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Geli geliman

From the Minaq Jinggo photo collection, reproduced with a great many thanks.

Yesterday’s press conference by Mrs Anwar to announce the 30 Aduns (including her own self) who support her.

Venue: Subang Jaya’s Empire Hotel. Yup, Jerusubang is indeed the state capital for the alternative wannabe gomen.


eeee, so geli!

Saari Sungib in the grip of the Biawak


Kit Siang and Kok Wai, acting DAP chairman


Anwar flanked by the Lim Father & Son

The Lims

Elizabeth Wong, Rodziah Ismail and Anwar’s missus

Elizabeth Wong

Hypocrite Hannah & the evangelistas

Gan Pei Nei (wearing glasses), Yeo Bee Yin (grey blouse), Ean Yong Hian Wah (sitting) and Rajiv Rishyakaran, the Hannah Yeoh personal assistant turned YB Bukit Gasing PJ Selatan


We must not let our beloved state slip into the clutches of the Yahudi Yeohs!

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58 thoughts on “Geli geliman

  1. Ms H, It is time the supporters of the Opposition notice that their leaders are not practising holisitic ( I copy ) politics in their interests !

  2. Sow a thought you reap an act.
    Sow an act, you reap a habit.
    Sow a habit, you reap a character.
    Sow a character, you reap a consequence.
    ……. by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant October 14, 2005

  3. Tan Kok Wai cakap tak ada tempat untuk PAS dalam PR kalau mahu ketengahkan Hudud, Saari Sungip tak faham bahasa ka?

    Tokong and Bapa 13 Mei dah berkali-kali mengherdik PAS macam anjing kurap, siap bagi ultimatum lagi, Saari Sungip tak terasa hati ka?

    PAS tak sedaq2 lagi dengan sapa depa ‘berkawan’? Bang Non pun tak bagi muka kat kepimpinan ulamak PAS, dia dah tunjuk taring, dia ada lebih kuasa dan pengaruh daripada Presiden dan Mursyidul Am, ramai lagi dalam PAS orang kuat Bang Non tapi belum dapat arahant!

    PAS kena makan dari dalam daripada anai-anai Bang Non! Kesian kat PAS, yang dok teropong UMNO dari jauh, nak awasi musuh, rupa-rupanya dalam PAS musuh dalam selimut sudah membarah bersarang!

    Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. Saari Sungip dan Anwarinas nampaknya membakar PAS dari dalam, persis api dalam sekam. Agaknya, PAS sibuk berdoa jahanamkan UMNO, saudara seagama, PAS yang menuju jalan jahanam!

    Semoga PAS bingkas bangun dan sedar dengan fitnah Dajjal Akhirul Zaman!

    1. Aku dah lupa bila kali terakhir PAS buat keputusan yang bijaksana. Masih lagi tidur dan khayal dengan mainan mimpi.

      Dan jangan pula keliru, TSKI tidaklah sebijak dan sehebat mana. Baik sikit saja dari mamasan. Tak payah kita nak mimpikan Malay-Muslim unity govt si Selangor. Jika wujud pun hanya pada nama saja, demi survival politik, tidak pada semangat.

      1. Orang Melayu tradisional atas akidah Asha’irah dan sukatan agama: 1) tauhid, 2) fiqh, dan 3) tasawuf, telah berpadu seribu tahun di rantau Nusantara. Hanyasanya kepimpinan kesultanan atau kerajaan masyarakat moden bakal naik dan turun tahapnya ikut kelaziman hukum duniawi. Maka datangnya dalam 100 tahun kebelakangan kaum Salafi-Wahhabi yang menentang “dalil akal” (logik) sebagai sumber akidah dan fiqh dan mereka pun menolak ilmu tasawuf secara perkosa, yang mana dengan itu mereka telah mencemuhkan ulama sufi dan waliullah di mata masyarakat ramai. Inilah yang jadi punca fikiran dan emosi radikal dalam Islam yang telah merebak ke pinggiran Syria dan Iraq sebagai kumpulan terrorisme seumpama ISIS.

    2. That ibnu Sungib was a JIM president, an abim cousin, true blue bang non fanboy. After bang non was sacked from umno, he put many of his men in Pas ie kamaruddin jaafar, kamaruddin m. Nor, saari sungib, dr zulkifli ahmad etc. By right they should have joined PKR. These trojan horses / anwarinas were embraced by non ularmak faction like mat sabun, husam etc and now become key people in Pas and some are MPs and aduns.

      do u think these trojan horses care about what hj hadi say? These are fanatic PKR men and they listen to KetUm only.

    3. PAS bingkas bangun? In this Three Stooges ‘coalition’, PAS has consistently proved to be the weakest and stupidest partner. DAP will bully in broad daylight, and now using Aweks Cun, whilst PKR had placed silent suicide bombers deep inside PAS that can easily render the whole party useless, if needed. Those two PAS ADUNs are clearly amongst the suicide bombers inside PAS and that was a warning to the lebais, not to be funny this coming Sunday.

      My crystal ball says this:

      (1). PAS cannot really take a meaningful disciplinary actions against those two PAS ADUNs who publicly support Jijah the Ironing Board. You see, the silent suicide bombers inside PAS will not allow such tough actions to be taken against their own kind but instead will use the insubordination of the two to influence PAS decision this Sunday, skew it towards supporting the Ironing Board.

      (2). PAS will remain in Pakatan after demanding several concessions from PKR and DAP, in exchange for ousting Khalid and supporting PKR’s Kajang Fraud (plus after succumbing to pressure from PAS’ silent suicide bombers). This may include the possibility of supporting an alternative male PKR ADUN as MB. Jijah maybe the new Deputy MB who calls the shot behind the screen but answers only to her husband (ingat, syurga dibawah tapak kaki suami and no PAS member will dispute that). If PAS was shy to defend kalimah ‘Allah’ and everything Islamic in Selangor, it is fat chance that they are going to defend Khalid at their expense.

      (3). The status quo remains but the mud slinging between Anwar’s and Khalid’s factions will continue.

      (4). Then DUN dibubarkan but PKR, DAP and PAS remains within Pakatan to battle UMNO (sbb parti komponen BN lain cuma main wayang je, buat2 sibuk itupun kalau tak menggunting dalam lipatan as usual).

      (5). UMNO Selangor is still makan dan tidur. They are hell bent on fattening themselves and there is no way they’re gonna let Madame Speaker expands horizontally wider than them. Unless, someone wakes them up. But PM Najib tried during GE13 kan? Kalah juga di Selangor.

      (6). This whole episode should be made into a film and allowed to compete for Oscar, Cannes and Berlin Film Awards. A fat Hong Kong actress can play the Selangor Madame Speaker. Prada can sponsor hand bags.

      I cannot wait to see PAS to disappoint Muslims again as always, especially since they chose Buku Jingga over Al-Quran in many issues. It will show to Malaysia that anything about Islam is just a tool, just how Madame Speaker used the tudung as a tool.

      1. Your crystal ball is very illuminating. I like the ‘Ironing Board’ expression; And your take on the state the PAS is in, viz being infested by Bang Non’s PAraSitic suicide bombers whose termite-like operation had rendered PAS the Islamic party being Islamic in name only and in nothing else.

        Bang Non’s impact on the political front should also be seen in what’s happening in the Middle East and Turkey where the ISIL, assisted by Erdogan and Arab money, is aggressively doing a bidding for Israel and the Zionists by destroying mosques and killing Muslims in the thousands and vowing to destroy the Kaabah and promising not to fight Israel.

        Your suggestion that a film ought to be made on this episode is apt indeed.

      2. Pwincess, SPOT-ON!! Just watched the news on NTV7, PAS dpt hidayah ari nih dan buat keputusan utk sekongkol dgn PKR dan DAP to oust Tan Sri Khalid. Funny, PAS kept on asking PKR and DAP what’s wrong with Tan Sri Khalid and today chose to ditch him. Tak boleh harap sampai kiamat lebai-lebai mabuk kuasa dlm PAS nih!!

  4. I think in the end, BN will recapture Selangor. All atas pagar people and those who is not really into Aljub will definitely choose BN. They know PR is not a credible alternative yet. As a matter of fact, they r much worst!.

    1. Azid, sorry to say I don’t think that will happen. The core DAP supporters (Dapsters) are still as fanatical and evangelical as ever in their loyalty – LKS can form an alliance with ISIS and these jokers will happily vote for them.

      I think PR will lose a number of seats in areas where the Malay & Indian population is large but in the end, mainly due to DAP, PR will retain Selangor. UMNO will be stronger of course at the expense of PAS and PKR but I don’t see DAP losing a single seat of even reduce their mega majority significantly at all.

      1. Agree with c. Umno may be able to erode some of the PKR/PAS support but not DAP. And won’t be surprise if Dap put some Malay faces to win some Malay votes.

          1. I don’t discount such a possibility. They have nothing to lose. In fact, they have a lot to gain at the expense of Pas and PKR.

        1. They will put a Malay candidate in a Chinese majority constituency specifically as an insurance to have their own candidate for Menteri Besarship – but not of the Khalid Ibrahim DNA though.

      2. You better accelerate your exit strategy buddy. You can imagine what Malaysia will look like if PR win the GE14. The insanity. The mayhem.

        These people are not rational. They are vindictive, just like the Pol Pot regime. Some of my ex colleagues exited Malaysia way before the 2008 election because of their fear of a Pol Pot like regime taking over Malaysia. Their fears became reality when PR won power in Penang and now the state is literally run like a North Korea.

        A considerable number had exited this country since GE13. Those of us still here, most of us are laying the groundwork for an eventual exit, hopefully, that we’ll be in safe shores before/after GE14.

        1. I can imagine Malaysia will turn into Zimbabwe-like state once PR take control. very scary, but to exit is like giving the country to vultures on a silver platter.

          believe it, pakatan’s holier than thou approach will backfired when they hold the power. it is because they have successfully turn people to be impatient on each and single thing about the government.

          1. Well, people look after their own interests. We’re not handing this country to the vultures on a silver platter by exiting this country. The people who are intoxicated by holy water are the ones handing this country to these vultures, the thieves, crooks.

            We’re a minority. There is nothing much we can do really. Our votes carry little if any weight. That’s why people like us, the professionals, the well off, we’re heading for the exit. We want no part in any of this insanity, mayhem that will ensue once PR is in power.

            We care for our families, our people. That’s why an exit is our only option. I personally entertained the idea of actually heading for the exit in the months before GE13 but I was persuaded by the possibility that somehow the BN will win but with a much reduced majority and just hang in there, and maybe, with a bit of luck, they could still hold fort in GE14.

            But this Selangor MB fiasco, and other developments since GE14, like the increasing belligerence of people on social networks, I believe for people like me, us, it is time to start preparing for the exit.

    2. I concur. But for the Chinese who are into holy water, they will continue to vote for PR. The fence sitters and those who are not really into Mr Backside may not like BN but for sure they will reject PR this time, that is, if we have a snap poll. PR has never been a credible alternative. They are a House of Crooks.

  5. Pakatan dah jadi Keluarga 69 serabut dan kelam kabut
    dunia-dunia jual orang lag bagus dari jual unta

  6. PAS PAS PAS. Sedarlah. Takkanlah tak nampak lagi tak faham lagi siapa depa depa ni, munafik munafik ni. Tak nak bersama BN pun tak apa lah kalau dah marah sangat kat UMNO keluar saja dari PR. Pas mampu berdiri sendiri. TOLONGLAH

  7. Everyone waiting for Tuanku to come back from holidays?

    Mike Tyson diam-diam sahaja. Maybe he is also holidaying sekarang.

    The best is yet to come.


  8. One thing for sure, Penangits are truly 1Malaysia because we can accept anyone to be our CM regardless which states you’re come from. and I’m really proud with it.

    show this fact in your next article Helen, if you dare!

    1. re: “because we can accept anyone to be our CM regardless”

      During the GE12 campaign (2008), the DAP apparatchiks were going around telling voters that Penangites must not vote Gerakan and MCA because the weakened Chinese partners in the state ruling coalition would allow Umno Penang to nominate their man as chief minister.

      1. They love the Singapore model. Just take a look, for instance, their athletes. How many of them were born in Singapore ?

        They can be children of immigrants as long as they were born in the country. But in this case, they are not. Just import the whole brigade.

      2. Can Penang have a Malay CM for a change? I think it should be OK that Dyana can become CM of Penang. I am very sure the people of Penang esp the Chinese (oops. Malaysians) can accept it.

      3. I was forwarded a message by my Cina kawan allegedly from DAP telling the Cinas in Penang that the Gomen taking their tax money and spent it for Malay Schools…

        Have to reprimand and tell my kawan that it was in fact a Sekolah Kebangsaan for all Malaysians.

        Such are the fitnah they hurls to be in power!

    2. Penangits are truly 1Malaysia because we can accept anyone to be our CM regardless which states you’re come from. and I’m really proud with it.

      We can accept Mr Chris Ross.

    3. The hills of Penang are alive by looking botak.

      “A METAL frame structure has been erected in the middle of the controversial 0.8ha Bukit Relau site which was illegally cleared last year.

      Environmental group Citizen Chant (Chant) recently received photographs of the scaffold-like structure which is several metres high.”

      “A privately-owned 23ha plot on Bukit Relau was rezoned from hill land to low-density housing land by the state in 2012.”

      1. re: “A privately-owned 23ha plot on Bukit Relau was rezoned from hill land to low-density housing land by the state in 2012.”

        But Jagdeep said it was done before 2008.

        Yeah, right.

        Till today, even NGOs like CAP/SAM/Penang Forum aka Aliran and even CC dare not bring up this glaring irregularity.

        Everyone keeps pretending there’s transparency. Chiu cheng kias all of them.

        Penang kiong kan laa.

      2. I used to enjoy shuttling daily to KUL fm my kpg, the templars park stretch, the special cool, serene and tranquil mountain environment just before one enters the city.

        Today botak all over already.

        They built very xpensive houses mostly unoccupied and deserted probably reserved for the monkeys? Haiyaa over 40yrs living here and just give this people 5yrs,…….. Kaput!

        The Taman Commenwealth pun skrg probably dah jadi someones-wealth! Once very popular and weekends full of activities, today cannot even see its signboard. Potong korek habis!

        Such a beautiful place, within 6yrs habis rosak!

  9. “We must not let our beloved state slip into the clutches of the Yahudi Yeohs!”

    Simply don’t patronize their businesses. If you reduce their income sources then these people would have less funds to create chaos. Just boycott Evangelista and DAPster businesses.

    If people can come together and boycott Mc, the same boycott for Evangelisata and DAPster businesses.

    PS. If it is OK to like “I Love Israel” as it is not sediction, surely it is fine to “I Love Hitler” and “What Japanese invasion of China”. The reverse is fine, dear MCA.

    1. Why boycott their businesses ? No point. A much better way is to take over their business, like what PNB did with SP Setia. Take over their businesses then boot out their underlings. That is way better than boycotting them and we get to make money off their backs.

      1. my sentiment exactly. the malays umno and pas pool their little monies into pnb & tbg haji that now snowballed. do the same in politics. be strategic, unite & act in concert lah. Baca quran berlagu2 tapi tak faham dan amal. ignore quran at your own peril, melayu

    2. The stupid boy was highly regarded by TMI and their readers. Their IQs are very showing!

      Would it be OK if I liked a page by a known Cina killers? Would it not be seditious then?

      Dear TMI, Abdullah Zaik was charged for what again?

  10. Macam mana ketum tanam orang2 dia dalam umno dulu dan rosakkan umno, macam inilah dia telah tanam orang2 dia dalam pas dan rosakkan pas.

    One of the many agents of destruction that we have in this world today.

      1. Verily! he has planted the seeds of his own destruction, and when these germs of evil sprout he will feel it most patently!.

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