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Why BN got its ass kicked in Lumut by navy man

The BN candidate who contested in Lumut was Kong Cho Ha aka Donkey Kong – a nickname given the then MCA sec-gen by The J-Star reporters.

BN won Perak in GE13 but lost the Lumut Parliament seat, obtaining only 44 percent of the votes cast (see pie chart below).

Lumut was ceded to PKR whose candidate snagged a handsome majority of 8,168 votes.

Election result - Lumut

Lumut is a Malay-majority seat (51.3 percent).

BN had held Lumut in 2008, 2004 and 1999. But Pakatan managed to snatch away Lumut in 2013.

It’s not surprising that the ruling party lost some of its traditional seats during the last election. After all, they lost the popular vote.

This is retired First Admiral Mohamad Imran Abdul Hamid. He is the current MP for Lumut.

Admiral Imran

The most prominent feature of Lumut is our royal Malaysian navy base located there. The epaulet below shows Mohamad Imran’s rank of First Admiral before he retired from TLDM. It’s equivalent to Brigadier General in the army.


Malaysian navy men serve in ships, like this one – KD Kasturi.


Like their army counterparts, the navy boys practise shooting.


The navy women wear pants and undergo combat training.


This is the Lumut naval base. You can see the motto “Sedia Berkorban” on the building in Markas Armada.


This is the TLDM emblem. “Sedia Berkorban” is the motto of the Malaysian navy.


There has been some really nasty ad hominems flung at the Lumut MP, retired First Admiral Mohamad Imran, by the Umno apparatchiks in blogosphere.

Imran had said:

“Bukan kita kata tidak boleh (cara pengurusan mangsa MH17) tetapi kita lihat macam terlebih-lebih tindakan kerajaan meraikan mangsa MH17.

“Bukan kita tidak bersimpati, tapi kenapa sampai begitu sekali.” – ‘MH17: Pembangkang tak sensitif, pertikai istiadat terima jenazah‘ (mStar, 23 Aug 2014)


Najib’s macai-macai are out of line

The treatment of Imran by Najib’s boys blindly defending their boss is like the treatment previously meted out to the Tun by Sleepy Dollah’s Fourth Floor Boys when the ex-premier began criticizing Abdullah Badawi. And we know Dollah’s fate and the 2008 election results, don’t we?

Tun’s most recent complaint and “menarik balik sokongan” from the PM is essentially due to the Najib administration’s attitude problem.

Umno is showing its arrogance again and again … memang pantang ditegur. Bagi nasihat kepada Umno itu ibarat mencurah air ke atas daun keladi.

BELOW: YB Imran looks half navy man, half Pak Haji


Lumut speaking

In Parliament, the Yang Berhormats are not referred to by their personal names by but the constituency they represent, e.g. Kinabatangan, Kota Belud, Lembah Pantai, Seputeh, Gombak, etc.

The thing to remember is this. BN lost Lumut. Kalah. Tersungkur dan patut pun.

YB Imran is the current Member of Parliament for Lumut. He represents Lumut – Malaysia’s naval town.

This is something good for the Umno macai-macai to remember when they shoot off their mouth at him. They’ve gone overboard in their rude insults against the retired admiral, and it is just the syndrome that Tun has described in his teguran.

Kata Dr Mahathir:

“Saya menegur kerana saya berpendapat pemimpin yang tidak ditegur akan percaya segala-gala yang dilakukan oleh mereka baik-baik belaka. Hanya apabila ditegur sahaja barulah pemimpin akan sedar akan kesalahan dan mungkin akan memperbetulkannya.”

The naked Emperor is assured by his courtiers that he’s beloved by the people


The ‘I-just-wanna-be loved’ PM

First Admiral Imran (Rtd) is correct to tegur about the “full military honours” accorded in yesterday’s MH17 programme.

Najib is the one at fault for milking the populist sentiment. What is popular need not be what is right although populism is the easiest route to take.

The ceremony yesterday was a case of pandering by the government.

What Najib has been doing is far from “baik-baik belaka”. Some of the things he has been doing are actually bordering on giler.

One example is his Ah Jib Gor moniker. Can you imagine if I were to call my boss “dude”.

Najib is allowing all boundaries to be breached. YB Lumut was only attempting to preserve the distinction between military and civilian, and thus the value of military honours that Najib pawned yesterday in the PM’s quest for popularity.

Other things that the PM has done to make himself popular have backfired, such as abolishing ISA, setting up the NUCC, TalentCorp, and even trying to appoint Ustaz Kazim Elias to the Umno supreme council only to have the offer – embarrassingly to Umno – rejected.

Perarakan mayat Lim Soon Seng, 9 Mei 1969

9 May 1969: The funeral procession for Lim Soon Seng (the Teoh Beng Hock of his time) through the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

10 May 1969: The general election was held in the peninsula. The Alliance lost the popular vote.

TBH banner

Populism when sentiments are high

It is all too easy to appeal to excessive emotions. It takes a level head to follow a sensible course of action.

Yesterday Najib Razak demonstrated that he is quite willing to bend the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia’s established protocol just to score himself a few popularity points based on emotionalism.

If Najib wants to play the game of appealing to emotions, so can the opposition and they can do it better. Imagine what will happen when the whole political landscape of Malaysia is down to the raw appeal to emotions.

Talking about exploiting funerals, does Najib realise how intensely the Chinese hate Umno over Teoh Beng Hock’s demise because the DAP has exploited his tragic death to the max?

Teoh Beng Hock’s funeral


Blood on the government’s hand

teoh-beng-hock blood

bengHock (20)_yp

teoh lee lan



TBH dead

tbh body

TBH grave

TBH son

(892 words)


Trivializing military honours and meaning of the flag

MCA making an ass out of Umno


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43 thoughts on “Why BN got its ass kicked in Lumut by navy man

  1. Najib once said that it is a game of perception…. by the opposition in winning the voters support…. if I m not mistaken. I at times also question a lot of our government approaches….but is our PM throwing a stone to kill two birds with all these strategies of his own?

    1. re: “is our PM throwing a stone to kill two birds”

      More like our PM shooting his own foot.

    2. I think with the MH17 issue, the ‘penghormatan terakhir’ ceremony is acceptable judging on the circumstances but it should not be made into a norm. No need to create precedent to it lah, nnt susah terutamanya bila pejuang di Lahad Datu pun tak dpt layanan macam tu.

      If the gomen did not accord such treatment to the victims, the Pakatan will lead many others in firing salvos at the gomen, especially when the Netherlands accorded such special treatments to all victims even though when the bodies arrived on the Dutch soil, they didn’t know whether all of them were Dutch nationals. We were receiving all Malaysian nationals since Friday. The Dutch King and Queen were also present during the ceremony and this is understandable when the majority of the victims were Dutch nationals, although it was our plane that was shot down. If Malaysia is doing less, we will face tough questioning in and out of Malaysia.

      In this age, grieving in public (any other emotions) is sort of a necessity in politics, otherwise madam speaker would not have gave that ‘melepas batuk di tangga’-type of comments about Gaza. When Princess Diana died, public sentiments forced the Queen to wait outside the Palace and slightly bowed her head when Princess Di’s coffin passed by. So, if the gomen failed to do better or at par with the Dutch, Pakatan will seize the moment and I think when the Pakatan’s nicely decorated Faberge eggs started to show serious cracks and revealed a glimpse of the hideous monsters lurking inside those eggs, especially during the Selangor MB crisis, I bet they’ll use anything they could to smear the gomen, manipulate public anger and deflect public attention, as always.

      When it comes to public emotion, Pakatan parties are excellent at it. PKR will continue to harp about ‘kebangkitan rakyat’, DAP will not cease from shouting about ‘being victimised as second-class citizens’ and PAS is always about ‘Negara Kebajikan Membangung Bersama Isle Dalam Melaksanakan Hukum Allah (Muslim punya Allah la, sbb tiada salahguna) melalui Tahalus-Siyasi dengan Kafir Harbi. KO-UMNO Kafir!!’ . And PAS will always do that unless Anwar and DAP tell them to zip-it.

      Anwar has been manipulating public emotions from day-1 of his sacking from the cabinet and up to this day, still at it. His daughter, Nurul Izzah won the Lembah Pantai Parliamentary seat during PRU-13 after slandering her opponent, Datuk Nong Chik (p.s. Slander is fitnah and in Islam, fitnah is one of the great sins, so great that it is considered worse than murder. Don’t trust me, please ask Mat Sabun of PAS coz nobody’s listening to Majlis Syura and Majlis Alamak PAS anymore). So, yes, Pakatan is going strong in playing sentiments and manipulating emotions from Beng Hock, to Lynas, PTPTN (which is now oddly quiet), kalimah Allah (Only DAP, coz PKR told PAS to zip-it), to all sort of other issues sampai Aunty Rosmah punya baju dan handbag pun diorang nak jadikan isu. So biarlah, sooner or later people will just grow tired of it. Anwar knows this perfectly and that ‘kemarahan rakyat’ especially the young generation is the fuel that kept Pakatan’s big lies going, so it must be kept alight at all cost. Sebab tu sejak Anwar kena pecat, bebudak kita yg dulu sopan sekarang dah tak kisah kalau diorang kurang ajar in public.

      What UMNO must realise is that, they need to WORK and stop succumbing to the same ‘Shout Award’ mentality. WORK might be an alien concept to them especially when Tun Dr. M left the UMNO presidency. When one is actually WORKing, one does not need to terpekik-terlolong menegakkan benang yang basah. I give you one example, how much have they work to explain about GST to the laymen? Setakat buat iklan sangap di TV and then kept on telling the public that 160 countries worldwide pun dah buat GST are not enough. You’d be surprise to know that even some public servants struggled to clearly explain GST with their own words, they just churned out standard mind numbing-issued script. And what kind or perception will that give to the public? That, despite having Pemandu, KPI, NKRA, NKEA, and TalentCorp etc., still ramai takde otak. So, kalau UMNO nak menang battle of perception kena buat homework, kena buat kerja, bukan knee-jerk public policies. And stop dishing out money like there’s no tomorrow, it is not sustainable. It’s simple, if you THINK and WORK like what Tun M has been saying, then it is a lot easier because it won’t be easy for people to question evidence on the ground (well, the Star can still be crafty). That’s my view.


      1. re: “When it comes to public emotion, Pakatan parties are excellent at it.”

        This is precisely my worry, i.e. that Umno is playing chicken and racing Pakatan to the edge of the cliff in this game of playing and pandering to excessive public sentiments.

        re: “Slander is fitnah and in Islam, fitnah is one of the great sins, so great that it is considered worse than murder.”

        I agree with you absolutely. Fitnah dah menjadi darah daging DAP dan PKR, dan meresap masuk sampai ke tulang pun.

        And this is one of the main reasons why I’m not supporting Pakatan. The kind of vicious slander they can simply concoct about their opponents leaves you aghast.

        In other words, Pakatan’s politics are gutter but instead of staying clear, the BN is plunging into the sewer to join Pakatan there. Tun is so right – Najib is too soft.

        1. Sebabnya Kak Helen, ramai dalam BN tu nak merasa menang ‘Shout Awards’, itu masalahnya. Dulu dah ada yg menang kan? Semuanya skrang sibuk nk jd popular, nk selfie dgn Wak Doyok etc. Habislah.


      2. I agree with you. I don’t think such honours should be made into norm as it is meant for those who had rendered great service or even gave their lives to defend the nation.

        However, after the Dutch govt’s move, Najib has no other option but to follow. If not, not only Pakatoons and their cybergoons but the international media would have jumped on it and made it into a major issue.

        So far Najib has handled the issue very well (unlike MH370) so why taint the record.

        1. re: “Pakatoons and their cybergoons … would have jumped on it and made it into a major issue”

          That’s the crux of the issue, i.e. how manipulative and exploitative they are.

          The problem is that the Najib administration has no answer to the Pakatan putar-belit, tegakkan benang basah, asyik fitnah tactics,

          i.e. when they forced the unnecessarily Kajang by-election that was perfectly alright but now when there is a talk about dissolution of the Selangor assembly, they suddenly turn around and claim that holding a statewide reelection will be a waste of money.

          1. Recall that Karpal was suing HRH Sultan Perak for allowing BN to form the govt as they had the majority as it was supposedly an abuse of power.

            Recall how our Pakatoon machais in NGOs were demanding the dissolution of Perak DUN to solve the crisis? But now they have made a massive U-turn and wants to use Perak case as the solution and a precedent. What a bunch of unprincipled and unethical hypocrites…..

      3. Re: “PAS is always about ‘Negara Kebajikan Membangung Bersama Isle Dalam Melaksanakan Hukum Allah (Muslim punya Allah la, sbb tiada salahguna) melalui Tahalus-Siyasi dengan Kafir Harbi. KO-UMNO Kafir!!’ . And PAS will always do that unless Anwar and DAP tell them to zip-it.”

        Hahahahahahahahaha! ROTFL!! That beautifully sums-up what PAS is all about! I also note you used ‘Isle’ and not ‘Islam’. Classy and witty as always Pwincess!!

  2. Akhirnya Tun menegur tentang Najib dengan ahlul-fikirnya. Kalau teguran dari Tun pun Najib buat tak endah jugak, tak tahulah dari siapa lagi dia nak dengar.

    Anyway, about the ceremony, I think the retired admiral has a point. A strong one.

  3. Helen,

    Saya setuju 1000% tentang Navy vs Army. Setahu saya Navy’s Men memang lain, baik dari segi latihan, pemikiran, ketrampilan, tradisi dan cara kerja yang jauh berbeza dgn Army. Saya pernah masuk Pangkalan TLDM, respect sgt2 sebab memang nampak ciri2 ketenteraan semua tersusun dan bersih. Kalau Kem Army harapkan Gate/Pintu Gerbang je cantik, toilet kotor sampai nak “melepas” pun boleh cancel lah.

    Saya tgk berita semalam ttg mangsa MH17 yg merupakan seorang isteri kepada Pegawai Kapal Selam TLDM (Chinese Ok!!!). Dulu masa saya tengok berita pasal Teluk Aden pun pilot helicopter navy tu seorang Indian Ok!!!! Saya bukan racist ye, tapi nampak Navy nie tak bullshit tentang pemilihan dan perjawatan pegawai2 dan anggota dalam organisasi. Terlibat dgn “Real Operation” dalam tugasan harian (jaga lanun, jaga laut dll). Kalau Army? (Sibuk operasi jaga org politik kot). Ini yang harus jadi pengukur kepada sokongan sebenar.

    Honestly, saya yang tiap2 pilihanraya pangkah BN pun menyampah dgn cara berkali2 buat raptai penerimaan jenazah, berlebih tweet dan selfie/bergambar sebelum, semasa dan selepas acara tersebut. Tak payah lah nak menunjuk sgt. Buat jelah kerja tu..Yang best nye RTM siap interview Brig Jen tentang mcm mana dia handle acara tersebut. Come on lah, masa di Netherlands takde pun tengok Army belanda masuk TV cerita mcm mana dia organise, takde pun gambar raptai, tak nampak pun minister negara tu sibuk bertweet/berselfie sebelum, semasa dan selepas acara.. Dah nama pun military, organise lepas tu execute je lah!!!! Nie buat raptai sampai ada pemimpin PAS yg ingat jenazah betul2 dah sampai.

    Skarang nie UMNO leaders semua dah ada 2 PA dah. Satu Personal Assistant, satu lagi Photographeruploadkattweetercepat2 Assistant (mcm Hannah Yeop pulak dah).

    10% REAL WORK

  4. Tu bekas admiral dengi je, sebab kalau dia mampus tak dpt dimuliakan sebegitu. Kalau bagus sangat apasal tak komen atau mempersoalkan Anwar pilih bini dia si penyimpan jam Omega tu, ini perbuatan yang jauh lebih hina dari memberi penghormatan itu.

    Ini admiral tak boleh pakai 2 x 5 cam cai cai PKR yang tak berakal.

    1. He has some valid points but I bet, even Pakatan will do the same thing if not on a grander scale.

      But you’re right, the ex-navy man should also question about why Selangor State Gomen invited the Penasihat Ekonomi Negeri as Tetamu Kehormat dalam satu majlis rasmi peringkat negeri? Why Tian Chua said the Lahad Datu incident, when so many servicemen died in the line of duty as sandiwara UMNO (yg UMNO punya bodoh plak, pi settle out of court pehal)? Why Ketua Umum PKR is higher than Presiden Parti and sits together with other party presidents? Dia pakai kopiah so why didn’t the ex-navy man also question PKR’s stance on Kalimah Allah? How about PKR’s stance on Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu?

      Oh, also ask the ex-Navy man what is his opinion when in Pakatan-controlled states, even when the local councillors died, ada upacara penghormatan terakhir penuh dengan uniform. Apa jasa diorang?


      1. re: “yg UMNO punya bodoh plak, pi settle out of court pehal?”

        This is the reason Tun has hit the panic button (“menarik balik sokongan”).

      2. Spot on! And don’t forget about Selangor govt paying for TBH’s funeral costs. And how some Pakatoon leaders said that it is OK for police to die but not criminals.

      3. Pwincess, I agree with you. There’s a political agenda by the ex-Navy man when he commented about the MH17 ‘penghormatan terakhir’ ceremony.

        He’s totally silent on TBH’s funeral cost foot by Sgor govt, on Tian Chua’s remark on the Lahad Datu incident, on the peliwat being the honorable guest in Sgor official functions, on Kalimah Allah issue, etc. etc.

        But I agree that the MH17 ‘penghormatan terakhir’ ceremony should not be a norm.

  5. Imran kiik excelllent in Navy suit. Oh Helen, just curious, Teoh Casket . The yellow covering look like having Nazi symbol, what is that? So Sorry I’am naive,

      1. Yeah, and it got nothing to do with the Nazi. Hitler hijacked the symbol. Bet the Jerusubang evangalistas cannot differentiate that, kan Kak Helen?

        1. The arms of the Nazi swastika point clockwise. The Buddisht one points the other / counter direction.

          Also, the Nazi swastika is rotated at about 45 degrees.

  6. mungkin ramai yang rasa kejanggalan penerimaan dan istiadat yang dilakukan untuk mangsa mh17. cuma ramai yang tidak tahu mengungkapkan rasa janggal itu. bimbang dituduh tidak sensitif.

    memang apa yang dinyatakan oleh YB Lumut itu berasas. mnajib menetapkan satu precedent. selepas ini, sekiranya berlaku sebarang kemalangan/kematian di luar negara, adakah jenazah mereka pun diistiadatkan sedemikian rupa?

    punyalah haru hinggakan ada huruhebah radio tersasul menyebut penerimaan jenazah sebagai “penerimaan ijazah”.

    1. re: “bimbang dituduh tidak sensitif”

      Itulah. Senang-senang diorang main sensitivity card walhal apa yang mereka buat itu adalah populisme semata-mata.

      Two can play at that game. Kalau orang Najib kata kita ni tak cukup peka, orang DAP pun boleh kata Najib dan Umno kurang prihatin terhadap nasib keluarga mendiang Teoh Beng Hock.

      Percayalah, kes TBH telah mendapat liputan yang teramat meluas di media Cina, sekali dengan gambar-gambar kesian ahli keluarganya yang sering meratap dan meraung terpampang di dada akhbar. (Nota: Lebih-lebih lagi, TBH seorang bekas wartawan Sin Chew.)

      Pentadbiran Najib ni dari dulu lagi asyik nak kejar populariti – umpamanya KJ menang anugerah Shout! bertanding pun minta sms orangramai (ala Akademi Fantasia). Bayangkan, seorang Pak Menteri berlumba-lumba untuk mengalahkan selebriti seperti Aaron Aziz dan Adibah Noor.

      Istiadat penghormatan bendera itu satu lagi contoh bagaimana pentadbiran Najib tidak berfikir panjang, tidak menimbang kesan precedent yang dibuat tetapi hanya mahu cari populariti (mi) segera.

      Lagi jelik bila orang menegur apa yang patut pula diserang peribadinya.

  7. betullah tu kak Helen. mmg najib ni pun mcm pembangkang suka guna sentiment emosi nak score brownie points.

    nak buat hari berkabung tak kisah la tp sampai full military service mmg melampau.

    betul kata Margaret Thatcher orang zaman sekarang lagi suka pikir guna hati daripada otak. sebab tu kerajaan sekarang bukan saja Malaysia diterajui oleh orang2 yang suka buat keje2 mengarut. dah memang rakyat2 biasa pun suka benda2 mengarut.

    1. re: “Malaysia diterajui oleh orang2 yang suka buat keje2 mengarut”

      Oleh angkatan politikus yang suka bertwitter tentang diri sendiri — “popo”, “Shay Shay”, “dry bak kut teh” …

      1. itu le pasal pelik knp najib pun nak jadi raja twitter dan bangga pulak tu. keje2 karut ni biarlah dapsters yang ke depan je sebab mereka memang xde keje pun selain cari salah lawan.

        biar kalah pru sebab berprinsip dari menang tp korbankan prinsip. elok juga bagi majority pengundi 53% tu ditunaikan hasrat mereka supaya pakatan kesayangan menang. boleh kita tengok keje2 karut yang akan mereka ketengahkan utk Malaysia ni.

  8. Got to share 2 videos with you.

    First from Friends of BN. Isn’t it clear that the Indians in DAP are treated as stooges in the party? See how they are shoved away. Well the Indians in DAP are either Tel Aviv Kelings (Telings), Punjabis (who think they are not Indians, or Chinese wannabees).


    Kiki Lala better learn Mandarin. Who ask Neneh to be so stupid to support DAP. In the Malaysian race, some race members are higher than others.

    Friends of BN – Barisan Nasional
    10 hrs

    Mohon SHARE

    Lihatlah bagaimana DAP RASIS ini melayan ahli mereka. Mereka kata mereka parti untuk semua tetapi kenapa mereka menggunakan bahasa CINA dalam mesyuarat mereka yang ada ramai ahli BUKAN CINA. Lihatlah bagaimana ahli ahli India mereka dilayan oleh DAP RASIS ini. RASIS RASIS RASIS.

    Second while there is no water in Bukit Gelugor (every week), the Boss is playing with water. (BTW. His mum got no water to flush the toilet.) And the Punjabi and Blackie reps again do nothing. (Except, when there is a makan they will come like your doggies).


    Bukit Gelugor is fast becoming Selangor. Constantly water cut. And we have teen sex parties, dadah from China, China doll hookers and Tamil gangsters and yes now Chinese gangster DAP private police.

    Except we don’t land, if not we will be like Tasik Gelugor – where piggies roam free.

  9. Helen, regarding the issue of Imran, There is some background to this story. If you had noted, there were some generals and admirals who stood for Pakatan/PAS in the last election.

    I have some friends in the military too so I know the background though I would rather not share the reasons. All I can say is that these folks were unhappy not because of politics or principles but rather materialistic reasons.

    The Lumut result is not really a surprise. If you look back BN won in 2008 by razor thin margin (less than 300 votes) and it has never been a safe seat (except in 2004). This is because of a sizeable Chinese voters. Lumut encompasses 3 DUNs (Sitiawan, Pasir Panjang & Pangkor). BN is strong in Pangkor but DAP is very strong in Sitiawan (Ngeh’s fortress). In Pasir Panjang, though BN won but PAS is strong.

    So overall all, BN has no chance of winning the Parliment seat as the Chinese voters in Sitiwan overwhelms the Malays in other 2 DUNs. But interesting to note is that some people voted for BN in DUNs but not for Parliament. Is it due to Imran’s Navy factor or due to BN fielding MCA candidate ??

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Calvin. The split voting results are interesting indeed.

      Lumut Parliament seat covers the DUN seats of Sitiawan, Pasir Panjang and Pangkor.

      GE13 results: Discrepancy between support in Parliament and in the DUN

      Sitiawan – won by Pakatan

      Ngeh Koo Ham (DAP) 17,292 votes
      Ting Tai Fook (MCA) 5,472 votes

      Pasir Panjang – won by BN

      Rashidi Ibrahim (Umno) 15,153 votes
      Rohawati Abidin (PAS) 14,849 votes

      Pangkor – won by BN

      Zambry Abdul Kadir (Umno) 12,291 votes
      Saifullah Zulkifli (PKR) 7,167 votes

      At state level:

      – BN got a total of (5,472 + 15,153 + 12,291) = 32,916 votes

      – Pakatan got a total of (17,292 + 14,849 + 7,167) = 39,308 votes

      The DUN results are that BN-Umno won two state seats and Pakatan-DAP one wrt the three state assembly seats under the Lumut Parliament constituency.

      At Parliament level however, the Pakatan Malay candidate obtained 40,308 votes to the BN Chinese candidate’s 32,140 votes.

      Interpretation of results


      BN: 32,140
      Pakatan: 40,308

      DUN (3 state seats)

      BN: 32,916
      Pakatan: 39,308

      Retired Admiral Imran obtained 1,000 votes more than his three state counterparts (DAP-PKR-PAS) combined.

      What this means is that these 1,000 voters were willing to vote the opposition for Parliament but at the same time withheld their support for Pakatan at state level.

      The 1,000 dissenting voters are likely to be the Malays in Sitiawan who were unwilling to vote DAP for the DUN but didn’t mind supporting a PKR Malay at federal level.

      The same trend is also shown in reverse although not as markedly. MCA’s Parliment candidate collected 776 votes less than his three counterparts (MCA-Umno-Umno) combined.

      What this means is that 776 voters who had been prepared to support BN at state level were not prepared to support BN for Parliament. These are likely the Malay voters in Pasir Panjang and Pangkor who voted Umno for state but refused to vote the MCA man for federal and chose PKR’s Admiral Imran instead.

      This trend of split voting will be more pronounced in GE14. Pro-establishment Malays are definitely boycotting the MCA.

  10. I had a most interesting conversation with a supplier from Klang Valley 2 weeks ago. This guy is the founder-owner for a local manufacturing company (SME) which is quite successful. My company identified this SME as one of the local companies to be developed as a strategic supplier.

    I happened to run into him in Jakarta where he was staying in the same hotel for meeting with some of his Indoesian customers. To make the story short, I agreed to join him for dinner and we had a most interesting discussion about Selangor issue.

    It seems that in Selangor there is an informal group of businessmen who support Pakatan financially and they provided millions to DAP in the 13GE. He knows Hannah & Tony personally and being one of they key backers, he has their HP numbers and could call them anytime.

    He shared some details on the inner working of this group and how Pakatan operates. I don’t think you would want to publish such details here but in general seems to indicate at least some of the things in the leaked Kajang Move document to be true.

    Any way the most interesting this is that he’s completely fed up with Hannah and Tony now. Especially he’s very pissed with Hannah for keeping her mouth shut over the MB issue. It seems like this business group has been pressing Hannah and DAP on the issue as they are unhappy over the development. But Hannah refused to speak up because it means she would lose her position (ie the future income that runs into millions).

    It seems that the business group is unhappy with Khalid as he has been too stingy and refused to use the state reserves to improve the infrastructure. However, the businessmen rather live with Khalid any day that Zizah or Azmin. They know what this would mean.

    Now they are threatening to pull out their support to DAP / PR if there is a snap poll.

    It seems like DAP’s support for Anwar is based on their greed for power as they think this will pave way for Putrajaya. He accuses DAP of forgetting their principles and now lust for power at Federal level.

    He also told me that all the donation at DAP dinners are wayang since this method only brings in tiny funds that won’t even enough to buy mineral waters. He told me the main funders are the businessmen. But he’s upset that DAP did not show ay records on how much they received and how this was spent. He said many suspect this fund was misused and ended up in personal accounts of their leaders (I can’t reveal the names here).

    I asked him for his impression of Hannah. He said she was a honest and hard working ADUN in her first term. Apparently she did well and that’s why she won in 2013 with such huge majority.

    But he also said she’s too very young and immature to be the Speaker. Also also says she has changed a lot (not least physically) and much less friendly and approachable since 2013. These days she’s quite arrogant and formal in her manners.

    1. “These days she’s quite arrogant and formal in her manners.”

      The same with the Penang DAP upstarts. At the start they were just nobodys who want to serve.

      Now they love all the attention at the word YB.

      I know of one that wants you to move since he is coming.

    2. Now we know why PKR and DAP sre so scared of a state by election. They wont get any more money from this group of businessmen to support their election campaign!

  11. Was it “full” military honours? I always thought that included gun salutes, playing Negaraku etc. Can anyone clarify?

    I admit at first, I, too, thought why lah must copy Holland? Especially as we didn’t have it for our cops in Lahad Datu etc? (Though, there’s a fatwa that forbids these honours at the Tugu).

    Then I felt that the circumstances of the deaths of our cops and those of MH 17, while horrifying and tragic, are different. The Lahad Datu deaths were of security personnel who willingly put their lives at risk. The “sebelum kita berjaya, jangan harap kami pulang” scenario.

    Mh17 were innocent civilians. Watching the homecoming of the victims was heartwrenching. And I think it helped somewhat towards allowing Malaysians to collectively mourn and address their grief over the incident. I admit I was in buckets these past few days reading and watching the news.

    And I agree that if the government didn’t hold the ceremony, Pakatan would have been foaming at the mouth. As it is, it trotted out the laksamana to kutuk. Pakatan, as we know, always plays both sides. (Nudge, wink!).

    Anyway, did you see that hilarious pix of Anwar in today’s NST on pg 10 with the words KO? Must have been deliberate.

    1. Below is the 2010 data for the ethnic breakdown of army / tentera darat personnel who are non-officers, i.e. soldiers who do not belong to the officer corps.

      Unfortunately the Bumiputera figures in percentage do not make the distinction between Malays and Sabah & Sarawak pribumi. However what is patently clear is that Chinese do not sign up to become Malaysian soldiers.

      I find that the Chinese Firsters who love lighting candles at vigils and participate in other such public displays do not usually show empathy towards our army.


  12. Kita Muslim cukup menghormati penyempurnaan jenazah tetapi tidak menolak spt. kita perhatikan baru-baru ni ada juga kalangan keluarga shy away from pengtahuan awam berhubong pengenalan mangsa dng. sebab self known to.

    Ada pulak blogger kembang semangkok di sini ambil peluang hentam ala RBA mention pasal peribadi ATM supaya apa kamu kata itu tak resis sebaliknya kamu tak senang adat istiadat itu siapa dan bagaimana selayaknya mengetuai upacara resmi itu hanya terdiri dari ATD sahaja rata-rata you tahu terdiri dari majoriti kaum mana.

    ATM pun sudah dipolitikan tak ingat ka peranan Ketua Turus ATM telah berulang kali membuat kenyataan supaya pihak tentera tidak dilibatkan dalam isu politik seperti kes Lahad Datu tempoh hari, luangkan sedikit fikiran di tempat yang betul bukan beri pendapat dengan membabi buta ikut perasaan saja.

    Bagi bekas tuan ATM elok kamu tumpukan tugas awam sbg. Wakil Rakyat bergelar YB tu, you are no more being call Sir during your services to, HRH Agong.

    1. Nampaknya puak yang nak jaga hati (kelompok pro-Najib) tidak mahu menyebut bahawa anggota tentera Melayu Islam telah dikerah mengangkat keranda jenazah orang bukan Islam.

  13. Helen, dalam mana mana angkatan tentera sekali pun, dalam perjuangan bersama tiada siapa mengambil kisah tentang bangsa dan agama. If your comrade falls – be he/she a Chinese, Indian or others, be he/she a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Animist etc. – you will help him, hold him, comfort him and try your very best to save his life.

    Mengangkat keranda jenazah bukan Islam bukanlah berdosa. Susah juga jika orang bukan Islam maut di tepi jalan akibat kemalangan kerana yang datang mengambil mayat selalunya Melayu Islam.

    Biarlah semua kita mengambil kesempatan ini bersatu bantu membantu dan saling bersimpati dengan mereka yang ditimpa malang. Janganlah pula perkara remeh dijadikan bahan untuk memecahbelahkan.

    Lim Kit Siang lainlah. Segalanya yang berlaku dilihat secara sinis dan sentiasa negatif.

    1. Kalau sama-sama dalam tentera, itu kira keluarga dah.

      Semangat esprit de corp di kalangan anggota tentera memang kuat dan mengatasi batasan-batasan kaum dan agama. Di medan tempur, kesetiaan adalah kepada negara (dan rakan sepasukan) dan kena saling melindung dan menjaga keselamatan.

      Kalau DAP benar-benar mahu memupuk sikap buta warna, saya syorkan supaya mereka menggalakkan lebih ramai orang Cina untuk menyertai ATM dan polis.

      1. DAP will find it difficult to encourage the Chinese to join ATM and police since they themselves show that they dislike and do not trust the ATM and the police.

  14. Re : The Chinese in bajungu that’s like auxiliry police

    Their formation and identity being quired and the outcry not answered by Dap in public like RAT chasing CAT itu kerja parti Cinta Malaysia

    Does UMNO/BN aware of this even a kurang ajar tak boleh buat apa talk only obviously berbeza semasa DAP was in opposition with their singa jelutong was one time around so lively

  15. The problem I have with the ex-Admiral is that, he was the one who said Lahad Datu was merely a play staged by UMNO. And then suddenly here he is like a senile old man, questioning why such national honours were not bestowed on the soldiers and policemen who had fallen back then.

    Playing to the gallery when one deems it fit is not a good indication of one’s intellect nor etika maruah.

    Other people can make that connection. But he forfeited his right when he ridiculed those same serving men when they had fallen.

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