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Lim Guan Eng “seething with anger”

Yesterday on our National Day, 155 bajungu were arrested by police in Penang. The bajungu or Purple Shirts are reportedly a 10,000-strong vigilante force.

What motivated Penang to create this extralegal force when the other states do not have as such?

Attitude problem with authority

Penang is swimming counter current to the rest of the country in this extralegal way because it has an “ex-convict” in charge of the state. See Singapore’s Razor TV interview on 28 July 2009 with Lim Guan Eng – ‘From ex-convict to Penang’s Chief Minister’.

pakatanIn a separate interview on 24 Feb 2013 headlined ‘From Kajang prison to 28th floor of Komtar‘, the Penang CM was asked, “when your conviction under Printing Presses and Publications Act was upheld and the Court of Appeal enhanced the sentence to 18 months in prison, what were your thoughts and emotions?”

Guan Eng replied the Malaysiakini reporter:

“How could I be imprisoned when the world knows I was being framed?”
“I was seething with anger.”

“I had to do a lot of self-counselling to work out the anger in order to face the imprisonment with equanimity. I didn’t want to come out so bitter and warped. Then you’d satisfy your tormentors. You’d turn out to be like your tormentors.”


The ever angry man

Actually Lim Guan Eng remains a “very angry” man still over his two jail sentences which caused him to have to spend years in prison.

He is forever seething with anger due to his hatred for the government (read: Umno) whom he considers his “tormentor”.

This anger has never gone away because Guan Eng’s bad experience with the law, which in his mind translates as Umno enforcers has – despite his protestations to the contrary – left him “so bitter and warped”.

In short, @cmlimguaneng has some deep-seated and unresolved issues with regard to the Malaysian law enforcement. This humongous chip on Guan Eng’s shoulder could well be the reason for his intransigence with the Inspector-General of Police over the bajungu.


Guan Eng: BN is extremist and divisive

In his 2014 Merdeka Day message, Guan Eng talked about the “increasing racial extremism” in Malaysia.

He also levelled the accusation that “BN political leaders continue to raise the political temperature with extremist actions and divisive statements”.

On top of accusing the BN leadership of extremism, the Penang chief minister further alleged that “PR leaders are subjected to selective prosecution and double-standards of laws with charges of sedition”.

It appears that Guan Eng might be suffering from a persecution complex as he is here complaining that the state prosecutors are unfairly charging his Pakatan colleagues.


Fearful man needs to feel protected

Guan Eng concluded his National Day message this year by saying that the “57th Merdeka celebration will only be meaningful if every Malaysian can enjoy freedom from ignorance, poverty, corruption and be free from fear”.

He apparently wants every Malaysian to be free from fear. This expressed desire for freedom from fear is really more reflective of his own personal psychosis.

It could jolly well be the most likely explanation as to why Guan Eng, when he acquired power as the chief executive of a rich and developed state, quickly proceeded to create the bajungu – which the IGP has termed “gangsters” and what a few media commenters are calling a “private militia”.

(The term “militia” might not however be exactly accurate because, as far as we’re aware, the bajungu don’t carry guns. But nonetheless, the Purple Shirts do function as Guan Eng’s personal bodyguards.)

BELOW: So many bajungu guarding the CM’s Mercedes – the old one before he changed to the S300L model

merc bajungu

Kindred spirits

Penang led by Lim Guan Eng is clearly at odds with the rest of the country. While 13 states in Malaysia celebrated this year’s Aug 31 with the theme ‘Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta’, Penang was the odd one out with its own Merdeka theme of ‘Bersatu dan Maju’.

Guan Eng chooses to run against the grain of the Malay majority yet his party DAP can curiously be in alignment with the MCA on their mutual complaint about “extremism”.

The J-Star‘s Merdeka Day editorial had talked about the MCA paper’s “clarion call to drown out the voices of extremism”.


Earlier Guan Eng mentioned that Malaysia is celebrating an “uncertain” 57th Merdeka anniversary. The J-Star struck the same note too, saying that our country is now “more disturbed and distracted than ever”.

The DAP and the MCA media are beginning to sound alike. DAP incessantly labels Umno as a hate monger which uses the ‘divide-and-rule tactic. The J-Star in its editorial yesterday took to task “the hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” (echoing Guan Eng’s words) but without specifying who the culprits are.


BUILDING BRIDGES: MCA and DAP starting a love affair


Guan Eng and Chun Wai share same train of thought

Guan Eng characterizes the Merdeka mood this year as “uncertain” while to The J-Star, our current sociopolitical climate feels “disturbed and distracted”. Wong Chun Wai the J-Star CEO makes it together a troika, chipping in his 2 sen that the “pensive” Merdeka mood has been “severely dampened by those who spew divisive remarks on a continuous basis”.

Chun Wai and Guan Eng – rumoured to share quite a cosy relationship – could well be identical twins because the newspaperman in his J-Star column yesterday headlined ‘Hate politics taking its toll’ similarly complained about divisive “extremists”, i.e. DAP’s favorite bogeyman.

According to Chun Wai, politicians who champion race and religion have emboldened “instant NGOs” and other “dangerous elements” to “amplify their extremist views”.

Chun Wai’s own views mirror Guan Eng’s in other areas as well. Guan Eng in his Merdeka Day 2014 message had griped that Pakatan leaders are subjected to “selective prosecution and double-standards of laws with charges of sedition”.

Meanwhile, Chun Wai wrote in his column wondering how some “extreme personalities” who make “never-ending, disturbing and offensive statements” can get away with what they say. He asked, “Shouldn’t they be charged with sedition or do they have powerful backers, as some have questioned?”

Although Chun Wai did not name names in his column, he had in previous articles criticized Isma. Thus the MCA media and the DAP appear to have a common enemy – the vocal Islamic NGOs.

The pro-Christian bent of the DAP and The J-Star is increasingly evident by the day. And the MCA of late seems to be consistently taking the DAP’s side when it comes to the blame game against “racists”, “extremists” and “religious bigots”. Everybody can see this except maybe for the BN chairman Najib Razak.

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What has Rosmah’s weight got to do with bajungu?


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  1. ‘ Guan Eng concluded his National Day message this year by saying that the “57th Merdeka celebration will only be meaningful if every Malaysian can enjoy freedom from ignorance, poverty, corruption and be free from fear”.

    Wow so true and it will only happen with the demise of DAP

  2. I have been wary of Rela in the past (and even now), and I am somewhat apprehensive about having the PPS. Their intentions may be right: to protect the citizens, but sometimes people get carried away.

    1. (1) RELA ditubuhkan selepas berkuatkuasanya Akta (Kuasa-Kuasa Perlu) Darurat 1964 – Peraturan-Peraturan Perlu (Ikatan Relawan Rakyat) (Pindaan) 2005. Di bawah Seksyen 2, Akta (Kuasa-kuasa Perlu) Darurat 1964, Yang Di Pertuan Agong telah perkenan meluluskan pindaan Peraturan-peraturan Perlu (Ikatan Relawan Rakyat) (Pindaan) 2005 yang berkuatkuasa mulai 01 Februari 2005. Peraturan ini telah memberikan kuasa-kuasa tertentu kepada Pegawai RELA di dalam menangani PATI. Akta baru RELA telah berkuat kuasa pada 22 Jun 2012, dinamakan sebagai Akta Pasukan Sukarelawan Malaysia 2012-AKTA 752.

      (2) Rukun Tetangga adalah satu jawatankuasa sukarela di bawah pengawasan Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi Nasional. Akta Rukun Tetangga 2012 telah digubal di Parlimen dan berkuatkuasa pada 22 Jun 2012 merangkumi akta yang berhubung dengan Rukun Tetangga dan Skim Rondaan Sukarela.

      (3) Askar Timbalan Setia Negeri Johor ditubuhkan pada 1885. Kerajaan pusat Malaysia pernah dalam tahun 1994 mencadangkan pembubaran pasukan Askar Timbalan Setia berikutan krisis berkaitan isu Kekebalan Raja-Raja Melayu dan satu Rang Undang-Undang di panggil Johore Military Forces (Disbandment And Repeal) Bill 1994 telah digubal untuk dibahaskan di Parlimen.

      Tetapi Tun Salleh Abbas, bekas Ketua Hakim negara ketika itu menasihatkan Sultan Johor Sultan Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail di Istana Bukit Serene bahawa Askar Timbalan Setia Negeri Johor diwujudkan jauh lebih dahulu daripada Rejimen Askar Melayu Diraja dan penubuhan serta pengekalan pasukan Askar Timbalan Setia Negeri Johor adalah sebahagian daripada hak dan keistimewaan Sultan dan rakyat Negeri Johor.

      Dengan demikian, Tun Salleh Abbas berpendapat bahawa Kerajaan Persekutuan Malaysia tidak mempunyai hak untuk membatalkan keistimewaan hak tersebut tanpa persetujuan Sultan Johor. Pandangan Tun Salleh Abbas disokong oleh Neil Lawson, Q.C. yang menjadi Penasihat Perundangan kepada Raja-Raja Melayu semasa perbincangan menuntut kemerdekaan. Sehubungan itu, rang undang-undang ini tidak diambil tindakan dan terkubur begitu sahaja.

      Guan Eng bersungguh-sungguh mahu mempertahankan PPS. Tapi, tiada sebarang akta penubuhan pasukan tersebut. Zahid Hamidi telah memberi amaran kepada unit amal PAS juga.

      Selepas PPS, giliran Unit Amal PAS, kata Zahid Hamidi :

      1. Kesian. Angkara bajungu Unit Amal terpalit.

        Tulah. Tak berbaloi PAS bersekongkol dengan DAP. Membawa padah aje.

        1. Helen, bila kerajaan buka pengambilan polis & badan beruniform/sukarela lain, semua tak mau ambil bahagian. Kalau hendak kata mereka tak bersuara untuk mengajar kerajaan, takkanlah Lumut boleh jatuh ke tangan mereka.

            1. re: “Yang pernah kena buang daerah pun ada!”

              Tu EO, kan?

              Ada mana-mana akta lain yang berkaitan?

              1. Ya. Yang lain polis tak perincikan pula satu-persatu. Itu baru siasat 156 ahli. Bayangkan ahli-ahli yang lain? Ada berapa ribu lagi yang masih berkeliaran!

                1. Guan Eng ajak KBAB berdebat. Dia fikir ketua polis kerjanya berpolitik macam dia. KBAB ni lagi bijak. Mula-mula biarkan PPS bantu polis(kononnya), dalam masa yang sama polis senang buat kerja nak cekup ketua samseng, pengedar dadah dan mungkin juga penggerak subversif.

                  Off topic. Ada 1 cerita di Sekinchan. Polis buat kempen keselamatan jalanraya untuk pelajar-pelajar sekolah. Depa pun dok kasilah helmet free kat budak-budak sekolah yang tunggang motor pi sekolah kununnya. Budak-budak sekolah yang tak berapa nak pandai ni pun beratur la berhenti. Masing-masing nak ambik helmet free. Last-last, ada yang kena saman sebab takde lesen. Moral of the story : Guan Eng kena belajar dengan budak-budak sekolah tu bila berdepan dengan polis.

  3. Guang Eng is a ‘makeover seething with anger’. The Malays – seething with ‘grrr anger’ too…

    Then what ? Challenge in court ? Loopholes in Federal Law again that LGE is going to take full advantages ?

    Too much of chauvinist’s dirty politics. Ilegal CEC, Illegal CM of P.Pinang, Illegal security force ? Too much of unconstitutional behaviour !

    Menanam tebu di bibir mulut…

    1. That the problem when you had ex convict to be CM. Thus Malaysia constitution allowed this or what the undang-undang tuboh kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang say about this?

      Ms Hellen do care to clear this doubt.

  4. ‘Bersatu dan Maju’.

    Indeed his message got through loud and clear.

    The nudists from Singapore and Malaysia and a Filipino bersatu dan telah memajukan diri mereka di Penang dengan penuh kebebasan menjalankan aktiviti2 bogel.

    Slogan dia juga telah menarik perhatian model dua ekok bersatu dan maju diri mereka tiba2 mengadakan shooting gamabar2 di kaqasan ramai dalam keadaan spara bogel di Ipoh.

    Harapan jangan la budak sekolah SJKC terikut2 meneladani puak tua DAP udah la..

  5. The man…. so typical. He is so predictable. A 3rd rate mind. His legions of worshipers… they are classless or in the words of Hannah his apprentice, they are “no class”.

  6. He could have used the same speech from a few years ago as the message (or rather the rant) is always the same – accuse BN/UMNO as racists and extremists who out to divide the people.

    He feels not an aota of irony when he uses such hateful and emotional language to attack his political opponents while accusing them to be extremists. And that he uses Merdeka to attack his political opponents is really the nadir.

    The state govt is lying when it says the Chinese is only around 60% of the PPS members. I would the figure at 90% or more. I have not seen a single non-Chinese PPS members and I heard more than once people complaining about not allowed to join PPS because of their race (non Chinese).

    Also I have seen PPS only protecting the DAP leaders and nothing else (other than taking part in parades of course). Is this their definition of protecting the “people” ?

    I have heard from police that PPS even set up road blocks and checking ICs. But not sure if this is still on going. I heard numerous cases of gangsters being part of PPS.

    The act of Baju-Unggus taking part in Merdeka parade is a direct challenge to law and order and PDRM by DAP. They are giving the IGP the middle finger after the IGP had warned them. This shows their arrogance and daring.

    1. So how are the Indians doing in Penang ? Are they totally expelled from the state ? This is a joke.

      He talks about racism and he goes about with racism of his own. People should ask him “how are the Indians doing in Penang ?”. No doubt anyone asking this will immediately get a taste of the standard treatment “You’re racist !”. The man is 3rd rate, his mind is 3rd rate.

      As for the PPS, after they were arrested, the lizard king and his goons went to the police station and when interviewed by the media, all he could say was “The PPS was established by the state government. If the police want a confrontation, let’s have a go”. Typical thuggish antic.

      1. re: “If the police want a confrontation, let’s have a go”.”

        Takut-takut the bajungu ikut teladan the bikini couple and take off their purple shirts. Then the police will be too distracted to act.


        1. If they want to ape the bikini couple, fine. Make sure the male and female purple shirt members have good looks.

          If it turns out all they could muster are those with below average looks like those nudists in Penang, it will be disappointing. Instead of distracting the cops, they get smirks from the police, with our law enforcement officers saying “with looks like these, even a free show is not worth our time”.

          1. He,he,he, Kenapa pengantin lelaki tidak pakai spender macam Stopa Ali. Lagi best!. Badan cantik bermuscle muscle. Saya yakin bahagian pehanya juga cantik, bermuscle muscle. Kalah badan Mr. Malaysia!

      2. If you ask the Dear Leader about Indians in Penang, he’ll say there are no Indians only Malaysians in Penang.

        Indians in Penang is being chased out of the island to some ulu places or even to Kedah or Perak. That is if you are not a leader in DAP. Of course people like Ram Karpal and the rest of the DAP regime are allowed tor reside in the island as they are the chose race.

        I am not surprised by the Biawak King’s attitude – remember what his mandor – DCM2 Rama said about May 13 – bring it on ! This is DAP giving the middle finger to law and PDRM.

        I wouldn’t be surprised DAP will now form an underground team after PPS is disallowed. I recall even Selangor wanting a private police force too – I bet it is for the same purpose of protecting not rakyat but Pakatan Rakyat.

        1. Calvinsankaran,

          That bad is the situation in Penang? Change the state government come next general election.

          1. Not that easy. Pakatan is very popular with the youth in Penang. Penang Lang especially the Chinese go idol crazy when LGE is mentioned.

            1. Actually DAP is a cult and religion in Penang. Asking the Penang Chinese to vote for BN is just a waste of money and time. I have done some statistical analysis of GE13 and I found out that in some areas more than 97% of Chinese voted for DAP – highest in the nation.

              This love affair will continue and I don’t see any reasons whatsoever that will make the Penang Chinese not vote DAP, even if BN removes the quotas and the NEP or abolishes the Penang Bridge tool. Despite their claim that they support DAP because of its principles, the real reason is their objective of keeping Penang under Chinese control.

              Tokong can make Penang as poor as Kelantan but these zombies here will vote him like androids on steroids.

              1. Yes, there’s no turning back for Penang. The Chinese have been cheering for the last 6 years as Tokong and gang pack their fudge and they’ll still be doing the Mexican wave when they end up wearing colostomy bags.

                And the worst part of this is that we’re ALL fucked.

                In every facet of life. Royally.

                Fucking commies.

                Sorry Helen, I banyak marah sama Tokong ini hari. Pls delete if inappropriate.

              2. “Despite their claim that they support DAP because of its principles, the real reason is their objective of keeping Penang under Chinese control. ”

                Calvin, you have hit the cepu emas.

        1. Well, the issue of Indians in Singapore is rather interesting as I used to live there and still have a lot of friends. What the writer says is just one of the many issues. Any way, the general observation is that in Singapore, the minorities try to assimilate by learning Mandarin & Hokkien and behave/dress like the Chinese. The whole country is overwhelmingly Chinese despite the multi-racial facade painted by the govt.

          But in Malaysia, it is the exact opposite. The minorities refuse to assimilate and keep demanding that they keep their identities just like in their home countries but yet complain they are treated as the 2nd class citizen.

          There is meritocracy in Singapore but then meritocracy is often the tool of the strong and politically connected. As such, the minorities are at a severe disadvantage. I don’t think the Singapore Malays or Indians have done better than their Malaysians counterparts despite the touted superiority of the meritocratic Singaporean system.

          1. Re There is meritocracy in Singapore but then meritocracy is often the tool of the strong and politically connected. As such, the minorities are at a severe disadvantage. I don’t think the Singapore Malays or Indians have done better than their Malaysians counterparts despite the touted superiority of the meritocratic Singaporean system.

            Here in Malaysia, the minority, I use the word ‘minority’ so those who are discerning should know who I m referring to, this minority would consistently boast of how well the Malays and Indians are doing in Singapore compared to the Malays and Indians in Malaysia. There is also this preposterous statement, or rather an oft repeated claim, often touted by this minority in Malaysia of how the Malays and Indians in Singapore despised their fellow brethren in Malaysia for their underachievement and reliance on the government for handouts.

            Meritocracy is a delusion. If there is a way to describe what meritocracy really is, this is how it pans out. There is a club in town. The club caters to the well heeled i.e the rich, the in crowd. To get into the club, to be a part of the scene, you have to be able to ‘afford’ the membership fee. The fee is so high that on average it amounts to the annual income of an average wage earner. So how many people do you think can ‘afford’ to be a part of this ‘in crowd’ ? That is what meritocracy is.

            1. In Singapore, the meritocracy is a mere slogan – in reality it is meant to help the elites and the rich. The way their meritocracy works (like many things in Singapore) is very opaque. Many suspect it is really not meritocracy at all.

              Worse still the govt doesn’t release data by ethnicity or even nationality, so no one knows what’s going on.

  7. re: “The pro-Christian bent of the DAP and The J-Star is increasingly evident by the day. And the MCA of late seems to be consistently taking the DAP’s side when it comes to the blame game against “racists”, “extremists” and “religious bigots”. Everybody can see this except maybe for the BN chairman Najib Razak.”

    He sees it clearly but he also sees Muslim radicalism apparently representing Islam, so he remains aloof from his sea of problems.

    1. He went bercuti for two weeks with Cina taikuns what. Europe some more. Not to mention private jet some more. No wonder Rosmah punya rambut makin besar and Najib punya mata makin sepet!

      1. But they have interviewed a Malay supposedly a PPS member defending the Baju-ungus. This is an attempt to portray PPS as a multi-racial unit when everyone knows that it is filled to the brim with Cidaps (Cina Dap).

    1. Tokong is trying to spin by saying that these are senior citizens on medications. What a load of bull !! Even if he has to BS, he should be smarter. How can illegal narcotics can be found in ordinary medications ? This isn’t sports drug testing for illegal performance enhancing drugs but for narcotics drugs.

  8. These people are really frustrated and becoming more desperate. They to show their people especially the cinabeng they are still relevent that they very brave not afraid of the law.

    Kononnya they are fighting for justice but actually they are being mere racist and ridiculous. Ah beng ni mau bubuh masuk dalam. They are also trying to distact from the Selangor mess.

  9. Disgusting. Why MH17 suddenly connected to the PPS arrests?


    “YB Phee Boon Poh has been most concerned about the arrangements of the arrival of the ashes of the three MH17 victims to Penang tomorrow, Sep 2. Although he was detained in the Datuk Keramat police lock-up last night and transferred back to the IPD in Jalan Patani, Phee has been in constant touch with the other exco members.”

    And look at this other posting on the PPS story [Facebook]. Why the UMNO flag on the background?

    “Lawyers are still waiting outside”

    Look at the comments

    Mohan Ramasamy Celaka flag..

    9 · 2 hours ago
    Robin Ong Bangsat flag

    7 · 2 hours ago

    1. Lim Guan Eng penipu. Bendera UMNO tu telah di edit dengan Photoshop. Cuba perbesarkan dan kaji kedudukan cara sidaian kain bendera yang kaku dan tak sama dengan satu lagi bendera kecil di hujung gambar tersebut. Keadaan bayang pada tiang pun tak menunjukkan adanya gangguan cahaya dari rentangan kain bendera itu. Bila di diperbesarkan tak nampak pun tali pengikat bendera itu.

      Lim Guan Eng penipu.

      Rumahnya sendiri pun dia yang upah orang baling botol minyak tanah di tempat letak kereta yang kosong. Mana pergi semua kereta dia? Botol bom minyak macam tu kita dengar orang biasa gunakan petrol. Kalau baling pun baling la ke tingkap kaca rumah! Nampak sangat Lim Guan Eng nak kencing PDRM.

      Lim Guan Eng penipu besar.
      Lim Guan Eng “NO CLASS”

      1. Kalau betul dia sengaja buat false flag macam *** tu.. memang patutlah dia ditangkap. Saja nak create sentimen tidak aman thus the need for PPS. Memang Zionis!

  10. I suppose this could be the only productive thing that the opposition (Penang) could have contributed towards stabilizing and unifying the position of the states in the Federal Constitution.

    It is likely that this spot fire could now turn into a bush fire with demands the Sultan of Johor’s powers to raise his own army under the constitution of Johore be reviewed and where possible now be curtailed and repealed altogether. It has no value or place in a modern Malaysia.

    The Royal Johor Military Force better known by its Malay name Askar Timbalan Setia Negeri Johor. The force was first raised by Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor as an independent military formation in 1886 with the consent and assistance of the British in exchange for his cedeing over SIngapore to them.

  11. The hate politics mentioned repeatedly by one Wong Chun Wei, is being promoted by himself at the helm.

    How can an ex-convict be appointed “chief Minister”, is a joke and has the oddity of proclaiming himself as “President” of Pulau Pinang. It’s just like history repeating itself, the rise of Adolf Hilter and the Nazi Party. The Nazi Party had its own “security force” known as the “Brown Shirts”, at that time their uniform was more military like. But they were made up of ruffians and convicts, disgruntled people. So, we see and note the similarity here.

    Helen, you should look up whether the States Constitution allows or permits the appointment of an ex convict, as a Chief Minister. Sad really, we allow this to happen and when we proudly celebrate our 57years of “Independence”.

    1. re: “The hate politics mentioned repeatedly by one Wong Chun Wei, is being promoted by himself at the helm.”

      Yup, and most obsessively too. See my latest posing.

  12. Any group of men can put on similar purple outfits and petend they are members of PPS when in actual fact they could well be robbers/thugs surveying the area?

    I hope the Police will have all the 200 so so faces put up in all major public media for all to see. Mana tau public may come forward and give information on them, their past background etc.

    Yg benar2 tak terima if we find many of them like late Karpal Singh’s driver (foreigner without proper work permit). Shld somethg untoward happens, they just brush them aside and take no responsibility.

    Worse even ketahap chilling if have people like the ones being Ubah… ooops UPAH to murder re the Banting lawyer gruesome murders recently.

  13. oh still about the PPS… that’s DAP’s militia i.e. like what certain warlords in arab countries have or the like of what mao tze tung had — revolutionary guards.

  14. They’ve arrested and released Phee Boon Poh. Rayer is still being held (while biawak bersyukur like the Caliph he is, “better you than me”).

    For all intents and purposes, it should be Lim Guan Eng who should be held responsible for approving the illegal Red Guard aka PPS (and being the most vocal in their defense) and have his Mao ass arrested.

    PDRM shouldn’t have much problem arresting an ex-con.

    Or are they on a short leash by Biawak’s friend(s) in UMNO?

  15. “Maybe I should ask, ‘When will I be arrested?’ I am waiting for him (inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar),” Lim told reporters outside the Northeast District police headquarters this morning, where the PPS members are being held pending their remand order from the Magistrate’s Court today.

    Tunggu apa lagi la dei?

  16. Would like ask others here regarding their experience with MI.

    I have never posted any comments before and when I tried to, a strange thing happened. My comments were auto deleted upon upload – with the message “the comment was deleted by admin”. There was one “likes” as well. I wonder how and why they delete the comment even before it was even viewed / read by the admin ? I did not use any bad words either. I tried 2nd comment, the same thing happed.

    I suspect that MI has a blacklist of anti-PR commentators and they auto delete any comments from those in the list. They used to carry my letters regularly until a year ago when they completely banned me. I found out that it was due to pressure from Tokong.

        1. Calvin my friend, in their wonderland, free speech actually means their right to abuse people who do not subscribe to their warped view of the world. After all they are perpetually hysterical.

      1. The strange thing is that the comment got deleted even before it was published. This means there is a setting which deletes a comment based on certain parameters. This could be certain offensive words or certain commentators.

        My first thought was that may be I used certain offensive word (which I don’t) so I posted another comment with “Testing” – the same thing happened – ie, comment got deleted. Which leads me to suspect that they are deleting comments based on commentators’ names. I also noticed that my comment had 1 “like”. So I suspect they also manipulate “likes” as well.

        1. re: “So I suspect they also manipulate ‘likes’ as well.”

          I suspect they’re able to manipulate what they call “Most Read’ stories.

          Usually their auto setting is Top Five most read. Yesterday, there were six with one particular article pushed to the very top that smacks of agenda setting by the editors.

      2. 80% of my comments in TMI were not published.

        I wrote a stinging comment bashing TMI for being a hypocrite news portal when it wrote an article that many pro-establishment media did not report about Dr M slamming Najib on some of his current national policies. but the stories about LGE’s gangster-infested PPS bashing people in Penang were conveniently buried by TMI. The comment was never published.

  17. Ms H. When I see the colour purple, it always reminded me of a true story concerning a Pilipino director of Sime Darby. His merchant bank went bust, He let his hair down and put on his silk purple shirt and while the nights away in good old Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong !

  18. It looks to me like Tokong is doing his best to get arrested as well…what with his various biadap challenges to the IGP/PDRM/BN/UMNO and media.

    Imagine the Dapster rabies outbreak if the cops busted his ass. He knows public sympathy on this alone will guarantee him at least another term. And support for the Red Guard will get all gung-ho again.

    Tokong is one slippery serpent.

    Question is will Khalid get his knickers in a twist and fall for this and be accused of abusing his powers or will “they” play smart and cut Tokong’s legs out from under him?

  19. Ms H. I do not know what the fuss is about. In our Malaysain Democracy, the Rule of the Laws hold sway. If the Laws have been broken, then those responsible should be honourable and pay the penalty. The hot air being puffed from the balmy isle of Pulau Pinang gives us the impression that the laws were broken through an attempt to circumvent them. We cannot have laws which serve both ways – the right and the wrong.

  20. The photo of an angry Lim Guan Eng is not a face of anger. It’s a face of contempt. See the lifting of one side of his mouth? Contempt is far worse than anger. It is a sign of a man who thinks he’s superior to you or anyone when he shows that facial contortion. In this particular case, he is clearly telling us that he’s superior to those who oppose him. I cannot understand why most Chinese love him. He clearly doesn’t look like a nice fella.


    1. re: “I cannot understand why most Chinese love him.”

      Given too much J-Juice to drink. Judgment is impaired when subject intoxicated.

      In bahasa Melayu, mabuk ketum.

      1. Not juice. More like vodka. Clearly people who are intoxicated cannot think rationally.


        the reason why most Chinese love him, hmm….actually they adore him, is because he is a manifestation of the Chinese character in Malaysia, specifically the Chinese in Penang. Always spoiling for a fight. Can’t reason with these people.

    2. Its all coming apart at the seams. The “opposition” the “people’s movements”, the over 100 NGO’s. Who are these and what are their objectives. Who do they represent and who pays for their upkeep?

      I’m having fun at the Rakyat Times.

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