48 thoughts on “A short simple question for the PAS people

  1. Hehe..bagus2 Helen.. this people cannot answer complex questions.. lets see how they answer standard one level question.

    1. Bcoz of Amanat Hadi Awang. In Pas book, Umno is not that Islam. Pas is salafi and to some extent related to Isis. Thats why Isis kill other muslims and non. Salafis brand of Islam lost the plot long time ago.

      Here, at the rate Pas and malays salafi intoxication, there maybe sectarian killing one day. God forbids. Remember McD kemaman boycott incident? That outlet owner n staffer and the protesters are all malays. U have been warned

    2. Are you sure the question is not complex for them?
      But I think they only have one answer – BECAUSE!

  2. Kepada ahli agama PAS yang main U-turn ikut aliran kuasa politik:

    Azizah tidak menepati kriteria ‘tradisi’ Istana Selangor- Aidit Ghazali [sila tonton video]


    Di maklumkan bahwa berpolitik “liberal dan pluralisme” secara Anwar itu bukannya maksud peganag pada nilai2 “keadilan dan kesaksamaan” pimpinan Melayu kita. Liberal Anwar itu mahu menghalalkan kegiatan lesbian dan gay dan mengistiharkan perkhawinan jantina songsang. Dan pluralisme Anwar itu bermakna negara Malaysia tidak akan di tadbir atas prinsip “maqasid al-sharia” berdasarkan fahaman Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah.

  3. The answer is simple. The existing of PAS is simply an anti-thesis to UMNO. UMNO is the bogeyman that must exist to define their purpose of existence of PAS. If UMNO is no longer the bogeyman, PAS will cease to exist as well because they no longer has any purpose of existence.

    So, UMNO has to remain as enemy. PAS must never unite with UMNO. UMNO has to be hated at all cost. Anyone who work against UMNO must be supported. That is PAS.

    By the way, PAS cari makan by insinuating hatred to UMNO. So if UMNO no longer an enemy, macam mana mau cari makan? Ceramah Mat Sabu pun jadi tak laku. Lawak pun jadi basi.

  4. Betul tu. Saya pun nak tahu. Kalau umno haprak sangat, apa bezanya pkr dan dap yg membolehkan pas bekerjasama hingga dilihat oleh rakyat sampai ketahap sanggup bertolaransi prinsip, diperkuda, dibuli serta diperlekehkan ?

    1. Who is more anti-hudud, UMNO, Pkr or Dap? If they can’t stand UMNO for its alleged anti-hududness, what makes them smell roses in Pkr and Dap?

    2. Pak tuaran! What body parts are you justified to cut off and when do you stone someone? Aren’t there quite a few sex offenders still working in the PAS management? How come their jihadists regularly cut off peoples’ heads without a proper trial?

    3. Sure. Kita pakai Hudud Saudi yang saksama tu. Pakistan? The level of injustice is mind boggling. Even them Salafi scholars pun confuse pasal Islam. So please la.

      Tak habis -habis nak cakap Hudud tu hukum Allah. Faham pun tak.

  5. Helen,

    If anyone can give the answers, then we can fix the Malays problem. I think the answers is none. It can be a very stupid one as well. You may consider the following:

    1. UMNO is kebangsaan and therefore must be haram

    2. PAS is being victimised in 1977, perhaps TGNA is the only survivors of this crisis. The rest if PAS members are clueless. Same goes to UMNO members.

    3. UMNO kafir for being friendly to kafirs.

    4. PAS now are being charmed by power and wealth, they want more and UMNO is not important, same goes to rakyats.

    5. PAS felt more appreciated by DAP. There is a decree by their scholar that it is perfectly fine to work with kafirs that are amanah. Never mind if the amanah kafirs is also trying to promote their own religion.

    6. UMNO is also being despised by UMNO supporters. So why should PAS being friendly to them.

    1. Helen,

      It is simple actually. UMNO is PAS competitor.

      PAS has been teaching their members to hate UMNO for no reason at all.

      “asalkan UMNO kita mesti tolak”. That is ironically the characters of those who are “assabiyah”.

      I notice that PAS actually is “tin kosong”.

      “kerja lain tak ada. Ceramah ceramah ceramah. Pagi petang siang malam”.

  6. PAS People are not PAS Leaders.

    When PAS Leaders say UMNO are bad and evil, then brainless PAS People will just parrot and hate UMNO to the core. If suddenly PAS Leaders say UMNO are good and friendly, the same brainless PAS People will u-turn and say UMNO are now repented and a friend.

    With Anwarinas PAS Leaders controlling PAS, PAS People will continue to hate UMNO. Its Anwar’s PAS that hate UMNO, not PAS People. Why? I guess, for the survival of Anwar.

    Ask any Malay on the ground, generally most Malays whether they are PAS People or Umno People or Non Aligned Atas Pagar People would have no problem to bury all the past hatred so long as PAS and Umno can politically work together if not merge. So its not PAS People who decide to hate UMNO that much and so much.

    It is Anwar and Anwarinas PAS that you must ask this question.

  7. http://www.sinarharian.com.my/mobile/nasional/wanita-tidak-sesuai-jadi-pemimpin-1.309377

    Earlier post I commented klo Jijah ada darah Melayu asli mengalir dalam tubuh badan dia, seharusnya dia faham2 le kenapa PAS and many Muslim men, including Asian cultures tak berapa syiok ya kalau wanita jadi KETUA atas… Tak payah sibuk habaq gender discrimination rubbish, it is REALITY.

    Anyway PAS is enjoying both worlds today. Kalah ke, tak buat apa ke, bulan2 elaun ADUN/MP nak guna untuk maki UMNO ke… makes no different.

    Rakyat Bumiputra including all family members of PAS supporters, semua BN yang akan menjaga, dari lahir sampai le go 6ft under. So PAS need not have to worry. Beban itu bukan masalah mereka.

    One PAS family in my kampung, anak 10 ekok get all kinds if bantuan and scholarships and all studied in IPTA wan. Saya strong supporter of UMNO, anak2 belajar semua pinjam PTPTN or kena keluar dari dompet sendiri.

    In the meanwhile, whatever they can grab under Pakatan they also get their share. Hai kalo tidak masakan MatSabu sanggup berkepit2 dengan APek DAP? Silap2 pi mana tak payah bawa dompet! Hai, kan best hidup gini?

    They only have to concentrate on how to wrest POWER from BN.

    Bukan benci BN tapi real opportunists. Semua nak balun, dunia dan akhirat.

  8. Some of them like Saari Sungib were so bitter about being put under ISA arrest. They are still very vengeful. They want to destroy Umno. They do not care with whom they courted as long as they can destroy Umno.

    This is the case of “marah nyamok kelambu dibakar”. By their actions, they are destroying the Malays. Chinese DAP take this opportunity to make sure that the Malay disunity will last as long as it can for their own Chinese interest.

    To those Pas members arrested under ISA, just to remind them there were Umno members who also had been arrested. That includes Pok Him, the Perkasa President, if I am not mistaken.

    Remember the 2 Abdul? Abdullah Ahmad and Abdullah Majid? They were arrested under ISA during Tun Razak era. At that time they were deputy ministers. They were accused as communist collaborators together with NST editor at that time..

    I would appreciate Malays either PAS or PKR members to remember never destroy Malay interests for the sake of their narrow interests.

    If any of the information that I wrote here is inaccurate, I would like to apologise.

    1. re: “Some of them like Saari Sungib were so bitter about being put under ISA arrest. They are still very vengeful. They want to destroy Umno. They do not care with whom they courted as long as they can destroy Umno.”

      Like the Lim Father & Son.

  9. Helen, Years and years of dakwah songsang had resulted in creating hateful creatures know today as penyokong2 and pemimpin2 PAS.

    Dakwah songsang means inciting hate into people hearts. I know this because I used to attend these PAS/PKR ceramah during the 90’s. The penceramah will gossip UMNO/BN people and pemimpin by skewed facts, exaggerate kabar angin and so on and so forth. There are lumps in their hearts known as dendam and hate so everything about UMNO/BN is no good.

    They are living in skewed reality. All they want is to get rid of UMNO/BN.

    This is reflected in their leader such as TGNA/TGHH. When PAS broke away from BN, this is what they brought and preached. HATE UMNO/BN will all their heart.

    Anyway, funny thing is that the only group of people that agree to their fatwas via Majlis Syura is not PAS members but penyokong and pemimpim UMNO…….. LOL

    1. re: “There are lumps in their hearts known as dendam and hate, so everything about Umno/BN is no good. They are living in skewed reality. All they want is to get rid of Umno/BN.”

      Sounds like DAP and their ‘Ubah’ and “Ini kali lah” and how their supporters scream “ABU! ABU! ABU!” all the time.

  10. PAS wants very badly to screw prostitutes and young actresses and eat Bak Kut Teh like UMNO but they couldn’t because they are supposed to be holy.

    That’s why PAS hates UMNO.

    They secretly hates DAP too. Because they want to join DAP but couldn’t .

    1. If you’re pretending to be “Isma” here in my blog, what fake names do you use in other blogs?

  11. I used to be a PAS fanatic and used to hate UMNO to pieces, and I still do hate UMNO like I used to. But now I hate PAS even more.

    But before that, UMNO has to blame itself being hated by not only PAS members but also those of PR partners’ for all its leaders’ corruption, excesses and abuse of power, from the ketua cawangan up to its president. I hope all UMNO members will honestly and objectively accept this fact.

    This makes non-UMNO members, especially PRs’ very meluat of UMNO. I thought after the 2008 GE debacle, UMNO leaders would taubat and mend their wayward ways but it’s business [corruption] as usual to this day. Helen is 1000% right when she labels UMNO as PPTA. Perhaps it should be worse than PPTA.

    Why do PAS members hate UMNO so much? I’m not able to comment on PAS members’ sentiment towards UMNO pre-Mahathir era because then I was both still not politically conscious and lived a carefree life.

    The reason is, PAS members are generally Islamic idealists. Therefore, when Islam as a religion and system of life is rejected and spoken of with contempt, it arouses supreme anger in them. UMNO leaders in the past used to speak of Isam without respect, some out of ignorance and some deliberately.

    UMNO has been in power for 57 years come August 31 this year but, even though claiming to be the world’s largest Islamic party, it refuses to make the shariah the supreme law for even for just the Muslims, let alone for the whole country by giving unaccepatable excuses. It did not even make any effort towards that end. Some even openly rejected the shariah outright by claiming it to be outdated, primitive and even barbaric.

    Didn’t Khir Johari, then education minister, abolished the jawi lesson beginning the 1966 standard 1 session? This rendered millions of Muslims becoming Qur’an illiterate. Didn’t Ghafar Baba say, if you want to eat “sup tangan & sup kaki” go to Kelantan, in sarcastic and contemptuous reference to the hudud? This certainly did not endear UMNO to PAS members.

    Remember, many PAS leaders are brilliant orators. With smatterings of the Quranic verses and hadists uttered in their religious and political ceramahs, PAS leaders could easily make UMNO members appear like cousins to iblis [satan’s chief].

    But for aggravating PAS members’ hatred for UMNO, you have to blame Mahathir. You have to blame him. Ever since PAS raised the hudud issue, Mahathir went on the orgy of hudud bashing. Since 1990, after PAS capture of Kelantan, he devoted more than half his presidential addresses during UMNO general assemblies demonising PAS and the shariah, especially hudud.

    In so doing, probably out of ignorance, he could not differentiate between PAS and Islam. [deleted]. Remember his statement that the federal government would not allow the shariah to be implemented in Kelantan? [but on a lighter note, Mahathir was fooled by PAS coz PAS never had the intention to implement the shariah. It’s just its biggest political ammo].

    To make it worse, all the pro-UMNO ulamas who indulged in PAS bashing were all 100% muted to the Mahathir’s anti-Islam onslaught. For this reason, and many others, Mahathir and UMNO were and still are despised by PAS members. We have not heard Mahathir’s public repentance and apology. If Mahathir fails or refuses to do so, he will be despised by PAS members even after his death.

    With his unrelenting attacks on PAS/Islam, he had inadvertently opened the floodgates of insults against Islam by the non-Muslims. Please do recall, Islam open bashing and insult by non-Muslims began during Mahathir’s reign.

    For PAS vs UMNO and UMNO vs PAS saga, I would recommend the readers to read an excellent article penned by Ustaz Abdul Halim Abdullah, Ketua Penerangan Biro Politik ISMA [August 9, 2014]. Actually the article was a call for UMNO-PAS unity. Obviously, Nik Aziz is the biggest stumbling block in the UMNO-PAS unity.

    My comment is, we are now in a different era, circumstances change, personnel in both parties change, UMNO’s attitude towards Islam has definitely change positively, albeit not too significantly. He said, as long as he’s alive, there will be no unity with UMNO. Why can’t you change nik aziz and why are you so hard headed?

    For PAS members who are for UMNO-PAS unity, please remove him as the mursyidul am of PAS asap [deleted]. That way, the biggest obstacle to UMNO-PAS unity will be removed.

    If PAS can’t cooperate with UMNO like it does with DAP and PKR, it can just cooperate with UMNO on issue basis. For claiming to be standard bearer of Islam, what makes it think it can Islamize the anti-Islam DAP and PKR members and cannot make UMNO members better Muslims?

    But now this has become irrelevant because PAS reputation has been buried underneath the drain. It’s now beyond salvation. The way PAS handled all the issues that have rocked and wrecked the nation has demonstrated that after Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang & Son, PAS leaders are Malaysia’s most despicable politicians. Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang not excluded.

    Again, why do PAS members hate UMNO so much? Didn’t UMNO also indoctrinate its members and the public at large to despise PAS too? But now UMNO has good reasons to do so! Carry on!

    1. I have to disagree with most of your opinion. Most, not all.

      Even though I respect and recognize Tun Mahathir as a great leader, that does not mean I’m a zombie follower who is unable to think whats right or wrong and will blindly swallow everything Tun said. He’s done far more for the country and ummah as a whole than Nik Aziz ever had.

      And I had never harbored any ill feelings towards my brothers in faith of PAS. To me it’s a political divide. Politics lie under religion, not on the same level as most PAS leaders preached to their zombies.

      PAS has done greater mischief by using religion to gain support. This is to me more or equally sickening and damaging than corruption that they(PAS) constantly accusing UMNO of being guilty of.

      Diseases of the heart know no political affiliation. But when faith is shaken by the corruption of men, we are all susceptible to wrongdoings, whether you have a songkok or a serban on your head.

      Nik Aziz, bertaubatlah. Hidup di dunia ini sementara sahaja. Damaikanlah antara kedua pihak. Padamkan bara kebencian di hatimu yang ditiup oleh bisikan syaitan.


    2. Idris Md Isa,

      No. UMNO does not indoctrinate its members to hate PAS. That I am sure.

      UMNO does have its fair share of weaknesses. No doubt about that. But it is not vengeful. That is the reason why until today UMNO members do not hate PAS.

      PAS members have been taught that anything about UMNO is sinful or unislamic. PAS leaders have been drumming that questioning PAS is tantamount to rejecting Islam.

      For the uninitiated, absolute authority are Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW. Others do not have the right to say that rejecting them is rejecting Islam.

      Funny is that not? Until today UMNO never uses Hudud for votes. Yet it consistently got more Malay votes from PAS that uses Hudud for votes all the time. Why? Because UMNO is less as less “bermuka muka” as compared to PAS.

      Whatever said about UMNO, it still “jaga mulut”. It does not go around in mosques blasting PAS the way PAS uses mosques for its political agenda.

    3. I doubt UMNO members are asked to hate PAS. They hate certain leaders in PAS, but not the party itself. I have no respects at all with Nik Aziz and Hadi, as politicians, but I do admire their deep knowledge of Islam.

      Recently Nik Aziz apologized to everyone but UMNO ppl for his sins towards them, as he began to realize that his long illness must have been inflicted by God for his past sins towards others. But he stopped short of asking for forgiveness from UMNO ppl whom he had poured scorn on for as long as his adult life. This shows his blind dendam towards UMNO still haunts him and the iblis in him keeps him from letting go off the dendam despite being sick now.

      Amanat Hadi still sicks me to the core. Hopefully one day he realizes his mistake and repents before Nik Aziz’s ailment befell him.

    4. It’s a counter productive of mere salvation of the Malay race after Tunku’s era Dr M fought both ways in order to salvage the economics down turn of the Malays and the Chinese were on his side then on top of when he was challenge by TRH who took him for UMNO presidential election but the basic argument here is why pas hates now are also their expulsion from BN and it last until and during Dr M era he (Dr M) shouldn’t be blame too cause TGNA and TGHA on their amanat haji hadi and sembahyang dua imam almost stir up and become thaw less were quite formidable too

    5. Anak saya sek ugama kerajaan semua dalam jawi. Terror budak- budak skg dengan jawi. Dlm bab pelajaran jawi jgn salahkan kerajaan. Hendak seribu daya tak hendak seribu dalih.

  12. Pas anti umno is just like Dap hates Gerakan

    Pas women wear gLoves like Michael Jackson n umno ladies love pink headscarfs.


  13. Why are all this comment to answer on behalf of PAS? The question is not directly to you all. It a direct question to PAS. Let PAS answer to Helen. Why are all penyibuk here? That means PAS do not need to answer as all penyibut will start answering for them. Ha ha! Let hear if Nik Aziz, Hadi or Sabu can answer a direct question from Helen. The rest just stay put and calm. Dont sibuk sibuk.

    1. Like a kuman seberang laut nampak gajah depan mata tak nampak

      Mahfiz Mahfuz Mahsuuuk…..

      Tanya itu mat sabunnn….. and his bff

  14. Definition of PAS ( Latin: Macamus Bagusius) : Group of holier than thou, judgemental, kekampungan minded folk who only blindly follow the words of their leaders and other UMNO hating folk, including from other religions.

    Easy to manipulate, has no financial strength as a party. Relies on other parties to finance it, explaining why they are making so many U turns due to the many many many favors owed.

    Is host to cancerous cells – Anwaristas, Shiites, political opportunists, loudmouthes, fanatics who don’t pray 5 times daily. Will not go far if still practicing democracy because of the cancerous cells inside will outvote the elders every time.

    Fiercely hiding the craving for worldly pleasures behind religious-like appearance (you know who you are, PAS Terengganu circa 2004-2008) yet succumbing to it in various pretenses. Mutating to become another UMNO, now in stage 2 of 5. Will die an iminate lonely death. Cause of death: Hati busuk

  15. @idris md isa.

    Firstly, thanks for your lengthy answer. I too was like you. I attended ceramah, donated money and spoke bad things about Umno back then.

    I believed the words of Steve Gan and RPK.

    But at times I too read Che Det and Matthias Chang. And I find the views of both sides very refreshing.

    Here’s my take. PAS is now trying (albeit very unsuccessfully) to achieve what UMNO has achieved long time ago. A cooperation with the non muslim, with the muslim at helm.

    Pas for me is just a tool to destroy Islamic unity. Just like Hamas was an Israeli tool to destroy PLO (you can read this even in Haaretz, an Israeli paper where they admit they regret doing so).

    Using Quran and hadith to destroy the unity of the Malays is just pathetic. For me, Pas never intends to implement hudud. And if you read Mahathir’s letter, he never said he rejected hudud. He rejected Pas version of hudud.

    And Mahathir is right. What Pas is doing with their version of Islam now is very scary. What used to be “cara kafir” is now allowable. Now, you can vote for a non-muslim, vote for a woman, and do so many others as long as you are a Pakatan supporter. Any members who are more liberal and secular goes up, anyone who tries to implement a little bit of Islam, like banning alcohol is kicked without justification.

    We all have tasted Pas version of politic. The old man is right. We should all be scared of Pas version of hudud.

    1. Hamas in history. I read somewhere about that too long time ago. Thank you sir for bringing it up and would start finding reading material about hamas again hehe. Their plot all the same isn’t it divide and conquer

  16. Those who disbelieve among the People of the Scripture and also the idolaters could not have left their errant ways till the clear proof came unto them:

    A messenger from Allah, reading purified pages; wherein are injunctions right and straight. “Nor were the People of the Scripture divided among themselves until after the clear proof came unto them.” And they have been commanded no more than this: To worship Allah, offering Him sincere devotion, being true in faith; to establish regular prayer; and to practise regular charity; thus is the Religion right and straight. (surah Bayyinah)

    – They disbelieved before the veritable Quran and the Prophet’s teachings reached them, and yet after they had received the clear proofs of religion, they returned to unbelief as demonstrated by their words and actions. Such is the nature of religionists who are without true knowledge and sincerity of purpose.

  17. sepatutnya kak Helen kena tanya soalan ni dalam bahasa melayu. kalau yang paham soalan ni pun geng2 anwarinas sbb mereka yg tergolong dlm kelompok ni berlatar belakangkan professional. kita nak jawapan dari kem ulama sebab itulah teras PAS.

    kalau tanya dalam BI bukannya mereka paham sangat. dalam bahasa arab pun bukan semua reti. setakat ana anta tu bolehlah. tp dressing dan luaran kena ikut perangai arab. mungkin sebab itulah kot mereka membenci x sudah. sebab kalau pergi Negara arab, berbalah tu dah jadi makanan harian bagi mereka. sampai nak sembahyang pun boleh gaduh sapa nak jadi imam.

    pendek kata PAS sebenarnya nak jadi lebih arab daripada arab. bukan lebih tinggi nilai2 islamnya berbanding orang arab.

  18. Because UMNO is against so many things that they support.

    What do they support? They support LGBT sex bebas, homosexual, murtad, Allah to be used by Christians gelong, Malaysian Malaysia, hak bumiputra dibuang dll lagi apa yang didukung oleh puak puak malaun.

    Inilah party ISLAM yg mana ahli-ahlinya dijanji surga dan UMNO ditudoh kafir.

    Nauzubillah. Kita hairan bagaimana ahli ahli tidak berfikir dan tidak sedar semua ini atau mereka pun setuju dengan pemimpin-pemimpin mereka yang sangat gila pangkat dan harta yang sanggup diherdik di pijak dan sanggup menjadi macai malaun malaun asalkan ASYUUUUUK

    1. re: “UMNO ditudoh kafir”

      Saya pun sering dikafirkan oleh Kristian penyokong pembangkang.

      1. They lack intelligence and cannot reason things.

        Eg……TUDUH UMNO kafir just because friendly with MCA.

        PAS make u turn, not only work with DAP and [Anwar], but embrace APEK TUA lagi…….. tak kafir pun.

        ITULAH Part Ajaran SONGSANG.

        KEJAP yes, KEJAP no…….takder PENDIRIAN ……

  19. very very true indeed iskandar suhaimi! dejavu..

    i followed so many pas ceramahs beginning 1999.so
    full of maki
    hamun and
    maximum hatred
    for umno.

    now i realise how
    munafiq pas is
    with their holier
    than thou
    the talibans.
    islam konon…only
    pas members can
    go to ‘heaven’ and
    umno followers

    hj hadi and nik
    aziz are culprits
    for the malay
    muslims disunity
    and hatred.

    really disappointing…

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