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Politicking 24/7

A teacher teaches, a tutor tutors, a lecturer lectures.

A reporter reports, an editor edits, a novelist writes novels.

A dancer dances, a model models, a painter paints, a pianist plays the piano.

A cook cooks, a baker bakes, a restauranteur runs a restaurant.

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A driver drives, an inspector inspects, an investigator investigates.

A farmer farms, a gardener gardens, a fisherman fishes.

A hairdresser dresses hair, a watchmaker makes watches, a woodcarver carves wood, a babysitter sits with babies, a zookeeper keeps the zoo.

Now what does a politician do?


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29 thoughts on “Politicking 24/7

  1. Jonathan Swift in Thoughts on Various Subjects defined politics thus: “Politics, as the word is commonly understood, are nothing but corruptions”

    I’m sure our politicians don’t engage in corrupt activities, especially in enriching themselves.

        1. Hand clean enough to wear cincin.

          Lampoon of the DAP ‘UBAH’ Gangnam Style music video directed by Tony Pua.


  2. “I am the first woman Speaker. I am not the First Lady”

    She forgot to add: ” But best of all, I am the foremost iconic Malaysian-first lady”

  3. You should see what my two blackie DAP reps contribute to the community.

    We got sex school party, drugs, hookers and Indian gangs. We have the most Islamic church here – the favourite church of Mujahid.

    Now we have water cuts every week unannounced. Perhaps it is too prepare us to migrate to Selangor if we loose our jobs because of the dropping FDI.

    Kak Helen, Tesco really sells good pails. I love their mineral water.

  4. Helen dok tak duduk jadi kelakar pulak

    Yang Puan Speaker tu showy nya dia….. cincin tu mesti Mutiara kelas habis punya eee….. tadak…tadak pun harga mesti ribu-ribu punya

    Apa kata Jijah dan Rosmah mesti jealous habis

      1. Jgn main dengan kipas.. Oghang Korea zaman toknek gemar guna kipas.

        Lagi pon banyak point2 cik abang boleh catatkan kot celah2 daun kipas tu.

        Klo jijah putus idea nak syarah apa benda, buka aje kipas tu semua abang dah sediakan.

  5. Helen’s Ebola virus con’td.

    A blogger blogs, commentors comments.

    A PM leads, an ex-PM meleter?

    Something wrong there, don’t you think so?

    A Speaker speaks, the audience criticize her looks?

    Something wrong there, don’t you think so?

    Opposition job is to oppose. Ruling party job is to rule.

    EC job is to conduct polls. Voters job is to critizise?

    Something wrong there, don’t you think so.

    Nudists job is to go nude Police job is to catch criminals.

    Something wrong there, don’t you think so?

    Mens job is to populate. Womens job is to get laid.

    Hah! finally something sounds right.

    1. re: “A Speaker speaks, the audience criticize her looks?”

      It is the Speaker’s speech that is criticized. The Speaker calls people “low class”, “racist”, “wicked” and says the most hypocritical, double standard and asinine things.

        1. Fine. I’m low class, racist, wicked and don’t have a life according to Dandy and his evangelista gang who trawl my blog 24/7 and stalk me elsewhere in blogosphere.

          But if the Chinese and the Malays join DAP in droves, then they will get a happenin’ life at the party’s social events filled with awek-awek cun.

    2. Government does something – Opposition opposes.
      Government does something bad (if ever) – Opposition oppose.
      Government does something good – Opposition oppose.
      Government doesn’t do anything – Opposition oppose.

      Malaysian politics need to mature.

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