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Pre-Merdeka fireworks

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysian police have arrested 42 men after a riot by up to 1,000 mostly Nepalese workers sparked fires and destroyed parts of an electronics export factory, highlighting accusations of poor conditions for many of the estimated four million foreign workers in the South-east Asian country.

Photo credit: ANN
JCY factory torched by angry foreign workers (photo credit: ANN)

The riot broke out in the southern industrial hub of Johor state on Tuesday at a factory run by JCY International, a Malaysian firm that makes parts for electronic giants including Samsung, Hitachi and Western Digital.

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JCY bosses


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9 thoughts on “Pre-Merdeka fireworks

  1. Why only 42 arrested if 1,000 were rioting? In Malaysia there are legal ways to raise and seek redress for employment issues. Strong action needs to be taken to address this violence.

    1. The Kulai riot apparently occurred on Tuesday.

      Compare the Malaysian time lag with the instantaneous response by Singapore authorities.

      The Little India riot in Singapore on 8 Dec 2013 immediately hit the news big time by about midnight.

      Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean gave a press conference to the international media a little past 2am on Dec 9 while the PM Lee Hsien Loong issued a statement over his Facebook at around 3 in the morning.

      The Nepalese riot in Kulai Johor, on the other hand, is only now seeping into the news.

  2. Kenapa muka the direktor ditonjolkan di sini sikap bermuka-muka yang membawa padah nama Negara Malaysia tercemar yang perusuh kena tangkap let’s the police handle with, what about yang bermuka-muka ni mungkin ada tangan gharib ngak pulak terlepas in business semua nya legal dan legalize belaka tak gitu they’ll count for loses after all where are all industrial dispute court do will they campur tangan

    1. mana boleh tangkap semua sekali. ramai sangat. nak sumbat kat mana? Satu johor punya lokap polis pun tak muat nanti. tangkap ringleaders cukuplah. logistic la issue bro!

      BTW, your headline is ominous lah Helen… fireworks could also mean fiery riots!

      1. Not really that ominous.

        (1) fiery … there were several fires or different parts of building(s) were ablaze, it looks like from the news photos.

        (2) riots … reportedly but details are still scanty. Wish the Malaysian gomen was as on the ball as the S’pore gomen in dealing with the info dissemination.

        (3) pre-Merdeka … that’s only one day being referred, i.e. Aug 30th. Don’t reckon anything drastic will erupt in the next 24 hours.

        The photo looks like fireworks. Reminds of the Sungai Buloh Bright Sparklers factory explosion. See,

        1. Actually, what I mean is, the multiple-tension we have having now could erupt into fiery riots anytime. It just needs a small spark. So, your article title, foremost, evoked in my mind, an ominous feeling of an impending fiery riot. But then I realized I was a bit slow to recall that the country always celebrates merdeka with fireworks display, the real fireworks!

  3. I smell subtle message by Helen. Can’t we see that all except one are Chinese? Yeah yeah, we are marginalized.

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