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Trivializing military honours and meaning of the flag

Perlis Mufti Juanda Jaya and his fatwa committee decided that their state should opt out of the nationwide one-minute silence yesterday for victims of MH17.

They were concerned that the Day of Mourning was contrary to a 1987 national, and a 1974 Perlis, fatwa. See scan of memo issued by Perlis deputy mufti Roslan Esa – below.


Although I’m not Muslim, the same thought did cross my mind nevertheless as to whether the planned MH17 ceremony/event was Islamic. I had earlier asked my Malay friend about this even before chancing to read a news report just now about Perlis’ non-participation.

Isn’t the observation of formal silence something imported from the Western-Christian tradition? I’m reminded of Dyana Sofya Samad lighting candles during vigils and Marina Mahathir going to church to give flowers to pastors.


Nampak terbawa sangat fesyen Barat

There are some things that Christians do which Muslims aren’t allowed or encouraged to.

You can see (click to view), pop idol Justin Bieber sporting a host of Christian-themed tattoos which include:

Since Malaysian Muslims are increasingly terikut-ikut the Malay liberals like Marina and Dyana, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day some Malay Muslims were to think ‘Allah’ or ‘Prophet Mohammad’ tattoos are alright too.

And of course there are other quasi-religious ceremonies that the Malays are borrowing from Christians and Westerners.

Bodies of Lahad Datu soldiers delivered in trucks

The 17 coffins and three urns containing the MH17 victims’ remains were yesterday given “full military honours” – see story headlines below – upon touchdown at KLIA in a parade of identical hearses and escorted by police outriders.

Retired admiral Imran Abdul Hamid highlighted the fact that the soldiers who lost their lives in Lahad Datu were not accorded the same treatment. Neither was the Jalur Gemilang flown at half mast for those from the army and police who had died during Operasi Daulat bravely defending our tanahair.

Admiral Imran (Rtd) has a valid point in saying that the MH17 mourning event was all too “excessive” as well as to ask why things were “carried out to that extent”. It was Malaysia’s first time ever that such military honours were bestowed on civilians, he explained.

BELOW: In the J-Star Online, saturation coverage

The Star Online

Civilians must be differentiated from soldiers

The aircrash victims were returned to Malaysia 37 days after the MAS aircraft was shot down on 17 July.

Their coffins and urns were draped in the Malaysian flag, and the pallbearers were the Tentera Di-Raja Malaysia. This respect is usually granted fallen soldiers who had sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, or for a deceased Prime Minister (e.g. Tun Razak who had passed away in London).

Please remember that soldiers salute the flag and invest a deep meaning in the Jalur Gemilang which might be lost on us civilians, especially some whom deliberately turn the flag upside down in political protest.

To those who serve in the army, the flag is a potent symbol. It signifies protecting God, King and Country – a cause for which they must be willing to lay down their lives at any given moment. Whereas for us, how many are willing to fly it for even just one day on Aug 31 or Sept 16?

Insiden Lahad Datu

Price of patriotism, they pay

Granting full military honours, including the flag, to victims of an air crash crosses the protocol divide. I agree with the esteemed Admiral (R) that these honours should be reserved for and restricted to members of our armed forces in recognition of their great and incomparable patriotism.

When a man volunteers for the uniformed services, it is with a poignant awareness that his wife and children may be suddenly widowed and orphaned. On the other hand, when somebody buys a plane ticket to travel to his business or holiday destination, I doubt that such a consideration weighs as heavily on him.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the government organizing some kind of high profile memorial service for the MH17 victims or if religious authorities such as Jakim and other agencies are involved in conducting the remembrance service.

But nonetheless, I still feel that our perajurit negara should not have been conscripted to take part in yesterday’s ceremony because the MH17 crew and passengers were not their comrades in arms.


The same for ferry and bus accident victims?

MAS Boeings are a form of air transportation. Ships and ferries are sea transportation while buses are land transportation.

Would Putrajaya accord the same if Malaysians drowned in a ferry sinking and are recovered from the territorial waters of Indonesia or Singapore?

When the Butterworth Penang jetty collapsed in 1988, a massive total of 1,634 people were injured and another 32 people died.

And not too long ago on 21 Aug 2013, a bus plunged into a deep ravine off the Genting Highlands road, killing 37 passengers and injuring a further 16.

Previously on 11 Dec 1993, the Highland Towers condominiums toppled in the blink of an eye. The tragedy claimed 48 lives, including that of Musa Hitam’s young son and the latter’s wife.

But as Admiral Imran (Rtd) noted, yesterday’s MH17 event was a first where full military honours were bestowed – on air travellers who perished in an aviation accident.

Ceremony honouring victims of MH17 unites M'sians - theSundaily 2014-08-23 22-39-21

Public show of national collective grief

Najib Razak said that the ceremony honouring victims of MH17 had succeeded in uniting Malaysians. He also claimed that “the tragic incident had strengthened the spirit of brotherhood, and it is up to us to look at the blessings brought by the tragedy” — see report in The Sun Daily (above).

Needless to say, like the DAP and PKR and PAS, we are all free to “agree to disagree”.

The government has already spent billions of ringgit on the Rakan Muda as well as Latihan Khidmat Negara programmes over the past years in order to “unite” Malaysians. This is just my personal opinion but the elusive “national unity” we’re chasing is way overrated, don’t you think?

Click to enlarge

The jStar Online 11.45am 22 Aug 2014

Camera, camera everywhere

Sensational blow-by-blow, minute-by-minute coverage by The J-Star since the day before yesterday, and then yesterday and followed up today, of the MH17-Mourning process can be likened to a reality TV show being streamed live, for example Big Brother where the omnipresent camera spies and pries into people’s private moments.

In other words, it is intrusive if not disorientating for the bereaved family at their most vulnerable – and whose privacy ought better to be respected – to be made into media fodder.

BELOW: All in a day’s work for the Yang Berhormat

Some people get their kicks from attending funerals (6 Nov 2013 tweet) … it does “something good to [their] souls” and the more funerals, the gooder


Twitter - hannahyeoh- Attending 3 funerals in a week

It seems Hannah Yeoh got the opportunity to attend one MH17 funeral this week.

Death brings us together, the politicians say

In the Instagram above, Hannah Yeoh is smiling for the camera over her rodent catch. Her rat-catching programme follows on the heels of her earlier MH17 funeral and “imagining their pain. Heartbreaking“.

To become a successful politician, you need to be able to UBAH at the flip of the switch, from one itinerary to the next in your jam-packed schedule. One minute you’re attending a sad, “heartbreaking” function, and the next you’re hunting rats.

It is also similarly “sad” if not shallow of the PM to look to such “tragic incidents” to “strengthen the spirit of brotherhood” among the citizens of Malaysia.

An “accident” is after all something unplanned and sometimes beyond our control. Putrajaya should instead put on its thinking cap to figure out what pre-planned programme – and one within its logistical control – that the government can conduct for the purpose of “strengthening the spirit of brotherhood”.

And please don’t wait till people are dead (too late) before you think of showing appreciation to them, okay. An 88-year-old Dr Mahathir flew to Lahad Datu camp to rally the troops at the height of Ops Daulat – that’s why, I’m guessing, some people describe the Tun as a statesman.




Brothers in arms

As for the “blessings brought by the tragedy”, what we’ve witnessed thus far is the Kelana Jaya evangelista MP complaining that there were not enough chairs at the KLIA’s Kompleks Bunga Raya for the Yang Berhormats to sit during the reception of the bodies.

Wong Chen - PKR kerusi

Wong Chen - I am now at the National Day of Mourning


And of course, the hypocrite evangelista Adun was tweeting yet again yesterday about her heart breaking over MH17.

Now Hannah Yeoh’s heart is really an amazing and most resilient organ. It “breaks” – so very easily – over this, that and the other (e.g. for dunno who “dead children” dunno where) but then the broken pieces will quickly mend and reassemble so as to be ready to break again for another Twitter-Kodak moment.

I’m not sure what a politician tweeting about her own broken heart is seeking to convey when young children have lost their father or mother, and elderly parents have lost their son or daughter.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel that a little bit more decorum and reticence yesterday – no need to Facebook about there being not enough chairs for the YBs – on the part of the politicians would not have been amiss.

Wong Chen - I am now at the National Day of Mourning... 2014-08-24 08-40-03

Wong Chen - I am now at the National Day of Mourning... 2014-08-24 08-38-20

Wong Chen - I am now at the National Day of Mourning... 2014-08-24 08-17-09

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91 thoughts on “Trivializing military honours and meaning of the flag

      1. Saya amat bersetuju dengan pendapat Laksamana bersara Imran Abd.Hamid mengenai istiadat menyambut pulang jenazah mangsa mangsa MH 17 jika dibandingkan dengan penghormatan terhadap jenazah jenazah perajurit/polis yang terkorban di Lahad Datu. Pada saya sambutan MH17 agak berlebih lebihan.

        Terlebih dahulu saya meminta maaf kalau apa yang saya fikirkan bukanlah niat sebenar mereka yang mengarahkan upacara itu dilakukan.

        Sambutan sebegitu rupa saya fikir ada kaitan dengan nilai berita peristiwa kemalangan MH17. Peristiwa ini bertaraf dunia ( lebih canggih disebut global or is it glokal? ). Seluruh manusia dari USA ke Jepun mengetahuinya!

        Sementelah lagi ada pemimpin pemimpin tempatan terutamanya menganggap keberanian PM menalefon ketua puak pemisah sebagai sesuatu yang amat ‘ heroic’. Pemimpin pemimpin dunia lain pun mungkin tidak ada yang sanggup berbuat demikian.

        Jadi tindak ikut dari peristiwa itu pun mestilah hebat kan, kerana Malaysia telah menjadi tumpuan dunia!

        Berbanding dengan peristiwa Lahat Datu, polis/tentera yang terkorban kerana membela kedaulatan ibu peritiwa dan mengorbankan nyawa sendiri untuk kesejahteraan orang lain tidak bernilai berita bertaraf ‘glokal ‘. Orang USA, Eropah, Jepun dll, tidak tahu pun peristiwa ini berlaku kan?

        Begitu juga dengan peristiwa bas persiaran jatuh gaung atau kejadian di jati feri PP, walaupun mengorbankan ramai mangsa tetapi masih bertaraf tempatan!

        Perisriwa peristiwa seperti itu tidak mampu menaikan imej sesiapa di peringkat glokal!

        Itu sebab bagi kita umat Islam yang penting penilaian Allah swt yang Maha Adil, Maha bijaksana dan Maha Pengampun.

        Penilaian manusia selalu nya berpilih pilih dan tidak sempurna!

        1. yep. itulah yang saya paham dari rasional keputusan full military service ini. sebab saham najib naik mencanak jadi momentum kena diteruskan walaupun banyak masalah lain tak selesai dalam negeri.

          kata2 mp lumut tu memang berasas tapi sebab Malaysia ni sentimental tak bertempat maka kenalah diambil peluang.

          rata2 orang Malaysia memang malas berpikir sebab tu banyak keje2 disubkon kepada orang asing. bila orang asing contoh bangla, indon boleh kumpul duit banyak bahkan boleh jadi bos lagi, mulalah bising kata kerajaan lepas tangan, anaktirikan orang tempatan dll.

          ada sorang budak muda saya jumpa siap boleh lagi nak justify kata apa kerajaan buat ni betul sebab orang yang mati tu kena tembak ngan pengganas. dan mereka bukan askar terlatih. yang lahad datu katanya apa nak heran sebab dah keje dia askar. itu dah jadi sebahagian occupational hazard katanya.

          itulah pemikiran rosak rata2 budak muda urban trendy kebanggaan menteri lifestyle sekarang.

          saya kata pada dia kamu nasib baik kejadian berlaku di lahad datu. kalau benda sama terjadi di KL ni, baru kamu tau pentingnya tentera dan akan lebih hargai mereka. masa perang duit yang kamu bangga2kan dah takde guna lagi.

          nak sibuk2 cakap pasal hak asasi pun dah takde makne sebab makanan dan tempat berlindunglah perkara yang paling penting. nak harap budak2 muda sekarang pertahan Negara masa tengah darurat? jangan haraplah. asas kemahiran hidup pun tak lepas sebab dah manja dan spoil sangat.

    1. Shay Shay asked Popo what is sodomy? Uncle pastor said God destroy Sodom so Auntie White Fan becomes Mummy’s boss.

  1. I respect your honest opinion. I’m a muslim but I take what happened yesterday differently.

    About the Perlis Mufti’s decision, well…. I disagree with his decision. Let me explain in Malay.

    1) Pada pendapat saya, yang dimaksudkan sebagai haram seperti yang difatwakan itu ialah dengan ‘mendiamkan diri sambil tunduk, atau memegang lilin atau apa-apa yang menyerupai perbuatan atau amalan penganut agama bukan Islam’. Sedangkan semalam, DS Shabery Cheek awal-awal lagi telah menjelaskan ketika minute of silence tersebut, umat Islam digalakkan (nak guna perkataan suruh, nanti orang kata kena paksa pulak) membaca surah al-fatihah dan berdoa dan menyedekahkan pahalanya kepada arwah mangsa2 yang beragama Islam. Hakikatnya, kalau kami orang Islam pergi ziarah sesuatu kematian, memang itulah yang kami buat, seperti yang dituntut dalam agama kami. Takkan kami nak berborak hu-ha hu-ha pulak. Jadi, saya tak nampak di mana haramnya apa yang dibuat semalam.

    2) Tentang upacara menyambut jenazah dengan menggunakan tentera. Well, mungkin orang tentera tak suka sebab mereka rasa itu privilege untuk mereka sahaja. Ahli keluarga saya ramai juga dalam tentera dan polis tetapi saya tak rasa cemburu dengan penghormatan yang diberi kepada mangsa MH17 semalam.

    Mereka bukan mati dalam aviation crash atau plane accident.
    Mereka juga bukan mere war casualties. Berbeza jika kita mati ketika berada dalam peperangan seperti penduduk Gaza yang sedang berdepan maut sekarang. Bila kita berada dalam sebuah Negara yang sedang berperang, kita tahu yang hidup kita diambang maut (seperti apa yang dialami oleh nenek moyang kita dahulu).

    Those people who boarded MH17 on 17 July 2014 thought they were going to their destination and it was going to be a safe journey. Alas, the plane was shot down by either one of two parties who are at war with each other.

    Ini bukannya seperti kita cari penyakit dengan memasuki Afghanistan dengan menaiki kenderaan darat dalam perjalanan untuk bercuti. Kalau kenderaan kita kna tembak atau kena bom, itu dah memang risiko laa sebab kita sendiri pilih untuk masuk ke negara yang sedang bergolak.

    Tetapi MH17 sedang terbang mengikut laluan terbang yang telah dilalui ribuan kali dengan selamat dan disahkan selamat oleh IATA.

    Penumpang dan Kru MH17 adalah mangsa PEMBUNUHAN BERAMAI-RAMAI…. satu pembunuhan kejam!….pure and simple.

    Memang mereka bukan pejuang atau perajurit gagah berani but to me (my personal opinion laa)…. it’s the least we can do in their honor.

    1. re: “umat Islam digalakkan membaca surah al-fatihah”

      Satu doa disedekahkan kepada satu jenazah dan perlu dibaca 20 kali (bagi 20 jenazah)? Sekadar bertanya.

        1. Thanks. Jadi untuk jenazah bukan Islam bagaimana?

          Boleh tak saya bertanyakan satu lagi soalan?

          Berapa kali dalam sehari (jumlah kesemuanya) akan seseorang Muslim itu menyebut lafaz ‘Allah’ dalam mendirikan solatnya?

          Bermaksud, sembahyang 5 waktu X rakaat setiap solat X lafaz ‘Allah’ setiap rakaat.

          Terima kasih diucapkan terlebih dahulu kepada saudara/i kerana sudi membilang.

          1. Selamat pagi, Helen.
            Mengikut perkiraan saya, sehari ada 199 kali seseorang Muslim itu akan ucap “Allah” dalam setiap 5 waktu sembahyangnya. Berikut, secara terperinci:

            Solat Subuh (26x)

            Rakaat Pertama:

            Lafaz Niat
            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> berdiri)

            Rakaat Kedua:

            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            2x kali dlm Doa Qunut
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            6x ketika Tahiyat Akhir

            Solat Zuhur / Asar / Isyak (45x setiap satu)

            Rakaat Pertama:

            Lafaz Niat
            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> berdiri)

            Rakaat Kedua:

            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            6x dalam Tahiyat Awal
            Takbir intiqal (duduk Tahiyat Awal -> berdiri)

            Rakaat Ketiga:

            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> berdiri)

            Rakaat Keempat:

            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            6x ketika Tahiyat Akhir

            Solat Maghrib (38x)

            Rakaat Pertama:

            Lafaz Niat
            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> berdiri)

            Rakaat Kedua:

            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            6x dalam Tahiyat Awal
            Takbir intiqal (duduk Tahiyat Awal -> berdiri)

            Rakaat Ketiga:

            Lafaz Bismillah
            Sekali dlm al-Fatihah
            Takbir intiqal (berdiri -> rukuk)
            Ketika bangun dari rukuk (rukuk -> ‘itidal)
            Takbir intiqal (‘itidal -> sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (sujud -> duduk antara dua sujud)
            Takbir intiqal (duduk antara dua sujud -> sujud)
            6x ketika Tahiyat Akhir

            Jadi, 26 + 45 + 45 + 38 + 45 = 199.
            Tapi utk makluman Saudari Helen, utk hari Jumaat, golongan lelaki diwajibkan Sembahyang Jumaat ketika waktu Zuhur (dan tak perlu lah buat Sembahyang Zuhur lagi). Sembahyang Jumaat ni sama macam Sembahyang Subuh, cuma tiada bacaan Doa Qunut. Jadi, bilangan kalimah Allah yg diucapkan dlm Sembahyang Jumaat ada 24 lah.

            – Helen perlu rujuk juga Rukun Sembahyang (ada 13 perkara dlm rukun ni), yg di mana, jika tidak dilakukan, sembahyang itu tidak sah. Saya akui, saya tidak berapa pasti sama ada ucapan Allah dlm Bismillah sebelum bacaan surah Fatihah tu, dan juga ketika Takbir Intiqal itu, termasuk dalam Rukun Sembahyang atau tidak. Jika tidak termasuk pun, saya yakin, menjadi kebiasaan majoriti umat Islam utk menyebutnya.

            – Bacaan Doa Qunut tidak wajib dlm sembahyang Subuh, tapi merupakan sunat yg sangat2 dituntut.

            Saya mohon saudara Islam saya yang lain dapat betulkan jika saya terkhilaf. Sekian, terima kasih.

            -Farhan Mizra-

            1. THANK YOU!! so much Farhan. Love you for this.

              I’ve been asking this question but am met with a surprised shrug … eh, too many to count.

              1. ketika solat, rukun diikuti dan amalan sunat haiat juga biasanya dilakukan juga seperti membaca surah atau ayat-ayat Al Quran pada rakaat pertama dan kedua selepas membaca Fatehah.

                contoh jika ayat Al Ikhlas yang dibaca ini menjadikan jumlah kalimah Allah itu bertambah.

                1. re: “jika ayat Al Ikhlas yang dibaca ini menjadikan jumlah kalimah Allah itu bertambah”

                  Can you pls show your calculation? Thanks.

              2. Glad that I could help, Helen. ;D

                Noticed the guy-after-me’s comment. Yup, every rakaat of the prayer, it’s sunat to add additional (short) surah or verses from a long Surah, after reciting the Fatihah.

                For your question just now, Al-Ikhlas has two-times the utterance of the Allah kalimah. And it depends also whether after the “amin” of the Fatihah, would he recite the Bismillah, or straight away recite the al-Ikhlas.

                – Fatihah is the first surah in the Quran.
                – We must recite the Fatihah in each of the rakaats (that is, during the standing part of the prayer), or else, the prayer would be unacceptable (tak sah).

                  1. Hm, assuming the person only recites al-Ikhlas once in each of his daily prayers after the Fatihah, then:
                    199 + 2(5) = 209.

                    IF, he chooses to recite the al-Ikhlas in each of the rakaats in the daily prayers, then:
                    199 + 2(2 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 4) = 233

                    Though PERSONALLY, if I rajin nak baca something after the Fatihah pun, for example in Zuhur prayer, say that I want to recite the al-Ikhlas after the Fatihah in the first rakaat. I certainly would not repeat the same short surah in the following rakaats, but with other short surahs like al-Kafirun, or al-Fil and so on.

                    My point is, the second scenario (233 times) above, is very unlikely, Helen.

            2. Jika saya boleh menambah, solat at the very very basic, ianya seperti berikut:
              – takbiratul-ihram = 1 kali
              – al-fatihah = 2 kali
              – tasyahud = 5 kali

              Tanpa mengira amalan sunat, solat yang teramat asasnya dan sudah dikira sah, hanya 64 kali sehari.

              BTW, takbir intiqal tidak wajib. ‘Bismillah’ dibacakan untuk setiap permulaan surah (kecuali surah at-taubah kerana Nabi tidak membacanya) tetapi tidak perlu jika membaca dari pertengahan surah. Salam pertama ketika akhir solat (ada yang menyebut tentang memberi salam kepada malaikat tetapi hakikatnya ia adalah bertujuan untuk keluar dari solat) yang menjadi rukun tidak perlu menyebut ‘warahmatullah’.

                  1. Just counting lafaz ‘Allah’ alone because it is this name that the Christians want to kebas.

                    1. tak nak tanyakah berapa kali pula lafaz Allah disebut sehari?

                      tak apalah saya jawapan kan -too many to count

                      senyumlah selalu

                    2. re: “tak nak tanyakah berapa kali pula lafaz Allah disebut sehari?”

                      :) Betul.

                      Ya Allah, Alhamdullilah, Insya Allah, Masya Allah, Nauzubillah, Astagfirullah … urm, have I missed out any?

          2. haha naughty question la helen. i know your curiosity was in relation to the recital of al-fatihah (the opener) whether once for all or one-for-one.

            ini mengingatkan saya kepada ostad2 atau bohmau2 yang menyediakan air jampi di dalam botol. ada yang menjampi sekali gus untuk 10, 100 atau 1,000 botol & ada yang buat satu persatu. (kenapa tak jampi terus kolam2 takungan air agar semua dapat menafaat & jadi baik2 belaka?).

            let me answer you this way – kebanyakan yang hidup tidak akan berpuas hati akan apa yang dimiliki. (i am not saying this is wrong). kalau boleh mahu bintang & bulan. bila dah mati baru semua cukup. yang mati sudah TERPUTUS HUBUNGAN dengan yang hidup. jadi yang hidup bertanggungjawab (wajib) menguruskan mayat & untuk orang islam dimandi, dikafan, disolat & dikebumi. is not the same for martyrs. that’s it.

            mengenai samada upacara nasional (sambutan jenazah, tafakur, perkabungan & pengkebumian) dilihat terlebih & sebagainya, to me, the event proves that malaysia is not an islamic state. (though participated by muslims from the top). i do not wish to touch on the ‘upacara pengkebumian’ for fallen soldiers. cheers!

            1. re: “the event proves that malaysia is not an islamic state. (though participated by muslims from the top)”

              Like how McDonald’s and Starbucks have crept in, so has the culture of the West and Christendom, e.g. wear pink ribbons, candlelight vigils, etc

              1. i don’t disagree to what they have been doing, it’s their prerogative. i have no issue with that. but don’t ever declare that this country is an islamic state.

                1. Not a secular state either.

                  Politicians from both sides just scream a lot – “must remain secular state!” , “must have Islamic state!”

      1. According to muslim friends, no need. Just read the prayer one time can dedidate to all involved.

        1. Opening Chapter of the Quran: Al-Fatiha

          Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
          Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen
          Ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Maaliki yaumid Deen
          Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een
          Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem
          Siraatal ladheena an ‘amta’ alaihim
          Ghairil maghduubi’ alaihim waladaaleen

          In the name of God, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.
          Praise be to God, Lord of all the worlds.
          The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Judgement.
          You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
          Guide us on the straight path,
          the path of those who have received your grace;
          not the path of those who bring down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.

          “Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clearly from error; whoever rejects evil and has faith in God has grasped the most trustworthy, unfailing handhold. And God hears and knows all things. God is the Protector of those who have faith: From the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.”
          [The Cow : v. 256-257]

      2. kekekeke… Helen, in islam, “NIAT” dalam hati adalah perkara pokok. Jadik, niat sedekah satu Al Fatihah kepada semua mayat/jenazah berugama Islam telah mencukupi.


        Kadang-kadang, ada orang berperawakan alim, tetapi mempunyai hati (niat) yang busuk. Sebab itu jangan memandang pada rupa penampilan sahaja. Lihat apa yang disampaikan (dikatakan) adakah selari dengan amal perbuatan pula sehari hari.

        Jika tidak, maka orang itu dikatakan MUNAFIK. Berpura2 baik & alim, tetapi perbuatannya mendatangkan kerosakan kepada dirinya, masyarakatnya dan negaranya.

      3. yang penting ikhlas kerana ALLAH.

        satu surah AL-Fatehah/doa/ untuk semua boleh dan satu bacaan khusus untuk sesaorang juga boleh.

        dah banyak jenazah sedekahlah untuk semua.(untuk jenazah beragama islam sahaja)

          1. berdoa untuk bukan islam ketika ia maseh hidup memang boleh, boleh doakan mereka mendapat hidayah dan sebagainya.

            tapi kalau dah mati, tak boleh lagi.

            menghormati, simpati boleh. (dengan ada batas tertentu)

              1. takziah adalah peryataan turut bersedih kepada keluarga simati.

                ada disampaikan secara tulisan dan bercakap terus kepada keluarga simati.

                yang tak boleh berdoa untuk simati.(bukan Islam)

                bila dah mati pintu taubatnya telah tertutup, kehidupanya untuk meng Esakan Allah telah tiada. yang ada hanyalah azab Allah sebagaimana yang telah di janjikan.(diberitahu).

              2. Takziah (in malay word) samada disampaikan dengan perkataan atau dizahirkan dengan perbuatan. Contohnya dengan kata-kata bagi menzahirkan rasa simpati di atas sesuatu musibah atau kemalangan atau kehilangan orang tersayang yang menimpa kepada kita (tanpa batasan ugama).

                Diharuskan mengucapkan kata kata sedemikian supaya memberi sedikit sebanyak kekuatan jiwa dan perasaan kepada orang yang bersedih. ‘Takziah’ juga boleh disampaikan dengan sentuhan fizikal seperti memeluk dan mengusap belakang badan/bahu mereka bagi mengurangkan perasaan hiba.

                1. Maksudnya ‘takziah’ adalah sebutir ucapan neutral – umpama’tahniah’ – dan ia tidak mengandungi unsur keIslaman macam contohnya perkataan ‘istighfar’, ya?

                  1. istighfar – ucapan/doa kita meminta ampun/maaf kepada Allah diatas apa-apa kesalahan kita kepada Allah

                    kesalahan ini ada masa kita sedari dan ada masa ketikanya tanpa kita sedari.

  2. I think that this might be a grey area which lacks a formal protocol. Most other nations allow a flag draped coffin as a sign of national mourning (correct in this case) for those who have given their lives for the nation (not the case).

    However there seem to be exceptions, like for non-military personnel losing their lives in their public service (police, firefighters, etc – how about the cabin crew of the national carrier?), also ex-heads of state and ex-service personnel funerals. But I don’t think there is a formal protocol. So Helen and the Admiral have a point.

    As for the query over whether the ceremony is Islamic, let’s agree that it’s not. Islam is a complete way of life, but some of the symbols of national identity (like a day of mourning, a minutes silence, national day parades) are relatively new ideas and not based on Islamic tradition.

    I guess it’s for the religious leaders to say if something is not based on their tradition of faith whether it follows that it is so etching that is bad, but there will be many opinions on this from the faithful of many religions (remember the US church that protested soldiers funerals?). Also, as a sovereign nation, most nations have symbols that belong to the nation rather than a particular faith, so why do other countries with Islamic heritage celebrate and mourn as a nation without similar fatwas?

    I suppose that there is no one approved view of the application of Islamic principles to these new ideas. But in the same way, no one should make it compulsory for Perlis to participate. Unfortunately, most faiths require compulsion (often with the threat of whacking for those who don’t toe the line).

    God’s blessings on all those who did not return, and their families.

  3. Military-style honours with flag-draped coffins and salutes for deceased passengers of a civilian aircraft who were flying for personal or business reasons and not in the service of the Malaysian public or duty to the nation is inappropriate.

    However, a national day of mourning and gestures of respect or rememberance for the dead are fine.

    No issue too if soldiers were deployed to carry the coffins off the plane in an orderly and respectful manner or with flying flags at half-mast as a sign of respect.

    Not being a Muslim, I cannot comment on what ceremonial forms of respect or mourning are permissable or impermissable.

  4. In my opinion MH17 tragedy was not merely a commercial pax plane accidently/purposefully shot down. The deaths of these victims have a huge impact for all us humans worldwide.

    The Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War…read more;

    Their deaths will “hopefully” open up new discussions/debates and again “hopefully” help find solutions as to what we see are happening today – and where the UN/World Leaders are not doing anything all these while worldwide egs such as in Gaza, Iraq, Afganistan etc.

    I feel they deserved all the respects accorded to them by not only Malaysians but the world over.

    1. I would also give some thought to the theory going around that MAS was targetted instead of, say, SIA which used the same air corridor or the national carriers belonging to other countries.

      As for the respect accorded, nobody’s disputing that or having a national memorial service for the families.

      The issue as retired admiral Imran raised is whether “full military honours” should have been given because they were passengers who boarded a public transport (like ferry or bus) for a trip and not soldiers who died in the line of duty defending our country.

      1. Ini pendapat saya ya Cik Helen.

        Perjuangan dan pengorbanan sesaorang kepada Negara Bangsa dan Agama gitu meluas sekali – bukan seharusnya terhad hanya kepada “soldiers who died in the line of duty defending our country”.

        The victims of MH17 may (or may not) one day be heroes to mankind as from their tragedy (hopefully) managed to open up the eyes and hearts of blind/greedy/whatever leaders to come to a realisation and work together (hopefully) to protect/prevent the killings (accident or on purpose) of innocent lives.

        1. Tambah sikit ya jgn marah ya.

          Bagi pendapat saya contohnya seorang pemimpin yang berkhidmat mempertahankan Negara ini dari lingkop dan bankrupt dari segi ekonomi, (yg boleh mengakibatkan kesengsaraan hidup rakyat; yg payah dihuraikan ada juga sampai ketahap bunuh diri) juga seharusnya dilihat sebagai seorang pejuang Negara.

          1. Tun merupakan sebuah “institusi negara”.

            Kalau di Amerika Syarikat mereka ada Mount Rushmore (Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln), yang kita punya …

            … pasti, jangan letakkan muka Sleepy Dollah!


        2. Perjuangan tu, perjuangan. Ini bab “full military honours”.

          Contohnya, angkatan ahli kaji selidik juga boleh dikatakan ada “berjuang” dalam meneroka alam sains.

          Seperti disebut saya dalam posting yang lepas, mereka-mereka yang menceburi pelbagai bidang “yang gitu meluas sekali” pun banyak berjuang, berkorban dan menyumbang kepada negara dan diberi pengiktirafan yang setimpal. Contohnya, penghormatan Tokoh Wartawan bagi Pak Zam (2006) dan Pak Kadir (2011).

          Tapi waktu Zam dan Kadir menerima anugerah Tokoh Wartawan mereka itu, takde lah tembakan 21-das dilepaskan kerana bidang mereka ialah media dan bukannya tentera. Nak military honours, tolonglah sertai ATM.

          Persoalan pokok yang ditimbulkan oleh Laksamana Imran (B) ialah adakah ia wajar bagi “full military honours” dibuat untuk penumpang pesawat dan anak kapal sebuah commercial airliner.

  5. Its too late now. It should be raised the day then Fed Government declare it not when its done or half way done. For me it not about national mourning it all ‘POLITIC’ who the best to win GE 14.

    1. Malays are a very sentimental people.

      I guess it requires the Admiral to raise the issue because he has the military standing to speak.

      Just like only Tun seorang-seorang yang boleh tegur DS Najib and the rest of us (bloggers) tumpang sekaki.

      I feel that there are some special things we should keep sacrosanct for the families of the army, and ‘military honours’ is one of them.

      Just like bukan calang-calang orang yang layak menerima anugerah ‘Tun’. Imagine if senang-senang saja Helen Ang and her chi kong group semua pun boleh bergelar “Tun”, it devalues the title.

      Keep full military honours for the military. If we want the YB title, we join politics. If we want the Yang Arif title, we join the bench (judiciary). If we want military honours, join the military.

      (Deserving exceptions: Prime Ministers, like Tun Razak.)

        1. Tun Razak – full military honours, deservingly

          Tun Dol – unfortunately

          Even his bini muda Jeanne pun boleh terima anugerah ‘Tun’. What to do? Kena ikut convention.

          But we won’t carve Sleepy Dollah on Malaysia’s Mount Rushmore.

          1. We will carve KJ instead as he is so stylish and handsome something like David Beckham. Sad his wife is not like Posh Spice.
            His secretary… Perhaps after the baby.

              1. In English it means God forbids or God protects. It’s a prayer so that God forbids certain bad things from befalling those who pray for that or God protects them from being inflicted with that or those particular bad things. Na’uzubillah…”na” indicates prayer by or for multiple number i.e. God forbids [certain bad things from befalling us].

                When spoken as a’uzubillah (“a” indicates singular number) [some say the correct arabic grammar is a’uzabillah/na’uzabillah], it is by or for an individual i.e. for himself or herself. You recite “na’uzabillah/a’uzabillah” when someone say about a bad thing.

                Contoh, if someone says to someone else or to a group of people; “sekiranya kita menjadi kafir”, he and his audience would say, “na’uzabillah”, which means may God forbid us from becoming kafir. Ada juga yang sebut, “wal’iyazabillah”. Makna sama. Ada jelas kah? Kalau masih tak jelas, may be I will rephrase.

                1. Mulan implied that KJ might become prime minister of Malaysia.

                  I believe the word is appropriate to call upon God to protect us from being inflicted with such calamity.

  6. If that retired army guy were not a member of Pakatan, then I would think that his comments on the military honours bestowed to the MH17 victims could be genuine.

    Actually I also thought that it’s a bit excessive, but I felt that in this rare and unfortunate situation, I could make it as exception.

    I think that army guy only managed to brought up old wounds to those families members who lost their husbands in Sabah.

    1. Retired navy guy.

      Civil ceremonies okay. Even religious ceremonies okay. But not “full military honours” lah.

      Your question: Why Pakatan fella, and not Umno fella, bringing this up?

      Tun already gave the answer. The Umno fellas surrounding DS Najib are like the courtiers who told the naked Emperor that he’s wearing a beautiful robe, and the Dato’-Dato’ who told King Canute that His Majesty can command the waves to be still.

      Pembesar-pembesar Umno kaki ampu bodek. Mana ada berani cakap.

      1. Some people knew that when that retired army guy was still in the service, there was similar military “service” given to his family who passed away. The deceased wasn’t in the army.

        1. families of an army is considered family of the army too. that is why when you marry an army you too will get the angkat pedang ceremony. not sure though for funeral procession.

          1. re: “when you marry an army (man) you too will get the angkat pedang ceremony”

            Cantik :)

            Does it work the other way, when a civilian man marries an army woman?

            1. I believe so. normally an army man marry civilian. but i’ve never seen a marriage ceremony of army women and civilian man before. I use to date a woman army with the title of captain. tapi jodoh tak sampai dan tak sempat tanya. heh heh.

              1. If the army captain has a gun beneath her pillow, the husband had better behave.

                Maybe that’s why it’s common to see army men marry civilians but rarer the other way around.

      2. I can assure you Helen that some UMNO ppl did raise the same issue the retired army guy brought up. But they did not do the DrM way when they talked about it.

        1. I’m glad to hear that there are still some level heads in Umno.

          DS Najib’s “over” gestures/decision-making are most disturbing. Akan makan diri parti.

          As for Tun being confrontational, he is the founder of Umno in 1988. He’s also the holder of membership number 000001. When he speaks up against the current party president, there must be something really wrong.

          And it looks like there is good reason for Tun adopting the open approach. Like you said, if some Umno people did raise the same issue over the Day of Mourning, then their concerns obviously fell on deaf ears.

          Just like the concerns raised by Tun was like talking to a brick wall.

          All that Najib is doing, his gaya keBaratan (including yesterday’s event), are vote getters for the opposition.

          The steps taken by Najib, e.g. the NUCC and its Race Relations Act only serve to alienate the Malays who are Umno’s core vote bank but instead benefit the opposition seraya mencorakkan budaya “baru” (Firster) negara yang hanya memanfaatkan pembangkang.

          Sokong Tun!

          1. ‘membership number 000001.’

            He still does? He already keluar parti time Pak Lah PM dulu, then masuk balik, takkan they simpan the number for him kut?

  7. Berlebihan tak apa, lah. Jangan kurang dari glamor orang Belanda buat itu hari.

    Namti, seluruh dunia kata orang Malaysia tak menghormati mangsa MH17 pulak.

    Kan bagitu?

    Cerita pasal glamor, politik atau agama ni?

    1. apabila sesaorang islam itu meninggal dunia apa yang perlu segera dilakukan adalah dimandikan, dikafankan, disolatkan dan dikebumikan. mudah aje peraturan nya.

        1. VVIP Muslim pun sama sahaja. Perlu dimandi, kafan, solat & kebumi dengan segera. No exception. Tetapi ahli-ahli protocol selalu menyalahi agama.

          1. Izinkan saya mencelah.

            Yang sangat-sangat dituntut adalah menyegerakan pengkebumian. Yang menyalahi agama pula adalah tidak mengkebumikan jenazah.

  8. Tuanku selaku Field Marsyal ATM dan Panglima Angkatan Tentera yang hadir pon tak bising,

    Yang Admiral bersara, Helen dan pembodek bising pasal apa?

    Go get a life!

    1. Apabila YDP Agong “menzahirkan rasa dukacita baginda berhubung perkembangan penyalahgunaan media sosial untuk menggugat keharmonian negara”, Dandy pon tak endah.

      “Justeru, baginda mahu PENDIDIKAN BERSEPADU dijadikan pemangkin utama dalam memupuk perpaduan dalam kalangan rakyat Malaysia bagi menolak anasir tidak berfaedah”. Bab ni, Dandy buat tak tahu.

      – See more at:

  9. Justin Bieber is rich spoilt brat. Who cares he has tons of tattoos to worship Jesus? He needs more tattoos to compensate his failing career. With a flop of his latest album and movie, he just needs more of the small news to remind us that he isn’t dead.

    The “Baby” singer’s latest offering, Journals, became his lowest-charting album to date after it bombed in at number 46 – proof that we do have taste after all.

    The Biebster’s Christmas Eve announcement may have been a prank but early figures show the Baby singer’s new documentary has well and truly bombed.

    earned only $3.1 million (£1.88 million)in its first three days in the US – a fraction of the debut takings of his first concert movie, Never Say Never, which grossed nearly TEN times that and took $70 million in total.

    1. re: “Who cares he has tons of tattoos to worship Jesus?”

      He’ll run out of skin eventually.

    1. Not objecting to holding a memorial service. Objecting to “full military honours”.

      Unless the personage is the PM or the YDP Agong, then military honours should be for members of the military.

  10. It’s a case of someone or some people subtly or hypocitically turning a tragedy into a political bonanza. If it’s not unnecessary or not misplaced, then it certainly was an overkill. I grief at his or their attitude.

  11. If u claim not complaining then say la so many mp came until not enough chair dont say la but not enough chair. Anyway u offer your precious seat or not to any pregnant or children or old citizens. Same like your mr penang hill train ceremony also pasal kerusi

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