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Tun “menarik balik sokongan” beliau bagi Najib

Tun today penned an historical document under a one-word title – ‘Menegur‘ – in Che Det.

I’m glad that he did. At last, the redoubtable Dr Mahathir Mohamad is grabbing the bull by the horns. Way to go, sir!

The Big Con

Recounting the King Canute anecdote, Dr Mahathir wrote: “Demikianlah sikap dato-dato kerana ingin menyenangkan hati raja mereka.”

Najib is drowning in a sea of con-sultants. They cook up stunts to senangkan hati PM such as the scenes below.


AhJibGorWelove you2

TalentCorp’s holiday around the world at taxpayers’ expense

Dr M wrote: “Sayangkan pemimpin tegur-tegurkan”.

As Tun probably himself might have experienced, Najib has a great wall of con-sultants surrounding him and thus rendering the PM detached from the masses.

Among these con-sultants are Najib’s Pemandu and Najib’s TalentCorp fellas. They are figuratively eating caviar in posh hotels around the world while the rakyat marhaen are given BR1M and told to eat cake (this is my comment, not Dr M’s).

BELOW: TalentCorp held their function at the Marriott in Melbourne …

… and the Hilton in Adelaide, Oberai in Dubai, etc etc, you get the picture


Hindraf tolong saman, jangan tak saman

I’m not sure what’s the most accurate reading to invest in the following sentence by the Tun about Najib’s premiership:

“Saya tidak ada pilihan selain dari menarik balik sokongan saya. Ini pun tidak berkesan. Oleh itu terpaksalah saya menegur.”

My 2 sen about Tun’s complaint with regard to “ini pun tidak berkesan”.

Nothing works.

That’s why I was hoping that Hindraf would take Najib to court – read ‘Way past time for Hindraf to sue Najib Razak‘ (9 July 2014).


What is wrong with Najib?

Tun wrote:

“Apakah dianya yang saya fikir salah. Ia bermula dengan pendirian melayani semua tuntutan musuh. ISA dan undang-undang buang daerah dimansuh. Tindakan ini tidak sedikit pun mengurangkan tentangan oleh parti lawan.”

In my humble opinion, Tun is spot on in his observations about Najib’s “pendirian melayani semua tuntutan musuh”.

Nothing that Najib can ever do (however much he gives in) is able to appease his opponents. The ABU-ers only want his head and for Umno to be buried 6 feet underground. They will not be satisfied with anything less.

BELOW: Biadab tahap cacing naik ke mata dah


ShaunTan‘Sikap merendah diri’ perdana menteri kita

Sampai orang pijak kepala

I wish Najib had Khalid Ibrahim’s gumption like how our MB so swiftly sacked the DAP and PKR excos.

Instead Najib prefers to coddle his enemies — e.g. how he allows The J-Star to keep stabbing BN in the back.

And how he allows his own Ministry (the PM’s Dept) to lavish oodles of ad funding on the English online media and idiocies such as the hypocritical Global Movement of Moderates which has Wong Chun Wai as its trustee.

Comparing Najib’s “sikap merendah diri” deferring to the views of his rivals, the Tun notes that “pendapat kaum dan parti yang kuat menyokong untuk menyelamatkan kedudukan Kerajaan tidak diberi layanan yang saksama”.

I agree 101 percent with Dr Mahathir on this point. See, ‘Najib rewards his enemies, alienates Umno grassroots‘ – something I wrote in January.

The PM says “Kami mendengar”. I really don’t think so.

najib mendengar

Najib allowing the evangelistas to run riot

Another observation made by the Tun:

“Sesungguhnya banyaklah dasar, pendekatan dan perbuatan Kerajaan pimpinan Dato Seri Najib yang merosakkan hubungan antara kaum, merosakkan ekonomi dan kewangan negara.”

Dr M says, “Jikalau tiada siapa yang sanggup menegur, biarlah saya menegur”.

Many of us are eternally grateful to you Tun for speaking up today.


Drawing a line in the sand

Dr M also says, “Saya pernah dipecat oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman, dipulau oleh Datuk Seri Abdullah dan difitnah oleh ramai. Jika kerana menegur saya akan didera, terpaksalah saya terima”.

The Tun concludes, “Bukanlah saya tidak sayang pemimpin. Tetapi saya lebih sayang bangsa dan negara saya.”

I believe that Article 153 of the federal constitution was framed, quite necessarily, to protect the bangsa Melayu.

Bangsa dan negara, membentuk negara bangsa

They fly into a murderous rage whenever they’re called “pendatang”.

But nonetheless, these people who become so ballistic so easily are themselves haters who despise the Malay race, are hostile to Islam and full of contempt for almost everything that is overtly Malay or Islamic about this country.

It is not only the Malays who require protection. The rest of the ethnic and religious minorities in the country seriously need to be protected from these aggressive, sneaky Yahudi Yeohs too.

Najib the polished bangsawan does not appear to be up to the task.

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32 thoughts on “Tun “menarik balik sokongan” beliau bagi Najib

  1. Ah jib, if u have any brain left, u shld quit yesterday already……. Pls bring along those SOB CONsultants with you….. Thank you, or else its gonna be bloodbath…… U can never survive

  2. Dear Tun

    The masses have long realized Najib’s weakness and incompetency and OVER DEPENDENT on CON-Sultans.

    So much money has been wasted and the only gain and smiling to the bank are the CON-Sultants themselves.

    A bit late coming from Tun but is there, nevertheless. Of course thick-skinned Najib will be clouded with all the praises and false hopes raised by the CON-Sultans….

    Thank you Tun for bringing to the fore and I pray we would have a truly deserved leader come next GE.

  3. I’m glad that finally our dearest Tun had say it very clear.

    Najib anak golongan bangsawan. Membesar dalam dulang emas. He is very2 different compared with his father.

    Gaya Najib & bininya lebih kepada royalty berbanding gaya seorang PM.



  4. Anyway, DR M did says for now there’s no other UMNO leader that can replace Najib. Why because all the potential leader and professionals who wanted or have joined UMNO being given the COLD Shoulder syndrome and that’s why they joined PAS, DAP or PKR who received them with an open ARM. Muhd Taib is one of them.

    What happen to the Zulkifli Nordin so quiet?

    If PR really won GE 14 they have many PM potential candidates however only 2 names will be proposed Wan Azizah and Anwar Ibrahim. And PR will choose either one of them. Front look is Azizah and back look is Anwar. Selangor Luck will be Malaysia Luck in GE 14. MH17 proved Najib has the skill but unfortunately it dry out with his consultants.

    1. Have we forgotten Anwars drama? First he will proposed his wife and himself as PM. then his wife will withdraw. then he will win uncontested.

      1. I pity the PKR members who were screwed by Anwar, again and again and again.

        But it is mind boggling that despite being screwed up endlessly by Anwar, they still puja-puja Anwar like he’s truly ‘anugerah Tuhan’ utk manusia sejagat.

        Money really talks.

  5. Najib himself was conned by his consultant and he doesnt even have brain to evaluate things.

  6. It is a timely reminder for Najib and it is high time for him to react either to serve to people who voted or just resign and pass the baton to the current TPM.

    With regard to the Talentcorp, I believe that it attracts only Chinese who migrate because of economic reasons. These people are the people who support Dap. And it is a waste on money and the best way is to get rid of Talentcorp for good.

  7. Ms H. I salute you and your Bloggers wholeheartedly for caring for our beloved Malaysia. As long as we revert back to NORMALITY we will sky-rocket upwards to the utter happiness and satisfaction of all.

    My 3 Goldern Attributes to be a Prime Minister :-

    1. Commonsense
    2. The Ability to Think out of a Box
    3. Compassion

    Malaysia Boleh ! Malays Boleh ! All Malaysians Boleh !

  8. 1. I am truly fed-up with PM Najib Razak. The GE13 has passed but he is still ‘sleeping’ and ‘dreaming’.

    2. PM Najib Razak is indecisive. He does not listen to normal Joe and Jane. He is a ‘bangsawan’. He prefers to listen to his advisors who do not have ‘Roh Islam/Melayu’. He prefers to listen to the liberal and secularist around him like those in Pemuda UMNO, Majlis Konsultasi Perpaduan Nasional (MKPN/NUCC) and Global Movement of Moderates (GMM). He even entertained ridiculous demands by his enemies like BERSIH!

    3. All these liberal scums misused and abused positive words like ‘progressive’ and ‘moderation/wasatiyyah’. In reality, they are the transgressors and evil doers.

    4. Najib Razak should not pissed the hands (Malay Muslim and bumiputeras) that put him and his party into power when the non Muslim/non-Malay/non-bumiputeras boycotted BN. Even MCA/Gerakan members voted for the opposition in the last GE13. Yet, you rewarded them by bringing them back to government!

    5. Najib Razak has truly lost the plot. Defending the security and welfare/interest of the Malay Muslim is now considered a major sin and it is no longer a priority. If a Malay/Muslim commits a crime he/she will be arrested in 24 hours. If it is a non-Malay/non-Muslim, zzzzzzzz…. Where is the justice in this?

    6. The trend today is to piss on the people who voted for you and to fulfill the wishes of the people who pissed on you.

    7. Najib Razak should understand that – If you have a strong Muslim/Malay support, the others will respect and vote for you. Learn from Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. Stop being such a stubborn person.

    1. re: “All these liberal scums misused and abused positive words like ‘progressive’ and ‘moderation’…”

      Absolutely! And not only is Najib letting them get away with it, he’s funding them through GMM and such.

  9. What a disgusting spin again. You have absolutely nothing but hate for Malaysia Helen. You reduce everything to race and religion just to suit your political objective. Dear Tun stated his point with class. And you spun it into trailer thrash. What a filthy person you are. I’m sharing this post of yours with as many as I can. To each his own conclusion.

    1. re: “with class. And you spun it into trailer thrash”

      Wow, calling people “low class”. We all know where you brought your vocabulary from.

      1. quote,’We all know where you brought your vocabulary from.’unquote.

        Obviously from KOMTAR school of cyberterrorism. :)

  10. Najib is a gone case and if there is no one in UMNO to tell him off right on his face, UMNO will be nailing its own coffin in no time.

  11. Menegur – point 21
    ‘Pilihan saya bagi mengganti Tun Abdullah ialah Dato Seri Najib’

    semua orang tahu yg dia pilih pak lah sebagai pengganti & najib sebagai tpm (najib bukan pilihan paklah). dia berjaya membuat pak lah letak jawatan tapi kenapa dia hanya tegur najib? terhutang budi? sendiri buat masalah sendiri selesai la. kenapa rakyat kena tanggung? jangan cakap saja tapi tak bikin.

    61.2 o you believe, why do you say what you do not do? 61.3…refer quran.

    kalau tdm mengatakan almarhum tunku lemah, najib lagi lemah kerana almarhum tunku ‘tendang’ singapura terbelah dua (dipisah oleh tanah keretapi tanah melayu), najib taruh gam. singapura sehingga hari ini merayakan kemenangan tanpa berperang.

    1. almarhum tunku ‘tendang’ singapura terbelah dua ?? That a big wrong move as Singapura always belongs to Tanah Melayu and Tunku shud have sent the Army there.

  12. I’m quite happy with Ah jib gor. He is a feudal leader and is making the Mahadets scream and tear their hair out. The feelings of mahadets is similar to the PR supporters when TSKI was in charge of selangor. Though PR won the state , Tski adopted UMNO philosophies. Same case, though UMNO won the federal govt, najib governs like a Dapsy. Hidup Najib!!

  13. Wishy-washy, flip-flopping, delusional, head-in-the-sand/clouds, Pemandu/TalentCorp ass-kissing, Hindraf cheating, Chinese bodekking, Malay disappointing Jibby just had it coming.

    What a wimp.

  14. Let’s hear the story of the Arabian Nights where the Sultan is so entralled with the stories of his convicted to be beheaded maiden that he keeps on postponing her demise just like what the Mamak King is telling.

    Mamak King and his right wingers supporters in UMNO, NGOs, Govt. Cabinet, GLCs etc slowly making their move to oust PM like what happen to The previous PM.

    First it starts with menegur, then will be followed by character assassination , then blackmail with some superfluous stories. Same classic CIA style.

    I have predicted that the PM will never ever satisfy this Mamak King since the day he was selected. In fact, since the day this Mamak King join UMNO, he has never been satisfied with any PM unless he knows he is not yet ready to make his move and need to bid his time. That’s because during the time of Tun Razak and Hussein, he was afraid of the ISA being used against him when his power within UMNO is still not entrenched. Only he is right and only he can be King. That’s a typical trait of Hindu Kings throughout Indian history.

    Do you not know how he rule for 23 years? It was totally autocratic under the guise of Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary democracy. He crushed everyone including the Royalty’s power, Judiciary, Police, Armed Forces and all other civil societies. Even Govt servants are all so afraid to go against the wishes of his cronies when approached. Yes, those were wonderful 23 years being ruled under his thumb and all the riches of the country were plundered and dished out according to his whims and fancies. He knows he need to hold on to this dynasty otherwise all will unravel including all his cronies and those fed very well with billions and jawatan.

    So, what will the PM do? Wait and see the ultimate demise and downfall or take a chance to extend your reign? Who is your savior when it’s so hard to even know your enemies within and without? The only recourse is a big purge.

    And the PM need allies and non more thrust worthy than Anwar Ibrahim of PR. The Sedition Act which is still in force is still deadly to put in jail, all those who are your opponents including the biggest traitor of all to Agama, Bangsa, Negara that is the Mamak King and his right wingers.

    Najib being a bangsawan is the only pendekar Melayu tulen left after all previous Melayu PMs and hopefuls were vanquished. If Najib goes, so will the rest of the hulubalangs like Hishamuddin, Nazri, Zaid, Khairy etc. Do you still think Mamak King will allow any of those to be PM rather than his son? Maybe he will nominate again another Melayu layu as temporary PM before his son is ready?

    Maybe, current TPM who is Melayu but definitely no brains and not of the hulubalangs class.

    So, let’s wait for the fireworks. Anwar is not ready to be PM, maybe as TPM only but is more interested in making sure this Tanah Melayu excluding Sabah and Sarawak of course, remains in Melayu hands and not under Kalinga empire. He of course would also like the “An black eye for an black eye” to fall upon the Mamak King.

    Still interested in Arabian Nights stories of Mamak King?

    Go get a life!

    1. Can we vote on blocking this moron? He does not bring any discussion to the table just spewting hate. He has been repeating himself in most of his posts.

  15. i really love tun dr m and tun dr siti hasmah. dr m is very realistic and does not mince his words.

    najib has been trying to please his haters in spite of being repeatedly stabbed. why does he keep on trying to be mr nice guy to his meanest enemies at the expense of the nation’s peace and harmony..

  16. Ms H. MALAYSIA BOLEH ! MALAYS BOLEH ! ALL MALAYSIANS BOLEH ! Do not be slyly and cleverly FRACTIONATED by our enemies !

  17. Ms H. We Malaysians never learn :-

    2002-2009. Over RM 900 Billions trickled out to Singapore.
    2004-2008 We rushed to the ICJ to lose legally Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore.
    2004-2008. We re-arranged the Brunei oil blocks.
    2009-2014. The abang adek JV with Singapore is hit with a US$1.12 billion development charge. Vide. Malaysiakini.
    2014-2015 The signing of the TPPA, the poisoned chalice for our beloved Malaysia and Singapore lives. The TPPA is a Singapore 2006 inspiration and creation to force open Malaysia’s market doors using Uncle Sam as the battering ram. The ultra secret negotiations were held from 2009.

    The Singaporeans clean us out everytime and are going to KILL us with the final act of TPPA.

  18. Ms H. And before the 21st century con jobs there was a 22 year hiatus of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Administration in which the creepy crawlies Singaporeans could not money grab.

    1. The infamous 1962 Water Agreement which gives free water to Singapore because of the currency depreciation.
    2. 1971 MSA dissolution which gave all the ‘software’ to Singapore for free.
    3. The CLOB from 1965 to 2000 was like a concertina sucking Malaysian ringgits out through the joint Stock Exchange.
    4. In 1985, the joint Stock Exchange was suspended for no cogent reason – the first in the World since Milan 1908 !

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