi, semua exco adalah Melayu. Antara 14 Ogos dan 17 Ogos 2014, semua pihak berkuasa sepatutnya SEGERA menjalankan operasi undang-undang menyerbu premis jual arak, nombor ekor, rumah urut dan spa, gores dan menang dan apa-apa yang melanggar undang-undang terutama di kawan majoriti Melayu.

    Dah takde exco bukan Islam yang nak bising bila rampas arak yang dijual di kawasan majori Melayu. Sita, tangkap dan dakwa mereka yang melanggar undang-undang ni yang dibela oleh exco-exco tertentu yang mungkin telah dipecat.

    Sasaran lepas ni Subang Jaya! Bersihkan Subang Jaya!

  8. These firsters don’t know/ remember who was the man so hell bent against Sekolah Wawasan.

    I also curious to know what is Dong Zong stand against these firsters attitude?

  9. Go to pendatang schools;
    Talk like pendatang
    Behave like pendatang;
    Everything wants to be different;
    But still want equality.

    1. Work in Singapore;
      Pay tax to Singapore;
      CPF also contribute to Singapore;
      Pay high VEP to Singapore still ok;
      Car registration also Singapore;
      Everything Singapore better than Malaysia;

      Tinggal nak kat Johor;
      Everything cheap take from Johor;
      Malaysian subsidies also sakau;
      Undi nak juga kat Johor;
      Malaysian VEP very unfair!

      Betul-betul punya parasit!

  10. Like the other commenter on your blog, I support Khalid Ibrahim to be PM one day. One who has the balls to tell Penang to SHUT UP deserves applause. Only Tun M dared to scold Penang when they show their arrogance “I am so perfect attitude” – Pulau Pinang Darul Sampah déjà vu.

    Penang has always acted like a non-elected Federal Territory since whenever. Perhaps as they were a Crown Colony they feel that they can rule Malaya.

    Kak Helen you highlighted Penang in May 13. The Star with the loudest noise came from Penang and of course Ah Wong.

    In fact I highlighted LGE’s audacity to scold PAS in English and Mandarin – insinuating that Malay’s can’t speak Mandarin. This posting in fact is targeted for a Chinese audience – bearing in mind he could put his posting in Malay – the national language.

    Anwar of course is from Penang and for the past 17 years being providing the whole of Malaysia endless drama and protests. Where is Jerusubang if not for all the migrants from Penang who cannot find work in Penang and had to move to the Klang Valley? You can see from the exodus every Chinese New Year from Jerusubang to Penang.

    How has Penang shut up? Well the sacking for the DAP/PKR 5 says Penang up yours. The snub from the Palace to Kak Wan says it all. In fact today, Penang says they are OK with the Kulim airport. Remember Penang fought against the Kulim airport. Penang knows their power is slipping away with Anwar losing his popularity – so Penang has to shut up.

    Better still I am laughed like watching a Tom and Jerry movie when I heard the news that Saiful sued the ass of Anwar. A cool RM50 million!

    Place in Penang in its place – as state in Malaysia. They are NOT Putrajaya FULLSTOP.

    1. Another interesting mulut kepoh, mulut murai that needs to be listed here is Zuraida fm Ampang..memandai nak ajar anak jati Selangor how to manage Selangor.

      Read that she was born in Indonesia to Indon parents, left for greener pastures to Singapore, brought up studied and I think even worked there (I think).. Tapi amboi mak ai, perangai lebih lebih dari anak jati Selangor?

      Wonder how many more in PKR and DAP yg tak sedar diri. BTW jijah mycard code is 007 like james bond. How come wiki posted her being born in Kedah? Kedah 02 la, betul ke Dandy?

      1. I voted for DAP in 2008 because Gerakan young candidates were bloody arrogant. Come 2013, it was the turn of the DAP to be bloody arrogant.

        One clear case is that Penang Chinese can only be in power for ONE term if not their shenanigans will come out at the final year of their first term.

        Penang Chinese polticians are like the products Penang factories churn out. Buka kilang, tutup kilang VSS, buka lagi employ banyak2. Next elections I hope BN will win Penang but I will only vote for one term. Gerakan/MCA tak boleh harap lama2. Menang sikit, muka kembang macam blowfish.

        Actually PAS and UMMO are more faithful.

        1. re: “if not their shenanigans will come out at the final year of their first term”

          DAP got their second term in Penang and I’m sure they’ll go on to their third (sorry, no intention of rubbing it in for you).

            1. I would not be surprised if DAP manages to keep Penang for a 4th term.

              However, there’s a possibility (depending on PAS’s Aug 17 decision) that Penang will be the only oppo state.

              It is also the only Chinese-majority state.

              Penang will be out of the national mainstream. The state will be a breeding ground of Dapsters who are seething with resentment and hate.

              1. Not just Penang. Urban areas dominated by the Chinese will also be the incubators of this hate politics.

            2. I don’t think that is possible as the demographic will change from Chinese majority to Malay majority. What might have is the state split into UMNO-controlled Malay Mainland and DAP-controlled Chinese Island. If PAS to leave Pakatan, the end will come sooner. PKR relies on Chinese support and PAS’ hard core supporters.

              I think many people don’t realise the kind of damage LGE and DAP have done to their state in these last several years. By the time they realise it will be too late even if they vote out the Tokong.

              To me, I see the state has lost its competitiveness in electronics manufacturing and also too slow in moving to new areas. The federal officials I speak with at MIDA and NCER are upset with the state govt’s attitude.

              Furthermore, Dear Leader is selling the state land one by one to fund his mega project. In the end there will be no land to sell and the whole island will be over-developed and unlivable.

              For me, I have already planned out my exit plan. And for the Dapsters who voted in the Dear Leader, you deserve what you get. Padam muka,

              Mulan, you too better move off to either Kedah or Perak.

                  1. What I am scared is now there are many highclass projects at Balik Pulau. The rich Chinese from outside Penang might live there and the Malays may be tempted to sell their land for quick profit. This is one way UMNO might fall in Balik Pulau.

                    1. That’s why I had been complaining all along in my letters to media. LGE is deliberately trying to sell land in the island so that the Malays and Indians can be sent to Mainland…a sort of ethnic cleansing. He’s devious.

    2. Where is Jerusubang if not for all the migrants from Penang who cannot find work in Penang and had to move to the Klang Valley? You can see from the exodus every Chinese New Year from Jerusubang to Penang.

      Without Selangor, the papa and mama of the Jerusubangites in Penang will mati kebuluran.

      You would notice it is the anak Selangor who is feeding Penang.

  11. Mesti baca and tengok.
    Good job Susan Loone.

    Wartawan Kanan Malaysiakini Pula Balun Lim Guan Eng
    Sunday, 10 August 2014

    “Ikrar Susan Loone adalah untuk meminggirkan LGE. Malah dalam kenyataan ringkas wartawan kanan Malaysiakini itu juga, menunjukkan ada perkara besar yang telah berlaku antara Malaysiakini dengan DAP.

    Susan Loone mendedahkan perangai hodoh Lim Guan Eng yang menurutnya, seringkali menuding dan menyalahkan orang lain setiap kali dia dikesan melakukan kesalahan. Anehnya, semua perubahan sikap LGE itu berpunca daripada besar kepala serta perasan dia sudah sangat berkuasa. ”

    “We were there when you were a NOBODY and we will be there when you are a NOBODY again.”

    1. Not surprised at all. LGE now is a consumate politician who is very close to some big businessmen. He has no time for some small time Mkini reporters who helped to put him power. I think people like Susan deserves what they get.

    2. Susan is barking up the wrong tree. She should instead question Gan and Chandran why they allowed Mkini to work for Tokong as “stenographer” in the first place.

      Bodo mia Looney.

  12. To me this talk about satu bangsa be it from bn or pr is just load of rubbish. If u r malay… u r malay, if u r chinese.. ur chinese, if u r indian.. u r indian, thats it. How can anybody unite different races into one. Dont play god.

    No matter how much the evangelis dap put on the traditional malay costumes, they r still chinese, that doesnt make them a malay.

    How can these jokers talk about satu bangsa when the reality is even from the same race n same religion, the malays cannot unite among themselves.

    Even if the one national school become reality, there will be still three races in it. I support the one national school, it is the most effective way of creating oneness between the different races.

    1. re: “satu bangsa”

      I would think some plural society countries have been successful in putting nationality first – Americans, Australians, Singaporeans come to mind.

      In Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew closed the Chinese schools.

      1. Re I would think some plural society countries have been successful in putting nationality first – Americans, Australians, Singaporeans come to mind.

        That’s because they don’t entertain the nonsense our government is and has been doing for the past 50+ years. There is only one type of school, the monolingual school whether they are public or private, they teach in English in the cases of the 3 countries you mentioned.

        1. re: “That’s because they don’t entertain the nonsense our government is and has been doing for the past 50+ years.”

          The 50-plus years era may come to an end soon. It all hinges on PAS’s decision on Aug 17.

        1. Okay, the day I don’t cringe when I hear LKS, LGE and HY speak their bahasa Melayu tahap “soalan mulut”, that’ll be the day when I believe they’re Malaysian First.

  13. the problem with these arrogant Malaysian firsters wannabe is they will ask for help from MCA when they got problems with ah long, gangsters, road bully, marriage complication or infrastructure issues. but when it comes to empowerment issue, DAP still hold the cards.

    it’s high time the chinese start asking help from the DAPsters which only knows how to condemn on the above said matters. if not, it will only show their hypocrisy. I still retain my stand that out of all party, MCA still gives the best community service to the public especially Chinese community.

    1. re: “I still retain my stand that out of all party, MCA still gives the best community service to the public especially Chinese community.”

      I agree.

      But the No-hope-no-cure Chinese voters will reap what they sow. MCA will not live beyond GE14.

      1. What is wrong with this MCA?
        Press statement by MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman Datuk Ti Lian Ker

        Will singing “The First Noel” too be questioned under the Sedition Act?

        “For example, for anyone including children carolers singing the chorus of the Christmas carol “The First Noel” which ends with “Born is the King of Israel”, will they too be subject to questioning under the Sedition Act. Will radio and television channels broadcasting “The First Noel” in its programmes or movie channels too be probed for sedition?”

          1. ‘What is wrong with this MCA?’

            Kaki Tikam Belakang!!!

            Itu King of Israel orang pun tau bukan Israel negara haram Zionis la- Ti Lian Ker jangan so bodoh can or not?

            Dalam Quran pun ada sebut Ya Bani Israel, sedition meh? Bolok punya Cina MCA!!!

    2. Re It’s high time the chinese start asking help from the DAPsters which only knows how to condemn on the above said matters

      They did ask for help from those crooks but the crooks turned them down.

      Then come election season the crooks will again incite them, telling them that if they don’t support the DAP, Umno will lord over them.

      You see the pattern? It is easy to get their support. Just incite them.

      1. re: “You see the pattern? It is easy to get their support. Just incite them.”

        Their susceptibility to incitement has to be dented. But holy water addiction is like alcoholism.

        1. With their RM2 holy water plants mushrooming in the big urban areas coupled with the slick MLM finish la these people.

          1. They’re already living in ethnic silos.

            They will soon be living in virtual religious silos.

    3. Do u seriously think the likes of biawak HY, emptypot OKM etc able to solve real problem on the ground like lee lam thyes in the past? The present Dap** MPs n Aduns r makan gaji buta type lar

  14. It is quite obvious that Malaysians don’t read and understand their own Constitution or Perlembagaan.

    Those who do (esp. Politicians) instead twisted the meaning to mean something else for their own political hubris.

    So if there is going to be any changes to the current policies, status quo etc the first thing to do is to change the Constitution. Otherwise, it’s just a lot of hot air blowing in the wind to create unnecessary frictions, insults etc.

    The same goes for the various State Constitutions.

    If any citizen feels she or he is discriminated, the final say won’t be the politicians or PM or Minister for that matter. They can always seek redress in the Courts up to International courts. Wouldn’t that be better than shouting out loud as to who is right or wrong in any ambiguities in the interpretation of the Constitution as it stands which is the highest law of the land even higher than any State Constitution or Acts made by Parliament.

    Go get a life!

    1. It is ironic that you have to come here shouting. I doubt you know much about the constitution. All the things you’ve said, you’re here just to seek attention.

    2. are you stupid or what? this is not cross nation issue to be brought to international court. simpan sikit bodoh tu boleh tak dandy?

      there’s a reason every nation is build based on sovereignty. and one of the reason is to make law. next what? road bully like kiki case also want to take to international court ka? macam la mat salleh tu lagi paham our constitution than us.

      I think you’re the one who doesn’t read the constitution or maybe play dumb. just like your lovable dapsters.

  15. DAP Penang | 槟州民主行动党 | Parti Tindakan Demokratik Pulau Pinang
    31 July

    Are you ready for Ubah Mooncake? IT’S COMING SOON!
    call 04-2288482 for booking reservation or for more info. Thank you!

    *Please like and share!*

    Question: Isn’t mooncake Chinese and actually UBER racist? Isn’t it time we move forward from racist celebrations like mooncake? And for the Christian, isn’t the mooncake festival pagan?

    1. Other people’s food and beliefs also you want to criticised. It just shows your level of civility.

      Nobody forcing or asking you to partake or join in.

      Go get a life.

      1. Because I not racist. I Malaysian first. Mooncake not Malaysian.. so it is racist.
        And then
        Exodus 20:1-10 ESV / 188 helpful votes

        And God spoke all these words, saying, “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. “You shall have no other gods before me. “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me,

        1 Corinthians 10:20-21 ESV / 127 helpful votes

        No, I imply that what pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not to God. I do not want you to be participants with demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.

        So Dandy, can I buy mooncake?

      2. I thought DAP got zero Chinese only Malaysian what? suddenly want to adopt Chinese delicacies in their publicity stunt.

        1. Malaysian Malaysia is a compromise of everything but Cinas!!!

          Mooncake and Limau mesti ada punya!!!

          Lain kali kita akan dengar main judi pun tak boleh ditangkap one sebab budaya Cina, sensitif skit, jangan tatau nih, kalau tatau letak jawatan or maybe kena charge akta hasutan?!

  16. City Harvest Church got moon cake.

    Isn’t worshiping the moon goddess unChristian and pagan? Or is there is a new bible verse that allows the moon cake and the moon goddess.

    (Moral of the story: Like the DAP moon cake, you make up Church rules as you go. You can forget about the Bible if it is profitable – the 21 Century New Testament)

  17. In her press statement today, Azizah claimed that she now has 30 ADUN including 2 PAS ADUN supporting her as the new MB.

    There is still a twist and turn to this Selangor Soap Opera. If PR manages to keep Selangor and get hold of cash that the state has, it dreams of Putrajaya may be still on.

    That is no good for Malays and Muslims !

    1. The operative word is “claim”…..This sounds very much like the stupid “Sept 16” stunt by her own Anugerah Tuhan husband. She doesn’t know that some PKR leaders don’t support her either.

      1. It looks like 29 Aduns showed up at her press conference.

        Speaker not in pix maybe b’cos pretending to show “neutrality” but counted anyway to make up 30.

        1. Firstly, she cannot vote along with her deputy. Secondly, she claims they support her. Again, another false claim and a wrong move. This is getting dumb and dumber each day. What she should have done is getting the ADUNs to sign SD to support her. Without the SD what she says is as good as her husband’s Sept 16 Bollywood drama.

          The problem is even she has the SD, the Sultan might not accept it since she did not follow the proper protocol. She again made a blunder by going public without approaching him with the SD first. This gonna further piss the Sultan who is already rather very unimpressed by the whole drama by the husband and wife comedy troupe.

          And even if the Sultan agrees with this, Khalid might just exercise the Nuclear Option – assembly dissolution. Either way, this gonna be a long drawn out drama. Better stock up on chips and keropoks.

          1. re: “she cannot vote along with her deputy”

            Not sure. As I recall in the Perak crisis, the DAP Speaker could not vote.

            1. Between Hannah and Nik Nazmi, the Speaker who is chairing the meeting at the material time cannot vote.

  18. Jijah, Anwar, LKS and son and all the clowns are busy counting the beads in the sempoa.. 28, 29, 30, 31 haiya.

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