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Khalid kena bambu left, right and by the BN backstabbers too

DAP’s Ong Kian Ming, who is a columnist at The J-Star, wrote today about Khalid Ibrahim’s “desperate and increasing futile attempt to remain as the Mentri Besar of Selangor”.

Ong accused Khalid of accomplishing what the BN has thus far failed to do. The DAP Serdang evangelista MP asks Khalid whether he felt that it was really worth it breaking up Pakatan Rakyat.

Ong wrote:

“Was it really worth it to mislead the Sultan when you clearly knew you did not command the confidence of a majority of the Selangor state assembly representatives? Was it really worth it to say that the government you led was never really a Pakatan government since it is not a registered entity? Was it really worth it to turn Pakatan colleagues against one another and to push things to breaking point within PAS?”


Gunting dalam lipatan

Using the huge public platform given him by the MCA media, Ong took the opportunity to cast aspersions on Khalid’s character vis-a-vis his Bank Islam settlement and water MoU signed with the federal government.

While at it, Ong did not miss throwing in some nasty innuendos as well about Khalid’s purported “failure to give a proper account, either his own party (then) or to the public” about the Selangor MB’s alleged ‘settling’ of that RM70 million debt.

Urging Khalid to step down, Ong mocked that the former’s support – received from only 12 Umno out of 56 Selangor Aduns – is a “feather in TSKI’s cap”.

Pinning the “sordid episode” on Khalid, Ong lamented that the Tan Sri’s attempt to continue holding on to power “has undoubtedly harmed Pakatan’s political standing” in the eyes of the general public.

How nice of the J-Star – which hardly gives its precious column inches to any MCA people – to provide the DAP evangelista politicians with generous opportunities to air their grouses and hit out at the BN’s interests.


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32 thoughts on “Khalid kena bambu left, right and by the BN backstabbers too

  1. I read that article too.

    It’s really nauseating that MCA-owned-BN-backstabber-STAR could allow a DAP fella to bash BN in its media.

    WCW patut kena ketuk kepala.

    1. re: “WCW patut kena ketuk kepala.”

      No point. Pecat aje MCA dari BN.

      Orang Melayu patut tarik balik sokongan undi mereka kepada parti pengkhianat itu.

      1. I am thinking whether I should vote for BN in the by-election of BTRazak Parliamentar seat if Khalid decides to quit politics and resigned as MP (and ADUN of Pelabuhan Kelang) as a result of this MB Sgor mess.

        I am pretty certain muka tak malu MCA will insist of putting in its candidate for the BTR seat.

        Maybe I just don’t come out to vote. Maybe I just do that.

        1. re: “muka tak malu MCA will insist on putting up its candidate”

          BN must take back some borderline seats. No ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. Must play to win and cannot afford to manja-manjakan MCA lagi.

          My sources tell me the Indian votes will swing back in a snap poll.

          So like I’ve said before, the strategy must be to redistribute the MCA seats between Umno, MIC and Gerakan (if Gerakan is willing to nominate Indian candidates) to contest.

          1. I read somewhere Chinese private schools in Selangor are given RM2m yearly, betoi ke cik. Helen berita tu?

            Kalo betoi, wonder if the Tamil and Agama schools were given same?

            Is this the reason why we see (pic) Tembam dgn gitu gayanya visiting the Agama schools? Did they too get that much from the Pakatan gomen?

        2. ‘I am pretty certain muka tak malu MCA will insist of putting in its candidate for the BTR seat.’

          Exactly. And they will claim that it is an MCA seat, as if it is their birthright seat.

          ‘I am thinking whether I should vote for BN in the by-election of BTRazak Parliamentar seat if Khalid decides to quit politics and resigned as MP (and ADUN of Pelabuhan Kelang) as a result of this MB Sgor mess.’

          Setem, with all due respect, I think you should. Not voting BN or not coming out to vote will give the Pakatoons, a definite win already. We don’t want these jokers to bring their antics to Putrajaya, do we? We surely don’t need an impasse at Federal level next.

          Setem I believe what the Melayus should be doing is to demand UMNO to show some balls and pull the seat from MCA. After all BN is a coalition. MCA had lost time and again. UMNO should not be subsidizing the MCA anymore and simply ask the MCA to bertanding in Cina majority seats, be it state or federal.

          After all MCA is a Chinese party, its not as if we are asking them for the moon!

          And we must also keep reminding Ah Jib Gor, if he losses his Pekan seat, losses his PM-ship, the Chinese tycoons will leave him in hordes too. So he better listen to the akar umbi calls and wants!

          1. re: “Umno should not be subsidizing the MCA anymore”

            Apply ‘meritocracy’ on the MCA since it is a principle so beloved of the Chinese community whom the party purports to represent.

          2. quote,’Setem I believe what the Melayus should be doing is to demand UMNO to show some balls and pull the seat from MCA’unquote.

            I believe some senior UMNO members have the balls to tell MCA that UMNO wants to contest in BTRazak (if Khalid resigns).

            But si lembik Najib will simply refuse to do it.

            1. Re: But si lembik najib will simply refuse to do it.

              Ini lah dia dilema Melayu nanti…najib tetap letak calon mca di kawasan majority Melayu. Kena buang najib dulu, and fast!

  2. Dear Aunty Helen,

    The Star and lots of MCA leaders are Trojan Horses in BN, just like the Anwaris in PAS. They pretend to be good people but they are actually enemies. I hope that Najib can be as strict as Tun M and tell MCA to change if they still want to be with BN, but sadly he may not do it.

    Now it proves that PAS’s Anwaris group is more powerful than the Majlis Syura Ulama PAS; which means that Anwar Ibrahim is more powerful than Haji Hadi Awang within the PAS leaders. Najib must look at what had happened to PAS.

    Maybe now PAS leaders should elect Anwar Ibrahim as the president of PAS.

    By the way, why do you think that PAS put another name as the MB candidate when Anwar wants only his wife to be the MB? Do you think it part of DAP’s plan?

    1. re: “sadly he may not do it”

      The Guardian Spirits of Umno can put pressure on him. DS Najib ignores the Umno totems at his own peril. So the thing is for the Malay-Muslim groups/NGOs to appeal to the Umno power brokers, lah.

      re: “Now it proves that PAS’s Anwaris group is more powerful than the Majlis Syura Ulama PAS”

      Nampaknya mereka telah mengingkarai perlembagaan parti sendiri dah. Bukankah Majlis Syura disifatkan sebagai ‘supreme council’ yang merupakan badan tertinggi dalam PAS?

      Menurut Fasal 7(1) perlembagaan PAS, hukum tertinggi ialah Al-Quran dan Sunnah.

      Fasal 8 memperincikan bidang kuasa Majlis Syura Ulama untuk “menghurai, menjelas dan mentafsirkan dasar PAS dan mana-mana peruntukan” di dalam perlembagaan PAS.

      Majlis Syura bertanggungjawab mengawasi supaya dasar dan ketetapan serta kehendak-kehendak perlembagaan parti dipatuhi dalam kegiatan, gerakan dan pentadbiran PAS beserta ia dilaksanakan oleh mana-mana badan PAS yang lain.

      Jawatankuasa Kerja PAS Pusat terikat dengan Majlis Syura dalam membuat keputusan.

      “Majlis ini ditubuhkan untuk memastikan ulama benar-benar membuat keputusan dalam menentukan hala tuju perjuangan.” [ruj. kertas ‘Kepimpinan dan Kedudukan Ulama dalam Organisasi Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS)’ oleh Fakulti Pengajian Islam, UKM]

      re: “Do you think it is part of DAP’s plan?”

      Dunno. Our mind can never match them in deviousness. Therefore it’s a bit difficult to fathom what the Dapster-evangelistas are plotting ,D

      1. Helen,

        There is one “decision maker” higher than majlis syura after The Quran and Sunnah – Pas’s Muktamar.

        Several Pas members/activist quote this as their basis for remaining in PR (walaupun kena pijak).

        This is all about ABU imo.

            1. There are Pas members who are level headed.

              Sadly those we encounters and those who are always frothing at the mouth does not seem to even have head.

              It does not help that they are the loudest.

  3. MCA owned Star has been known to be backstabbing ever since Najib became PM. It shows only one thing – Najib is worst than an idiot.

  4. C’mon HA – MCA isn’t allowed to point out blatant, crass stupidity and personal avarice? Their readers have this point of view and they cater to their readers, just as you do.

    If I understand you, you agree that this is okay, only that the paper should have MCA’s view as it is MCA-owned. Let’s assume that this is MCA’s view. Does it need to back everyone who is anti-opposition? Of course not. MCA, as with the PM, has maintained a creditable and dignified silence which has only further highlighted the Opposition’s weakness.

    But the mainstream media have no ability to maintain such a silence. If they backed Khalid, of course they would look foolish in the eyes of their readers. Just the same as the former Terrenganu MB’s quixotic quest to hold on to being MB when rejected by the party leadership.

    Why seek to destroy your own party/pact when you have no hope of victory – it must be motivated by feelings of vengeance. Through his actions Khalid has burnt bridges unnecessarily. He could’ve been in a strong position after GE14 as someone to save a defeated and humbled opposition, but now? Enjoy retirement. Maybe start a sopo blog? Or contribute tor HA’s blog?

    1. Newspapers around the world are partisan. The New York Times, for example, has backed the Democrat’s man every presidential election dating from John Kennedy. In the last one, British paper The Economist backed Obama across the Atlantic.

      The J-Star is unmistakably pro-DAP. I’ve no issues with the media, e.g. Malaysiakini, being pro-DAP. My main objection to the J-Star political orientation is on account of its ownership by the MCA.

      Like I said, The J-Star is the tail wagging the dog (MCA) and MCA is the donkey making an ass out of Umno.

      re: “MCA isn’t allowed to point out blatant, crass stupidity and personal avarice?”

      The J-Star should point out the blatant, crass stupidity and personal avarice of the DAP leaders – which is much worse than any to be found among the BN components – but the paper doesn’t. It covers up and blacks out coverage on the DAP misdemeanours.

      re: “He could’ve been in a strong position after GE14”

      I doubt that TS Khalid is interested to continue his political career that long.

      Tunku Aziz has made an interesting reading of Khalid’s motives:

      “He is digging his heels because he has been hurt by the way he has been demonised; his character trampled upon and his reputation and dignity dragged through mud and filth awash with lies and innuendoes.

      “All in all, it is an ugly display of wanton disregard for basic human values. In short, it is unfettered greed writ large in all its sordid nakedness.”

      1. ‘ It covers up and blacks out coverage on the DAP misdemeanours.’

        With the no hope no cure kakis, how could you ever rationalise that with them? Seriously, how could we ever?!

        1. The Malay grassroots must compel Umno to operate and remove the MCA tumour before the cancer spreads even further.

          If Umno still does not want to take action, Isma and Perkasa should be persuaded to expand their political wings. DS Najib should keep in mind the fate suffered by AAB.

          1. ‘ remove the MCA ‘

            No need la Helen. UMNO just need to pull back Malay majority seats from MCA, be it state or federal come PRU14.

            By PRU14, MCA will mampus sendiri.

            1. re: “Umno just need to pull back Malay majority seats from MCA”


              Should also sideline MCA in other ways.

              1. Helen,

                PAS has the right to support or reject Khalid. That is its right. But to reject Khalid after publicly telling the world otherwise is manifestation of “munafik” and hypocrite.

                Anyone in Khalid’s shoes will be bitter. Khalid informed the sultan that he has the majority support among ADUns as he counted on PAS assemblymen and that of UMNO. and if the word of president of PAS is not material enough, do tell me who represents PAS?

                As for Khalid, I hope he realises know who Anwar is. In his journey to be the Prime Minister, he has no qualm in booting out others. Just a few months in UMNO, he contested Ketua Pemuda post.

                And despite Pak Lah, being UMNO Penang chief helping him to get approval from UMNO Penang, Anwar did not hesitate in snatching UMNO state chief post from Pak Lah. And after telling the whole world that he regarded Tun Ghaffar as a father, he contested against Tun Ghaffar.

                Due to mind boggling hatred towards UMNO, PAS is willing to kowtow to Anwar. Again and again , Anwar made use of PAS but yet Hadi refuses to accept reality.

                Just weeks ago, Hadi told that he supported Khalid in line of Islamic teaching that he could not find anything wrong that Khalid did. I thought finally PAS realises who Anwar is.

                But my joy is shortlived.

  5. Tuanku Sultan will be back lama lagi. Within that period I am sure more secrets wll be exposed.

    Who knows, PAS may flip flop again?

    Muahahaha jokers.

  6. Kalau DUN Templar masih MCA bertanding jangan harap aku nak undi BN. Baik duduk rumah tengok TV. Undi MCA buang karan je.

  7. Bodoh piang punya analisis.. TSKI bukan kemaruk kuasa.. dia memegang amanah sebagai kakitangan kerajaan selangor yg dilantik oleh sultan.. apabila Sultan bertitah dia kena ikut..

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