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36 hours after we have our Merdeka fireworks, cry again

The groom and his bride are passing through a sabre arch.

Now if you’re not a member of the military, then you don’t lah kebas their istiadat silang pedang waktu kahwin.

It belongs to the Angkatan Tentera and is an honour meant for men who really serve, like the guy below.

Istiadat angkat pedang

Actor and actress couple steal military thunder

There was an outcry sometime back when actor Farid Kamil donned a (fake) military uniform during his wedding ceremony with actress Diana Danielle.

You can read

or Google the news. Farid and Diana also kebas the crossing of swords ceremony for their wedding. Actually Farid could have been jailed for impersonating an army officer.

Below are Farid and Diana faking military honours they did not deserve.


What it means to be military

Captain (Rtd) Hussaini Abdul Karim explains the oath that they take, which goes something like:

“I solemnly swear that I will support and defend the country and the Constitution of Malaysia, the King and country, against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter.”

He adds that the “oath of allegiance is accompanied by a full-length photo and fingerprints of all ten fingers of the officer and not just the thumbprint as is done in other oath or agreement documents”.

You don’t just sign on the dotted line to join the army. You give all 10 of your fingers to be fingerprinted for the oath. It’s a deadly serious commitment. You must be willing to lay down your life for your country.

Capt. (Rtd) Hussaini says that folks in other countries “respect and honour dearly people in the military and their rights”.

Unfortunately, over here in Malaysia, some VIPs and some showbiz celebrities senang aje nak ambil hak orang.

Military funerals is a pathos for the widows and orphans of slain soldiers.

Soldiers conscripted for the MH17 ceremony, and carrying three urns of ashes

Honour for soldiers who died defending the nation

Letter to the Press

By Captain (Rtd) Hussaini Abdul Karim

Dear Sir,

It was the first time in Malaysia that civilians were accorded full military honours.

In any country, “Honouring Those Who Served” is the essence or the only reason when providing dignified military funeral honours to the dead. Military funeral honours are normally accorded to citizens, normally soldiers, who died defending the nation.

In the case of the victims of MAS Flight MH17, shot in Ukraine air space more than a month ago, were they heroes and did they all die defending our country?

It was an unfortunate tragedy that had befallen them and we are all very sad and it is the duty and responsibility of the country to bring the remains of all the victims home and give each of them a decent funeral according to the rituals of their respective religions.

The victims were definitely not heroes and they do not deserve full military honours for their funeral.

If the Defence Ministry had wanted to conduct a funeral with full military honours, they should have done so for the funeral of all the policemen and soldiers who were killed by Sulu rebels in the Lahad Datu incident last year, for example. They all died defending the country.

We saw how The Netherlands handled the matter but they did not do it with full military honours. Yes, we must show respect to the Malaysian victims and try to be better than the Dutch but it is definitely not right to overdo things.

Malaysia could do something similar to what the Dutch have done but definitely not to conduct a show that over do what the Dutch did. Who are we trying to impress?

I know that the military didn’t have the equipment, for example, the 20 ‘Van Jenazah’ for the occasion and they conducted a rush and ‘hush-hush’ exercise to procure the vans and got them within a very short time and I believe all ministries involved were told to give the event the highest priority and spend as they needed to make sure that the event is a success.

Were the millions spent on the event justified?

Was it right to give the event top priority when the country has other more important matters to deal with?


Shah Alam, Selangor

tugu negara


Retired Captain Hussaini said “it is definitely not right to overdo things”.

The MH17 ceremony the other day is reminiscent of all the “I ♥ PM” extravaganzas cooked up by Najib’s billion-ringgit consultancy.

They disrespect protocol, they disrepect boundaries and everything is up for grabs – even a dead hero’s burial ceremony.

It’s not just First Admiral (Rtd) Imran Abdul Hamid and Captain (Rtd) Hussaini Abdul Karim who believe that the military honours accorded to MH17 victims were not proper.

Here another opinion by blogger Din Turtle in the Malay heartland of Terengganu:

“Dengan raptai bagai, dengan segala permainan emosi melalui cerita dan visual keluarga mangsa, radio pulak suruh driver berhenti tepi jalan untuk bertafakur seminit bla bla bla  …. semua tu buat saya jadi menyampah pulak! Jangan salah faham. Bukan menyampah kepada apa yang berkaitan dengan MH17 tapi menyampah dengan pemimpin2 yang menyalahgunakan insiden itu atas nama Perpaduan.”


ABOVE: Hisham wearing his honorary pingats. It is too much to hope, I guess, that we can get men with some real military experience to become our Defence Ministers

So now the schedule is like this

Aug 29: Postpone the return of the remains of eight more MH17 victims

Aug 31: We have our show of solidarity and Hari Kebangsaan national unity

Sept 2: The remains of the earlier delayed MH17 victims are returned. We have a replay of the tableau we witnessed the other day. Najib wants the occasion to be one marking solidarity and national unity nonetheless. After all that rah-rah Merdeka celebration, we quickly switch to sorrowful mode.

Read also, ‘Is postponement of next batch MH17 victims’ return due to Merdeka celebrations?

(1,024 words)

Errata: It was earlier incorrectly stated that Hisham is “in military uniform” / pakai “pangkat”. This description has been redacted – updated 11.15am


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15 thoughts on “36 hours after we have our Merdeka fireworks, cry again

  1. Sdri HA, it would appear that the Navy and Army guys have point there. We who are unaware of military traditions and protocol should refer the relevant parties before adopting any of it.

    As for the wedding do, it appears that military and police masquerading is no longer an offence, or is it? Din Turtle merely state the military guys views in layman’s terms.

    1. re: “As for the wedding do, it appears that military and police masquerading is no longer an offence, or is it?”

      It is, apparently. Pls read the Astro Gempak link embedded in the article above.

      You can also Google ‘Farid Kamil’ and kahwin + tentera on the outcome of the controversy.

      1. but sadly to say, those urban young people second the government move to give full military honour to the deceased victims of MH17. this is what happened when the government itself does not respect the law that they made. it will become a precedent should (god forbids) a similar air tragedy occurs.

        by the way, do you see any high ranking army personnel defend the government move to give full military honour? I don’t think so cause they know it is wrong to do so.

        only saya yang menurut perintah force them to neglect half heartedly. to borrow the air asia tagline ‘now everyone can marry with cross swords!’

        1. re: “but sad to say, those urban young people second the government move to give full military honour to the deceased victims of MH17”

          They are the hashtag selfie generation. They wanna let it all hang out, carpe diem live for the moment and they emote with Mr Smileys coupled with 140-characters. They lack decorum and self-restraint and respect no boundaries.


          re: “this is what happened when the government itself does not respect the law that they made. it will become a precedent should (god forbids) a similar air tragedy occurs”

          This is a fundamental flaw with the Najib administration. The PM bends the ‘rules’ too much, asalkan dia dapat populariti murahan. He doesn’t realise that his actions are chipping away at the foundations of the state, if you can bend this (protocol) today, then what’s to stop anyone from breaking that (protocol) tomorrow.

          Did any one the five previous prime ministers coin a Chinese nickname for himself? Can you imagine his father Tun Razak adopting a Chinese moniker just for popularity’s sake?

          re: “by the way, do you see any high ranking army personnel defend the government move to give full military honour? I don’t think so cause they know it is wrong to do so.”

          I’m sure there is unhappiness but the army top brass (not being politicians) rarely speak to the media. Capt. Hussaini and First Admiral Imran have the luxury of making their views public because they’re already retired.

          re: “only saya yang menurut perintah force them to neglect half heartedly”

          Najib asyik aje sakitkan hati orang Melayu.

  2. Sedih memang terlalu amat sedih. Mengapakah pemimpin pemimpin negara begitu blur dan tidak berhati perut menggunakan istiadat keramah perwira negara yang berjasa kepada negara kepada warga biasa.

    Istiadat keramah yang dianugerah kepada pahlawan pahlawan yang gugur mempertahankan negara sepatutnya tidak dicemari dengan sesuatu apa pun! Ini menjatuhkan maruah dan nilai anugerah tersebut!

    Perbuatan Farid Kamil melangsungkan perkahwinan ala istiadat perkahwinan ketenteraan pada saya masih boleh dimaafkan. Mungkin mereka yang terlibat tidak faham !

    Tetapi kalau dilakukan oleh pemimpin pemimpin negara dan kemudian membanggakan penghoramatan itu, ini sudah amat keterlaluan!

    Saya juga tidak faham mengapa pihak tentera tidak mengambil tindakan undang undang terhadap Farid Kamil. Melangsungkan perkahwinan ala tentera satu hal. Tetapi yang paling menghina, memakai pakaian tentera, siap dengan ‘paku’ (bintang) pangkat ketenteraan sedangkan dia tidak layak berbuat begitu!

    Sedangkan pakaian dan ‘paku’ pangkat tentera adalah sesuatu yang ‘karamah’ , mempunyai sesuatu makna yang khusus serta lambang perjuangan mereka membela negara .

    Tugas tentera/polis ini amat murni untuk difahami dan dihayati oleh mereka yang tidak berfikir!

    Sekiranya pihak tentera mengambil tindakan undang undang terhadap Farid Kamil, In Shaa Allah perkara yang sekelas dengannya tidak akan berlaku!

    Saya harap pihak tentera/polis walaupun tidak mengambil tindakan undang undang terhadap ‘master mind’ istiadat penghormatan jenazah MH17, tapi amat penting dihantar surat BANTAHAN kepada penganjurnya dan salinannya terus kepada Menteri Pertahanan dan PM

    Pastikan perkara yang sama TIDAK BERLAKU lagi, bukan sahaja yang berkaitan tentera/polis tetapi semua upacara yang dianggap KERAMAH baik dari segi agama, bangsa, budaya, malah kerjaya juga!

    1. Saudari Norlin’

      Mungkin kot!, Malaysia berangapan mereka-mereka yang terkorban di dalam kemalangan MH 17 sebagai wira Negara kerana dengan itu, Malaysia telah lebih dikenali di seluroh dunia.

      Buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali.

  3. Got your point now, on why you blog against full military honours for the MH17 victims. It’s about them being not deserving since they didn’t die defending the country. They were instead just going holidaying or going or coming back due to work or taking a bus ride to some other places. What were they defending?

    So, it’s an overkill to impress CNN and the whole world, that Malaysians can do better than the Dutch. Anyone flying MAS and die in the aeroplane will be accorded full military honours which includes those onboard MH370 if the plane is found?

    Isn’t it demoralizing to all the families of uniformed personnel when watching such honours being given to civilians when their own husbands, fathers or sons died defending the country and not given the same honours, media coverage and grandeur?

    Now the bigger question is why didn’t the King and PAT and all the various chiefs of the Armed Forces and PDRM object to such a spectacle and instead were attending and saluting the victims in full military regalia.

    Why didn’t they object and uphold the sanctity of the military traditions? Are they all subjected to the powers of the ruling party BN or are they playing politics too?

    The final question to HA and the retired Admiral who looks like a Taliban and whom wants to score some glamor out of this.

    Who says it was Full military funeral honours?

    There’s no gun carriage, no cannon shots, no rifles shot nor a military band and military procession accompanying those victims. Instead it was just some poor police outriders poor foot soldiers riding behind in some trucks.

    Partial yes, but definitely not full.

    Go get a life!

    1. My uncle died in Gopeng, Perak on 5th April 1980 in a communist ambush with two slugs to the chest.

      Guess what? No gun carriage procession, no cannon shot, no 21 gun salute nor a military band playing. All he had was a bunch of military brass & his comrades from the Ranger Regiment bidding their fallen brother farewell.

      Only a lone bugler playing the mournful Last Post before interment. Oh, there was a Malaysian flag draped on his casket too. No poor police outriders but yeah, lots of poor soldiers on trucks braving the discomfort to honor their fallen comrade.

      So tell me, was it full military honor or otherwise? Or was it partial honor? If it is partial, what percentage was it?

      In fact, 3 Sarawak Rangers from 4th Royal Rangers died that day. It didn’t even make the headlines.

      Why don’t you get a life instead of bitching about all & sundry here?

  4. Srry, but jibby is using the funerals to shore up his PR, the normal Malays dont know what is a full military honours…BN and DAP are now good at using dead bodies for popularity contest.

  5. I thought we cried every day since Malaysia is beset with tragedies (political-related included) every day.

    1. I cry because our PM is missing. We need an excavator to dig him out from under the pile of con-sultants.

  6. Dear Helen,

    Just to correct you, the uniform that DS Hishamudin wear (above picture) is not a military dress (although military have the same type of dress). It is a No.1 dress for Civil service, Member of the administration (minister) and Member of Parliament.

    The epaulette wear represent those categories and also the state they represent (if they were member of DUN). Those pingats wear by him is the medals awarded to him by various Sultan.

  7. you know when I saw the preps to receive the first of the MH17 victims, I did think that it would create some complaints from the military/ police quarters.

    I spoke to my dad about it and he said ‘I don’t think this whole ceremony would be conducted at this level/ given this much publicity, but it seems like the gomen malu because the Dutch showed them up .

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