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Future of our country: Isma will take over from Umno

Some months back, I wrote that Isma is smarter and savvier than Umno. Today I will amend my statement – I now say that Isma is MUCH smarter and MUCH savvier than Umno.

I had also written that Isma is more efficient and effective. Umno does not have half of Isma’s initiative or even a quarter of Isma’s commitment and dedication to the cause.

The leadership of Umno today, particularly their Gen Y, is all about “what’s in it for me”. Khairy Jamaluddin for instance demands “important posts in government-linked companies” for his boys.

Refer below, ‘Umno Youth wants GLC posts‘ (Bernama, 17 Aug 2014)

BERNAMA - Umno Youth Wants GLC Posts

Very seriously: Who has the Malay heart and mind today?

Umno Youth members suck up to KJ because they want projects and other perks.

With Isma on the other hand, it is not about what the organization can do for its members but the other way around. Isma’s youth wing members are instead the ones making financial contributions from their own pocket to keep the NGO funded and running.

So now why do I say that Isma is increasingly capturing hearts and minds?

Well, for one, because Umno Youth is led by a Dapster Khairy.

BELOW: Tweet by Khairy’s press secretary Regina Lee about KBS the Youth Ministry’s “pretty awesome projects”

Twitter - reginalah- Loads of meetings awesome

It’s not Umno who is doing the work

Okay, maybe the makcik-makcik selendang merah do roll up their sleeves membanting tulang empat kerat.

But for their stupendous efforts, Wanita Umno is only rewarded with a single measly Cabinet post.

In the main, however, it is Isma that is doing the heavy lifting. On issues of Malay interests. On issues of Islam. It is Isma that is fighting in the trenches defending the faith.

Isma’s political nous and gravitas

And Isma is usually prompt in their response to controversies and on the ball.

Thus you see Isma taking up the cudgels against Comango, against the recycled Bersih 3.0 (now calling themselves “Negara Ku”), against the slandering and conniving English-language alternative media, against the Christian extremists and against the DAP chauvinists.

Does Umno Youth do any of the above? An emphatic nyet.

So what is Umno Youth doing, pray tell?

They are taking the ice bucket challenge along with J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai since it is the ‘in’ thing to do.

They’re snapping selfies.

Vying for the celebrity Shout! Award. Strutting the catwalk and modelling for the covers of magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Maskulin.

One super ‘smart’ Umno Youth chieftain went to the extent of trying to poach Dyana Sofya from the DAP.

And the Big Chief hired himself a Dapster to work as his press secretary – a decision which he fully defends in the face of widespread criticism. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Umno Youth is led by Dapster Khairy.


Mengadap – KJ, thank you, thank you – semua sembah

Umno Youth do not feel that they owe the Malay voters anything for their young leaders’ present elevated station in life.

Pada hemat mereka, ia ahli-ahli Melayu sebaliknya yang patut bersyukur kepada mana-mana pemimpin Umno berpendidikan Oxford / Barat itu.

The sense of entitlement felt by the Umno Youth present echelon makes as if it is the ordinary Malays who owe it to their Umno liege lords.

That’s why the number plate of Khairy’s SUV is ” KJ 10 Q ” (KJ, thank you) — see snapshot of his campaign convoy below.

KJ's convoy -- see his SUV number plate

Behold the face of Umno Baru

Isma people – from their ustaz frontliners to their young activists – possess a clear ideology. On the contrary, I’m not sure how many Umno Youth know the difference between fisabilillah and Ibdilillah, who Umno’s new media bureau chief.

You can see Ibdilillah’s photos below.

In the first, the Khairy konco is in a Superman suit.

In the second, he is being measured for a suit.

In the third ... shrug … entah lah. Iklan “Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan”, kot?




A force to be reckoned with

The remarkable thing about Isma is the breadth and depth of their talent pool. They have outstanding spokesmen at almost every level.

Compare with Perkasa, whose leading lights known to the public are limited to its president Ibrahim Ali and sec-gen Syed Hassan. Other Perkasa fellas though fail to catch the media limelight.

Whereas with Isma, the press will pick up even what the lieutenants have to say on current issues despite that the NGO’s most famous personality is its president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman.

The Isma deputy president, vice presidents, chairman of the Isma Syura Council, state liaison chiefs as well as heads of their various activity bureaus are all equally formidable when it comes to articulating the organization’s “mission and vision” to the media.

Heck, even their college-age activist Alifah Ting Abdullah managed to create a Chinese tsunamic wave all on her own.

1Malaysia DAP

Striking the right chords

Tun has accused Najib Razak of being “too soft and silent”.

Yup, you can say that the PM is soft, silent and safe (“playsafe”). In fact, he is so safe that he fails to resonate with the spirit of the times. Look at his 1Malaysia which is neither here nor there and is really heading nowhere.

Isma on the other hand is a risk taker. The billboard below, which was rejected by two local councils on account of allegedly promoting an unacceptable “supremism” ideology, is one example of how Isma is willing to go out on a limb.

Isma billboard

Its message – “Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi keagungan Islam dan kedaulatan bangsa Melayu di Tanah Melayu ini” – sure enough instantly got the Yahudi Yeohs foaming at the mouth.

But nonetheless Malays, freaked out by the current sociopolitical climate, are receptive to the bold stance taken by Isma.


Isma vs Umno

The question of cohesion

Those on board the Isma row boat know their destination. They are journeying together in the same direction and pulling the oars rhythmically to the beat of the coxswain.

I marvel at how the different Isma spokesmen somehow manage to convey a coherent and integrated message. This cohesion and coherence allows them to deliver with a punch.

najiblgekrismaslollipopMeanwhile in the Umno camp, they’re simply helter-skelter. Let’s just quickly examine half a dozen of their Cabinet Ministers.

Najib – calls himself ‘Ah Jib Gor’. Enuff said!

Tan Sri Muhyiddin – a stolid alif ba ta figure but he’s at the same time the chief target of opposition attacks for what they derogatorily label as his “Malay First”ness. The thing is that his party colleagues are not stepping forward to defend him.

Tengku Adnan – a loose cannon

Nazri Aziz – there might be a method to his madness, who knows

KJ – the Minister of Multiple Functions who pokes his nose into the affairs of the other Ministries, such as Jamil Khir Baharom’s.

With Isma, it is a case of sehati sejiwa.

Dengan Umno … geleng kepala. Anda ada nampak DS Najib, TS Muhyiddin, Tengku Adnan, Nazri, KJ dan Datuk Jamil Khir pernah cakap sebulat suara dan senada sekaligus?



Umno’s leadership is certainly not short of pinheads, and neither is the MCA.

Najib displayed his lack of discipline by according military honours to the MH17 mourning ceremony. He is unable, it seems, to ponder long term on the future implications of his action.

MCA Perak chief Mah Hang Soon – to ampu bodek his Umno boss – mocked First Admiral (Rtd) Imran Abdul Hamid as to why he did not lash out at the Dutch government. The question itself reflects the MCA Yang Berhormat’s sheer stupidity.

On another matter, the MCA-owned paper today tried to sanitize the Ipoh bikini bride just like how they did the Alvivi couple the last time.

Remember this: MCA is DAP is MCA is DAP. Both are Malaysian Firsters now and want to UBAH the template of our nation, including our social mores.

Isma in contrast drew a clear moral line in the sand – ‘Berpakaian tidak sopan: Percubaan untuk rosakkan nilai moral masyarakat Malaysia‘. And the admonition comes from a young man, mind  you, and not an old fuddy-duddy.

Bottomline: Umno just cannot rely on its BN Chinese satellites anymore. They’ve lost the plot.

Face it, MCA has already crashed and burned. If Umno still refuses to step up its game, then be prepared for the United Malay National Organization to be supplanted by the United Muslim National Organization.

(1,369 words)


Malays gave up country name ‘Tanah Melayu’ in 1963, any regrets?


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53 thoughts on “Future of our country: Isma will take over from Umno

  1. Hmm…….

    It took this long for United Muslim National Organization to show up here.

  2. Yeay! ISMA for Muslims yang mempunyai maruah & tak rela Islam dikotak-katik oleh evangelistas & anwarinas! Ready to take over from UMNO anytime…

  3. Sdri HA, pada masa kini besar kemungkinan bahawa UMNO agak kurang beringat yg kebanyakkan (majority) Melayu / bumiputera / Islam tidak pun menjadi ahli mana2 parti politik, orang bandar mahu pun di luar bandar.

    Bagi yg di bandar, pilihan serta sokongan diberi pada parti yg difikir mampu menangani hal2 kehidupan seharian berpandukan ketelusan, keterbukaan dan kebersihan tindakan pemimpin2. Bagi masyarakat m/b/i luar bandar, soal maruah dan mertabat raja, agama dan bangsa menjadi ukuran yg disandarkan keatas pemimpin2.

    ISMA menepati selera bagi kumpulan kedua ini yg mana di pilihanraya yg lepas merupakan pengundi UMNO. Saya rasa ISMA kini bersuara seperti UMNO dulu, maka tidak hairanlah, sekiranya mereka menambat hati Melayu/ bumiputera/Islam sekarang.

  4. Its time now one of their own write something about it all and to lay their cards on the table. UMNO is going through a metamorphosis of self indulgence to the point of self destruction like the Romans of old.

    Its payback time for the Razaks and the Tengkus and the Onns against Dr. Mahathir Mohammed for what he did in office demolishing the iconic status these indolent and archaic remnants of the old empire. It is pathetic how their children cling on to the old traditions of England and none of their own.

    Dr.M achieve much in his time. All of it for the country dare I say. Whether he destroyed the sentimental facade of UMNO and created UMNO Bahru is irrelevant.

    Khairi Jamaluddin is the new Anwar. He behaves in much the same was as Anwar Ibrahim did when Anwar was led into and embraced by UMNO.

    Perkasa I won’t write off. Its more Grass roots than ISma or UMNO. But if the two merged then its over red rover for UMNO and the old anti Mahathir chest beaters. All over.

    Its about time too and considering where the opposition now all burned out stands, this could be the force of tomorrows Malay politics

  5. I may not agree with Isma’s supremacist politics but at times when mainstream parties get decadent, soft, corrupt and directionless, and democracy becomes dysfunctional, these are times when hard alternatives, whether far right, far left, authoritarian, fundamental religious, a dictator or a military junta emerge to topple and replace the mainstream parties.

    This has been borne out many times by history in the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, the rise of Hitler, the rise of Mussolini, the recent military coup in Thailand and so forth.

    “In divided Thailand, some welcome coup as necessary medicine”

    In the UK, Conservative MP Douglas Carswell has defected to anti-EU UKIP, which has forced a by-election. (At least when MPs jump party in that country, there is a by-election)

    In Russia today, “To the bafflement of the world, Stalin is remembered quite fondly by millions upon millions of Russians”

    Also, “Poll: Putin’s Approval Rating Is at All-Time High in Russia”

    Why? Because especially at times of economic uncertainty and ineffective, wishy washy leadership, people look to strong, no nonsense leaders.

  6. Agree with you. I’m watching ISMA with interest. While I may not agree with some of its views, I’m impressed with its firmness and clarity on issues it’s concerned with.

    None of this wishy-washy backtracking that BN does to pander to those who reject it. BN should accept that the Chinese is “just not that into you” and move on, instead of acting like a desperate clingy stalker.

    If Isma/Perkasa candidates stand against feeble toothless MCA, I’d vote them.

  7. I like that picture, ‘with all the Chinese showing their thumbs down, ‘means down with 1 Malaysia’ concept, that Najib used to be proud of.

    What, they are trying to tell Najib, probably, what a stupid move by Najib to promote 1Malaysia while vernacular education still blossoms and Najib keep on funding them.

  8. Keadaan sebegini akan menyebabkan jarum jam akan berpatah balik sedangkan semuanya telah terlepas di tangan ie ISA konon kata akta lapok dan di pihak yang satu kata pulak ada bahu bauan memecahkan perpaduan Muslim konon,

    jika PM yang terdahulu apa yang dilakukan memperkuatkan politik orang Melayu dulu diikuti dengan memperkemaskan ekonomi kan begitu seloknya, reality nya rakyat semua kaum akan akur setiap tindakan dan langkah yang diambil, ini tidak apa pihak pembangkang cakap semuanya ditelan hidup-hidup diam seribu bahasa, not long lah Cik Brahim, if the Chinese can do it fast why not Muslims.

  9. When the Nazis were rising, no one took them seriously. Hitler was a damn good orator. Stir and stir. When started killing, it was too late to stop him.

    You are right. ISMA will rule Malaysia with an iron fist start beheading the pendatangs. Singapore will close the border and the 7th fleet will sail up the Straits of Melaka. The smart ones amongst the pendatangs have already moved most of their assets out of the country even as I write this.

    When Singapore invades Malaysia with the help of US, someone will be knocking at the door of Helen Ang in the middle of the night and accused of having been an ISMA sympathizer. Then she will be hanged while she squeals like a pig.

    Makes a great screenplay, doesn’t it?

    The Melayus? They are back to square one la. The politically well connected ones still get rich beyond anybody’s dream. The poor ones still crew on ubi everyday. The middle class will be totally wiped out.

    So what? Through out centuries, this type of things had been replayed over and over again in different parts of the world la. Read a few history books la.

    1. And the Chinese migrant merchants will continue to dangle the bribe to the public servants, just like what they have been doing since the last 200 years in Nusantara.

      If only Tengku Abdul Rahman could see how his generousity in giving citizenships to these Asian Jews repay the grandchildren of people who had then receive these ruthless brutes with open arms.

        1. Boodos is-la Isma is not a military pact if you insist that’s another issue by the way 7th fleet is just a patrol boat to come closer sg .pahang the passage too narrow and this rescue boat won’t do much help . sg. pahang iraggationaly a would be to ulu langat new dam water supply for the whole of lembah kelang so its stop all naggation on facing water rationing including helen.

          To say Isma is a military pact is most welcome singa is to timid to them a mouth full forbear from humiliating. Simple just like ABC what they will do over there up the hill of bukit tinggi there stand water plant supplying raw water their step just tap off and wait what happen next. Then they called for talks now listen no more bullying and no more inter alia get cheap water and sell back for gain.

          If want back supply you follow us, so the 7th fleet sails back happyly ever after so isma becomes a new regime with solid support and is-la will put under detention charge under treason awaiting trail if found guilty strip in public gellary and stone to death.

    2. Sigh sigh… My boys all came home to celebrate Merdeka.. Then they will fly off again to earn their living in other countries outside Malaysia.

      What to do. They have to earn more to pay up their study loans, safe up to try buy a decent apartment, a car and enough funds to come home and start their own business.. Hmm at least 5years whereas may take them a lifetime to do this in their own country, Malaysia.

      People like KJ has no influence or contribution whatsoever to a brighter future of ordinary pemudas who are struggling to earn a living.

      Speak so much as being Bumiputrans with all the so claimed bountiful Magic tongkat at their disposal. Terpaksa keluar mencari rezeki diNegara worang? So who actually is enjoying all those so called priviledges?

    1. Thanks for the tip.

      The apek J-Star story highlighted by ‘paranoiaforlife’ is titled ‘Ten top special traits that make people say they are proud to be Malaysians’.

      And this is what the Malaysian Firsters interviewed by the EvangeliSTAR said.

      Top 10 traits that make us truly Malaysian:

      Malaysians proud of #1 roti canai. – Tay Wan Jin

      And nasi lemak, nasi lemak, char kuey teow

      #2 “Choo Weng Wei likes the quirky way we add ‘lah’ to our sentences.”

      “I love learning new words from other languages. We get to know one another’s culture and history,” – Nelson Pang.

      #3 “I get to celebrate and experience different festivals, and dress up in the traditional attire of the different races. It also means more holidays!” – Amelia John Selvarani

      #4 Petronas Twin Towers

      #5 open house

      #6 “If you go to smalltowns and rural areas, you can really see how ordinary Malaysians live and experience their hospitality.” – Chow Yin Hon

      #7 “I feel thankful and blessed to be living here as it is safe and free from natural disasters.” – Yong Wei Hoong

      #8 “I’m proud to be Malaysian because we have beautiful places and attractions.” – Ramlah Ahmad.

      #9 Sports: “When players come together, they put aside differences like race or beliefs.” – Michael Lee

      #10 Formula 1 in Sepang and the Redbull Air Race in Putrajaya.

      *** … *** … ***

      Yup, The J-Star‘s Ah Pek-ness is abundantly clear. I’m reminded of DAP’s buka puasa functions where most of those attending for the free makan are Chinese.

      1. So to sum it all up, the main things they considered to make them truly Malaysian: Makan, Cuti & Rekreasi.

        So I wish them Selamat Hari Merdeka! Esuk cuti pergilah makan roti canai dan segalanya, sambil menikmati pemandangan yang indah seperti Twin Towers.

        For me, everytime I look at the Jalur Gemilang or the portraits of the present Agong or Sultan or sometimes even the word Malaysia, I feel proud. I’m proud of my heritage. I’m proud of our Merdeka history, that our Merdeka is not a commemoration of a war, a civil war or some other type of bloodbath. I’m proud that I was born in this beautiful land of beauty and plenty.

        I used to be proud that our fathers were great generous people who were willing to embrace the immigrants into their fold and offer them a home. But if all they are proud of is makan cuti & rekreasi, then I’m not so sure that was a wise decision.

        To everyone here, Selamat Hari Merdeka! May we become better Malaysians!

        1. Blut und Eisen

          “Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided – that was the great mistake of 1848 and 1849 – but by iron and blood (Eisen und Blut).” – Otto von Bismarck

          The phrase “blood and iron” is usually employed to describe how the unification of Germany came about.

          Our Independence, by comparison with other nations forged by blood and iron, has been a stroll in the park.

          re: “I’m not so sure that was a wise decision”

      2. These people sounded more like tourists visiting Malaysia to me. Are they really truly Malaysians?

  10. Najib’s so-called 1Malaysia theme had caused the races to be divided and getting from bad to worse which if left unchecked would lead to racial riot.

    The only ‘contribution’ of Najib till now is the many slogans and campaigns he had created which had actually benefited his cronies in executing the so-called campaigns which cost billions.

    Since i cannot figure out a suitable description of Najib in one word, all i could say that this person (not fit to be called a leader) is brainless, clueless, useless, hopeless and whatever …less we can think of.

    1. ‘ all i could say that this person (not fit to be called a leader) is brainless, clueless, useless, hopeless and whatever’

      Indeks Syariah Negara era Najib Tun Razak.

      ‘Pujian harus diberikan kepada Najib Tun Razak di atas kenyataannya yang menyatakan program itu amat dekat di hatinya sambil menjelaskan, indeks tersebut mengukur tahap keseriusan usaha Malaysia dalam mengimarahkan prinsip, nilai dan sistem Islam merentasi pelbagai sektor.

      Tetapi kenyataan itu masih tidak cukup untuk diambil serius kerana masih ada penyakit-penyakit liberal dan dan bersifat bertentangan dengan prinsip Islam masih menjangkiti organ pentadbiran negara.

      Malah, penubuhan sebuah Majlis tiada beban batu digalas yang cenderung memperjuangkan segala perkara yang bertentangan dengan prinsip-prinsip asas di dalam agama Islam turut diperjuangkan mereka.’

    2. A question posed in August 2014 ujian sekolah, gelaran apa Najib dipanggil dalam negara Malaysia;

      The student (gave all the right answers for previous Prime Ministers) confidently gave DSN as bapa kapalterbang dan MH17.

      Anyone with the right answer here please? Luckily for their civics SPM trial last Friday the same question was on TDM.

  11. repeat, Isla, you’re a pussy. Helen(I am woman hear me roar)’s the one with the balls.

  12. Ms H. Only 3 countries in the World have GLCs where their CEO salaries are sky-high without accountability and ownership like the Civil Servants manning the Malaysian ones, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

    China has just put her foot down on such malpractices. Vide.Channelnewasia 30 August 2014,’China announces cuts to executive salaries at state companies.’ All expense accounts and perks are now restricted. Prada’s sales are affected in China but not Selangor.

    Singapore’s governing elite garners billions of Singapore dollars from the country’s CPF Trust Fund by way of legal loans at very low interest rates. Such funds are called Sovereign Funds as though the huge hoard was money made by the elites who gave themselves huge salaries accordingly – the highest Ministerial pay in the World – Warren Buffet.

    Malaysia’s pay range for GLCs is RM2 millions – RM10+ millions which the CEOs who are Civil Servants without accountability and ownership or foundership adroitly received without Dewan Rakyat’s OK..

    These GLCs companies have become a huge Khazanah Empire – bigger in money terms than the Malaysian Government except the Bank Negara Malaysia ! The Federal Government guaranteed all the loans and guarantees. Watch this space when the grandmother of all crises comes a’calling! Akan Datang!

    1. re: “the highest Ministerial pay in the world”

      Selangor is fast catching up.

      Speaker’s pay almost equal PM’s but the difference is that the PM works all the year round while the Selangor Speaker only works when the Dewan is in session, which in the year 2012 was a grand total of 21 days (when the House was sitting) throughout the year.

      1. Ms H. Not to worry about the lack of physical work at the Selangor Dewan Rakyat. I have since learnt that a person’s mind will play tricks if it is under-utilised. Hence, all the funny ideas which seem to affect the august halls of the Selangor Dewan Rakyat.

        Travelling is a afflicted disease of the States Legcos. China has since replaced Taiwan.

      2. She spends time tweeting to send off our youngs flying all over the globe in seach of greener pastures.

  13. Ms H. Further to my comment on the huge salaries garnered by the GLCs of China, Singapore and Malaysia, I draw your attention to the biggest Sovereign Fund in the World, Norway’s US1 Trillion (RM3.2 Trillions) Fund which is managed by NIMB’s executived who is paid only US2 millions per annum. How much is enough?

    1. re: “How much is enough?”

      3G: Gold, Glory, Gospel + GREED.

      It’s beginning to affect the Gereja folks in PAS too.

      1. Ms H. Do you know ? The famous Petaling Street, KL just after the War ended on 15 August 1945, was lined with British military software, canned foods, etc and piles and piles of the ‘banana notes’ of the Japanese Occupation for sale..

        Let us all hope we do not revert to square one. But when I look at our current banknotes and coins, we seem to be heading that way !

  14. Tidak jadi isu samada ISMA akan menggantikan UMNO atau tidak. Saya rasa itu juga bukanlah visi dan misi ISMA. ISMA mahu berkawan dengan semua, baik UMNO, baik PAS.

    Pokoknya ISMA dan NGI yang lain akan tetap mempertahankan Perlembagaan Persekutuan tanpa pendekatan berpilih seperti yang diamalkan oleh DAP, PKR dan lain-lain.

    ISMA mungkin berjaya menggerakan massa malah mungkin juga telah berjaya merapatkan lagi ukhwah Melayu Islam yang tidak berpartisan yang selama ini gagal disuarakan oleh UMNO dan PAS.

    ISMA sebagai parti politik pada hemat saya akan menjalani suatu jalan yang tidak mudah. Permainannya amat berbeza sekali. ISMA lebih efektif sebagai NGI yang sentiasa ke depan dengan perjuangannya.

  15. UMNO YOUTH of today is not the same as UMNO Youth of yesteryears.

    They are just interested to fight for their members, and not for the Malays in general.

    The Chief has no sense of direction and not interested in PERJUANGAN Melayu at all.

    ALL MY FAMILY MEMBERS are now encouraged to support ISMA and abandon UMNO, the party we have supported throughout my life. Explanations were given to them on the characters of UMNO today and UMNO of the past.

    They understand…. and we now collectively forget about UMNO…… bye bye.

    1. Makeover. The best set of UMNO Youth were my contemporaries during the end of the Tunku’s administration and the beginning of Tun Abdul Razak. They published a book, ‘Revolusi Mental’. Nowadays, they use the wrong head.

  16. “When Singapore invades Malaysia. ..”

    Isla having the DAP’s ultimate wet dream. Indulge yourself.

    1. irma. No need for Singapore to invade Malaysia. Most of the Malaysian Chinese and some Malays are already brainwashed by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew. [deleted]

    2. I am always amazed with some Singaporephiles who always claim that Singapore military is superior than Malaysia’s.

      When have Singapore ever sent its military in war-torn zones in the world for peace keeping works? The closest the Singaporeans ever get to those zones are the UN hospitals where they worked under the safest place as health officers.

      Their armies had gone through SIMULATED wars and their super duper military machines are only good for show during their independence parade day. And the Singaporephiles expect the Singapore army ever got the guts to get involved in a REAL war with Malaysia? Don’t they know how easy it is to completely obliterate Singapore in 6 hours? Geez how naive can those people be?

  17. I have yet to feel the aura of ISMA. In other words, they need to work on a FAST FORWARD mode if they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

    1. To be fair to the organization – and I agree with islam1st’s comment upthread – Isma is not a purely political entity. They’re a Muslim NGO.

      It is more that our present circumstances are forcing them to play a more active political role because nobody else is stepping up to the plate. However, they’ve not stated their definite intentions. (I’m jumping the gun.)

      In the last general election, Isma did however put up their ustaz-ustaz as third party candidates in several constituencies contesting on the Berjasa ticket.

  18. regret it so much. umno? dulu okaylah.. but now with khairy n his goon never ending liwated PM n his office, what can i say…

    wodering.. what khairy have and his hand now that make najib so amateur…

  19. Surprisingly EXCO UMNO in Johor Bahru not aware that KETUA PEMUDA employs a Chinese as a secretary.

    It reflects the quality of UMNO excos.

    Lack of reading and lack of knowledge…. PADAN lah SOKONG KJ MEMBABITKAN BUTA!!!

    Low class la………

    1. @reginalah should not be viewed as a Chinese. The term is too generic and refers to more than one bilion people on the planet.

      She is a Dapster scissorati.

  20. Suprising Malay celup making rounds again. This time by worshipping racist ISMA and Perkasa.

    Pls get a life, Helen Ang or whatever your demented Malay celup personality demands off you again.

  21. I said this in fb. Kalau ISMA betul2 bagus, betul2 ikhlas, betul2 jujur, masuk lah UMNO.. bukan duduk luar melalak memecah belah tambah perpaduan Melayu!!!

    What’s the point of breaking up the Malays further only to show that you are smarter? And you ISMA guys won’t have the balls to talk straight in the face to UMNO but run off to any media to shove you ideas.

  22. and may I add, they are not as savvy as the think. Politics is not who is smarter, its about who is tougher. as the saying goes, don’t live by the beach if you are afraaid of waves.

    Sports is like politics, today you play badminton, next you play tennis, or hockey or squash , whaat ever, you just change your equipments

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