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What Perkasa thinks about Najib

One year ago this month, Perkasa Youth chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris called on Najib Razak to resign for our PM’s abysmal failure to govern – see screenshot below.

Irwan recalls in his blog on Tuesday that he and the Perkasa central leadership numbering 10 persons provided their feedback to the PM in a closed door session immediately following GE13.

They pointed out that not only had Najib failed to persuade the Chinese to vote BN but the fact is that the voter turnout among the Chinese community was the highest at 87 percent, out of which only a mere 5 percent of Chinese support went to the ruling party (according to Perkasa’s analysis).


Najib making only the DAP happy

According to Irwan, the Najib administration has “already pawned a lot” (of the national security safeguards, for example ISA). And the PM still keeps on making decisions which do not profit the majority (race) whom voted for the BN.

Has Dato Seri Najib not learned from his mistake of abolishing the ISA, asked Irwan in relation to how the Sedition Act is at present similarly facing the axe. As a result of the ISA’s removal, many today have been emboldened to insult religion (of Islam) and the rulers, the Perkasa Youth chief added.

Irwan feels that by doing away with the Sedition Act, there is nothing left to stop the agitators from continually inciting the public. He believes that repealing the Sedition Act is an unwise decision which will be detrimental to the Malays and the Muslims.

Hannah Yeoh on Twitter- Sedition Act

“Bangsa saya sedang menuju kehancuran disebabkan kelemahan pemimpin”

“Mantan Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir pun telah menempelak kepimpinan Dato Seri Najib secara terbuka dalam blognya. Apakah Tun Dr Mahathir tidak betul?,” wrote Irwan.

“Mungkin saya ini kurang arif dalam pentadbiran Negara tetapi saya juga sayangkan bangsa saya. Bangsa saya yang sedang menuju kehancuran disebabkan kelemahan pemimpin yang tidak boleh memimpin. Saya bersama kepimpinan Wira Perkasa Malaysia sudah merasakan sampai ke penghujungnya setiap keputusan masih lagi merugikan orang orang Islam dan Melayu.”

“Rakyat sudah jelak dan sudah tidak tahan lagi kerana pemimpin yang mereka amanahkan sudah tidak amanah lagi.” – Irwan Fahmi Ideris


Najib not cut out to confront streetfighters who use knuckle dusters

In her recent article titled ‘Dr Mahathir on the attack‘ (J-Star, 24 Aug 2014), Joceline Tan wrote:

“His peers in politics say that Najib’s strength and weakness is that he is a ‘nice guy’. He comes from an upper crust background, he went to boarding school in England and those who work with him say that he is never rude even when angry. He is basically a well brought boy who became a polished gentleman.

“Najib’s misfortune is that the current political landscape is dominated by loud and confrontational street-fighters. As such, the gentlemen types are bound to come across as somewhat soft and laidback.”

Najib’s virtue of being a gentleman is at the same time the Achilles Heel for Umno. This is primarily because his opponents are, as Joceline Tan says, the “loud and confrontational street-fighters” who yet dare to point their finger at other people as “low class”, “racist” and “wicked”.

BELOW: The bajungu are Guan Eng’s purple shirts


Irwan’s lament recalls Dr M description of 1969

Tunku Abdul Rahman was unpopular among the Malays in 1969 because he was seen as overly pandering to the Chinese.

MALAY DILEMMAThe mockery, scorn and insults hurled at the Malays today are reminiscent of the outpouring that preceded the month of May that year.

In 1969, Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the Young Turk who wrote the ‘scandalous’ letter against Tunku. Likewise Irwan’s present-day call for the resignation of the PM is equally scandalous.

Let’s examine how Dr M described that fateful year. According to The Malay Dilemma (Marshall Cavendish edition, reprinted 2009),  Tunku’s government “was apparently oblivious to what went on around it”.

Sounds like the Najib gomen too.

Tun continues in The Malay Dilemma, “Secure in its absolute majority in Parliament, it was openly contemptuous of criticism. Policies were made which completely ignored public opinion”.



ABOVE: Minister of Youth and Minister of Defence

Menteri-menteri yang syok sendiri

Tun also wrote in The Malay Dilemma that “independent Malaya chose to treat membership of the Cabinet as a reward for loyalty to party chiefs and acceptability to the Prime Minister. […] The result was that mediocre men were left to run the country”.

Sounds like the Najib gomen too.

“The people became cynical and respect for the Ministers was minimal. This feeling did not merely pervade those who were opposed to the Government but also those who supported the Government,” Tun had written of the 1969 period.

Yup, look at Najib’s two most favourite Ministers above.


Dr M said Tunku’s party had “lackadaisical attitudes”

The Alliance’s “lackadaisical attitudes” mentioned by Tun sounds a lot like my complaint about the Parti Paling Tidak Apa.

Recounting the 10 May 1969 general election, Tun wrote in The Malay Dilemma: “Until just before and during election, the Ministers were kept busy handing out cheques. The recipients of this largesse made a great show of gratitude, but it was apparent to those who cared to observe that their sympathy was not automatically with the Government”.

Sounds like the 5 May 2013 general election.

According to Tun (The Malay Dilemma): “The Chinese demands [in 1969] increased as the Government concessions whetted their appetite. At first, the Chinese moderates thought that the demands of the chauvinists were useful to keep the Malays in check, but soon the moderates became victims of their own strategy.”

Sounds like the fate of the MCA.

Summing up “what went wrong” in 1969, Tun wrote: “… the Government, glorying in its massive strength, became contemptuous of criticisms directed at it either by the opposition or by its own supporters. The gulf between the Government and the people widened so that the Government was no longer able to feel the pulse of the people or interpret it correctly”.

BELOW: Pity Najib if he is conned into believing the ‘I love PM’ banners


Half a lifetime and coming a full circle

Is it very smart of Najib Razak to keep around him a whole gravy train of con-sultants who feed him with sugar cubes?

The Doctor felt the pulse of the people and interpreted it correctly in 1969. And he wrote that open letter addressed to Tunku 45 years ago.

Today Dr Mahathir is touching 90. Once again, the always-a-physician is reading the mood of the people and interpreting it correctly. And hence his open criticism (‘Menegur’) in his blog posting directed at Najib.

Najib Razak is indeed being surrounded and insulated by a wall of self-serving sycophants, exactly like Dr M alludes to in his King Canute and Naked Emperor analogies.

Najib is also detached from the Malay ground and divorced from the Umno grassroots. These are the BN core supporters.

True, Najib is unassailable in Umno due to the strong patronage network and in government too due to his people filling the key positions. But while Najib can’t be shaken from his perch in the Umno hierarchy and likewise his premiership is similarly secure from internal challenge, the position of the BN on the electoral landscape is however not so.

The Perkasa people had a meeting with Najib but it was like talking to a brick wall.

The Isma people had a meeting with Najib but it was like talking to a brick wall.

Even though Tun is some 30 years older than Najib, he has much better hearing than the PM. Najib does not have ears to listen and so he is going to remain in his world of disconnect. And Malaysia shall pay the consequences.

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26 thoughts on “What Perkasa thinks about Najib

  1. Love the KJ/Hisham laughing photo.

    Caption: KJ: See I told you i can open my mouth and laugh.

    Hisham: No doubt but I can laugh louder with a bigger mouth than you are!

    KJ: Do u think anyone notice ha! ha!

    Hisham: HA! HA ! HA! Helen will notice! HA! HA! HA! and hi! hi! hi!

    ‘Bangsa saya yang sedang menuju kehancuran disebabkan kelemahan pemimpin yang tidak boleh memimpin’ … tambah sikit..

    dan bangsa saya perlu ‘BERUBAH’ untuk menjadi lebih Bijaksana dan KUAT supaya tanpa ISA dan PEMIMPIN YANG KUAT mereka masih menghormati kita!

    Current Situation: Naa.. Bangsa Melayu lemah masih memerlukan Tongkat. Ekonomi Melayu masih EKOR TAK DE MONYI. Rumah terlalu mahal Melayu jugak susah kerana Melayu tak nak berubah sedangan kan Cina no issue sebab Ekonomi mereka EKOR ADA MONY. There are pro and cons.

  2. Who cares what ISMA or PERKASA thinks. They are just additional mouthpieces of Mamakutty who retired long time ago and now wearing adult pampers. Buku Malay Dilema sebenarnya cerita Dilema Mamakutty and should be retitled The Mamak Dilema. Pandai tumpang nama Melayu untuk cita-cita politik sendiri sahaja.

    Nobody votes for them also. Do you see any PERKASA or ISMA MPs or ADUNs? Zero.

    When talking politics, refer to politicians and political parties. Whether BN or PR.

    When talking religion, refer to Tuanku, Majlis Raja-raja, Mufti, MAIS, JAKIM, Menteri Agama and all the various State Exco Agama and religious departments.

    When talking about laws, refer to Parliament, Civil and Syariah Courts and DUN Negeri masing-masing.

    ISMA and PERKASA are irrelevant in the whole political scenario. Jangan buat muka tebal ramai yang sokong NGO haprak ni. Tak sedar diri, ke?

    Semua kaki tumpang , cari makan only.

    Go get a life, la.

    1. re: “When talking religion, refer to Tuanku, Majlis Raja-raja, Mufti, MAIS, JAKIM, Menteri Agama and all the various State Exco Agama and religious departments.”

      Tuanku Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has warned several times already that the mosque must not be abused to gain political capital and that it is a place FOR MUSLIMS to eratkan talian silaturrahim.

      MAIS has also issued circulars that political ceramah and politicking activities are not to be conducted in the mosques as well as issued a warning to DAP evangelista MP Teo Nie Ching.

      JAKIM in preparing the Friday khutbah has warned against the munafik Yahudi dan Kristian. The Muftis have also sounded alarm bells over kegiatan dakwah evangelis untuk memurtadkan orang Islam.

      As we can see now in the Menteri Besar saga, DAP is going against the Sultan. Similarly DAP has gone against the Sultan’s caution against misusing the mosque. Madame Speaker made her appearance in a surau even after baginda sultan bertitah. Tak serik-serik mereka.

      And the DAP apparatchiks have been attacking Jakim for highlighting only what is in the Quran where there are many verses warning against the munafik Yahudi dan Kristian.

    2. What a bloody racist. Mamakutty here and there. Did a Mamakutty rape your sister? Aunt? Grandma? Must be some kind of traumatic experience, no? Would you like Malaysians to start calling you Cinabeng? Cinakui?

  3. “kalau saya tak sokong najib, sapa nak sokong dia”.

    itulah lebih kurang kata-kata tun dr mahathir tidak lama dahulu.

    sekarang sokongan telah ditarik balik, teguran terbuka telah dibuat.

    najib tidak perlukan sokongan tun mahathir.

    najib lebih percayakan kata-kata konsultannya.

    najib lebih yakin dengan penasihatnya.

    najib cukup gembira dengan menteri-menteri pilihannya.

    nak buang najib kena jatuhkan umno.

    pembangkang ambil kesempatan di situ.

    najib terus begitu……

  4. When we go about can feel the pre’69 air seeping in – very polluted la sekarang.

    A new shop just opened as I was interested in the product displayed I stepped into the shop. One Amoy was there, and instead of like the Japanese greeting customers with a big smile and loud “ohaiyo go zaimasu” this girl disappeared!

    Out came a sweet Dyana type Malay awek cun rushing out to greet me. As the awek bla bla politely from A to Z about their product, I noticed the Amoy stealing ‘Guan Eng look kind’ anxious glances towards our direction.

    Just about to step out of the door, heard the Amoy excitedly asking the awek cun, “lia worder apa punya molel?” hahaha

    Dia takut dgn customer Melayu ke or cannot communicate in Bahasa Kebangsaan or English ke or a foreign Cina or Pati ke.. or trying to snub a Malay customer ke.. Really amused me. That was exactly their kind of behaviour those days before 1969.

    The only difference today, they adopt the manipulative skills of DAP, the use of Awek Cun.

    Pasai Amoy’s behaviour appeared too DAPish I told myself takyah le beli sini. My area 98% of customers are Malay UMNO. Buat perangai sama guarantee within 6mths tutup le business dia!

    BTW I surfed online. For same product can get RM300 cheaper elsewhere.. Depa ingat sekarang senang nak kelentong harga macam our elders dok kena dulu, betul tak Dandy?

    1. True. I have been noticing the same things since PRU13. Both ways. Some of my Malay friends refuse to step into Chinese shops. Which is just as well — I don’t like the treatment we get at some Chinese shops these days. Their loss.

  5. Najib is a good man. I like his economic policies. They are working. I know many people are dissatisfied with Najib’s economic policies but give them time. It will work out just fine.

    On the political front, Najib is indeed found wanting. He’s too soft to his enemies, rivals.

    He needs to get tough, be firm. There is only one way to deal with those loud street fighter types. Force. Learn from Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Learn from the PAP in Singapore. They don’t mess around when dealing with their opponents. The hammer is used to beat up anyone who’s up to no good. Najib needs to emulate these leaders.

    If all else fails, we’re looking at the United Muslim National Organization taking over from the United Malay National Organization. Cheers!

  6. You should see this from Liew Chin Tong. Tun’s teguran WORKS!

    Charging Rayer for what he said within the State Assembly is bordering on madness.

    Charging Rafizi, Surenden and others at this juncture? Why?

    Let us establish the basis that everything in this country is politically motivated.

    Let us then ask why now?

    I think the answer is Dr. Mahathir.

    Dr. Mahathir’s latest criticism ala “withdrawal of support for Najib” means anyone can now criticise the Najib government.

    To stop people from doing so, the Najib government is trying to show that people who dissent would not get away. By charging opposition figures, the purpose is to silent internal critics.

  7. Kak Helen

    Remember your posting on the riots in Singapore. Well it is contagious. These people better be kind to their workers!

    “KAJANG: Four workers allegedly set a restaurant ablaze because the owner owed them salaries.

    OCPD Asst Comm Ab Rashid Ab Wahab said the employer received a call from a friend alerting him of the fire before rushing to the outlet in Jalan Reko, here, on Tuesday morning.

    “He was told by witnesses there that four men, believed to be his workers, had loaded tables, chairs and kitchen ware onto a lorry before the restaurant went up in flames,” he said.”

    ” The riot came in the wake of an incident at another JCY branch at the Tebrau IV industrial area near Johor Baru last Thursday.

    There, some 1,500 workers, apparently unhappy over the company’s handling of a worker’s welfare, threw pieces of metal and other items from their four-storey hostel, besides overturning a parked van.”

    Oh BTW. The burnt restaurant is in Kajang. Why hasn’t the FAN DOCTOR visited the site?

    1. In Vietnam too.

      The local workers rioted and Chinese (China, Taiwan, Singapore) companies were targetted.

      1. In Vietnam, it was over a territorial dispute while the incident in Kulai concerns the welfare of foreign workers. The only thing both have in common is that the employers are Chinese.

        Let’s not drag the other Chinese (China, Taiwan, Singapore) into this. They have nothing to do with the riots in Kulai.

        I have contacts with the Chinese from China, Taiwan, Singapore and they treat their employees differently than the way Malaysian Chinese treat their workers and I m going to say that the China Chinese, Taiwanese and Singaporeans are much more respectful toward their employees compared with our Chinese.

        1. re: “over a territorial dispute”

          If there wasn’t employee disgruntlement to begin with, the riots would not have happened.

          Protests against China could have (alternatively) taken the form of demos, e.g. in Malaysia, it would be like the anti-Israel rallies outside the American embassy and street marches. Whereas in Vietnam, it was specifically Chinese companies were targetted.

          Secondly, the territorial dispute was between Vietnam and China. However, Taiwan and Singapore factories were attacked and ransacked.

          Vietnam does not have territorial dispute with Taiwan or Singapore over the Paracel islands. Yet the Taiwanese- and Singaporean-owned businesses were affected by the riots. It was clearly anti-Chinese sentiments, and not just anti-China feelings alone.

          1. Oh come on, Vietnam is a one party state. Are you that dumb or what ? Without the approval of the Vietnamese government, would the mobs struck those Chinese businesses ?

            As for Taiwanese and Singaporean factories attacked and ransacked, you actually think the Vietnamese could distinguished the difference between the Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans ? Mind you, their factories carry Chinese language signs. With that, of course the mobs attacked and had a field day. When the mob is in a frenzy, they are not going to give 2 hoots about anything. Anything that resembles their intended target is fair game.

            You need to calm down a bit. Is it any wonder a certain blogger is taunting you ? Your tendency to equate almost anything that has happened to the Chinese with what the Chinese do is really starting to get out of hand.

            1. re: “Without the approval of the Vietnamese government, would the mobs have struck those Chinese businesses?”

              If the anti-Chinese sentiments were not there in the first place, would the mobs have struck those Chinese businesses whether there is government “approval” (your word, which we can take to mean “close one eye”) or not?

              Take the ‘mob’ that struck the McDonald’s in Dungun. Are you saying that the Malaysian government tacitly gave its “approval” to the protesters? Or were the protesters motivated instead by their anti-Israel/anti-Jew or anti-American sentiments?

              re: “As for Taiwanese and Singaporean factories attacked and ransacked, you actually think the Vietnamese could distinguished the difference between the Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans?”

              Don’t you think that your statement lends more support to my point rather than yours? If the Vietnamese government had had a hand in the riots as you imply, then the Taiwan and Singapore factories would have been spared. After all, Hanoi has no quarrel with Taipei or Singapore.

              Does it make sense for the Vietnamese government to “approve” rioters destroying Taiwan and Singapore factories, hurt business and drive away FDI?

              re: “Mind you, their factories carry Chinese language signs. With that, of course the mobs attacked and had a field day. When the mob is in a frenzy, they are not going to give 2 hoots about anything. Anything that resembles their intended target is fair game.”

              So we go back to the crux of the issue. You say the attacking mob was in a frenzy. Is their frenzy driven more by anti-Beijing sentiments or anti-Chinese sentiments?

              It could be both and overlapping. The fact that Taiwan and Singapore businesses were attacked, whose countries are not in dispute with Vietnam over the Paracel islands, indicate a broad anti-Chinese sentiment.

              re: “You need to calm down a bit.”

              Oh really? I’m not the one screaming “you racist!”, “you religious bigot, you!”

              re: “Is it any wonder a certain blogger is taunting you?”

              Only one certain blogger? The Tun has got more than one blogger hurling insults and heaping curses on his head. Calling Dr M names and taunting his forefathers and his sons does not counter the arguments made by the Tun. Such bloggers should endeavour to raise their standards.

              re: “Your tendency to equate almost anything that has happened to the Chinese with what the Chinese do is really starting to get out of hand.”

              It is called Newton’s Third Law of Motion. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Others call it Cause & Effect. Or even karma, if you will.

    2. Foreign workers went berserk at a factory making computer parts in Johor today, too. Apparently over cut pay and unpaid overtime. Chinese masters have been having it easy from their local coolies all this while. Good to see the 40,000 Banglas have suddenly decided to make their presence felt.

  8. 1260 words! Impian anda untuk ‘berihat’ seperti belum terjangkau..

    Letih dengan PM Najib ini.. apa yang perkasa fikirkan itu tidak penting. Kekadang terfikir juga samada PM Najib menyedari akan ketidak puasan hati majoriti pengundi beliau.

    PM Najib bernasib baik kerana PAS sekarang ini lebih lembik dari UMNO.. Sekiranya PAS boleh membuktikan pengaruh mereka dalam PR adalah se ‘hebat’ pengaruh UMNO dalam BN, keadaan akan pasti berubah.. Beliau kena memahami pengundi dan penyokong adalah dua entiti berbeza.

    1. re: “1260 words! Impian anda untuk ‘berihat’ seperti belum terjangkau..”

      Hahaha :D

      I once tried the 140-character limit (Twitter length) or roughly two-and-a-half sentences here in my blog for about a fortnight, do you still remember? Very tough.

      I saw Charles Santiago (DAP Klang MP) make dozens of consecutive tweets just to convey what he had to say on a single issue.

  9. Kilang di Penang tutup fan girl DAP salahkan BN.


    Rebecca Gates guan eng it is an investment and logistic matter nothing to do with dap not your fault….SALAH BN
    Like · Reply · 26 August at 16:07

    Lucky ada orang defend BN.

    SquareMean Burhan Huh.. I’m not blaming DAP.. but how the hell was it BN’s fault? How convenient…
    Like · Reply · 26 August at 16:57

    1. re: everything blame BN

      Shudder, shudder at Penangites’ motto (“anything osso is Umno’s fault”). Like that how to be neighbours with the rest of Malay-speaking Malaysians?

      Btw, the Facebooker “Rebecca Gates” is credited to Saint Xavier’s.

      1. You will notice she is a fictitious person. No pictures what so ever of a personal nature. This must be a Red Bean. And yes lots of Tau Sar Pau at St Xaviers.

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