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Hannah can call Dewan to meet earliest by next month

Like I’ve been saying, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Madame Speaker can call and set the date for the next meeting of the Selangor legislative assembly.

The current DUN session is adjourned sine die (without fixing a new date) but Standing Order 10 (2) permits Hannah Yeoh to summon the Aduns with a minimum of 28 days’ notice. It is possible that she will be announcing this afterwards today.


The Selangor state assembly Standing Order 10 (2) reads:

“Disyaratkan, iaitu, jika Dewan telah ditangguhkan dengan tidak menetapkan hari mesyuarat akan datang, Tuan Speaker bolehlah menetapkan harinya; dan dengan itu Setiausaha Dewan hendaklah menghantar surat pemberitahu hari yang ditetapkan itu kepada setiap ahli sekurang-kurangnya dua puluh lapan hari sebelumnya.”

What is within Hannah Yeoh’s power above is an administrative procedure that is in the books.

Peraturan - Peraturan Tetap Bagi Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor 1965

DAP’s cold-blooded biawak approach

Hannah’s boss the Iguana Eng does not want the Selangor DUN to be dissolved by Khalid Ibrahim.

Pakatan is afraid of snap polls.

They prefer to force Khalid to resign – see Kit Siang’s statement below – and install Anwar’s MB (My Bini) as the replacement Menteri Besar.

MB’s prerogative to call emergency sitting

Unlike the Speaker’s power to set a date for the DUN meeting as per normal procedure, the Menteri Besar can call an emergency meeting under Standing Order 10(3) if there is pressing public interest.

What the DAP wants is a sitting where their 29 (minus Speaker) pro-Azizah Aduns can rubberstamp the motion of no confidence against Khalid.

In Guan Eng eyes, it is “extremely selfish” of Khalid should he choose to dissolve the assembly instead of accepting a forced resignation.

DAP evangelista hit squad on the move

In the meantime, the below-the-belters DAP Yang Berhormats are attacking the Khalid camp.

Yesterday, Hannah Yeoh’s former Personal Assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran now turned Bukit Gasing (PJ Selatan) Adun held a press conference to diss Selangor GLC, Communication Corporation Sdn Bhd, which runs the state propaganda machine, for allegedly serving Khalid’s personal agenda.

Alongside DAP colleagues YB Yeo Bee Yin (Damansara Utama) and YB Lee Kee Hiong (Kuala Kubu Baru), Rajiv accused Khalid of abusing the media machinery to promote his cause.


Worms now crawling out of the can

Yeo (pix above) took issue with Selangorkini, the state newspaper, for what she described as its attempt to justify Khalid’s position while not giving equal coverage to Wan Azizah, see yesterday’s Malaysiakini report ‘Khalid using state media for own propaganda‘.

She further challenged Khalid strongman Faekah Husin to stop printing Selangorkini, claiming that the Pakatan service centres will no longer distribute the state Malay paper. “We will send all these propaganda materials for recycling,” Yeo snided.

Note: Yeo Bee Yin is the evangelista Adun for Damansara Utama where the infamous church is located.

She had previously taunted the Muslim NGOs, “Congrats! You have won your holy war. Go celebrate” when the Federal Court rejected the application by Christian paper Herald against the Court of Appeal’s ruling on its use of the ‘Allah’ word.

BELOW: Menteri Besar Incorporated CEO Faekah (in white tudung, below) is advisor to the RM15 million-ringgit state media corporation CCSB.


Anyone still remember Selangor Times, the Hannah publicity organ?

Regular readers of my blog may recall that some two year’s back, I had highlighted how the fawning Selangor Times editorial team provided Hannah Yeoh an overdose of publicity. The Jerusubang Adun was featured in practically almost every edition like it was her grandfather’s newspaper.

(Khalid’s press secretary Arfa’eza Aziz – in beige tudung above – and Faekah were the two Malay advisors to Selangor Times, which was otherwise an all-Christian Chinese outfit.)

But now Hannah’s little-big minion Rajiv – photo montage below- is suddenly griping that Khalid, who used to condemn Utusan, “is going down to the same road as Umno” in utilizing the media at their disposal.

BELOW: Becoming Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistant is stepping stone to YB career


Evangelistas exploit state machinery like duck taking to water

When the state media was misused to glorify Hannah, Rajiv & Gang were perfectly fine with it.

They only now complain about how much taxpayer’s money is being wasted by Selangor to blitz the sheeple with pro-Khalid propaganda because of their unhappiness with the currently partyless MB.

BELOW: KL Chan, the then Selangor Times editor, waxing lyrical about Dream Centre-DUMC’s “awesome worship team and [concert quality] sound system!” Evangelista … but of course.


Selangor’s massive expenditure on indoctrination

After Pakatan took control of Malaysia’s richest state in 2008, a ton of money was poured into creating the massive brainwashing machine covering every nook and cranny in Selangor. The evangelista network was the quickest to take advanatge.

In rural Kuala Kubu Baru, copies of Selangorkini are “all taken up immediately after its arrival”, revealed the constituency’s DAP Adun Lee Kee Hiong.

Apart from Selangorkini which gives away 56,000 free copies daily, CCSB also operates TV Selangor for 22,000 subscribers.

Note that Selangorkini has a bigger circulation than the NST that only sells 37,885 copies. Also in the state stable is Media Selangorku, a comprehensive multimedia set-up whose Facebook has 158,000 ‘Likes’.

Malaysians living in the Pakatan states of Selangor and Penang are the most indoctrinated people in the whole country. The evangelistas peddle propaganda and holy water to the point of overkill – see, ‘51 photos of Guan Eng in single edition of Buletin Mutiara‘.

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27 thoughts on “Hannah can call Dewan to meet earliest by next month

  1. The Malay Buletin Mutiara is different from the English/Chinese/ Tamil version. The Malay ones are so unpopular is given at Petronas and Komtar kiosk. The non Malay version is so good as it is convenient paper to use as trash wrappers. They sent to the house whether you order or not. I have a choice to have English rubbish wrap, Chinese or Tamil.

  2. Cina takut hujan. You need to Malay to be your protest proxy.
    It was understood that former state executive councillor Ronnie Liu also turned up but he stayed in the building and did not come out because of the poor attendance.

    “I saw him (Liu) arriving earlier this morning. Maybe he decided not to come out because they (protesters) have cancelled cancel the demonstration because of the rain,” said a security guard who refused to be identified.

    I thought if you believe in something you will support whether it rains, snows etc. I thought they hate TSKI so much. Bullshit.

  3. Re Malaysians living in the Pakatan states of Selangor and Penang are the most indoctrinated people in the whole country. The evangelistas peddle propaganda and holy water to the point of overkill.

    in the 1970s, John Pilger, the journalist met Leni Riefenstahl and asked her about her films that glorified the Nazis. He asked her about propaganda in societies that imagined themselves “superior”. She replied that the “messages” in her films were dependent not on “orders from above” but on a “submissive void” in the German population.

    He continued to press Riefenstahl by asking “Did that include the liberal, educated bourgeoisie?” She replied “Everyone,” and “of course the intelligentsia.”

    Indoctrination succeeds only if people willingly believe whatever it is that they want to believe. You must understand that propaganda works not through force by but appealing to whatever it is that people want to believe and people are just waiting for the propagandists to say what they already believe. This is the “submissive void” Riefenstahl was referring to.

    To say that Malaysians living in the Pakatan states of Selangor and Penang are the most indoctrinated people in the whole country is misleading. These people are not victims of propaganda. They are willing participants in propaganda.

  4. Siapa agaknya kena bermesyuarat di bawah pokok kali ni?

    TSKI atau Jijah atau Azmin atau Hannah?

    Jaga kunci pintu masuk DUN siapa? Tak ada duplicate ke?

    Yang paling penting RM3billion , make sure tak lesap. Agaknya RM3 billion boleh beli berapa karton air mineral Dan menyelesaikan masalah air kat Selangor? Lebih dari cukup.

    Tu lah politik paling matang di dunia.


  5. Seperti yg disangkakan, PAS dah flip and flop again,


    What a laugh..

    We are going to be bombed soon with tons of secrets that only someone in Pakatan (TSKI) is able to expose having been THE man incharge of Selangor since Pakatan took over this state.

    Macam mana Dandy?

    1. Soooo bloody disappointing kan? It happened just like what Pwincess had commented on this blog few days ago, PAS bukan flip-flop tp dah jual pegangan.

      PAS sah dah mabuk minum holy water dr sumber lombong terbiar dan terus sekongkol dgn evangelista di selangor. Takbir!! Takbir!! Takbir bull-shit!!

      1. ‘It happened just like what Pwincess had commented on this blog few days ago, PAS bukan flip-flop tp dah jual pegangan.’

        True. Pwincess is da man. oops. Pwincess is the pretty one…

  6. Real Fact. Chinese = $$$ and $$$=Chinese. If one day ISIS attack Malaysia the first to shelter to Singapore is ‘LIM Clans’ followed by huge Chinese migrates to other countries China maybe?. Malays will fights till the end cause where shall we go?

    Some may says Idons and do you think so? Indians will try balik India but most will contd fighting with Malay because not many of them can afford. This cant be denied and the statistic in our Armed Forces is very true indeed, How many Chinese, Indians are in our Armed Forces, Police and how many of them acts and thinks like a real Malaysian where the Bahasa Malaysia is the official Language?, you know what I mean.!

    Bangla’s, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistani are more like real Malaysian as just a few month here they can speak Bahasa while 57 year of Independence most Chinese still ‘gagaping’ unlike the Baba’s of Malacca where our Government should give them Bumiputra status as they assimilate 100% as Malaysian.

    Apa lagi Cina Mau?

    Polis dan Askar yang majority Melayu sanggup mati demi Negara yang mana Cina banyak buat duit dan hidup senang.! I am very regretful to say that. Its no more the same when MCA was accepted as the main representative of Malaysian Chinese compared to now.

    The worst is when Malays tries their luck to please the DAP’s emperors to cuba nasib. I used to respect DAP when they are the main opposition even though I don’t vote for them but now truth prevail when they proof they are worst when governing a state.

    1. PAS telah membuktikan bhw mereka hanya layak sbg barua dlm pakatan. So tski apa lagi? Tendang exco2 PAS tu segera dan bubarkan dun. Kita dah boring tgk drama xde kesudahan ni.

      Masalah2 kat sgor py byk x selesai boleh lg drama2. Kalau lps 2nd pilihanraya ni org selangor sokong PR jgk sah bhw mereka lg suka drama dr tgk kjaan yg stabil utk servis yg lg baik. Dlm lain katanya, mereka tu munafik bak kata teng chang kim.

      Segala kata nak hapus rasuah, kroni, nepotisme dll tu semua tipu belaka. So jgn jd bodoh lg ya selangorian.

      1. re: “bubarkan dun”

        Tolong bersabar.

        TS Khalid should take his time. It is Madame Speaker who will try to speed things up. Let the DAP take their best shot.

        The Tan Sri should sit tight and continue his present strategy, e.g. lodge complaint with ROS, send the Aduns’ files to MACC, etc.

        1. I think he already have all the relevant docs of aduns. better make election asap in my opinion and use the docs to smear the aduns. tski must be speedier than madame speaker so that the dun will be dissolved before the no vote confidence motion be tabled in the next meeting. it’s a rat race from now on I think.

        1. Get Umno Aduns on board then as excos to establish an interim minority government.

          Madame Speaker will call an assembly meeting to move ‘No Confidence’ motion, you can bet on that. But following standard procedures will still allow TS Khalid a month in the MB’s office to “have fun”.

          1. Do you think in anyway can he apply for court injunctions to stop whatever until his sacking status is being cleared?

            Or are there going to be arrests made soon. Read someplace the PAS Adun gave threats earlier he will bare all shld they decide to apa apakan dia?

            Plot thickens..


            Memang kami sini dok gelak tak habiss tau tak Dandy? Semua bet itu PAS will corner wan, as always.

          2. Ohya Dandy, now you know why DSNajib make donno only?

            Mauhahaha, dia pon pasti dok gelak berdekah2. Sendiri bikin kacau, kacau sana sini, saman sana sini, last last camtu aje?

  7. Hannah must be relieved that her strategy to keep mum over the MB Sgor mess until today had been wise; she won’t be losing her place as the 5-figure-income Speaker after all.

    And now she can celebrate by going down to downtown Bkt Bintang and buy herself new LV bags.

  8. re: “DAP evangelista hit squad on the move …”

    “The tongue like a sharp knife… it kills without drawing blood.”

    – Backbiting or slandering others is evil karma for one’s soul.

    “However many holy words you read; however many words you speak, what good will they do you If you do not act on upon them?”

    – Which is why Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians – you are not like him.”

    “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

    – Sharpen your thinking skills and make good sense out of common sense.

    1. re: “Backbiting or slandering others is evil karma for one’s soul.”

      Time for the DAP evangelistas to be paid back their karma, with interest.

    2. Those were the sayings of Gautama Buddha 2500 years ago, but they seem to apply well to our troubled religionists today.

  9. how’s the general air in Selangor though? I mean what are the public sentiments about this? Are they of the opinion that Khalid is indeed selfish, or do they think something is amiss with him being forced out the way he did?

    1. The majority of public sentiments in Selangor still ABU (anything but umno).. Even if you put Godzilla into office, it still ok as long it is ABU..

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