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MCA making an ass out of Umno

Continues from ‘Why BN got its ass kicked in Lumut by navy man‘.

Thanks for the heads up, Calvin. The split voting results are interesting indeed. Pro-establishment Malays are definitely boycotting the MCA.

BELOW: ‘MCA can deliver’? What a joke, hahaha!


MCA ship jumpers

Najib should just give up the MCA ghost.

In GE13, Lumut was fought by MCA’s “Donkey Kong” (nickname given him by J-Star reporters) vs PKR’s Abdul Hamid.

Lumut Parliament seat (map below) covers the DUN seats of Sitiawan, Pasir Panjang and Pangkor.

From GE10 to GE12, Lumut was held by MCA.


GE13 results: Discrepancy between support in Parliament and in the DUN

Sitiawan – won by Pakatan

  • Ngeh Koo Ham (DAP) – 17,292 votes
  • Ting Tai Fook (MCA) – 5,472 votes


Malay 13.4%

Chinese 74.3%

Indian 11.9%



Strong showing by PAS

Pasir Panjang – won by BN

  • Rashidi Ibrahim (Umno) – 15,153 votes
    Rohawati Abidin (PAS) – 14,849 votes


Malay 69.1%

Chinese 12.7%

Indian 17.6%


Pangkor – won by BN

  • Zambry Abdul Kadir (Umno) – 12,291 votes
  • Saifullah Zulkifli (PKR) – 7,167 votes


Malay 69.8%

Chinese 23.0%

Indian 3.9%


At state level in the three DUNs:

– BN got a total of (5,472 + 15,153 + 12,291) = 32,916 votes

– Pakatan got a total of (17,292 + 14,849 + 7,167) = 39,308 votes

The DUN results are that BN-Umno won two state seats and Pakatan-DAP one with regard to the three state assembly seats under the Lumut Parliament constituency.

At Parliament level however, the Pakatan Malay candidate obtained 40,308 votes to the BN Chinese candidate’s 32,140 votes.

Interpretation of results

Lumut Parliament

BN: 32,140
Pakatan: 40,308

DUN (3 state seats)

BN: 32,916
Pakatan: 39,308

PKR’s retired First Admiral Imran obtained 1,000 votes more than his three Pakatan state counterparts (DAP-PKR-PAS) combined.

What this means is that these 1,000 voters were willing to vote the opposition for Parliament but at the same time withheld their support for Pakatan at state level.

The one thousand dissenting voters are likely to be the Malays in Sitiawan who were unwilling to vote DAP for the DUN but didn’t mind supporting a PKR Malay at federal level.

Produk tak laku … half the hall is empty during the MCA general assembly

Malay BN voters rejected MCA

The same trend is also shown in reverse although not as markedly. MCA’s Parliament candidate collected 776 votes less than his three counterparts (MCA-Umno-Umno) combined.

What this means is that 776 voters who had been prepared to support BN at state level were not prepared to support BN for Parliament. These are likely the Malay voters in Pasir Panjang and Pangkor who voted Umno for state but refused to vote the MCA man for federal and chose PKR’s Mohd Imran instead.

The data also showed that PAS is stronger than PKR among the Malay community.

This trend of split voting where the number of votes for state and federal levels do not tally will be more pronounced in GE14. Pro-establishment Malays are definitely boycotting the MCA.

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17 thoughts on “MCA making an ass out of Umno

  1. the PR strategy in Lumut is spot on. apart from the refusal of malay voters to vote for donkey kong, please note that Imran was an admiral. and tudm has a navy base in lumut.

    many of retired navy have bought property and settled down there. i believe those navy retiree are the core of lumut’s resident now. as the saying goes once a soldier, always a soldier.

    lumut was once a small fishing town only. by default, the vote will goes to someone who have similarity with the core of the parliament and Imran is a natural choice.

    1. This is not uncommon among the Chinese. This is a craze in China and Singapore. This is nothing compared to what’s done over there. Some of the things they borders on porno.

      1. In my opinion this is perhaps because of the single child phenomena in China and Singapore. These kids are bored and they need attention. Their parents work like crazy to keep up with the Joneses and lack time for them – to keep up with the ancient art of Ultra Kiasu. To show their tantrums they resort to drama on the social media. I know of a few private college students. In fact the Chinese to keep their face always try to hide deviant behavior in their society rather than investigate and solve the problem.

        I know of one case at PLKN, a rich girl (Chinese) who brings toys and clothes to spite her classmate. She steals phones and when the guards checks she has a lot of ecstasy for her to use and sell.

        Her boyfriend is a gangster taiko (he started his own gang) to spite his divorced mother and father. When the parents were called up, both do not want to recognize parental rights.

        Another one. Boy always ponteng college because he bored. His father is a famous doctor. The son must make an appointment to see his father and father’s job is to constantly scold the son. If the boy sees the mother, the mother will ask the boy to pray to JESUS. Remember JESUS is also your wet nanny. The girlfriend who is 5 years older than him has been kicked out of 5 schools in Malaysia, Australia, Canada and UK.

        Malays, if your think your families and screwed up, see the Chinese family. They are super fucked up and they will deny anything. Worst of all they will blame the Malay for their kids being so fucked up.

        1. The police had started the investigation on ‘Hu Long’ and hopefully the perpetrator be nabbed soon.

          This is happening when Akta Hasutan 1948 is in placed. Imagine otherwise???

  2. Recently MCA asked that Wangsa Maju be returned to them since they ‘loaned’ the parliament consitutency to UMNO. Lawaklah.

    I wonder whether MCA will give up BTRazak seat to UMNO if there’s a bi-election if Khalid decides to quit politics and resign as MP of BTRazak. MCA lost the seat twice in a row; in 2008 and 2013. Do they have a strong justification to continue to contest in BTRazak based on their past 2 failures?

  3. Saya takde carta canggih macam cik Helen, when the mention of MCA I sekadar buat maths mentally aje;

    Malaysian population say 30m
    Chinese population say 25%
    Yang voting age say 60%
    Tsunami Cina baki 10%

    30m x 0.25 x 40% x 10% / 30m

    issh brapa kerat sangat dari kalangan mereka yang voted for BN? Hardly 1.5% of total Malaysian population? Kerusi menang pon fm majority malay areas.

    As an ordinary rakyat gini2 saja kami analyse saki baki balance dlm MCA. Tapi heran pasai apa mereka gitu menyombong asyik dok warning sana sini? Eh?


    1. re: “Tapi heran pasai apa mereka gitu menyombong asyik dok warning sana sini? Eh?”

      Pasai Najib bagi muka.

      1. Helen,

        Malays in Lumut did not reject BN. They simply rejected BN candidate because he is a Chinese. Had UMNO contested the parliamentary eat, it would have won. The same scenario happened in Alor Setar.

        Had UMNO contested, it would have won. But as Malays are not happy with non malay as BN candidate, they threw their support to an independent Malay candidate, thus splitting the vote.

        MCA is dead. Had not for UMNO, MCA is in museum right now. But I think MCA is lucky. Its members vote for DAP in eldection. And najib still rewards them with ministerial post.

        No wonder I feel like “terajang” Najib. He is simply clueless.

  4. Kos untuk dapat undi melayu tak banyak,cuma janji manis dan awek cun.

    berlainan dgn undi cina, habis bergolok bergadai pun kena kencing jugak.

    Pemimpin melayu pulak boleh dijual beli dgn modal tulang saja, tak perlu isi daging pejal.

    1. Every morning I habe breakfast in town before going to the wet market.. Each morning 7am without fail, the UMNO Ketua Wanita Kawasan will be there, delivering kueh mueh to the restaurant.

      Asked her when she wakes up to do all those kuehs (sorang ya takde pembantu), told me 3am each morning.

      Noticing I looked shocked she smilingly told me, “kakak dah biasa buat kueh sejak anak kecil2 lagi’.

      Ketua Wanita pon depa tak ambil kisah, apakan lagi kita ni ahli umno biasa?

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