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MH17, Gaza & Ebola

Do you remember how The J-Star hijacked the recent rally for Gaza and made it appear as if the Christians were the most prominent participants at Dataran Merdeka to support the Palestinians?

Today I’m reminded of “ambulance chasers”.

When families are grieving and the occasion sad and solemn, some litigation lawyers still would circle like vultures around their prey.


BELOW: Today’s front page of J-Star Online

The jStar Online 11.45am 22 Aug 2014

Merajuk at failure to take over Putrajaya

It is tragicomic how The J-Star veers from one extreme to another. The paper either gives wall-to-wall coverage like today on MH17 or it feigns indifference like during our national day last year.

The MCA paper was then so disdainful of Merdeka that news about the Independence celebrations only began in J-Star‘s page 20. This is such great contrast to the patriotic Malay papers which all had the Merdeka parade on their front page.

One Malay daily even to the extent of featuring a wraparound, i.e. huge front page photo bleeding into the back/last page.

Blogger Ellese noted, “Star did not cover the Merdeka news as main news. Not even second page or third page. It’s covered in page 20 onwards”. See, ‘How can Star belittle Merdeka’ (1 Sept 2013) in Hak Bersuara.

It goes to show that the MCA paper’s agenda setting is editorially contrived if not pure opportunism when it chooses to play up certain stories, and manipulation when it elects to play down or black out others.

MERDEKA! Tunku’s Anak Malaysia prototype with mata sepet


Agong put beneath Guan Eng

The J-Star also placed the news of the Yang DiPertuan Agong officially opening the first session of Parliament on Page 12, with the Agong’s photo below that of Lim Guan Eng — see scan of the paper’s 26 June 2013 edition.

The June sitting was the first time that Parliament convened following the 5th May Chinese tsunami election.

Preceding the Agong on Page 12, the Christian paper carried – between pages 1 and 11 – stories on how air-cons were selling like hot cakes, “Lovers jetty” collapsed, AirAsia adding Hangzhou route, ‘Bid & Win’ contest, the youngest Best Actress, and married couple nabbed for break-ins.

On pages 7, 9 & 11 were full colour advertisements.

The J-Star must have been really sore at Pakatan failing to grab Putrajaya and hence the snub to symbols of Malay authority such as the Agong.


Yahudi dan Nasrani

The air force belonging to the world’s most militarized country clearly wants to reduce Gaza to rubble.

What we’ve seen in the Palestinian territories is massive destruction. Those people repeatedly bombing Gaza City want nothing but to destroy.

BELOW: Shejaiya, Gaza City on 26 July 2014


Photo: Majdi Fathi/Corbis


& their crocodile tears

A recurring question in my blog is “What kind of people are they?”


Wailing loudly in public. Beating their chest about “injured & dead children” but dunno who, dunno where, dunno how they were killed.

One thing I have to agree with @hannahyeoh though. Men should indeed learn from history.

The more you know what some people actually do (their real deeds), the less inclined you are to believe the words that roll off their sugar-coated tongues.

Let’s examine the evangelistas’ true stand on Gaza.

BELOW: Potus with hand on Bible

Twitter - hannahyeoh- When will men and nations learn


American Bible Belt

The USA is not a theocracy but it is nonetheless a Christian country. The president and members of Congress take their oath of office swearing on a Bible.

Obama in his 2013 inaugural address said:

“My fellow Americans, the oath I have sworn before you today, like the one recited by others who serve in this Capitol, was an oath to God and country, not party or faction.”


The Christian ‘togetherness’ talk

Second-term president Obama spoke a lot about togetherness in his sophomore inauguration speech:

  • “what binds this nation together is not the colours of our skin”
  • “We made ourselves anew, and vowed to move forward together.”
  • Together we determined that …”
  • Together we discovered that …”
  • Together we resolve that a great nation must care for the vulnerable and protect its people from life’s worst hazards and misfortune.”
  • “we must do these things together, as one nation, and one people”
  • “we will seize [the moment], so long as we seize it together

It looks like DAP leaders have learned well their political vocabulary from the Americans. The DAP evangelistas inject in their Doubletalk a lot of the same stock phrases too – “together”, “anew” (ubah), “move forward”, “care”, “one nation (under God)”.

As a great nation, the USA must “protect its people from life’s worst hazards and misfortune”, said its president. This protection however only applies to American citizens. Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq on the other hand get bombed when America conducts its “War on Terror”.

Or is it more accurate to say War on Islam?

BELOW: Obama called upon God to bless America


USA arms Israel

A reserve stockpile of ammunition stored by the American military in Israel is estimated to be worth US$1 billion. Last month, grenades and mortar rounds from this stockpile were released to the Jewish state, see ‘US supplies Israel with bombs amid Gaza blitz‘ (Aljazeera, 31 July 2014).

The United States is an ally of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and evangelistas are Israel’s staunchest supporters.

A fortnight ago, a group of more than 50 pastors visited Gaza in a mission organized by Christians United For Israel (CUFI) to declare to the world that Christian evangelistas stood with Israel during its time of need.

BELOW: CUFI evangelical pastors view Iron Dome


Photo: Sean Savage /

Loss of tourism revenue

The military operation codenamed ‘Protective Edge’, to shield Jews from Hamas rockets, had caused Israel to suffer a drastic reduction in the number of tourists scared away due to the eruption of violence.

Most fortunately, the courageous CUFI evangelical pastors – altogether 51 of them who represented every single American state plus the District of Columbia (DC) – were not deterred. One of them, Pastor Victor Styrsky, said he heard that 95 percent of trips to Israel had been canceled.

The CUFI evangelical group felt that their show of Christian solidarity was both necessary and timely in light of how much stress the Israeli Jews are coming under.

The Jewish residents “seem war weary and fatigued”, Pastor Ron Sebesta of the Light of Mission Viejo Church told the Jewish News Service (JNS) during the group’s stopover at Sderot, a city on Israel’s side of the border with Gaza.


Solid support from Congress

After visiting Sderot and “getting a first-hand view of Gaza”, the pastors went to Ashdod to see Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, said the JNS report headlined ‘Evangelical pastors from all US states show solidarity with Israel at conflict’s frontline‘ (15 Aug 2014).

“We want to do everything we can to tell our congregations and our leaders to support Israel,” Pastor Sebesta said.

The Christian Zionists’ political action movement has a strong influence over the Republicans who control both chambers of Congress, which comprises the Senate and the House of Representatives.

On Aug 4, the Iron Dome received an additional US$225 million in emergency funding after Obama signed the bill passed by the Senate.

BELOW: Evangelical pastors view Gaza from Sderot hilltop


Evangelistas – Christians who are Zionists

Christian Zionism is a belief that the return of Jews to Israel is in line with a biblical prophecy that must be fulfilled in order to usher in the Messianic age.

cufiCUFI or Christians United For Israel was founded in 2006. Their motto is derived from a Biblical verse in the book of Isaiah (62:1),

For Zion’s sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest.

Televangelists such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Benny Hinn used their huge TV platform to mobilize support for the Zionists because the prophesied role of Israel in Armageddon (the battle of Good vs Evil) is central to their vision of the second coming of Jesus.

Rev. Robertson, for example, believes that God promised Israel to the Jews, and objects to Israel giving up its illegal West Bank settlements.

The CUFIs have pledged that “the modern State of Israel is the fulfillment of this historic right” of God’s chosen people to the ancient land of the Jews.

Click to view

FireShot Screen Capture #088 - 'PM Netanyahu's Speech @ _Christians United for Israel_ Conference 2012 - YouTube' - www_youtube_com_watch_v=HqgDKbGUdT0

Munafik and the art of dissembling

The DAP evangelistas have displayed their chameleon talents in many areas and even succeeded in worming their way into the mosques and suraus.

They are capable of doing anything –

recite some Quranic verse,

quote a Hadith or two,

talk about the glory of Islamic civilization and the Umar Abdul Aziz caliphate,

or even to memorize a short speech in Arabic … whatever it takes

– just to hoodwink their target audience.

HypocriteHannah       HypocriteHannah       HypocriteHannah

hannahyeoh_ Overheard my 3yr old daughter

Bomb ’em back to the Stone Age

But what do you think the evangelistas really, truly feel about the Muslims? Do you think that the death of a Muslim breaks their heart?

Did they protest when America – the country with the largest number of Christians in the world – bombed the poor Muslim countries?

Evangelista behaviour is quite predictable. Hannah Yeoh wailed (dunno who, dunno where) but “the killing has to stop!” Her fellow evangelista, J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai wrote more or less the same in his column more than five years ago during one of Israel’s previous attacks on Gaza.

They lament “the killing has to stop”; it is the politically correct stance to take when you live in a Muslim country. They might say too, let’s feed all the poor and hungry of the world, and then drive around Subang looking for dry Bak Kut Teh and complain about parking.

Remember how J-Star pitched “national reconciliation” after the tsunami?

A reader Dandy commented @ 2014/08/21 at 6:35 pm,

“at least in times of sadness and big disasters, everyone is united. Unless you are a sadist and not Malaysian.”

The downing of an airliner.

The Ebola virus.

Depressing Gaza on the world news.

The evangelistas line up these three events neatly in row to prove that they’re Malaysian First.

And not “sadists”. Yes, we are united in love. Why not?



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20 thoughts on “MH17, Gaza & Ebola

  1. Zion is in Maharashtra in India from where these misfits originated. But they will not admit to it because they do not wish to be associated with anything less than white. It is the same reason why the Jews would not accept the land around Lake Victoria in Uganda after world war 2 to settle as a homeland for them.

    Firstly no one has conclusive proof that the borders within which Israel stands is the actual land called Israel in the bible. Much of those lands referred to in the bible were not along the same borders. Most of it is fictional.

    Apart from the reference in the book of Esther “from Hodu to Cush (Kush)” Hodu being India and the somewhat lengthy comparisons below by Indian academics I invite your readers to go to the following by British researchers at:

    The European Jews have refused to recognize the oriental and Indian Jews (the latter being the oldest community recognized in the diaspora) till they were forced to.

    In Kerela names such as Chacko, (Hebrew for Jackob) , Kurien (Cohen) Thomas (from the apostle Saint Thomas who died in Kerela) are all derived from the Hebrew names which only arrived after the sacking of the Temple by the Romans. Prior to that Indians had the same names which the Jews converted bastardizing them to the local cultures whee they later settled on being driven out of Dwarka by Krishna. All 12 families who the Jews refer to the 12 lost tribes.

    Citing his own work ‘The Holy Bible – A Source book of Ancient Indian History’, a paper submitted to All Indian Oriental Conference (1976) held at Dharwar, he notes that “We have already tried to equate Brahma, Sarasvati, Manu and Bali with the Biblical Abraham, Sarai, Noah and Peleg.” (Shukla 1979, p.53) Not only that, but Shukla holds that the Jewish Laban and Brahmanic Lavana coincide:

    “It is noteworthy to note in the above context that the sister of Lavana on the Indian side becomes the daughter of Laban in the Biblical account. It may also be mentioned in this respect that while Sarasvati is said to be the daughter of Brahma in accordance with the Indian tradition, her Biblical counterpart, Sarai, has been described as the sister of Abraham. In this context, we would like to remind our readers of a previous discussion of ‘Svas’, the root-word of the Sanskrit ‘svasar’ (sister) which becomes ‘Bes’ to mean ‘daughter’ in the Hebrew language.” (Shukla 1979, p.54)

    Equally striking is Shukla’s derivation of ‘Mary’ from ‘Matri’: “the words ‘Mary’ and ‘Mariam’ could be derived from a Sanskrit word, matr, meaning ‘mother’.” (Shukla 1976, p.42)

    “Similarly the word, ‘Mari’ or ‘Mary’ may also be derived from Sanskrit ‘Matri’.” [and Shukla notes that Mary is worshipped as a mother goddess.]… “The word Adam is derived from a Hebrew word, ‘Adamah’ which means ‘the earth’. Similarly the Skt. ‘Adityam’ is derived from ‘Aditi’ which also means the Earth. Hence the primary meaning of both the words, ‘Adam’ and Adityam would be ‘earthly one’. (Shukla 1979, p.47)

    His papers provide detailed etymologies of the word ‘Abraham’:
    “The word ‘Adam’ can also be derived from Sanskrit ‘Adityam’ with the help of the rule of haplology also. Haplology is the name given by Bloomfield to the phenomenon where of the two similar syllables following each other, one is dropped. The word ‘Adityam’ will change to ‘Adam’ under the influence of this rule in the following way: –
    Adityam -> Adatam -> Adadam (t -> d) -> Adam (Haplology)
    It would be interesting to note here that the Sanskrit ‘Adityam’, represented by the same rule would change to ‘Aton’:
    Adityan -> Aditan -> Atadan (d -> t) -> Atan ->: Aten /Aton (Shukla 1979, p.48)

    This is interesting, for it provides an Indo-European derivation for the Egyptian God Aton.Moreover, “the Vayu Purana mentions Manu as Bharata” (Shukla 1979, p.56)

    Intriguing is Shukla’s derivation of Rcam: “We may consider another Sanskrit word, ‘Rcam’ which may become Arcam and then ‘Aleichem’ (r -> l) which is a Hebrew word.” (Shukla 1979, p.46)

    Shukla also provides certain other etymologies, and repeatedly derives Adam from Adityam, and Mary from Matr (Shukla 1979, p.46) He also postulates a derivation of Gr. Adonis from Aton, and notes that Heb Adonay -> Lord. (ibid., p.48).

    “It can be shown that the Hebrew word, ‘Elohim’ can be derived from the Skt. ‘Brahma’:
    Brahma -> Ibrahim (rule of vowelization) -> Ibrahim (rule of stress) – > Ilohim (r -> l) -> Elohim
    Hence the expression ‘Adonay Elohim; becomes equivalent to the Skt. ‘Aditya-Brahma’.” (Shukla 1979, p.48)

    Furthermore, he notes, “Savitr -> Savitru (r -> ru) -> Sabiru (v -> B) -> Habitru (s -> h)” -> Habiru -> Habiru -> PR Egyptian, Apiru, Ibru, Ibri, Ibrin.” (Shukla 1979, p.51)

    Another etymology is: (Shukla 1979, p.53)
    Iksvaku -> Issvahu (no k) -> Issahu (va -> a) -> Ishak, Isaac.
    Further, Shukla writes, “It may also be mentioned here that Satarupa, the name of the daughter-wife of Manu, is also one of the names of the daughter-consort of Brahma” (Shukla 1979, p.53) From this we may note the case of Noah’s daughters and Manu, the flood survivor.

    Another interesting derivation is also supplied: “Krsna -> Christ. We know that the Bengali pronounciation of the word Kr.s.n.a is Kriste. ‘Christo’ or ‘Christ’ is only a matter of spelling.” (Shukla 1976, p.42)

    Moreover, “Yehasua has been derived from a Sanskrit word, Yasasva.” (Shukla 1976, p.42)

    It would also appear that Jehova is also related to a Sanskrit word: “This word [Jehova] could, however, be equated with the Vedic word jahvuh, which may be considered, grammatically, both as an adjective and a proper noun. In the former sense, the word, jahv.uh has been used at least four times in the R.gveda. Thus, it has been used as an {p.44} attribute of Lord Agni (RV 3.1.12), as an attribute of Lord Indra (RV 8.13.24), as an attribute of Lord Soma (RV 9.75.1) and as an attribute of Lord Agni (RV 10.110.3).”

    1. re: “In Kerela names such as Chacko, (Hebrew for Jackob)”

      Somehow I’m not surprised.

  2. Interestingly these born again Christians come to India and have the temerity to refer to the symbols and icons in Hinduism as devils and call Hindus devil worshippers.

    An empty headed bunch of American followers who have no idea of religion no spirituality but a magic show which produces nothing but idiots.

    1. TQVM grkumar for the inputs. Hope to get more from you daily/frequently. Save us [or me] a lot of time researching [or rather hunting] for materials.

  3. Look at our friend David Nga. Such good Christian.


    Nga Kor Ming

    Today is national mourning day. As a sign of respect for MH17 victims, I will stop all tweets & FB posting. R.I.P.


    However he should resume tweeting and FB 0000hrs on Saturday.

  4. Yah, but they don’t behead their captives in cold blood and post videos on the Internet.

    I don’t seem to recall that you had anything to say in memory of the late James Foley.

    Why? Because he’s white? Because he’s an American? Because he may be a Christian?

    It seems to me that your sympathies and worldview are decidedly skewed.

    At least, Indonesian president SBY has the guts to call the actions of ISIS militants “embarrassing” to the (Islamic) religion.

    According to AFP, SBY said the scale of the slaughter wrought by the extremists in Iraq and Syria and the level of violence used was appalling.

    “It is shocking. It is out of control. We do not tolerate it; we forbid ISIS in Indonesia….. This is a new wake-up call to international leaders all over the world, including Islamic leaders” (SBY).

    SBY also said, according to The Australian paper, that the (Islamic) militants’ actions were not only “embarrassing” to Islam but also “humiliating”.

    It seems to me that SBY is not concerned about Christian evangelistas or Israel’s policies in the Middle East. He sees things clearly.

    Would that our Perkasas, Ismas and the like be as clear-headed in their thinking…

    1. re: “It seems to me that SBY is not concerned about Christian evangelistas”

      Benny Hinn, who is mentioned in my article above in the same breath as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson was in Papua New Guinea recently.

      Apparently his services were aired live over prime-time television in Indonesia, Malaysia (??) and other Asian-Oceania nations, according to the news report below.

    2. In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate Most Merciful

      “Defending the Transgressed By Censuring the Reckless Against the Killing of Civilians!”

      Our beloved Sheikh Gibril Fouad al-Haddad makes the following introduction to the seminal treatise of the Oxford professor Dr. Afifi al-Akiti of Malaysia:

      “Praise to God Whose Law shines brighter than the sun!
      Blessings and peace on him who leads to the abode of peace!
      Truth restores honor to the Religion of goodness.
      Patient endurance lifts the oppressed to the heights
      While gnarling mayhem separates like with like:
      The innocent victims on the one hand and, on the other,
      Silver-tongued devils and wolves who try to pass for just!

      My God, I thank You for a teacher You inspired
      With words of light to face down Dajjal’s (Anti-Christ’s) advocates.
      Allâh bless you, Ustadz Afifi, for “Defending the Transgressed By Censuring the Reckless Against the Killing of Civilians!”
      Let the powers that be and every actor-speaker high and low
      Heed this unique Fatwa of knowledge and responsibility.

      Let every lover of truth proclaim, with pride once more,
      What the War-Mongers try to bury under lies and bombs:
      Islam is peace and truth, the Rule of Law, justice and right!
      Murderous suicide is never martyrdom but rather perversion,
      Just as no flag on earth can ever justify oppression.
      And may God save us from all criminals, East and West!”

      *** Dr. al-Akiti is trained as a theologian and philologist in both the Islamic and Western traditions: educated originally at the feet of the ulama of the Muslim world, he subsequently received a First Class degree in Scholastic Philosophy and History of Science from the Queen’s University Belfast, where he was awarded various scholarships to read for his Masters and Doctoral degrees at Oxford. His areas of expertise are Islamic theology, philosophy and science. He is the first ever Malay to be appointed Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford. Dr al-Akiti is listed in The 500 Most Influential Muslims for 2010.

      *** Shaykh Dr. Gibril Fouad Haddad (born in Beirut, Lebanon, 1960) is an influential Islamic scholar, religious leader, author, and Arabic translator of classical Islamic texts. Currently residing in Brunei, he was schooled in the United Kingdom, and obtained his PhD degree in French literature at Columbia University in New York. He taught at the State University of New York at Stony Brook for 2 years and in 1997 moved to Damascus where he studied the Islamic disciplines for 9 years. A disciple of the Lebanese-American (Sunni) Sufi Shaykh Hisham Kabbani and the Turkish Cypriot Shaykh Nazim alQubrusi, Shaykh Haddad follows the Shafi`i Madh’hab and the Naqshbandi Tariqa. He is a hadith expert (muhaddith), recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the Shari’ah. Sheikh Gibril currently resides in Brunei with his family.

    3. James Folley was in a combat zone where civil law did not operate even when the US was in control. Remember Abu Gharaib? Folley and his colleagues were as most journos in these regions have been eyes and ears of the enemy. It is a risk they took. It is what happens in war zones. It is even what Gods chosen do to Palestinian children without conscience or pity.

      Fergusson Missouri, New York LA are all examples of how the US morality operates. These were unarmed civilians in the hands of a mainly white Christian police representing the values and expressing the sentiments of white Christians and their slaves in the east and in other places they spread their religious AIDS and religious Ebola.

      May they never have the peace they crave as long as they continue to murder and create mayhem in the lives of others.

  5. Gini lah Cik Helen,

    Since her allowance is almost or probably more than that of our Deputy Prime Minister ayuh kita tujukan satu soalan cupu emas kepada Tembam @ Hannah

    Selain mengtweet nonstop giving all sorts of prayers, setakat ini apakah sumbangan kamu kepada Negara… Tolong list down so we all can see to justify your big fat allowane? Dipersilakan..

  6. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Do you think that those evangelistas support CUFI? If the answer is “yes”, what reason could Haji Hadi gives for being in their team?

    1. re: “Do you think that those evangelistas support CUFI?”


      re: “If the answer is “yes”, what reason could Haji Hadi gives for being in their team?”

      PAS agree to disagree with DAP.

  7. Zionists have been organised for almost 60 years. Every step, every article, every move is planned. Down to the very comments made on Facebook. They pay students to sit on PCs to spread Zionist propaganda, they have spokespeople, and their advocates in high places. 

    1. re: “Down to the very comments made on Facebook. They pay students to sit on PCs to spread Zionist propaganda, they have spokespeople”

      Sounds like how Dapster-evangelistas control the social media.

  8. Thanks Helen for sharing.

    Cikgu only sees one point in the name of Malaysia. Today we saw Malaysians irrespective of races and religions, came together to give respect to the MH17 victims. This is what we want to see in Malaysia which PKR, DAP and PAS has continously destroyed the value.

    We need strong pembangkang with integrity not the current PR who always create trouble for national unity. They blame UMNO/BN for corruption but they may be worst than UMNO/BN.

    The spirit of communist, extreme racism and evangelists championed by DAP and Hindraf should not be allowed in this country. Same goes to PAS which has gone far from its foundation (arwah bapak cikgu orang kuat PAS tahun 60an-90an. Cikgu naik basikal sama2 arwah ayah utk dengar ceramah PAS tapi tak delah sampai memecah belahkan masyarakat!).

    Which verse in the Al-Qur’an mention to treat UMNO as enemy? PKR- gone case Pemecah Kesatuan Rakyat!

    Cikgu always pray the chinese and indians become responsible rakyat and the Malays to take care the rakyat and agreed constitutions. Weak Malays means weak Malaysia. Malaysia will be a GREAT country should everyone has the same spirit of solidarity as shown today.

  9. Does anyone realize how much misery all these champions of christiananity and Islam of different sects have caused to mankind since the days they were preached to human beings?

    And they were all supposed to be People’s of the Books given by God/Allah, and all of them are supposed to be the ones going to heaven after doing God/Allah’s works?

    So what is it driving all these people’s champions of the Books to do what they are doing now?

    These champions trying to outdo the other to convert all 7 billion human beings to their own beliefs? If so, whoever succeed, so what? All go to heaven and there will be peace on earth and no more wars, disasters, poverty, diseases, killings etc?

    Or is it because each trying to prove who is more superior, more powerful, more holy, more pious, more greedy based on their twisted mental minds?

    I wonder whether that is really God/Allah’s gift to them.

    Hell would be a much more peaceful place to go to, wouldn’t it ?

    Who wants to meet all these champions in heaven must be Nuts.

    1. Tell me what life is & how to get it? Other I assume you as NATO (No Action Talk Only).

      Why don’t you get a life, you Red Beanie. Day after day, typing Bulls**t. Low life hypocrite, I hope you will learn a thing or two. No I don’t think so, you are so hopeless.


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