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Najib is causing Umno to lose the Malay votes

“No, I am not asking him to resign. I just do not agree with his policies,” the Tun told reporters at PWTC on Monday night with regard to pulling his support from Najib.

The self-evident ace in the pack, flashed by the PMO boys, is that whatever we may say about the PM, there is still no one else in the current Umno hierarchy who is at par or able to replace him (except for maybe KuLi).

BELOW: The BN support base is “rural Malay”

Rural Divide BN
Source: Politweet

Popular vote going, going, gone

Nonetheless, externally, Najib can cause Umno which is the lynchpin of the BN to lose the support of the Malay grassroots.

BN may still be able to retain Putrajaya in GE14 due to the advantage given rural constituencies in weightage but its command of the popular vote – 47 percent to Pakatan’s 51 percent in GE13 – would be further eroded in elections to come.

The polls in 2013 saw the BN’s popular vote sink to an all-time low and the ruling coalition’s performance worse than in 1969.

How will BN survive GE15, GE16 and the next ones?

Click to enlarge

Undi popular

“Bangsa kamu akan memusnahkan kamu”, wahai Najib

Reader krenggge commented @ 2014/08/21 at 9:11 am,

“Punca kemelut & taufan 100000000 km/hrs ni satu sahaja:

“Apabila Najib memekakkan telinganya, membutakan matanya, menjual pangkatnya kerana mengharap undi Cindia akan membantu dia pd [PRU] 14 dengan membiarkan agamanya, bangsanya & rajanya dihina, dicerca, dipijak-pijak, maka ini sudahnya habuan dia dapat.

“TOTAL: Melayu atas pagar akan TOLAK dia, TOTAL: Melayu Umno yang masih terang matahatinya akan TOLAK dia jugak.

“Sabarlah Najib, bangsa kamu akan memusnahkan kamu!”

BELOW: The BN Parliament seats are predominantly in the kampung and interior of Sabah & Sarawak

Politweet_BN power
Source: Politweet


BN will be in trouble because by the year 2020, three quarters of the Malaysian population in the peninsula will be living the urban areas – see bar graph above.

Umno only left in Johor dan the smallest state, Perlis

All the Parliament seats which are our state capitals are in Pakatan hands with the exception of Johor Baru and Kangar – see blue band below.

DAP controls Tanjong (Georgetown), Ipoh Timur, Ipoh Barat, Seremban, Kota Melaka, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and the majority of the seats in Kuala Lumpur.

PKR has Alor Setar and Kuantan while PAS holds Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu and Shah Alam.


Ke mana perginya Maruah Melayu?

Never before in the history of this land has Malay sovereignty been spat on like it is now under Najib’s watch.

Yet the PM whose party has 88 MPs in the 222-seat (Umno has 40 percent control) Parliament membenarkan cacing untuk naik ke mata.

Najib’s paralysis has reached a critical stage. It is this medical red alert which prompted the 89-year-old doctor – who has accurately diagnosed the ailment – to take drastic action.

Bukan dengan tidak semena-menanya Tun terpaksa untuk bersuara.

BAWAH: ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ Najib diinjak-injak




“Membiarkan agamanya, bangsanya & rajanya dihina”

Hannah Yeoh believes that anyone opposed to her is “low class”,

the BN reps are “wicked”

and those folks who don’t subscribe to her Christian Love-Love-Love ethos are “racist’.

See below, @hannahyeoh’s tweet – “Racists must be taught how to love”

To Hannah Yeoh, even the weather is “so extreme” like Utusan and Perkasa (see tweet below)


Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather is behaving racist

‘No’ to Isma in DAP-controlled Selangor

Applications to put up the Isma billboard (see below) were rejected by the local councils of Shah Alam and Selayang.


Isma wanted to get across their message “Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi keagungan Islam” … but.

Not allowed to say this.

The evangelistas have successfully stamped on our political landscape the belief that “keagungan Islam” equals religious extremism.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh is sceptical that a Muslim NGO can raise its own funds and questions Najib whether [Umno or the government] is funding Isma?

Twitter - hannahyeoh- .@NajibRazak do u know

Isma billboard


The second half of the Isma message reads “Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi kedaulatan bangsa Melayu”. … but.

Not allowed to say this.

The Dapsters have successfully bullied and cowed everyone that any mention of “Melayu” as bangsa is pure racism.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- MIC & UMNO troops using nasty

Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato

TANAH MELAYU bakal menghilang ke mana?

The last part of Isma’s intended message for the billboard reads “Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi [nasib] Melayu di Tanah Melayu ini”. … but.

Not allowed to say this.

The Firsters have successfully terrorized everybody into submission and fear that any mention of “Tanah Melayu” (as the name of our land) is bigotry, intolerance and anti-national.



Melayu akan pupus di dunia kelak

In spite of our rulers being called Raja-Raja Melayu, the DAP evangeliSTARs are pushing their version of the national narrative which says that there is no such thing as the Malay race.

See, “The Malays in Malaysia are a political construct and their very identity was defined by the British” in Malaysiakini’s YourSay headlined ‘Najib held captive by racial extremists’, and

“the notion of the ‘Malay’ is a political construct that was initiated by the British, and continues to be a construct perpetuated by the current powers that be” by Jacqueline Ann Surin, editor of the now defunct Firster portal, The Nut Graph.

When DAP occupies Putrajaya, history will be rewritten in their evangelical image.


It is during Najib’s tenure that the DAP succeeded in installing Malaysia’s first evangelista Speaker and sending the J-Star editors into multiple exclamations of ecstasy.

BELOW: Najib and Tan Sri Muhyiddin put on the defensive by The J-Star.

The Malay ground is roiling

Inipun Najib tak faham-faham!

Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman recently revealed that he has conveyed his concern to the PM but his warnings fell on deaf ears.

See ‘Isma sokong Tun tegur Najib yang berlembut dengan puak pelampau‘ on how the popular Muslim NGO’s top leadership have raised the alarm over the threat by “Christian extremists”.

If Umno still kekal dengan sikap tidak apanya, the Muslim NGOs will gather as a united force like how the Malay organizations got together to oppose the Malayan Union in 1946. If this happens, Umno will no longer take the lead.

The Spirit of ’46 reignited will propel satu saf baru – not Umno’s anymore – to helm our country.


Mama Dapster
Hannah Yeoh

Imagine how much Bak Kut Teh Madame Speaker shovelled to reach her monstrous size!

Nafsu serakah politikus rakus DAP

The GREED of the 3G: Gold-Glory-Gospel politicians is insatiable.

Najib first became an MP in 1976 following the Pekan by-election. To reach the pinnacle of premiership and PM’s salary of RM22.8 k, climbing up the career ladder took Najib 33 years in politics.

At age 34, Hannah Yeoh approved herself a Speaker’s salary of RM22.5 k that almost matches Najib’s. You can see how ruthlessly ‘efficient’ the DAP is and what they are capable of doing once power is in their hands.


Getting Malay youth hooked on J-Juice

Read super blogs Cucu Tok Selampit , Sangkakalajari9 and The Unspinners for their exposes on the great strides made by the DAP “School of Democracy” among Malay youngsters.


So many pro-establishment Malays have appealed to the PM to be firm and take charge before his country is lost to the locusts but to no avail.

Now it’s come to a point when the Tun has had to openly declare that Najib is worse than Sleepy Dollah.

If Najib still refuses to do anything, the Melayus will have to tunduk kepada Ketuanan Evangelista.

Is the PM ever going to wake up from his stupor? Very soon Najib will become as unpopular with the Malays as the Tunku was in the late 1960s.

Don’t shoot the messenger (Dr M). Tolong muhasabah diri.


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Note: The headline of this article has been tweaked from ‘Najib will cause Umno to lose the Malay votes’ to ‘Najib is causing Umno to lose the Malay votes’

Updated 2.35pm


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49 thoughts on “Najib is causing Umno to lose the Malay votes

  1. Another take on the issue and I agree:

    Since I find the menteri muda almost at par with HY, I definitely agree with this statement from the article – “UMNO Youth however, is counting on a guy with nothing to offer but his ‘celebrity personality’.”

    HY is working to bring down BN from the opposite side while I find KJ to be a duri dalam daging. Maybe some people will say I envy him because he’s current, he’s hip (, but does he really have the support of the BN youth and does he draw in new youthful members into BN.

    1. re: “does he draw in new youthful members into BN”


      He’s a manufactured social media personality and contrived to even win himself the celebrity Shout! awards.

      KJ’s personal popularity will not translate into votes for the BN, just like how the Chinese are aware of the conciliatory gestures extended by Ah Jib Gor but nonetheless whatever he does and red Chinese costumes he wears, it still cuts no ice with their ABU! ABU! ABU!

  2. My point is, it’s not just the PM who is clueless, there’s a whole bunch of them in the cabinet and Umno leadership, who add to the problem and contribute to the loss of malay votes.

    1. Najib is showing “leadership” by example.

      No Najib and there wouldn’t be Menteri Pelbagai Tugas KJ pulling his cuti sakit stunt during the World Cup b’cos the PM is willing to pander to him.

  3. Can someone deliver this article and the comments right on Najib’s desk without having to go through his “advisors”? Or maybe its better to deliver straight to Rosmah’s hands.

    1. Please do. Somebody pls pass my article to Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

      Can also mention that Hannah Yeoh mocked her as a “Big Mama” over Twitter (or then again, perhaps it is better not to say).

        1. Rosmah is 63 years old and doesn’t have a quarter of Hannah Yeoh’s age spots on her face.

          Madame Speaker is 35 going on 55, and her bottom spread is vast … like the map of Canada.

  4. It’s all about strategy with DAP, which is non-existent in UMNO. When they’re done turning the Chinese against BN through the Red Bean Army, they closed down their cyber operations & now focus on getting Malay youth to join their ranks through token personalities considering there will be 1.4 million new voters expected for GE14.

    All the while, we have Mr Shout! Awards ice-bucketing himself & while the paid BN Cybertroopers are fighting the free BN Cybertroopers. I guess it’s true that BN is always 3 steps behind DAP.

    And same goes for PAS. Tak habis2 flip-flopping.

  5. Inaction may not be a bad thing. One need not engage with the enemy all the time.

    Remember the adage: give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

    And air tenang ada buaya. ..

    Aristocrats have their means to get what they want. Don’t mistake a lack of apparent action for lack of action. There are subtleties at play.

    Tun M is a very straight talking type of person, I believe he simply cannot stomach the mindset of someone like Najib.

    1. re: “give them enough rope and they will hang themselves”

      When Pakatan moved their Langkah Kajang during the forced by-election, Umno (the only opposition party with seats in the Selangor DUN) didn’t take advantage.

      If Umno had been more effective during that period, they would have had a stronger hand when the controversy moved on to the current MB fiasco.

      Umno is giant but a lumbering and mostly slumbering one.

      I believe that DAP will take the rope given it and truss Umno like a chicken bound for the market when the PPTA is sleeping.

      1. DAP treats politics like a street brawl.

        Najib seems to be playing chess. .. in the dark .. cos nobody can see his moves! Haha

        But I reckon some people are going to get their comeuppance when they least expect it. You can be riding a wave of popularity now but it can crash in an instance.

        1. I do appreciate the Datuk Seri’s subtleties like in Terengganu as well as with the low-key appointment of MCA to Cabinet (where the Transport and No Portfolio Ministries were really a slap on MCA’s face).

          The Najib style is bagai menghela rambut dalam tepung: rambut jangan putus, tepung jangan terserak. Ikut protocol pun and always mindful of adab. He’s got a seasoned diplomacy and many good, positive points.

          Unfortunately his enemies in DAP and PKR are a nest of vipers and the backstabbers in his own BN, ibarat musang berbulu ayam. Perhaps Najib needs to veer more towards the approach of palu ular, pukul sampai mati. Kalau tidak, dia akan dipatuk ular-ular berbisa itu ataupun dibelit dan ditelan hidup-hidup oleh ular sawa besak.

          1. Helen,

            These are few comments I heard Malays are saying about Najib:

            1) “Terhegeh hegeh menyembah orang Cina”.
            2) “Tak faham orang melayu’.
            3) “Pandang rendah orang Melayu”.

            The comments are not that alarming as they are the truth. Najib despite being totally rejected by the chinese still do not get the message.

            THE CHINESE rejects him and BN (meaning Malay dominated government). NO WAY they will back BN again.

            Yet Najib appointed those who have nothing good to say about him, BN, UMNO, Malays, Islam as members of MPKN.

            Najib knows BAR COUNCIL wants BN to be wiped out literally speaking. Yet he allows BAR COUNCIL to draft replacement of Akta Hasutan.

            Najib is indifferent to the fact that Attorney General is biased against Malays. Even Nazri is very upset. Yet he says nothing. He allows Attorney General to defend those who slander UMNO, Malays, Islam. This upset the Malays.

            NAJIB DOES NOT DO ANYTHING when Guan Eng establishes his own police force. This is an affront to Federal government.

            As I said earlier, Najib is actually waging war against his own government.

            Tun Dr Mahathir was being bold. He said the truth. It is better Najib realises now before Malays reject UMNO totally.

            1. Those individuals with cables to the Tun should convey him our feedback so that he will know that lots of us rakyat marhaen believe that he is on the right track and Najib is heading to the edge of the precipice.

    2. Re: There are subtleties at play[?]…stop joking.

      It’s not subtleties but inertia coz it has been going on for more than 5 years already. Are you saying that within those 5 years, there’s no issue at all that required some kind of response from the PM? Najib is probably suffering from a total brain paralysis.

      BTW, I read somewhere that PMO fellas say Najib is the best there is in UMNO to be PM. An inert man is the best that UMNO has? What does it say about other UMNO leaders? Worse than inert? Then Malaysia must be administered by the inert and more than inert people!

      1. re: “BTW, I read somewhere that PMO fellas say Najib is the best there is in UMNO to be PM.”

        They go around saying that ‘everywhere’ to do damage control after the Tun dropped the bomb.

  6. I think that the view in the article is not backed up by fact. Najib increased UMNO’s number of seats at the last election and he will probably do so again in GE14. No doubt the coalition parties have had a difficult time but Najib’s gentle manner has a great appeal to voters even if the shrieking pundits don’t understand (maybe these pundits have been brainwashed into the PR-style of politics by the opposition?). As for the move to become a more urban society, this is very true in all countries in the world, but it doesn’t mean the flow of political power will follow this trend. Even if the opposition take 65% of the vote (highly unlikely), their focus on urban areas means that they will struggle to take 45% of the seats in Parliament. UMNO’s majorities increased in almost all rural constituencies under Najib, which leads to the factually accurate statement that this article is much ado about nothing.

    1. re: “Najib increased UMNO’s number of seats at the last election and he will probably do so again in GE14.”

      Correct, Umno increased its seats (see bar graph below) but there is hardly any compelling reason to believe that he will be able to top up Umno’s 88 any further.

      Moreover as the Politweet chart – above in the article – shows, the BN seats are in the kampung (ref. yellow stick figures).

      DAP won their urban seats with thumping 5-digit majorities. Umno won its seats with majorities of a few hundreds which means those seats could easily go the other way. From now until 2018, anything can happen, including Perkasa deciding to become a Third Force and thus creating multi-cornered fights.

      Don’t forget that the patron of Perkasa is the Tun and he has already made a public declaration that Najib is worse than Tun Dol and the Malay-Muslim groups are chafing at the bit.

      Isma fielded a total of nine candidates for Parliament in GE13 and in some of the constituencies where they contested, they did manage to take away the Malay votes from BN who had put up Chinese MCA candidates.

      Isma had taken on seats which were either an outright Malay majority, i.e. more than 50 percent Malay voters or where the Malay outnumber voters from any of the other races. You can see how well Isma – using the Berjasa ticket – did in Seremban (see below). The Isma ustaz’s 6,866 votes is more than 20 percent of MCA’s.

      Mind you, the year 2013 was before Isma gained national prominence. By the time GE14 rolls around, and if Isma contested using their own logo, they will do even better since they’ve now became a household name. Maybe not well enough to win a seat but enough to split the votes and cause BN to lose.


      re: “No doubt the coalition parties have had a difficult time but Najib’s gentle manner has a great appeal to voters even if the shrieking pundits don’t understand (maybe these pundits have been brainwashed into the PR-style of politics by the opposition?)”

      Really? On what basis and what opinion survey do you pull your claim from?

      Below is the Merdeka Center survey results in mid-March 2014 on Najib’s personal popularity.


      He’s got a commendable rating among the Malays, disastrous among the Chinese and poor among the Indians, i.e. a mere 36 percent approval rating only wrt the Indians.

      With the Tun firing his salvo and presently channelling the various streams of disgruntlement into one river (picking up force), do you think Najib will become more popular or less?

      And by the way, when you say “the PR-style of politics by the opposition”, you’re being disingenuous by ignoring the fact that my blog – and likewise the commenters – are mostly pro-establishment or neutral. Your allusion of Pakatan “shrieking pundits” who “don’t understand” Malay nuances does not apply here.

      Let’s take a sample study of a very Melayu seat in Terengganu – the state with the lowest percentage (2.6%) of Chinese inhabitants.

      Kuala Nerus is the constituency bordering Kuala Terengganu and belonging under the same administrative district.


      Kuala Nerus is purely Malay vs Malay fight, and the power and influence of PAS vs Umno in Terengganu are evenly matched. Umno has 17 seats to Pakatan’s 15 (14 PAS + 1 PKR).

      Kuala Nerus is a good examination of urbanization and a young electorate. Umno won this seat in 2004 and 2008. The seat swung to PAS in 2013.

      It is a Parliamentary constituency with 4 state seats. In GE13, PAS won 3 DUNs and Umno, one. In GE12, the situation was reversed with Umno winning 3 DUNs and PAS one. You see, unlike Seputeh, Cheras or Kepong which are DAP’s and unassailable, the seats in the Malay states can easily pendulum.

      The most interesting aspect of Kuala Nerus in GE13 is its extremely high percentage of young voters. A total 31 percent of its electorate are under the age of 30!

      Altogether, 56 percent of Kuala Nerus voters are under the age of 40 (see pie chart, below)

      Kuala Nerus also saw an increase of 24,701 voters, i.e. from 51,537 in 2008 to 76,238 in 2013. Thus 32.4 percent of Kuala Nerus electors were the constituency’s first-time voters on 5 May 2013.

      It is most likely that these new electors voted for the opposition, PAS.


      re: “As for the move to become a more urban society, this is very true in all countries in the world, but it doesn’t mean the flow of political power will follow this trend.”

      I’ve shown you a case study that backs up what I say. I can give more examples. Kuala Terengganu also went back to PAS in 2013. It had been Umno’s in 2008 and 2004.

      re: “Even if the opposition take 65% of the vote (highly unlikely), their focus on urban areas means that they will struggle to take 45% of the seats in Parliament.”

      Correct. The oppo is getting more of the popular vote (headcount) but fewer or disproportionate seats. Let’s say BN still maintains its losing streak (popular vote) in GE14 but manages to win the national election nonetheless. Ditto GE15. But at some point, even the rural weightage will be unable to prop up or save the BN any longer.

      After all, the DAP in 2013 wiped out MCA in the Chinese-majority rural areas (Selangor, Johor) in those state seats which MCA had managed to hold on to by a whisker in 2008. Now the DAP is moving into the interior of Sarawak and working its Christian “charm”.

      re: “UMNO’s majorities increased in almost all rural constituencies under Najib, which leads to the factually accurate statement that this article is much ado about nothing.”

      I’ve always provided data to back up what I say. It is you’re who are making a sweeping statement with no references at all. And please lah, don’t claim credit for Najib wrt to Umno’s clawback.

      Umno regained Kedah. That was under the leadership of Mukhriz Mahathir and if anyone deserves the kudos, it is more certainly Tun whose home state Kedah is rather than the Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar of Pahang.

      Kedah is not a developed state like Selangor and Johor. On the contrary, Kedah tends to the Muslim conservative side and its previous MB Tuan Guru Azizan was an ulama. Mukhriz deserves a pat on the back on how he has gained the affection of the Kedahans.

      And here you are nak beri nama kepada sapi walhal susu itu lembu yang punya. Try harder if you think you can convince readers that it was our impeccably suited and exquisitely English-speaking PM (with the plummy British accent) who delivered Kedah to Umno.

      1. One important point I need to add:

        Umno did not W-I-N the votes in the last general election through the ‘PULL’ factor, i.e. attracting support.

        On the other hand, Umno was a recipient of the Malay votes through the ‘PUSH’ factor, i.e. the Malay voters were corralled into the Umno pen because they were being freaked out – dan itupun sebelum Melayu sedar mereka dilanda tsunami – by the aggressive DAP with their mammoth rallies and war cries of “ABU! ABU! ABU!”, “Ubah”, “Ini kali lah” and Chinese taking to street demos reminiscent of 1969.

        As a number of commenters here have observed, they only pangkah Dacing as an alternative to the oppo which was led by the Chinese.

        The Malay votes going to Umno were by default. If they had a better option – say Isma – they may not necessarily choose BN.

        I voted BN in 2013 but I’m not sure that in the next one, I’ll be willing again to pangkah Dacing (where I am it’s the MCA) because I believe MCA most certainly deserves to be boycotted. And the Malays feel even stronger than I do that the MCA can no longer be trusted.

        1. Helen,

          UMNO increased its seats in 2013 by “default”. Malays voted UMNO not out of love. But out of fear. The truth i that Malays then simply have no better alternatives.

          Voting DAP is tantamount to voting for racist communist. And with PAS seen and actually kow towing to DAP , Malays flocked to UMNO.

    2. Next PRU BN will lose few seats in rural Sarawak where [DAP] is baiting the natives with its “Malaysian Malaysia” (konon). Unless BN Sarawak can work out certain “give and take” compromise with Najib. (Remember the PRS, a BN component, isn’t happy with Najib over the “cabinet minister issue”, and is SPDP).

      1. And don’t forget that Sarawak and Sabah BN delivered 31 and 25 seats to Najib respectively. (Najib must remember that BN only won 85 seats out of 165 in Semenanjung.)

        I dread one day BN will also lose the states of Sarawak and Sabah. And I blame Najib for that.

  7. The UMNO goons as led by Najib and his “awesome” sidekick, the Kera Jantan never learnt nor will ever learn.

    Let UMNO die a painful and shameful death and time to bring in the ultra Malays and pro Islam faction.

    And let us make a quick guess as to where the final nail in the coffin, so to speak, be…..

    Perhaps we all should read the “talqin” for UMNO…..R.A.H.M.A.N theory will soon prove itself….and there goes the chance for the Kera Jantan to be Pee Em one day

  8. What we need to do is ask Najib to give way to someone else to lead the government. For a start we can ask Ku Li to be the PM. At the same time Umno must change. Umno members must not think for their self interests but for the sake of the country. Federal constitution must be protected at all costs. Those who go against it must severely be punished.

    1. re: “What we need to do is ask Najib to give way to someone else to lead the government.”

      Can we let the Tun know that a lot of ordinary people feel this way?

      re: “Umno members must not think for their self interests but for the sake of the country.”

      Heh heh. With the likes of ego number plate “KJ 10 Q” and other anak menantu buzzing around the honeypot?

      1. I suggest that all Bloggers do a survey in their blogs asking whether their readers would like najib to carry on as PM.

          1. Do a comprehensive survey that attract hundreds of readers like you did before. If a few of the blogs do it then we could have a general picture of public opinions. What the blogs did for Selangor including yours was a good one. We generally know their feelings now that feelings are generally translated into actions for example the interview with Raja Komando and others.

  9. re: Perhaps we all should read the “talqin” for UMNO…..R.A.H.M.A.N theory will soon prove itself…

    well, after R.A.H.M.A.N, there will R.A.H.I.M then. after Najib then he/she will be….R?

    1. re: “R.A.H.M.A.N, there will be R.A.H.I.M”


      Rosmah for PM. That’s real Girl Power looking you in the face. (She’s far more capable than Wan Azizah and no irritating one-sided glove and fan).

      After that ‘A’ can be Abdul Taib Mahmud or Anifah Aman. We move the locus of power across the South China Sea. Bagi dema ‘chan’ sikit.

  10. Najib is doing as well as anyone could. The economy is humming along. Unemployment is manageable. Anyone who wants a job can get one. Like Clinton said it is the economy that matters. PR is committing hara kiri and will implode soon enough. There are more space for opinions now, so we get a lot of noise. In the end, moderation will win. It is who we are.

    1. re: “Najib is doing as well as anyone could. The economy is humming along.”

      This year, a total of 5.9 million households were eligible for BR1M handouts. That’s “households” and not number of people. Say each household (isi rumah) has an average of 4 members. That’s a lot of people belonging to low income families.

      re: “Unemployment is manageable.”

      Yes but do you know that foreign labour at 6,631,100 (Indonesia, Indian national, Myanmar, Bangladeshi, etc workers) is half of our domestic workforce at 13,646,300.

      Malaysians may be employed but how much are they getting paid and what kind of low-tech jobs are they doing?

      re: “Anyone who wants a job can get one.”

      Which are the biggest employers, pray tell? The service sector, urm, McDonald’s?

      re: “Like Clinton said it is the economy that matters.”

      Then how come 90 percent of the Chinese ditched the BN?

      re: “PR is committing hara kiri and will implode soon enough. There are more space for opinions now, so we get a lot of noise.”

      You’re correct about the noise but then again, thunder is a precursor to a torrential rainstorm.

      re: “In the end, moderation will win. It is who we are.”

      I beg to disagree. A lot of us think that there are too many delusional Dapsters who are gripped by perpetual hysteria. The bajungu (Guan Eng’s purple-shirted goons) beat up somebody just a couple of days ago.

      But credit where credit is due, I believe MCA people and politicians are far more rational. Yet MCA is gonna be dead by the next election whereas the ranks of the DAP are swelling.

      1. “Re: McDonald’s”

        The other day I walked around a mall and saw a fast food restaurant putting up a sign to hire workers; hourly pay stated in the banner was RM3.50. More than 10 years ago when I worked as a part time promoter selling shoes in a mall somewhere in the silver state; hourly pay was also a paltry RM3.50. Something’s very very wrong here.

      2. Saya ada soalan ingin dilontarkan.

        1. Mengapa Malaysia masih menggunakan nisbah matawang dollar sebagai penanda aras kekuatan matawang RM?

        2. Benarkah nilai matwang dollar itu tulen dan boleh dipercayai kekuatannya @ sebenarnya matawang dollar itu ‘kuat’ hanya disebabkan ‘spekulasi’ matawang untuk menutup kebangkrapan nilai dollar???

        3. Jika Bank Dunia telah beroperasi di Malaysia, agak-agak anda mengapa tetiba ada bank dunia kat Malaysia (centrlize di Malaysia).. hehehe.

        4. Saya pikir 2 kemungkinan sahaja:

        2.1 Dipercayai dollar akan mati dalam tempoh tak berapa lama lagi, mungkin 4-6 tahun lagi kot (terpulang kepada pemain matawang dolar untuk tentukan tahunnya). Apabila dollar takde nilai lagi, banyak negara akan muflis dan bangkrap (termasuk Malaysia barangkali sebab Malaysia penganut tegar dollar2x ni (setakat ini) & (rantau ASEAN)..

        2.2 Bank dunia Malaysia mungkin menerima dana yang sangat besarrrr (besar punya, kekeke) daripada pemain matawang dunia. Sebab itu kena ada Bank Dunia. Mana boleh bawa masuk duit berskala trilion atau billionnnn melalui Bank Negara.

        2.3 Dipercayai, sebaik sahaja Malaysia bangkrap (disebabkan matawang dollar tak laku, jadik duit jepun cap pisang nanti kat Malaysia- takde nilai langsung), pada masa itu nanti Bank Dunia akan tunjuk baik nak bagi bantuan kat Malaysia dan rantau ini (sapu jer kot, kekeke).

        2.4 Kalau sape2 (PM) masa tu sapu, kita kena sapuuu ke mana pulak? hehehehe. Jadik hamba sapa kepada sapa? Jika betul keadaan ini yang terjadi (saya masih fikir kemungkinan lain), maka Israel berjaya memusatkan pusat kewangan (NWO) secara total dari bandaraya Israelraya nanti.

        2.5 Kesan kejatuhan ekonomi rantau ini diharap (oleh israel) akan turut memusnahkan perdagangan ekonomi antara rantau ini dengan empayar China dan mawatang kuasa besar dunia secara strategik dan halus.

        2.6 Dipercayai NATO telah menghidu rancangan ini atau sememangnya mereka telah berpakat dengan pemain matawang ini maka mereka keluarkan dollar euro mereka sendiri.

        2.7 Rusia dan China juga telah dapat menghidu perkara ini, maka saya percaya mereka akan menggunapakai mawatang pakatan mereka untuk mengelakkan terjebak dengan keruntuhan matawang DOLLAR AMERIKA!.

        2.8 Malaysia? Rantau ini? Masih bermimpi ker???

        3. okeylah, saya nak main plak spekulasi (kemungkinan lain).

        seronok kan main2x spekulasi ni. Hahahaha. Untuk hiburan sahaja. Saya tengok bloggers kat Malaysia ini 99% diloyakan dengan false game politik sahaja. Mungkin inilah tujuan “MEREKA’ supaya kita lalai kepada benda/perkara seperti ini.

        3.1 Pernah ada yang tanya tak pada gabenor Bank Negara, agak2x dia simpan lebih banyak emas ker atau lebih banyak duit kertas RM kat akaun dia? hehehehe… bestnya kalau dapt tanya dia.kan. Dia kan raja perbendaharaan semalaysia. Mesti dia banyak rahsia dalam rahsia. Mesti nak korek juga, nak tanya2x jugak, Tan Seri lebih suka simpan apa? Emas ke RM dalam akaun Tan Sri? <—- gurau jer. Takde yang akan jawap punya. Gila ker apa nak bagitahu kat org, duit kita banyak mana, kan kan kan!.

        3.2 Berbalik citer emas, saya tak pasti adakah Bank Dunia Malaysia ini dicadang diwujudkan sbb nak transit dana emas bertrilion tan masuk ke Malaysia?

        3.3 Jika betul, hisyyyy, orang kaya mana tuuu?

        3.4 Kenapa emas pulak?

        3.5 Jika betul andaian saya, ah malas pulak nak habiskan crita merapu ni. Ngantuk lah….

        Selamat malam semua….

  11. Ms H. The only difference between the BN and the Opposition is that the latter fumbles and stumbles greater. The Opposition could not make it to Putrajaya in 4 Easy Steps.

  12. Ms H. Here is something from the eminent US Presidents for us to ponder.

    1. Franklin D Roosevelt. ‘ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself !’

    2. Harry S Truman.. ‘ The Buck stops here.’

    3. John F Kennedy. ‘ Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.’

    1. Our leader must do better than to protest to partisans that he and his fellows are not racists. The leader needs to be wise, fair and impartial, temperate but courageous.

  13. Day of mourning for Malaysians tomorrow. No Ketuanan championship race for one day only.

    At least, if Malaysians can’t be united in happier times, at least in times of sadness and big disasters, everyone is united.

    Unless you are a sadist and not Malaysian.

    1. Dandy. You never reply to my invitation. Are you RBA? If you are not, you are sure supporter of Dapsters. Are you thinking of migrating to China or other places. Please do migrate to the place that you have in your mind.

    2. Dandy,

      And hopefully there is no “Mandarin is preferred” in newspaper today.

      Nobody talk about Ketuanan here. You are the one keep talking about it. Why? Upset because the race you hate, Malays, earns the right to rule through election?

  14. Najib dan UMNO dah lupa 7 wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu. Harap Helen dapat memperingatkan mereka tentang hal tersebut. Malulah kalau sampai orang Cina yang kena ingatkan PM tentang wasiat Melayu.

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