Reason they are so very repulsive

‘They’ refers to DAP supporters.

First read below the report of the incident by Utusan.

PPS is the Skuad Peronda Sukarela, i.e. the bajungu (Guan Eng’s purple-shirted goon squad)



Lantang kritik kerajaan negeri, aktivis sosial dakwa diserang PPS

PULAU PINANG 18 Ogos – Niat murni seorang aktivis sosial mengkritik dasar dan pelan tindakan kerajaan negeri yang dilihat tidak menyebelahi rakyat memakan diri selepas dia diserang sekumpulan lelaki yang dipercayai merupakan anggota Skuad Peronda Sukarela (PPS) dalam satu kejadian di Bandar Baru Air Itam di sini malam tadi.
Aktivis berkenaan, Ong Eu Soon, 51, berkata, ketika kejadian kira-kira pukul 10.45 malam itu, dia yang menghadiri majlis makan malam tokong Cina tiba-tiba didatangi sekumpulan kira-kira 10 lelaki yang sebahagiannya memakai pakaian seragam PPS.
“Kumpulan berkenaan bertanya siapa Ong Eu Soon kepada saya dan lantas saya bertanya mengapa mencari lelaki berkenaan.
“Dalam cuba mendapatkan kepastian itu, tiba-tiba ada seorang daripada mereka terus menyerang saya dari belakang. Mereka memukul sehingga menyebabkan saya mengalami kecederaan di bahagian kiri muka berhampiran mata,” katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini. – UTUSAN ONLINE


What kind of people are they?

Bullies. Dapster-gengSTAR.

According to the victim, he was kicked and punched by a group of about 10 men.

The assailants were wielding their helmets as weapon.

Ong was assaulted when he was attending a Chinese temple dinner. (Note: Buddhists and Taoists are a weak and vulnerable group)

BELOW: Ong’s eye swollen from the beating


Who is this fella?

Ong Eu Soon is someone who has been doggedly questioning Lim Guan Eng and his RM6.34 billion Penang Undersea Tunnel.

Ong queried the sum of RM305 million granted by the Guan Eng state administration to Consortium Zenith BUCG Sdn Bhd to undertake a feasibility study of the tunnel as well as its connected infrastructure (highways, bypasses, etc).

The study is contracted to be done AFTER the award of the tender when it should have been the other way around, i.e. carry out the feasibility study first, then only award the project tender.

But anyway, according to Aliran treasurer Anil Netto, the parties concerned have been still “unable to find consultants who could undertake the project within the budget and the funding requirements”. Furthermore, the joint venture agreement to undertake the said study was signed last year on 15 Aug 2013.

BELOW: Another earlier victim of the bajungu

Guang Ming Daily reporter roughed up by the bajungu in May last year for trying to do his job

Wartawan akhbar Cina Guang Mimh dibelasah samseng pasukan peronda

It’s already been one year. The Guan Eng gomen has allocated RM305 million, and if I understand correctly, the tunnel feasibility study has not been conducted as yet because they can’t find the proper consultants to do it.

Ong has been threatened with a libel suit and other forms of intimidation for his persistent questioning of the lucrative deal. And the day before yesterday, he was beaten up by the bajungu. He strongly believes that the assault was politically motivated.

BELOW: Penang is fast becoming full of Botak Hills after the Developers Above People (DAP) party took over the state


Read also, ‘Sitting on a landbank goldmine in Penang hill$

Why they are so revolting

Ong writes about sustainable development, urban planning, environmental impact and stuff like that. His blog,

He was having his supper at a Chinese temple function two nights ago when he was set upon by a group of 10 men, he claims. That’s 10 bajungu against one vocal critic of Lim Guan Eng.

But look at how the Malay Mail crafted the headline of its report – ‘Penang to investigate alleged fight involving volunteer unit‘ (18 Aug 2014).

“Alleged fight” (?) … hullo!

What is the impression that you get from the word “fight”? To me, it conveys a bout or combat between two equally belligerent sides.

In the case of Ong, it was one victim assaulted by a big group of uniformed men – Guan Eng’s stormtroopers.

After physical assault, the verbal

Next they’ll say he socked himself in the eye. But oh wait. Yeah, they did say.

Some DAP fanboy conspiracy theorists are insinuating that Ong is an attention seeker who wants cheap publicity and faking it. Because that’s precisely how their DAP evangelista icons operate (faking it) … recall Madame Crocodile Tears.

Here’s one sample comment about the Ong incident: “… pea brain BN politicians is paying many shameless people to do sandiwara”.


What they do to people

More revolting than the gengSTARs who rain blows on a cornered target in Dapsterland (Penang island) are the diehard oppo supporters.

For example, the readers commenting in Malaysiakini defend the indefensible and further victimize the victim through their verbal assaults on his character. Takde benda lain yang puak putar-belit tu buat kecuali asyik menipu aje.

They demonize and lynch mob anyone who is against the DAP or are critical of the DAP pop idols. In the case of Ong Eu Soon, the mobbing is physical as well.

Any attempt to describe what kind of people they are usually leaves you speechless. However the word “repulsive” comes close. Remember this and think what they can do to you.


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110 thoughts on “Reason they are so very repulsive

  1. mereka adalah kumpulan gangster yang dihalakan oleh Guan Eng .. mereka juga merupakan tentera Guan Eng … mereka jhuga merupakan Polis Guan Eng.. mereka juga adalah kader komunis Guan Eng … itu yang aku nampak …

  2. This is a dangerous situation.

    If the PPS idiots mistakenly hit a Malay(s) in their overzealous quest to maintain security, there will be hell to pay.

    It just needs that kind of incident to lead to another episode of May 13.

    DAP should seriously take note of this incident.

    1. re: “If the PPS idiots mistakenly hit a Malay(s)”

      Methinks Penang has the biggest potential to spark physical/violent conflict.

      1. You know, some Malays look like Chinese :) It could happen that somehow accidentally that they hit a Malay who they mistakenly identified as a Chinese :)

        1. Not that I want to rub salt into Mulan’s wound but if nationwide, the anti-Pakatan Chinese number only 10 percent on average (but higher in the rural areas), then in Penang which is DAP Central, the percentage of anti-DAP Chinese must hover at around 4.5% or thereabouts.

          Mulan is very isolated there in her political orientation.

          1. The island is very urban compared with the peninsula part. The anti Pakatan Chinese could be a rare commodity by the time we have our GE14. What sane person would want to be in a crowd of perpetually hysterical mob?

            1. re: “What sane person would want to be in a crowd of perpetually hysterical mob?”

              Your question is a paradox.

              When they’re drunk on the Jerusubang holy water, their rational faculties become impaired. They do not see the crowd that they’re in as a perpetually hysterical mob.

              Instead these intoxicated sheeple believe they’re marching with God’s Army in a crusade to exalt righteouesness (below, Tembam’s blog masthead/banner):


              1. Btw, the phrase comes from a verse in the Bible.

                Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people

                i.e. Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people.

                  1. By the time we have our next GE, her followers could number in the 100000+ mark. But twits tend to attract twits.

      2. Helen,

        Security matters falls under the purview of federal Government. This is an example of Najib administration that simply refuses to act.

        A stitch in time saves nine. Meaning act decisively before the situation becomes out of control. Who gives authority to Guan Eng to set up his own police apparatus?

        1. re: “Who gives authority to Guan Eng to set up his own police apparatus?”

          Ask Hisham and Zahid.

    The best thing with Botak hills, and expensive housing which will never be solved this dumbo Penang people still thing LGE is GOD. Even stupider, they think Oz is a magical place after running away from ‘racist’ Ma Lai sei Ah.

    Malaysian-born immigrants suffered the highest rate of discrimination in Australia this year, according to an annual survey that focuses on social cohesion in the Land Down Under.

    The Scanlon Foundation’s Mapping of Social Cohesion 2013 survey found that 45 per cent of immigrants born in Malaysia had experienced “discrimination because of skin colour, ethnic origin or religion” in their adoptive country. Also having experienced high levels of discrimination were immigrants from India and Sri Lanka (42 per cent), Singapore (41 per cent), Indonesia (39 per cent) and China and Hong Kong (39 per cent).

    See Ozzies hate us with India neneh and all the phua chu kangs.

    1. Interesting that 45 percent of immigrants born in Malaysia had experienced discrimination compared to those from China and Hong Kong at 39 percent.

      The Chinese diaspora here more kiasu! and thus other people (like white Australians) find them more offensive.

    2. Yet they think they smell like roses, they think they are the next big things and believe that the white Aussies will welcome them with open arms. You hear stuff like how Aussies value their contributions and all the other blah blah blah. Is it any wonder why so many of them love to move to Australia? Thanks to these salesmen.

      1. Dear Kak Helen

        Did you realize that the Arabs are not in the list of discriminated races in Australia? I thought perhaps with 911 and all those press, Arabs are targeted. The Malaysians are targeted and who migrates most to Australia – the Penang Hockien types.

        Are Australians racist? NO. Australians are racist if other nationalities do not complaint about the Penang Hockien types. UK wanted to send them back to Malaysia – and they came crying to our Malay government to forgive and FORGET with amnesia what they did to Malaysia.

        Let us put ourselves in the place of an Australian mother. Would you let your son have relationship with prostitutes? Yes, prostitutes. I know of many Penang mothers who enroll their daughters in the Australian degree program at private colleges so that they can hook a man in Australia.

        I know of Lolitas who join up market gyms in Penang so that they can hook on white men who are old enough to be their grand-dads – with the purpose of marriage and migration. One even broke the marriage of a British MM2H couple so that she can live in the UK.

        Why should Aussies mothers protect their sons from Penang girls? First after marriage the girl comes to Australia. Then she will ask your son to sponsor her brother, sister, cousin brother, cousin sister, BFF etc to Australia. She will give the regular Yahudi Yeoh’s sad Schindler’s List sob story on the racist and fascist Malay government and all the persecution their clan have to suffer so Australia has to accept them.

        Of course her mother and father can’t come along so your son will have to pay for the annual Chinese New Year pilgrimage to Penang, or better still pay for the ticket for mom and dad-in-law to visit Australia.

        What is next? The brother, sister, cousin brother, cousin sister, BFF etc will insist a part of Penang will be there in Australia for memory sake. The Char Koay Teow will soon arrive in Australia – and of course we need to open Darling Down’s Han Chiang School and make the Ozzie government pay for the school.

        Next, Aussies don’t have to travel to Penang to see Georgetown Festival as your darling Penang daughter-in-law will make sure her 7th month Ghost Festival is performed in Oz. In fact her dead great grand pa and ma might move from Batu Gantong to a clean Oz cemetery. In they are Taoist/Buddhist, build some Oz temple, or if they pray to Jesus, make sure Jesus hears their prayers in Hockien.

        Oh yes, your mixed breed grand kid MUST speak Hockien and your daughter-in-law MUST keep her Malaysian passport just in case your son divorces her. Your grand-kid MUST be an Australian citizen.

        Of course make sure brother, sister, cousin brother, cousin sister, BFF etc claim monetary assistance from Oz. Then after squeezing Oz, come to back to Malaysia and give the reason of wanting spending the end of ones life where they were born… blablabla.

        Why are Arabs not targeted? Simple. The Arabs do not insist that Oz build a whole Arabia in Oz. Neither the Japs, Koreans etc. You would also notice the Thais and Pinoy live in Oz in harmony.

        Oz moms know Penang migrants are LOCUSTS. Strangely the Malays here don’t know it.

        1. re: “Why should Aussies mothers protect their sons from Penang girls?”

          Urm, doesn’t it work the other way too? Penang men marrying white Aussie girls?

          1. re Urm, doesn’t it work the other way too? Penang men marrying white Aussie girls?

            Few Aussie women are married to Penang men. If you pay attention to the background of the Aussie man – Penang women pairing, the Aussie men tend to be losers, barely educated but these Aussie men have one very valuable item Penang women look for. They can help them get residency status. With a residency status secured, they can bring their entire family to Australia.

            1. re: “one very valuable item Penang women look for. They can help them get residency status”

              You all must ask Hypocrite Hannah to explain why – as the foremost Malaysian Firster – she applied for the same residency status in Tasmania.

              1. She failed lah Helen. Maybe someone forgot to tell her that she should get an Aussie man first before applying for residency status.

                1. she should have listed in the application form that she’s Anak Australia. it might help her to eventually be a resident.

          2. “Urm, doesn’t it work the other way too?”

            Just take a look at the men in the bajungu picture. The Penang Hockien men are not what you call hot. We girls “tak lalu” with such yucky men.

            I know of many Penang men who migrate because “my cousin sister” is there. The girl first moves, then slowly the whole family. This is the modus operandi to populate Australia.

            My Indian BFF (girl) from KL (Datin’s daughter) tells me that in Subang, Chinese who failed in finding a Caucasian husband would end up marrying an Indian (who are non-functional Indians). The Chinese don’t want them as high class peeps do not shop at the Reject Shop or FOS. These Indians don’t want Indian girls as they feel they are 20 castes higher than the average Indian. The Church will arrange for such unions – so that the Church don’t look like a singles club and all are happy in Jesus.

            You would also notice that Australia and New Zealand are countries of choice and not UK, USA or Canada. UK, USA or Canada is too far away from the Penang mummy and daddy who will “control” the daughter. It would be impossible to do the annual CNY pilgrimage if you live in UK, USA or Canada.

            Why I comment on “those Penang Hockien types”? Those Chinese who feel they are so high class and “want to migrate” come from Penang and Selangor (which are Penang migrants). You hardly see a Perlis Cina or Cina Kuching wanting to become Australian.

            “Penang Hockien types” are peculiar Chinese who do not want to assimilate and always feeling that they are superior. They speak a kind of pidgin utterly low class Hockien which is full words from Malay and English and is totally spoken. This is called Penang Hockien Dialect or PhD (what an insult to the qualification.) Nobody speaks PhD except in Penang. (Hua Hee Dai uses the textbook learned Hockien – which you will hear used in Johor etc). Only a Penang person would be proud of PhD. It is really a low class dialect.

            You can see these “high class” Hockiens during Chinese New Year. Walk along any other the Penang Chinese ghettos (such as Rifle Range) and you will see a yellow woman with a white man and a mixed breed baby. This is a girl who has moved up class – from Rifle Range to Warnambool. Her parents are super proud.

            I know Sarawak limits migrants from Semenanjung. Imagine such Penang locusts were to move there. They will UBAH and destroy the state. Kudos that Teresa Kok and the DAP gang were not allowed there.

            Well my Penang locusts have attacked Selangor. They go to Selangor and KL to ask for pity as they can’t find work in Penang. The Klang Valley people take pity, clothe and shelter them. Now they want their own MB. (Look carefully at the sacked Exco – how many are from Penang?) Melayu pun termakan cerita sedih Yahudi Yeoh dengan Schindlers List mereka. Now THEY run Selangor.

            “Reason they are so very repulsive” – now you know it, from the mouth of Mulan who live among them.

        2. You say this to the Dapsters, especially the Hokkien type, and you will hear their expletives l o l ! Uncouth people, no wonder Aussies turn on them.

    3. Sigh. .. takes 2 hands to clap though. Australia loosened its immigration policy in the late 90s and through corruption & suspiciously validated qualifications, let in many dubious characters from Malaysia, most of whom have never even stepped foot in Oz before that apart from maybe a guided tour!

      Previously, only Malaysians who have studied there and have either a job offer or the required skills like doctors, dentists etc could immigrate or stay on post graduation.

      These Malaysians assimilate easily as they are familiar with the culture and have good English skills. Unfortunately, with the influx of the newer migrants, they get lumped in together because let’s face it, Aussies are quite racists despite their protestations to the contrary. To be fair, officially the rules are clearly non discriminatory but on a personal level, individuals can be very much so.

      Sort of opposite of here. Officially discriminatory but on a personal level, Malays are much nicer. Although, I fear not for much longer if certain elements keep pushing the envelop.

    4. “The best thing with Botak hills, and expensive housing which will never be solved this dumbo Penang people still thing LGE is GOD.”

      I think the “problem” is most Penangites (read: teng lang) probably love the development frenzy in Penang; that’s why there’s not much protestation other than people like Mr Ong or Dr Jimmy Lin.

      The grouses I heard before 2008 when Penang was under Gerakan/UMNO, is that Penang was not “growing”. Now Penang is going to have a tunnel connecting the island and mainland, an LRT system (Gamuda seems to be main contender to win this project), major development in Batu Kawan (IKEA, a private college, an eco-resort themed township), more land reclamation on the island (in exchanged of the LRT project, the developer will reclaim a huge piece of land) so most are excited with these development because all these presented them good opportunities to goreng the properties here further.

      1. “I think the “problem” is most Penangites (read: teng lang) probably love the development frenzy in Penang;”

        Penang teng lang love money that is for sure and property development is easiest quick rich scheme ever. These people buy property not to live but speculate. Most condos in Batu Feringhi, Pulau Tikus are empty. In fact drive away the Malay fisherman at Tanjung Tokong and let air and ghosts stay in the empty houses and condos of Tanjong Pinang.

        The malls by Penas always have empty lots and Island Plaza is so empty but opposite a beside more mall and shopping development. In fact now the church in the Island Plaza mall has been turned into apartments.

        The upmarket and in Gurney Paragon (mall on former Catholic seminary) is quite empty in certain floors. (You can have a Bloody Mary at the St Joseph’s Seminary at Paragon – mind my blasphemy – but you can REALLY get one there.)

        Do you also realise many of the DAP supporters are estate agents? Horror Yuki for one, is an estate agent.

  4. Its in their dna [deleted]. Communist descendants, what to expect. Look at their torpedo party logo.

    1. They are descendants of coolies brought to Malaya by the British. Some amongst them were educated by the Brits and later on a number of them became honorary white by becoming Christians. What to expect?

      The mainland Chinese sold them to the Brits remember? That tells you a lot of how their mainland cousins thought of them back in those days. But still there are good Chinese in Malaysia. Not all Malaysian Chinese are the descendants of coolies.

      A minority consisted of descendants of scholars and merchants who came to Malaya to trade with the colonials and the natives. This minority, their descendants are generally good, civilized people. They have nothing in common with those coolies and their descendants.

  5. this is why it so dangerous to give these puak the throne of administration. their attitude is akin to the US government ‘either you with us or against us’. there’s no other way than that.

    what surprise me most is the malay liberal and pak lebai in pas and pkr who inspite despising the US and Zionist, have no qualms to embrace the dapsters.

    1. re: “Pak Lebai in PAS and PKR who in spite despising the US and Zionist, have no qualms to embrace the Dapsters”

      Somebody must tell them that the Zionists and Yo-Yeohs here are spiritual cousins.


      1. Lebai cari makan and pangkat are the worst kind. These r self-proclaim and self-appoint ulamak. But the quran per surah Fathir says the true ulamak are the scientists, not those low IQ village idiots!

        and these lebais have no other qualifications n skills so cannot find real jobs. U see all Prophets had 9-5 day jobs besides being messengers of God. Those lebais obviously didnt follow the sunnah. And yet the wanna drive fancy cars too. Hence the venture in jual air jampi etc.

        Its getting worst when these idiots venture in politics. Their narrow mindset n wrong interpretation of Islam are explosive mixture. Habis rosak minda masyarakat !

        1. re: “It’s getting worse when these idiots venture into politics.”

          Same with the Jerusubang pastors. PAS jaja Islam, DAP jaja Kristianiti.

          re: “Their narrow mindset n wrong interpretation of [Christianity] are an explosive mixture.”

          Speaker Tembam immediately comes to mind.

          re: “Habis rosak minda masyarakat!”

          Kesian her puluhan ribu twits.

      2. the problem with these pak lebai (not all) is they think that they are already maksum or shall we say, sinful and free from error. even the prophet made mistake but they think they are higher than prophet which they claim to be revered.

        they think by covering their body with kopiah, jubah, long beard and speak colloquial arabic such as ana, anta, insya-Allah, alhamdullillah in their daily live, they are more saint than a normal muslim and thus hold the right to belittle, ridicule and mock anyone not along their lines.

        if you tell them that yoyeoh and Zionist are similar, they already have a standard answer such as umno dog, macai bn and anything related to their nemesis. it’s a waste of time to argue with them. I’ve personally done that.

  6. It’s OK when Guan Eng or DAP or any PR did it .

    Adakah penubohan dan tujuan skuad ini dibenarkan olih undang-undang ?, is KDN is aware of this ?.

  7. DAP Purple = Geng 34 +1 , u know what it meant. Kesian si Malaysia yang di pukul sebab rupa cam bangla. Best Malaysia easily forget. GE 14 still vote PR.

  8. ‘He said he was sitting with some newspaper vendors when the group approached and one of them asked, “Where is Ong Eu Soon?

    “When I asked why they were looking for him, they said they didn’t like his attitude and criticism against the state government.

    “When I introduced myself, I was attacked.”

    Looks like the Bajungus are now bold enough to declare themselves appointed defenders of the state’s malfeasance.

    Thanks to Tokong, I know now what a fascist state is all about.

    I also know what UBAH means.


  9. Baju unggu ni di create oleh tokong sbb mereka nak ada polis dia sendiri. Dia tak percaya pada polis kita. Dia tak percaya Rela. So dia create dia punya “bala tentera” sendiri. Bila ada “bala tentera” sendiri, mereka hanya dengar arahan tokong sahaja. Itu yg jadi besar kepala.

    This is very dangerous. Giving untrained people the authority to police around.

    Dah ada “red bean army”, dah ada “purple volunteer police” dah ada “Bersih – kuning”, dah ada “himpunan hijau Lynas” dah ada “black ribbon Selangor” …macam macam colour dah ada.

    Betullah depa kata tokong suka “rainbow”… he is full of colours. Haha

  10. Would rather listen to both sides of the stories before making comments like yours.

    Otherwise you are just another blogger looking for topics or issues to whack PR which appeals to a small audience here who are all anti PR. Fortunately, the number of these people are getting smaller each day. When was the last time you heard of any younger generation voters mentioning that BN is good and great? I cant remember, can you?

    1. re: “the number of these people [“who are all anti PR”] are getting smaller each day”

      Aiya, you wanna spin pun say lah something more convincing, can or not?

      With the unethical Kajang move – why should a healthy, relatively young Adun suddenly be made to resign for no good reason,

      and their fitnah campaign against TS Khalid – flinging mud at him presently when for the past 6 years they were praising him to the sky,

      you think the number of anti-Pakatan people are getting fewer each day?

      You forgot, ah, the very recent Umcedel opinion poll that reported support for Pakatan in Selangor has plummeted compared to May 2013. Kalau berani, go for snap polls lah and see how many seats Pakatan will lose.

      So if you wanna come here and kelentong, at least say something smarter, will ya?

      1. If you expect people like this fraud to come here and say something smarter, you are going to get disappointed. They are not smart. They are paid to say whatever it is that their paymasters tell them to say. But their comments make for good entertainment though.

      2. Kelentong? Oh boy, aremy you the one who kelentong every single day to gain traffic to your site?
        With a bunch of anti PR sickos like you?
        By the way, you have changed you tone after being invited for coffee session by the authorities. Why ah? They are paying for your services is it?

        1. Nice that you’re revealing your opinion of my readership … “bunch of anti-PR sickos”.

          And as for your accusations, they’re straight from the Komtar manual. Quote “Why ah? The Level 28 are paying for your services is it (because my site has high web traffic)?” Unquote

          1. what can you expect kak Helen from someone calling himself anak bapok. hehe. oi anak bapok, please produce one counter article like what Helen did. then can we read what it is inside your pea brain.

    2. Well when you live in a hole, all you see is darkness.

      I guess all your buddies being fellow minded Pakatoons who sing the hymns from the Pakatan Holy Bible all day, you obviously think the world is similarly so in love with PR.

  11. Hai sekarang nak pakai service kongsi gelap takleh dah, kan public figure alealy.

    Convert aje kasi pakai uniform.. Buat kerja a

  12. In the eyes of the Dapsters and DAP Kool Aid drinking Penangites such issues hardly ring a bell. For them, it is the fault of Ong to raise a stink about the issue to sully the greatness of their Dear Leader.

    One very important point – For these loyal citizen of Dapsterworld, the Purple Shirts are the real protectors of people rather than PDRM whom they detest because they are mainly Malays. On the other hand, Purple Shirts are almost 100% Chinese.

    So like the PKM they belong to people and protect Chinese interests. While PDRM are dismissed as running dogs of BN. You know that while the squad is called PPS, there is nothing voluntary about it. This is more of an elite group – admission by invitation / strict vetting based on ethnicity and loyalty to party. There were many cases where non Chinese were rejected for no apparent reason.

    What’s next – guns issued to Purple Shirts to “defend themselves”? Or like Selangor they will demand these thugs to be officially be a part of the state law enforcement organs?

    The attacks of Ong is just one of many cases involving these thugs. I have lost count of the cases. I remember people demanding RELA to be disbanded for certain incidents but I never hear such calls for these thugs.

    1. Something is going on here. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday that somehow, all this is part of a grand scheme that should they fail to win the next general election, they would exercise the option of seceding from Malaysia.

      Mind you, these people have been calling for Ubah for so many years now that they are getting fed up, impatience in turning this country into ‘their’ new country that they could yet be setting themselves up for Free Penang.

      1. Actually this has started since 2008. There is already a feeling that if Pakatan cannot form the govt, at least they can own Penang and then do a Singapore and secede. A lot of Dapsters in Penang already have the mentality that Penang is NOT Malaysia.

        1. re: “A lot of Dapsters in Penang already have the mentality that Penang is NOT Malaysia.”

          Georgetown’s twin city is Subang Jaya. They’re networked and expanding down the west coast to Johor.

          They’re actively spreading this anti-Malay attitude through their digital dakwah. That’s why our country’s old name of Tanah Melayu is such an anathema to them, as are the Raja-Raja Melayu.

          And they also insist that the concept of ‘Malay’ race is an artificial political construct by the British colonials.

          That’s why you see they shoot to kill (figuratively speaking) any Malay who wishes to tick the “Melayu” box in the borang-borang rasmi kerajaan.

          1. Re They’re actively spreading this anti-Malay attitude through their digital dakwah

            When you confront them they will tell you that they are not anti Malay. They are just ABU and they expect people to believe them word for word. If you press them hard, they will scream at you with the oft repeated statement You’re Racist !

          2. Did you notice that all Pakatan events are held at Subang Jaya ? It used to be Shah Alam but now that Khalid is no longer the official Pakatan’s MB (though legally he is) but these days it is all SJ ! Perhaps this shows the shifting of the power center from Malay Shah Alam to Chinese Christian Taliban SJ.

            Perhaps we could could a new term for such powerful and vicious species – Chichrisita – Chinese christian Talebans !

            1. re: “Did you notice that all Pakatan events are held at Subang Jaya?”

              YES! I did notice.

              1. Easier to get the money by having their events in Subang Jaya. The place is a playground for the people behind the RM2 churches.

          3. Georgetown’s twin city is Subang Jaya.

            Wrong. Adelaide, Australia.
            Where your Penang Hockien twin sister found a dumb white to be a husband and to suck him dry.

            1. re: “found a dumb white to be a husband and to suck him dry”

              Willing seller, willing buyer. Like the Pak Lebais who invited Madame Tudung to a meal in their home.

        2. Our family had the honor of hosting an American couple (conservative type) on their first time visit to Malaysia back in early 2011.

          In their trip to Penang, on a cab ride, the usual “cabbie/tourist” chat occured and sumwhere along the chat, the cabbie had told them (to their surprise) that Penang will someday be like Singapore. So, concurring with Mr.Calvin’s and Mr.Survivor’s view, it is rather not a surprise to me (at least) but a sobering reminder of interesting days to come in Malaysia.

          Kalau cab driver pon dah ada mentality macam nie, rasanya tak payah nak susah2 fikir atau andai apa yang difikirkan oleh golongan2 ni.

          Tapi macam biasalah, depa nie depan mat salleh yang tak tau hujung pangkal je yang depa berani cakap depan2…

    2. One very important point – For these loyal citizen of Dapsterworld, the Purple Shirts are the real protectors of people rather than PDRM whom they detest because they are mainly Malays.

      The Chinese DO NOT want to join PDRM. They rather become members of fascist groups like the Bajungu.

  13. Tu Cina pukul Cina. So, what’s the problem?

    Let him make the police report and let the law takes it’s course.

    He can also sue if he wants to.

    That’s better than fanning politics and inciting insinuations isn’t it?

    1. This is the last reply from me to you, dumbDandy.

      There are stupid people that can be taught to be clever.

      But there are stupid people that no matter how much they are taught, they would not become clever.

      dumbDandy, you belong to the second category.

      Enough said.

  14. Beating someone while having dinner is much nastier than Kiki incident.

    2. Dap sudah ada Sekolah Demokrasi…untuk ganti sek.kebangsaan? lihat gambar,

    3. Dap sedang berusaha mempengaruhi remaja melayu supaya mencintai Dap melalui boneka melayu lebih2 lagi bila Pas berjaya dipariakan.

    4. PPS ialah versi Rela dan Unit Amal yg ditubuhkan oleh parti biaDap.

    5. Ingat tak tragedy evangelis yg membunuh warga China kat McD di China.

    1. re: “Dap sedang berusaha mempengaruhi remaja melayu supaya mencintai Dap…”

      The DAP catches them young for indoctrination and instills deep hatred. The party operates on the Hitler Youth model.

      1. Pas passed the baton to the DAP. Must be due to fatigue. Remember that in the 1970s up to the late 1990s Pas was busy indoctrinating the Malays. Now its DAP’s turn, this time with help from Pas.

        DAP knows that the Cina totok vote is going to become irrelevant due to demographic changes. Now preparing the groundwork to harvest the Malay vote. But for now though the Cina totok vote is still useful, at least in terms of inciting them to hate the BN. When the time comes to harvest the Malay vote, the Cina totok won’t know what hit them.

      1. Yesterday’s episode of Criminal Minds on 8TV comes to mind. You had this deranged ex cop kidnapping kids and indoctrinating them to hate the Chicago police and then later on sent them to kill people. Now we have a real life version over here.

  15. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Kementerian Dalam Negeri needs to act on this Bajungu while they are still a menace and before they become a real problem.

    And while they are at it the KDN should also make sure that the NGO movement “Negaraku” is stopped or else get another name. I don’t want those idiots thinking I’m supporting them everytime I sing the national anthem.

  16. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I guess that is why they do not want the Sultans anymore like in the rude comments in TMI and how TMI wants Khalid to derhaka to the Sultan, oppositions leaders’ statement and others.

    Without Sultans, they can do anything in the states that they govern like in Penang. It is very sad when they Malays support them and agree with their ideas.

    I learn to understand the importance of the Sultans’ roles after attending talks given by lawyers like Uncle Naser Disa, Uncle Zul Noordin and others.

      1. Re Allow me to stress that it’s not only the Malays who require protection. The YYs bully Buddhists and Taoists too

        Yet these very same people continue to vote for these YYs, continue to support these YYs.

        1. The PPTA government must put a check on DAP’s Hitler Youth camps and RM2 evangelical churches activities where hate is indoctrinated.

          Bintang Tiga in the 1940s savagely bullied those Chinese who refused to become min yuen too.

          1. Aduh. Bila kerajaan ambil tindakan, the people say the government is trampling on religious freedom, minority rights so on. Apa lagi kerajaan boleh buat ?

            1. Herein lies the difference between kerajaan ala Najib and kerajaan ala Mahathir.

              We are experiencing the bitter fruit of Najib’s liberalism.

              With the Dapster-evangelistas, any kind of freedoms is grossly abused.

          2. Dear Aunty Helen,

            Wikipedia says that min yuen means “gerakan rakyat” by PKM. Gerakan rakyat sounds something like DAP’s and PKR’s current slogans. Does it means that all their fights now is to continue the fights of the old min yuen idea? Like a new branding of min yuen?

            This is really scary. I mean, the whole situation is already scary but this makes it even scarier. Why can’t PAS see the truth?

          3. You know the other trend lately is recruiting interns. DAP has recruited dozens of them for god knows what reasons.

            Of course when you are bankrolled by rich developers, money is no issue.

            1. One day, in the not too distant future, these grotesque condos are going to be ransacked and burned down by poor and angry people who are exasperated at owning any house on the Penang island.

        2. “The YYs bully Buddhists and Taoists too”

          Don’t protect them. They willingly allow themselves to be used by the YYs and the DAP.

          Dejavu. Betty Catholic Chew goes botak at Kek Lok Si under the eyes of giant Kuan Imm at Kek Lok Si.

  17. So, when is the Tokong going to form Illuminatti, neocons, Tae Kwan Do and Karate teams like all those Mahaguru Silat groups?

    Or tha Selendang Merah groups?

    Or the IS groups, Keris group?

    Funny, he didn’t form any Min Yuen groups? Aren’t they Cina? Aren’t Cina Komunis?

      1. Dandy appears to be drunk (on the J-Juice). Intoxicated people usually don’t make sense.

      2. For someone of your age, this is a refreshing piece of sarcasm but I doubt Dandy know what sarcasm is.

    1. Dandy Mao you better not stir shit with your revolutionary otak. It doesn’t go down well with us Kuomintang loyalists whom Cina clowns like you love to hate!

    2. “So, when is the Tokong going to form Illuminatti, neocons, Tae Kwan Do and Karate teams like all those Mahaguru Silat groups?”

      I heard he will form “Kelab Dumb and Dumber Malaysia” and you will be invited to be the Chairman.

  18. Few Chinese read Utusan. Since the Chinese media is complicit in its dealing with the DAP, few if any Chinese know of such incidents happening.

  19. diehard oppo supporters in Penang is Barisan Nasional.

    Pakatan is the state government..

  20. Why Mamak King did not criticize his own son who is the current MB of Kedah?

    Are Kedahans so happy with his leadership and administration? No problems? Very super duper administration?

    I don’t see any improvement from PAS rule under the late Azizan.

    Instead, Langkawi GeoPark is going to lose it’s UNESCO accredition.

    Massage parlours, karoake, rumah urut all also keep on mushrooming.

    And so many Melayu contractors merungut tak dapat, tau tak?

    Oh Oh. Out of topik. Silap baca.

    1. do you ever see lks ever criticize biawak? not in my watch. I don’t see any improvement either from penang other than bajungu and malay and the poors been shove off from the island.

      so which part of kedah does massage parlour, karaoke and rumah urut mushroom? I as someone who used to live in shah alam have eye witness the advent of rumah urut that is totally non existant during BN rule.

      1. In fact during BN time (by the Bo Hood that the DAPs hate), we have no sex parties at Penang Free School grounds, China drugs and hookers at Green Lane, nudist at Teluk Bahang etc.

        Penang is the tukang urut seks capital of Malaysia. (Of course Selangor takes second place)

        From the wisdom of Ridzuan Tee
        “Pesta bogel baru-baru ini adalah cabaran kepada Pas dan umat Islam. Ultra kiasu nampaknya tidak begitu serius untuk memeranginya, kerana mereka adalah penyokong tegar hak asasi manusia, seperti LGBT. Lagipun memakai pakaian pendek, ketat dan seksi sudah jadi budaya, termasuk kita juga. Jika bogel itu dibenarkan, saya kira ramai yang akan berbogel nanti, termasuk di jalanan.”

        Perhaps Nude Bersih anyone.

    2. How to criticise, Kedah FDI figures 2nd to Sarawak just over a year becoming KM.

      Penang tu asyik dok ketok gendang kosong memanjang.

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